The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 17, 1949 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 17, 1949
Page 17
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, MARCH 17, 1949 BIATHEVILL* 'ARK,) COURIER NKWi frnnkfurthers complete olden Omelet isty'Stretcher' Versatile Egg Makes Cooking Easy, Still Gives Good Meals lie versatile egg can be friend, led, shirred or poached but one the favorite ways of serving' It i omelet form. Tender and tasy, omelet Is also an excellent egg etcher." ilaklug an omelet is easy. If vo' w how. The first requirement a good omelet is a good egg or ;s, of coursn. Freshly laid eg«s ! now In plentiful supply so now the lime to enjoy them. Hie first rule of egg cookery Is occiie sauce, use low to moderate cooking npcratures. Cooking nl high heat ighens protein and tends to cur: eyg and milk mixtures. KKUS ve a high protein content which only requires careful cooking also makes them a major al- •nntlve for meat. In the meal. femcmber also that the whiles eggs will whip up best tr per- ttcd lo stand a while before Ating. Eggs nt room temperature ilp better than eggs right out of p rpfrit'Prator. Now for the omelet. Omelets ould be [iencrous. so a good rule to allow throe c^s for each two yple to be served. Jelly Omelet To make a fluffy Jelly Omelet for ILH-. the recipe is: eggs |3 tablespoons cold water ialt aud pepper J tablespoons butter !;• cup whipped currant, plum or I crabappte Jelly • Separate yolks of es". c from liites. Beat the whites \iniil frothy. >w add the water and snlt and pper. Continue beating until stiff it not dry. Next beat the yolks of e eggs until they are liBht and ick. Fold them Into the whites adually, using a lifjht tincler-Rnri- er motion. Don't over-mix or me of the air beaten into tlie e^Rs II be lost. Heat the butter In a s'-illet and iur In the egg mixture. Cover nnd ok over low heat uiHi! the mix- re puffs. This should take about I ght minutes. Then uncover and dish cooking In a moderate oven 25 degrees P.) for about JO mines. When the omelet is done U lould spring back when touched Bth n finger. I While the omelet Is cooking, mea- Ire out about half R cup of, cur- Int, pulm, crabapple or any other j Ivorite flavor of jelly from the | focers and beat lightly with a | Irk. After the omelet Is done spread lie jelly over the top of It, crease trough the center and fold it 1 over Wialf. Then roll the omelet onto hot platter and serve Rt once. Packaged Items Appropriate for Everyday Meals Take time right now to survey that certain shelf you save for packaged Items. If Its stocks arc low. make a list and replenish it the next time you shop, Rather thnn save the foods on this shelf exclusively for emergencies. I''!"' some of your meals around them. You'll find this especially easy U you depend on some of the cunned mea'. ;,ems. For ex- nmple. Vienna-style sausages makes hot, hearty potato soup a meal In itself. Just cut the snusaBOK and [loaf. ''1C slictis. suggests Rcl>3 StaKKS, home economist. Or you might top baked jtuffec! potatoes with some of t'.ie new cocktail-sl/.e Enameled Utensils 3ood Investment For Many Duties Kitchen utensils which ran be used tor more than one purpose ate «l Investments, They not only bar- Pre-Packaged let Cream Good, Nutritiouj Food II mny soviiid allly to tMk nbout Itie nutrition In Ice cream toi-iuur everybody knows (hat Ice crcnm Is emeu (or Inn. But It's comforllnx (or mothers to know that Ice cream l.s « highly nutritious food and that space. Utensils made of porcelntn mel are known for their triple- ft duty features. They can be used for li preparing and cooking foods, loi ; u storing foods In the refrU>eraloi and for rehentlng leftovers Many enameled utensils mny nlso he used as Informal serving dishes. Many specific ennmelecl IIU-IIMU are designed to he used for more wliiit dues Ice cream have In ids over hot water. The two soc- ns of the tjoller may also Ix 1 d as two separate saucepans 'orcclaln enameled refrigerator itnlners ore primarily used for safe stornse of fresh mid lofl- r foods. They may also be u.^d k'ftovei's, HlLiilniUlnj,' the tiecesslty of Irans- than one purpose. Double boilers, ferrlna Hit' food to another for example, servo the |mirti<>al ; utensil. This stives both time purpose of safely cookliiR delicate dlshwiishlnK. and th« w«y of nutrition? plenty I Its clileJ Inirtdluilj. «r« -itim, milk, non-fat milk solids «nd sugar. That means proteins, lals. carbohydrste.i, minerals mid all lh« vllnmlnj lor which dietary quutu have been vt'O- ommehded. with »ll Ihiu to ,ofl«r, It's no wonder (lut wls« mothers make this an "eni often" snnt'k for children us well B .s K nourishing dewert. ;rhe way Ice rrenni eomrs loit/v In Its mosl modern (oiin. pre-pack»Ked In sanitary paraffined cn 1 - lom. It inakes a coiiv-Milptil f(KXl to keep on hand. There's tin »'nlt- IIIR tit the store lo Imvc a container filled and there's easy storage In the refrigerator offered by the cur- tou when you net the Ice cream home. Since the carton Is oblong, the Ice rrt-nm li-mls llscK lo Qiilc'k slicing for nlliiicllve, neat serving doi'sn't need to l}f scoopeti out. Just Jill! open the carton and slice Ihe Ice cream. Demand for Postmark Of St. Patrick, Mo., Exceptionally Heavy SAINT I'ATIUCK. Mo.. March 17 - f.'V)—The worldwide demand [or the unique postmark of I Ills little village - n shamrock Ln HI con Ink - hn,i bcrn heavier than ever this yeur. "They come from Just ubiint every country-all except Russia." MI lit Mrs. l,ilvetn I.OKsdon, the i>ust- muster. Toiloy HI. Patrick's duy, .she fiKiircil she hntl received mitre Hum 25,01)0 plrce.s of mull to be stumped. This yeur Is her first yeur ul the job, l)nt nobody had to show her hnw to hiindle It. "I've lived lierc a i time, ond ] nlreiuly knew," she Window and Neon Sign Lights Cut in Germany HAMIIUIJO, CJcrmnny -In'i— ISc- cnnse of Ihe crillclsjn ol Hie Urlllsh munnily here German shnpkcep prx lutve been ordered lo cut down their window HghtliiK niul neon .sluns. liiilon.s pointed to tile difference between austere Britain, i-lrrliicily Is severely rationed, mid lliimbuiu where sho|> window llnhls weie left on nil nlKlil for display uml Hie whole city had e.ome out Ui u rush of neon signs. A mulsh offlclnl sliitcmcnt said tin- .shops und .sl^ns u.sed only o»e- hiilf of one per mil ot the ilul llHinljiiiK loud, The city was alrcntly .. . exportlim one-lhlid ot Its electric-. I Hy production nnd pltumhitt.lo ex- ] .And, she could Mill lulu It wlih I port more, the slnUimenl ndded. moie Iliuu ordinary Interest, Shu's! ^ lilsll, hersrlt. Id-nit Courier News Wnlll Ails floast beef, stews and pot-roasts even come In cans nowadays, and think of the time you can suve vo.ur.sclf by serving them. Meat Mils and Jtravy. perfect for servlmt over rice, are another good choice When guests come and your shelf does become an "emergency" shelf fold deviled ham Into a souffle to serve with'a tossed salad. This meal, w ith some of the other canned meat spreads, such as potted nicul or liver spread. Is an excellent base for a sandivlcji spread. The most primitive of the woodwind, instruments is the flfc or Mute Tlic smallest member of the nut family Is the piccolo. 're Flavor-rich FRANKFURTERS! I Color blindness may be either tquired or congenital. I In partial color blindness only lime colors seem gray. enjoy a / - way treat with « fc * SMOKED * BEEF TONGUE~ fc» Mayrose TO COOK SMOKED BEEF TONGUE Plai:R tongno in lar^e keltic. -Cover with Tvarm water. Bring lo boiling poinL Reduce heat and cook plovvly »p- cording lo weight until fender. COOXING SCHEDULE W*Ight Cooking Tim* 1 lo 3 poundi... ..Z'/ito I'A hour* 5 to 4 pounds 3 ] /2 to 4 tour* < lo 5 poundi .4 lo J hour* When cool enough (o handle, peel off the akin, «!ice and nerve-plain or with sauce. A 3J$ to 4 pound tongue will give upproximntely 30 slices Vs-i^ch thick. Put the leftover beef tongue in the refrigerator, and serve at another meal as a deliciona cold plate. &XOCEK/ES VEGETABLES Heil Brand SLICED BACOH ,49 CHEESE FOOD K»r a Quick, economical Lunch BOLAGNA each D" . Hi. OJ (•Dvcrnmcnl (irudcrl Cliurk BEEF ROAST 55 ItVKiilttr, I,b. 2.'!c COLORED OLEO SI i eiiU-0-l.i'nii SALTMEAT Swift's , CREAMERY BUTTER , h 39' ,„ 29: Hi. o5 Home Dressed HENS & FRYERS In heavy syrup, Sacramento PEACH ES«' ^25' AM Popular Brands CIGARETTES* ( 107 Assorted flavors JELLO 3 pkgs. 25 C Washing Powder TREND....2 S= 33 C The soap that gets the dirt SWAN....3 ^ 23 C The Dainty Cooking Fat HUMKO....ib 23 ( For Better Salads WESSON OIL- - quan 59c The Pause That Refreshes COCA-COLA - - case 89c Libby's Sliced or Crushed PINEAPPLE - - - - No. 2 can 33c The Soap with the clean, fresh scent LIFEBUOY SOAP 3 bars 2k Frash, crisp CARROTS 2 •—15c Fresh GREEN BEANS...Jb. 19c Juicy Florida ORANGES...8 Ib. bag 49c New U. S. No. 1 POTATOES...3 Ibs. 25c FRUIT */*aViCiTAili Mi.vcil Vegetable .Inice V-EIGHT Adams ORANGE JUICE Dole's PINEAPPLE JUICE Welch's GRAPE JUICE Texsim GRAPEFRUIT JUICE „,„,„„ 21' LIBERTY CASH GROCERY Low Prices Everyday

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