Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 18, 1934 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 18, 1934
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT IRVINGTON'S SCHOOL WILL 8WE_A PLAY Irvington, Jan, IS—The school pupils, diroctod by their teachers, Paulino Black and Norma Raney, Sire working on an operetta, The Inn of the Goldc.n Cheese, to he presented at the church soon. There are IS characters, besides a chorus, neighbor children, and attendants. The sftory takes place about the year 1700 in the kitchen oE the Inn oC the Cl olden Cheese In southern Pennsylvania. The plot, based on a visit of tlu> famous 'William Penn, hostile Indians etc,, all while the inn is left In charge- of the children, prom- ices to bo worth while. The story is KOSStTH COUNTY ADVANCE ALQONA, IOWA full of fun, thrills, and touches of siulness. occasional E. B. Mawdsley Buys Farm— Edward Mawdsley, one of Irvington's prominent farmers, recently purchased the farm formerly owned by Glen Brunson and the latter's niece, the former Zada Brunson. The farm hn« been tenanted tor a numbed of years by the Clayton Sills. There are more than 200 acres of farm land, besides some timber, and it joins Mr. Mawdsley's home farm of 200 acres which he purchased from the Ives estate some years ago. Since then the farm has undergone a series of improvements, including a new grove, new buildings. landscaping, etc. Selfcrf-s Fifteen ypnrs Wed— MEN AT GOOD HOPE TO SERVE BANQUET TO WOMEN TONIGHT Good Hope, Jan. 16—The annual banquet of the Union township Mothers & Daughters club served to the women by the. men is scheduled for January 18 at the Good Hope Community Room. A program has been prepared, the chief number being an illustrated talk on Yellowstone) Park by the Rev. W. G. Muhle- .76 rent S. J. Backus, P. M., envelopes - - 111.20 Botsford Lumber Co., coal 32.26 iH. n. Cowan & Son, repairs Kennedy & Parsons, mdse. Matt Parrott & Sons Co., mdse. P. S. Norton & Son, mdse. 387.97 J. W< Kelly, expense _—- 11.66 >H. W. Post, frt. and dray- 1.69 nBotsford Lumber Co., I mdse. ~- 343.35 'Algona ins. Agency, public 72.801 liability ins. 76.40 4.30 la. .Mutual Liab. Ins. Co., workmen's compensation 97.00 Quarterly Conference Postponed— It has been ncessary to postpone quarterly conference and the Con- tury of Progress pictures by Dlst. Supt Muhlenmn from January 19 to Febunry 9. please note change and .toll your neighbors. Throe Boys Give Party— Herbert and Howard Engstsom and "Billy," son of Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Gross, entertained 30 school and other friends at the Gross home Friday evening. Boy Hurt at Coasting— .Milton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kiedol, suffered broken bones in an ankle while he was coasting Sunday. Raymond Soifert surprise Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. •were taken by when friends arrived late in the foi-o- noon to help them celebrate their 15th wedding 1 anniversary. They had forgotten, for the timo being, the significance of the date, The guests took lunch baskets. They were: Charles Larsons and Herman Leecks, Burt, the H. J. Presthus family, Bancroft; and the Christ opher Olesons, the Jens Chrlsten- sons, and the Paetz family, of this locality. Thomas Coleinan Visits Hfre— Thos. Coleman, of the Lu Verne vicinity, visited here last week Tuesday. Ho and his sons, \\-lio formerly lived here, are fanning- on a large scale north of Lu Verne, but the two marrier sons, Clarence and Gerald, who had been farming with their father, have rented a farm in partners-hip, and will start out for themselves March 1. Mr. Coleman reported that his wife had been with her daughter, Ifrtf. Robert Buckley, Ogden, yeveral wppk.s Little Girl Has Pneumonia— It is reported that Beverly Anne, 2-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Harvey, Algona, has pneumonia, contracted Sunday niyht. She seemed to be well all that day, and when she was put to lied pave no sign of illness; but awoke in the night with a hig-h fever, and a doctor was called. She is a niece of Mr. O. L. Miller, and she was critically sick v;ith pneumor.ia. when slio was an infant. Mawdsley Farm Hand Sick— Seword Thornton, who has been employed at .T. C. Mawdsley's several years, is taking an enforced vacation because of sickne.s-s. It is reported thai he is suffering from ulcers of the stomach. While he is unable to work his family are with relatives at Emmetsburg, and Merrill Parsons is working at the Mawdsley farm. Robert Ranf-ys Have Son- Mrs, nay Fitch recently received announcemnt of the birth of a son to Mr. ami Mrs. Robert Raney, Lemmon, S. D. Mr. Raney is a "brother of Mrs: Charles Clark," Brltt, and an uncle of Mrs. Fitch. The Raneys, before moving to South Dakota, lived on 11 farm east of Algona. Throe Are Sick Here— Mrs. Chris, .len.sen has been seriously .sick with the flu. Herbert Johnson, farm hand at O. L. Miller's w;us threatened with pneumonia last week, but is Other Good Hope. Miss Phoebe Morgan returned to her school work at Sheldon Friday. Sho had expected to return soon after New Year's, but owing to delay in CWA work which was being done on the school building: the reopening- of school was deferred. Mrs. Ben Reid and her daughter Benita returned Monday from Vinton, after a week's stay with another daughter Zelda, whom they accompanied on her return to the school for the blind there. The Rev. and Mrs. Allen Wood accompanied a group of women from Whittemore. L. A. S. to Rodman last week Wednesday to be guests of the L. A. S. there. The Mart Elmore twins Earl and Verle, who have been sick, the latter alarmingly, are now much improved and expected to be again in normal health soon. Loyd, 12-year-old son of Virgil Spear, Algona, is staying at Arthur Gustofson's. Panama Carbon Co., mdse. Malleable Iron Range Co., mdse. Line Material Co., mdse.—. W. 'S. Nott Co. ,mdse. TVestinghou.se Electric Sup- Kossuth Co., drain tile— 46.00 ply Co., mdse. 169.67 Warren Electric Company, 16.68 8.25 C. 'E. Chutob, engineering— | GflEiNERAlL FUND 89.50 Frank Green, salary _.-__ 18.43 Frank Green, dogs 2.84 ,iH. A. Van Alstyne, salary. |H. A. Van Alstyne, salary. Clias. Kuhn et a!, special ipolice mdse. . 14.03 Thos. Akre, mdse. Forbes Petroleum Co., gas, JThos. Akre, rent oil 286.85 Ralph Elbert, repairs Johnson Oil Refining Co., gas, oil _______________ 268.14 White Eagle Oil Corp., lubricating oil _________ 15?. 94 White Eagle Oil Corp., lubricating oil _________ 32.39 General Electric Supply Corp., mdse. ___________ 372.91 Goulds Pumps, centrifuge. 1385.00 National Safe Protector Co., mdse. Mid-Continent Petroleum gas and oil Mid - Continent Petroleum Co., gas and oil 1.17 . W. Bell Tel. Co., service 3.55 139.50 108.00 1.50 54.00 54.00 7.20 5.33 10.42 17.75 27.50 12.77 M. J. Duffy, Co. Treas., Electric 'Supply Co., mdse. W. 'D. Allen Mfg. Co., mdse. ________________ 16.30 Algona Ins. Agency, public liability ____________ 226.20 la. Mutual Liab. Ins. Co., workmen's compensation ins. __________________ taxes 28.90 'Eric Nelson, sidewalks — Haggard & Waller, print- 38.71 68.70 H. N. Kruse, car insurance Wm. Dehnert, filing saws. WATER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary 66.45 30.60 1.00 65.00 ing Frank Ostrum, salary 116.0C Harry Barton, salary 101.0C Harry Barton, salray 10.0C Laura Mitchell, salary 95.00 Earl Bowman, salary 78.00 Ralph Elbert, repairs 3.15 Slelson Pipe Stop Co., mdse. 17.76 Geo. Hansen, repairs 1.55 Nelson Hdw., mdse. 1.95 F. S. Norton & Son, coal__ 2.55 Skelly Oil Co., gas and oil 7.45 Hugh Post, frt. and dray_ 7.80 Crane Co., mdse. 56.21 LEGAL NOTICES AN ACT TO ACCEPT THE PROVISIONS OF THE ACT OF CONGRESS OF Neptune Meter Co., mdse._ 21.50 Pittsburgh Equitable Meter 'Co., mdse. 2.71 C. M. St. P. & P. R'y, frt. on pipe 486.81 James B. Clow & Sons, .pipe 1788.19 Algona Ins. Agcy., public liability la. Mutual Liability Ins., workmen compensation ins. H. N. Kruse, car insurance SEWER FUND J. W. Kelly, salary Elliott Skilling, man and team Frank Skilling, labor Oliver Bakken, labor 3eorge Gunder, labor Roy Davis et al, labor THE UNITED STATES OF lerbert Palmer et al, labor AMERICA APPROVED JUNE 6, " " 1933, ENTITLED, "AN ACT TO PROVIDE FOR LISHMENT OF EMPLOYMENT THE ESTABA NATIONAL SYSTEM AND FOR COOPERATION WITH THE STATES IN THE PROMOTION OF SUCH SYSTEM, AND FOR OTHER PURPOSES," AND MAK- 'IN G AN APPROPRIATION THEREFOR. BE IT ENACTED BY THE G-EN- ERAlL ASSEMBLY OF THE STATE OF IOWA: Section 1. The State of Iowa lerehy accepts the provisions of the Act of Congress approved June 6, .933, entitled, "An Act ito provide 'or the establishment of a national employment system and for cooperation with the states in the pro- notion of such system, and for other purposes." Sec. 2. The State Bureau of Labor is hereby designated and constituted the agency of the State of owa for the purposes of such, act, vith full power to cooperate wilth all authorities of the United States laving powers or duties under such act and to do and perform all -hings necessary to secure to the Jtate of Iowa the benefits of such ict in the promotion and maintenance of a system oif public employment offices. Sec. 3 There is hereby appropri- ited from the general funds of the Stalte of Iowa not otherwise appro- Peter R. Chubb, labor lagle Iron Works, mdse._ owa Machinery & Supply Co., mdse. ieorge Hansen, repairs __ Cohlhaas & Spilles, mdse._ 17.50 ..,„„, PJ i., L 10 IILr\\ llll|JlUVlller*i • i 1 1 n *»-Mrs. Martin Jordan was sick with I p ecl the sum of thirty-two appendicitis un d comnik-uons tihousand one hundred thirty dol- . " '' lars ($32,130.00) for the period Royal NwRhhor Deputy Culls— | ending June 30, 1935, for the pur- Mrs. Mabel Potter, Spencer, was IPose of maintaining 'public employ- a caller last Thursday at O. L. Miller's. Sho attended a Royal Neighbors nwrting at Algona that evening. Just now Mrs. Potter, who is field deputy for the R. N., is organizing juvenile clubs. Shore* Move to Algoim— --„.-_ — ...,ekeep- mg rooms at E. A. Genrich's. Mr. Shore has unemployed for sev- ment offices under the supervision of the Bureau of Labor and for the purpose of cooperating with the United States Employment Service. Sec. 4. This act being deemed of immediate importance shall be in full force and effect from and af- „ u hr ,.,^ „ , ., ter its publication in the Spencer ^lav mi h • t ? tAlB ° n 1' lQKt ^porter, a newspaper .published «* ~Uy, and have l, K ht housekeep- Spencer, 'Iowa, and in the Kossuth County Advance, a newspaper published at Algona, Iowa. GEO. E. MILLER, Speaker of the House. N. G. KRA'SCH'EL, President of the Senate. I hereby certify that this Bill originated in the House and is known as House 'File No. 271, Extra Session. VIRGIL LEKIN, Chief Clerk of the House. Approved January 10th, A. D 1934. CLYDE L. HERRING, Governor. Mary Krleger and Barney ICrieger (Mary Mitchell & Geo. Besch, Adm.) '. A. K. Jt. No. 1— SW 1-4 31-94-29 8.3G acres Ayes: all. Motion by Helken and seconded by McDonald that a refund of $4.00 bo given Hugh Lewis, 'Ledyard Town- ihip, because of being erroneously axed twice In 1932 for poll tax. Ayes: Motion by Funnemark and seconded >• Balgeman that Secondary Road Petitions No. 258 and No. 259 be placed on file. Ayes: All. Motion by 'Funnemark and seconded by McDonald that Heiken be appointed as committee to nmke necessary •epairs on Dr. 121. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded >y McDonald that County Recorder be given an additional budget requirement to the amount of $650.00 because of his original budget estimate being too small to meet the year's expense. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded - eral months, and the faniiy hod been with Mrs. Shore's parents here, Mr and Mrs. Ray Fitch. Chickenpox Afflicts Children- Betty Mae Miller is the latest victim of chickenpox. The Ralph Lage s had the disease last week. Other Irvington. J. T). Mcllhattln, Lanark, 111., arrived last week Wednesday to spend the rest of the winter with his sis- iter, Mrs. Lucy Reaper. James nits- worth, brothc-r-in-law of Mrs. Reaper who had been making his home with her for several months, is spending a few weeks with relatives here and in surrounding neighborhoods. Mrs. Alvin Wc-ber recently spent several days with her parents, Mr and Mrs. A. Jordan, near Kurt Mr and Miis. Forbus Stiltz. their daughter. Howard Clark, and Edna Bunkofske, -all of the Hurt neighborhood were Sunday guests at O. L. Miller's Mrs. Severns, Corwith, called at the Miller farm one day lost week The Peter AValdrons, Algona, and Mrs. -vvUklron's sister. Elaine and Pearl Dumas, Jackson, Minn., were Sunday dinner guests at Ben Ter- hiino's. The John Wheelocks Mrs Russell Cook, and Clarence Robison, all of Algona, were Sunday afternoon callers at M. L. noney's Mrs. v. J. Schichtl and her son Vaughn have returned from several weeks at Hoy Blythe's, Chicago. They spent a week with Mrs. Maud Schroder, Milwaukee. The Rev. A. English preached Sunday on "Lost," and used for his text St. Luko 19:10: The Son of Man Is come to seek and to save that which \\-as lost. The Embroidery club meets this week Wednesday with Mrs. Nels Council Minutes Algona, la., December 28, 1933— City council met in regular session on this day at the city hall, am' among other things allowed the following bills: ELECTRIC FUND J. W. Kelly, salary $ 145.00 Leo Bellock, salary 129.0C Walter Gorman, salary 120.0C Tom Halpin, salary 120.0C Ray Barton, salary 100.0( Ray Barton, salary islot H. E. Stephenson, salary. 115.0( C. C. "Wright, salary 7Q.O( Adah Carlson, salary 125 0( C. E. Woods et al, refund deposits goo H. Lichter et al, labor 14 4( George Holtzbauer, mater- Mr. and Mrs. Ray Fitch were Sun- ial 6.00 Western Union, service ___i 3 4< Ernst Thiel, meter reading Cresco-Union Electric Co., sign 2.35 N. W. Bell Tel. Co., service 13.85 Skelly Oil, gas and oil 3 s- 'Standard Oil Co., gas and oil 12.48 H. W. Post, frt. and dray 20 13 C. M. St. P. & p. R-y, 75.40 31.55 13.50 25.00 19.20 4.80 12.00 7.20 48.98 4.00 17.25 17.60 14.96 4.25 10.97 Advance Pub., printing — 22.40 Jesse Lashhrook, salary— 70.00 Jesse .Lashbrook, salary __ 35.00 Elliott Skilling, man and team 33.00] Elliott Skilling, man and team 38.40 Willard 'Gregson, man and team 19.20 Willard Gregson, man and team .... 14.40 Frank Skilling, labor 42.90 Oliver Bakken, labor 24.00 Oliver Bakken, labor 14.40 George Gunder, laibor 43.50 Jesse Umbenhower, care dump Wm. Myers Jr. et al, labor Kohlhaas & Spilles, mdse._ Chrischilles & Herbst, mdse. kelson Hdw., mdse. )scar iHentges, witness fee ... 3. D. Hentges, witness fee >T. J. Alexander, witness fee 3iernndlne (Barnes, witness fee. R. B. Vincent, witness fee iloyd Young, witness fee I. N. Kruse, jury foe J. Kohlhnas, jury fee Zender, jury fee frank Bauer, witness fee toy Smith, witness fee 3en Farrow, witness foe Jarfleld Erickson, witness fee »Trs. Clara Poole, witness fee 10.90 13.35 4.63 .19 .25 1.80 9.50 6.45 6.57 7.50 8.40 5.05 <\ S. Norton & Son, mdse._ J. Greenberg, mdse. George Hansen, repairs — 3. A. Thorpe, repairs Ross E. Coleman, gravel _ red Baumgartner, gravel Skelly Oil Co., mdse. Botsford (Lumber Co., mdse. 210.55 'eter R. Chubb, labor 1.50- GENERAL FUND H. N. Kruse, car insurance 27.10 a. Mutual Liab. Ins. Co., workmen compensation ins. Algona Ins. Agency, public liability ' FIRE FUND 3. C. Wright, salary H. N. Kruse, truck insurance SWIMMING POOL a, Mutual iLiaib. Ins. Co., workmen compen. ins. _ 161.94 75.40 45.00 52.00 4.89 C. F. SPECHT, Mayor. Attest: ADAH CARL'SON, City Clerk. Board Proceedings December 27, 1933 AlKona, Iowa, December 27, 1933. Board of Supervisors of Kossuth ounty met pursuant to adjournment vith all members present. Motion by McDonald and seconded y Balgeman that a refund of $6.21 be jiven ,Mrs. J. P. Larson because of being erroneously taxed in 1932. Ayes: Motion by McODonald and seconded y Funnemark that Interest and pen- D. No. 139 to Secondary Road Maintenance Fund because of overpayment of assessment. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by 'Funnemark that County Treasurer be instructed to transfer $14.80 from ( T l ° -, , 1=1 because . .78 Bancroft Register, pub. pro- ceedlngs *...»—..—. 75.29 •Helen L. Becker, labor . „. 42.60 Helen JBtestenlehner, labor lo.jw Carl Dahlhauser, office exp. ... Elk Cleaners, repair flag — *.... J. M. Moore, mileage and post- ago ...*..*.^.w«^_...*f—-.-•• Boone Blank Book co-, sup. .... 6.88 MoKnlght & MdKnlght, sup. ..* 19.59 Kllpto Loose 'Leaf Co., sup. __ 207.33 Receiver Peoples' Sav. OBk, sup. 16.00 Matt Parrott & Sons Co., sup. 44.00 Moo & SJogren, sup. *_ l.j» Geo. Holtzbauer, sup. „_.,_ '75 J. L. Molloy, sup. _ 1.00 P. J. Helken, tel. exp ... 22.49 K. B. Bernlnghaus, trustee mtg. 3.W H. W. Harms, trustee mtg. ... Joe Schaller, trustee mtg. —_ Alike Wagner, trustee mtg. ... J. B. Kelly, trustee mtg. 6.00 Peter Looft, trustee mtg. > 6.00 Geo. B. Butterfleld, trustee mtg ,. .. 6.00 Koch (Brothers, sup. 56.09 Nommers Hardware, »up. 6 Li Lease and Lease, sup. ^_-- i _ Wesley Auto Co,, ,«up. 10.62 T I UB*W^ *&»»w **~'t • "*—••• *»Wt.H«»™™ *AA Alt Thompsdn Yards Inc., sup. .„., S98.W iSeetc'Coal Co., sup. «..._... 12.*> Botsford :Lumbef Co., sup. „_* 76.70 Farmers' Co-op. Assn., Sup. .. 1S.75 Moofe & Moore, .sup. _...i... -6.60 J, M, Fleming, sup. ......... 39.18 Farmers ico*op. Elevator Co., sup. ___________ _.___^___._ 80.85 Wihlttemore Elevator Co., sup. 1.26 Beck Coal Co., sup. _. ...,« - -15,68 J. A. Roberts, bridge ..__.._.:., 179.90 Leonard Dragef, rlght*of-wayv 2B.OO la. Mutual Tornado Ins. Assn., Ins. +.. p 4.89 Advance Pub. Co., pub. notice 1.99 3.09 Standard Oil Co., sup, _. ._ 47.80 3.001 Henry Johnson, sup.. ......i. 4.40 3.00 Wm. Hlgglns, sup. 1.49 Henry Bailey, trustee mtg. 6.00 Roscoe Mawdsley, trustee mtg. Alfred Jergenson, trustee mtg. Walter Klamp, trustee mtg. __ Alb. Potratz, trustee mtg. IPeter KIbert, trustee mtg. „ Geo. Winkel, trustee mtg. John Kohlwes, trustee mtg. J, J. Anderson, trustee mtg. E, O. Mann, Quarantine J. J. Klbber, unclaimed fees __ 'la. Machinery* Supply Co., 92.79 gup. Central Uaffery & Elec. Co., sup. „ „ _... 30.6S Barton-Warner Co., sup. ^ 82.81 Sleg^Fort Dodge Co., sup. „„„ 144.41 6.00 (White Transfer & Storage Co,, 6.00 sup. '_ ._ 64.32 6.00, Olbbs-Cook Tractor & Equip. 3.00 Co., sup. ,_ 78.83 3.00 IWnllrht Ti-onfnr. A lOnlitn fn Halght Tractor & Equip. Co., 3.00 sup. .. j. ;____ 3.00 Owatonna Tool Co., sup. 6.00,Wilson Concrete Co., sup. 6.00 8.88 P. R. Grace, sup, East Branch Dr. 6— Eleanor J. Rahm, labor 22.50 Imelda C. Dooley, labor , 37.79, _ T „__„_ ... R. F. Donovan, premium policy 218.00' nGe 9l Larson - labo ' t R. A, Evans, coroner's fees __ 30.00 "*' ' Phyllis Parsons, reporter's fees T. A. Harlg, jury fees L, W. 'Keith, Jury fees A. A. Sterling, jury fees 6.00 Hubert Severlens,, labor Dr. flO- ra. G. Stenstrom, labor Dr. 68— i. j\. oieruns, jury ices ._ o.w . -;- »»i_i.-i _ Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff 17.601 -£•• eB v Mlchol, engr. 28.00 4.8Tr 97.92 90.06 12.60 13.60 7.00 8.00 8.00 Dr. 69- A. ,. Michel, engr. Dr. 72— Henry Fischer, labor 180.82 A, E. Michel, engr. F. H. Lathrop, rodman 1.28 Dr. 79— Karl Krebs, labor 7,60 ''red Dorsey, witness fee II 4.70 <Trs. c. O. Peterson, witness fee G.OO '. A, Myers, witness fee 7.60 If. K. Brown, witness fee _ 7.60 Ralph Ebbellng, witness fee __ 7.60 ~)ly Anderson, weed com. 4.00 kelson Hardware, sup. I 2.10 COURT FUND N. Taylor, fuel 40.20 dathew C. Grler, court reporter 2C9.90 I. J. Klttleman, court reporter BG.61 Kenneth Davidson, court reporter no.OO 'eter W. Dahlhauser. baillff__ 45.00 ROAD CONSTRUCTION FU1ND . A. Roberts, bridge _ . 315.90 . A. Roberts, bridge __ 99.00 >on T. Nugent, asst. engr. 140.00 Illton MdFadden, rodman _ 62.50 2.65 2.65 2.65 2.10 2.10 3.20 4.00 JJg Dr. 80— A. E. Michel, engr. _ 43,00 "Ray A. Marquis, labor 3.50 KJeo ; Looft, labor . 2.60 Geo. Looft, labor 11.25 Ray A. Marquis, labor __ 1B.75 Dr. 90— • F. H. iLathrop, rodman .63 A. E. Michel, engr. 41.00 4.40 4.70 4.70 4.90 4.70 Walter Tapper, labor "" >K. K. Kopp, labor _ ___ ~™ ?r. 9t>— — iHelderscheidt & Helmers, la- 3,00 6.60 . Paul TST. Loomia, auditing ... •Hilbert Severlens, labor _..__ Paul N, Loomis, auditing __. 'Paul N. Loomis, auditing ___ Dr. 115 — " Paul N, Loomis, auditing Dr. 116 — 10.00 33.16 10.00 10.00 10.00 1. M, Smith, salary HI 246.00' . B. French Lumber Co., sup. 912.72 ules Seifert, grading 376.92 1. T. MoGuire, grading- 150.00 LIBRIAIRfy FUNJD "" Ra.nO. MoNally & Co., books 31.25 Scott Foresman & Co., books 757 Jinn & Co., books _ " 2.8S low Peterson & Co., books 91 Henry (Holt & Co., books "~ 1 43 T . B. Lipplncott & Co., books liver iBurdette & Co , books 3obba Merrill & Co., books . H. Doyle Ce., books Boy Scouts of America, "books American (Book Co., books Houghton. Mlfflln & CoT, books 5.44 A. E. Michel, engr. ________ 124.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodman " 17.68 H. J. Gles, supplies _ 3.00 IBotsford Lumber Co7, supplies Dr. 126- Paul N. Loomis, auditing A. E. Michel, engr. Dr. 123- Dr. 128— •Paul N. Loomis, auditing Dr. 129— 3.75 10.00 10.00 10,00 <3eo. Looft, labor _ 260 iTO Ra y A - Marquis, labor 3.60 143. Dr. 1331.851 A- E. Michel, engr. 26.00 §0 j Dr. 134— aoo' Paul N. Loomis, auditing 10.00 2 go ! Dr. 135— 8^02 T-. Paul N - Loomis, auditing jaldlaw Bros.,~"books"~"""" 3^26 PaulN. Loomis, auditing Mwin Allen Co., books 9go! Paul N - Loomis, auditing Clarkson Pub. Co., books J 237' :Dr - M 3 — Book Supply Co., books 953 lpaul N. Loomis, auditing Glnn & Co., books "III 7^92 ! r>r - 144 ~ f'ollett Book Co., books " 1323 owa Puplla Reading circfe". books 26.28 Florence E. Wells, payment'to .Palo Alto Co., 1875 A. Flanagan & Co.,"books 4'oo JacMillan Co., books 20.69 10.00 10.00 10.00 10.00 4.40 Henry Klepper, labor _ ,.„ (Phillips Fouarge, labor 1945 •Benedict GIsch, labor _ H.70 Paul N. iLoomis, auditlng'IH 10.00 .IcKnisht & McKnight,"bob"ks Donald Wler, Supt., books .._ 9.90 ROAD MAINTENANCE FUND Paul N. Loomis, auditing .Dr. 153-— ~"~ Paul N. Loomis, auditing ... of Algona, light service entral States Elec. Co., light service '_ Central States E~lec7~Co7r~Hsht service lugo, GadeT'Iabor orthwestern -Bell fel7~co7,~ter service 9.79 2.63 1.00 29.25 Paul N. Loomis, auditing Paul N. Loomis, auditing •Paul N. Loomis, auditing 10.00 10.00 6,00 6.00 6.00 of erroneous posting in" 1919, ~Ayes: M <?lvin (B. Butler and~iEquftabie All. v, L1£e Ina Soc - travel Motion by Funnemark and second- |'^; J - Cutler, freight adv. I by Balgeman that County Treas- Kossuth Co. Maintenance 'Fund, use of dragline 15000 •Sub 8 of 60— 27.00) Glen Hall, labor _ 640 • ;Clyde Sanders, labor ~~ 7.50 1BO 00 T 5™ I urer be Instructed to transfer ?42.35 i. from 'D. D. No. 166 to D D No 151 ' -ilty he abated on 1927 personal prop-.because'of'erroneous posting in erty tax of Klaus Wlbben and County [Ayes: All n-easurer be instructed to collect On motion Board adjourned "Sine principal. Ayes: AU. Die." Motion by IBalgeman and seconded | Minutes of last regular session and by Funnemark that following open a11 adjourned sessions approved as ditch right-of-way claim be allowed: jread. OHAS. MORRIS, Chairman. E. J. BUTLER, Secretary. January 2, 1934 . Woods, labor _______ 81.20 E-K No i 2- Hays . la bor ___________ 2.50 Paul N "Loomis 8225 E-4K No Loomis, auditing .' • . ___________ IFred Baumgartner, labor ~ J. H. Montgomery, patrol 68.70 John S. Nelson, patrol " W.80 Elmer Ewing, patrol " ~~ 8019 Clyde Sanders, patrol _ 41.00 Oscar Earing, patrol 11250 Will Leeper, patrol —'-" J. F. Quinn, patrol Jay Godden, patrol Paul N. Loomis audltln - NO. 5 - Chester Almo, patrol 70.50 54.00 Pearly C. Has'nes, patrol 69.'75 C. A. Lamoreux, patrol ~_"~ 78.73 Wilbur. A.'Fisher, patrol _ 72.30 iGus Richter, patrol 71 25 10.00 20.00 10.00 . C. H. Hanson, labor _ 5.99 labor - ::: 2 -°° 7.20 4.34 Matheson & Badje, labor Theo Dorenbush, labor "and sup. POOR FUND) ~ V. Janse, med. aid John . , . P- a ' ro1 7 J.OOI Riley, clmd. $15.00 ___not allowed and Allow bills. session proceeded to Audit Board proceeded to read minutes of last regular session and all adjourned sessions. . Frankl (Bros., prov. Ray Sankey Motion by Funnemark and seconded Harrv by Baleeman that minutes of last "Win regular session and all adjourned sessions be approved as read. Ayes: All. There being no further business for the old board, on motion by Balgeman and seconded by Helken the old board adjourned. Ayes: All. Supervisor elect Balgeman and supervisor elect cosgrove were sworn in. , , „ °- Ludwig, patToTI" 72iflO Karl Krebs, rent 'Fred Schnel- John Hanselman, patrol 13095 Joe Heiderscheldt, patrol 67 00 Clem Goodman, patrol ~I 11.75 900 wife of Lotts Creek Township beginning December 1, 1933. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Balgeman that County Treasurer ae instructed to transfer $2376.00 from Board proceeded to elect a chairman for year 1934. 'Motion by McDonald and seconded by Balgeman that Chas. Morris act as chairman for the year 1934. Ayes: All. On motion Board adjourned to one o'clock p. m. One o'clock p. m.—(Board of Supervisors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. ..... x-. -uruuuituu .lauor 'lifford Holmes, labor Lyell W. Miller, labor Herman Soderberg, drag Peter N. Thllges, drag. John Simmons, drag. „ w Louis 'Scott, drag-. 600 Maynard Hertzke, drag? isiso L. A. Hackbarth, drag. "II"" 10.50 A. M. Gustafson, drag. C. c. Foster, drag. J. 'B. Scholtes, drag. D. H. Sonnenberg, drag Maynard Sohn, drag. _ F. W. Langerman, dragT Albert Looft, drag. A. D. Larson, drag. Fred IButterfield, drag W. C. Behnkendorf, drag! Wilbert W. Richmond, drag. _ because of erroneous posting in 1923. Ayes: All. Motion by Heiken and seconded by by and seconded by iHelken that official bond of Leo J. Immerfall for $2,000.00 and Elliott Kulander for $3,000.00 be approved for McDonald that County Treasurer be the year 1934 Ay^ All instructed to transfer $425.29 from D. Motion h?• HPiS^f' - nfl" 1 . D. No. 130 to D. D. No. 135 because of erroneous posting in 1925. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by lieigeman that County Treasurer croft" e - ?t Motion by Heiken and seconded by Balgeman that Kossuth County Advance, Algona, Iowa, Algona Upper |Des Molnes, Algona, Iowa, and Ban- , . ______ C. C. Anderson, drag. Carl Zumach, drag. Albert Wittkopf, drag. "" F. X. Wilhelmi, drag. Albert Wittkopf, drag. "" " John Kohlwes, drag. Geo. Kohl, drag. "" Leander Vaske, drag. transfer $129.33 from D. D. No. 129 to D. D. No S4 because of erroneous posting in 1920 and 1922. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by McDonald that County Treasurer be instructed to transfer $W.CO from County Fund to D. D. No. 141 because of erroneous transfer made in 1919 Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Balgeman that County Treasurer be instructed to transfer $15.50 from County 'Fund to D. D. No, 148 because of erroneous posting in 1919 Ayes: All. Motion by 'Funnemark and seconded by Heiken that County Treasurer be instructed to transfer $22.63 from D D. No. 27 to D. D. No. 134 because of erroneous posting in 1925. Ayes: All. Motion by Helken and seconded by Funnemark that County Treasurer be instructed to transfer $28.35 from D D. No. 24 to D. D. No. 124 because of er , ro " eous Posting In 1921. Ayes: All. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Balgeman that County Treasurer be Instructed to transfer $7.50 from D. D. No. 31 to D. D. No. 124 because of erroneous posting in 1924. Ayes: Motion by .McDonald and seconded by Heiken that County Treasurer be Instructed to transfer $24.75 from D ^™,°- "2 *° General County Fund . Motion by Heiken and seconded by I-unnemark that County Treasurer be instructed to transfer $18.95 from D. D. No. 152 to D. D. No. SO because of erroneous posting In 1921. Ayes- All h^T&liL^ Pu " nem ark and seconded by Balgeman that County Treasurer be instructed to transfer $200.74 from D. D. NO. 139 to D. D. No. ill because of j erroneous posting in 1921. Ayesl Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Heiken that County Treasurer be instructed to transfer $38.76 from D 1934. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Cosgrove that following amounts were counted by the Board of Supervisors on January 2, 1934, in the various county offices: Auditor's office $ 10.00 $365.00 Treasurer's office 6677.38 Clerk of District Court"" 22.98 297fi 84 Sheriff's office ._ none 9S2.15 Recorder's office 263.17 705 89 Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Cosgrove that quarterly reports of E. J. Butler, County Auditor, E J McEvoy, Clerk of District Court, j' J. Dooley, County Recorder, and Carl Dahlhauser, County Sheriff, be approved. Ayes: All. On motion Board proceeded to audit and allow bills as per "Schedule of Claims' hereinafter written- SCHEDULE OF CILAIMS COUNTY FUND nit "i 6 K" b ' Co " pub P r °ceed.$ 88.05 City of Algona, light serv. 3025 Charles Clapsaddle, bty. "" 90 Glenn Reece, bty Northwestern Bell TeT~Cor,~tef service 55 on Frank Clapsaddler"btyT 2M Mary K. Sands, salary " vo'oo E J. Butler, Co. Audi tor"" advT 15.84 P. J. Baigeman-c-o^-^Y—- 169 ' 5 ° sion 16915 Olaf Funnem~afk,"comr'an"d"s~e's- sion -jirfl 7/1 Chas. Morris, cSmT"an"d"s"es"sT5n 106.30 •Sail^^ffio"^" 1011 Wm. Shirley, exp. w J V ?^ y ' offlce e*P~- H901 E. J. McEvoy, exp. J. J. Dooley, exp. ££, hl ^ u ^',,! x P : ~ s Wtt" S5.60 Gronbach labor 1 " 4.94 der '_ ~~_~ " 18.00 Whittemore-Elevator Co., slip" J. Masters 31.93 F .S. Norton & Son.'fuef'john 'Fox 5.30 if' W- ,P eelan t sup. E. "SagerZI 7.70 49.50 . , _.. „„„„, 69.40 H, 'R. 2umach, prov.~E."s"ager" 7.50 J. W. JMcCreery, med. aid! 44.00 4.00 .90 18.00 21.00 6.60 4.7S 5.00 1.00 4.50 9.12 16.00 clmd. $12; allowed _ 10 00 Mrs. Otto Tletz "~| ~2.00 Mrs. Lou Everhart II 8.00 J. V, Janse, med. afd Joe Pratt, clmd. $32; allowed 15.00 L. W. Swanson, fun. exp. MrsT Everhart 4500 Benedict's Store,""provi n'yr •F. Schmidt "14*63 •F. Stewart 2 - 74 SUPERVISOR "mST. NO. 2 P. V. Janse, med. aid G W IGunder, clmd. $13.75; not allowed W. E. Naudaln, fuel 1000 Mrs. J. Seifert 500 Palmer 500 __ , ••— t *»»«a« __ *w.vw . -u, j. niiiiei ft iu Herman iRunksmeler, drag. ._ 3.73 J. L. Bonar, rent "if "c""Prand- Tnnn iTJnrtmoUoT. ^^nn> o /u\ _. ,' ijv _. • v " ^-ittliu-* drag. 6.00 10.25 12.25 6.50 12.25 8.25 19.00 2.40 Jay Godden, drag. ~~ ~ 3^00 W. J. Bourne, drag. 1.00 Edward Hagge, drag. """ "~ 7.50 Melvln Cody, drag. 7.50 Ole Gerdls, labor "J_ ~ 18.00 Jim McMahon, labor 84.00 Glen Swanson, labor ~ " 84.00 Chris Assmuson, labor" 33,25 Ben Farrow, labor 5055 Ben 'Nolle, labor ~~"T i860 Delbert Sharp, labor l 75 Herman Putz, labor 300 Henry iFischer, labor I~"I 2.45 Elmer Ellingson, labor " 250 Wm. Wortjes, labor " 500 S. W. Jordan, labor _ 3100 C. H. Kruckman, sup. and labor 1325 M. L. Worby, labor 6400 Dick Sleper, labor , George Hanig, labor .......... 750 Ah Rahe, labor 4'«o Vincent G. Kellnernabor"I iOO Karl Krebs, labor ________ " 13.59 Newel Hardware, sup. 13 60 Kohlhaas & Spilles, sup sfl'lS Joe Greenberg, sip. 47' 4= Frank Flalg, sup ---------J. M. Blanchard, supT'IHHHI Geo Hansen, sup. ________ ~ O. S Johnson, sup. ________ ~ W. E. Ley, sup. . Chas. (Lander, sup. ......... A. B. Tweeten. sup.""."." W. E. Gutknecht, sup. B81B Beed Hardware, sup. " ...... e 00 "th, sup.;"" crrndT &W allowed ' adv:"r"e"p"alrs"I 26M si.'ffl) 10 .oo Matt' SUP " " 460 Kossuth Co. Implement""^ Wm. Myefs~"jr.7~sup7~I Frank D. Fisher Garage'sup" M. & A. Peters, sup A. H. Fuchs, sup. ..."~~"~" 7.35 7.00 4.35 . iK SuperHService7"iup7"" 22871 Elbert Garage, sup. Geo. Holtzbauer, iu P 7 TownoiiBsnuV.::,:::::: f$ 45.81 27.93 3.00 3.30 58.50 400 I'M 400 600 sen, clmd. $12.00 not allowed (Long's Grocery, prov. 1200 Lewis Eike II'lOOO F. Stoner 200 Cut Rate Grocery, prov" F. A. (Haag.. "loo R. gike ....::::::;::: 2:00 :R. G, Fry 2 .00 • Harvey Graham 4 50 Mrs. V. Rutledge Lewis Olson Vallle Shott Joe Platt . E. L. Padgett Bob Dutton Henry Cook I~~~~~1~~~~ „ Paul Baker 400 Gordon Platt I 2'flO Sandy Stebritz _ 5 00 Archie Dodds 200 W. A. White/ provT Laura Campbell g"oo Aug. Rosenau g'oo Wm. Baker ~ K'OO Elmer Holtcamp 400 J. Helmers 4.50 H. R. Sorensen •& Co.," p"rov M. Frandsen 600 David Hasz _.'_"_ 5.00 Mrs. O. j, Stephenson 7.50 iFrank Stoner . 400 Mrs. J. Seifert _.. in'ftn 20.50 36.50 . Seifert low Lottie _ c. S. Johnson, prov. C. K. Johnson ._ is"j5 Mrs. iFred Klein _ ' 1200 P. G. Hauensteln BOO Amy Johnson _ 999 "" 41.00 Moe & Sjoiren,"prov." ' 23'!) Clara Neitzel IO-OQ a '® F.. Hansen ...I'.""— 5.00 James Taft "— ^29 R. A. Clark, provT " ' 400 Frank Spelcher _ im Jim Jones " i'S\ 'Robt. Bowman" am Council Oaks Store." prov Amos Krominga v 10E o •"'•»" Brown, prov. M"r«7"$\ .84 9.94 W. T. pucher7"prov." Henry Cook 51S C. K. Johnson"; gS Joe Platt £10 Thomas Akre. prov7 John Schmidt «" A. P. NevWe ' sup, 25.00 3.60 8.40 B.W 10.00 iO.Otf 10.00 10.00 1U.60 13.06 M 2&60 37.75 120.26 istepnenwm. ^.--..i-i-^u^>* i&W Helena Koepke, rent Aiiff. Hot* ' enali »i.a^i»ji.i.4i.ua***«j.' • ZI.w H, W. ^ost, rent /C. K. John-" . Son ..k..—i '*—<.».j.s.i- , W.TO Vie Johnson, rent Bob Stev John, B'ro<vnr''p?5v7 "*""".. 1/ewia Olson _ t ...«, .42 •Mrs. F. Klein ^ *u_* 1.68 Dore J. Freeh, rent Lottie •Wlltse *__.._!. (Bert GHnnell, rent Jim MOGeo Marie Bakken, rent Mrs, IF. •Klein ..^..^.^.^ ,. „ •Lucia Wallace, rent Wilbur Holdren ...*... * .,_. •Bertha Murray, rent Clara Neitzel .. (P*. S. Noi'ton & Son, fuel i. B. B. Burbank ^. ai _i.' : 8.8S Jim Modee w ... ,.. 8.86 Mrs. B. Taylor .....^i^. 8.85 •Frank Povataski _.._„„ 6.86 John Magnugson _,_i 6.85 Johanna Cook .^...^ 6.85 Henry Cook ......^...^ 6,'S5 Lottie Wlltse _„_,._ 3.00 'Charles Green „_.__ 3.00 Clara Neltzel „ B.85 Mrs. J. Godden „ _ _^ 6.86 A. S. Forbes .. ... .. H.70 •Mrs. F, M. Stoner „__ 5.85 Jens Knudson .... ._ B.85 (Mrs. Perry Thompson _ 5.85 Mrs. Harvey Graham 6.85 Hugh Carroll .... 6.85 C. K. Johnson 3.00 B. N. Taylor, fuel „ Mrs. P. Thompson . . 3.30 O. J. Stephenson __ 3,26 Lottie Wlltse „ 8.2B J. Helmers ... _ _ 8.25 Standard Oil Co., fuel Mrs. F. Klein / . _ Standard -Oil Co., fuef~M~rs7"F7 Klein C, H. Cretzmeyer, ined7"ald Mrs. J, Schmidt 2.00 IBtob . Dutton 6.00 Mrs. Nels Peterson 6.00 Myrtle St. John _ _ 16.50 R. A. Evans, med. aid Jess Umberhauer _ _. 1.75 Florence MoVay _.I..I 1.50 Henry Cook 8.00 Mrs. Glen Wood _._. _ 16.50 Anna Helmers 16.00 P. V. Janse, med. aid _" Morten Pedersen __ 2.00 Wilbur Holdren _. .... 3.00 'Lewis Olson 3.00 •Clara Neitzel 1.60 Mrs. 'Franzen 6.00 Charles Johnson family 24.75 Ethel Jones . 25.00 J. Helmers " 6.09 Walter Steven (girl) . 60.00 J. N. Kenefick, med. aid Clara Neitzel _ 9.00 Wanda & Doris Taft"_"~ 2.00 P, V. Mathslon . 4.00 K. Dutton _, _ 2.50 •Jens Knutson ~" 7.60 Walter Fraser, med. aid •Mrs. R. Steinman _ "6.~50 Mrs. W. Green 2.00 Mrs. J. Seifert "" 9.00 Kossuth Hospital, hosp.'care Dorothy Steven 28.00 Mrs. Bert Bowman "I 6.60 George Holtzbauer, repairs for Fay Mlnard A. H. Borchardt,~~supr~ : Joe Platt ."so Otis Moore " 2.00 Mrs. Stedman ,S9 Dotty Peck .75 Jim Murray 1.75 John Schmidt _ .75 Mrs. Wilbur St. John, care of Myrtle St. John __ V. L. Stebbins, digging grave Mrs, Bales Laird & McCullough,~"fun".~o3<p7 Mrs. Bales SUPERVISOR DIST".""NO" R. M. Wallace, med. aid J. G. Studer girl P. V. Janse, med. aid Mary Simons ; C. H. CretEmeyer,~medr'a"id~for Lynn Kuchenreuther Pierre 'Sartor, med. aid 'Wm. C. Boehm "lO.'OO H. H. Meyer 10.00 •Conrad Higgins 10.00 Walter Fraser, med. aid Mrs. Frances Nyles, clmd. $10.00; allowed J. A. Devine, med.~"aTd "jerry •Knapper, clmd. »20; allowed Kossuth Hospital, hasp, care Sarah Hedrlok 82.00 Lynn Kuchenreuther"" 45.60 SUIPEKIV1SOR DIST. NO. Paul Grames, prov. Hilma Erickson ~SM •Mrs. Lattimer ;. 6.00 Bettlns' Cash Store, prov. Julius Briggs 7.58 Edna Nelson 3.00 Hood's Cash Store, provT •Mabel Doss _• ; 12.59 Andrew Koppen • 2.00 Richard Potratz, rent H." Meyer . 11.00 W. A. Murray, fuel A. Koppen I'lsiftS Amos Bergman 10,05 Eliza O'Dell 8.40 Mrs. E. caylor _ 6.65 Mrs. Erickson 5.60 Mrs. Kramer 7.75 J. A. Devine, med, "aid";" clmd. J133.50; allowed Amos 'Bergman IM Nick Nemmers 6.60 •Peter Peterson 1.50 iFrancls Nelson ^ " 1.00 John Tobln •' 150 Ells Guest ._ 5000 Stanley Guest 6000 Minnie Honken "" 15.00 John Jeldharts _ 1,09 Mrs. Ernest Nimz~I""~ i.oo James A. Mueller, ~med7 care Benjamin Olson Karl R. Hoffman, denfaf work Lena Johnson 200 Clarence Cayler 100 Richard Cayler i 00 Mrs. G. F. Wohnke,~"Hosp". care Ben Olson Mrs. Augusta -'Beitzr~c"afe~~Da.r" rel Gclat SUIPEIPIVISOR""DIST",""NO' Donald D. Severin, Ins. Noel 'Entwistle Dustin Mercantrie~Co7rpro"v7 Fred ReapeV 4"oo •Fred 'Reaper ™ 4 - oo Thaves Sisters, .prov. Mrs. A Werrlnga Harry Warburtonr"p~ro™Henfy Mitchell Tlce Brack, sup. Lars'GafwTck Farmers Co-Op, Elevator Co.. fuel Mrs. Bud Hansen 8.60 Wm. Morris 1339 Carl Miller _ 4*35 Mrs. Hutchison __I 3.05 iF. Weyerhaeuser Co., ^uel Fred 'Reafer David Farrow,~rent"Mfs"."Gret" tlllat Mrs. Sidney Krosch7~rent"RiiH pentrop family C, F. Berggren, rent"Wm7"F7 Norrls Mrs. Ben ^ushfon,"re"nt""A7"R7 •Petterson '• W. Lundquist,~med7c'are~Carl Miller January 3, 1934 Motion by Melken Tn'd fiaigeman that the foi o tlon be adopted- "° tlon'740B of the Code of ,,,, depository bonds for deno'siio ,' 1U| 1 ty Funds in depository banks 1" ^ repealed, and * oank s hasi WHEftBAS. the law as it exonerates the depository giving bonds, and - NOW, THEK33FORB, Bo it T, I Jd by the Board of Simervk H Kodsuth county,, Iowa thn. ,°, r *l J. puffy, a8 Treasure";- ? l #" COUhty, Iowa, is hcrohv ,11 Ko deposit funds' In the dopos 0 rv C hereinafter mentioned, which y by designated and approved , Itorles of the public funds ,/ county, Iowa, to-<wit: Iowa State Bank, Algona State Bank, Ledyard. ' TUonka Sayings 'Bank, Tltonki, Exohanorn State *»<•«!- •»..' °! lk l Bank, 25.00 17.50 34.50 1.25 6.64 32.00 800 4500 60.00 2.00 50.00 30.00 and that all public funds now J possession of said County TrJ 1 or hereafter coming into the Soil slon of the said County TreaZ.1 Kossuth county, Iowa, shall boa 1 ited In Bald banks hereinbefore * nated, and the said County Tr, Is hereby authorized and rom, l"h e » B »i ld banks M suoh d «Pos that the maximum amount of n funds authorized to bo deposit said banks, which are herclnh approved as depositories for* County 'Funds, shall be as foil™, Iowa State /Bank, Algona t State^ank of Ledyard, Ledynnl I Titonka Savings Bank, Titonka Exchange State iBank. Wesley 'Farers 1 & Traders Saving Bank, Bancroft lLone Rock 'Bank, Lone'RocF" Farmers State Bank, WhltteV more Burt Savings BankTlBtirt" i Humboldt Trust & Savings "Bank Humboldt _; •_ and hereafter the "sald'coiTiTtv -nu urer shall keep the public funds! longing to said county In said def torles ndt exceeding the maxlj amount hereinbefore authorized li oe bank so designated. Adopted this 3rd day of Jan 1934. ' < * Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and sccoi by Helken that the following re> tlon be adopted: 3 7,50 17.50 127.60 14,00 10.68 14.60 62.30 128.60 60.00 1750 14 m ' 7 95 800 6.91 v> 50 6.98 2925 ~or. J ' - 1 - 11 Schumskl~"care""of~ Stefonskl girl Mrs, Mary Webs~ter7~cafelNoeI Entwistle GENERAL POOR Chrischilles & Hergst, merchandise Supervisor DlBt7~N~o~~l96.87 Supervisor Dist. No. 2 225 13 Supervisor EDist. No. 3"" 7713 Supervisor Dlst. No. 4"" 10756 Supervisor Dlst. No. 5"^ 116.89 H. R. Sorensen & Co., sup. Nelson Hardware, sup O. B. Kuhn, rent Botsford Lumber Co, fuel """ Dajiihauser, serv. noflcel -— Keller, serv. notices Casey Loss, transp, ~J"~ POOR FARM Mitchell & Stebritz, labor ^™ k ^ Miller, light serv."" ~ C. Hutchins, hog John Hennlng, labor " ' Thos. Akre, prov. "— C R. A. Clark, prov. ~" ""'"" P. V. Janse, med. care""""™'' Graham Co., sup. ~~~ IBotsford Lumber Co.","suj>7 s°u§ U Co< In »P>e»a«nt Co.T r Geo. 4.50 B.OO 10.00 15.00 20.00 13.50 4500 45.00 622.67 184 14.90 1000 ffi sup. — "" 16.25 14.41 10.00 40.00 63.33 13.97 17.26 4.84' 1.85 6.70 1.19 .85 .60 UP ::: r vot a *. It is hereby resolved by the Ko County Board of Supervisors in tm ing on January 3rd, 1934, pursuail Chapter 2 of the Acts of the f General Assembly of the State 1 Iowa, that the Iowa State Bnnkl banking corporation doing a gen banking business and located at goo, Iowa, be and the same Is her selected and^ approved as the <le tory for public funds from and this date. The maximum to be kept on ue™ at said bank shall be Forty-five thJ and dollars ($46,000.00). The maxlj amount which each particular oflt of Kossuth' county shall deposit! compliance with this resolution be as follows: Auditor ; Recorder Clerk of Dlstrlcf'Court Sheriff Ayes: All. ~" Adopted this 3rd day of Janm) 1934. . • • ". ' - F Motion by McDonald and secoiJ by Cosgrove that the Surety Bom Imelda C. Dooley for $1,000.00 be proved. Ayes: All. , ,,Motion by Cosgrove and seconded! McDonald that following appointml be approved for year 1934 with sal ies fixed as follows to July l, ]< C. S. Pearson, 1st Deputy Aud- T Itor, _; J90.00 per moj Leo. J. Immerfall, 2nd Deputy Aul itor __ $70.00 per mo Irene W. Vaudt, Clerk In AuditoJ Office _ $75.00 per mol Earl Griffith, Deputy Treasure ; $90.00 per mo, Elliott Kulander, Deputy TreasurJ (auto clerk) $80.00 per mi Imelda Dooley, Deputy Record! ; $66.00 per mJ Casey Loss, Deputy Sheriff J $100.00 per "mi H. M. Smith, County Engineer 1 . ._ $245.00 per iruf Don Nugent, Assistant Engineer J : $140.00 per md Alma Pearson, Deputy Clerk I Dlst. Court $80.00 per md Geo. Palmer, Janitor .$65.00 per mol and be It further resolved that all! tra help be hired at consent of nd of Supervisors and salary fixed $2.50 per day. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seennL by Heiken that County Auditor bel structed to issue warrants for snlnl of county officers, deputies, and eld at the end of each month. Ayes: 1 Motion by Helken and seconded! McDonald that County Auditor bel structed to issue warrants for frcif express, light, and water bills. All, Motion by McDonald and seco.. by Balgeman that final estimate! M. T. MoGuire on ProJ. No. 25, Nol No. 26, No. 30, and of J. V. Elbertl Proj. No. 33 and No. 2 bo appn Ayes: All. Motion by OBfalegman and sec,,™ by Cosgrove that a re-fund of $3.21 given I. N. Nordin for 1931 poll taxi recommended by town council Burt, Iowa. Ayes: All. • iMotlon by Helken and seconded I McDonald that the taxes of Campbell be suspended for the . 1931, 1932, 1933. as recommended Town council of Swea City, Ayes: AU. Motion by Balgeman and sec by McDonald that Annual Fina.. Report of Kossuth County Farm 1 reau be approved, Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and secov T—-. — »v<» *tj ^-*VS»-'V<4t**** O411A W-»""-» >y Helken that pauper notice be si jd on Bli Goodnow and family; PJ Merry and wife; Martin GregersonT family; Ben Dorr and family; M Johnson; and four children; Mlcll Walsh and wife an4 Walter Wif and Carl Walters. Ayee: All. Motion by Balgeman and secort by 'Helken that the assessor's sail for the year 1934 be fixed at $3.001 day in accordance with See. 45, Cti. ter 89. 45th O. A. State of Iowa and! additional 25c for each poll tax lected be paid to each township r" sor. Ayes: AH. Assessing Name of ' !No. X>ays District Assessor Allowed Algona, B. H. Bewdaley, 93%.-* Bancroft, R. B. Qpddard, 24 Burt, J. P, Cunningham, 20% Fenton, W. C. Stamer, 16 ...... Lakota, A. E, Ogren, ?1%_. Ledyard, Leon Worsen, U — Lone Rock .Wm. G. Flaig, 8.. Lu Verne. P. Q. Bills, !«%_ ... Swea City, Mrs. clare M.^Jrlck son, 3?u .,_._„.„ Titonka, John B. Kejl, 16% .. Wesley, Ihno A. Qerdea, 21« Whittemore,. Frank W. Blbert, «<S ™«f «•••-• ^»»»f«"»lIP[«»«f-p'»WM"^T~™""™ — (Buffalo. CRiay E. Hanson, 36%Burt. R. F. Hawcott, 30% Cresco, Mrs, Eleanor Potter, 32% Eagle, O. W. Berggren, 21%. Fentpn, Fred O. W*gener, 34^. Garfield, Henry Klepper, 36%- Qerman, Herman TJbbeii, 35% ' Grant. W. I* Reynplds, 21% . Greenwood. Clarence Vaske, i~ Harrison, ^, A. Barslou, 28 ; Hebron, Oscar Frandle. 29 . J Irvjneton, A. J, Seller, 40 ' If dyard, John E. Swlth, 27% - Wncoln. W, JJ, Pftttwsbn, » ... I*otts Creek. Andrew ffllbsrt, 32% Lu Verne, MChwnbers, S» .... Plum Creek, H. L. McEnroe, 28. •Portland, jay Granam, 28 .— Prairie, John E. Ludwlg, 40 ] BJv«r4%je. Tho: Seneoiiry. w. SffiSfflk* O

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