Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on August 22, 1931 · Page 9
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 9

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 22, 1931
Page 9
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DECATUR HERALC SATURDAY, AUGUST 22, 1931 ECATUR HERALD RUTH HITS 600TH HOMER OF MAJOR LEAGUE CAREER IN N. Y. WIN LOU ALSO GETS ONE TO WHALE ST. LOUIS, 11-7 Babe Banished in 7th Following Protest Against Kress' Homer HACKS WHIP SOX ST. LOUIS, Aug. 22 Babe Ru'.h started things off again Fiiday when he walloped his 35 home run of the season end the bOCth of his major lca?ue career in the third in-r;r.u' against the Browns. The k-.::.er. fji;iwcl immediately by Le-.; (ie!;::,;'.' 34th of the year, put the Yir.V.s on ?!ic road to an H to 7 victory owr t. IOiiis. Tr.e U'ibc left the game in the r-.esth innir.s by order of Umpire as tira.'- iii v. inn he protested that Kali Kre.-s homer had hit tr.e t :-n.:n r wall instead of going the tv.nis. Gcose Goslin also t:t hnrncr for the Browns. BELIEVE IT OR NOT By Ripley a s.' J " id rue 4sT Prussia highlands (Genway) - ships are Transported over. The MowrAfrts on trucks m; .v "i:K Aii i: H c r. ' ' o 4 4 2 6T. I.OUI3 AH it H C S'hu!.ef 4 12 3 .. "i 5 2 : 3 , M-l:lio.:b 4 2 0 II !..: ' 4 I - 'i'.s.in.U 4 2 2 1 I'"- . '. 1 : Kr!.S,rf 4 112 . :b 4 2 : 13 K.Tr.::.e 4 0 l s i v. ; 4 : '. o .-:ort!.3b 6 114 U--.- : " Hurr..-.lb 4 0 2 10 t- 44 4 0 2 5 l.'vey,s 4 0 12 L 4 ' i 1 K":"1. r.p o- 0 U o r ;. i : i :::e.p 2001 F..: :? 0 u 0 ;r..-i:.t.i l o o K.:::.Hey .p 0 0 0 2 i! Tota: ;t 1 10 42 " : la 7th. : -F ' .' 1 -:.4 i: t.J! K K'l .5') 11 C .U 0)3 312 7 M!!:Ia. Kam-ey. Two i C. Hor:i9 run Kuth. Gi'h-sriLrlM'-e Sewell. --L'rar-ar, Lazzerf. OouMt -if to lijri.4; M.rt!. .Teliilo l.'iTit;! to Gtfhrlij. Bne .n J- 'Tr.'Ti 6; IalioMr l; strU' k out r.y fiiilM 2; J. n 4 wlr.nir.ic pitT Lr- -:-(C pU hr B.a.i -uer. Tigers Down Boston PETnulT. Aug. 22 The Detroit T:?r.. ai led by seven walks and ?:-.( frio:. defeated the Boston Ee :x. U to 5. in th? third (jame c' a series Friday. L'hle held the x to five hits and one run after bad f:rn inning. A El H H C J't:on,rf 4 2 3 3 t; h K T Cb 5 2 14 S'iir.l' 5 2 2 G Vlir.lb 3 'iW k r.-f 4 R"I'IJ1 4 P. nr.rb 4 H'Vrth.c 4 L.-..p J it h. M 3ANiWALLY MEAN' 5 Twice A VEAti Bimonthly IS V07" TWICE A MONTH IT ONCE EVERY TWo MOrtTriS HARRY MORSE 8-Poumo TROUT WITH HIS . ... . rnllirM -UKe Keod, Aug 27, '873 The. CAN F.Y ALL DIRECTIONS -UP OR powM- Forwam on. SACK RIGHT Oft LEFT-cc. MJifi .Mm 3 111. return fl.cile,loe. A TPIpL P HONtYDtW HtLOM Ci-own f CALEXIO.CAL. a bath Tub used as a tombstone -322.. EXPLANATION OF YF.STERDAVS Club o' Hollywood. Cal.. !s famous an a i years aftor v-orlr.s h' HS-yarfl ho!e-ln- 'AK'IOON powerful hitter especially with hU one at Hantho. ho holed our In one on tt'IIXTF I.ow Willie Low. who ! wooil. althouch ho is alightly built and tho difficult 240-yard Mil hole at Lake-row professional at tlie Lakeside Glflweipns but 14')-poundff. Exactly fouriside. Log Angeles (October 29. 1227). 1 Southpaws May Be Very Funny But Nobody Laughs at Grove Ah l: H C ' 0 4 ' 4 1 1 S 1 . 4 13.-. "Ill ti 4 I 0 1" 4 112 P 3 0 i 1 I 3 ! n 1 1 , 0 It 0 A rt A 0 11 1 2 1 7 n t 2 5 u 1 i S 42 ; To'als 4" ' l .t S K.1 f-nt 4"x 11 T ' i'"- 1 fr Monr, in ?rh. r 'i t". 4. .T-hnscr ?: r t- . Pi - i-eririr. nerrv. Two h Tfe ta.'e hit lohn- " :,-n t-'M?,. Pour.-1- p:? 'M-n -t rpr o A'exndr. I . .- v fi.n j; T-e'ro't t. fit-, n t--. ' f Uh'e 1; r'urham 3. I. 4. '-tr :r-: Mi'-ftv I hie 5: fun-) - - M;rs r-'J I.u-l:ani 7 in 1-': !'-- 3 'n l --3 I.osir.fr p:trhr -Pur-":' t -- - Ior1arity avl Mc-(. T-tuf-i.tr.. Walks Help Mackmen If) .l!v ! ) CHICAGO. An;. ;2 The world '''art rin Athletirs were outhit 14 t-i 11 Fridny. but 10 walks and three he ped them to a 15 to 12 vic-te-v cv.-r the White Sox. Rube Wt'.bre started for th A. and al-Cit,:s:!i r!:?d out of the box In th T'h whfn th Sx scored five trr. was credited with his ISth victory of the season. ph:la: r ' r::: v ' chicac-o !! i- p'.j. lb " 1 2 I ful'n Jh B 1 2 3 2 3 r.ev-da.rf S 0 0 3 0 f F"-Va.!f 4 117 n 3 F'h'jl.rf t 0 1 I 11? Ar'rr ! 2 3 4 r "r rf : r J 1 K-r- 7b 3 2 1 VN T'b 5 ' 1 3 r,ml e 4 3 3 4 ' 1 1 4 eii 1 p 0 12 ' v'-r ? 3 1 !' r,.w;.p 0 (1 0 0 1 : P 2 0 0 1 JM 'e p 0 0 0 0 rli'liv 1 0 t 0 r'N" o t o o ; Frar p 0 0 0 0 j Bor p 1111 ; :uH't d 0 0 0 0 7--e u 14 :j 1 ' i p. 1-rV, 4 C--.--I - rv .. , , Bv HENRY MXEMORE I'nlted Press ttaff Correspondent i NEW YORK, Aup. 21-Not being one of those skeptical souls who go about trying to prove that the. buffalo on the rifkel Isn't a buffalo at all but a ring-tailed sloth, we never have doubted the oft-repeated phrase that all southpaw pitchers are crazy. Or looney, as they say In ilayfair. i Trusting as we are, we probably '. would have gone to our grave believing portsiders weie not responsible had not Kobert Moses Grove and his mighty feats set us a-thinkin'. Thinkin. how, If southpaws are as cuckoo as they are said to be, they still manage to perform such elegant deeds, i It takes plenty of the old savvy ! to win ball games. A pitcher may I get by for awhile on nothing but ' speed and curves but he Isn't going ;to last for long without something ' up there in the upper story". Grove, : by the way, is perfect proof of this. iWhen he first came up. Grove used i more speed in a day than he does all week now. Yet. despite his ! blinding ball, he was just an ordinary pitcher. It wasn't until he got some brains that he became a star. j And who Is rash enough to eay i that Grove is crazy, eccentric? : Y'ou can't name a Eoy Scout who conducts himself mote properly than does the A's mighty portsider. True, he's silent and glum, but so are Einstein and Coolidge. And you don't, hear folks calling Albert and Cal looney. V.'e see by the papers that Babe Ruth never keeps count of his home runs; never knows whether he's behind or leading Lou Gehrig. Uh-huh, and Mr. Hoover couldn't tell you to save his life how many states there are In the union. CANTWELL WINS OVER BRAME,2-1 IN MOUND DUEL Brave Hurler Gets Strong Support Despite Errors To Beat Bucs BERGER HOMERS (By Associated Press) BOSTON, Aug. 22 The Braves grained an edge In the series with the Pirates by taking the third game, 2 to 1, Friday. Cantwell and Brame Indulged in a pitcher's battle, with Wally Bergcr contributing his 17th home run of the season as a potent factor in the victory. Despite three errors by his teammates, Cantwell was given sensational support. Maranville contributed several fielding features. The Pirates' lone run was unearned, coming after an error by Freddie Maguire. P1TTSBIT.G1I , BOSTOM AB R 11 C ' AB R H C Small Boy Gains $10 Fortune as Babe Regains Ball Hit For 600th By Associated Press) ST. LOUIS, Aug. 22 Babe Ruth and little Tony Galileo engaged In a business transaction at Sportsman's park Friday, much to the satisfaction of each. The Babe hit the 600th home run of his major league career and was anxious to get the ball, which hit a motor car outside the park. "I'd give a $10 bill and a new ball to get that old one back," the Sultan of Swat announced. Tony arrived before long with the old ball, collected the $10 and the new baseball from the Babe, and then paid a brief visit to the press box. Tony was described as "a small lad," because the fellows In the press box forgot to ask him his age. He said he was "plenty happy," and Babe's broader-than-usual smile didn't Indicate disappointment. Kylo the Brown mare from the Walter McCord stable at Oak-landon, Indiana Friday paced the fastest mile of the Grand Circuit meeting at Exposition park to win the 2:16 pace. The heat, the final of the race was gone In 2:02. Reece Howe of the R. II. Keeler stable of Auburn, N. Y., was the pacemaker. RACES FASTEST MILE By Associated Press) AURORA', Aug. 22 Myrtle Mc- Any PLAIN GARMENT CLEANED and C.f PRESSED OUC Cash and Carry Only UNITED CLEANERS 748 North Main Street mi'imiMH slat Thrift LWer.cf Jensen. If 3 O'hain.lb 3 T'ynor.Sb 4 PW'er.rf 4 Plet.2b 4 Oraro.c 3 Thev'w.ss 3 Suhr.x 0 Brame.p 4 1 1 1 0 11 1 2 2 4 0 5 0 3 0 2 0 0 1 2 M'ville.as 4 R'tVrir.rf 4 Herfrcr.cf 4 Sheely.lb 3 Wo'sr'n.lf S Spohrer.c 3 lr'l;l.31 2 Mai:'re.2b 2 C'ntw'U.p S Totals 32 1 6 23 I Totals 2S Z 7 44 x Hatted for Thevnow In 9th. 010 009 000 1 110 000 OOx 2 ,11 Farm S Satisfaction TORES IPirapffit Slnairiini me Pittsburgh, Boston Two base nits l.. anT. i.n., Sheelv. Three hnv hit Jensen. Home run BerBor. Stolen ba?o Spohrer. Plet. Sacriflcii Jer.sen. Grace Urban-sUI, Maeuire. Douhlo plays P. Waner to Grace: Mairulre. JIaranville to Sheely; Sheely. Maranville to Sheely. Basa on balls or Cantwell 2. Struck out By Brame: Cantwell 1. Ball Game Features Dewitt Co. Picnic CLINTON, Aug. 21 In a baseball game at the Dewitt county farm bureau picnic here Thursday a team from the North Side of the county defeated a team chosen from the South Side, 13 to 11. Score: North Side South Side RHE .202 012 S12 13 10 8 210 130 12111 12 9 Harris, Thomas and Bell; Phares Miller and Maxwell. How Is it. If southpaws are such an irresponsible, scatter-brained, wild and wooly breed, that you can't help placing half a dozen or so of them In your list of Immortal pitchers? Try and make up an all-time list and omit such lefthanders as Eddie Plank, Rube Waddell, Rube Marquard and Her-bie Pennock. It can't be done, that's all. No one will deny there hae been several hlghly-"ccentrlc lefthanders. Esprclally Waddell, who was always about thre jumps ahead of the constabulary. And Ray Francis Marion, who couldn't pitch unless two or three white mice were running around Inside his shirt. But there have been, and still are. some pretty queer righthanders. And shortstops and outfielders and utility men. Didn't a certain shortstop once pluck a goldfish from a bowl in a hotel lobby and swallow it alive before the horrified clerk could turn his back? And didn't a certain outfielder (we'd use his name were it not for fear that Brooklyn's right-fielder would get me.d) try, for three years, to master the art of catching fly balls with his head? n&r.atur Fruit & Produce Co. in Main Street Phones 5253 and 6254 111 East MYtrDtLII1 $l ORDERS OR MORE . niTle Welle, Kxtrn Fine. WatcmeIons"iiPinond":eeh.3', ,b- 40c Miturdr.-, Each PEACHES 85c SO Banche. Fine Larse 1 O 6 rital fcreen Pema, 35 rtanona.. ft-.t., dot r I arse Faney 146 Fr' ' 206 lima Beans, Box Lb- . niueberrirs, Of I "rSD Hmre Creml F 206 Onurt OWC rlni,t. en h r Money riew Melons, 256 lrse Fresh rauliflower, 256 l.nrce. earn H1'1 -' " V - , Fine Green Beans, ?Ol Apples 4 h vrw for Jelly, lb lffi Coffee uJl i.J Tha most fastidious ufifl 8 Th most fastidious t&stes demand Folger IMloWil Cri Ready Mixed FLOUR s O It- V- i 32" H ejl 3S 30 13 i -...4 j M-o-e In eth. tr Fi- Jlv in th. Hi!t in 9;h. . ;.. a- V-Pr.. n Be IT. T-. ,t. -I'i-.m-i 2. B'.ue. Bw-I" e'j:::-'i M:;:r Threa tae hit V '- Hn-. runs Cromer. T, s r'.f: s-'"ra!rer 2 Kerr. r' vrt B en hs'ls O'f W-lard 1 -.- : n-n-ier 4: W!br 5: M- r-.v , c-r.,i, a.jt Bv Weiiand ' t w tt Wae:t I: Msh:i?'ey 3. r..,.h.r v.alberg- Loslnr I ' ' V. v :ar.G. Nats End Losing Ways IB, .ljnciof-1 V"4 CLEVELAND. All?. 22 The Prowr.5 Lloyd of Washington and C'-:r.t cf Cleveland were pitchin? cer''-er.'s Friday and the Senator l-r hai a the be-t of it. getting ' to 3 victory. Clint Brown who never beaten Washington in t!s three ynra in the league, was nockei out in the fifh Inning aft- "!:dir.g a total of 11 hits. WaSHIV.TIV t CI.EYFl.ANr .. , An n H r ah R H r r " ' I III. I on T - " " I' tircvir 4 1 1 J 7 5 ft 4 ft P 4 1 p ... r-t i n A 0 F.'e't !b ions H. '.ftr.r ,;b 1 ft 0 2 Aver::lcf 4 o A 4 M--sl.lb o 0 3 Veair.'it if 4 1 1 ! K.:'n:s 4 12 2 -- :i.c 1 S M UK-; SB 3 0 2 7 Urown.p 2 0 11 JlU.t 10 0 2 41 M 42 1 Toa: II 3 41 . . Ill 121 O'i0 . . 00-1 J"0 3 s I n-tt. Two haa hita f,.'4 J """'' 2. B.uec. Kulwl. L. Brown. hits Mor.ta.fuo. stolen baiea For SALE I 8 i $4D?5 ONLY PHILCO'S NEW BABY GRAND could make this possible. The Radio of Radios . . . offered for the first time with Superheterodyne circuit 7 tubes New Pentode power tube 4 screen grid tone control illuminated dial American black walnut cabinet. Complete with tubes A. DDHWSEN & SONS ELECTRIC APPLIANCE STORE 147 E. Praire St. THE SAYINGS STAY AT HOME When you trade at a Clover Farm Store you put money Into circulation In TOUR OWN HOME TOWN. The Clover Farm grocer Is a progressive independent resident of jour community. His personal service of tho highest type, backed by weekly amazing values, is always first thought. Then why not make jour Community Grocer jour buj-Ing Headquarters? OLD DUTCH CLEANSER 7c JELL POWDER -gag 3 20c MAZOLA OIL pints 23c TALL MILK SB 3 19c Coffee Matches Sai! Salmon Tomatoes Corn Flakes Cocoanut Palm Rose Soap Tall Clover Farm Clover Farm Clover Farm Plain or Iodized Clover Farm Tall Red Alaska Clover Farm No. 21 Clover Farm Large Bakers Southern Style 3 C.na $1.00 6 b 23 c S lb. 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Dial 2-7763 (FORMERLY FIIILCO ELECTRIC HEADQUARTERS) Convenient Terms

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