Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 25, 1934 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT KOSStfTH (imtNTY ADVANCE). AtQONA, ST, JOE GIRL IS BRIDE OF STEPHEN LOSS Irvington, .Inn. 23—Vergle Hals- ntd, IS, and Stephen Loss Jr, 211 were married hist week Thursday morning 1 at the Catholic parsonage at St. Joe, the Rev. J. Theobald performing tho ceremony. Tho couple were attended by Marguerite Loss. sister of I he bridegroom, and Walter Hiilfiriirt, brother of the bride. Tho bride was drossod in white satin and carried a bouquet of snapdragons anil carnations. Miss Loss wore brown silk with green access After the weddin.tr ceremony the bridal couplo and their attendant.--; drove to .the home of tho bride's parents, 'the Peter Halsruds, where a wedding dinner was served, attended by both families. The bride Is it ho oldest daughter of Mr. .and .Mrs. Peter Halsrud, farmers south-west of Irvington. Tho family moved here from near Bradgate Hover.il years ago. She w-is been interested and active in club work. Tho bridegroom Is the oldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Loss Sr. and is woll kown here. Tie assisted his father in operating a corn- shellcr and threshing machine in and around this community for many years. Ho is also a tm°mber of the. Loss orchestra, which furnishes tho music for many of the neighborhood dances. The young people plan to make their homo with the bridegroom's parents. LOANS (Continued from page 1.) Edw. Zwiefel, Sec. 6 Buffalo, 1600 bu _. $"20 CrMno. Sam E. Mogler, Sec. 17 Cresco, '510 bu S23 Sam L. Olson, Sec. 32 Cresco, 900 bu $4( Lawrence Olson Sec. 32 Cresco, New "Knee-Action" Chevrolet Gives Passengers Ride Like a Glide Ralph S Lee, See 25 Cresco, 900 bu $-10 Ralph S. Lee, Sec. 25 Cresco, 330 bu $15 C. A. Palmer, Sec. S Cresco, 2oO Florence Cowles Krudenler, Sec. 12 Cresco, 1200 bu 55-4 Doxsee Bros., Section 9 Cresco, 1300 bu '. $5So Doxsee Bros., Section 9 Cresco, liOOO bu $-15C Eaglo. John J. Moleskl, Sec. 22 Eagle, 1400 bu $1)30 John ,1. Moleski, Sec. 2:2 Eagle, 1100 bu. __ $4!>f Shower Honors N p wlyweds — A miscellaneous shower in honor o£ Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Loss Jr. was given by Delphu Halsrud. Marguerite Loss and Rena Bakken at Peter Halsrud's Sunday afternoon. A very number of friends nit- ended and the couple were showered •with various gifts. The main entertainment was a mock wedding, given by the hostesses. Delpha Loss Thos. Johnson, Jr. Sec. 32 Eaglo, 500 bu ?225 Thos. Johnson, Jr. Sec. 32 Eagle, SOO bu $360 iiristiun Modsen, Sec. >12 Eagle. 1100 bu S-105 Archie Ditsworth, Sec. 35 Eagle, 900 bu $405 Archie Ditsworth, Sec. 35 Eagle, 4nO bu __ $203 Yeomen. Sec. 26 Eagle, 550 bu. $24S Yeoman, Sec. 26 Eagle, 600 bu. $270 Andrew Larson, Section 33 Eagle. 2200 bu $990 Andrew Larson, Section 33 Eagle, 600 bu ?270 Fenton. Frank Kuhn, Sec. 12 Fenton, 320 bn ......................... $144 Albert Hutchison, Sec. 1 Fenton, 1900 bu ..................... $855 John Seegebarth, Sec. .27 Fenton, $32G John Seegebarth, Sec. 27 Fenton, 700 bu. 5315 John Seegebarth, Sec. 27 Fenton, GOO bu. $270 brldegri-oom, and Marguerite. Loss acted as bride, Rena Bakken wns J- W.JToung & Fred W- Cash, Sec. minister. Lucile Halsrtid and elyn Lew were bridesmaids. In the design and development of the new 1934 Chevrolet, particular attention haj been given to driver and pauenffer comfort, all annoying setuiationi of disagreeable loujul and feeling having been eliminated. The upper photo ihom the new Chevrolet coach with ill long, sleek lines. Wind rush has been eliminated by the Fisher No Draft Ventilators and the new streamlined bodies. Chevrolet's "KncC'Action" wheels enjoy the advantage of being completely enclosed In a weathertight housing} the coll springs and shock absorbers ride in a bath of oil. William E. Holler, Chevrolet 1 ! general sales manager, is shown at the left holding a chart which shows the internal construction of the system. The radiator of the new car has added beauty through Its graceful and sharply pointed design. Smartness has been the theme in every line of this year's Chevrolet. Ev- Star Class Enjoys Party— Members of the star class held a party Friday evening in the church annex, and officers for 1934 were installed. Class president Is now Wm. Boldridge; vice, Bernice Burlingamo. Ernest Egel was r-elected secretary- itreasurer. The social committee consists of Eunice Burlingame, Elsie Egel and Oran Hudson' The past president was Elsie Egel, and vice, Ruby Koepke. The class plans to conduct a carnival at the church annex in the near future. 15 Fenton. 900 bu ?40 J. AV. Young & Fred W. Cash, Sec. 15 Fenton, 700 bu $315. Win. Christensen, Sec. 3 Fenton, 7'00 bu Fred W. Jentz, Sec. 28 Fenton, 1000 bu $450 Herman Krause, Sec. IS Fenton, 600 bu 5270 Albert Rentier, Sec. 3 Fenton, 700 bu $315 D. J. Buss, Sec. 34 Fenton, Has Emergency Operation— Henry, 19-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jewell Studer, near Corwith underwent an operation for apendl- citis ait the Kossuth hospital Thursday night. Henry wns taken to the hospital sometime Thursday but would not consent to an operation and was returned to his home. Thursday night he became worse, and was returned to the hospital where, he was operated upon immediately. Embroidery Club Meets— The embroidery club met last week Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Xels Mitchell. There was a large attendance ana new officers, with the exception of Mrs. Geo. Hackman Sr, president, who was re-elected, were Installed. Mrs. John Simon was el- •ected vice-president, to succeed Mrs. Geo. Stewart, and Mrs. Allie Brown was elected secretary-treasurer in the place of Mrs. Graham. Goodwill Club Plans Supper— The Goodwill club met last week Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Elmer Hoverstien, with Mrs. Fred Miller assisting hostess. Plans for the annual oyster supper to be held Feduary 2 at the community room, Lu Verne, were made. Eacli year members of the club entertain thier families at a picnic during the summer months, and an oyster supper in the winter. Ralph Luges Quarantined— The Ralph Lage home is quarantined for scarlet fever. It was thought at fii-st that they were •suffering from chicken pox. The .school at district No. 4 W as closed for a time, last week while the build- dng was being fumigated. No other eases have been reported. Falling Treo Damages House The north-west corner of the Rome Kobison house wns slightly damaged one day last week when a large tree standing nearby was cut down, and in falling struck, a portion of the house. Besides the exterior damage the plaster \ vus jarred fro m tho room below. 1 Other Irvington. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Lofing and daughter Jean spent Saturday night and Sunday at A. McLean's. Mrs. Rome Robison spent several days last week with the Harry Sabins. Marjorie Rlley, Lu A'erne, came Friday evening to spend the -week end with her grandmother, Jlrs. Charles Sankey. The Wm. Beckers, of near Whlttemore, were Sunday guests at ithe home. Steve Loss Tho Wm. TDunlap, B. M. Burlingame and Chris Chase families drove to Forrest City Sunday to be guests at .the Gordon borne, in honor of Mrs. Gordon's bint'hday. Mrs. Gordon and .Mrs. Dunlap are sisters. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Huberty are parents of a y un , born last week a Bormann, Luat the Bormann Wednesday. St Verne, nurse, is home. Charles, .three-year-old son of Mr and Mrs. Clem Cunningham, Sexton underwent an, appendix operation at ithe Kossuth hospital Friday. The Missionary society will meet this Friday afernoon at the church annex. A covered dish luncheon w il be served. Lu Verne Wrestlers Win Fourth Match (Lu Verne, Jan. 23 — The local nigh .school wrestlers have won their fourth straight victory here by defeating the Clarion reserves 21-9. Smith, Lidhty, Mattoon, Willey, W. Lang, ajid Farrell, W0 n for Lu Verne, and McClellan, Benson arid Collins won for Clarion. Lu Verne will wrestle Grant twonship fcihre this week Wednesday night d will tackle Burt at Burt this [reek Friday night. bu. 900 $405 A. D. Newbrough, Sec. 23 Fenton, 550 bu $24S A. D. Newbrough, Sec. 23 Fenton, '550 bu $o 4s H. F. Mittag & D. J. Buss, Sec. 35 Fenton, 1450 bu §653 J. F. List, Section 14 Fenton, 1200 bu. $540 J. F. List, Section 14 Fenton, 950 bu ?42S J. F. List, Section 14 Fenton, 1350 bu. ?60S Garficld. Simon Kisch, Sec. 25 Garfield, 1500 bu S675 R. B. Girton, Sec. 1C Garfield, 2100 bu $945 !. A. Bruellman, Sec. 29 Garfield, '500 bu $225 Emil Bruellman, Sec. 29 Garfield 1000 bu $45o J._P. Kisch, Sec. 23 Garfield, 1000 .. 5450 Gar- bu. Henry Henrickson, Sec. 33 field, asoo bu £675 Paul Bonstetter, Sec. G Garfield. -00 bu $990 :. A. Frideres, Sec. 9 Garfield, 1000 bu. __ E. A. Frideres, Sec. 1GOO bu The driver and passengers in the new 1934 Chevrolet get a ride like the glide of an airplane. One of the main factors in improving the riding qualities of the new car to such a great extent is the "Knee-Action"—or independently sprung front wheels, to use the technical term. So much has been written about independent springing that the public has doubtless concluded that it is something too technical to understand. As a matter of fact, there is nothing complicated about either the principle involved or the construction of the system. Chevrolet's "Knee-Action" enjoys the advantage of being enclosed in a welded weathertight housing in which the entire spring mechanism and shock absorbers ride up and down in a bath of oil. An automobile gives a perfect ride when both the front and rear springs have the same "frequency," or tension. Actually this has been impossible to carry out in^the past because the front springs had to be over twice as "stiff" as the rear springs in order to hold the front axle, wheels and brakes in place. In independent springing, the wheels and spring mechanism are rigidly attached directly to the frame and there is no front axle. By relieving the front springs of the task of carrying wheels and axle, therefore, it became possible to make the front springs as "soft" as the rear springs. When the new Chevrolet strikes an irregularity in the road, both front and rear move up and down with the same frequency—there is no inclination on the part of the rear end ot' the car to leap into the air and throw the passengers forward and upward. Chevrolet's "Knee-Action" has additional advantages all contributing to a comfort in riding never before thought possible in a motor car. There is a decided improvement in handling, steering, safety at high speeds and tire economy. In design, the front spring is a neat, compact and efficient unit, as Mr. Holler points out in the above picture. The entire spring mechanism is attached rigidly to the frame. From this enclosed unit the wheels spring vertically at the ends of strong, steel horizontal $450 Garfield, $720 Greenwood. J. A, Devine, Sec. 12 Greenwood, 2250 bu A. Devine, Sec. 12 Greenwood, 4300 bu ................... $1935 A. Devine, Sec. 12 Greenwood, SSO bu ............ , ........ $3SG T . B. Butler & Daniel Rhodes, Sec. 4 Greenwood, 2300 bu ..... $1035 '. B. Butler & Daniel Rhodes, Sec. 4 Greenwood, 1400 bh ....... $630 German. ohn Cordes, Sec. 30 German, GOO bu ..................... ____ 5270 lenry Spear, Sec. 17 German, 740 bu ..................... $333 lattie M. Falkenhainer Sec.' HO 10 German, 1000 bu ......... $450 Sam Miller, Sec. 2 German, 13S2 bu Daniel Mayer, Sec. 400 bu. 10 J622 German, Grant, Otto S waive, Sec. 2D Grant, 500 __ ........ $225 Hebron. bu. Theo Splitt, Sec. 34 Hebron, COO 5270 Hebron, bu Carl F. Miller, 750 bu Tuliua Ninz, Sec. ifi Hebron, 900 Sec. 19 2300 bu $4135 James F. Black, Sec. 10 Irvington, 2300 bu $1135 Jens C. Christensen, Sec. 7 Irvington, 4Sn bu $213 Jens C. Christensen, Sec. 7 IrvinK- ton, 465 bu • $209 Lu Verne. E. E. Applegate, Sec. 10 Lu Verne, SOO bu $300 B. E. Appleg-ate, Sec. 10 Lu Verne, SOO __ $360 Arhur G. Smith, Section 14 Lu Verne, 450 bu $203 Arhur G. Smith, Section 14 Lu Verne, 950 bu $423 Fred Trenary, Sec. 22 Lu Verne. 1408 bu $0.30- Fred Trenary, Sec. 24 Lu Verne, 570 bu $257 J. W. \Vorby, Sec. IS Lu Verne. GOO bu $270 Alfred Miller, Sec. 32 Lu Verne, 1900 bu $;S5.5, Alfred Miller, Sec. 32 Lu Verne, '2300 bu $1035 Earl L. Neal, Sec. 32 Lu Verne, il'340 bu $603 AVilllam A. Marty, Sec. 22 Lu- Verne, 1G38 bu 5737 William A. Marty, Sec. 22 Lu- Verne, 112G bu $507 Frederick Will, Sec. 14 Lu Verne, 1000 bu. $450 Lincoln. W. H. Barslou, Sec. 3 Lincoln, '525 bu J2G3 Carl Christ, Section 22 Lincoln, 700 bu $315 Carl Christ, Section 22 Lincoln, 600 bu £270 Edward Sathoff, Sec. '13 'Lincoln, 500 bu $225 Frank Sharon, Sec. 27 Lincoln, 000 bu §270 J. J. McGuire, Sec. 16 Lincoln, GOO bu $270 John Koetler, Sec, 19 Lincoln, 3S4 bu $174 Ledyard. O. S. Nelson, Sec. 27 Ledyard, 900 bu. $405 C. G. Dennis, Sec. 36 Hebron, 480 bu. U. S. Leibrand, Sec. 35 Hebron, $21C 380 bu. $1171 Andrew Lag;e, Sec. 17 Hebron, 700 bu. B. J. Maland, Sec. 26 '550 bu B. J. Maland, Sec. 26 700 bu __ Louis Corbus, Sec. 16 1008 bu Louis Corbus, Sec. 16 $311:5 Hebron, ?248 Hebron, $315 Hebron, $450 Hebron, 1000 bu $450 L. T. Thompson, Sec. 17 Hebron, 700 bu §3 L. T. Thompsin, Sec. 17 Hebron, 750 bu $ 33S Harrison. Julia M. Jacobson, Sec. 16 Harrison, 700 bu. $315 Julia M. Jacobson, Sec. 16 Harrison, 1200 bu $540 Peter Mathes, Sec. 21 Harrison, 500 bu £•>•) E. F. Legemann, Sec. 1 Harrison, 1100 bu 5495 E. F. Legemann, Sec. l Harrison, 600 bu. __ $270 Irving-ton. Rome Roblson, Sec. 22 Irvimj- ton, 760 bu $349 Mable Rock, Section 9 Irvington, 24.7 bu. Mable Rock 396 $111 Section a Irving-ton, $1178 Mable Rock, Section 9 Irvington 329 $148 Mable Rock, Section 9 Irvington, 329 $148 Henry Eischeid, Sec. 2 Irvington, 1280 bu. $576 L. C. Hutchins, Sec. 9 Irvington, 500 bu. L. C. Hutchins, Sec. 9 Irviiigton"" 400 bu « lgo James F. Black, Sec. IQ IrvJns'.on, bu. Anna J. Stockwell, Sec. 29 Portland, 925 bu 541fi W. H. ICading, Sec. 36 Portland, 1400 bu $630 Arch Burger, Sec. 13 Portland, 11337 bu $601 Arch Burger, Sec. 13 Portland, 537 bu __ 5241 Plum Creek. H. A. Bates, Sec. 8 Plum Creole, 350 bu $Ia8| Joe & Sl'ebell Eehrends, Sec. 13 H A. Bates, Sec. 8 Plum Creek. [ Seneca,. 1000 bu $450 500 bu £223 Jo >- & Siebell Behrends, Sec. 13 700 bu $315 A. L, Loomis Sec. 25 Seneca, 1100 bu §495 A. L. Loomis See. 25 Seneca, 1250 bu $563 A. L. Loomig Sec. 25 Seneca, '075 bu $304 E. M. Brown, Sec. 30 Seneca, 375 b " $375 E. M. Brown, Sec. 30 Seneca, 375 bu __ Ben Knox, Sec. 9 Plum Creok. 11120 bu ..................... $'5Q4 Ramsey. Stephen Tjaden, Sec. 35 Ramsey,. 675 bu. .... ................ $-294' Stephen Tjaden, Sec. 35 Ramsey, 675 bu ..................... S294 John Ford, Sec. 28 Ramsey, I-5GO bu ....................... . . $702 A. W. Kennedy, Sec. 27 Ramsey, 750 bu ..................... $238 A. W. Kennedy, Sec. 27 Ramsey, 1000 bu ............ , ......... $450i H. S. Wellington, Sec. m Ramsey, 3200 bu ................... $1440 John Griese, Section 13 Ramsey, 1850 bu .......... .. . . ...... $;g33 John Griese, Section 13 Ramsey, 1000 bu ..................... $4:50 J'ohn Govern, Sec. 20 Ramsey, 425 b" ......................... $190 C. A. "Winter, Sec. 3 Ramsey, 850 Aliysius Rahe, Sec. 32 Ramsey, 500 bu ................. . . _ _ J225 Eppo & John Johnson, Sec. 10 Ramsey, 2100 bu ........... $945 Rudolph Rahe, Sec. 33 Ramsey, 700 bu ..................... $315 Riverdalo. James Weydert, Sec. .16 RiverdaJe, $180 $405 O. S. XelKon, Sec. 27 Ledyard, 900 bu. $405 E. V. Koestler, Sec. 10 Ledyard, G50 bu $993 David Friets, Sec. 21 Ledyard, .650 '^u __ $273 Lotts Creek. Albeit Wlttkoff, Section 9 Lotts Creek, 700 bu $3115 Wm. J. Besch, Sec. 7 Lotts Creek, 380 bu. $171 I-. R. & W. F. Walker, Sec. 23 Lotts Creek, 1000 bu $450 Prairie. Ulrlch Dornbier, Sec. 27 Prairie, 1SOO bu $slo Zlta Studer, Section 12 Prairie, 21100 bu $945 Zita Studer, Section 12 Prairie, -WO bu __ ?logo W. E. Davy, Sec. 29 Prairie, 1300 S585 bu. W. E. Davy, Sec. 32 Prairie, 10130 $450 Dan F. Froelich, sec. 29 Prairie, 2000 bu. $900 Wm. P. Welner, Sec. 17 Prairie. 1650 bu ..................... $7 Leo J. West, Sec. n Prairie,' 1800 bu $810 _ Leo J. West, Sec. n Prairie, 1800 bu ......................... $810 George Jutting, Sec. 25 Prairie, 600 bu ..................... j 2 George Jutting, Sec. '25 Prairie" 800 bu. $360 George Jutting, Sec. 25 Prairie, 800 bu ?36Q Portland. Mrs. Mary Kockler, Sec. 5 Portland, 740 bu « 3 , 7 Forrest H. Rike, Sec. 22 Portland," 363 bu. $163 Hannah Behnke, Sec. 14 Portland f , 90A ° bu $405 U A. Lee, Sec. 6 Portland, 400 bu Anna J. Stockwell, Sec. 29 Portland, 575 bu ? 259 400 bu. Wm. McDermott, Sec. 12 Portland, 1050 bu $473 Wm. McDermott, Sec. 12 Portland, 1000 bu $4.50 'm. McDermott, Sec. H3 Portland, 400 bu. Jewell M. Patterson, Sec. U: River$630 dale, 1400 bu. Seneca. Peter Ehlers, Sec. i Seneca, 650 bu £293 Peter II. Jensen, Sec. 29 Seneca, 400 bu ?180 Otto Wilberg, Sec. 21 Seneca, 400 bu g lgo H. L. Welch, Sec. 36 Seneca, 1400 bu. $630 Thorwold & Walter Thompson, Sec. 18 Seneca, 850 bu $333 A. L. Loomis Sec. 25 Seneca, Seneca. 375 bu $109 Andrew Lage, Sec 25 Soneca, 675 bu ?304 Lawrence Zwelfel, Sec. 21 Seneca, 350 bu $158 31arirr "WiTbergv Sec. 33 Seneca, 550 bu $248 Springfield. Harry Miller, Section 17 • Spring-field, 3'50 bu $158 Louis Amlerson, Sec. 20 Springfield, 500 bu $225 Harriot West, Sec. 33 Spring- 11-eIB, 350 bu $158 Harriet West, Sec. 33 Springfield, 350 bu $153 Fred Dornell, Sec. 20 Springfield. H100- ba __ $495 NEVER WORRIES ABOUT BRONCHITIS-NOW! •Mr. Clifford G. Morrison, Rainy River, Ont., has abundant reason to foless the day he ttieard of BUCK- 'LEY'S MIXTURE. At the first sign of an attack he nips it in the bud with BUCKliEYIS MIXTURE. He says: "My experience with thk wonderful medicine makes me always keep a bottle in the medicine chest—I never worry about bronchitis now." Mr. Morrison's experience may he yours. If you are lying awake nights, racked to pieces with, coughing, choked up until you can hardly breathe, just try BUCKLEY'S MIXTURE (triple strength). You will be astounded how quickly the cough mil stop, how your breathing will instantly become easier. There's nothing like Buckley's for quick, sure, safe relief. It acts like a flaah<—a single sip proves it. 45c and 85c at Sorensen's Drug Store and all good Druggists— guaranteed. SHOES Just received—a large shipment of "early spring" styles of ladies' pumps and ties— $2.95 to $5.00 Misses and children's sandals and ties— $1.00 to $3.00 Men's oxfords, a variety of styles— $2.45 to $9.00 Boys' and youth's oxfords— $1.00 to $3.50 Dependable Shoes-Dependable Service BROWNELL SHOE CO. Fred Dorn«H, Sec. 20 Spririirttelfl, 700 bit* ., $81>B Jj. W. ICessel, Sec. 13 Springfield! 1500 bit $876 Wilbur Nutt, Sec. M Springfield, 650 bu i. Hans Beenken, Sec. 6 Springfield, 700 bu $316 Sherman. Caspr Thllges, Sec. '29 Sherman, 050 bit $2903 Caspr Thllges, Sec. '29 Sherman, 1400 bu $630 A. It. Jones, Sec. 25 Sherman, 700 bu $315 John A. Brink, Sec, 36 Sherman, GOO bu '$270 P. J. Miller, Sec. 22 Shopman, 1800 bu .. $810 W. A. Wood, Sec. 4 Sherman, 1000 bu $450 Union. Wm. & Geo. Rich, Sec. 31 Union, 1150 bit $518 Isabelle Nlcoulin, Sec. 12 Union, 1600 bu $720 Chris J. Long,'Sec. 2 Union, 1100 bu $495 W. I. Dodds, Sec. 8 Union, 800 bu. $360 Mary Keefe, Section 14 Union, 900 bu $405 Mary I^eefe, Sec. 14 Union,' ,800 bu $360 John H. Rich, Sec. 30 Union, 1900 bu $85'5 Ralph Schumacher, Sec. 14 Union, 1200 bu $540 Fred W. Schneider, Sec. 19 Union, 1200 bu $540 Fred Schneider, Sec. 19i Union, A. G. Schultz, Sec. 7 Union,* 1000 bu $450 Wesley. Geo. W. Hlldman, Sec. 24 Wesley, 1000 bu. __ $450 Geo. W. Hlldman, Sec. 24 Wesley, GOO bu $270 Bernard J. Schrauth, Sec. 32 Wesley 1800 bu $8(10 Margaret .Long, Sec. 4 Wesley, COO bu J270 A. L. Peterson, Sec. 10 Wesley, 1050 bu. $473 Guy Carlson, Sec. 8 Wesley, 1000 bu __ 5450 John Blain, Sec. 32 Wesley, 700 bu $315 John Carlson, Sec. 8 Wesley, 1000 Tbu — $450 John Carlson, Sec. 8 Wesley 1000 bu - $450 F. H. Wessels, Sec. 23 Wesley, '2300 bu | n . 35 Hansen Bros. Section is Wesley, 1000 bu ....'„ $450 Hansen Bros. Section 16 Wesley, 450 bu. _. v $-203 Hansen Bros. Section fl.6 Wesley, 740 bu. $333 Whittemore. Frank M. Spllles, Sec. 9 Whitto- more, >675 bu. 5304 Harry J. Elbert, Sec. 7 Wh'itte- more, 700 bu Sweav, S. C. Robinson, Section 32 Swea, bu. •fohn fchnh, 8*c< rt'6 Sweft, 1000 A. H, Tracy, Sec. 27 Swea, 2200 bu. .... .................... $990 Albert H. Tracy, Sec. 27 Swea, 2200 bu. ...ii... ..... ..... $990 J. P. Jensen, Sec. 'G Swea, 825 bu. bu. ............. ......... . Outstdo Kossuth. Alfred Barslott, Sec. 13 99-20 (Wln- nebago County), 900 bu. .... $405 Alfred Barslou, Sec. 16 9>6-2<S (Hancock County) 500 bit ....... $2'2S Leo Ei. Blolch, Sec. 19 10-26 (Han code county) 500 bu ....... $225 Leo B. Blelch, Sec. 19 16-2(1 (Han cock county) 1500 bu ....... $675 F. L. Adams, Sec, 29-96-26 (Han cock County) 700 bu ....... $315 F. L. Adams, Sec. 29-9G-26 (Hancock County) 800 bu ...... $360 S. G-. Colllcott, Sec. 1 17-34 700 bu ......................... $3|16 J. J. Nurro Estalto, Sec. 10-89-37 1000 bu ..................... $450 NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of Special Execution: directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a Judgment rendered in said Court on the 27th day of December, 1933, in favor of The (Federal Land Bank of Omaha, a corporation, as plaintiff, and against Southwest Quarter (SW J ,4) of Section Sixteen (16) in Township Ninety-six (96) .North of (Range Twenty-eight (28) West of the 5th P. M. Kossuth county, Iowa, as defendant, for the sum of Thirteen Thousand Two i Hundred Sixty- three and 42/106 ($13,263.42) Dollars and costs, taxed at Forty-eighl and 45/100 ($48.45) Dollars and accruing costs, I have Jevied upon the following described real property as the property of the said Andrew M. Jasperson, iFrankie E Jasperson, et al, to 'satisfy aaii execution, to-wit: The Southwest Quarter (SW%) of 'Section Sixteen (16), Township Ninety-six (96) North of .Range Twenty-eight (28), West of the 5th P. M. Kossuth county, Iowa; and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may he necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 9th day of February 1934, at the east door of the Courl House in Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance will he given -by the undersigned. Dated this 9th day of January, 1934. CARL, DAHLHAUSER, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa, By Casey Loss, Deputy. Dwight G. Ryder, Plaintiffs Attorney. 19-20 Heartiest Congratulations — TO — The Algona Co-Operative Creamery Company on the conclusion of Another Year of Successful Operation and Management. Manufacturing and merchandising products of the highest quality; and animated by The Spirit of Service to Patrons and Customers your success is a worthy example and an inspiration to all your friends. THE ALGONA NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSOCIATION EXTENDS CONGRATULATIONS! OFFICEBS H. D. Hutchins -------- Secretary-Treasurer, Algona BOARD OF DIBECTOBS Herman Carlson, Wes- George W. Brown, Algona Members of the Loan Committee Thomas B. Metcalf Algona W. H. Patterson, Lakota Charlie C. Egel, Irvington Alternate Members of the Loan Committee Herman Carlson, Wesley Thomas P. Berg, Elmore „,.„. Minn. (p. o.) William Jentz, Fenton w H Kin tj. H, D, Hutchins Secretary-Treasurer HIDES AND FUR Full market price paid fj hides and fur. f Closed season on muslcrats, Joe Greenberg BUSINESS DIRECTORY KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCH Weekly Newspaper Pounded in IJo Entered as Secona-dass Matter December 31, 1908. at the PostofflJ at Algona, Iowa, Under the Act of March 2, 1879. LAWYERS W. B. Quarton H. W. Mlltai QUARTOlf ft MILLEB Law Offices. Phones: Office 427, residence lul Algona, Iowa. J. L. 1IONAR Attorney-at-Law Office Iowa State Bank Bldg. Office phone 460-W. Algona, lo SULLIVAW, McMAHON ft LTNNAli /. W. Sullivan S. E. McMahoil L. B. Linnan Attorneys-at-Law. Phones: Office, 261; J. W. 8., 3. H. McSS.. 408. Algona, l HARRINGTON ft LOWE R. J. Harrington J. D. Attorneys-at-Law Phone 287 R. j. H. Office over Postofflce. B. i. TAN NESS, G. W. STILLMAlS Lawyers Office over Iowa State Bank Phone 213-W. Algena, long <J. D. Shumway E. D. Kellj| 8HUMWAY ft KELLY Attorneya-at-Law Office In Qulnby Block Phone 58 AJpona, low! L. A. WINKBL Atttorney-ot-Law Office In Qulnby Building Phone 180 HIRAM B. WHITS Attornejr-at>Law Office over Iowa State Bank. Phone 206. Algona. Iow»l P. A. DAN86N Attorney-At-Law Office over. Iowa State' Bank Phones: Office. 460-J.; Res. S15 CARROL A. WANDEB Attorney-at-Lmw Office over PostoftJce. Phone 65 A. Hutchison T. C. Hutehis HUTCHISON ft HUTCHISON Attorney*-at-Law Quinby Building Phone 251 __Algon DOCTORS JOHN N. KKTOFICK Physician aid Surgeon Office over Rezall Drug Stort Office phone 300 Res, phone 336. C. H. CBETZMEYER, M. D. Surgeon and Physician. Office John Oalbraith Block. Phones 444-310. P. V. JANSE, M. D. ^ Phy«lel»n and Surgeon Office on South Dodge Street Phones: Office, 666; residence. Algona, Iowa WALTER FBASER, M. D. Physician and Surgeon Office In Qulnby Bldg.. Room 14 Phone No. 12 JfELVIN G. BOURNE Physician and Surgeon Office In Poatoffice Block , Phones: Office. 197; residence, ill W. D. ANDREWS, ». O. , Diteopathlc Phy»lclan and S«rg«M| Located In General Hospital. Phones: Office 187. Re», 688. i DENTISTS DU. H. M. OLSON Dentist or novocalne used for W traction. Located over Chrlatennen Stor* • Phones; Business 166, residence 4fl| ' Algona, Iowa = ~——— === ====== VETERINARIANS L. w. , J. B. W1NKEI, Veterinarians West State Street, Algona i Phones; Otf i ce) 4 7S -w.; rea. 476*1 INSURANCE" COUNTY INSURANCE ASSOCIATION • Over $15,000,000 worth of InBuranMl m force. A home company, Sa»l secure. D. D. Paxson fleoretaff-l MIMEOG IAPHING ADVANCE Mlgow, low*

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