Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on January 4, 1934 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 4, 1934
Page 9
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, JANUARY 4, 1634. NHL PAR IS GIVEN FENTON G Woden Couple Wed on Christmas Day On Christmas day at tha Woden n., Presbyterian church Leslie, Ton of Epworth enton, Jan. 2— Fifty members had a watih party Methodist clvurch after ser- Sunday evening. Gamtxt wore • and ref«*hments served, and 12 the bells 'of the Methodist and itheran churches ushered In the Year. ',';''' Honors Elvira. Krauso— irs. AlVln Zumach* and Mrs. CUv- ce Theesfeld were hoste&sesB to tables of bridge at the for- i hoe last Thursday afternoon in of Elvira Krauso. Guests In- l the Mesdames A J. KrauBc, Bohn, Dorothy Gerhard, Amos 'Truman Johnson, H. Walter .Tentz, Arthur Muel- Bverett Dreyer, -and C. L. Weg- Elvlra. won the high score, B. Walter Jentz the cut, ahd Mrs. Wegener low. litlers Hosts at Dlnwr— Ir. and Mrs. Robert Voettler en- jtalned at a largo family dinner week Tuesday. Attendelrig: Mrs. ite Hantelman, children, .the Er- Voettlers, the Rudolph Wehrs- nns, Mr. and Mrs. George Stems a daughter, the Henry Millers, . Louise Drake, John Voettler, and Mrs. Lawrence Hantel- i, Emmetsburg, Mr. and Mrs, Ar- jjd Hantelman and Hlldreth Pet- Lone Rock, Adolph Wehi'spann, Olof Norland. cliers and Students Home — Teachers and students who spent 'holidays here were: Florence jslsbrod, Dos Molnes; Frandes Bttl- Brltt; Irene Newel, Belmond; th Laage, Cedar Rapids; Elvira ause, Garner; Sallna Hantelman, |ison; Arthur Kuecker, August a,use, Ames; Martin Peril, Iowa |y; Karl Schwartz, LaVonne Mod, Cedar Rapids; Leona; Bor- rdt, Eldora Struecker, Cedar ills; Marie Miller, Mason City. |ro Bridge Clubs Meet— tr. and Mrs. Charles Newel en- Jned their bridge club last lursday night. O. H. Grahajn won score; W. V. Yager the 1 travel Mrs. Everett Dreyer was hos- |s to her bridge club last week anesday afternoon. Mrs. E. J. ink won 'high, and Mrs. R. C. etsch a prize for the score clos- ; to 777 points. Si A* , Ben Isebrand, also wod « n KOS8UTH COttNTY ADVANCE. IOWA Woden, were They were attended by ,.„ . . .-•-°om's brother Lloyd and ^ b " d l S - 8l ^V Derni ^- They ( .. Woden. The young man, who is a brother of Mrs An^: Hai V Wea City > Mrs - AWn Anderson, Hurt, Mrs. C. H. Ohris- ' and Mrs - i*o $1 S, S, PROGRAM IS PRESENTED AT IRVINCTON Irving-ton, Jan 2—The following program was presented at the church Christmas eve; song, Joy to the World, Congregation; invocation, the Rev. A. English; scripture Kion, Juniors: song, primary dept; Ai?^I° n ' Donaltl Sabln; ,, exercise All About the Baby Jesus, six begin- ers; soag, star class; exercise, Drill - the Snowfalkes, three girls; solo, Ph'rt f ^ ^ xcrcise ' Think of Christ, Fred Hudson, (Jail Wolf; Rlley; recitation, Shirley Roney; exercise, The Soul of Christmas, three boys; solo Mrs. Austin Summers; recitation, Kenneth Asa; song primary dopartmnt; violin and piano duet, Rachel and George Becker- exorcise, Juniors, solo. Frank Asa- recitation Phyllis Maxwell; exercise three girls; song, star class, reclta- Won, Dwight sabln; benediction. I no program was well attended considering the cold eventng. A free ing Clubs Have Parties— owing olubs have bad Christmas rtles. Mrs. S. W. Meyer entertaln- fthe Hook & Needle club at Bun- last week Wednesday evening-, •Mrs. K. O. Stephenson, Adrls terson, and Opal Meyer, Algona, lo Agnes Goetsch, were guests. fa. B. C. Welsbrod was hostess to club. Gifts were exchanged at kh parties. | C. C. Boys Have Vacations— r.thur Glaus, with the C. C. C. In |kansas, came recently to spend a days with 'his parents. Harold onsin arrived a week ago Satay to visit his parents, Mr. and C. H. Geronsin. He Is with the [ C. C. at Bldora. ; tidier Children to Hospital- Mrs. George Boettcher took her lighter Laura and her son Donald 1 the university hospital at Iowa Jty last week Wednesday. ! Paul jjler accompanied them as far as hes to visit the C. B. Brookers. lier Hurt in Fall— jfrene Newel suffered painful lilses when a stepladder broke at rlstnras exercises at her Belmond ol. She spent a t-jvo weeks 1 vaca- with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. . Newel. Has Christmas Party— Jrs Clarence Theesfeld enter- the New Deal club at a tlstmas party last week Tuesday Dorothy Gerhard won a tra- prize. Gifts were exchanged. |>son Couple Visit Here— Charles Lovejoy, Baker, Ore., has In at Kohlstedt's. His wife had \n here several weeks. He'came car, and they plan to go home thia month, nen's Boll Is Success- firemen's ball • Friday inight ho Legion pavilion drew a large ^_ __^^ nda "ce. The proceeds will be us- equipment for the purchase nan. Canned Chicken Prize— __^frs. Hans Baage lately jeqelved • for a can of chicken she en- in a canning contest Hd's fair. at the -istmas Baby is Born— was bom to Mr. and Mrs. •ester Halnzlnger Monday, Decer 25. Howland Smiths Heard From— A recent letter from Mrs. Charles Jones, Union Grove, Wis, contained many facts of interest t o . Algonians and many here. Howland Smith, brother of Mrs. Jones, te a United States postal inspector, and now rei- sldes m the south. Recently h e made a trip by plane to California on official business, and while there he visited his step-mother, Mrs Laura Hunt-Smith, widow of John Smith at Santa Monica. Mrs. Smith, formerly an Algona, woman, now past 80 had been, in Wichita, Kans. where she had a major operation. She recovered sufficiently to return home, where she was still recuperating. Mr. Smith also visited two sisters, Mrs. Lucus Harris, and Mrs. William Harris, both of Santa Monica. Mrs. Jones, who was a niece of the late Lewis H. Smith, and of Mrs. J. .B. Robison here, recalled that the Rev. Mr. Suckow, who was a speaker at both the 50th and the 7oith anniversary celebrations of the Algona Congregationti church, Was la minister at Alden while she arid Mr. Jones lived there. Vernon Crouch is Married— A ceremony of interest to friends here took place at Reno, Nev., November 22, when Margaret Schermer 20, Gridley, Calif., and Vernon Crouch formerly Algona were married at St. Luke's Lutheran church, the Rev. Arthur C. Keck officiating The bride is the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John E Schermer, and the grandaughter of Mr. and Mrs. S. D. Gridley, of Gridley. She was graduated from the Gridley high- school in 1030, and later from a business school in Sacremento. Vernon is the son of H. F. Crouch, Algffna, and a nephew of George Crouch of this vicinity. More than two years ago he and LeRoy Crouch, Irvington, went west,and found work on a 1000 acre ranch owned and managed by Mr. and Mrs. Gridley. Last spring he returned to the ranch, and has been there ever since. LeRoy and .Noble Crouch, of this vicinity, and Verne Christ!, who worked here re-turned to the ranch, last summer. After a honeymoon trip ito San Francisco Bay the couple returned to the ranch, where they will make their home. Harry Watson, 45, Dead- > **» ^ Blythe's at Chicago a few weeks ago, plan to return this week. Mrs. Schichll writes that Wendell, eldest eon of Mr. and Mrs. Blytthe, recently caught ia finger in an electric wringer, and several stitches had to be taken to close the wound. Clilcltenpox Is Epidemic Hero— . Most of the schools 'In this and neighboring townships -wjiu reop«n this week Tuesday, after vacation of a week and a day. The attendance Is expected to be light, as the com- mutilty is undergoing an epidemic of chlckenpox. John AfcGuIre* Have Baby- Mr, and Mrs. John McGuire are parents of a daughter, bom December 19, Mr, McGulre, who Is employ, ed on road work In Pocahontas c oun- ty, makes frequent itrlps home. Other Irvlngton. The Austin Summers family drove to Eagle Grove to be with the E H. McCormtcks Christmas day. They were accompanied by Arnold McCor. mick, who had been at the Summers home a week. Mrs. Emma Crouch, George Crouch, LeRoy Crouch, and Florence Nellls, were guests Sunday of Mrs. Crouch's mother, Mrs. Martha Knudtson, Bode. Marjorie Rlley Lu Verne, spent several days of the Christmas vacation with her grandmother, Mrs. Charles Sankey Edward and August Scheppman', Oka- bee, Minn., recently visited sev- FARM NEWS W. J. Payne, Editor C. If. Klnmp, Field Reporter. era! days at their uncle Henry Scheppman's Sr. Minnie Scheppman hSis been visiting a few days at West Bend. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Morris Parsons Christmas day wore Mr and Mrs. W. A. Parsons, Belmond:, Mr. andl Mrs. Merrltt Buntls, near Algona, Edith R ee d, Mi-s. Rachel Shackelford, Algona, and the latter a son Edward, who Svas at home for a few dh.ys from Eldora, where he is with the C. C. C. Mrs. Buntis returned to Belmcmd with. Mr. and Mrs. Parsons for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Llndhorst, Titonka, are parents of a son, born December 24. The newcomer has (two brothers and three sisters. The Lindhorst family formerly lived on what is known as the Mansmith farm In Cresco township, the farm now being owned by E. J. Gilmore. Rufus and Homer, O f this vicinity, are brothers. The Aid will meet next week Thursday at the church; Mrs A. McLean and Mrs. Kenneth Roney; hosesses money for six chickens which each member donated to the society last spring will be turned In. More than $50 was taken in at ithc Geoi-ge Stewart sale, ait which members of the society served lunch December 20. Mrs. Nelson, of Ringsted, gave birth to a daughter last week Wednesday, but the baby lived only a fe w hours. Mrs. Nelson, formerly VI- vian Potter, is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Be n Potter, Algona. Dolores Alice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Forhus Stiltz, has been sick with a heavy cold. Mrs. Chlarles Egel 'has been having tonsllitis. Mrs. Austin Summers 'has been sick with sinus .trouble. Merrill Parsons left one day last week for Sioux City, accompanied by Glen McClellan and Frank Bartley, both of Lu Verne,' who (attend Mornlngslde college.. Mrs. Lew Schichtl and her sons Gary and Wayne went to Algona Saturday, December 24, (and remained there for several days with relatives. Clarence Roseau is again depot agent here, after an absence of several weeks at Butterfield, Minn. The Frank Kulows spent the Christmas season with relatives at Ames and Nevada. The Ira L. Christies, five miles north and 3% miles west of Ledyard, are getting ready to move to a 320-acre farm five miles northwest of Belmond in Wright county. The farm where they live now con- sista of 480 acres, and they have 70 high grade Hereford cattle. They are milking 12 cows at present. Mr. Christie has been kept 'busy, •for he .has 'been living on this farm two years and has had little help. A son of 13 helped cultivate corn last season. There is one other child, a daughter, named Zola. The children were having a good time in the anew the day we called and were the picture of health. • * * • 'Edw. Hike, a half mile south and two miles west of Titonka, owns the 120 acres where he lives, also 160 acres a mile south of Titonka where William Spear lives. Mr. Hike is handy at repairing machin- Stephen Lose, Sec. 8 1000 bu Charles Darby, Sec. 2 1000 bu Charles Darby, Sec. 2 •500 bu W. E. Lenz, Sec. 23 Sherman,' bit. ? ,.. Lewis Merkle, Sec. 33 Sherman, 800 bu Elsie Stuessy, Sec. 860 bu. Sherman, $450 Sherman., $460 Sherman, $225 Klslo Stuessy, Sec. Sherman, $383 „. Sherman, *60 bu • $383 Marlon K. Benson, Sec. 10 Sherman, 1150 bu $f )18 H.^J. Qies, Sec. 3 Sherman, 1000 $450 ... Sherman, bu 405 Jonea, Sec. 25 Sherman, 900 bu. Lewis Merklo, Sec, 33 . A. bu. $405 Mary Genrich, Sec. 36 Slierman, 500 bu $225 F. C. Frltzemeler, Sec. "13" Sherman U200 bu $540 F. C. Frltzemeler, Sec. 13 Sher- August A Elbert, Sec. 9 more 1400 bu Hj Batt, Sec. 24 .1475 bu Wihltte- $630 $864 Joseph Besch, Sec. 23 Whittemore, 600 bu. $270 Joseph Besch, Sec. 23 Whlttemore, A. B. Schenck, Sec. 2500 bu. 23 Union, Rose Mem Potter,, Sec. 30 Union, 896 bu Chas W. Scott, Sec. 2 Union, bu. 800 $360 600 bu. $270 Nick Seman, Sec. 22 Whlttemore, 900 bu. $405 Nick Seman, Sec. 22 Whittemore, 800 bu. $3GO Nick Seman, Sec. 22 Whlttemore, 3 °0 bu $136 George Sauder, Sec. 25 Whitte. more, 000 bu $405 M. H. Falkenhalner, Sec. 9 Whlt- temore, ,1000 bu. . P. J. Fucksen, Sec. 20 Whitte$439 man 1400 bu. F. C. Fritzemeier, Sec. lo Sherman 900 bu P. V. Janse, Sec. 22 900 bu. P. V. Janse, Sec. 22 450 bu Geoi^go B. $630 $405 Sherman, $405 Sherman, • • $303 Crouch, Sec. 6 Sher Four Corners Other Fenton r. and Mrs. Waiter Jentz entered their "500" club Sunday! eve- Jentz won F e , w iillam Jentz low. The W. R. ll '«% P. H. Elglers, and 1^. H. dels were entertained at a w^tch y at F. p. Newel's Sunday eve• me event also celebrated the wedding anniversary of MrT and Wolfe. Mr. and Mrs. J]. F. Irene Newel, T. O. Lively, '• and Mrs. C. L. Osborn were Mr, at a similar ..party ' Mary Ja ne ' F. I as guests Edith Wolfe, Ruth |e, and Geneva Glaus. 1 •he Walter Warners. Des Mqtnes. e Sunday to visit the former's 'ts, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Warie Samuel Warners and {heir attended a, family dinner at Mrs. Warner's parents, •nrj ,^ ' attending Winifred Sigsbees, the yfnws, the Edward i* he w. j. siesbees. fra. Everest Dreyer and •feL«**Wat four _ Saturday afternoon at Bierstedts. Elsie score, Methodist the F. M. S meets Thursdy «* the ihffi * F, Gibbons, Hawley, recently tor an dawghter ' E. Dea. Moines Register recently published a short item concerning the death of Harry Watson, 45, December 24, Lewlsburg Pa. The body was shipped to Keokuk, where funeral services were held December 27, Harry was the oldest 'son of the late John Watson and Mrs. Waiteon, the latter now at Keokuk. Besides the mother, Harry left a son, Merle, and a brother Ray, both of San Francisco-, also Mai-shall, another brother, of Harlan. He was a telegrapher by trade and earlier in life was an editor. He was born ait Keokuk, and occasionally visited his parents when they were Irylhgton residents. Algoniuiw Lost* Grand-tighter— Mra. Bob Carney and Mrs. Roy Lee, both of Algona, recently attended the funeral of their grand- flather, Clark Richardson, who died December 26 at his home at Laurens. Mr. Richardson, who had suffered with erysipelas, was apparently much improved, and even celebrated Christmaa day. By the following day he felt well enough to shovel snow from the walks. On returning to thi house he sat down to rest and died without removing hia outdoor clothing-. A son, Henry, of Oregon, returned for the funeral. Elmer Wright Has Operation- Mrs. Kate Chllton, Mrs. Etta Meiers, Victor Hammer, and Henry Scheppman, Jr. recently drove to Plattsville, Wis. to sea Mrs. Chilton's son, Elmer Wright, and his family. Mr. Wright, an ex-service man, recently underwent; an, operation Appendicitis. He was improving but plans were being made for his removal to a government hospital at Chicago, where he will recuperate, Mr. Wright spent some weeks here with hia mother following the death of Mr. Chllton. The Irvington- ians also visited Dubuque and other points. , Surprise for Frank Millers— 4 surprise reunion was held at Frank Miller's Sunday when the children of the Miller's gathered for a New Year's celebration. Attending were Mrs. lioris Crawford, her eons, Mrs., Alice Miller, Minneapolis; the Lloyd WeUendorfs, the Fred, Bartholomewe, the George Millers, Dolpto Milter, and MK>. Mae Filer, all of Algona; and Mr. arid Mrs. farm. WUktos, who Uve on the I$oy Blythe Son Injure&— Mrs. Nina Schichtl and her son The Rich family met at Edward Rich's Christmas day for the annual Christmas celebration with 28 present. Dinner and supper were served by the 'hostess. Cards and visiting furnished amusement' Present were: the Arch Walker, and John Sabln families; Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bjustrom, Avis Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Bi-oesder, Mrs. Edith Rich Earl Rich, and- Mr. and Mrs. Orville Holdren. Margaret, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace Simpson, near Whittemore, was a supper guest. The Arch Walkers spent their Christmas at the parental home the day before Christmas. Present were Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Bjustrom, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Holdren, and the Lewis Broesders, The Lurhl Fesslers, Ringsted, and the Lewis Lowmans Jr. were Christmas dinner guests ait J. P. Nickerson's. The Aiejelt Myers family, also Ringsted, were at the Nickerson home and shopped at Algona a week ago Saturday. Mrs. Verla Lowman entertained her Larkin club .at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Robinson, Friday afternoon.' , Avis Wilson, who had been with tho Edward Riches a month and a 'half, returned to her home last week Wednesday. Mrs. Edith Rich spent last week with the John Sabins but is at present with the Wm. Riches. The Arthur Cruikshanks were Christmas dinner guests of the Angus family at Lone Rock. The Etna Mitchells held a reunion the day before Christmas, This was the first time the family had been together in 11 years. Present at dinner were; Mr. and Mrs. Arie Dititmer, the Noble Mitchells, Mr. and Mrs. Quinteh Bjustrom, the Norval Mitchells, and daughter Dorothy of Fatrfleld, Mr. and Mrs. Edmond Larson, near Doan, the Otto Harlana, Stockport, and Lester Mitchell, Chicago. Mrs. Royce, mother of Mrs. Howard Witham, was taken 1 to the Kossuth hospital Saturday. She was taken with pneumonia last week Tuesday night, and is in serious condition. Mrs. Pearl Potter and her sons pentf. Christmas day with Mra, Potter's mother, Mrs. Jessie Dalziel, Algona, and New Year's witji Mrs. Potter, also Algona. «ry. The slip-clutch on his corn sheller would not work as he wanted it to do, so he was making one out of a slip-clutch from a corn planter the day we called. He also showed us a cement mixer he built out of a steel barrel. In addition he built his own corn picker tank which will carry 50 bushels of corn. And on top of all that he Ibuilt all buildings on the place, and had only a little extra help when he built his barn. The Hikes have lived in that neighborhood 41 years They have two children, Arthur and Viola, and Arthur drove to Ames to get his sister, who was coming home for the Christmas holidays. * * * « A. M. Berhow farms 235 acres, and he has lived three years where he is now. He had 60 head of hogs ready for market when we called last week Wednesday, and he remarked that he did not know whether to sell them or keep them a while longer in the hope that the hog market would go up. It was not paying him, he said, to feed hogs at the prices now prevailing for hogs and corn. We noticed that he Jias some wild hay on the place Thus was worth noting, for there is no longer much wild hay in this county. The Berhows milk nine cows. There are three little girls and two boys in the family. The children were having plenty fun with Christmas toys, particularly a mouth-organ. The Berhows live five miles north and two miles west of Ledyard. man, 750 bu 3333 U. S. Cosgrove, Sec. ,6 Sherman, _ 250 ° bu $11*26 Georgia B. Crouch, Sec. 6 Sherman, 750 bu B. L. Kuhlman, Sec. 1500 bu William Kessellng Jr. Sec. Si'sher- man, 1700 bu $755 William Kessellng Jr. Sec. 31 Sherman, 1700 bu $705 Springfield. Robert Curtis, Sec. 30 Springfield, 7 Sherman, $675 more, 975 bu. . J. Fuchson, Sec. 20 Whlttemore' * r ° J> u , 4u Theo Bosch, Sec. 27 Whlttemore, 600 bu » 2 •I. B. Thiel, Sec. 26 Wblttemore, 1400 bu «g Emma Steler, Sec. 20 Whlttemore, 720 bu $3 Emma Steler, Sec. 20 Whittemore, 1380 fou SB21 H. L. Simpson, Sec. 3 Whittemore, 2900 b " $1305 Leo Waldschmidt, Sec. 17 Whltte- ore, 1350 bu. ?60g Ava Simpson, Sec. 3 Whittemore, W. Black, Sec. 10 Union, 925 J. W. Black, Sec. 10 Union,' 925 OU *41 f* L. Gisch, Sec. 28 Union,' s'o'oV bu. L. Gisch, Sec. 2«'Union,' 2000'bu!°° J °bu KIcmme ' S< *'' 25 '' Union,' '475°° H. W. POST Dray and Transfer STORAGE OFALL KINDS Long Distance Hauling. Every load insured against loss and damage of all kinds. Equipped to do all kinds of hauling and draying. PHONE 288 Algona, low* 1000 bu. $450 M. R. & Hugh Martin Duffy, Sec. 19 Whlttemore, 600 bu. $270 M. R, Duffy, Sec. 19 Whittemore, 1100 bu $ 495 H. L. Potter, Sec. 25 Whittemore, »50 b " $383 Jos Thilges, Sec. 27 Whittemore, 1100 bu. 850 bu. $343 Carleton R. Lyons, Sec. 12 Springfield, 900 bu. $405 Carleton R. Lyons, Sec. 12 Springfield, 900 bu $405 L. W. Wiemer, Sec. 19 Springfield, 1000 bu $450 Charles H. Deibler, Sec. 18 Springfield, 900 bu. $405 * * * * William Goche, who lives at the southeast edge of Bancroft, is a busy farmer. When we called the last day of the old year he was ibuilding an addition to his barn. The frame was of cedar posts, and ifor boards on the outside he was using some taken from an old building that once stood on the first farm east of wihere he lives. He remarked that the boards already looked old and weather worn when he came to Bancroft 40 years' ago, and they have never been painted, yet .they are still in good condition. Boards at that time were left in the rough and were a real inch thick. * * * * Dick Dontje, who lives three- fourths of a mile south of Gerled is Henry Dontje Sr.'s youngest son, and he is starting much like an oldtimer. .In the neighborhood they call him the "homesteader." He and his family live in a small shack, yet are comfortable. The barn is much like an oldtime sod building. (Dick is some genius, for he used woven wire on the inside ifor walls, also on outside. The wire is tacked to posts two feet apart. The space between was filled with straw and old ihay, and hay was used for the roof. It is a warm building for stock. • • * • The John J, Schulers, 3 3-4 miles east and a mile south of Swea City, were taken ,by surprise when their son Geo. J. and Marjorie lone Simmons were married December 23 at the Immanuel Lutheran parsonage at iSwea City. The Rev. Raymond C. Swanson spoke • the words that made them man and wife, and they lefit at once for a wedding trip to Cedar Rapids,where they were to epend a month. After March 1 they will toe at home on what is called the Tom Powell farm, three miles east and a mile south of 'Swea City. Charles H. Deibler, Sec. IS Springfield, 700 bu $315 Art & Willie Domhardt, Sec. 7 Springfield, 700 bu $315 E. A. Miller, Sec. 9 Springfield, 1000 bu $4.50 E. A. Miller, Sec. 9 Springfield, 1000 bu $4.50 Swea. Morton Roalson, Sec. 13 Swea, 600 $'270 bu. A. R. Bexell, Sec. 3 Swea, 800 bu. ?3-60 Dewey Anderson, Sec. 3 Swea, 200 bu $00 Dewey Anderson, Sec. 3 Swea, 350 bu ji, 58 William H. Evans, Sec. 23 Swea 3500 bu $1575 Chris Beck, Sec. 4 Swea 1500 bu. $495 $•675 O. L. Thoresen, sec. 3 Swea, 1590 ... $675 Swea, bu. Reubln Knutson, Sec. so ll'SOO bu William Krumm, Sec. 25 Swea, 1000 bu $450 Albert Kollasch, Sec. 25 Swea IIWO bu $495 Albert Kollasch, Sec. 25 Swea 1500 bu $675 Albert Kollasch, Sec. 25 Swea 1500 bu |675 Geo. D. Pearson, Sec. 2 Swea 1100 bu $49,5 Wesley. J. F. Cruise Sec. 23 Wesley, 1200 ,bu. Anna Angle, Sec. .16 $540 Wesley, 2800 bu $1260 John H. Reid, Sec. 17 Wesley, 1500 bu Adolph Girres, Sec. 19 .1100 bu $495 Adolph Girres, Sec. 19 Wesley, $675 Wesley, 1000 bu. 450 .A. J. Martinek, Sec. 17 Wesley, H300 bu S585 L. A. Boleneus, Sec. 8 Wesley, 1tt25 bu $50$ D. H. Struthers, Sec. 5 Wesley, 1+BO Ij u ' $630 D. H. Struthers, Sec. 5 Wesley, 1400 !m ?630 D. H. Struthers, Sec. 5 Wesley, 300 bu $135 Tom Ellefson, Sec. 6 Wesley. 1300 C. L. Cavanaugh, Sec. 27 Whltte- more, ll^OO bu $5,85 Mrs. Kaherine Thilges, Sec. 27 Whlttemore, |l;100 bu $495 W. H. Brandow, Sec. 13 Whittemore,470 bu $312 W, H. Brandow, Sec. 13 Whltte- more, 1125 bu $50,6 Nick Reding, Sec. lo Whlttemore, &5( > bu $428 F. W. Dingley, Sec. |12 Wliltte- more, 2580 bu $1161 F. W. Dingley, Sec. la Whittemore, 2900 bu $1305 Everett Nash, Sec. 14 Whittemore, 275 bu Union. Emil Mlttag, Sec. 21, Union, 1200 Tbu V *540 J. F Devine, Sec. 25 Union, 775 bu John p. Byson, Sec. 36*' Union, T62 <> b " $279 John p. Byson, Sec. 36 Union, 680 bu _ yjjQg •Mrs. j. F. Schoby, Sec.'ai'union, 1100 bu. $495 Ben. w. Reid, Sec. a* Union 1150 bu. $518 Ben. W. Reid, Sec. OB Union 1150 bu. $518 A. M. Gustafson, Sec. lo Union, 750 bu ..................... 33 j 8 Nick Scholtes, Sec. ,10 Union,' 1000 bu Erwin Gerber, Sec, $450 30 Unionj bu ..................... $219 W. J. Bourne, Sec. 5 Union,' 1800 bu ......................... | glo John Long, Jr., Sec. 12 " Union, !700 bu ................... $ 765 Hugh McMahon Sec. 8 Union, 400 ........ $180 23 Union, bu. A, B. Schenck, Sec. 2000 bu $ 900 Sale Dates _ Jan. 10—,Ira W. Newbrough, closing out sale, west of Lone Rock, Wednesday, January 10. Jan. 17-^Frank Bennett, closing •out sale, half mile east and four miles south of Burt, on Wednesday, January 17. Since the democrats came into power our cows have dropped a large percentage of heifer calves, so we hare too much yonng stock and must reduce. We are therefore offering excellent yearlings and 2-jear- olds at attractive prices. We also have a few good Dull calves, Including one out of a 516-lb. cow now large enough for light service. , „ • • : : , *li We think we can say without boasting that these offerings present a real opportunity to get A-l foundation stock at right prices. •Quality and Productions In our herd we have for many years aimed at the best. By testing and culling we have approached a long sought goal, towit a high-producing herd of exceptional quality. We have increased our herd averages of butterfat each year till for the year just closed our 26 cows produced an average of 11,986 pounds of milk testing 3.45 and making 416.6'fat per cow. . . '. , ; • ijti Compare These Figures 1931—Average butterfat 374 ij, s< 1932—Average butterfat 573 I DS . 1938—Average butterfat , 4i« I DS< Average income per cow, 1933 $99.53 Average profit over feed cost per cow $55.48 C R. SCHOBY & SON C. B. SCHOBY FBAJW SCHOBY HOLSTEDf-FBIESIAlf CATTLE Bode Postoffice Six miles south of fair grounds on No. 169. bu. $585 Divert Michaelson, Sec. 6 Wesley, 384 bu $ 173 Divert Michaelson, Sec. 6 Wesley, 705 bu. .' 1344 A. B. Venteicher, Sec. 7 Wesley, 1100 bu _ ?4D5 A. B. Venteicher," Sec; 7 Wesley, 1100 bu ?495 Whittemore. Margaret Youngwirth, Sec. Whittemore, ifloo bu. ....' IIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM .Closing-Out Sale.. LOANS Continued from page 8) Specials S the main graveled road between Fenton and Lone Rockfon Located on Wednesday, Jan. 10th S Commencing at one o'clock Lunch on the Ground Chas. O. Jacobaon. Sec. 19 Seneca, 820 bu Chas. O. Jacobson, Sec. 19 Senec'a, 2000 bu ..................... |9 Peter Oiling, Sec. 30 Seneca, 1000 bu ......................... 1450 Charles Jacobson & A. G., Sec. 19 Seneca, 2000 bu ............. $900 Henry P. Blumer & J. N. Hoien. Jr. Sec. 18, Seneca, 900 bu. . . $405 J. N. Helen, Jr. Sec. 18 Seneca, 310 bu. $140 J. N. Holen, Jr. Sec, 18 Seneca, 200 bu , $9o Al, E. Nelson, Sec. 29 Seneca, 900 bu 1405 August A. Nelson Sec. 29 Seneca, 900 bu. Joe Crowley, Sec, 27 Seneca, 1160 bu , «5| Martin \v. Geerdes, Sec. 2 Seneca, 450 bu 1203 Mai-tin W. Geerdes, Sec. 2 Seneca, 450 bu. The Everett and Howard Wlthlanis were Christmas dinner guests of ho Austin Withams, Algona. The William Draytoiw and John Riches spent Chjlstmas day with Wm- Riches. The Bthan Wgtots were also present. Lu Verne, Dec. 5[an, Stricken. Ramm was found unconscious in the theater building at 2 o'clock a week ago Saturday. It vas evident that ie 'had suffered 4 stroke. He was aken to bis daughter, Ufa. Anna Block's, . Carl . P. Peterson, See. 7 Seneca, Club Frankfurters, per pound Sauerkraut, No. 2 1-2 can Eatwell Preserves, 2 pound jar Pure Buckwheat, 5-lb. bag , __. Superb Amber Syrup, 10 Ib. pail — Morning Light Corn, 2 No. 2 cans- White Loaf Flour, 1250 bu Curtis Olsen, Sec. }8 Seneca, 775 bu. F. C. Dransfeldt, Sec. 26 Seneca, $349 750 bu. F. C. Dransfeldt, Sec. 26 Seneca, 650 bu. $293 George H. Johnson, Sec. 10 Seneca, •600 bu. $270 Mrs. Agnes McBrlde, Sec. 2« Seneca 800 bu ................... $360 Sherman. Nick Hubert, gee. n Sherman, 620 I bu Nick ..Hubert, Sec. u 750 bu ........ . 1379 10c 15c 23c 29c 4Sc 15c 49 Ib. bag _S1.79 First Prize Flour, £ 4 CO 49 Ib. bag 9 I -Ow Argo Starch,, O<* dime pkg. Ov Vogue Toilet Soap, £j_ big cake QQ Cocoa, Walter 4 ft'—. Baker's, 1-2 Ib. can , 1 UC Wheat Qereal, Bobb Boss, pkg. „__. Superb Oats, 65-oz. pkg. _. Crackers, 2 Ib. box Corn Meal, 5 Ib. bag __. Lard, pound pkg. _. Prunes, 2 Ib. bag Head of Horses bay S? W!n S 12 vs. old, wt. 1500 and sound; one gray mare 13 14 "• old ' wt 160 °. 801 ">d; one bay y 14 4 -,1H ' 13V 2C 13c 7I/2C 16c Head of Cattle Three good milch cows, 2 fresh now; and two young calves. THREE GOOD FALL PIGS Farm Machinery, Etc. Sandwich elevator complete with jack and power, good line 14-in. gang plow; McCormick 6-ft. mower; John Deere corn rods of wire; McCormick-Deering 2-row cultivator; 2 single" Deermg binder, 8-ft; Emerson 16-in. sulky plow- McCormick spreader; McCormick-Deering 10-ft. disc; one 10-ft disc- ™« ?n ft row, with cart; Hoosier endgate seeder; Mcqormiek'-Deering honeI ami gas engine, good as new; tank heater, almost new; 2 sets of fly covers ?$ e ffT*V£ e hand1 ? orn sheller ; 3 steel and 1 wooden barrel 6 cS and feeder; 5 horse collars; seed corn dryer; and many othe^-articles. TWO GI2ESE A_q> OJfE GANDER ^^"^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^B^^^^-M_B TERMS—CASH. W. NEWBROUGH FI4IG & STEWABT, Auctioneer., 1C. -?ri*

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