Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 25, 1934 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 25, 1934
Page 5
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, ^AMJAtlY 26, 1934. KOSSUTH (JUUNTV ADVANCE. Ai/GONA. IOWA IROWNEO BABY ^DESCRIBED kter to jAlgonians Tells of a Night of Horror. [This is another letter about ie recent Los Angeles flood, ritten by Mrs. Alice |Anderson- hoalin to her former parcntt- i-law, Mr. and Mrs. Anton An- Jsrson, Algona. Mrs. IGhoslin, inner Algona telephone opera- r, lost ia little; daughter in the Bod. The letter token from a Mnson City Globe-Gazette Jch appeared in the AdTance January 11 was written by bother person. J have received so many letters sympathy that I want to write . one, though I Just can't but I try to give you the details of horrible thing we have gone bugh, started to ram hard December ; 2 p. m. (what you would ,call jfoudburst back there), and conked almost 40 hours. ,ck of our house is a cement .'„ 15 feet deep and 20 feet wide carry off water which* comes the mountains. A month be- there was a fire in the mounts which left debris that was _hed down in the flood created jthe rain and made a dam which ...„ gave way. ome 10 or 12 miles from us this jis 'began to flow down the jih at 45 to 50 miles an hour, and I had gone to toed about night New Year's Eve, but be- that Ray went out to see how __, water there was in the wash, , at that time is still lacked five six feet of the top. We never light of danger. ITater Sweeps Garage Away, ern and Jim were still up, and at 12:30 they looked out and 1 water in the street, away over curbing, but they thought only ; it was a lot of water. Then the ^phone rang, and our neighbor, idow taking care of two chili, called and said she was ecar- and wanted someone to come |r, so Jim ran over and told her come to our house and he Bid take us/all to -where it was her. woke us, and we grabbed coats, and wrapped ibed blank(around the babies. Jim started | the garage, "but 'he saw a wall rater hit the garage and sweep with both care, a Cadillac nd a Chevrolet. (Flood Crushes House Wall. |im came back, and by that time eral people had come in. Jim k-ted to the den closet to get his hcoat, but just then a second |l of water knocked the wall in threw him back through the and into the basement. He jie up covered with mud and told get out, for the house was bg washed away. puddy water was now running ugh the house and knocking [furniture around. Ray grabbed ilyn, I took Jimmie, Jim took neighbor's grandchild, and she the baby. When we got out water was away above our |es, and there was such 4 cur- that we could hardly walk. Little Girl Carried Off. fell down with Jimmie, but ged to get up and Jerk him up Ray saw me, so he .handed filyn to Tern and came to help He took Jimmie, and then fell where we were in water Ito our hips. The current was prong that Marilyn was carried y like a streak when Fern lost of her. . rn got up and grabbed for her Jfell again and was being wash- way herself when two young saved her. Jim put the child .ad down by a tree, dived after' filyn, and was lost to sight. i handed Jimmie back to me, I hung onto a tree, meanwhile "wmng to him not to go, or else U would. I called to him to e back 'because Jimmie was Ping out of my arms. Nai Marilyn was washed away ""ighbor lady and the baby 1 m her arms went too. Oh terrible! She has not yet found, <but the baby was found " days later. - Sand Biddies Clothing [nally we reached a two-story Il h 5. e . w ?. s tayed, <but some i to g( S. RilOHABD MENKE, Bancroft, was Adria McGuire before marriage last week Tuesday. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank McGuire, Bancroft. Courtesy Des Moines Register. found, about 14 blocks from home on the street car tracks, her pajamas torn off and the body bruised badly, with cuts on the face. She did not look natural in the face, but I identified her by the feet, ears, birthmark, and navel. I thought I could never stand it, but I pulled myself through and prayed for the strength that has kept me and the rest going, l Ihope I can continue. Sleep Troubled by Dreams. •I have slept the last two nights fairly well, but 'tonight I am watching over Jim to make him comfortable so he can get some rest. _We have all ibeen in water ever since this happened, when we tried to rest. Wlhen we turn the light out and shut out eyes we can again hear the maddening noise of the water and the screams of people. We saved our clothes, but everything had .to go to the laundry and the cleaners, and I don't know how they will look when they get back. Everyone has been so wonderful. Several of our friends went into the ihouse and shoveled out sis inches of dirt on top of our rugs. Lots of furniture was broken up, and the rest ruined. The wall of the bedroom at our neighbor's was washed away, and everything in the room except the dresser was washed out. Autos Half Buried. That street and all of Glen Oaks was a sight. Every garage was washed away, and could not even be found. Jim's Cadillac was washed away a block and hatt buried with six other cars in the same pile. The Chevrolet was knocked into the corner of the third house from ours as if it had been built in the house. ISo many freakish things happened. Marilyn had a large toy hooked into her fingers, but it was not any of her own. When the street was cleared off down to the pavement it reminded me of roads back .home in winter, with drifts on each side six feet high, but of sand and dirt instead of snow. Some houses had several feet of dirt in them. Windows were broken out, and even door casings in several of our rooms were ripped off. .Husband to Hospital. I can't tell it all. You have to see it with your own eyes. People who owned homes lost everything, for there is no insurance against floods. We stayed with friends five days. Jim was in the hospital from Monday till 'Sunday. Besides injuries he suffered an awful shock, and he finds it hard to overcome. ^ had her knees injured badly, but is now coming along fine, though she is nervous and upset to bhink that it was out of her arms that Marilyn was lost. But it could lot be helped; she would probably have gone out of Ray's arms as quickly. A friend of Fern's and Jim's lost CREAM CHECKS OVER $40 FOR 31 ATTITONKA Titonka, Jan. 23 — High croam chocks have been issued to pat.rons of the Titonka creamery as follows: Bruno Stccker, $89; John Koestler, $87.80; Nick fleesoh, $84.00; J. K. Rippentrop, $84.20; Edward Zweifel, $82.40; Henry Gray & 'Sons, $77; Fred Sleeker, $68.80; ChM. Phelps & Sons, $66.20; Wert lAscho, $63.40; J. B. Pannkuk, $63.20; Graham Bros., $63.20; J. A. Harms, $53.40; Chris Brandt, $52; Mark Bacon, $51.40; U'bbe Winter, $51.20; George Peterson, $50.60; W. H. Grover, $49.40; George Boyken, $47.80; A. Schram, $48.20; Warner iSmidt, $46; Edward Bartlett & Sons, $46; M. J. Koestler, $46; Walbert Bruns, $4-5.80; O. Michaelson, $44.80; 'Stephen Tjaden, $42.80; M. Ullman, $42.80; John iE. 'Sleper, $42.40; Harry iRicklefs, $42.20; Mrs. A. L. Schiltz, $42; Herman Franzen, $42; and J. K. Harms, $41.40. Ledyard Defeats Both Quinte— The high school basketball first and second teams played Ledyard at Ledyard last Thursday night, and both lost, the first team by a score of 41-17, the second team by a score of 27-15. Attending from Titonka, besides players, were John Gartner, Helen Beed, iEdithmae Budlong, Mildred and Feme Krantz, Barbara Ball, Arthur Askin, and B^rnice Larson. League Meets at Paul's— The Methodist Epworth League met at the Rev. Fremont Faul's Sunday night, with Edithmae Budlong as leader, the Jesson being, Living Withi Friends and the Family. Attending were 'Donald Callies, Mildred and Harold Krantz, Edithmae Budlong, Loraine Peterson, Lewis and Vern Bacon, Helen Beed, Kathryn and Wilbur Schram, and Edith Gartner. Attend Corn-Hog Meeting— Bruno Stecker, Albert Nelson, Ernest Peterson, Frank Rakow, and Jay Budlong, township committee, attended the school of instruction for the corn-ihog program at Wesley Friday and Saturday. There will also be a school of instruction Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the Odd Fellows hall, with G. A. Bonnstetter, county agent, as speaker. Mrs. Bruno Schutter Dies— It is learned that Mrs. Bruno Schutter, who had been sick with appendicitis for several days under the care of Mrs. Fred Wentz, trained nurse, died Saturday morning. The Schutters lived northwest of town. The funeral was held Tuesday afternoon at the Lutheran church, the Rev. H. W. iSchoenlein officiating. Girl Goes to California— Mr. and Mrs. Jay Budlong took their daughter Marguerite, who had been visiting here the past few months, to .Des Moines Tuesday, to leave there for Glendale, Calif., to spend the remaining winter with her aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Parker. The Budlongs returned Wedne'sday. Queen Esthers Entertained— (Dorothy, daugihter of Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Gartner, entertained the Quean Esthers of the Methodist church at her home last Thursday night. Members attending were Patricia Ball, Feme Oesterreioher, Faith and Mrs. Fremont Faul, Carol Reaser, Harriet Schram, and Clarice Falk. Home Talent Plays Planned— Under auspices of the (Legion Auxiliary Mrs. Lewis Craven will direct two home talent one-act plays, Good Old Fashioned School Days, and Magic Lantern. Some musical numbers will also be presented at the high school auditorium next Monday night. Auxiliary to Meet Friday— The ILegion Auxiliary radio party and work meeting will be iheld al the Lee O. Wolfe's 'Friday after- other QJY^timReveals Terrors of Great Coast Flood ODD WHICH Bride CREAM CHECKS ll g _., ^ . . „, , n 2 COUPLES AT LU VERNE ARE 40 YEARS WED Safe Driving Hint By Iowa Motor Vehicle Dept. Courtesy COMMON highway courtesy—that good old-fashioned kind that existed in horse and buggy days—will prevent many traffic accidents. ' When you meet another fellow at an intersection, don't insist on the right of Way. If he knows you have it, fine, but if he is in an argumentative mood an accident will result unless one of you gives in gracefully. Give the pedestrian a break. Even though he may be in the wrong, slow down and let him cross the street safely. I he mi dest mannered men are often selfish boors when they get behind the wheel. Selfishness anywhere is a vice, but on the highway, where life and limb are at stake, it is doubly vicious. SIX AT FENTON SICK; CHILDREN OUTJFMHOOL Fenton, Jan. 23—Much stcltnesa here has been reported, Mrs. Wilbert Holldorf ha« been under a doctor's care with anemia. Mrs. H. E. Relm- ers has been suffering from neuritis and neuralgia; Herman Bohn, with diabetes; Mrs. S. W. Meyer, with throat trouble. Supt M. E. Otterness was unable to teach Friday because of illness. Mrs. Emil Haase has had a sevei-e case of quinsy; Mrs. Amos Flnnestad, of pinkeye. School (attendance has been irregular because of throat troubles, colds, and complications. The weather since Christmas, .till the last few days, has been favorable for sickness, but recent sunshine will Improve conditions. Vistlng srlnncsotan Honored— Mrs. R. C. Gootsch and Agnes Goetsch entertained two tables of bridge Thursday evening, honoring Mrs. C. F. Gibbons, Hawley, Minn., who has been malting an extendel visit with her daughter, Mrs, E A Weisbrod. Mrs. Gibbons will leave late .this week lor Dodge Center, Minn., to visit another daughter, Mrs. J. Bey before returning to her the party were Geronsin, H. Eigler, J-. home. Quests at Mesdames. C. H. Llndsey, F. H. Fenton from Bancroft a six weeks baby. She opened the^ 00 "- A Joint Auxiliary meeting told would all where heavy ropea street door and looked out just as a wall of water came and washed the baby away. Brother Misses Drowned Sister. I feel so thankful that my baby's will also be held at Burt this Wednesday evening, and severa Legion and Auxiliary members expect to attend. Accompanies Stock to Chicago there on business. Other Titonka News. The B. (A. Pannkufcs drove iBstherville last Thursday and vis- took *° ro * s «. for the current body was found. It is such a sus-1 R. L. Krantz accompanied a car- pense for people who have not load of stock to Chicago Saturday found bodies of their missing, | night, and will spend a few days Some parents who were drowned "-—- — *—--' left little babies. In some families' three or four children were lost. Marilyn had a beautiful funeral. The B. (A. Pannkufcs drove to Two songs, Beautiful Isle of Somewhere and Safe in the Arms of ited the H. B. Butlers and the lat- Jesus, and flowers, oh so beautiful, ter's new son. The Butlers were She loved flowers so much; often formerly of Titonka. The Antone she would pick a wilted dandelion, Pannkuks visited there Sunday af- bring it in, and say "Mama, put it ternoon. in water." . Arthur Askin, son of (Mrs. Esther Jimmie misses Marilyn terribly.' Askin, who has been in Iowa City For a few days he would say,'taking treatment at the University i --- "f »w* v*i*? \*\4i idly £ Of Cfc iOW tlttyS Ht? >V UU-IU «**/» vtviv***^ M. t.M.n*A\***w a, \* v*io WJLJ* i>* C?ALJ it un ?? S 4 ** P icked on* "Mamma, sister gone; poor sister; i hospital and going through the as a11 one co clinic durin the ast few das re- png onto ng. , a11 one could do jnaueaty water (he saw her go) ; no clinic during the past few days, re- rope ' U was a . J»w of heavy silk pa- of n more sister." And then he would cry and cry. When I fix him something to eat he looks into space and says, "Mamma, eat; yes, papa eat; yes, sister eat no more." te . two blocks into Ple , were soaked, went U P a 'house., Titonka ) , g , Mrs. W. J. Denton, who was other relatives. s~ °1 to this^ house at about called to Gilmore City by illness of | iMr. and Mrs. turned last Thursday evening. Mrs. Frank Kylee, sister of Mrs. (Fred Wentz, of Blue Earth, who had been visiting at Fred Wentz's the past few days, returned to her borne in Blue 'Earth Sunday. Caroline Hansen, of Hutchins, .'formerly Caroline Callies,- of Ti- ';itonka, spent the week-end visiting motiher, Mrs. W. F. Callies, and Ole (Michaelson and we Abou t 4:30 some, Quarters to so d i%o= K n r !P° rt ed alive, her father, returned home last Thursday. Mrs. Carrie Torgerson will en- ''tertain at the young married peo- wliether j Pje's bridge party this Wednesday e trees night. foe B. IL. Krantz son Clifford, who attends the Ames college, spent the week-end with his parents, Dick (Be,enken and Mrs. Emma Ueifner won baskets of groceries at the fionacker Bros, grocery iFri- Jerry {Sohutjer is now running the Standard Oil truck, replacing Arthur fichweppe. Mr». Boyd (Pannkuk expects to hold her farm sale next month. U&rry Seeds entertained bridge club Tuesday ni$ht, ' low* City. Sunday took Mrs. Esther Askins to Dumont, where she expects to remain for three weeks taking treatments. Mrs. George Bonacker and Mrs. W. J. Denton will entertain the Methodist lAid in the 'basement of the church this Wednesday after- Inoon. Beryl Bogges and Carl Callies entertained the young people's bridge cluto at the M. S. Craven ihome Tuesday evening. Rosa Pouelson, of Rolfe, formerly of Titonka, spent Saturday visiting Minnie Kennedy and other Titonka friends. Mr. and Mrs. 'L. (J. Gartner spent the last few days visiting their son Harold, who is attending college at Fonton won a basket ball doubleheader from Bancroft here Friday ni&ht. The second team won by A score of 22-17, while the first (team won by a score of 35-20. Alt the op ening of the game Fenton took the lead, but soon was overcome by Bancroft. Then Fenton g-ot the leaa again. The lead changed during the first quarter. At ithe opening of the second quarter Fenton took a good lead and 'held it through out the rest of the game. Ait the half the score was 22-110. The high school orcesitra furnished music between halves. Fcuton Clubs Hold Meetin Mrs. J. T. Waite was hostess to the Hook & Needle club last week Wednesday. Mrs. John Bolllnger, Mrs. F. J. Weisbrod, and Mrs. G. W. Newel were club guests. Mrs. F. H. Bohn entertained her sewing circle the same day, and the afternoon was spent quilting. Mrs. H. C. LJndsey was a club guest. Mrs. Alvin Zumach and Mrs. H. H. Wiiddel joined the club. Mrs. Bohn had a quilting party Friday, and attending were Mesdames. Herman Krause, Herman Luedtke, W. C. Stamer, Frad Dau, and H. O. Bohn. Another Corn.Hog meeting — An Instruction meeting called by corn-hog chairman Bertl Berkeland was held ait the Center schoolhouse, Independence township, Palo Alto county, one day last week, E. A. Huskamp, August Sorensen, Oscar Solberg and C. V. Giffin and men from four other school districts were appointed (to hold similiar meetings for the purpose of getting signers. Corn-Hog Meeting Held— Committemen B. R. Schlle, Andrew Kading, Herman Dreyer, Peter Chrlstenson, and Leslie Hollls- ter attended a corn-hog meeting at Whititemore last week Wednesday and Thursday. Campaign sign-up days were set for his week Thursday and Friday. Election of candidates for permanet cbmmitteemen' will be held. Shower for Bertha Volght— Mrs. Clifford Frink, Edna Frlnk,, Adella Frdnk, Mrs. Arnold Hantle— man, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Greinert, and the Rev. and Mrs. H. A. Stahmer attended a miscellaneous pre-nuptlal shower In honor of Bertha Volght Friday evening. Miss Volght will be married to Louis Grelnent this week Tuesday. Club Meets at Algona— The 500 club was entertained at the home of Fred Jacobs, Algona, last week Monday night. Delbert Hanna won high score; Ferdinand Muller, low. The George jentzes entertained (the club Sunday evening, and Fred. Jentz, Jr. won high, Mrs. Ornie Behends consolation. Nurse Gets Responsible Job- Lena Blackwenn former Fenton PETERSONS PLAN TO ATTEND THE ANNUAL IOWA COAST PICNIC I5y A. L. Peterson. :Long Beach, Jan. II—a have for two months been intending to write, and now that you need money I will have to send you a check; and to get the most out of my 3c postage I will add a few lines. We left Algona quietly last September, loitered along, and were more tihan three weeks reaching the coast. We enjoyed it immensely. We did the Black Hills, the Yellowstone park, and the time of year was just right for comfort. Mother Nature had done a fine jo<b of coloring through the mountains west of the park, but I Jong ago ran out of adjectives on the beauties of traveling through mountain forests. We visited my wife's relatives— and she has a good many out here —first at Tacoma, then along the Coast to Los Angeles, where we were of course happy to meet our two eons and most of all an extra fine grandson. I do little traveling here, tout I have met many old tAlgonians who are always interested to talk over old times in the best little town in Iowa. I am looking forward to the famous Iowa Picnic next month, though it seems to me that Kossuth county folks do not attend as well as they once did. This will be my third time. I see that the corn loana ar perking the times up some fcac there. I am getting just a b: •homesick, even if my affairs bac there are being well cared for. Now this letter is for you, no for publication. Best regards t all,_ and condolences to Mrs. D. on losing all her clothes in that wick ed 'Chicago—but at that it migh have .been worse for her there. IAI Vorne, Jan. 23 — Mr. and Mr* I. H, Benedict arid Mr. and Mif P. j. Chapman wre honored las wook Wednesday evening with din nor and a party at Irvln Chap man's, 'the occa«ion being the dot anlversfiry of their double wocldlnt, Mo-sides the honor guests the Em Meyers, W. B. Mason, and C. A\ Pait'teraon wore guests a-t dinnei and the W. P. Godfreys, C. H. Llch ty, Grace Lichty, Mr. and Mrs. Do Hao Godfrey, Mr. and Mrs. Ma.. I'attorson, Lottie and Jennie Ma son, and the J. I. Liclvty wer Euost.s at the party. Games wer played and violin and piano duet wero given by DcRao Godfrey an Mrs. Patterson. Refreshments wer served by ithe hostess assisted b Mr. Meyer. Magazine's Anniversary Observed — The 60th. anniversary of th< Woman's Homo Mission Magazini was celebrated last Thursday by th Methodist W. H. M. S. at Mrs. Dic Wormer-sen's, 15 women attending A program feature was a playlet The Magazine Recovery Act, b; Mosdames Ray Kton-s, Wormersen Harry and P. C. Lichty, and Archie .San ford. Mrs. Maynard Spoonc gave, a talk on "Our Yesterdays" Mrs. F. i. Chapman, a reading- Mrs Harold Phillips, a musical number Mrs. A. L. Spooner, Mrs. Peter Thompson, and Mrs. H. E. Peitzko short talks about the magazine Lunch Including a birthday cake. Progressive Rook Parties Given— Thirty-five persons had a soda evening at the City Hall last position as a CWA worker at , nursery school at Lu Verne, sh began teaching Monday. Other Fenton News The Arnold Hantelmans and Clifford Frlnk wore Des Moines busl ness visitors last week Wednesday They were accompanied by Mrs. E A. Huskamp, who remained for -a week or more with her daughter Mrs. Wesley Witter. Karl Schwartz Coe college Student came last week Wednesday to visit at the parential J. A. Schwartz home between semesters. Edith Laage drove from Cedar Rapids Friday, and they went back Sunday The Rev. J. T. Snyders, the Frank McFalls, the w. R. Wolfes, and Freeman Wolfe were entertains last week Tuesday evening at T. N McFall's in honor of Mr. McFall's blrhday. Mrs. A. J. Krause was hostess to her bridge club Saturday. Mrs. O. H Graham won high score; Mrs. E W. Ruske, low. Mrs. F. H. Bohn was a club guest. Kate Newel, Hartley, came last Thursday for a short visit with relatives. She left for Spencer, where she has employment at the Fret Jones home, L, J. Weisbrod's Sunday school class was entertained alt C. O. Voight's Sunday in honor of Paul Vodght's birthday anniversary. Florence and Frances Anderson, Swea Ciity, and Wilfred Stoeber and Stanley Munch were dinner quests at Ray Stoeber's Sunday. The F. H. Bohns were entertained at E. H. Denhert's, Lu Verne, Sunday. The Dehnerts are former Fenton residents. Schwartz, and E. A. Weisbrod. Marinus Nelson lost a horse from lockjaw last week. resident, writes from Jackson, Minn. that she has accepted a position as operating supervisor ait the Jackson Infirmary. She is a daughter of Mrs. Theodore Blecikwenn, and is a graduate nurse from Rochester. Reading from Play Given— Dr. J. A. Mueller gave a, reading form Green Pastures ait thfe Methodist church Sunday 'evening. This jlay was awaaxJed .the Pulitzer prlae P. Weisbrod sang in. 1930. Mrs. a Negro spiritual. Firemen's Ball Yields $30-The firemen's ball Friday night was well patronized by a. torse a$- rt.enda,noe from surrounding communities as well as local. proceeds Seneca Girl CWi.1 Teacher— Faultae Oaborn has obtained a Mrs. Percy Schichtl and son Jerry went to Lu Verne last week and plan to visit for a time with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Terhune wore Sunday dinner guests at Robert Runehey's. The Henry Schepp- mans were visitors Friday at Ben Schmidt's, Fenton. The Methodist Add met a few days ago at the home of Mrs. A. D. Bur- Da with a large attendance. The men were supper guests, and the proceeds amounted to more than flO. Mrs. A. L. Spooner was assis- itant hostess. A social gathering of the Methr Idist S. S. Woman's Bible closs was held Saturday at Mns. A. L. Spooner's, and 'the afternoon was spent at visiting after a short business meeting. The p. T. A. which was to have met at the Armour Lemkee home this week Friday has been postponed Indefinitely. Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Colwell spent (several days last week with iKhe former's cousin, William F Robbins, Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Johnston Rutbvien, visited at Mrs. Johnston's brother J. R. FarneWs Friday. Qw. Kabele, Gc-ldMeW, spent Friday with bj a daughter, Mrs. Irvto Quapman. Monday, and Progressive Rook fur nished entertainment for the even Ing. The high score was won' by Mr and Mrs. Jessie Lindebak; low Dr and Mrs. T. L. Williams. Another Rook party was held at the Hal Friday evening, -when ithe J. J. Club entertained the husbands, and th Lindebaks again won the 'high score, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Eustace low. Dcclam Contest This The elimination declamatory con test will be held this week Fridaj afternoon. There are nine in the oratorical class, eight in dramatics and nine in humorous. There will be three out-of-town judges, one o whom will be Miss Jackman, o Corwith. The home contest will be •held soon. Farewell for Fern Barton— A group of friends honored Fern Banton with a handkerchief efliow er at Mrs. Earl Neal's Saturday. The main event was a taffy pull. Fern will go to Sioux City in mid-Febuary to take nurses' training 1 . Wedding Dance Draws Crowd— A large crowd attended the wed ding dance of Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Loss. Jr. last week Thursday even ing. The music for the occasion was. furnished by Steve Loss Sr. and Mike Loss Jr. Pupils Have Examination— Tho school nurse, Mrs. Jeanette Clevenger, with "' Mabel Smalley trained nurse, as assistant, vlsitec the Irving ton school last week nesday, ;and conducted a physica examination. Community club to Meet— The Community club will meel next Monday at the school • gymnasium, and dues will be collected and membership cards given out Phil C. Llchty ds secretary. LaVerno Jeffers to Hospital- Doctor Corbin and Harold Soren- on drove to Iowa City last week Wednesday to take LaVerne Jeffers there to enter the university hospital for treatment. • Party Honors Ellen Koonce— The Presbyterian Endeavor had a party Monday night at Mrs. Lee Lichty's 'in honor of Ellen Koonce who was given a gift. Home From Iowa City- Mrs. Milton Worby returned last week Tuesday from Iowa City, where she had been for medicai treatment. 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Corn Starch, 2 packages _ Corn Meal, 2 5-lb. bags Coffee, Parker OC«» House, Ib. C9C Beans, small white, 5 Ibs. Coffee, Big 7, 3 Ibs. Son, before you ask a girl to marry yoij be sure she bakes with VICTOR FLOUR. Our men have eaten VICTOR fLOUR baking for years and we know it's 6EST! Grandfathers Pass On Valuable Advice To Future Husbands • It's right from the heart, when a man talks like that! He probably doesn't care to know how it's done, but lie wants results in his baking, and he knows the women in his family are not only recognized as expert bakers, but also save on the budget by using Victor Flour. That's why he's passing on the good word to the husbands of future home makers. ASK FOR A mg, SACK OF THE W FLOUR • The four generations who have used Victor Flour have always found a great source of satisfaction in the fine results they have obtained, and the exceptional economy experienced by using it. The new Victor 64th Anniversary Flour intensifies your satisfaction in Victor Baking. Won't you write and tell us how you like it? PRESIDENT TIM Cr«te Mill*. • Black-and-blue eyes dont happen in families that use Victor Flour. Even the bride's first biscuits are light a» down! There's true economy in using Victor, for its uses are as numerous as your baking needs. Try Victor tar your cakes and pies, as well as your bread. It stays moist longer, and, makes fewer bak- ings necessary. Manufactured By THE CRETE MIL1S CRETE, NEBRASKA CUT RATE GROCERY SPECIALS FOR FWUV AID StTUNUr NAVY BEANS 3 Ibs. RAISINS 2 Ibs. CORN MEAL. 5 LB, BAG, QUAKER - - lie NO. 10 FBUIT Peaches, Big 3 42c Black Raspberries __57c Apricots , 45 C Bartlett Pears 48 C Prunes __.^S9c Pineapple 5g c Red Cherries 49c SUGAB 10 Ibs. 48c 25 Ibs „— n.28 100 Ibs ____$4,78 Sani Flush—1 can, Cleanser, 1 can, «£•** brush free Ci9C Peanut Butter, pt, __18c LARD, 2 Ibs. 15c; 4 Ibs. 29c Oxydol, large Pancake Flour, 5 Ib. bag -—^._^ Cake Flour , 3345 Brooms ___82c, 48c, 55c Soap Chips, 5 Ib. box 89<? Ammonia, quart; _„_ 19e Wheat Cereal, Rob Ross .-„_,._., J§j) Biscuit Flour IZjjip Vinegar, large bottle" 18e Lettuce, 2 heads — __>1N» Corn Flakes _ v a for 19e Bran Flakes __a for Ifc Laundry Soap, _ w 10 bars 81c Jell Powder ___6 for 85c Preserves _3 U>. Jar 28c Salmon _— g cans 850 Sardines, oval _8 for l»c Corn, No. 2 3 for 85c Bananas ^ 4 ibg, 25c Old Hickory SMOKE-SALT 10 Ib, can 7^5 Peaches, Cherries, Apricots, Loganberries, Pears, Blacks> 2 cajuj - Old Fashione4 COFFEE A Warning

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