Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 18, 1934 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1934
Page 9
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« JANUARY H, 1984. ilGoRong fed beei quarters, [cetite > iJOtmd, ill 15F22, Alton* I*. WEBEK Irvingtofl TREATMENT IFOR TENDER STOMACH ..nil's Adla Tablets bring re Dm flltomach ipftlns betwee due to acidity, indigeatio artburn. If not your mono funded.—'A. M. Borchard USINESS IRECTORY COtTHTT ADTAKOB 1 Newspaper Found/id In 1901 as Second-Claws Matter er SI, 1908, at the PoitottJo» gona, Iowa, Under the Aot of March 2, 1879. LAWYEBS m H. W. Mill* JUABTOIf * MILIiEB Law Offices. Office 427, residence 114 Algona, Iowa. L. BONAR Attorney-at-Law • Iowa State; Bank Bldg. phone 460-W. Algona, low*. FAN, McMABOH * MJfHAS (uUlvan S. B. McManot L. £2. Ldnnan '• Attorneys-at-Law. Office, 261; J. W. S., 109. 103. ' Algona, Iowa. UUIINGTON A LOWE ^arrlngton J. D. Low* Attorneys-at-Law 87 R. J.H. 44« Office over Postofflce. IN NBS8, G. W. 8TILLMAB Lawyers pee over Iowa State Bank '. Algena. low* phumway E. D. Kelly BHIJHWAY A KELLY Attorneys-at-Law fflce in Qulnby Block |B8 Algona, low* L. A. WINKEL Atttornej-at>Law flee in Qulnby Building Phone 180 | HIRAM B. WHITE Attorner-kt-Law over Iowa State Sank. 1206. Algona, Iowa p. A. Attorney-At-Law pe over Iowa State Bank Office, 460-J.j Rea. SIB CARROL A. WANDEB Attorney-at-Law Mfice over Postofflce. Algona, L\ chison T. C. Hutchison DHISON & HUTCHISON Attorneys-at-Law Quinby Building 1251 __ Algona DOCTORS JOHN W. KKWEFICK lan and Burgeon |ce over Rexall Drug Store Office phone SOO "Res. phone 826. CRETZMEYER, M. D. urgeon and Physician. ce John Galbraith Block. Phones 444-310. low* IP. T. JANSE, M. B. fliysldan and Surgeon fe on South Dodge Street • Office, 666; residence, ill Algona, Iowa PBA8ER, M. D. fhysician and Surgeon ^ In Qulnby Bldg., Room 14. Phone No. 12 °' BOUBSK and Surgeon fice In Postofflce Block Office, 197; residence, ated in General Hospital. »i Office 187. Re.. «gg, DENTISTS H. M. OlSOU > Dentist, f>r novocalne uaed (or •»• over ChrtatenwHi 8tor«. Business 166. resident* W _Algona, Iowa , - B. Veterinarian! at State Street, Algona n » D. PMaon. EOGWHING VANCE Coni Loans Pass $750,000 K08SPTH COONTT APVANOB, ALOONA. IOWA LOANS (Continued from page 1.) Burt, 425 bu Josephine Thompson, Sec. 35 Butt, 350 bu Josephine Thompson, Sec. 35 Burt 425 bu ............... $ 190 A. B. &. O. L. Cherlancl, Sec. 5 Burt, 1400 bu ............... $330 Witt. Kuhn, sec. 9 Burt, 1200 bu. ........................... $540 Buffalo. Win A. Hanson, Sec. 32 Buffalo, 1450 bu ................ . ..... $053 John 1C. Rippentrop, Sec. 7 'Buffalo, 580 bu ................. $261 S. G. Keaglo, Sec. 15 Buffalo, 2400 bu ................... » 1080 S. G. Keagrlo, Sec. 15 Buffalo, 2400 bu. ... .............. $1080 S. G. Keaglo, Sec. 15 Buffalo, __ $103r , 2300 Arthur J. Budlong, Sec. 8 Bu"tfalo", — bu Cresco. M. C. Worster, Sec. 20 Cresco, ?40B _ George o. Hahle, Sec. 18 Cresco, 350 bu. H. B. Morgan, Sec 660 bu 16 $158 Cresco, $248 H. E. Morgan, Sec 10 Cresco, 2050 bu H. E. Morgan, Sec 550 bu Vern Lester, Sec. bu 10 Cresco, $248 '6 Cresco, 500 $225 John Frankl, Sec. ,1'2 Cresco, 1100 bu. $495 John Frankl, Sec. ,112 Cresco, 1100 bu. $495 John Frankl, Section 12 Cresco. 1300 bu.- 55 W. L. Martin, Sec. 30 Cresco' 400 „!>«• $180 Henry Baler, Sec. 0 Cresco, 1200 bu. $540 W. A. Cordlngloy & Helen Dingley, Sec. 22 Cresco, 1500 bu $675 Edw. J. Hough (Exr.) Sec. 16 Cresco, 1150 bu j, 518 W.-L. Martin, Sec. 30 .Cresco, 400 bu - ••• .' $180 B. P. Sparks, Sec. 32 Cresco, 2150 bu. $968 Fred Park, Sec. 23 Cresco, 596 bu. Eagle. $268 J. A. Rohlf, Section 36 Eagle, 300 . bu $135 J. A. Rohlf, Section 36 Eagle, 600 bu $270 fohn B. Pehrson, Sec. 34 Eagle, 300 bu $135 John E. Pehrson, Sec. 34 Eagle, 450 bu $203 Fcnton. E. R. Sehler, Section. 29 Fenton, .2000 bu $900 larl W. Prlebe, Sec. 28 Fenton, 900 bu '. $405 larl W. Prlebe, Sec. 14 Fenton, 750 bu $338 Carl W. Prlebe, Adm. Sec. 27 Fenton, 925 bu P. M. Chrlstensen*. Sec. 14 Fenton, 750 bu Wm. O. Dreyer, Sec. 35 Fenton, 1050 bu $473 German. John K. Rippentrop, Sec. 33 German, 370 bu. ' $167 John K. Rippentrop, Sec. 33 German, 370 bu. ...: $167 Tohn K. Rippentrop, Sec. 32 German, aio bu $230 rohn K. Rippentrop, Sec. 32 German, 690 bu $311 John K. Rippentrop, Sec. 32 German, 310 bu $140 John K. Rippentrop, Sec. 32 German, 410 bu $|1S5 Jolm K. Rippentrop, Sec. 32 German, 480 bu $216 John A. Sleper, Sec. 12 German. 850 bu. $383 C. C. McGuire, Section 13 German, 750 bu $33 !. C. McGuire, Section 13 German. 850 bu $383 Frank Milligan, Sec. 23 German, 650 bu, $273 Ben IVanzen, Sec. 36 German, 600 bu $225 Melndert Ullman, Sec. 36 German, 900 bq $405 Meindert Ullman, Sec. 36 German, 600 bu $270 Samuel Miller, Sec. 2 German, 11382 bu -... $622 Garfield. Walter Krause, Sec. 29 Garfield. 900 bu. $405 Mike C. Schmidt, Sec. 36 Garfield, 900 bu $405 Mike C. Schmidt, Sec. 36 Garfield, 1000 bu. $450 Mrs. John Zinnel, Sec. 31 Garfield, 2600 bu $1)1,70 Albert Keller, Sec. 15 Garfield, 800 bu $360 H. F. Anderegg, Sec. Hi Garfield, 1500 bu $675 Henry, Schmidt, Sec. 22 Garfield, 2000 bu __ $900 Edw. Erwards, Sec. '29 Garfield, 1500 bu. $675 Christ! Marlch, Sec. 35 Garfield, 1500 bu $675 Christ! Marich, Sec. 35 Garfield, 2700 bu $12'li5 Grant. First National Bank, Ft. Dodge, Sec. 24 Grant, 1350 bu $608 !arl Elmer & Ralph Isenberg, Sec. 7 Grant, 925 bu •$41:6 W«n, H. Payne, Sec. 23 Grant, 1650 bu $543 Greenwood. ,. F, Price, Sec. 4 Greenwood, 2300 bu. ,., $1035 lbert Kollaseh, Sec, 1 Greenwood, •BOO bu. , $225 /'era H. Milter, Sec, 2 Greenwood, tt650 bu. $543 Hebron, ohn Hagedom, Sec, 31 Hebron, llOfr bu $495 R. Johnson, Sec. 36 Hebron, 1300 bu. |585 R. Johnson, Sec. 36 Hebron, 1600 bu. .'.'.. |675 Edward Jordan!, Sec. 13 Hebron, 1000 bu |450 54ward Jordahl, Sec, 13 Hebron, 1000 bu, .,,. $450 ohn Osland, Section 26 Hebron, 500 bu. ...... $225 ohn Osland, Section 26 Hebron, 800 bu, $3«0 . A. Thoretenson, Sec. 34 Hebron, 1200 bu $540 Af, Thorfftenson, Sec. 34 Hebron, 1QOQ bu t ?450 Mrs. Ewtha, Sohn, Sec. 26 Hebron, 000 bu $270 »on Henry Qoeke, Sec. 32 Hebron, 2200 bu, $990 Uno» lj«nry Qoeke, Sec. 33 Heb- r«V2200 bu, $990 Viard Ricbardlson, Sec. 33 Heb- ro.n, 450 bu $203 Yard Richardlson, Sec. 33 Hebron, 4.W bu $203 <*>. 20 Hebron, |803 Harrison. John Wesselman, Sec. 127 Harrison, 11200 bu. $540 Johnn Erpeldlng, Sec. 8 Harrison, 1900 bu. $853 Elllng Martinson, Sec. 28 Harrison, 220 ° bu - ..... ................ $990 S. B. Eckholm, Sec. 14 Harrison, 45 0 bu ..................... $203 S. E, Eckholm, Sec. 14 Harrison, 300 bu .................... ?;I S. E. Eckholm, Sec. 14 Harrison, 300 bu .............. jj Andrew M. Anderson, Sec 32 Harrison, 800 bu Joe Rahe, Sec. 24 Harrison, 2000 bu ............... • ......... $900 Irvington. T->. C. Htitchlns, Sec. 9 Irvington, 400 bu, . .................. £, 1 C. Hutching, Sec. 9 IrVln'gton, i500 bu. Chris Olsen, Sec. 1 8 Irvin'gton, $225 360 bu. $158 J. H. Hahle, Sec. 27 Irvington, 375 bu $15D Edw. Hougrh (Exr.) Sec. 27 Irvington, 380 bu « 171 Edw. Hough (Exr,) Sec 27"lrv- Ington, 800 bu Sarah A. Duryea, Sec. 29 'irvinc ton . 780 bu j John W. Schultz, Sec. 34 Irvington, 1800 bu. $8ttO John Frankl, Sec. 35 Irvington, 4500 bu ?2025 John Frankl, Sec. 35 Irvington, 4500 bu John Frankl, Sec. 35' 3300 bu $2025 Irvington, $1485 John Frankl, Sec. 6 Irvington, 1000 bu. $450 John Frankl, Sec. 6 Irvington, 2600 bu fa . m Lotts Creek. mil J. Rawson, Sec. 30 Lotts Creek, 750 bu $338 Theodore Blerstedt, Sec. 7 Lotts Creek, looo bu. $450 Vincent Elbert, Section 34 Lotts Creek, 280 bu. Vincent Elbert, Section 34"L,otts Creek, 820 bu. $369 Louis Hackbanth, Sec. 23 Lotts Creek, 700 bu ?315 Albert H. Meyer, Sec. 30 Lotts Creek, 400 bu 31tner E. Weaver, Sec. 32 Lotts Creek, 350 bu ?158 Wm. Fuerstenau, Sec. u Lotts Creek, iH500 bu $675 A. A. Dreyer, Sec. 4 Lotts Creek, 1200 bu ?l540 A. A. Dreyer, Sec. 4 Lotts Creek, 1300 bu ?585 W. Jager, Sec. is Lotts Creek, 650 bu. $273 Ben Schmidt, Sec. 4 Lotts Creek, 560 bu Ledyard. C. A. Gutknecht, Sec. 25 Ledyard 700 bu. $315 ohn H. Heetl'and, Sec. 25 Ledyard, 160 bu .................... $ 72 Warren Lloyd, Sec. 8 Ledyard $S40 bu Herman Herzog, Sec. 9 Ledyard 1100 bu $495 Herman Herzog, Sec. 9 Ledyard, 600 bu ?225 Michael Keller, Sec. 21 Ledyard, 500 bu. $225 Michael Keller, Sec. 21 Ledyard, 500 bu. $225 W. E. Ley, Sec, 6 Ledyard, 750 bu $338 Matilda B. Park, Sec. 115 Ledyard, 1000 bu $ 450 3hrls Bolie, Sec. 36 Ledyard, 475 bu $214 rvin Bauman, Sec. 11 Ledyard, '500 bu $225 IJH Verne. Charles Toilllon, Sec. 16 Lu Verne 400 bu $lgo O. E Merriam, Sec. 16 Lu Verne, 1200 bu $540 O. E Merriam, Sec. 16 Lu Verne, 1100 bu $495 L. E. Betzer, Sec. 24 Lu VeVrne, 1000 bu. $450 Cliff Richardson, Sec. 18 Lu Verne, 1100 bu. Paul Stahl, Sec. 8 Lu Verne, 1000 $495 bu. $450 Wm. Radii, Sec. 17 Lu Verne, 1000 bu. $4-30 Henry J. Hinz, Sec. 34 Lu Verne 900 bu $405 Erward Lenz, Sec. 27 Lu Verne, 750 bu $338 R. L. Hauswlrth, Section 24 Lu Verne, 800 bu. $360 Henry Blumer, Sec. 33 Lu Verne, 800 bu $360 Lincoln. Oltman Akkeman, Sec. 1 Lincoln, 400 bu $180 Fred Stratman, Sec. 22 Lincoln, 1000 bu , $450 Fred Stratanan, Sec. 22 Lincoln, 1000 bu $450 Henry Chrlstensen, gee. 4 Lincoln, 350 bu $158 Henry Christensen, sec. 4 Lincoln, 11200 bu $540 G. G. Marshman, Sec. 17 Lincoln!, 2000 bu .., $900 G. G. Marshman, Sec. 17 Lincoln, 250 bu __ $ Prairie. Leo F. Wagner, Sec. 5 Prairie, 750 bu $338 Fanny Wagner, Sec, 5 Prairie, 11600 bu , $675 Frank Wagner, Sec. 6 Prairie, 7'50 bu , E. J. WHden, Sec. 3'Prairie, 2600 Creek, GOO bu $ 2 25 Clarence Bunkofske, Sec. 6 Plum Creek, 620 bu $ 279 Clarence Bunkofske, Sec, 6 Plum Creek, 780 bu $ 3B1 Geo. Naumann, Section 32 Plum Creek, 700 bu j 3ft5 M. E. Blanchard, Sec. 26 Plum Creek, 11200 bu $ 540 Riverdale. Mrs. Mary Thtxle, Sec. n Riverdale, 600 bu $ 2 - 0 Antip, C. Dlemere—Junkenmeler, Sec. 5 Riverdale, moo bu, ,. $495 PAGE Nit JAJRM W. J. Faync. Editor. Chnrlcs Klamp, Field Beporter. C. Diemere—Junkenmcler, Soc. 4 niverclale, 2400 bu. ..$1080 John L. Devine, Sec. 13 niver- dale, 700 bu .3^5 Louis Schmidt, Sec. 16 Riverdale, 1500 bu » 67 , 5 Peter Erpelding, Sec. 35 Riverdale, 1700 bu , 7 G. M. Nagel, Sec.. 23 Riverdale, $1080 2400 bu. Jewell M. Patterson, Sec.' dale, 1400 bu Ramsey. Nick Scholtes, Section 17 Ramsey, $630 760 bu. $342 Nick Scholtes, Section 17 Ramsey, 760 bu. $342 Nick Scholtes, Section 17 Ramsey, 760 bu. ... -> $342 Henry A. Janssen, Sec. 26 Ramsey, Sherman. $405 B. I. Heins, Sec. 24 Sherman, 650 bu. $273 Emil Wester, Sec. i" Sherman. 1300 bu. The Titonka Topic notes that John Pink sold a carload of hogs to a local dealer a week ago Saturday and got 3c for them. They averaged 241 pounds, and Mr. Pink told Editor Wolfe that it would have been a better deal to get a 45c loan on the corn the hogs ate. *«* * There was a lot of fun at a $585 Frank C. Gronbach, Sec.'34'Sher- man, 1800 bu. $810 Mike Bormann, Sec. 18 Sherman, 1200 bu. •$540 Mike Bormann, Sec. 18 Sherman, 1200 bu. *540 K L. Kohlhaas Sec. ilg Sherman, 1100 bu. $495 K L. Kohlhaas Sec. 49 Sherman, 1100 bu. $495 $270 Mary Genrich, Sec. 36 Sherman, 600 bu Herman Hintz, Sr., Sec." 34 Sherman; 800 bu « 3 Herman Hintz, Sr., Sec. 34 Sherman, 400 bu. $180 Alfred Gregory, Sec. 23 She'man. 1500 bu. Springfield. $675 C. M. Sullivan, Sec. 27 Springfield, 1400 bu. $630 Nellie V. Sullivan, Sec. 32 Spring field, 1250 bu «.&63 Nellie V. Sullivan, Sec. 32 Springfield, 1250 bu $563 Nellie V. Sullivan, Sec. 32 Springfield, 1400 bu « 630 Jonrad Gabel, Sec. 21 Springfield, '550 bu. $248 i J. Jorgensen, Sec. 27 Spring-field, 150 bu $ 68 ' P. J. Jorgensen, Sec. 27 Springfield, 850 bu $ 3 Otto Richter, Sec. 10 Springfield, 800 bu. $360 Otto Richter, Sec. 15 Springfield, .1100 bu Swea. Frank Isaacson, Sec. 4 Swea, 450 bu. $203 Victor Pearson, Sec. 2 Swea, 2000 bu. $900 Victor Pearson, Sec. 2 Swea,' 2000' bu. $900 Martin Moliner, Section 22 Swea 1000 bu «4 Martin Moliner, Section 22 Swea, 900 bu. $405 Tankred Carlson, Section 8 Swea, 1050 bu. $473 A. C. Hangeman, Sec. 5 Swea, 925 bu ................... " Myrtle Rist & Lou"Quinlan,"sec. 5 Swea, 2000 bu ......... $900 John L. Schmit, Sec. 6 Swea, ''5 50 bu ......................... ,$248 Seneca. Eva Kennedy & F. H. Dorcey, Sec. 2 Seneca, 1000 bu ....... $450 !va Kennedy & F. H. Dorcey', 'sec. 2 Seneca, 1000 bu. $450 John H. Saunders, Sec. nx Seneca, 240 bu. $108 Jorgen Bonnickson, Sec. 7 Seneca, 775 bu. $349 E. M. Brown, Sec. 29 Seneca, KU50 bu. Adolph Meyer, Sec. 15 Seneca, $518 1200 bu. $540 26 bu. $1170 Rudolph C, Glame, Sec. 34 Prairie, 1500 bu $67,5 Edw. Frey, Sec. 34 Prairie, ilgOO bu , A. R. Guernsey, Sec. 34 Prairie, 900 bu $405 John N. Studer, Sec.-15 prairie, 600 bu, $225 John N. Studer, Sec. 16 Prairie, 1400 bu __ John N. Studer, Sec. 15 Prairie, 1400 bu. $630 August F. Studer, Sec. ng Prairie, 1400 bu $630 Portland, Robert H. Crawford, Sec. 19 Portland, 800 bu $360 Wyot Stott, Sec. 22 Portland, 380 bu |171 L. E. Fairbanks, Sec. 36 Portland, 537 bu $241 Li. E. Fairbanks, Sec. 36 Portland, 896 bu __ $403 L. E. Fairbanks, Sec. 36 Portland, •224 bu, $101 Li. 13. Fairbanks, Sec. 36 Portland, 313 bu .1141 Li. E. Fairbanks, Sec. 36 Portland, 448 bu $202 John Helderscheidt, Sec. 33 Portland, 860 bu. ...... ., , $383 la. Nat. Fire Insur. Co. Sec. 10 Portland, 500 bu. f 225 A. H. Bunkofske, Sec, 23 Portland, 650 bu. ,.... $273 Plum Creek. Clinton Ssunpson, Sec, 11 Plum Creek, 1500 bu. ..,....,..., $675 Edwina J?r*tt, Sec. 3 Plum Creek, $60 bu ._. $387 Aloyalus J. Eischeld, Sec.^6 .... $720 Union, $1800 Union. Roy Sarchet't, Sec. 16 Union, 1600 bu Harry E. Ward, Sec. 4000 bu Harry E. Ward, Sec. ii7oo bu ;.., Harry E. Ward, Sec. 800 bu John P. Mertz, Sec. 725 bu. 26 26 Union. ......... $765 Union, $360 Unidh, Heenry Engstrom, See. .6 Union," 800 bu $ 360 Wm. Ethrington, sec. 36 Union, 32 1000 bu. $450 Rudolph Will, Gdn, Sec. 29 Union, 1900 bu .$855 Dell Troutman, Section 33 Union, 870 bu $392 Dell Troutman, Section 33 Union, 1830 bu $824 B._ H. Gould, Sec. 27 Union, 1000 $450 bu. B. H. Gould, Sec. '27 Union, 475 bu. $214 Wesley. Henry A. Kloehe, Sec. 23 Wesley 1200 bu $540 Henry A. Kloche, Sec. 23 Wesley, 600 bu. $270 Thoran C. Hansen, Sec. 22 Wesley, 500 bu. $226 $146 Thoran C. Hansen, Sec. 22 Wesley 325 bu $1 L. E. ICrantz, Sec. 18 Wesley,' 1600 bu $720 L. E. Krantz, Sec. 7 Wealey, 2800 bu $1260 Dean Sparks, sec. 29 Wesley, coo- bu. Greenwood-tflamsey Farm Bureau meeting at Bancroft last week Tuesday night. E. A. Droessler and Bert Carr had been induced to debate the question, Resolved, That the horse is of more benefit to hte farmer than the tractor, and the debate and other features of the program drew a crowd that over flowed the high school auditorium The debaters went at it hot anc heavy, and when it was all over th judges gave Droessler a 2 .to 1 de cision which was greeted with cheers and laughter. * * * * We had always thought E. B Dittmer, Portland township, was a Scotchman, but he says his falther Ernest Dittmer, came from Ham burg, Germany, where he was ( cooper by trade till he was 16. Tin father farmed many years, bu spent his declining years with E B.'s brother Charles, dying in 1921 E. B. bought the first 80 acres of the land he now operaltes at $35 an acre in 1899. He added another 80 acres in 1913 at $65 an acre. Then he sold 40 acres of this eighty to Hans Presthus, nearby leading farmer, at_ $250 an acre in 1919. E B. built ihis fine tile barn in 191( and his big modern house in 1919 Altogether some $25,000 of improvements have been added to the farm, which is now one of the best improved in Kossuth. Mr. and Mrs Dittmer have a son in South Dakota who is county agent, and they have a daughter who is married and farms in the same county. We •spent a (few minutes looking at the Dilttmer collection of photos of grandkids. Mr. Presthus, who bought the 40 in 1919, paid all cash and probably came out as well on his 'purchase as he would have done if he had left the money in a bank, * * * * On the Archie Hutchison farm northeast of (Burt where George Grey lives a mew 26x42x10 corn crib was tmilt last fall. The barn, is to be resided, reshingled, remodeled, and repainted this season. Mr. Hutchison 'has owned this farm since about 1890, except for a period while George had it, and Mr. Grey and Mr. Hutchison have been tenant and 'landlord' respectively for some '20 years on this farm and at (Irvington, only interrupted by the period while the farm was owned by Mr. Grey. The price ol farm land did nolt go up fasl enough to suit Mr. Grey, so he sold it back to Mr. Hutchison and resumed relations as tenant. At the Grey home we met Mabel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grey, who, after completing two years at Morningside, is now teaching. There is a. son of 14. How fast the young folks are growing up around us! * * * * Frank Cink, 1% miles -northeast of Wesley, farms 320 acres, and last season he had 140 acres in. corn. He has sealed 1,000 bushels, Mr. Cink was .born in North, Dakota, bis father having come there frora Bohemia. (Frank told us how his father and Jos. Cink, who now lives southeast cif Sexton, were caught in a blizzard in North Dakota. They started out to get hay. It was a pleasant afternoon, tout Mrs. Cink put extra coats into the wagon, remarking that it might turn colder. They were gone only a short time when a blizzard struck and they were soon lost on the •prairie. They unhitched their ox en and let tihem go, but stayed with them, The oxen did not find home, and when the oxen gave up and laid down the men sleplt between •them. Not till the third day did they get home. This was enough of North Dakota for them, so they moved to Iowa. Mrs. Cink, who came to the U. S. '30 years ago, remarked Ithat she would like to go back to (Bohemia for a visit. She has a sister who still lives there. Three brothers live at Cleveland, Ohio, and one other brother was killed in the World war. There are three^ other sisters. Her mother died in war time in (the old country, but Mrs. Cink did not know of it till six months afterwards. * • « *• We were at Clarence Dornbier's, 4% miles north of Wesley, Saturday, but did not find him at home. 'Mrs. Ole Dorribier, his mother, was there and informed ,us thalt there was a new boy in the home, horn January 4, weigiht nine pounds, named Donald Francis, The Dorn- biers have two other boys, Dale, 5, and Eugene, 2. Grandma now thinks Clarence had better rent a section farm, The Ole 'Dornbiers live 1% miles south of St. Benedict and farm 320 acres. • » * • Rufus Lindhorst, three miles soulth and two miles east of Ti|270 Lawrence Hansen, Sec. 28 Wesley 1200 bu. ...... . ....... $5 Lawrence Hansen, Sec. 2g Wesley, 450 bu ........... ..... ____ . $203 Axel M. Carlson, Sec. a Wesley, 600 bu. . ............. , ..... $270 Axel M. Carlson, Sec. 2 Wesley, 800 bu. ........... .,. ______ $360 Wm. E. Greene, Sec. 9 Wesley, '500 bu ...... ........ , ...... $225 J, O. Priester, Sec. 29 Whittemore, 800 bu. "... $360 J. O.- Priester, Sec. a.9 Whittemore, 1100 bu {495 Mike Beach, Sec 26 Whittemore, 800 bu." {350 H. G. Vaudt, Sec. 18 Wtoittemore, 600 bu .,..,..... $226 ^ C. Baas, Se«. 35 Whittemore, 1800 bu. f810 H. E, Frost, Sec. 16 Wbittejnore, 400 bu $180 H. E. Frost, Sec. 17 Whitteworo, 550 bu , $24 8 • i, . A .„ „ ., Simon Elbert, Sec. 02-96-31 gpaio Alto county) 2000 bu $900 M. M. LowmttlW, Sec. 2r98,-2I (Hmaboldl; county) 1090 bu . .**5Q Drosti Holland Cocoa Just what you need for a tonic to start off the big year 1934, Good for the whole family. LOXG'S FOOD SHOP VOUBS FOR SEEVJCE Plumbing, Heating Sheet Metal HOLTZflAUEJl'S TUT SHOP 119 S, Dodge PlioneSS tonka, asked Saturday whether we could tell ihim where he could rent a 1000-acre farm. "You know," he explained, "we have a new boy, born December 24." This is the third boy, and his name is Jimmie 1 Dale. There are three girls in the family. The OL/indhorsts are farming 160 acres, and iRufus has sealed 700 bushels of com. * * * * <R. W. Spurgeon now lives on a 60-acre farm at the west edge of Irvington, where his grandfather, William Rutledge, formerly Jived. The elder Mr. Rultledge, who has lived in the Irvington neighborhood 27 years, is now with one of his daughters, Mrs. Frank Allen, south of Mason City, He is past 83, tout is still active. (Recently he wrote that he missed his old Irvington. friends. * * * * At George Alttig's Saturday two boys were cleaning out the barn, and George was bringing the horses in from the field. The Attigs take good care of their stock, which show it. (Eight calves have been sold. Fourteen cows are milked. The Attigs raise more stock Ithan they can feed out, though they farm 160 acres. This farm was formerly covered with quack grass, but is now in a high state of cultivation. Last season the Atitigs raised 3400 bushels of corn, besides filling their -silo. Mr. Afctig lived on one of the Hanna farms, near Lu Verne, 16 years, where Fred Scho/by now lives. He bought the farm where he now lives in 1928. This is 5% miles north of Wesley. • * * * Eppo Gremmer, seven miles north of _Wesley, is some genius. He was building a front axle with wide tread for his Farmall tractor when we called Friday. This will ,be for plowing, bult one of the front wheels will follow the furrow Eppo says it is too tiresome to watch both plow and where your tractor is going when plowing. • * * * Clarence Garman, who had Just moved from near Woden to the farm where Robert German used to live, was getting selttled when we saw him Friday. He remarked that it was the (first time he had moved, and he had found moving some chore. Mrs. Gorman is one of the Lewis Tegtmeyer daughters, and icr people live a mile east and three-fourths of a mile south of the 3arman .place. The Garman farm is four miles north and three east of Wesley. GRADES HONOR ROLL POSTED AT LEDYARD Ledyard, Jan. 16—In grades one to 7 the following pupils made the honor roll for the third six weeks period: grade 1. —' George Dunn, Jimmy Reece, Harvey Worden, Arlene Troff, Wilma Tryon, Virgil OeWiaus, Luella Johnson; grade 2—(Betty Louise 'Link, Patty May Olson, Beverly wiese, Velda Estle, Darlene Haag, 'Frances Yahnke, Edwin Dontje, Betty Dorsey; 5—Jean (Estle, Connie Garry, Katherime Baumann, Marjorie Moyer, Marillyn lLong, and (Marjorie Gable; 5—Jean Gable, Paul Garry, Devere Smith, Carl Zielske, Melbourne Haag, .Marvel Halvorson, Violet Cassem; —(Edna Dontje, Elmer Engelbarts, Lawrence Flynn, Roy Tryon, Kathleen Reece. Thred-Act Comedy Planned- Public school mueic students will present a 3-act comedy next week Thursday night, the-following students taking part: James Logan, Kenneth Thompson, Tilmer Halvorson, Alice Hagge, Esther Junkermeier, Lillian Sanders, Ella and Albert Goetz, Howard Dyer, Marjone Matzener, Holland Smith, Arvid Brand, and Alvin Depping. Three B. B. Games Here—' Three basketball games were played here ilast week Tuesday evening. The boys' first team lost to Swea City, 29-11. The second team won a close game 21-18. The girls played El-more and led throughout the game until the last few minutes, when Elmore girLs^ rallied, sinking three baskets to win, 24-22. Longs to Hurt Farm— The Ivan Longs moved to a farm near Burt last Thursday. They will be missed both in the community and in the school, as they have lived here a number of years. Cecil was a junior in high school, Violet a sophomore, Howard, eighth grade; Harold, 7th; Edward, 5th; Merillyn, 4th; and Dorothy, 2nd. RichPb&ift I Edward Mawdsley is the recent purchaser of the old Brunson farm, which has been occupied by the C. J. Sill family for the past 26 years. Kuby Dltsworth, Don Roblson, and Buena and Howard Raney were Rich Point guests at a party given Friday night by William Gross at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Gross, of Union township. Mr. and Mrs| Mike Erpelding, St. Joe, were Sunday visitors la this vicinity. Mrs. Hugh Raney and Mrs. Harry Seeley attended a meeting: of the Plum Creek Literary and Social club at Mrs. Ted Hoover's last week Wednesday. Mary Black, Cresco township teacher, spent the week-end with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Black. Mr. and Mrs. j. A. Johnson and Russell Kelly attended a surprise party at William Cosgrove'a, Titonka, last Thursday evening in honor of Mrs. Cosgrove's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. C. j. Sill attended a dinner at William Bell's Algona, Sunday in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bell, w ho were married New Year's day. South Cresco Mrs. Jessie Royce left the Kossuth hospital Tuesday, after three weeks of pneumonia, and returned to her daughter Mrs. Howard Witham's. The George Gowins family, Mason City, visited here Sunday. Messrs, and Mesdames William and Robert Runchey -were at Spencer last Thursday, attending the funeral of Mrs. Z.- T. Holdren. Helen Heiderscheidt, St. Joe, is at Lewis Wildin's this week, Leland and George WHdin spent Saturday night at W. L. Martin's Algona, and Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Wildih, their daughters and son Louis were there Friday. D. D. .Sparks was at Sioux City Friday. The H. I. Sabins spent Sunday afternoon at Rome Robison's, Irv- 'ngton. The Nick Tchams, Cylinder, will move to the Wellendorf farm, now occupied by .the M. C. Worsters, March 1. The Kramer family, of St. Joe are moving to the R. j. Stewart farm. NOTICE OF ANNUAL MEETING— The annual meeting of stockholders and patrons of the Algona Cooperative Creamery Company, Al- jona, Iowa, will be held according ;o the articles of incorporation on January 17, 1934, at' 10 o'clock in the high school auditorium at Algona, Iowa,—M. P. Christiansen, Secretary. V<£wc\# B. B. Tourney Drawings Near— Supt. and Mrs. A. E. Lauritzen, Harold Granner, and Genevieve Kitley attended a schoolmasters club meeting at the Algona hotel last .week Monday night. At the next meeting drawings will tie made for the hoys' and girls' basketball tournament. The girls' tournament will he held here. Homecoming Officers Named— _ At the annual alumni homecoming the following officers were elected: Mary Jane Lewis, president; Frank Moulton, vice president; Thelma Friest, secretary- treasurer; Irvin Klinksiek, assistant; Marvin Junkenneier, reporter. Defeat Bancroft at B. B.—= The boys' basketball teams played at Bancroft Friday night, defeating the public school 25-11, and losing to St. John's Parochial school 24-11, (Ledyard'e Junfof High boys won, 27-4, , B. B. Player Laid Up— ^~Kenneth Thompson suffered i sprained ankle while playing basketball against Swea City laif week Tuesday night, (I CWA Work is Inspected-? ! A state officer was here last Thursday inspecting the C. W. £. projects. Other Ledyard News. The W. F. M. Q. entertained th« Kings Heralds at the home of Mrft, D - B- "Mayer Saturday afternoon, with 18 present. Mrs. Roy Linfc ed the devotionals, Mrs, Yahnka' had charge oif the lesson, and A1- vira Halvorson read a poem. A large crowd attended the card )arty at the Sacred Heart church ast week Monday night. Arthur, Schissel, Dakota, won the high! >ndge score and Jerry Sullivan thef ow, and also the door prize. _ Jack Monsel, Elmore, was at Will lam Garry's last week, while hi* mother was attending his father, who is in a Blue Earth hospital. Mrs. Gus Anderson and Mrs. AM-! ed Miller were in Lakota last Thursday while the former had ome dental work done. The Ralph Olsons entertained tha lev. and Mrs. Johnson, iLakota, and he V. A, Barretts at a 6 o'clocK inner last Thursday. Mrs. Jesse O'Keefe returned Sunday from Fenton, where she spent 'last week helping care for bet mother, Mrs. Warner. Mr. and] Mrs. Arthur ZSelsk"* and daughter moved into upstair* rooms at, the Ch'iarleg Hilfertyfd last Thursday. "^ Winnifred Friday, who has beeM working in Algona, came Saturda* to visit her sister, Mrs. A. a, Launtzen. George Dunn was confined to M« bed with the "iflu" last week and was under the care of Doctor Sonfa mers. _ Lars Scaar was in the Twin Cities last Thursday and Friday see- ting a truck load of sheep for J. X, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Blome anil Mrs. Ella Gelhaus and daughter* spent Saturday in Estherville. The William Poppys were Sunday guests of the Fred Logemaart Jrs., near Blue Earth. James Mayne Sr. was under tH« care of Dr. J. A. Devine last due to the flu. [Frank Wiemer, Arnolds __ was here several days last wee* "i business. j ^g Mrs. N. Boodaken, Fort DodrtL came Friday to visit the iCharle* Bascharas.^ ..^f Roy Link spent last weefi Wednesday in Charles City on bus- LAUM)BT SOAPj Overstocked on BoB White Soap , "j 10 BARS FOB 16<3 LONG'S FOOD SHOE! BRING US YOUR DISC BLADES TO SHARPEN We have a cold roller sharpener that don't cut nor spoil your blades but leaves them like new. Also rolls satisfactory hard discs that can't be sharpened. TITONKA BLACKSMITH TITONKA Mrs. Bub -a -tub tub lived in - the dark ages, before expert and complete laundry service such as we give was available. Send us your Blankets, Comforts, Pillows, etc. We give a daily service. Kirsch Laundry Phone 267. White's Grocery WEEK-END SPECIALS No. 10 Peaches. No. 10 pears.. 39c 43c Syrup, Golden, 5 Jbs. 10 Preserves, imita-4 n^ tion, 2 Ib. jar - 1 «f G Macaroni OP 4E** Spaghetti, 3 Ibs. I OC No. 10 berries No. 10 Apricots ' Soap, Crystal White, 10 bars, 88, 6 4rg bars 18a Oatmeal, large pkgs., 2 for ___ 25c "r~ •-• '-t'i '\ ' "? ™"?l size, 3 for eT ,,,,lift Pumpkin, Np^ 8

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