Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1934 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 11, 1934
Page 5
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JANUARY 11, 1&34. ^j IOT Cl SEES DIE IN IAST FLOOD ramatic Story Water terror is Told. graphic details of the flood .ich this week brought wholesale lath and destruction to southern ifornia were contained in a let- received Thursday morning 'by s. Ruth 'Ehlers, 321 Second street This dramatic account of the Angeles flood in which the e daughter of the former frs. Alice Anderson, ex-Algon- n, was drowned, ns reported ,,iefly in last week's Advance, vas taken from Friday's Mason City GIobc-Giwette. hrthwest, from her niece, Mrs. Irl Wilcox, formerly of Mason |ty but now of Pasadena, Cal. Jwhile the letter had to do with le tragedy visited upon the home a sister in Glendale in the death a 3-year-old niece, Marilyn lioslin, and large .property dam- je, there is much in it of general Iscriptive interest. Written New Year's Day. This letter was written on New ,ar'fi day, following a brief wire, spatched earlier on the same day j Mr. Wilcox, which told about le little girl's death but contained particulars |Mrs. Ehlers has been besieged th requests for further informa- bn from those who knew the Jioslins or had relatives in the food area. This led her to assent the Globe^Gazette'e request to ^produce the_ letter received hursday morning. iFor tlhe benefit of those not ac- jointed with the persons named m BB the letter, it will be helpful to _. it understood that the little |rl who was drowned was born at stherville, the daughter of Ray oslin, brother of James Ghoslin, hose wife, a niece of Mrs. iEhlers, |irmerly lived here. They were aking their home in the James, hoslin home. Thought Each Other Dead. JThis letter tells of the close es- Ipe from death experienced by the Ither and the mother, how for sev- fal (hours each thought the other as dead and how they were re- hited through the good offices of le Glendale .police department. [The letter in its entirety follows: I "Why aren't you here? So hard i tell it all. Hope you weren't too lightened over the telegram but I pew you'd 'hear it over the radio pd read it in the papers and I anted you to know Pern and Jim Shoslin) were o. k. [''Well I was at the church help- |g in the kitchen (at a New Year's atch party). Got home and went bed about 4 o'clock, just asleep len the telephone rang and I was befuddled I could hardly sense [all. "It Just Beared.* ["This is the way it was: Alice, Ghoslins) and babies were Your Paper Last Week Was Printed Forty Miles Away In every print shop there is sooner or later a major breakdown, and it was the Advance's turn last week Wednesday night. The forms for the last run had been put to tied and a few papers printed, when there was a crash, and on investigation a part under the press bed was found Cracked in three places. That ended presswork till repairs could ,be made. By telephone the Eagle Grove .Eagle was contacted, and arrangements were made to finish the printing there. Three cars were used to transport the forms and paper to Eagle Grove, where the Eagle's men gallantly stood tby to help till 4 a. m. Four of the Advance men — D. E. and I. G. Dewel, Evan Finnell, and The water would hit the house and it .would shudder and creak and downstairs the water was neck deep. Crossed Street on Hope. "The ILecionnnirpc! tiolno^l tVm**i u -**-6^«»iiian co jicipeu tnem across the streets by stringing ropes across and then taking them across, one by one. Then they went up the street to higher ground and into a house that was all lighted up. "The lady was perfect to them— turned her nice house into a first aid station, washed their underwear, dried their clothes, fed them, who would go. Jerry (.Anderson) was so worried about his mother he sent her to the hospital. So hard on an old lady. t "Jim is in the Glendale sanitarium where the Schultz boys (cousins of Mrs. Wilcox and Mrs. Jane Ghoslm) are doctors. We were afraid if Jim didn't have care, .he'd have pneumonia, as he was spitting up sand. They pumped his lungs and he's putting up a brave front tonight. Friends of Fern came over tonight and stopped to see Jim on the way. They are hoping he won't have to be there long. "Just think of poor Alice and Ray! (at the Wilcox home). They are in ,bed now and asleep. Were exhausted, worn to a thread. Earl (Wilcox) took them over to Sierra Madre to ibreak the news to Mother Ghoslin, Cleo (a sister), and Ralph (a .brother-in-law). Of course this was terrible as they had kept Marlyn a lot and she looked Just like Cleo. So wonderful that Mother 3hoslin wasn't there. (She would have been sleeping downstairs and would have been killed when the flood crushed the side of the house. House Filled With Mud. "Earl (Wilcox), Ellen's husband, (a friend), Ray and other friends, went in and shoveled the mud out of .the front room and tried to put ill the. furniture in one room. It ooks like its finished. Earl feels much of it will be saved tout I don't know. The house is inches deep *vith mud and one ihas to have boots to go in. "A dear friend (of the Ghoslins) same in with her sister and two )ther girls and they worked all day jetting out her dishes, bedding, inens and whatnots. She has so nany friends and they are all vorking so hard to help her. 'ILuckily most of their clothes ire saved, only everything needs to 'Faris Miner— remained on the Job D. E. Dewel left ifor home early with some of the papers, I. <3 Dewel brought the rest when the run was finished, and Evan and Faris brought up the rear with the forms. With few exceptions the papers were mailed at about the usual time. That was the night that slee formed, and for the trip home the roads were dangerously slippery •Every car was covered with frozen welts oC sleet, and only peefcholes could be kept open on windshields After getting home iD. <E. Dewel de hvered bundles to postoffices abou the county, but had to drive with such care that it was noon before delivery had ibeen completed. Theatre (Continued from page 4) personality." she has become a box- office mngnct second to none In the great industry of shadows. Paul Lukos, with old-world man nera and a slight accent, does ex- ceilent work as the lovable German professor who finally wins Jo. Beth is played by lovely Joan Parker, 17-year-old, girl w ho made her de- nut in 11,931. She was chosen for her .resemblance to- Alcott's word pie- 'ture, as was, also, beau,t«ul Joan Bonnet whom the grumpy tyrannical old Aunt March (Edna Mae Oliver) makes a, great lady who weds Laurie. Romantic Meg, as the- fourth sister, played by Fnincis Dee. It is a charming quartette. Spring Byington in the part of Marmee seemed to us a trifle efi'u- Hiv|;. Douglas Montg- o im bfl- <y and John Davis, screen favorites were sfficiently good-looking, roman- itic as suitors. The reactions of the audience were interesting. One boy said he had to -swallow a lump in his throat too much. Another thought the pro- pposals the saddest thing in the picture. A still younger girl said, "It was sad; why, of all those people did they pick on- Beth to die? This chilri showed fine discrmination in selection the sweetest of the Little Women. One writer says it is a most encouraging sign to see the remarkable response and support the entire country i s giving to this, simple, wholesome story of girlhood. Vanity Fair says: "Little Women, broke all records at 'Radio City Music Hall, world's largest cinmea house, and brought out from itheir lairs elderly ladies, who had not seen a movie since the Birth of a Nation." And, still, there are many people who do not enjoy seeing the tender- est, most sacred emotions in all- baivevnakedness" You can't pleaste everyone. ODD FELLOWS, REBEKAHS INSTALL NEW OFFICERS The Odd Fellows and the Re- oekahs held Joint installation at the [. O. 0. F. hall Monday evening. Mrs. Able Behrends, district deputy ;o to the cleaners. Her coat is President, served as installing bffi- rnnf> nnH chn'll limra In Un-., «ii. Cer (for tllA "R^hplrnlia anr! TXri1«, rt « •••••••1 ^ aK Mrs. V. H with the flu Evelyn Va Girl Friends R. J. Harr Forest City Georgia C the week-en N. AalCs. Catherine spent the W ter, Mrs. G. Mrs. A. six friends < afternoon w Alice Rist day to spen declamatory school. Mr. and l became pare the Kossutl morning. Mrs. H. H Aft*Q T)T*in*n>e* mis. JoriggS, Monday of t Li. G. Baker Frank Tie ton Monday, holidays at in the state iFred Fros :en days at son of Mr. a and a brotlhe Mrs. Marg jladys iSout Laird were etta and Mo City. 'Carl John .aken to low VToCullougto -le was to er pital. The C. A. „ Wal'lard, gut )rother, Hen s local C. IV agent. Harriett Minn., went 1 a week with She teaches near Sioux C Florence E Jamilton Co lason City, ^uesday, aft iclidays at 1 High scho ions will b Wednesday, nd the secoi he following A. E. Mich C. W. A. proj iunday with Watnem, Ott he Michels Mrs. Mai news Tuesda >rother, Z. ' hat Mrs. He enly of hea Hoyt Rane Tom Ames, t Iowa State aving the fl sxpects to b ;his week. 'Surgical o lerformed at n the last i tumboldt; jv 3yrus Ward, hase, Corwi Mrs. W. H. econd attacl omnlipnH'nno KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA. IOWA SCALS sick Holland, Maxwell, 'eek-end with her sis- W. StiMman. 'Hutchison entertained at dinner Sunday. The studen'ts in high 3. Fessler, iRingsted, s of a 7%-Jib. boy at hospital yesterday Kanawha, were guests ma City. He is the Mrs. F. A. iM. Frost )f Mrs. F. L. Tribon. rite Kenefick, Mrs. and Mrs. Cidney Mason City, was & ambulance Tuesday. df Mrs. Joynt's leinders. Mr. Joynt C. M. St. P. & p. railway Thurston, Virginia, o Akron Sunday, after the M. P. Haggards. of Commerce daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Arndorfer, St. Benedict. John Williams, west CoMege street, is in serious condition from hardening of the arteries at the home of his daughter, Mrs. John Mingus, Spencer. Mrs. John Shimell, Algona, left Saturday to help care for him a few days. Loretta Howie, Sarah Doran, Helen Becker, and Everett Anderson spent the week-end at Ames, where they attended the annual veterinary students' ball. Magnus iLichter, senior in the college, was a member of the entertaining committee. The Baptist Brotherhood met Monday night at the home of Orville Elkins. Dr. R. A. Evans gave a talk on the Baptist men's movement for the development of church work. John Wheelock spoke on the Carlsbad, N. M., Cavern, which he visited last summer. Quincy Drummond, Chicago, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. A. Hutchison and at Spirit Lake, where he attended the funeral Monday of his father, who died after a week's illness with pneumonia. Mrs. Drummond formerly Isabel Hutchison. On a Christmas card from Long Beach, Calif., the A. L. 'Petersons wrote that they were expecting to have their children with them for Christmas, the first time in many years. Mrs. Peterson's mother is with them, and the Pangburns and the Wolcotts live near by. Mrs. iSamuel iHedrick, Mason !ity, came recently after her children, who had spent the last year with their uncle, Orville Hedrick. Mrs. Hedrick is employed in was Oscar Amunson, formerly Louisa Meyer, daughter of Jos. Meyer, formerly St. Benedict, now of Rockville, Minn. Mrs. Amunson, who died following operation for removal of a stomach tumor, is survived by Mr. Amunson and three children, the youngest nine. The Legion post here and the Auxiliary unit have received invitations to attend an Emmet county Joint Legion-Auxiliary meeting at Estherville tonight. State Commander Leo Duster, roes Moines, James C. Dolliver, (Fort Dodge, eighth district commander, Winnifred Niggermeyer, Fort Madison, state Auxiliary president, and Mrs. J. C. Underkofler, iBritt, eighth district ^onwnitteerwoman, will take ipart in the program, wihich will be followed by a dance. The county Schoolmasters club met _at the Algona hotel Monday evening, and a general business session was held to deal with .problems common to all schools in the county. Following the meeting members of the club were guests at the Call theater to see "I Am Suzanna." The next meeting will be held Monday evening, January 29, when drawings lor the annual county basketball tournament will be made. This tournament will be held here February 22-26. When Chris Alt, north of Algona, and his sons got home Monday morning, after several errands in town, they found two extra packages in their car which had evidently been left there by mistake. The goods were traced to the Goeders store, but the clerk who had sold them could not identify the purchaser, who had in the meantime returned and repurchased an identical lot, saying that the first ones had been stolen. The owner may have the ipackages by calling- at the Advance office. JPAQB FIVB CALL THEATRE SOUNDsYSTEM Thursday and Friday, Jan. 11.12 New News. MARX BROTHERS in "Duck Soup" Saturday, January 13 week the having spent ne. semester examiha- given next week his family. Vivian Runchey received from her youngesl Holdren, Spencer, •en had died sud- a senior alble to return late operations have been t the Kossuth hospital week on Carl Cook, John Dutton and ;ona; and W. J. of heart and last week ».v viiib vrnosunsj ana uauies were, b "' 1>= "" u a " c " nuve to ouy anotn-i r ivcueivaiia, cum wumer : •*"••'i"^a.nuji» mst weeit Tuesday, jeep. Fern and Jim had had er tomorrow and she is left with- !Annieson > district deputy, was the which has kept her exhausted dur- Impany who had just gone. Back ollt shoes. She's wearing a pair of odd Fellow installing officer. mtf thp lQof "">"'- ="-- -•- ••••• 1 their .house is a 'wash,' a deep, E( lna Anderson's. They have! New officers of the Rebekahs ep river like thing, all lined with around a $2,000 property loss. are: Emma Dehnert, noble grand; mg the last week.. She is a little better at present. n'ent, built to carry off theVater i " The P Ian is to"get an apartment Esther 'Barton, vice; Rosa °Jones', M - p - Haggard, and Eugene Mur- jat rushes down from the moun-. tomorrow. .Little Marilyn will have chaplain; Tena iBehrends, warden; I ta S. h spent last Thursday at Des ' iDuryea, inside __J.lrf 4JJ.VSU11- . — -,,•• TT *. i J.1M, » 1^ ' ._ - pns in the rainy season. It looks ;t ? ' be buried. Fern insists she must; i^ a _ B T un . s ,' useless in our dry season. .find a job and help Jim get another ^ f'lt has rained three days and ; start but ^ is n ot so easy. pee nights, just poured most of! Christmas Thrills. . ^M, Becaus ! we had such a ' "Just think. (Ray had to go to the sln"ubb e rv m n°r U ^ alI J S V the ? e ?% m ° rgUe and identi ^ Mari 'y n - smuobery or vegetation to hold are wonderful crv - water back. Then a bridge Just but st flood them. They said conductor; guardian; Conrad Mamie' Moines. Mr. Falkenhainer and Mr. - Haggard attended a Druggists' Mutual directors' meeting. Dr. and Mrs. A. C. Orach, Omaha, and their son James spent last Thursday and Friday with Dr. and Price. Doctor Drach just The terrible part will be when they "Thi' ™=f ,. j ' have to'go'get'the" t?n?, Wa ., e Jl !™P. h ! d _ °" e corner , and la r 3^r away. It to s?ared Whe " ** vent a week ago today we were Herman, outside guardian; Earl Moore, treasurer; Mabel Lund, secretary; and Mrs. Alma Nelson, officers of the Odd Fellows . . - „., are: Wilmer Annieson, noble ls vlce president of the Corn States grand; 'Bruns, M. J. secretary; vice; William Henry Dehnert. treasurer; W. H. 'Freeman, chaplain. Serum company at Omaha. ••Mr. and Mrs. Howard Fines, and their daughter lLavaun returned | early m the 'week from holiday vis- 1dee .P ln «» house ; all together. .Little Marilyn was so ouftn "Y^ street :^»ed over Christmas. Alice said * g a Ca S and she woke U P tnree times in the ° ^ iUBt float -> | e«- and inquired: 'Is Santa Claus Rebekahs were present. « I aayoi h i away DGtoie his eyes— a govern- 1 here yet ' Today all the lovelv •The 8 tadv d i herHlovel y Cadillac. Christmas toys are covered with ine 'lady next door was beg- mud! to n . m i T ° Wer all came down the 'Fern had -Marilyn in her arms. IP stumbled and fell and nlyii snatched from her „. carried away by the waves. "It's All Over." "It Just poured on the parade (Rose Tournament in Pasadena) but they would do it and it surely was terrible to see—almost naked girls in the floats and so cold. The arms bands rode in busses. Our iElliott saw s aw Jim rush for Marana he was carried away. Fern wider twice and thought; over; Jim and Marilyn ' an rt ht all right to live going.' and Tow< * (the are in their her . herself, ICh fn +„! a "" *"* B ttl «»"St K llrVn^^^-^'hemselves. >ther she They Jut was almost too or t lady band had new uniforms they'd worked a year for and couldn't wear. Heavy Motor Traffic. I yet. her srand Imagine how feel ' to son even lound their bod- C«ried Seven Blocks, ' was found this away, some Way He waa ^ Onie and Brought "f .WES m rags. ernimH tnif^f |1 of ground f « 11 of Hnee saslied » eyes Swollen nearly James 933. to 4 o'clock ic e 8nH?-' yJway °* the on to get rat o* "I didn't see much of anything of the parade. As we were trying to get out of/ town (en route to Glendale) we had to go all around the town to get .by traffic and po- elicmen who were motioning you to go some other way. Our girls didn't go down at all tout listened to it all over the radio, game and all. "Winifred (a daughter who is taking nurse's training) is caring for Fern whose knees are both terribly bruised and skinned. A doc- Winifred redressed them tonight, "Maude Chapman (Mrs. Joe Chapman, former Mason City resident) just called. The phone rings all the time and everybody is so wonderful." In a postscript, Mrs. Wilcox tells of a telephone call received from Gene Prescott, oMJndsey, Calif- some 200 miles away, formerly of Mason City, (son of Mr. and Mre, K. K. Prescott), a cousin of Mrs. James Ghoslin. Following installation lunch was! lts with relatives and friends at served by the 'Rebekahs. Six Burt ' Ames and Nevada. Mr. Fines oper- •"-' ' ates a portable mill here. A program of interest to fathers is planned for a P. T. A. meeting next Monday evening. The meeting will be preceded at 7:1<5 by session of the executive board the superintendent's office. Mrs. Isabel Meiggs leaves next Monday for Jacksonville, Fla., to visit three nieces. She -will also spend some time with her brother, A. H. Tiss, farmer near De Ridder 'La. No date has 'been set for her return. Mrs. P. V. Janse will accompany her daughter, Mrs. H. T. Miller, to Oklahoma City Saturday, for a visit. Mrs. Midler has been here since before Christmas. Mrs. Janse will also visit her son, Dr. H. M. Janse, Houston, Tex. Mrs. Walter IJchter and her new son, John Walter, were discharged Saturday from the Kossuth hospital, where the baby was born December 27. Mrs. kichter is Erma a Mason City drug store, and her eldest daughter Velma is employed at the Green Mill restaurant there. Mr. and Mrs. B. F. <Ballard, Clear -.ake, were recent guests of the N. Victor Lowes. Mr. .Ballard till recently was in the employ of the Firestone Tire company, but is now selling tires for an independent :irm. The Ballards lived here when Mr. Ballard was Firestone representative in this territory. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bell returned Sunday night to Mrs. EsteHa Sabin's, after a honeymoon in Min- Bell Mrs. TRINITY LUTHERANS IN ANNUAL MEETING The annual meeting of voting memibers of Trinity (Lutheran church was held Sunday atfternoon, and was well attended. A report was read by the treasurer which showed that the congregation had no debt at the end of the past year, The annual election of. officers took place and the church council consists of the following officers for the new year: president, Henry Wegener; board Wegener, H. J. of elders — Mr Boettcher, Wm How Dollar I« Off If Shown by Gift Wbittemore, Jan. 2—Mrs. Peter Joseph Schumacher, Bierth, Germany, sent her grandchildren, Edward and Joseph 'Schumacher a Christmas gift of ten marks in 1932, then worth $2.18 in American money. This Christmas she again *ent them ten marks, but now the gift is worth 13-64 in American mc-nye. Depreciation in United States money in relation to money there causes the difference, and is illustration of the change in the of the dollar. Dau; school board—Henry Lav renz, Walter Will, Chas. Geilenfeld .secretary, Adrian Burmeister treasurer, Louis Hintz; trustee Robert Bell. The Concordia Aid held its an nual meeting last Thursday with Mrs. August Huenhold, and electee officers: president, Mrs, Henry Wegener; vice, Mrs. Robt. Leisen- er; secretary, Mrs. August Huenhold; treasurer, Mrs. Max Bast; flower committee—Mrs. Huenhold Mrs. Louis Hintz, Mrs. Buss, anc Mrs. Will. License Required of All Who Spear Fish, Warden Says J. M. Hardman, Spirit Lake deputy game warden, was here Monday on official business. Fish spearing, now allowed for the first time in many years, is causing difficulty for wardens, because most people have an impression that it is not necessary to have a license in order to spear fish. The contrary is true, and persons -q/lS 9X9 S8SU9DI1 •jnOU.JlAl 3uUB9dS per- line fish, ject to the same penalties as sons fishing with hook and without them. Only rough such as carp, gar, and buffalo, can be speared. Another source of trouble is the belief among farmers that they can fish without a license if the river passes through their land. The Des Moines river is a meandered stream and as such is under state control, and farmers must have a license whether or not they fish on their own land. nesota and Wisconsin. Mrs. has _ lived seven years with „„„. Sabin. Mr. Bell resumed work Monday at the Kent garage, where his wife,- formerly Mary Blaha, was bookkeeper till recently. Mrs. IF. S. Norton and her daughter Elinor, left Friday for Iowa City, where Elinor is' continuing work at the state university towards a master's degree in administration.' They have an apartment in the Iowa Alpartments building. Ellen Carlson accompanied them, and is spending a week there. Mr. and Mrs. D. H. Goeders returned Saturday from Iowa City where they had been since last week Wednesday. Mr. Goeders attended a joint meeting of members of the state board of conservation and officials of the C. W. A. and the C. C. C. who discussed plans for creating a lake near Iowa City. t Ruth Messenger, high school English instructor, again has an arti- lung cle in the English Journal. It appears in the January number and is entitled Assimilative Material Dealing with Ways of Making Literature Attractive to Students. She_had an article on t|he Art of Praise in the October number of the same magazine. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Ballard, Redwood Faills, Minn., recently spent several days with Mrs. Charles Sankey, and were guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bert Sankey last Thursday. Mr. and.Mrs. August Robinson and their daughter Joanne were Friday evening dinner Weber's. The Mason City, visited Mr. ~and"Mr"s" Martin Jordan. Notice of examinations for postmaster at Bode, Fenton, and Swea City are out, to be held here. Applications must be filed at Washington, IX C., by January 19. The Bode office pays $1400; tihe Fenton office, $!500; the Swea City office $1900. The date of examination will be mailed to 'persons filing and is usually 15 days after closing of the period for applications. Mrs. Laura Paine and Laurence Misbach left Tuesday morning for Pasadena, Calif., where Mrs. Paine has accepted a position as personal shopper in a market which has been recently opened. Her son, Raymond, has insurance offices at Pasadena, but lives at Alta 'Dena, Calif. ILaurence is driving Mrs. Paine's car, and will return from Pasadena to Arizona, where he will remain for a time in the hope of improving his health. William and Pihilip Aman, Mrs, John Kennedy, Wesley, ana Mrs. Charles Gilbride, east of town, left Tuesday for St. Cloud, Minn.; to attend the funeral oif their niece, Mrs. IT'S BEEN A BATTLE AM, THE way—but we're starting the New Year right. Continued low prices and a lot of specials. Jan. sale starts the 10th. 12-ga. shells, 59c box; 22 shorts, 13c; harness oil, 45c gal.; two %-lb. cakes Mother's chocolate and fudge pan, 29c. — Gamble (Stores. 49-17 JACK HOLT in "The Wrecker" Tarzen Serial Sunday, January 14. Big Technicolor Musical A burlesque on Napoleon. FRANK McHUGH and KITTY KELLY 'n "Not Tonight, Josephine" Monday and Tuesday, Jan. 15-1$ Wednesday, Thursday, Friday January 17-18-19 OO BIG lot I HI CLOUDS! 2 p. m. Matinee Thursday. THE STAR the -wliolc town is discussing -OTO th e a (DISCK Spaiiky McDonald and Baby LeRoy • in "Mrs. Fane's Baby is Stolen" Grand and Patriotic—from t Liudberg Case. ELY CULBERTSON, BRIDGE "A Forced Response" Loads of laughs and lessons. ETHEL WATEES Hot Colored Singer, and Company of Comedians. ,, —in— "Kufus Jones for President" guests, at Alvin Frank Thornton's DOLLAR SALE ON TIRES THURSDAY, FRIDAY and Saturday BUY A TIRE AT THE REGULAR LIST PRICE AND BET ONE FOB $1.00 FOR EXAMPLE-450x21 Sturdy $7.95 and get the second one for $1, or 2 for $8.95. 440x21 Sturdy $7.10 and get the second one for $1.00, or 2 for $8.10. SPECIAL PRICES ON COMMONWEALTH TIRES: 440x21,11(3.35; 450x21, $3.79 .,, 475x19, $3.98 30x3J, S3.IS COAST TO COAST STORE JOE BLOOM, Manager Algona, Iowa PUBLIC SALE At the Kiddle Hale Pavilion in Algona, east tracks of Northwestern SATURDAY, JAN, 13, AT 1:30 O'CLOCK SHARP We are listing stuff every day' and at this time we cannot give a complete list of what will be on hand for this sale. Fifty head of hogs consisting of feeding shoats weighing from 40 to 1'25 pounds, Chester 'White spring boar, and also will have boars of other breeds. Twenty-five head of cattle, consisting of spring calves, 2-year- old steers •weighing from 600 to 800 Ibs., also two Shorthorn cows to be fresh in about 6 weeks; also a number of other cows and heifers and steers; also 5 to 8 head of horses. One hundred and twenty-five White Leghorn pullets, one dozen White, Jersey Giant pullets, and 5 geese. There will be other chickens. . One of the best selections of furniture yet offered, including pianos, electric and battery radio sets. One 4-wheel trailer. New scoop shovels, axe handles, bushel baskets, neckyokes double- trees, and other -broken lots of hardware. Bring what you have to sell and buy what you want. If you are looking for furniture or stock come and make this your sale. " Terms are cash. No property removed until settled for. C* Of Riddle, Auctioneer PHONE ?» iLlst property with Jess Riddle at the Coryejl Oil Station, or auctioneer, phone 93. , Deposits In This Bank Are Now INSURED Through membership in the Federal Deposit Insurance Corpor- tion the deposits of this bank are now insured up to $2,500 for each depositor. All persons now depositors and all persons becoming depositors will receive this deposit protection. Iowa State Algona, Iowa Member Federal Reserve System

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