Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on February 1, 1934 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 1, 1934
Page 2
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frftETWO KOSStJTH COUNTt ADVANCE. ALQOKAitftWA ..* IffiBtWARY 1 1... 1 Treasure •oli'ii STtBUNO fij/iooo Fine Every woman who loves her home, 01 lovingly plans it as abridV to-be, finds in the MARY II pattern her ideal of fine silver. She sees expressed in the refined beauty of its design the very spirit of her home- true and gentle hospitality. Silver so genuinely lovely that, as a gift, it will say "I love you." Ledyard Leads North Kossuth Basketball Conference by One Game! STERLING 925/1000 l-'ine (TTflAPPYthe bride cT\/ whose happy selection of silver claims the William and Mary pattern as her own. As executed in Treasure Solid Silver, it reproduces in every graceful detail the leading characteristics of that charming Early English Style—The William and Mary (1688-1702). Its authentic source assures its correctness and permanent good taste. , H, BOUGHT Druggist - Jewelry Specials 15c 25c 25c 25c Week End Specials Apricots in syrup, 4 |" _ large No. 2 1-2 can__ I 3C Peaches in syrup, 4 »• _ large No. 2 1-2 can __ IOC Pears, in good syrup, 4 ft _ large No. 2 1-2 can __ I WV Superb Blackberries, No. 2 can Florida Grapefruit, 2 No. 2 cans Narrow Grain Corn, 3 No. 2 cans Morning Light Tomatoes, 3 No. 2 cans_ .Calumet Baking Powder, pound can _ Peaberry Coffee, 4 «yi / _ per pound I f /2C Dwarfies Breakfast .Cereal, large pkg. ._ kershey's Baking Choco- one-lialf ib. cake_ 1 2/2C Common Mop Sticks, A _ 15c value 9Q Boneless Smoked 4 Ai / ^ Picnics, per Ib. __ I U/2C Crackers, 2 Ib. 1«t_ box Z2C FREE—A big 6-cup tea Pot and a pound can of Lipton's Yellow Label •*«* Tea, all for f 5JC Announcement I have rented the W. J. Sigsbee Store and moved my barber shop from past location just west of creamery to new location. At this time LONEROCK IN TIE FOR 2ND WITJLFENTON Lone Rock, Jan. 30—Leaders of the N. K. Conference came through with victories to their credit last week. The Ledyard boys trimmed Seneca 32-17 .to keep their first place position secure for at least one more week. The Fenton boys ra.n their record (o six victories and two defeats by winning from Titonka 34-15. Lone Rock's boys' team chalked up its ixith victory in eight conference ames to share second place with Fenton by defeating Bancroft 20-11. Seneca girls won with o. 20-15 vie- :ory over Ledyard girls, and stepped into posscsion of first place in the girls' division of the conference. This week the Fenton boys ploj at Ledyard, and a great game i in store for the fans. Ledyard's on ly conference defeat was at th hands of Femton. Lodyard will b out to even tilings up with Fenton Bancroft will play at Seneca, am Lone Rock will play at Titonka. The standings Monday wore: Boys. Town Ledyard Fenton Lone Rock Titonka To ORGANIZE FOR GREATER BUYING POWER w. 7 (i 6 L. 1 Bancroft Seneca Seneca Lone Rock Lodyard Girls. Per. .875 .750 .750 .250 .1-13 .1:43 .750 .007 .000 Dorlnm Con lost Next Tuesday— The local high school declamatory contest will lx> held at the school house next week Tuesday evenin_ Speakers will be: oratorical—Dorothy Dacken, Lawrence Rath, Bernard Rellly; dramatic—Coila Jane Hollister, Graco Newbrough, Phillip Roiily; humorous—Dorothy Burt Sara Whito-hill, Kathryn Stebritz Ruby Cherland, Shirley Marlow, Rot ort Gladstone, Margaret Gladstone Auxiliary Has Card party— The Auxiliary hehl a card party in the hall last Thursday evening In bridge Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Krue- ;er won high prizes, and E. M. Jensen and Neva Thompson won low prize. In 500, Mrs. John Sprank nnc Otto Jensen won high, and Mrs. E M. Jensen and Ted Krueger low There will be another party this \veek Thursday. :orn-Hos Meetings Held— Corn-hog sign-up meetings were held at the school house last Thurs flay and Friday. P. M. Chrlsitenson L. B. Hollister, Andrew Kading, Ed Schlei, and Herman Dreyer were li charge. Teachers Plan Music Fest— County school music teachers me at the schoolhouse a week ago Monday evening to complete arrangements for the music festival to be ield this spring. Slrl Suffers Face Hums— Marleen, yougest daughter Mr. and Mrs. keeper, spilled a pan of hot cnndy on her face Sunday nd burned the right side badly. Nurse Examines Children— Mrs. Clc-venger, county nurse, examined grade pupils Thursday and I wish you to know patronage has been your very kindly appreciated. You are welcome any time to call on me in new location. "BILL" THE BARBER SIMPLE REMEDY DOES IT Headaches caused by constipation are gone after one dose of Ad- Jerika. This cleans all poisons out of BOTiH upper and lower bowels. Gives better sleep, ends nervous- ^"s.-aB. W. Lu-sby, Druggist. Jirthtiiiy is Remembered Mr. .and Mrs. Don Lynch are par- •nts of a boy, born Sunday. Other Lone Eock. Mr. viml Mrs. A. A. Krueger en- •i-tained the following at a bridge >arty Saturday evening: Mr. and Irs. E. M. Jensen, Mr. and Mrs. ~:oy Jensen, and Mr. and Mrs. W. . Cotton. High prizes were won by trs. Roy Jensen and E. M. Jensen, nt.l the former also won a travel prize. The Mite society mot at Mrs. J. M. Blanchard's last Thursday. The next meeting will be held in two weeks at Mrs. N. L. Cotton's Mrs. W. J. Cotton assisting. Roll call will lie answered by handing in the contribution cards. Mrs, Laurence Newbrough and ?on Fritzio are spending- the week •it M. E. Blanchard's, at Irvington. The Blanchards visited at A. D. Xewbrough's Saturday. Mrs. C. M. Whitehill and Mrs J. M. Blanchard attended quilting parties n:t the H. A. Whitehill home in Burt last week Tuesday ond Friday. A. W. Krueger, C. M. Gross, and fr. C. Tlanna attended a grain con vention at Fort Dodge last week Tuesday and Wednesday. Those sick are Mrs. W. G. Flajg, EtiReno Blanchard, Eula Mae Sharp Wlllard Thompson, Glare Sanders and Mrs. Watson Shick. John Newbrough was operated on for hernia at the Kossuth hospital in Algona Saturday. He is recovering nicely. The Lark In. club met at Mrs A W. Krueger's last "Wednesday. Besides t'hf members several visitor were present. Mrs. K. M. Hawks and Melvin Hawks visited Mrs. Celia Warner who is seriously ill, at Femton Saturday. hotel Monday even Mrs. and Mrs. L. E. Godfrey at- i.ended — • • at the ing. The Mothers club will meet next Wednesday with Mrs. Prank Flai'g with Mrs. Harry Hobson assisting. ' Orville Rosendahl, Superior, called at the wm. Krause. anl R, L, Padgett -homes Sunday evening- ' Margaret Roderick and Rubenta Both Teams Defeated— Davison, Mason City, arrived Thursday to visit at L. R. Roderick's. - --• *>. . .V..VO. "?j.iu JUOL no aenec mr' p" i. H ' A ' Bkwicha -rd day evening 35-23. spent Friday evening at Wayne Kienmond's, near Armstrong. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Rice attended Floyd Griffith at - Monday at Glen Sharp's. The Friday club will meet this week with Mrs. W. G. Fl a ig Mrs Otis Sanders assisting. Mr. and Mrs. A. A. Krueger vi- fiited at Chos. Schultz's, at Elmore last Wednesday. The first and second boys basket ball teams will play a t Titonka Friday evening TpHROUGH their county corn-hog * control associations, American armers can follow the pathway to ncreased purchasing power for corn ind hogs. Under the corn-hog reduction plan, they can organize to control production and they will receive the full benefits for their efforts. Although the Agricultural Adjust- Administration Is charged by law with the responsibility ol directing the corn-hog reduction program, the actual sign-up of contracts and the local administration will be In tho hands of the corn-hog control associations which will be organized In major corn-producing counties by contract signers. Each farmer who signs a reduction contract becomes a member of the association and is entitled to a vote In Us affairs.' Tho Board of Directors of the' County Corn-Hog Control Associa-j tlon will be composed of representa-; lives from the various communities' within the county, elected by con-: tracting producers, themselves. In each community a permanent committee of three to flre members also will ba elected by farmers. CORN AND HOG SCHOOLS HELD FOR LAKOTANS Lakata, Jan. 30—Corn-hog insitruc tion schools were held in Leikoita last week Monday and Tuesday a the Woodman hall with five men from five townships present. A gen oral township meeting was held ai (the Lincoln center school house. Monday evening. The township has been divided into three districts. The north, central and southern tiers o school districts will each represen a unit for work, and schools will be held in each district early in Feb uary. Henry Patterson, B. F. Ed wards, B. Coder, Henry Recker and Mr. Ftldrick compose (the tempo rary committee in charge. Library Report Is Given- Following is the yearly report o the La-kota library for 1933: Balanci on hand Jan. 11-33.-I1.S5; received from benefit bridge, $8.60; fines, $G from sauerkraut committee, $30.2f magazine sale, $1.60; dividend froii closed banks, $8.49; first tea committee, SH.10; second tea committee, $10.75; total, $84.64. Disbursements; insurance 812.47; coal §2 curtains, $1.43; stove, $|10.50; cleaning, $1.90; books 340; children's book 512.1)0; books, §19.67; total $64.67 Balance on hand January 1, $20.37. The total number of books road 3680. Aid Honors Supply pastor— Mrs. D. D. Murray was .. to the Methodist Aid last week Wednesday afternoon with a good crowd present. Plans were mad e for a bake sale ait Warburton's grocery store Saturday afternoon. A pound party was given, at the meeting in honor of the Rev. and Mrs. Dai-old Fletcher as an appreciation for a sermon deivered at the church by the Rev. Mr. Fletcher while the Rev. and Mrs. F. O. Johnson were on their Christmas vacatino. Daughter for Former Pastor— Friends here received announcements Saturday of the birth of a daughter, Marjorie LaNelle, to the Rev. and Mrs. H. E. Harvey, of Rowan, They have a son, H. E. jr. The Rev. Mr. Harvey is a former pastor of the Ledyard and Lakota Methodist churches. They spent 4 years in the east, returning lasit September to take up work in ithe Algona District. Attend Funeral In Illinois— Sam, Harry and James Warburton and the Rev. F. o. Johnson, who went to Illinois to attend the funeral of an aunt, arrived home last week "Wednesday night. They report good weather and a good trip In general, with no serious cor trouble. They drove about 1000 miles. Change in Phone Personnel— Mr. Ashman, manager of the local telephone exchange, was trana- fered to Britt Febuary l. Mrs. Ashman, assisted by her sister, Mrs. Sanders, of Lake Mills has had charge of the board. Mr. Fedge, of Xortluvood, will .take charge here. 13th Birthday Is Honored- Mr, and Mrs. \f. E.' Guitknecht • held a family dinner Sunday in honor of Margaret Smith's 13th birth day. Guests were Margaret's family the Roland Smiths, and Mrs. Delia. Smith, Mr. Smith and Mrs,' Gut knecht are brother and sister trustees met at J. H. Warburton'. prepare the road requirement prior to the board meeting Febuary 15. Besides the host Bert Coder, B. F. Edward and Paul Hert ske attended. The local Independent basket ball team lost to Seneca week Mon high school jasket ball boys lost the game with Titonka last week Tuesday night. Other Lakota News. Mrs. W. am Aaluerks had charge of devo- 'lons, and Mrs. George Heetland rave the Mission topic. Mrs. II. E. Wortman read a totter from Mrs. -liaitterton, a missionary who vted- ed here a year ago. Thirty women attended. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Grahau and Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hamquist, Safe Driving Hint By Iowa Motor Vehicle Dept Approaching Intersections J)0 NOT approach an intersection at high speed and depend upon your brakes for a sudden stop. This is not only hard on your tires and brakes, but is also very often the cause of a rear-end collision with the driver behind you. Unless you can see perfectly in all directions, approach' intersections slowly. When you are sure the way is clear, and not until then, accelerate your speed. This practice will insure your having control over your car when you need it most. Attended the school mas'terjs banquet at Algona Monday night. This is the meeting where the basket ball tovrniamems are arranged They will be held the totter pant of Febuary. La Vern Leisvold, who lived here a number of years with Ws grandparents, -the late John Leisvods >ut who now lives in Cold water Mich., spent last week Sunday vis! ing his aunt, Mrs. Wade Ball. Jerry Ukena 'held a closing out farm sale ju.it north of town lasit week "Wednesday and stock arid machinery bought a fair price. R. E. Worley clerked and Milt Pringle was auctioneer. Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Gu-tknecht eft Tuesday for a week with relatives in Wisconsin. They wall visit a cousin at Wilton and an aunt, Miss Jennie Jones, at Packwaukee. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Keister and Mr. and Mrs. F. C.Keister, of Elmore, and Mrs Minnie Field, of 3agle Grove, were visitors at D. D Mussman's Sunday. Mrs. F. G. Torine, Armstrong, came Friday to visit the J, Warbur- :ons. Gus came Sunday and Mrs. N. E, Noble went home with them for a visit. The little son of Mr. and Mrs. 3mory Smith was quite sack with bronchitis for a few days, but was reported improving Sunday. Mrs. D. D. Mussman, Jr. spent a few days ait Elmore last week visiting her parents, the F. C. Keia- ters. Emma Gutknecht went to Mason City, Friday and brought home her sister Lena for a visit with her parents. The Royal Neighbors met at the John Grieses 1 , six miles south of town, Thursday evening. Tt. E. Worley, Ernest Christ and John Meyer. Sr. were Algona bus- in.es visitors Saturday. Mrs. George Heetland and Audrey Hastings entertained 20 guests at bridge Friday evening 1 . Mrs. Ed Underdahl was 'hostess to the Priscilla club last week Wednesday evening. Ant Schisgel was a business visitor at Des Moines Thursday and Friday. L. D. Mussman, Sr. has been sick wince last Thursday but is improving RichPoSnt I Truman Wan-en was a business visitor at Eagle Grove one day last week. Mrs. Eva Gardner came early last week to spend some time with her daughter, Mils. Hugh Kaney. Evelyn Capesius was a week-end guests at Matt Kapp's, west of ~ona. Mrs. Hatitie Burlingame has been under the care of a doctor for several days, but is now slightly bet- er. Iivington township's corn-hog meeting was attended by a large crowd. The new county agent, Mr. Bonnatetter, was speaker. It was decided to hold three all-day ses- sloncs, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday this week to give ail farmers n the township an opportunity to sign. Irene Capesius was a Sunlay guest of Frances Win-k-el of Union town- hip. Mrs. Hugh Runey and Mrs. Harry Seeley attended .the annua.1 banquet •rf .the Plum Creek Literary & So- ial society last week Wednesday at the Legion hall, Algona. Dorothy and Catherine Schulz entertained at two tables of bridge Saturday evening. The high score was won by Ellen Stuessy, Algona, low by Buena Raney. The county home demonstration agent has called a meeting of coop- orators of Irvington township woman's Farm Bureau at Mrs. R, H. Skilllng's next Wednesday. The C. J. Sill, J. F. Devine, Paul Clark, and John McGuire families gathered at the Frank Capesius home Friday evening to help Mr. and Mrs. Capesius celebrate a wedding anniversary. The evening was •spent at cards. Letts Creek Mr. and Mrs. Otto Tietz, former reidents here, are both sick at their home, in Whiittemore. Mr. Tietz is in a critical condition from mastrold trouble and erysipelas, and Mrs. Tietz has pneumonia but Is reported somewhat better. Mr. Tietz is a brother of Mrs. Adam Lleb and Edward Tietz, and Mrs. Tietz is a sister of Albert and Richard Potratz, Edna Potratz spent the week-end with Esther Potratz and Mr. and Mrs. Edward Maahs, Whittemore. She is a cousin -of Esither and Mrs. Maahs. Esther Wetzel gave a party last week Wednesday evening at the home of her parents in celebration of her 16th birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Lauritzen attended a gathering at J. M. Elmore's Sunday. The Y. p. s. met Friday evening at the Lutheran school tall, and Mildred and Lorina Labbs and Loren z and Elmer Pijahn served. Bunco was played, and the high prize was won by Margaret Fiene, low by Milton Gettzenauer. The William Rusches Jr., Whittemore, were Sunday guests of the Otto Ruhnkea. Edwin. Wdtitkoff gave a card party at ithe home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Wittkoff, Sunday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Potratz attended a card party Sunday evening at Arthur Heidenwith's, Whiit- temore. The high score was won by Geo. Schultz and Mrs. 'William Meyer, low by Ernest and Setaia Meyer A chair prize was awarded to 'William Meyer. Attending were George Herman Meyers, Henry and Geo! Schultzes, and the Herman Voigtoits. Cards were played at five tables* Julius Will attended the annual "slum feed" of the Veterans of Foreign Wars at the Green. Lantern last Thursday night. Mrs. Herbert Potratz, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Wichitendahl, and Mrs Kenneth Boiling attended the wedding of Lucinda Hannover and Alfred Blerstedt at Falrville. Lotts Creek township held its corn-hog sign-up meeting last week Wednesday and Thursday at th'e Central schoolhouse. The committeemen are George Winkle, Grover Reed, Henry Mueller, Otto Wicihten- dahl and Joseph Loebach. Helen Radlg has be«n kept busy the last week or so figuring up the number of hogs sold to her father, Alex Radlg, a hog buyer, In the last two years. Alex has an office at Lcne Rock. ATTEND THE COOKING SCHOOL MONDAY, TUESDAY, JOINT LEBIOH-'AUX' MEET HELD AT HURT Burt, Jan. 30—JMofe than persons attended a Joint county Legion-Auxiliary meeting here las week Wednesday evening. (Repre rentatives of the 'Fenton, Qwea City, Titonka, Algona, and Wesley posts attended. iL. M. Merritt, county command er, conducted the meeting and re* ported a commanders' and adjii tants' meeting at Fort Dodge in December at which <tb.o Algona Wesley, and Burt posts were represented. JoTin Momyer was appointed publicity correspondent for county meetings. A vote was cast to support the movement to convert Union Slough into a game reserve. Mrs. Ida jLarsen, Swea City county Auxiliary president, reported the county, also the eighth district, organizations 100 per cent in membership. Jos. Bloom, county adjutant, led in community singing. Mrs. Gilbert Nelson, Burt sang a solo. The rest of the evening was spent at dancing, and the Burt Auxiliary served lunch. The Cfem Cunninghams were quarantined Saturday for scarlet 'ever. The children, Charles and Donna Evelyn, have it but are doing well. The Cunninghams 'live a west of Sexiton. Sexton farmers attended a corn- log meeting last Thursday evening n Plum Creek township at ith'e Center schoolhouse. Others attended one at "Wesley Friday evening. A large crowd attended a wedding dance lasit week Tuesday evening iven by Mr. and Mrs. Adolph Kilan, who were married ithat morn- ng at Wesley. Mrs. Klllan, formerly Caroline Carman, Is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garmian and a granddaughter of Mr. and Vtrs. William Kirschbaum, Sexton. The G-armans lived here till ithtey noved to a farm east of Sexton. Mrs. Jensen, Lone Rock, and her wo sons spent Saturday night with VIrs. G. B. Wise, and Mrs. Jensen nd Mrs. Wise spent Saturday ait he Strother Wise home, Plymouth, tear Mason City. The Jensens at- ended church here with Mrs. Wise unday, then went home. Mrs. Jenen, who formery lived at Algona, Is sister of Mrs. Strother Wise. Clarence, youngest son of Mrs. J. H. Muff Sr., was sick for a, few days with tonsilltls, but Is now out agai Mttrmde, youngest daughter of Herman Kuitchara, south of ..Sexto has been critically 1 sick for 1 , a week with «, severe case of the flu. She tell sick last Thursday at thte Faber •homo, south of Wesley, where she was "employed, and was broug>hit home Saturday- Miss Alice Comp, who had visited here at Harvey Steven's home and with relatives at Algona, Cot 1 •with, and Lu Verms since Now Tear's, returned last Thursday to her home ait Winiterset. She is a niece of Mrs. Steven. The choir met Saturday evening at Edith Greenfield's to praoUce songs for the annual Algona Methodist district music festival at Algona. Grace Miller, .Algona school music teacher, Is coach. : The John Bahrs ihave moved from a placte Itwo miles and a halt northeast of Sexton to the McMahon. tenant house recently occupied by the Blalns, a half mile east of Sexiton. St. Benedict William Elch and Leo nn attended a grain dealers convZ.i I at Port Dodge last week W day. The Stockholders "of ,th e local f , evator iheld their annual moon I Monday afternoon. In8 l ' A eorn'hog meeting was hcl,i till the school hall here last Tucsdatl evening, and was largely attended. The Frank Elsenbanths wore dln.| ner gu«sts at Emll F. Arnilorfcr'il Sunday, Mrs. John Arndorfer spent week with Tier daughter, Mrs. Goeta, Wesley. ' Mrs. Wm. Dutilap entertained J few neighbors and friends last, Tuesday evening. wmrn Great Heart COAL Buy It On Approval! Every ton of GREAT HEART coal is guaranteed to satisfy. If you are not satisfied, we take out the coal and refund your money. • . . Less Than a Bushel of Ashes to the Ton Prompt and careful delivery. F. S. Norton & Son LUMBER and COAL Phone 229 Special Values from Feb. 1 to 7 at White 9 s Grocery Salmon, 1 Ib. tall, 2 for 25c Apricots, No. 2 1-2 can, 2 fo.r 29c Dried Peaches, 2 ibs. 19c Peanut Butter, 2 Ib. quart jar 25c Canned Corn, 17 oz. size, 2 for 15c Peaches, No. 2 1-2 can, 2 for 25c Pork and Beans, 16 oz. size, 2 for lie Red Beans, 10-oz. size, 2 for tic Canned Peas, 16-oz. size, 2 for 15c Coffee Special, Parker House Z5c EXTRA! EXTRA! EXTRA! Florida Pineapple, Oranges, and Duncan Grapefruit IO Pounds for, 49c This Fruit is the finest you haye ever tasted, full of juice and rery sweet. At this store Miss Looney will select many of the items to be used in next week's Cooking School. It is also a good store for you to trade at regularly. If not a patron why not start this week? GIVE US A TRIAL. Week-end SPECIALS Cora fed Baby Beef Roast, Ib. , —,.^., 18 l*ac Fancy Veal Roast, Jb. \,, r Veal Stew, Ib. .,,,, ; >, T . 5 Ib. box Sliced Bacon yr Sugar Cured Bacow, Ib, , Good lean Pork Roast, Ib, lOc Rib Boiling Beef, 3 Iba. -25c We handle a complete line of Jack Sprat and Heinz Canned Goods, Anderson Bros. Call 346 for Prompt Delivery.

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