Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 25, 1934 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 7
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tttSMY. JANtTABY.'-flS,. .1984. CAST FOR •FEBRUARY •RETTAHERE : ia Wallace to Be icneral Director of Production. Iginal plans for a single per- ,nce of Victor Herbert's comic "The Fortune Teller" were fcded Tuesday, according to M. Wallace, general director, ("there will toe two perform- k one Monday evening, Febru- 2, the other next evening. Ee production is being staged (r the direction of Miss Walf Grace M. Miller, school music or, Mrs. J>. H. Qoeders, dra- director, Mrs. N. C. iRice, pi,, D. Wayne Collins, orchestra uctor, Margaret Morris, danc- rances Messer, Adrian Burer, and Arthur LUkensmeyer, settings, Wm. IF. 'Steele, iing effects, Nancy Ruth Ren| Mrs. D. D. Monlux, staff cos- s, T. H. Ohrischilles, .specialty tising, and R. B. Waller, Mty. Members of the CanA. |e cast follows: Mrs. Opal Moras Irma Musette, pupil in the and «ypsy fortune teller; D. ne Collins as Fresco, ballet er; B. A. Genrcih, as Count Jzowski, Polish composer and st; Donald Hutchins as San- gypsy musician; Dr. C. D. ap as Ladislas, Hungarian ar. I. Dwight W. Andrews as Boris, |y father of Musette; Mrs. Sullivan as Pompon, prima Mrs. G. D. iShumway as concert singer; OBvelyn as Saninka; Paul Leaverton (atosin, a gardener; Theodore bison as Waldemar, prompter he opera; Otto B. Laing as Korbay, officer of the hus- ; Arthur Lukensmyer, Lieut. Hussar officer. ctor Olson as Lieut. Limar, officer; E. C. Jackman as eant Potemkin; 'Lloyd Pratt as eant Kopacky; Emery Grosen- as sentry; Loretta Howie as da, ballet pupil; Mrs. Kenneth as Etelka, ballet pupil; Ray- Kresensky as Jeweler. Many Othjdrs Have Parts. |hers in the cast are: dan Watman, Estelle Arnold, M. A. SJostrand, IRoy Keen, red Pool, Ardis Anderson, bk Thorpe, Mrs. Lyle Mathes, IL. G. Baker, and Mrs. Matt jit, peasants. r. Ralphi Weber, James Bishop, ly White, A. E. Kresensky, Hus- ps. J. L. Sonar, Mrs. Arlo D. is, Mrs. C. J. Scanlan, Mrs. A. pichel, ID. P. Smith, Mrs. Cidney i, Ruth Messenger,' Don P. el, iRobert Harrington, Elberta enbach, H. Huenhold, Herbert bch, Mrs. IE. C. Jackman, and rett Bowman, gypsies, jargaret Blossom, Sara Dorn, pn Goeders, Loretta Howie, dith Lathrop, Katharine Mc- Josephine Murtagh, Kathryn lach, Alice Hist, Mrs. Kenneth Ip, and Francis Zender, ballet |ls and members of Che chorus. IERNER SPEAKER AT ROTARY LUNCH Rev. J. Robt. Hoerner, new or of the Congregational li, spoke before the Rotarians peir noon luncheon Monday at AJgona hotel. His subject was Ereat loss after the World war hternational goodwill, which, in ky, he said, has been far great- ian the cost of the war in ey. war taught hatred of one fcnality for another, Mr. Hoer- Isaid; taught men how to kill I other, and this has resulted in It cost of crime. iLasting ill- and unrest have also been Bed the world over because I costs have to be paid in taxes. 1 debts are a problem through- phe world and are in part the e of tlie depression. |e war, Mr. Hoerner thinks, is onsible f or the Forgotten Man. I m government, in high file, and elsewhere have gone It the business of personal t rather than the benefit of find. Attempts of the present lustration to salvage the (Por- n * M t n £ ave hel P e <l. but much to be done. Hoer»er, attributes all of our troubles to reactions fol- the war, including the re- international hatred and •necessities of readjustment. RT'S WRESTLERS KOSStJTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALOONA. IOWA BRIDE A/f ANY WILL,NOT NEED to be * TA told that this is the former Marion McMahon, now Mrs. Richard D. Schmitz, of Storm Lake Register & Tribune picture. COWLES (Continued from page 1.) WIN 4THJICTORY , Jan, 23—The Burt high wrestlers won their fourtti Iry last week Tuesday evening, they defeated the ; Eagle d< * lslons one fall. roi?et the mat .team in night. 'Lu Verne Grant Consolidat- 'Reserves, and y, anq 8urt has also the ssime teams, atch of the evening prom- prerne, and Stewart,'Bur*. Willis the only man ever to beat T^art *~ - - - ••>• «vwi. are ,,i > ^ e ' ^ 0 re undefeated so far this of hip w ^ ne strong "• year the Algona free public library fully appreciates the friendship and generosity of Mr. Cowles and Mrs Florence Call Cowles, arid fully realizes and appreciates the benefits that will accrue to the Algona free public library Iby the acceptance of their magnanimous offering; Now, Therefore, be it tesolvec by the board of trustees of the Algona free public library that the Algona free public library, of Algona, Iowa, through its trustees •accepts this generous donation ol Mr. Gardner Cowles and Mrs. Florence Call Cowles, and agrees to receive and accept said $5,000 and use the same in the purchase of bonds, or other valuable interest- hearing properties or securities and thereby establish and create a permanent library endowment fund which shall be known as the "Flor ence Call Cowles Library Endow ment Fund." and agrees that the interest collected therefrom annually shall be used in the purchase of books for our library. City Will Accept. •Inasmuch as the library board does not have authority by law to •accept gifts, Mayor Specht and City Attorney Bonar had been called into consultation prior to the meeting, and it is understood that the city, which is legally authorized to accept such gifts, will take the required steps at the nexl meeting of the council. The fund will, however, remain under control of the board for the purpose indicated hy the donors. Prior to the formal tender of the gift Mr. Cowles had consulted Mr. (Murtagh. The tender did not become publicly known till after the board meeting. Attached to the tender was _ check from Mr. Cowles for f6,000 which was later endorsed by every member of the board. The board consists of Mr. McMahon, president; Ella Thompson, secretary; •Mr. Murtagh, Mrs. Ada Rist, Mrs. L. E. iFairbanks, Judge Quarton, T. •H. Chrischilles, E. J. Gilmore, and W. C. Dewel. Mr. Dewel recently succeeded the late T. P. Harrington, who was secretary. THREE GARS DITCHED IN NO, 18 ACCIDENT 'Irvington, Jan. 23—Mr. and Mrs. Robert Skilling, Cassie, Janice and Gertrude Skilling, escaped injury last Saturday night, when the car in which they were riding was struck and thrown into the ditch. The occupants of the 'Skilling car were returning home from Sexton, and Robert, who was at the wheel, had Just turned -south intending to return home by way of Rjch Point, when a car driven by Kenneth Cook •also traveling west on the pavement, struck the rear end, from the side. The Skilling car was turned completely around so that it was facing east, and then backed off the grade into the ditch. The Cook car also went into the ditch on the opposite side of. the road. Another car, also from the east, went into the ditch on the north side of the pavement when the driver applied brakes to avoid the other cars. 'None of the occupants of the three cars were injured and the cars were only slightly damaged. Lu Verne Girl Wins Notable Honors at the State College Announcement has been made in the Iowa State Student, Ames college, of the initiation of Vera E. Tiede, Lu Verne, into Chi Omega, national honorary sorority. Miss Tiede is one of the outstanding women on the State College campus. She is a member of Sigma "Alpha Iota, national honorary music fraternity, and of Omicron Nu, national Home Economics (honorary, She has had leads in musical • productions, Pinafore, Vagabond King, and Mikado, and she also holds place as representative of the senior class on the music council. Of further interest is her recent nomination as candidate for Engineers' Lady. The chosen Lady will reign as queen at the annual engineers' ball. V. F. W, SLUM FEED Green lantern at HOBARTON Thursday, January 95 Starting 7:30 , 25c. JLOCALS w fhi« , with Mrs. Hongan. New linoleum haa been laid in the Richardson furniture store. George Call Jr.,8ioux City, spent spent eye is blind and the „,, other is slowly failing. vicuigB <^nu jr., IHIOUX City, spent "*°"- >iu Ullc '"leu ouwmans since Tuesday with his grandmother Iast week Mon day. 'She accompan- Mrs. s. C. Spear. ' 'ed Mr. and Mrs. H. A. French, Ti- ILa Barre , tonka, and Howard attended a tombermen's convention. The Bow- Spear Mr. and Mrs. C. spent Monday and Tuesday at "oes lumhermen ,' s convention. Th Moines on business suay at ues mans are former Algonians. 'Dr. and Mrs. L. W. Fox and Or. Julius Winkel went to Oes Moinea Monday, and the doctors attended an Iowa Veterinary association conservation board meeting Mrs. L. G. Baker went to Kan- meeting'. spend the week "' " , Mrs. Mary Lucas. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Quintus, Garner, became parents of a ,boy at the General hospital last Thursday. Wyn Wittman, Fort Dodge, and Marian Lieuwen, Humboldt, spent the v ' - • tagh. Alice r -.-.— •••wf*uvp QJ-f^Jl*/ week-end with Josephine Mur- tflist returned yesterday from iRenwick, where she had spent declamatory and Mrs. John Reid, Union township, have been sick, and Eleanor Cruikshank, iR. N., has been caring for them. Mrs. Julia Benson returned Friday from Spirit Lake, where she spent the week with her daughter, two weeks, coaching students. Mr. Mrs. George Good. Katihryn Misbach went to Shel- don Monday to apply for a teaching position, and is spending several days there with friends. iElinor Thorpe spent several days last week with her grandmother, Mrs. E. J. iSkinner, and her aunt, Kate Skinntr, both of Fort Dodge. Or. and Mrs. F. C. Scanlan and their daughters Betty, June Ann, and Virginia Lou spent Sunday at Rock Valley with the Doctor's parents. There will be a card party at the St. Benedict parish hall next week Tuesday evening, with Circle No. 2 in charge, and the public is invited. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Walker returned (Friday from Cedar Rapids, where they spent five weeks with' their daughter, senger Mrs. Arthur Mes- H. L. Walsh, Lone Rock, stopped at the Advance office briefly Tuesday afternoon. He has had 31 years' experience at repairing windmills. iEugene Hutchins went to Des Moines Monday for several days in attendance on a .state meeting of agents of farm companies mutual insurance iBernice Dearchs began work for Dr. F. E. Sawyer last week, taking a place, resigned by Helen Parsons, who is now working at the Iowa State bank. Walter 'Richardson went to New Sharon a week ago Saturday, and is employed in a brother-in-law's restaurant. He is a son of Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Richardson. A. E. Michel, temporarily of Des till Monday morning with his family. He is still in OWA employ as tion. - . a, an ar The Child Study club was to have Ublenhake, Wesley, underwent ' met with Mrs. A. E. Michel week, but the meeting has postponed till next week Wednes- lay, when'a radio program will be ... . *-• ~ .~~4*.«.n. wj 4 c ci we*, .rvttijJil, <U1U Edward Price, Lake Mills, spent Joseph Dorr, all of St. Joe, under- Sunday and Monday with his went tonsillectomies at the hospital daughter Kathryn, wiho teaches the;Friday. in the Mrs. Q. B. French returned Friday from Minneapolis, where she visited the Fred Bowmans since ,Dr. ,R. E. Weber Ban™ practice here during their absence. They are expected home tonight. (Dr. J. B. Winkel and his mother, Mrs. Jacob Winkel, spent last week Tuesday and Wednesday at Iowa City, .guests of the George Lacinas. Mrs. ILacina, who was Lavina Winkel, is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Winkel and a sister of the doctor. .Doctor Winkel looked after business affairs while he was there. The iDist. No. 4 Union P.-T. A. met _at| the schoolhouse Friday evening, 38 persons attending. The program consisted of two piano numbers by Dorothy Ward, a talk by the Rev. A. S. Hueser, Algona, on Things to Do and Things Not to Do, and four songs by the school. There was also a business meeting, and a tray lunch was served. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Griffith attended the funeral Tuesday at Swea Citjy of the former's brother Floyd, who died Sunday of uremic poisoning. He was 40 and was survived by his wife, two sons, his mother, Mrs. Anna Griffith, Swea City, the brother Earl, and another 'brother, Glen. He conducted a garage at Swea City. Members of the I. O. O. F. and the :Rebekahs had regular meeting at their hall Tuesday evening, and new officers who were installed last week were instructed in their duties. A class for unwritten work will be organized soon in charge of Mrs. Esther Barton. Plans were laid to serve lunches for dances next week at the hall Thursday and Friday. Unless hitchhiking plans failed, Eddie Seifert returned to St. Paul Monday afternoon and rejoined his bride. They met at Christmas time, and both now appear on the same program in a night club, she as ai toe-dancer, Eddie as a contortionist. Their hour's are from 9 p. m. till 5 a. m. The new Mrs. Seifert's parents live at Fairmont, and her father is an insurance man. The annual meeting of stockholders and patrons of the Burt creamery will be held Saturday at the Legion hall, Burt. A free cafeteria; dinner will he served from 12 to 1 at the hall, and the stockholders' meeting will be held at the Beltone theater immediately following. The Burt community club is aiding ini , r r -. —.-.^ UJk uuu .JJMA. », **w*n.111 uiiity CiuiU IS ctlUlIlC lllj Moines, spent from Saturday night preparations, and the program will * --- ----- -•* «,.** ^uifowj t*v v. ^A. Avuuiieineuuiicr. an engineer in the state organiza- was operated on Tuesday at the * Marjory - - •• r —«— »«•" £** wgj t. U114 »»!.**. include a speaker from Mason City. J. H. Kuchenreuther, Titonka, Kossuth hospital, and this; surgical operation' the same day. been Mrs. Mary Arnold, Algona, entered the hospital Tuesday for medical treatment. She is a sister of W. H. Freeman. Sylverta, Ralph, and The Rev. and Mrs. J. Rpbt. and the Dist. No. 4 school in Union township. Miss Price lives at the Frank Thompson home. C. F. iDaniel, Beaver iDam, Wis., brother-in-law of Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Greiner, visited over night here, en route home from Carroll,.whee lie had gone with his father to attend the funeral of a relative. The V. F. W. will have its annual "slum" feed tonight at the Green Lantern at Hobarton. Tickets are 25c, and the event is open :o any man ex-service or not. Entertainment will follow the feed. M. J. Pool and M. G. Norton spent Monday at Des Moines, attending a state NiRA meeting of |>sick spell, but he now looks m umibermen's code committees. Mr. I rugged health again. He still owns Norton is a member of the district I the quarter-section farm south of code committee,, and Mr. Pool is Hobarton where he lived many . . Hoernner will spend Sunday Monday at Creston, attending 80th anniversary of the founding of the Congregational church there. 'Next Monday Mr. Hoerner will deliver one of the anniversary addresses. He served as pastor of the Creston church from 1926 to 1929, iand it was at this church that he was ordained, being his first charge. S. L. Olson was here from Humboldt Saturday. He and his wife now live with a daughter whose husband operates a pool hall there. Some time ago Mr. Olson had a county chairman. Wayne Bradfield, who had been assistant at the Botsford lumberyard here past two and a half fears, went to Owatonna, .Minn., Tuesday to serve in like capacity at a yard there. His successor here has not yet been named. M. J. Pool's brother, Charles E. Pool, Brookings, S. D., and a Mr. Carter, city engineer there, came Tuesday to inspect ithe Algona swimming pool. Plans are being aid for a municipal pool at Brook- :ngs. The men spent the night here. Mrs. Emil Stoeffel underwent an operation for gallstones at a Rochester hospital Monday, and Mr. Stoeffel is with her. Eldon Stoeffel, who works at the Cut- Rate grocery, took them to Roches- Tuesday, returning ter last week Wednesday. Mr. and Mrs. A. S. Karr, Ireton, and their children, Bobby and Kathryn Joan, came Saturday and are spending 'the week with Mrs. {arr's mother, Mrs. John Caughlin, ind sister, Mrs. Andrew Hansen, Pitonka. Mrs, Karr is the former . , Ivadel Caughlin. Homer Anderson began work at he Anderson meat market yester- lay morning. He had been work- ng in the Freeman store, Emmets- >urg. Anton Anderson has recovr ered from his sickness of last week at the Kossuth hospital, where he had double pneumonia. Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Winkel en- ertained 40 neighbors and other riends Tuesday evening at their lome northwest of Algona. Five Hundred was played, Earl Taylor winning .the high score, Mrs. Laurence Gish low. " The travel prize went to Wallace MoArthur. •Next week Thursday evening at :45 Negro singers will give a :oncert in the high school auditor- urn. There will be five persons in ;he group, and they come here under the auspices of the high school funiors. Only a small charge is >lanned. Nathan Studer, Wesley, made one of his now infrequent Algona calls ast week-end. He has lived many years retired from farming, ,and age is beginning to tell on him, but he e.till drives 9, car, though one years, but his son Lawrence, who has been tenant two or 'three years, plans to move off .late next month. W. J. Sigsbee has closed his cheese market, and the building has been rented by William Weis for the latter's barber shop. Mr. Weis has been using a small building near the Johnson store and the creamery. The chage in location will probably be made (February 1. A partition divides the building, and the west half is used by the George Johnson shoe- repair shop. Mr. Sigsbee has reserved the rear for a tin shop. A. W, iPhiliips, Burt, was in Algona on business yesterday, and stopped to renew his subscription. Mr. Phillips returned a week ago Saturday from several weeks with relatives and friends at iPontiac and Melvin, central Illinois. He found conditions there much worse than here, for farmers there had a wet spring and an extra-dry summer. Crops were also destroyed by chinch-bugs, and few farmers have enough corn to seal. The county tubercular association met at the Legion hall Tuesday noon, and lunch was served, followed by a business meeting at which officers were elected: Mrs, J. W. Little, Algona, chairman; Mrs. H. E. Woodward, Whittemore, .secretary; and the following advisory board members: Mrs. H. J. Bode, William Shirley, Antoinette iBonnstetter, and ton, Lone Rock. Mrs. Willis Cot- Mrs. Little was . . chairman last year and Mrs. Woodward was secretary. iDist. Supt. and Mrs. W. G. Muhleman went to Des Moines Tuesday to attend the third annual Iowa convocation of ministers. Prominent speakers include Bishop F. J. McConnell, of the (New York Methodist area, Bishop H. 6. 'Longley, Episcopal bishop of the diocese of Iowa, Or. Edward J. Steiner, Gnnnell college, and Rabbi Julius. Gordon, of the Jewish, seminary at St. Louis. The convocation is being held three days, beginning Tuesday and ending today. The MubJemans are expected home today. Phylls Peterson, Mown* Tuesday, ajod is new , for the fourth grade at the Bryant , , Post, Hanigan, and Bruns. Shilts, Gudenan, and Larson were substitutes. The score at the quarter was 5-3 in Algona's favor; at the half, 11-7 in Britt's favor; in the third quarter, 14-12 in Algona's favor. In the last quarter Britt sank five free throws and two baskets for the winning lead. Algona's first-string line-up was Medin, Post, Cretzmeyer, Shackelford and Sellstrom. Sellstrom was high scorer for the locals, sinking six baskets and school. She takes the place of Capitola Brindley, who resigned and was married in the holidays, Miss Peterson is a graduate of Cornell with a 'B. A. degree. She majored in education, and has had four and a half years' experience teaching at Essex. It was ex- d that she would begin her duties this morning, replacing G. W. 'Stillman who has been caring for the grades so far this month. in HIGH SCHOOL FIVE BEATS BRITT HERE The Algona high .school basketball team won from Britt on the local floor Tuesday evening, 39-22, but the second team lost, 21-16. Both games were close till the final quarters, when the winning , teams took bigger leads. Algona's lineup for 'the team game was Medin, second Boren, one free throw. Medin was second with five kets, and Cretzmeyer third three baskets and three bas- with free throws. The Algonians had the lead from the start, and the first quarter ended 12-8; the half, 20-17; 'and the third-quarter 31-18. The game was fairly well matched in the first half, but Algona came back in the second half and held Britt to only a free throw in the third quarter while running up 11 points. The final quarter saw the second team in the game. "YOU CERTAINLY CARRY A COMPLETE STOCK'- SAID A CUSTOMER "It doesn't make any difference whether I want a spool of thread, a yard of print or a particular style of underwear," she continued, "you folks ALWAYS have just what I want" This store enjoys the enviable reputation for carrying one of the most complete stocks of dry goods and ladies' apparel of. any small-city store In Iowa. Salesmen, customers, friends, tell us we should be of our stock and the way we keep it. _lte»»^,. * ^ .,.__. .. ......... _. __ When you shop for a particular item — a pair of hose, a collar, a yard~of"this-or- js that, remember it will save you time and effort to come here first. Right now— g with the dawning of a new day—you'll find this store prepared to serve you more = efficiently, more intelligently. _ A courteous, pleasant sales-organization—a well-assorted stock — beautiful sur- Ej roundings (new fixtures) make shopping here a real "thrill." Eventually—you'll ~~ " - '- ' "i—why not now? iffllinillUIIIIIIIIIUIUIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINIIIIIIIIIIII^ prmg We are open daily from 8 a. m. to 6 p. m., and until 10 p. m. on Saturday in strict compliance with the General Retail Code. by - -:•• Portis & Mallory Smart new styles and colors just arrived. Select your type from our window display. haberdasheryc^? Shirts Hosiery Sweaters by Underwear Pajamas Gloves Wilson Bros. Importers, creators, manufacturers Neckwear by Altman, Inc. Fifth Ave. by Club Clothes Hyde Park bolder patterns OXFORD Steele's New location Across from I0wa State Bank Algona

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