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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 11, 1934
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Weather E8 MOSTLY above floMital, but moderately cold ...Jntttfitf of week) riot much precipitation likely, except possibly to* close. Volume 33 141 MEN &17 WOMEN WORK HERE FOR CWA Tojects in Kossuth Bring $5,000 Per Week in Pay. i A total of 341 men were at work Kossuth Monday under the VA, and 17 women were at work nder the CWIS, wfoich, made a frand total at »58 persons in the ounty provided with selNsustain- ftg labor under these relief proj- CtS. H. M. Smith, OWA county ad- inistrator, said Monday morning hat this labor earns a weekly pay- f>ll of over $5,000 which goes to evive prosperity in Kossuth. i The men and women are scat- Bred on various projects through- ut the county, and it is expected jiat most of the work will last till 'ebruary 15, when the time set by resident Roosevelt expires. It is |robable, however, that congress set aside more funds to con- |nue the program till summer. 8 Projects Nearly Done. [ In Algona three projects will be '"ished tfhis week, but five others' II keep men at work. [Two new sanitary sewers- here ave been finished. One connects south Moore street sewer to an tlet below the swimming pool. A wer was also extended a block lest on Kennedy and two blocks buth on Wooster. Only manholes Braain to be installed. | A new city water extension south h Phillips street from state to the punty sheds near the fair grounds nil foe finished within the coming reek. This stretch will extend city rater more than 2,600 feet, or ly eight blocks. The water will t be turned on till spring. It lould not be used enough to keep *ater m circulation, and the main ight freeze if it was used now. ^Another city water main will -ex- >nd the water system a block orth of the Milwaukee depot. This 8 Pages Number 17 IK ^^^t^ckJVghiqtion^Rg^edSUghtlu w fSKc 1 ^ f i* c 'K*-*. guar^Si^.,^^ ASSESSORS IN MEETING MAKE NEWSCHEDULE Rate of Pay Is Fixed at 1933 Level by Board. County assessors met Friday at the courthouse, and after a discussion of .pay for 1934 fixed personal property valuations for the year. All assessments for this year are slightly higher, particularly on cattle and horses. A few changes were made in valuations for swine, sheep, and steers from the state valuation. Livestock Valuations. The valuations to be used this ear follow: Jolts, 1 year « jg iolts, 2 years I_I"I"~ 26 Colts, 3 years 36 •Stallions, as reported. Mules, 1 year 20 Mules, 2 years ~I~~~ '28 Mules, 3 years I.IIIIIII 40 Jacks, as reported. Cattle in feeding on basis of 'administration commission. roject begins on Main street (not fate, but the street extending east torn Diagonal street) and runs list to the corner, thence north paer the Milwaukee tracks. There only a foot of dirt to -be remov- l, and laying pipes and refilling e ditch will take two weeks. This 1,000 pounds, .per pound ___ 2c Heifers, 1 year g Heifers, 2 years ~~ 15 Cows ~ 15 Steers, 1 year I I""I ' 12 Steers, 2 years I~~~~~ is 'Bulls, as reported. Swine, over '9 months 3 A dozen men have been working weeks at Blackford park at the city limits on west McGregor •street. They are under the OWA and the city park The men have ibeen cutting down trees and trimming them, also cleaning up the park to make it beauty spot. This-park was pr c - sented to the city by the Blackford estate in 1913. .Roads were then f °, U A and a gate bul ' 11 ' °ut since then little had been done, owing to lack of funds. The road is now being widened, flirt for the widening .being taken Irom a hillside on the main road just outside the gate. The widening is 'being done to give autoists coming out of the park a clear GRAND JURORS FOR 1934 ARE PICKED; TWELVEARE NAMED grand Jury panel for 1934 wa's blocks down to the Des Moines river, once vision down the hill and enable them to avoid accidents. • Blackford park, though small, is considered a great asset to the city, rivaling the state park for natural beauty. The road winds nearly three bank o'f the where the Algon'a Oun'cTub u, lue .had traps for clay pigeon shooting. Before one gets that far there are turns in the road, which road Ini V p m nto the woods on the hillside. There are wonderful natural spots here for picnics, -but to date the .park commission has not been able to .provide camp tables. Some wood salvaged in cleaning the park will be used at Tourists park, and some will be given to the poor, hut .part will be reserved for camp fires in the park THREE COUNT? BANKS UNDER GUARANTY LAW SCHOOLS FOR THE CORN-HOG PLANJIATED Township Leaders to Get Details of Procedure. com- drawn iFriday by Clerk E. J. Evoy, Auditor E. J. (Butler, Recorder J. J. Dooley. From Me and this iSheep, over 9 months I 2 Goats, over 1 year, as reported. Valuations for oil station stocks were fixed at the state!figure of 5%c per gallon for gasoline, 4c for kerosene, 3c for furnace oil and distillate, I8c for lubricating oils of all grades, and 3c pound for greases of all qua>lities._ List of Assessors. Assessors, districts, number o days allowed, and total pay, as fi list at each term of court will be drawn seven persons to serve as grand Jurors for the term. The list consists of Matt Bormann, L. E. Fairbanks, L. J. Lowman, and Henry iSeiler, all of Algona; Norman Anderson, Swea City; Floyd Colwell and Edw. Halvorson, Ledyard; Earl Cushman. Bancroft; Mike Freilinger, Livermore; R. S. McWhorter, Burf and j - • • ~ —» ****.7 | f*& HA ed by the board of supervisors las week Wednesday, follow: Iain also will not Iring. be used till Storm Sewer Extension. |The storm, sewer drainage sys- fc " isi being extended from the Algona, -E. TOWNS H. Beardsley, 93% . $280.00 Bancroft, R. E. Goddard, 24 72.00 iBurt, J. p. Cunningham, 20% 61.50 Fenton, W. C. iStamer, 16 ___ 4g.OO Lakota, A. E. Ogren, 21 3-4_' 65.25 Ledyard, Leon Worden, 11__ 33 00 Lone Rock, W. G. Flaig, g 2400 Lu Verne, D. C. Ellis, 16 3-4 50 25 n *.. . _, . . & / ar f° nS buildi ^s on Swea'City, Mrs. C. M Erick' t State street east three blocks a -. c ? u . nt j drain. This project will tinished in two weeks. Another storm sewer is being a block south on north Woos- f ' east a , thence north a block, and a W'y•»>«> the water drain past Riverview and son. 33% 100.50 Titonka, Wesley, 21 3-4 Whittemore, F. w". Elbect" J. E. Keil, Ihno A. 16 3-4_ Gerdes, *s in length will be duir * •»•* "n Elm street and two on the narrow private funning north past the old 60.25 65.25 58.50 TOWNSHIPS (Buffalo, R. E. Hanson, 35^ 106.50 Burt, R. F. Hawcott, 30 Cresco, Mrs. E. Potter, 32 Eagle. O. W. Berggren 21 3-4~ Fenton, F. C. Wegener, 34 3-4 105.25 ft -..„., JTO^V jurei'view T»,,~i -n' -r. -,-, ----, ~-,e ~w.w -etery to the river. This will ^AZ" H awc ?"- 30--- 92.25 in weeks to sewer three Joseph Loebach and C. W. Simpson, Whittemore. Grand Jurors must report the second day of every term, and they will report for the January term on Tuesday, January 30. Trial of petit Jurors, who will report Monday, February 6, for the January term, were drawn as follows: Joseph Arndorfer, Irene Coleman, Catherine Gilmord, Gene Harris, R.' H. Shackelford, and William Turner, Algona; C. N. -Beisch, Sexton- Robert Braatz, R. H. Finnell, and Everett Nash, Whittemore; W. W Bpettcher, S. M. Peterson, Fred Ringsdorf. and Mary White, Burt. 'Lawrence Curran, OLu Verne- German Carlson, Carl Froelich, and 3mma Funnemark, Wesley; Fred Oransfeldt, lLone Rock; Robert Eichenberger, Alphonse Sensing, Thomas Murphy Sr., and Anton Schneider, Bancroft. Cora Hutchinson and A. J. Renger, Swea City; Adam'Habeger and Dmil Klepper, West Bend; L. A. Johnson, Irvington; William Knon- 98,25 65.25 mem- The Iowa state bank is a her of the Federal Reserve eystem. All national .hanks have to comply with the new guaranty law, and all state banks affiliated with the Federal Reserve also have to do so. iState banks not affiliated with the Federal Reserve—and there a ^-.,-° I i 1 ^ 2{ L in Iowa whiel1 are so amiiated—do not have to comply unless they .wish; an d since it costs a considerable sum to tie up with the guaranty plan, and there is some risk of assessments for losses in banks which close, there 1C rrvinnt. At,. •*. /• . ' ""'-* ^ is great diversity of opinion among state 'banks outside the Federal Reserve whether to Join the guaranty 'ystcni. hJSr 111 w 00 !™* 7 the ' Exchan ge State bank, Wesley, and the Farmers State bank, Whittemore, besides the Iowa state bank here, have obtained guaranty certificates, but other banks in the county, though rmaiifi^ i,-..- not yeb *> FHHsn Arrangements are at last plete for inauguration of the corn- hog (program, and County Agent Bonnstetter announces the follow ing county schools for the town ship committeemen named las week: Whittemore—January 17-18, 9:3 a. m. at Academy hall. Wesley—January 19-20. .Lakota—January 22-23. Swea City—January 24-25. The schools will be conducted b> WiLlard Edwards,Humbaldt, distric field man in Kossuth, Humbold and Webster counties; A. W. Rud nick, of the Ames extension depart ment; G. A. Bonnstetter, county agent; and H. J. Bode. 'Districts tributary to the towns in question were announced last week. Only committeemen are to attend the schools, and each committeeman is to take with him his own work sheet. Census Report Required From All Local Business 8 PCT. BEER LABELS ARE HEUJJNLAWFUL County. Attorney M. C. McMahon has received a ruling (from the attorney general that beer improperly labeled to indicate a higher alcoholic content than is permissible by law is a violation of the •law and cannot be sold. HUB CLOTHIERS TO OPEN STORE SOON The new clothing store which will replace the Boston store in the Gal- •braith building on east state street is ,t'o be caMea-fhe Hub Clothiers and will be conducted ,by a partnership composed of John ILeuthold Minneapolis, C. H. Willams, Algona, and Lyle Reynolds, who moves from Greene to Algona. - _ e"*»•*• . — f — — ~.*.* o »j Mwv/tsuiiiD Mr Williams and Mr. Reynolds whlch now total $396,000. Since — w.«* i» iuv, uuoiinros census, Kossuth retailers, places of amusement, and service establishments will be required to answer eight questions between now and February 15. The questions call for description ot .business establishment, kind of merchandise handled or service of- lered, principal functions employment during 1933 to men and women on part-time and full time 'basis salaries and wages, other operating expenses, net sales or other operating rceipts, stock on hand at last nvntory date, and amount of business on credit ibasis. Manufacturing establishments, which includes printing shops make a separate report. _ Kossuth is part of a 14-, district supervised by J. V. Camp- lOW/TsTATnOTAT HEARS 2 MILLION; CASH S838,000 Official publication of ,the statement of condition of the Iowa State iank is made today, and the footing^ approach $1,900,000, a figure exceeded in Algona's banking his- :ory only by the Bounty Savings bank in the palmy inflation days of wartime. The statement shows •$838,866 cash on hand and with correspondents. This is toy far the largest cash balance ever carried by a Kossuth bank. In addition the ban owns nearly $700,000 in ,bond which could be turned into cas over night. There is probably no a bank in Iowa, large or small in more liquid condition. ' The deposits exceed $1,750,000, o which nearly $1,200,000 consists o ndividual deposits. (Savings •bell, Mason City. Work was to be begun this week Monday bv 43 enumerators. The Civil Works administration pays for the labor, it was expected that temporary employment would .be provided for three or four enumerators in each county. The enumerators were to ,be drawn from applicants for work registered at the .CWA headquarters in the various counties. The object of the census is to ob,_ ,_• £ Qr 1,300,000 BU, UNDER SEAL IN KOSSUTH NOW Rising Market is Seen* as Damper on Sealing. with it was taken. ', which was the first year 1 '~ It is confidential. Public Sleeting Planned. There will be a special public meeting of the W. C. T. U next Tuesday at 2:30 p. m. at the Meth- 'Totals CORN LOANS RECORD. Monday Night. Bus ' Amfc *sss 1,329,946 odist parsonage. WATER TANK NOT TO BE TESTED UNTIL SPRING Algona's new city water which will hold more than tower, 300,000 am are . Several cases have been reported m Kossuth, in the case of beer made by a .brewery in which a southern r, Ledyard; Lakota. and Ray F. Smith, , Garfield, Henry Klepper, 35% ------ _ ---- _ ------German, Herman Ubben, 106.50 home. The ground there is £ rant - W " ** 'Reynolds^TJM 65.'25 nwM,u_.l* _ _ .. M _ _ »•***»** *» flvtnn-nimr A—. J /-ll __ . wen. exceptionally hard, and it Ur Weeka to linish tne oject I Forty-FiTe Men Working. Ft is expected that these projects : 1 ££J!» ??. 8t J* the time of Greenwood, Clarence Vaske, OO V * 32 96.00 84.00 87.00 Harrison, L. A. Barslou, 28 Hebron, Oscar Frandle, 29__ Irvington, A. J. Seiler, 40__ 120.00 •Ledyard, J. E. Smith, 27%.. 82.50 Lincoln, W. H. Patterson, 29 87.00 Lotts Creek, Andrew EUbert, 32 3-4 ._ Lu Verne, Ed Chambers"~30 Blum Creek, H. L. McEnroe, '28 Portland, Jay Graham, 28_"~ 84^00 Prairie, J, N, Ludwig, 40 120.00 Ramsey, A. J. Cogley, 28 Riverdale, Thos. Crahan, 28 98.26 90.00 84.00 ftuS u !l*r'» •"»"•!.« fe«*M° to °' how- 84.00 '84.00 34 3-4 104.25 date Appraiser ***- ob urne to of was Since he three or four r Phe by s r .- -w, 7. -^ ,T*w ^fjf Iiuanity Board * ft •23% n, E. C. Green, 30 Chas. Haas, 90.00 70.50 Swea, Leo Guerdet, 32 3-4__ 98.26 Union, W. J. Bourne, 34 3-4 104.25 Wesley, Henry Nelson, 34 3-4 104.25 CHARGE FROM SHOTGUN MANGLES YOUTH'S LEO Walter Wildin, son of the Lewis Wildins, of Cresco township, suffered a badly injured' right leg when a 20-gauge shotgun he was carrying fell, and was dischargee with the muzzle only an inch or so from tihe calf of the leg. The charge went into the fleshy part of the calf of the leg cleanly, cutting only a small hole about the size of a dime, (but the opposite side of the leg was split for several inches by the concussion. The lead pellets, wadding, and "threads from the boy's clothing had to be taken from the wound. The small bone was deeply nicked by the charge. Terrific bleeding was stopped by an improvised tourniquet of a tightly twisted rope surrounding his leg a'bove the knee. It is be- n was Beer must not exceed 4 per cent alcohol by volume, and hotfcles must indicate not more than The -beer that caused the controversy was labeled "not exceeding 8 per cent by volume." There is another <brand in which the ure "5" instead of "3" apn< The beer itself tests within =t Q *,,t ory jj m j tationi and ifc is be _ that the higher figures were . com «>>'ete charge, Mr 's interest being that ctf a silent partner. lLast week was s;pent in Chicago buying goods for the new concern which is expected to open within the next 10 days. The store will feature Hart Schaffner & Marx clothes, Freeman dress shoes ,,Stet- . time deposits exceed $100,000, anc eposits of more than '$45,000 arried for other banks. •The bank is official depository for Algona postal savings accounts the .Dennis Baga.n, who had managed the .Boston a year, moved the remainder of the stock out Tuesday and the new company starts with ail brand new merchandise. The store room is being completely renovated; repapered, and the woodwork and cases refinished wome changes are 'contemplated in interior arrangements. Mr. Leuthold and Guy Hinkley Eagle Grove, partner for a similar atore there spent Tuesday here ^L Pin L: M _ r ;. Wi»iam S get started, a part of a SS^ SS&!± ^ Whittemore, James 34 3-4 Hogan, 10 4.2 5 Wo It. £. Assessments. •Real estate is not to be assessed again till 1937, but the assessors' pay is based on the same scale as in 1933, when real estate was assessed. Hence the pay for 1934 amounts to an increase over 1933, but is actually below amounts 'paid m previous years. TJhe rate of pay per day is fixed y the state at |3, but supervisors have _ a regulatory action, being permitted to fix the number of days for which pay will be allowed. Young Drunk Here Attempts Attack An attack by a drunken Algona youth on an Algona girl Saturday lieved that the leg will now be saved, as he was rushed to the Kossuth hospital and an operation performed immediately to clean the wound. than others. thinking it stronger self. S. J. Backus Has Cyst Operation in D. M. Hospital Postmaster S. J. Backus, who n .poor evening was fought woman. The off by youth the was lardly able to stand, but he managed to -make a successful getaway ifter alarm was sounded. The at- ;ack followed rumors of a Peeping om in tfce south part of town and j another similar attack. The outh was recognized, and .the case investigated,- NQ charges , will be filed, it is understood, but other action will be. taken, and the authorities (bejieye a successful ,as beea First Conference Ganie Won Easily by R S. Quintet The high school basketball team won its first North Central Six conference game here Tuesday from Clarion toy the decisive score •of 39-21. The second team won also, 40-11, The second teams played first Nearly all games during the rest of the season will be doubleheaders, the second teams also playing. Tomorrow evening Algona plays at Humfooldt, and next Tuesday plays at Webster City. Next week Friday Hampton comes here. These are all conference games. Britt comes here January 23. Algona's chances for winning the conference title now look good, and Coach Mercer is priming the team to win. had for some time been ,„ .., uui health, was taken to the Methodis hospital, iDes Moines, two weeks ago, when it was found that an unnatural lump was growing in the neighborhood of the liver. An operation was performed last Thursday, and a cyst was found and removed. This allayed anxiety that the lumip might be of a more is character. The patient well and is expected home s "'- Mrs ' ' Backus and the County Fair The annual county fair meeting will >be held next Tuesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at the courtroom, when, Secretary p. if. Vincent will present hjs first report as secretary pf fte. H« '- ' daughter Elinor are witto him A cyst is defined in Webster's as f h olo . se , dj 'Pouch or sac within or in the folds of an organ containing fluld or semi-fluid morbid matter. Roomer ^ Landlord Have Disagreement James Taft was charged with assault and battery in Justice P A ; , Danson's court last week Wedneeday by E. H. Mixdorf. Mix- aorf had ibeen living at the Taft (home, but left without paying rent, *wd a sheepskin coat was kept by the Tarts pending payment. A quarrel arose when Mixdorf went to the Taft home and insisted on entering against the wishes of Mr. Taft, who used forced to evict him. ,7 e .o ca , se was dismissed and costs of $3.85 were assessed half an d half. . BOTH ACADEMY TEAMS WIN AT POCAHONTAS The St. Cecelia basketball teams played at Pocaihontas Sunday afternoon, the 'toys winning 40-27, the 18-5, Hanson was high point man for the boys, making six baskets, and Kelly was second high. Other points were well divided. The girls' team bunt up a heavy lead from the start. Next Sunday afternoon the locals will play Bancroft ihere. Next week Thursday Lu Verne comes, and next week Friday St. Cecelia's plays Sacred Heart at Fort Dodge "- . evenin e bo 'n teams the Iowa State bank was founded there has never ibeen good reason m fact for postal savings deposits here, and now that the bank's individual deposits are insured up to $2500 even theoretical reason up to that amount has disappeared so far as safety is concerned. The bank is official depository for bonds to secure postal savings deposits, and that takes the money out of the control of the bank in case of local need and hampers local credit and turnover by that much. Officers and directors of the , owa State t»ank were reelected at I the annual meeting at stockholders 'Tuesday nigiht. Officers are: R. H. Miller, president; H. R. Cowan and N. A. Smith, vice president; H. •L. Gilmore, cashier; p. IL. McMahon, assistant cashier. Directors are Messrs. Miller, Cowan, Gilmore gallons, is now finished except testing and painting. The tank will not be tested till spring. .If it were filled with water now a thin coat of ice would form around the tank and fill cracks, which would prevent testing. When the test is made the water will be drained through the mains to the swimming pool. The pool and the tank hold about the same amount of water. It will take nearly three days to fin the new tank which is the time it takes to iill the pool. As soon as testing is finished the ; be painted in Aluminum, . tower le s s in black. The same company that bui n ™ 'lading on (Progress of the government con*. loan program continues to foe th« most important county news story. Recent market increases are hay-. ing a tendency to slow up sealing^ The market is only 8 cents unde« the loan value. grand totals up to Monday night exceeded 1,300,000 bushels of corn and only $34 under -600VOOO 5 for publication this week will add enough money to grand total to $623,395 The corn loans filed with Buffalo. 900 ^vv. .oranat, Sec. 3 Buffalo, $405 800 George Alke, bu 27 Buffao.' Wm. Boyken, ' Section ' z Bu 975 $43» ** 400 $180- at EmmetsDurg. The Emmetsbur tank will be taller than Algona's but will not have the same capa , , oraith, John Frankl, M. P. Haggard, L. E. Linnan, J. C. Mawdsley, and J. F. Overmyer. 3650 Poppies to Be Completed by iKossuth Veteran OPERETTA PLANNED BY MUSIC LOVERS Rehearsals for presentation of Ictor Herbert's comic opera, The ortune Teller, have been begun his operetta will be presented at ne H. S. auditorium, and the pro- eeds are to be added to a fund ounded some years ago for the urchase af a stage piano. The play is sponsored toy the Alona Community club and the foil- owing music lovers: Mrs. C H retzmeyer, Dr. W. D. Andrews! Mrs. D. D. Monlux, Mrs. O. B. 'Laing, Mrs Sylvia Gunn, Frances , Messer, A. E. Kresensky, Mrs. J. Smitn ' Mrs - E. Mrs. D. H. Goeders, Mrs. N.' '. Rice, and Lucia Wallace, The following committees have been announced: Dramatic director, Mrs. D H M°± rS ^,^ sic 5. ^tor, Grace pianist, Mrs'. N C *>•' ,- . Cylinder here, and the girls overwhemed the Cylinder girls, ™ the boys also waning . The scores at the halves were ll-i and 16-2, both in Al gona's favor. Wade Hanson (had his left shoulder knocked out otf Joint when he hit the wall at the west end of the gymnasium. The same shoulder was hurt at football this season, is Broken. Leon Clapsaddde, Corwitb, suf* fered a fractured anile Friday, when tas horse slipped on the ice *? d *«" on km. The bone w a $ set at ttoe Kossutb, hospital. * 0. J. Steplienjion JnjproTes. 0. J, Steheaaon patient fpr the t the university fowa c%, with anenjia, j* and the new injury will keep him' out of basketball for some weeks. Retailers *Q Pick Code Council Here All Algona business firms under the general NRA retail code are requested to attend a meeting at the courtroom tomorrow night at 8 o clock, wjhen an Algona^ council to have locaJ charge of administra- won of the code will be organized. ?* e F:? eral code was originally wtended to cover all retail lines, but separate provisions were made tor drug and grocery iines. »Thaee iwes, with drygoods, shoes, hardware, clothing, sad similar liaes hYe certain duties to be Mrs. Sadie .Denton, Titonka, over seer_ for the manufacture of Legio Auxiliary poppies by Anton Soren son, disabled World war veteran las received from M. Myrton iSkel ey, secretary o'f the Iowa depart ment, 3650 poppies for Mr. iSoren son to make for sale in the county The poppies will differ somewha from poppies sold last year, ii that the stems will be of green am are made in a little different way The changes were made to enabl crippled fingers. to make the pop pies more easily. The poppies throughout the Uni ted States will be made by disabled veterans. and sold by the Legion Auxiliary on Popipy day. Mr. Sorenson, who lives at Rich Point, southeast of Algona, is grateful for this work, which enables him to keep his gether. family to- Sullivan Is Under Knife at Waterloo W. W. Sullivan, scale tester for the state department of agriculture, was operated upon at St. Francis hospital, Waterloo, last week Wednesday night for appendicitis. The operation was of an emergency character, but he is recovering rapidly. Mrs. Sullivan, and his mother, Mrs. J. W. Sullivan, who left early last Thursday morning by car for Waterloo, are expected back this week-end. '?-.' "•-•* ~ Farm Sale Announced. Frank Bennett, on the Carroll farm a half mile east of Burt, and four miles south, will hold a clos- •ng out farm sale next Wednesday. i ve ,horses, 70 high-grade dairy Shorthorns, and all farm machinery wjU be offered. Ja the clairy nerd there are 32 cows, jjr, Bea, nett ^ bought a small acreage ad" to L8*e City, Melba Miller Wayne Dancing, Margaret Morris; scen- "r t taS6 ' Francis Messer ' Ar- Lukensmeyer, Adrian Bur- L COStUmes ' Mrs - Gladys Margaret Morris; lighting, Wil jam steele, advertising T. H Chnsdhilles. Music will be supplied by ama \lrtt~. n _i- __ * Wm. 1100 Wm. Boyken, Section $«»: Buffalo, $495. 800 bu sectlwl 2 Buffalo. Enno Eden, Sec. 13 ksen, ' Sec'.' '& Buffeio,' ' 5™* Hurt. $495 N. L. Cotton, Sec. 4 Bnrt, 950 bu. N. L,'. Cotton,' Sec. $423 4 Burt, 500 bo. P. W. Kollasch, Sec'.' 14' Burt' nil . ' bu. Sam E. Mogl'sr', 510 bu Thompson, Section Vl bu. Sec. 17 $225 1825 .. $391' Burt, $230 1000 bu. bu. Secton ai Creaco. (540 M r n % F ,- Henry - Sec - 30 Creaco, 1200 bu, Tama Witmark York City. the company, New •*• D. D. Paxson Again Elected Secretary of Kossuth Mutual All officers were reelected at a board meeting following the annual meeting of the County Mutual Tuesday. At the morning meeting Jos. Hauptman, Wesley, and E, A Miller, Elmoer, were reelected directors, and-Hush Herman, Algona, was named to succeed the late Jos Paxson as director. Officers are «. j. Bode, presi- '\r E \ A o Droesal er. Bancroft, ice; N. A. Smith, Algona, treasurer; D. D. iPaxson, secretary; and L «>. Bohannon, assistant. qrt ^ were read °y Mes *rs. and iPaxson which showed ^association to be in excellent Temperatures jStay Low; Roads are Icy Mrs. E. A. Scheme! is entertain- ng her bridge club this afternoon. Temperatures have stayed below reezing all of the last week except aturday, when the mercury clinjlb- d to 37 above. Two and a haW nches of snow or .4« ins. moisture, ell last week, and an underlayer i ice on tflie paving made driving dangerous. The icy pavement has een a boon to children with kates. The official temperatures Loans. (Continued on page 6.) Algonian Will Open Cedar Rapids Shop Mrs. Gladys South, who for th« last two years has been in charge ot ready-to-wear at Chrischjlles £ Herbst's, .has resigned and will leave February 1. She and Lorett* 0 Connor, Mason City, will have » dress shop at Cedar Rapids, and ' Mrs. South will go to Chicago February l to buy goods for it. Her son Frank will accompany her to Cedar Rapids. The Souths have been living in a G. D. Shumway apartment. Mrs. Souths successor at the store will be Mrs. John Hardgrpve, who has been assistant m the department for the last several years. Two New Kiwanians. Wm. F. Steele and Dr. ollow; anuary 3 , 34 anuary 4 „_, "IHIal 4 6 7 J f ' 11 10 C, D. as new Schaap were introduced „„ „„_ membera of the Kiwanis club last Thursday noon, and a -talk was given on Kiwanis ideals for their benefit by T. H. Chrischilles, ALGONA Markets Best ed. wt. l$o to 200 ,«.,»«; Best roed. wt 200 to 2§0 $3.9Q Heavy Butchers 260 to 300 ..$2.80 Prime Hvy butchers 300 to 35Q |2..$Q Best Pack. Sows 3Q& to 3SQ .,$i?§ Packing sows, 350 to 400 .... ffl.ftfr BJg Bvy gows 400 [to 600 .,.4140 *"" ~ 140 pounds , $2.10. ' WO pounds ,'* $g,4> Pigs, _ Canners a^d cutters , . , .60c to JPa$ Cows .......... $1.50" to 6

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