The Monroe News-Star from Monroe, Louisiana on January 18, 1946 · Page 10
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The Monroe News-Star from Monroe, Louisiana · Page 10

Monroe, Louisiana
Issue Date:
Friday, January 18, 1946
Page 10
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PAGE TEN THE MONROE (LA.) NEWS-STA k JANUARY 18, 194« VETS CROWDING (Continued from First Pago ready outlined to the hoard his need for dormitory rooms. He has a number of G. I/s but no accommodations for married students. There are no houses and few rooms available to them in Hammond. He has been making strenuous efforts to obtain some of the housing at Hammond airport, but so far without results Southwestern Louisiana Institute. Lafayette—"President Fletcher has 280 G. I. students. He has no further dormitory space for married students, although more are socking to enter each week. Lafayette. like other cities, is crowded He has been trying to obtain the use of the airport for married G. I.'s. If he succeeds in th s. he will operate a bus to the college. Southern University. Scotlandville— •'* * • Since Southern the states only Negro ufliversitv, conditions are especially acute here. Regular students aie housed, in some instances, six and eight to a room (There .• o' 101 G I students, a total enrollment of 1.055, and no place for married veterans, who are being turned away every day. * * •” Louisiana Negro Normal and Industrial Institute. Gramblmg—President Ons had to turn away 75 students at the beginning of the school year in September. More have been turned away since. There are no living accommodations for students in the village of Gramblmg. * * * The state really needs another college for Negroes like Gramblmg, situated near Alexandria or at some othei point near the center of rural Negro population.” Gibson, who said that the situation was an emergency "that is only beginning to develop," made three recommendations: "1. Persuade the government to make avail bie to t o colleges, without cost, the hutments, barracks or other surplus hotising from army camps without further delay. "2. Provide funds from the board's building fund, or obtain reappropri­ ations from the board of liquidation of funds turned back to the state by the colleges during the last three years. • * * With these funds iho colleges can move, rebuild and adapt housing to be obtained from, the government. and match federal appropriations, if any are made "3. Facilitate the investment of private capital in G I. housing 'as proposed for Tech'. QUARTERS WILL BE PROVIDED AT L. S. L. BATON ROUGE. La Jan. 18 -<.•Quarters for 240 married veterans of World War II and their wives will he available at Louisiana Stat" Univer- t<ty by February 4, President W. B. Hatcher announced today. In addition. anpr< ximately 100 trader* and prefabricated housing units will be ava ’.able to veterans .<nd then families as -ion as they ran he moved to the L. S. U campus and made- ready for occupancy. Facilities for fnarried vet mans v. mi- out children will be made available. Dr. Hatcher said, by turning over to them L. S. U.’s pentagon barracks and moving men students out of them into quarters in the university’s stadium. The university regrets any inconvenience caused unmarried «tudents, the president declared, but "inasmuch as the reason for the lnft is undeniably a worthy one" he believed the majority would approve. "I believe that the solution on which we have finally decided is the only practical one which will enable the university to offer immediate assistance to married veterans who wish to avail themselves of the '"ducational benefits under the GI bill." Dr. Hatcher said. Rooms in the pentagon barracks will rent for SI8 a fnonth. or *81 a semester, pe- couple, including heat, light, water and maid service "These quarters.” the president told veterans, "are your homes and as such they are your castles. You can do anything within reason that will contribute to sour comfort and happiness. but university regulations under which all students live are expected to he observed ” Rent for the trailers, only some of which w ill be furnished, will be set by the federal agency fiom which they are being obtained. Dr. Hatcher said. SHEILA RYAN 8 KP A RATES HOLLYWOOD, Jan. 18.—i^*.—Actress Sheila Ryan h,..s announced her separation from Allan Lane, film cowboy, and .‘ays she will file for divorce shortly. They were married in La<= Vegas last October 5. "We couldn't get along. ’ said Miss R> an. "So what's the ure of dragging things out?” John Paul Jones, famous U. S. naval cffcei. was color-blind. BUDDIES GENERAL HAS HARD TIME FINDING SUIT St. Joseph Mrs. Nane Stevens war foi merly Miss Yourtee of St. Joseph. MARKETS CHICAGO GRAIN CHICAGO. Jan. 18.-The uanal- I ly erratic May rj e galloped around at high speed today, hitting the 5-cent ] limit variation upward at times, as -horts and profit takers alternated at doing business in the pit. Wheat closed unchanged to 1 ! 2 cents above yesterday s close. Ma SI 80 1 2; corn unchanged at SI 18 1 2 ceilings; rx e unchanged to 5 cents up. May SI.98 5 8. MOON MULLINS WE RE IN THE MONEY NOW By Willard Pals of war awaiting discharge at Fort McPherson. Ga . are Pfc. Thomas H. Goggms of Huntsville, Ala , and his miniature pinschers. Tiny and Wit.sey. above Goggms, with the 94th Division, found the purs in a deserted German village in January, kept them, fed them from his rations. They rewarded him by awakening hint near Trier one night in time to stop a German sneak attack saving his life and those of his buddies. Mrs. Hollaman Cook entertained at the coffee hour in honor of Mrs. E. L. Kelly of Baton Rouge. La., and Mrs. R. J. Gillespie of Luxora, Ark. The various moms at Mayflower/' Mrs Cook's plantation home, were brightened with quantities of nandina and holly foi the occasion. Red Xmas candles were used effectively in the dming room and living 100 m. where the guests assembled. Delicious sandwiches, confections and coffee were served. Col. Eugene Stevens and Mrs. Stevens and their little daughter, Jean, are visiting Mrs. Steven’s mother, Mrs. Samuel Youitec and her sister. Mrs. V, C. Rives, at their plantation home near St. Joseph. Colonel Stevens has been stationed at Edmonton. Canada, and with his family, has lived there for the past two * cars. WHEAT Open V > v ... 1 800 Juiv ____ I .T9* Sept......... 1 7 7 ’ ar D'c. . . 1 78*« CORN Vav .... . . July . .. Sept ...... OATS— May .. . July .... Sept --Dec . ., l.YF - 5'ay .... Sept......... Dec H gh Low Close . : »01, l ao1» 1 tí 1« : *o ’» 1.78 • 177 t Î TU '» 1 78 1.76’« 1 78 4».. US'» 1.11'* ..... 1.114 .... 80-87' !!.. .75',-* .............. TS'a-* .... .... Î 98’« ............. 1 44'i .... .... Î 44’, ............ 1 44', 8,000 out of, still unfilled; WEST PALM BEACH. Fla . Jan 1¿P -Gen. Brehon Somervell, who clothed and fed the army during the war, is having a tough time today at the job he knows best—trying to get a suit. The general wants an outfit he can wear around Hobe Sound, now that he has retired from active service. The former head of the army service forces said he had no plans for the future, and his main immediate concern was reflected in a wistful query: “You don't know a good tailor who will fix me up with a suit of civvies, do you?* STATE BOARD TO STUDY COLLEGE BUDGETS TODAY BATON ROUGE, La.. Jan. 18- .V-Budgets of colleges and schools under its supervision will bo consideied by the S'cite Hoard of Education at a meeting here Friday at 10 a. m. Other points on the agenda for ihe meeting include election of officers. consideration by any personnel changes in the State Department or at colleges and schools, authorization to seek bids on school buses, and selection of a site for the Avoyelles Parish Trade School at Cottonport. Also scheduled for discussion are such item* as permanent organization in the State Department, leaves of ahseme with pay. changing the name of Louisiana Negro Normal and Industrial Institute, addition of a department of aeronautical engineering at Louisiana Polytechnic, and a report on the GI housing situation at state colleges. BATON ROUGE. La.. Jan 18 —i/Pj— P. A Frye, executive director of natural gas conservation for Louisiana, said today that gas pipe line interests k t a Federal Power Commission hearing in Chicago appeared to be advocating some of the same policies his department had suggested in the FPC hearings in New Orleans. The piceline companies are opposing each other, he leported, on the grounds that a multiplicity of lines is not economically fensiole—that they v ill impair certain investments in existing lines and unnecessarily duplicate services. "It looks like,” Frye said, "the gas pi pe lines themselves have begun to fight among each other and to advo- uite som# of the same things we have been advocating as to the social and economic fallacy of building too many of these lines. ATOMIC BOMB TEST IS PLANNED AGAINST SHIPS COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY MONROE, LA. PHONE 184 Ft iends of Mis. Marable Harper are delighted at her return from the Vukt/ouig hospital, Vicksburg, Miss. Mis Harper is now convalescing from her recent illness at the family home here. Mr John Schuchs, Jr.. has returned to New Orleans to resume his studies at Tulane University aftei spending the holidays at the family home here. Miss Marion Curry entertained at a New Year's eve party in the evening at her home. Cocktails were served early and at ten o'clock a buffet supper. The holiday theme of led and green was carried out in the decoration.'« of evergreens, nandina and poinsettias, which decorated the hall and dining room. The dining room table was vt\y pretty with handsome settings of silver and crystal. The centerpiece decor was of poinsettias banked around with nandina and at each end of table was placed a silver candlestick holding red lighted tapers. Apet tits and hors d oeuvies were served with the cocktails and a two-ccurse supper was se veri buffet style in the dining room. Their wore 25 invited guests. Misses Patsy Curry, Patricia Wilds, Sophie Harper and Mary Clara Guice, all of whom wee visitors to their re• • ectivr homes here for the hi liday.-, have returned to college and business sc tool. Curry and Wilds : are students at University of Ala| bama, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; Miss Harper i- attending a business school in Monroe La . and Miss Guice is a student at College of the Sacred Heart, Grand Coteau, La. Mrs Richard Moore Whitney has returned from a visit to her father, Mr. Joseph Lamkin m Washington, D. C. i ‘Pool stage. RIVER STAGES FTood Pres, 24-Hour Stationx Stage Stage Change MISSISSIPPI St. Lo'iis .... 30 22 7 1.6 Fall Memphis .......... 34 34.2 0.8 Rise Helena ............. 44 412 1 0 Rise Arkansas City 42 34.2 0.6 Rise Vicksburg ........ 4534.6 0.8 Rl*e Natchez .......... 4b 39.8 1.0 Rise Eaton Rouge __ 35 30.8 0,8 Rise OUACHITA Camden 26 32.8 1.4 fall Monroe ............. to 35.90.8 Rise OHIO Pittsburgh ......... 2A MS.7 0.1 Riar Cincinnati ......... 52 27.1 2.9 Fall Cairo ................ 40520 0.0 TENNESSEE Chattnnooga 3022.9 0.2 Fall CUMBERLAND Nashville .......... 4047 9 0.7 Fall ARKANSAS Little R,ock ...... 2312.5 1.3 Fall RED Shreveport .......39 19.9 0.2 Fall Alexandria .........3231.9 0.1 Rise FpoM Your ^—N f i cant very' H0600D COUSIN \ WELL, COU5IN COFftflL'S LAWYERS? | COR njie HAG well, dont Bail * A went to his the bum out. ^ \ SEWARD SPECIAL NOTICES • _n»~> i |Jii i —». —« »■ —>_« ~>. ~> ni—i - .. i~i.. ~>_i—». ilir^r*^4r*^<g|: Tl NOTICE *J I AM APPLYING POP CLEMENCY , 1 r J BRADLEY Monroe, La , ] Januarv 10, 14, 18. 1948. COKEY By Duane Bryers Livestock CHICAGO. Jan. 18,-oPv— <USDA)Salable hogs 12,000. total 16.000; active-, steady; good and choice barrows and gilts 180-lhs. and over at 14 85 ceiling, sows at 14 10 ceihne: order buyers \(r\ aggressive taking 12.000 with some orders early clearance. Salable cattle 2.500. total 2..»On. , calves 300; canner cows weak at 7. .5- i 7 50: bulls very scarce; very little re- ! liable outlet for other than strictly j good and choice vealers bringing i 15 00-15.50. light culls 6 00-7 00; bulk steers 15.00-18.00. about 20 loads j brought 18.00 ceiling; most heifers1 14.00-16.00; mixed stoers and heifcisj 17.25; cutter cow s 8.75 down; mos* i beef cows 9 75-12.50; weighty sausage bulls 13.75. Potatoes CHICAGO. Jan. 18.-UP—<USDA>~ j Potatoes, arrivals 41, on t ack 99. total U. S. shirments 1.062. Idaho Russet Burbanks U. S No. I, S3.60-3.70; Ne- j bra.-ka Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. I, j S3 45-3.50: Minnesota and North Dakota Cobblers U. S. No. 1 $2.40: Bliss Triumphs commercial washed $2.75: ‘ South Dakota Bliss Triumphs general good quality $2.20-$2.30: Wisconsin Chippewas commercial $2.30: Florida j 50-lb sacks Bliss Triumphs U. S. No. j 1, $2.75-53.50. Rutter And Eggs CHICAGO. Jan. 18 - ijpi - Butter , firm; receipts 181.722. market un­ chan eed. Eggs, receipts 8.841; weak: U. S i extras 1 and 2 39 to 39 1 2; U. S. ex- | tras 3 and 4 36 to 37; standards 35 1 to 35 1 2; current receipts 34 12 to | 35; dirics 53; checks 32 1 2. FRYE APPROVES MOVE MADE BY PIPE LINES NO MATTER NSUCW YA TELL'EM T'íTEP TO TWE REAR OP THE ELEVATOR. ^ T HZ Y ALWAYS WHV, -« wo , crowd up heck / i ’ ll V^'V îv at the Fin THAT IN A MANDRAKE THE MAGICIAN THE LOCI ST’S LEAVE! WHAT WERE YOU SAYING A80U7A SCARECROW: I SAID-TOO BAO S it can ' t scare AWAY INSECTS AS well as birds . By Lee Falk and Phil Davis BUT I HAVEN'T L I WHY,THERE'S GOT A SCARE-1 .ONE RIGHT CROW ON THIS] ¡OVER THERE. FIELD»! \[ LFL ABNER DAISY MAE SITS IN By Al Capp STrri rs*s A>FD ME T' SVT UP WiF VO’ V AN' AH FIGSER5 EF m WWUCN» VORKIN' NI6HT5 . ME PI66ER5 E.F AH IS HYAP NO ROMANl-ICAL RAT s / t KAL. RAT OF WILL COME COURTIN' r^f COURT HIM BEHIND MYO' BEHIND HIS BACK.' jßf*# V &ACK . / I -I'LL FIX A /MINO.TOO-J^fV jgj| HIM rr A SNACK" r AH LL HAVE / t* ■ mrn* f f' MINE WELLtr Mil , L. rrr A . m MINE WELL ' v MB ^ » rf? i, Y/y\':o/Ay Wk;;, RED IH DER n E^RLO.m f OP ! C'M. On; bA.l INTEREST 0^ < ! ARA J JLD DIFFERENCE OF OPINION 1 a By Fred Harman TULSA. Okla., Jan, 18 .—(/&)— A j $100,000,000 teit this spring of the i atomic bomb’s effect against warships j will determine the w hole future of the world's navies, Rear Admiral Ru.-.->eli S. Berkey predicted today. Berkey. chief of the navy's civil liaison section, said the test would be of such magnitude that it would be the equivalent of the attack and occupation of Okinawa. The $100,000,000 figure is his own estimate. "The scientists have calculated/' Berkey told a reporter, "that the bombs greatest effect upon shipping may be reached when it is exploded a mile and a half under the sea.” j ARGENTINE FARMERS SERVE 4 MEALS A DAY -------- EL'ENOS AIRES - UP) - in a new code of labor regulations for harvest hands, the Argentine government stipulated they could work from sun- j rise to sunset, but must be .-wrved four meals. For breakfast, the code ordered cheese and hot or cold meat; j for lunch, soup, meat stew and vege- j tables; for 1he four o’clock break ■ mate, a kind of tea: and for supper. ! soup and a meat stew. Minimum wages from $2 per day for ordinary harvest hands to $3 for machine operators were ordered by the code. 1 DON'T \( e.r \To THIS 315 \ ?,* L cVE I f1 J5 1 N INTO 1'WN VT-ATFAKC \— AvOLlDN'î X.S- ? « //'“EAT I I ! J TiSK. J?"*”, I tsO JAVl-G'RL TROObLE.* > fAPPlTT YAP*** FVE * OUS-GUSTED-' LITTLE GO FiSH-uny ADVERTT8EMEKT POR BIDS Sealed proposals will be received by th«| Louisiana State Board oi Health, V^m C ■ .1 Courts Building. New Orleans. Loul i ana. tor the Ouachita Parish HeaitR Unit. Monroe. Louis.ana. until 10 30 a m on January 24. 1948. tor 500 bottles Rabiey Vaccine oi Equine Veterinary or gin con- ,ng of an avrnae 5 r. per dose to b*4 ,r sed in 10-dose sires or 50 cc s to botti* without, tags or certificate. f Shipment to be made to Ouachita Pa'J' 'B H Ui:i; Mont * Louisiana. Prep<4 I is needed. First ‘hipment oi 250 bottfr.J to be made immediately upon awara cif contract. 1 Tfe» Louisiana State Board of Health re-1 -erves the right to reject any or all bid« and to waive any lnformaliUei. 1 Ar, bid rece ved after closing time will bal returned unopened. , I LOUISIANA STATE BOARD OF HEALTH) OUACHITA PARISH HEALTH UNIT Monroe, La., January 18 21, 23, 1948 STATE OF LOUISIANA PARISH OF OUACHITA. SALE NO 670 Bv virtue of, and pursuant to an orde^ from Honorable Lucille May Grace, Reg• i : ! the State Land Office, dated th« 28th day of December, 1945 and in eor r fortuity with Act No. 237 of the Acts oi the General Assembly of 1924. as amended bv Act 296 of 1944. I will offer for sal« and sell at public auction at the princ r.pal door of the Court House of th4l Parish of Ouachita, at Monroe. Louisiana! on Saturday February 9 1946. between the hour; of 11 o'clock a m . and 4 o'clock p.m., to the last and highest bidder, th* following de^-nbed property, to-wit: North 76 feet of lots 1, 2 and 3, and south 28 feet of lots 8. 9 and 18, Square 7, Original Town of Brownville. Adjudica'cd to the state in th* name of Mrs Biiiie Hudson for unpaid taxes of the year 1932 Minerals reserved to the state ill accordance » th Sect.on 2 of Articl* IV of the Constitution of 1921. Terms of sale. cash. For not less thaol O: • H .i.dred Ten A No 190 t $110 0011 Dollars. f MILTON COVERDALF Sheriff. Baton Rouge, La , December 28, 1945. Approved: LUCIUE MAY GRACE Regi ter of State Land Offic*. Monroe, La , January 4, K. 18. 25: February 1, 8 1948,| IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNITED STATES FOR THE WEST* I ERN DISTRICT OF LOUISIANA MONROE DIVISION In the Matter of Elvin Eaves Wfide, Bankrupt; In Bankruptcy No. 6862 Notice is hereby given that under and in pursuance of an ord**r of the United States District Court. I. the undersign'd trustee, wilL at the legal hour of 10.Ofr o'clock a in.. on SATURDAY. FEBRUARY 2ND 1946, sell at ihe principal front door of tha Bankrupt s late place of business m Columb a Caldwell Parish, Louisiana, frew of all liens and encumbrances, < all her«' ar.d rncumbranees, if am being referred to the proceeds' all of the furniture, fixture«, merchandise and equ'D- raent belonging to th' said bankrupt c 5bte, us per inventory and appraisement on file in rm office in Ouaehltw National Bank Buildms. Monroe, Louisi- I . na t] Terms of «ale, twent” >20' per rent cash I; with bd, the balance when the sale is^ appro -d and confirmed bv th* Court The sale is to b* made subject to th approval and confirmation of the Court. H. H, BLANK3, Trustee. Monroe. La., January 18, 31. 1946 City Hal!, Monroe. Louisiana C January 15 1948 Ther* « «s a legal scsuon of the Cityl Council of the City of Monroe. Louisi-j ana, h-ld thu, day the mayor pre- .«¡dmg and all members present riie mayor stated the object of the meet- ¡ng «i Mr Rodrigue* stated that he had »naljzed j| the bid llll—II>ld bv Beaver Metropolitan Coaches, Inc Beaver Falls Pennsylvania. lor the furnish,ng of 5 B-31 P T. 31-passenger Beaver Transit Coaches for th* transportauon department, and wae ready to make his recommendation. H» recommended that the bid submitted by Beaver Metropolitan Coaches. Inr . Beaver Falls, Pa., opened, read and fh»d ,u meeting of the Connril on December 7, 1 1 4 >. be accepted Whereupon mo:,on_ was made by Mr. Rodriguer and seconds^ by Mr. Tidwell that the proposal o* • Beaver M-tropolhan Coaches. Inc., bw accepted. The motion was carried unanimously Upon motion of Mr Benoit, seconded by* Mr Rodr ci'.-r, and unanimously carried, the secretary was instructed to advertise for b.ds for the purchase of two • 3* 8* a cu vd capacity compactor typ* refuse getters. There be ne no further business, the coun* c.; on motion adjourned. H H BENOIT Mayer. P A POAG. Secretary. Monroe, La.. January 18. 1946 * TARZAN’S DISCOVERY By Edgar Rice Burroughs ANNOUNCEMENTS I AS 7W£ AT6-A3AN BOUSP IP HIS WCiWS M BOV *t)LP HOW HE HAP BEEN LEFT TO PlB BECAUSE HE -Ar DISCOVERED TUAT TH£ is AN 6 WAT TAÇT CF A VOTE R’NO OPER ATINÓ FCCM A NEARBY FISHINú VIUÁÚE. _ y |r,AlTf|No -rLr ßuSFicB ,VAWfNC£ \CA*£ "h l GRCAN5,TARZAN -0UN£> A NATIVE BC 5 "rE\?,r.s BEATEN. ; AT DUSK TUE JUNOLE LCRD 5AW Tr4E SAFARI AHEAP M4K/NG I CAA\P. LOWERING TUE BOY WAITED FOR DARNJNESS. ALLEY OUI* L THAT AIN'T GOOD KEAUZINÚ THAT TwE GANÓ UAD ThE ENTIRE SUPPLY OF TUE RARE POPPIES TUE DOCTOR NESTED, TARZAN UFTSpM Bff/AND SORTEO AFT er TUEA. HêAVSNÇ, DONT 'fOU <^OA/ uN'T WA9 96-T /Jk£'. YOU TIME- r MkCH i NED OOF 7 / Vcoeavt# a» ut* staviee -nc * m t>f. « ‘of V r -7 tl— a Hi --- Stj --- NOTICE Notice Is hereby given that the regular annual of the stockholders of Central Savings Bank At Trust Co., will b* held on Tuesday, January 22, 1946. at the office of the bank for the purpose ot electing a new board of directors for th* ensuing year and such other business as may be proper SAM PMITH Cashier Monroe, La., January 6, 7. 8 9, 10. 11, 12, 14, 18, 17, 18. 19. 21, 1946. WATCH FOR THE OPENING OF Qarrett’s Firestone DEALERS STORE. Phone 4269 NOTICE! f have help and can now serve you at MONROE NURSERY _________________9-7-P -Personals LEAVE YOUR BABIES with me while shopping or plavlng Rates given for afternoon and evening. Phone 2723. 2-10-A ■ ■ r J ’ •- 3* j fcfw-7-v in JfcNfct */ -I* ■■ 1 THE GIMPS THE HELPING HAM) By G us Edson ■i -^heelite I evem if they WE FOUNP I PO PLAMTO KILL IN THE HILL*? OSUOW \ U& ALL, L&PT/\/< j MILLIONS OF POLLACK {THE &&E&ÓHAL WILL WOCTH OF TUNécéTEN -) &tVE UT? MO&E TIME1 ANYTHIA/L j CAM happen WILL PLANTATION MAN from Monro* who sper.' Chri'tmas in Oklahoma please write lady he taiked with in Ft. Smith bus station ’..a his return. On a Mae I Lucas, R’ 2. Damascus. Ark. 1-18-P YOUNG LADY who left black Chesterfield coat in Cascade aoout 2 weeks ago and took ^ame type coat 'with car keys in pocketi bv mistake, please call 6762 after 4 30 p. m. 1-2J-A I YOUNG LADY who picked up black Chesterfield coat by mis’ake. about 2 week* ago. please call 1762 after 4:30. Coat left has car keys in pocket. 1-19-A 10 — Strayed, Lost, bound LOsY'Tboi^P'TatuiTr^einity1- M ills apa school, laige Coil», male, answers to "Laddie " Child's pet. Reward for m- , formation Phone 6R10-W’. 1-20-F* LOST—2 Jersey milk cow one light, one dark b'-wn Cai! Thco Hill. 4700 1-19-A LOST 3-year-old female Golden C ockjt S paniel searing collar Answers ta 'Duchess " Plione 2922-15' 1-10-A LADIES wrist watch in Monroe Furmtu'« Co. Call 5209. Leon Hammond, identify, and pay for ad. 1-22-A LOST in downtown store—gray plaid silk umbrella with small hooked plastic handle Reward offered Phone 4554. 1-19-A -Key case key. Call Kellogg. MW- Ulg-P LOST OR STRAYED—One black saddle horse weighing 800. One dark brown, heavy short ho’-s* mule, 909 pounds. On£ dark black brown mare mu». 903 pound«. Last ‘een on Mdhaven Road Just east of Swayae’s Dairv R*w*rd. Phone 5306. J T. Auatm, hr. Loo a Road, Monroe, La. 1 -M-P fi

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