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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, January 4, 1934
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Weather PROBABLY SNOW, decidedly * colder Monday, continued cold Tuefld*jr»1l r «4neftd«r, rising temper- •turt Thursday, Friday | generally fair Tu«»d«y, Wednesday. • Volume 33 ALGONA, IOWA, JANUARY 4, 1934 10 Pages Number 16 CORN LOANS PASS HALF MILLION 4 A %«rann «tu ^<h. _ 7 ! • ~ —— — _ • • ^^^ . ^ m 12 YEARS ON BOARD ENDED BY WESLEYAN Funnemark Is Out as Supervisor in the 3rd District. After 12 years, Olaf Funnemark, Wesley, yielded his seat on the board of supervisors Tuesday. His Successor is William Cosgrove, also »f Wesley. Mr. Punnemark succeeded Kdbus Tjaden, Titonka. This period, like the preceding period, has been a period of great development in the county, but in the last 12 years the period has been characterized mainly by road development, while in the preceding period the dominant development concerned drainage. In 1922, when Mr. Funnemark (took -office, there was only one five-mile stretch of improved road in the county. Today Kossuth boastfl of 925 miles of paving and gravel. During the same period road bonds have been reduced from 9620,000 to $274,000. Lucky Gravel Deal. Mr. Funnemark' has had his due part in all of this, and his good sense and balanced judgment have Ibeen of great value. A county of- ificial, reviewing Mr. iFunnemark's service, cites one instance characteristic of the Wesleyan'a fore- Bight. Some years ago it was learned that a quarter-section of land on No. 18 east of the county line, in (Hancock county, and just west of (Hutchins, was for sale at an attractive figure. More than half of this land was gravel. Up to that time gravel lor roads had been bought by the cubic yard or in email .acreages. Mr. Funnemark saw the value of this land for road purposes, and he and County Engineer Smith tried to get the Hancock board to Join Kossuth in buying it. The Hancock supervisors refused, but Mr. Fun• nemark- induced the; Kossuth -board to ibuy the whole tract. Sales Pay for Land. The result is that this county has liad a ready source of gravel and for years has (been, selling gravel to Hancock county and the state at $400 an acre. Ninety acres of slough land has been sold, and today the county has nothing invested in the 70 acres which it has left, having sold enough gravel ond land to cover all that was put into it. ; Everybody from Kossufch who (travels No. 18 east can take pride in joint ownership of this gravel land,' which lies on the south side of the paving 1% miles this side of Hutchins. Mr. 'Funnemark and the rest of the board have wisely bougtot gravel lands wherever ithey hs;ve (found it in strategic points, and today the county owns no fewer than 112 pits, a record not equalled, it is believed, elsewhere in the state. Builds DistricfBoads. In his own district Mr. Funne- imark has built main-traveled gravel roads from Titonka south to No. 18, and from Titonka to Bancroft, Burt, and Woden,, and these roads land others have been kept in good condition. 'Continuation of Mr. Funnemark's good record is expected from Mr. Cosgrove, who has long been prominent in the Wesley neighborhood and is widely known for his abili- Hies and his hard-headed good sense, it has been remarked that the supervisor district on the east •nas been fortunate to have the ser vices of such outstanding men as Messrs. Tjaden, Funnemark, and Cosgrove. Deposits Insured m Algona'. Bank The Iowa State bank has receiv- - T Ch8rter to' the Federal De, • Insuranoe Corporation, dated > 1934,. the day the new P? sl t insurance law her ef $ ect ' ve - T'ae certificate is numbered 950, which indicates that °* e th e early certificates ».iWM niore than' 10 r _banks m the United states, ALGONA Markets HOGS Best.med. wt. 10 to 200 ...... ffsj med. wt 200 to 260 ....... Heavy Butchers 2fft to 300 .. 6H y butetors 300 ttf 350 H> S<W * 30(> *»' 85fl> • ' w SOWS, 360 to 400 ..._ Hyy Sows 400 'to 500 .... . 140 pounds ......". .. «. 160 pounds .......... CATTLE " and cutters ;...50c to $1.50 to ?3.00to. $2.«0 $2.90 ??.80 »2.00 .$1.80 $2.00 $2.30 fl.25 $2.00 j. GRAIN *Jo. 3 yellojy co No 2 white corn 4 Sectional Schools in County {Planned Next Week. The corn-hog program is at last almost ready for business. Next week is expected to see operations begun in Kossuth. County Agent Bonnstetter and H. J. Bode go to Ames today to attend •a three-day school of instruction. On their return activities will at once begin here, it is expected. Plans for the corn-hog drive in every township in the county have •been ready ifor. weeks, and the township set-up has been completed. Everything is ready to go the minute that the .starting gun is fired. Four Schools Planned. It is expected that four sectional schools of instruction will be held first, probably (beginning next week, one meeting each at Whittemore, Wesley, Lakota, and Swea City. (For this 'purpose the county has been divided into four sections, as follows: Whittemore—Fenton, Lotts Greek, Union, Whittemore, Oresco, Garfield, and Riverdale. Wesley — Buffalo, Plum Creek, Wesley, Irvington, Prairie, Sherman, Lu Verne. Lakota—Springfield, Hebron, Ledyard, Lincoln, Ramsey, German, Portland. Swea City—Eagle, Grant, Swoa, Harrison, Seneca, Greenwood, Burt. Committeemen to Attend. The corn-hog committee members in each section .will attend t)he meeting - for their .sections respec- tively''andfwill take "their own work sheets with them • to learn how the same are ito be made out. These meetings will not be for farmers other than township committee members. Eadh member will receive a mailed notice of the meeting he is to attend. A district field manager, extension men from Ames, and County Agent Bonnstetter will .conduct the schools of instruction. County Committee Set-Up. .Members of the township committee set-ups who will attend their respective schools follow: Sherman—John Geishecker, Livermore; Frank and Jos. Wadleigh, Lu Verne; Paul Blumer and Pete Bormann, Livermore. Whittemore—Ed Youngwlrth and J. W. Simpson, Whittemore; Charles iCorn-Hog. (Continued on page 10.) MORRIS AGAIN MADE CHAIRMAN OF BOARD Chas. Morris was reelected chairman oC the board of supervisors Tuesday morning, when the board organized for 1934. Will Cosgrove, Titonka, came on the board, succeeding Olaf iFunnemark, Wesley, who was defeated in 'the 1932 election. Supervisor's .terms are for three years, and Mr. (Funnemark's term did not expire till this January. The-Kossuth County Advance, the Upper Des Moines, and 'the Bancroft Register were named official papers. The board allowed bills, and- yesterday forenoon approved depositories of county funds as follows: Iowa State bank, Algona, $400,000; $86,000 each for the Ledyard State bank, the Titonka Savings, the Wesley Exchange State, the Bancroft Farmers & Traders Savings, the Lone Rock bank, the Whittemore Farmers State bank, and the Burt Savings bank. Deposits up to $50,000 in the Lu Verne branch of the Humiboldt Trust & Savings bank were authorized. Dry Forces Call Meeting Tomorrow W, S. Windell, Algona, who was dry county chairman in last spring's pre-election drive in Iowa against repeal of the l»th amendment, issued a call a week ago for a mass meeting pf Kossuth temperance forces at the Congregational church here tomorrow morning at 10 o'clock. The call said: "This meeting is for organization 'Purposes and to prepare for another Eight, which the liquor element is lorcing on us. This element is in control of the legislature and intends to go the limit." pinner for Prisoners, James (Brown, transient, was sentenced to ten days in Jail by Mayor Specht December 20 on a charge of drunkenness, and was released Saturday. He and George I -jyeye the only prisoners over and thev had a <" „ ^FW* ;fi v * **«?* v plus all trimmings Corn-Hog Drive About to Be Opened SCHOOL HELD ~ ~ AT AMES FOR STATE STAFF Elmore Man Hit by Algona Car Passes at Estherville vesiai inacKeray, 34, Elmore, died Sunday in a hospital at Es- therviMe from injuries suffered when he was struck by a car driven by Henry Bunkofske, Algona barber. The accident occurred near the iFrank Kelly home at Gerled, where Mr. and Mrs. Thackery and their four children were guests Christmas day. Following dinner Mr. Thackery went out with Mr. Kelly, his brother-in-law, who operates a county snowplow to push snow from No. 9. It was still snowing and visibility was low. The plow motor stopped, and Mr. Kelly ran to the house to get his car to pull the plow off the road, Mr. Thackery staying to warn cars. Two cars were coming from the east and one from the west, and Mr. Thackery waved the one from the west to a. stop, then turned east, thinking that car had stopped. 200 EXPECTED FOR METHODIST PASTOR AND LAYMAN MEET • Dist. >Supt. W.'G. Muhleman. has called an Algona district conference of Methodist pastors and laymen to be held at ithe Methodist church here next Monday. An attendance of upwards of '200 persons is expected. The program will open at 9:30 a. m. with devotions led by the .Rev. W. A. Winterstein, Clarion. At 10 the Rev. Mr. Muhleman will deliver an address on the challenge to the church 'from a changing world. Burdette T. Agard, Algona, will speak at 10:45 on the plans of laymen to meet rthe world challenge, and at 11:15 flhe Rev. B. W. Riner, Clear I/ake, will give a ten minute This was Mr. Bunkofske's car, and because of the glare of lights on approaching cars and poor lights on his own car he failed to see Thackery, whom the car struck breaking both legs below the knee cutting off a finger, and inflicting internal injuries. The following day an operation was performed and six inches of the injured man's intestines were removed. Thackery, who had been working 'at the Glen Vaughn produce house, Elmore, is survived by his wife and four children, .the eldest 12; also by his mother, Mrs. William Thackery, brother Virgil, and sister, Mrs John Jongiberg, all of Swea City, and another sister, Mrs. Kelly. Coroner R. A. Evans is contemplating an inquest to make an official record of the accident. No charges have been brought against Bunkofske, who was uninjured wthen his car was wrecked. HUTCHISON SONS FORM LAW FIRM A new legal partnership, both members of which were born and reared in Algona, was organized January 1, when Donald Hutchison, for 12 years attorney at Cedar Rapids, and Theodore Hutchison who was graduated from tlhe state university law college last August, joined their father, A. Hutchison in the practice of law here. To come to Algona Donald Hutchison has retired from partnership in the firm of Deacon, Sargent, Spangler & Hutchison al Cedar Rapids. He was graduated from >the state university law college in t)he spring of 1920, anc joined this firm as an employed o cacti ci'si'nt' doalo Uall l<t James W. Good, former leading congressman, campaign manage: for President Hoover in the wesl in 1928.'1atf>r SPfVTpfarv nf •araf— nrnc DEPUTIES AT C, H, HIT BY sulbject ithe Revs. E. A. Kanawha, and J. F. Snyder, Fenton, will speak. The Rev. H. E. Harvey, Rowan, will speak on making the .financial canvass ; pro-rating will be demon- n • u'«=u in office, and Donald was tak- 8g ' en into the firm as junior member. .Recently .Donald has been U. SALARY COTS Changes in Deputies Are Made in Three Offices. Courthouse deputy salaries were cut yesterday afternoon by the board of supervisors. Two cuts were required by a state law fix- in K the maximum. Deputy Auditor C. S. Pearson was cut $2J50 .to $90 a month, and Deputy Treasurer Earl Griffith was cut $10 to $90, to comply with the law. Three changes in office were approved by the board. Imelda, daughter of County Recorder J. J. Dooley, was made his deputy, succeeding Mrs. E. C. Dicki*son; Elliott Kulander, Swea City, named automobile deputy to succeed C. W. Pearson in the treasurer's office; -and Leo Immerfall, St. Benedict, was named second deputy auditor to succeed Harley (Bartlett. The newcomers felt the reduction axe. Deputy Dooley was cut to $65 from $80 received by Mrs. Dickinson; Deputy Kulander will receive $80 instead of the $87.60 received by Mr. Pearson; and Deputy Immerfall will receive $70 instead of .the $87.>50 received by Mr. Bartlett. One raise was allowed, when Irene Vaudt, clerk Si the. auditor's office, was increased from $70 to $7'5. Deputy Clerk Alma Pearson's salary was reduced from $87.50 to $80, and .the janitor was cut from $7>5 to $65. No change was made in Casey Loss's salary of $100 as deputy .sheriff, and County Engineer H. M. 'Smith and his assistant, D. T. Nugent, will receive the same salaries.as Jast yearns, The board fixed a maximum of $2.50 a day for extra Ihelp. Assessors were given the same number of days to complete the •itratod hv thn Bowa ,n IT r«o« *""-e judicial system. IH S?s £ i^HiS s«s s£ttw&£7 x ;„'*_..!/!? R6V : C> •": ' Seward 'i family will come to Altrona as snmv commissioner, a position in 'the < ™* ,. a ss ,^ s ™ en * *?• !? S 1 y< r ar v[ h e federal courts set-up similar . to'"°" " that of justice of the .peace in the state judicial system. He is mar- 1)aS1S ' ,,. w f s some of reduction, for real es- Laurens, will apeak on the appor tionment Sheet. on the Rev. J. S. Hutchins, Crystal Lake, will open the afternoon program with devotions. Round -table discussions will then be led by the (Revs. G. W. Eggleston, Britt; C. V. Hulse, Algona; J. F. Snyder, Fenton; T. E. Hoon, Garner; F. W. Ortmeyer, Estherville; .Edward Pruitt, Emmetsburg; C. H. Seward, Laurens; and Fremont Faul, Titonka. Persons, attending will bring covered dishes for the luncheon, and the Rev. and Mrs. Muhleman will furnish coffee, cream, and sugar. Each pastor is asked to bring his wife and at least two laymen. 14 New Autos are Sold in December Fourteen new automobiles were sold in Kossuth county during December to bring the total of new cars sold in the county since May 'first to 178. Those buying new Chevrolets were: Henry Thilges, Ottosen, H. F. Tish, Swea City, William Janvrin, Bancroft, J. R. Thompson, Fenton, J, H. Welp Jr., (Bancroft, E. J. Titus, Algona, O. Michaelsen, Titonka, and G. A. Bonnstetter, Algona. Those who bought Fords were: G. D. Hart, Bancroft, Zella Nugent, Algona, L, A. Meyer, Lakota, W .G. Muhleman, Algona, and M. P. Christiansen, Algona. A Plymouth automobile was bought by Albert Rust, of Corwith. A Reo truck was sold during the month to McEnroe Bros., Algona. Olaf Funnemark is Guest at a Party County Auditor E. J. Bwtler was host atja small party at the count- house last Thursday night ihonor- ing_ Olaf 'Funnemark, Wesley, retiring supervisor. Other guests were remaining members of the Board, County Enginer Smith, and Mr. Butler's fellow employes in- the auditor's office. A pen and pencil set was presented to Mr. Funnemark. !« family will come to Algona as a house can (be found. The ifirm name will contniue to be Hutchison & Hutchison, with the elder Mr. Hutchison more or Drop in Auto licenses. Not the usual number of 1934 licenses have been issued 'this year as formerly because of the action pf the Igislature in delaying the penalty till February first, Only 1128 1934 licenses had been issued as the year ended, One hundred and eighteen new 'truck licenses, 10 trailer licenses, and five motorcycle licenses were also issued. , "J "" »"!J ..... Governor Pardons Two pardons were recorded last week, one for Arnold Hilbert, the othjsr for William Weir, both 9? whom, were sentenced, tp Ajjamof a on charges of poultry 'and were botb parole^ a year ago, less a silent partner. DAN CUPID KEPT ON JUMPJ DECEMBER Fourteen marriage licenses were issued at the district court clerk's office in the last two weeks of December to Tiring the whole number issued for the year to a total of 143. Those getting the licenses were: Clifford A. Miller, Elmore, Minn., and Violet iE. Pingel, Ledyard, Dec. 18; George Schuler, Bancroft, and Marjorie Simmons, Swea pay is by law i cussion _ _ itate will not (be assessed again till '1937, leaving only personal property to be assessed this year. ANNUAL MEETING OF B, & L, HELD The 16th annual meeting of the Algona Building & Loan association was held Tuesday alfternoon at the office of Secretary C. R. LaBarre. M. P. Weaver, H. R. Cowan and E. J. McEvoy were reelected directors. Ait a board meeting following the stockholders meeting Mr. Cowan was named president, to succeed A. L. Peterson, president for many years who is now spending ihe winter in California. M. G. Norton was named vice president to succeed Mr. Cowan, and Mr. La Barre City, Dec. i20; Theo. R. Bruns, and was reeleoted secretary-treasurer. Alvina Furst, tooth of Buffalo Cen- The association has had an ex- ter; Carl Henry Elbert and Geneva Walters, both of Whittemore, Heika Beenken, Titonka, and Mary Becker, Bancroft, Dec. 22; Robert J. Muehe, and Dorothy (Reynolds, both of Wesley, Dec. 20; Ernest Schuenke, Storm Lake, and Anna Lucile 'Steussy, Algona; Adelburt Fisher, and Florence Bowen, both of Algona, Dec. '26; Rev. Olin Edgar Parrett, Hartsville, Ind., and Lucille Loretta Malueg, Algona; Henrich Christensen, and ILuverna I. Wilcox, both df Humiboldt, Dec. 27; C. A. Luthi, Morris, Minn., and Emma Fehr, West Bend; Ralph Clark and Louise Nitz, boljh of Lakota; Bruce Eckihart and Marcella Welson, both of Algona; and Robert J. Bell, Algona, and Mary Bell Plajne, Minn., Dec. 30, Two at West Bend Taken as Thieves Two young men, one from North Dakota, the other from Missouri, were arrested at West Bend just before Christmas, when it was found that they were peddling goods at prices so low as to suggest that the stuff had been stolen. Investigation revealed that the youths had taken the goods from two stores at Estherville, one of which was the L. M. Christensen store, operated (by a brother of P. P. Chrisetnsen, of the Bros. Co., Algona. Christensen Store Prizes Awarded. The Foster furniture store conducted a contest during the Christmas shopping season, and prizes were awarded as follows:. Sisters of Sit. Francis, St. Benedict, living room suite; Jessie Smith, Algona, ;a!ble; and William Bowie, Algona, lamp. Bacfcus Hospital Patient. Postmaster S. J. Backus entered the Methodist boepital at Des Moines Is&t, w^elt Tuesday, and today or is reported, will he the subject of an operation for ceptionally good year, with footings now up at '$157,821.17. Loans are $122,735, and the association owns three ihouses in which the investment totals $6059.01, which is much less than the combined value of the properties. Installment shares total $43,630.38, and paid-up shares total $66,300. The association has bci- rowed $17,i500 from the federal •home loan bank for loans to Al- gonians. A total of $6,149.85 remains as undivided profits. The association pays B per cent on paid-up shares and 6 per cent on installment shares. Hold-over directors are M Q Norton, W. B. Quarton, and" Mr' Peterson, and G. W. Stillmijn is counsel. Gold Notes Still Kept Circulating According to Washington, D. C., reponts there is still some $500,000,000 in gold and gold certificates outstanding. 'It is suspected that many people are carrying gold certificates without knowing that it is a punishable offense not to turn them in. An example took placet at the Advance office during the holidays when a county official tendered a $10 gold certificate in payment til a bill. The money was accepted and deposited at the Iowa State bank. Wealeyans Defeat Academy. St. Cecelia's academy was defeated at Wesley in the second basketball game of the season December 8?, scpre 31-10, The girls' team also lost ,26-23. The next game for the academy will be played Sunday afternoon against Pocahontas, there. Farjaer Seeks Divorce, A <Uyorce petition has been filed by Albert- Dxxien, Lincoln town- sihip, who alleges that his wife, Evelyn Doden, deserted, (him in The couple wwe parried in I.M. Finnell on Newspapers Here 49 Years I. M. Finnell, Advance advertising foreman, began his 49th year in Algona; Monday, and except for a short period while he was postmaster he has been an active printer throughout his residence here. As fc boy he spent a year in |a .printing shop at Victor, Iowa county, southwest of Cedar Rapids, where his family then Jived. "While thus engaged Mr. Finnell fell sick, and his parents sent him to his grandparents, who farmed near Lu Verne. Farming |did not appeal to him, and in 1885 he sought and obtained a job from H. J. Wasson, then publishing the Algona Courier. This job was to last only a week but week after week succeeded, and Mr. Finnell continued with the paper after the Courier was sold to J. !W. Hindi- on. Finally Mr. flinchon took him into a partnership which lasted till the paper was sold to the Advance and Haggard & Backus in 1918 and discontinued. Since retiring from the postoffice Mr. Finnell {has been with the Advance. COUNTY MUTUAL'S ANNUAL MEETING COMES NEXT WEEK The County Miltual fire insurance association will hold its annual meeting in the. courtroom next Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock. The association has had a prosperous year. There were only 90 losses, aggregating $22,530, as compared with 159 claims aggregating $37,793 in 1932. •••- Tihe -biggest loss was paid to E. A. Miller, 3% miles'west'" of'"Elmore, who lost a barn, hay, and grain in a fire in September, with a loss of $4570. Ole A. Johannesen, west of Bancroft, was next, with a $4127.75 loss sustained in a house and Ibarn fire. ' Association footings this year are $47,644.03, and the association bought $8130 in government bonds as a reserve. The 1933 assessment collections totaled $30,120.26, and the year ended with a bank foal- anc of $6343:59. H. J. Bode, Algona, is president, E. A. Droessler, of Bancroft, vicei president; D. D. Paxson, Algona, .secretary; N. A. Smith, treasurer. The officers and E. A. Miller, Elmore, Jos. Hauptman, Wesley, 'E. O. Mann, .Burt, H. L. Potter, West Bend, and Nick Borman, CL,u Verne, are the board of directors. Three directors are to be reelected this year. Among casualties in Monday's flood in the suburbs of Los Angeles was Marilyn Ghoslin, 4-year-old daughter of the former Mrs. Alice Anderson, daughter-in-law of the Anton Andersons. The Ghoslin home at Glendale was washed away in the torrent, and Marilyn was drowned. A wire to the Andersons said the body had been recovered. The Ghoslins have one other child, a boy, two years old. The A. M. Jaspersons, who also live at Glendale, wired that they were safe. Before she left here, Mrs. Ghoslin was employed at the Algona telephone exchange. HOLIDAY WEATHER BRINGS SNOW FOR IOWA'S CHRISTMAS The weather man gave this vicinity a variety of weather over the holidays. Till Saturday, December 23, the fall weather had mostly been warmer than in average years, but the day before Christinas 'the mercury slipped to seven below zero and failed to rise above zero Christmas day. Seven inches pf ^snow arrived Christmas morning. (Last week Tuesday was still colder, the mercury falling to 19 below and failing to rise to more than 3 below, all day. The next three days saw warmer weather in the daytime, but still cold at night. ;. r A sudden .warm spell, caused by ' south, above 1500 Pounds Pork To Be Distributed By Board Members Distribution of Kossuth's third apportionment of government pork as a poor relief measure is scheduled to start this morning. This allotment of 1500 pounds will be divided among the supervisors according to districts, and they will make the distribution. A similar proceeding was followed on previous allotments of 800 and 1500 pounds. Kossuth will receive pork every two weeks in future, but it will be distributed from some local store, the Sorensen and Clark groceries having been named in Algona. It is issued only on slips given to families approved by J. M. Moore, county overseer of the poor, who maintains an office in the courtroom. • ' All pork received so far has (been salt pork, but future allotments, it is understood, smoked, will be . Officers Seeking Four Bank Bandits (North Kossuth officers were on the lookout yesterday morning for a car df four desperadoes armed with machine guns who held up the Winnebago, Minn., 'bank, and got away with $1,000 in cash. It is believed they are from the Twin Cities. R9ads in all directions were being watched. The men forced the cashier of the bank to open the vault by torturing him, (burning his ears with, matches till he complied. Joint Installation Planned. The annual Joint installation of oiftficers of the Eastern Star and Masonic lodges will be held at the ;emple tonight ait 8 o'clock. H. J. MtoCall is worthy patrop of the Stars, and Mrs. Leona St. John is worthy matron. Tto« names of other officers were recently published. Clarion,Cowing Tuesday. e high school basketball tew will play Clarion on the Ioca4 floor next Tuesday fireniog, $fe*t (Friday the locals wjH go to boldt. BABY DROWNS IN FLOOD IN LOS ANGELES GRAND TOTAL OF $750,000 IS EXPECTED Hundreds of Farmer* Await Arrival of The Sealers. winds 'from ^ the brought the 'temperature freezing Friday and Saturday, melting all snow and leaving slush in the streets. But Sunday afternoon the weather changed quickly to _ cold again, with the mercury aroing below zero to bring in New Year's. • The snowfall Christmas morning amounted to .25 inches rainfall, and with .40 inches earlier in the month made a total of .71 inches for December. With rainfall totaling only 24.51 indhea for the year, the Algona vicinity was short 7.67 inches. CWA workmen here have found that there is great lack of moisture in 'the ground where they have been digging for water mains. It is hoped that the snowfall this winter will be heavy enough to make up the difference. The temperaiture record for the last two weeks follows: December 20 51 December 21 60 22 44 23 #2 24 29 25 26 December December December December Derember December December December December December December January 1 28 29 30 31 — 1 _ o -15 1 21 39 -41 23 U 13 23 •M»7 —10 —19 —48 —1 —1 —10 19 3 —15 11 January 2 22 Whittemore Pair Wedded Secretly Whittemore, Jan. 2 — Announce- went is made of the marriage of Delores Finnell. daughter pf Mr. and Mrs. R. H. (Finnell, of Whittemore, to Elmer Jensen, of City, whicli took place in in Minnesota. They will Mason August be at iiome on his farm near Mason City, The bride was graduated from the local public achool and had two years of school at Junior college at Mason City, and itfvyp years at Cedar .Falls. Since that time she taught at Rock Falls. She is a niece of I, M. Slnnell, Algona. Lone Rock Farmer Plans Farm Sale Ira W. Newbrough, a half mile south and one and one-half miles west of Lone Rock, is afflicted with i spleen ailment and must quit farming. On that account he will sell his farm personal property at public auction next Wednesday, The offering includes six horses, three good milk cows, three fall pigs, and a complete line of farm machinery. Fire in Barber Shop. Burt. Jan. 2—Fire broke out at ;he Whalen barber shop at 9:415 last Thursday evening. An alarm was turned in, and through good work by the firemen it was conr fined to the building. The foterjoj; iras badly damaged, and the roof jurned through in one place, Tfte building is of frame construction, with woodea buildings oft sides, and tt the blaze had no$ • » \ i * ought have »t|nte4 «^ir«!«jr«; — S occurred, CORN LOANS RECORD MONDAY NIGHT Bus. Amt. Heretofore Reported.. 534,089 *241,82t Today's List 583,242 289,9«0 Totals —__.1,067,881 W81,78t The corn loan rush: in Kossuth county continues, and the end is not yet in sight* In the two weeks covering* the holidays the number- off bushels pledged and th» amount of loans all bvt equalled all that had goat before. The sealers are still kepi on the jump, with many eafift unfilled for lack of time. Up to Monday more than & million bushels of Kossuth corn had been pledged, anil the loans total approached a half million. It is expected that at, least $760,000 will come to the- By Tuesday night $37,510 more in corn loan certificates had been filed in the recorder's office. The grand total to date is therefore now well past the half million mark. county (before the drive ends. All business in Kossuth has bene- fitted. Merchants report a great. increase over a year ago in holiday- trade. Old debts are being paid. and County. Treasurer -Duffy reports a big cut in delinquent taxes. . List of New Loans. ,- : > All loans filed.at the county ree~ prder's office fop"'!to; Monday riot heretofore reported appear in the following list by (townships: Buffalo. George G. Schutjer, 23 Buffalo, 420 bu $189 George G. Schutjer, 23 Buffalo,: 850 bu , ... $388 Walter S. Anderson, Sec. 31 Buffalo, 1400 bu. .............. 9648 Walter S. Anderson, Sec. 31 Buffalo, 520 bu Charles Ama, Sec. 7 Buffalo, bu. James McColby, Sec. 1 300 bu $384 630 Buffalo, $135 John H. Rode Sec. 2 Buffalo, 1000: ' bu. J450 Eppa Gremmen, Sec. 25 • Buffalo; . 1800 bu. Hiram Breckholt, Sec. 20 Buffalo, '675 bu |304. Hiram Breckholt, Sec. 20 Buffalo, . '675 bu $304 Hiram Breckholt, Sec. 20 Buffalo, 800 bu. .-. $360 Fred Boyken, Sec. 3 Buffalo, .550 b < $248 Fred Boyken, Sec. 3, Buffalo,... Robert Spear, Sec. 2» Buffalo, 750 bu $333 Rufus Lindhorst, Sec. 24 BuffaJo, 650 bu ,. $293 A. Jandl, Sec. 19 Buffalo, 7'50 bu. «33t H. E. Gerdes, Sec. 27 Buffalo 1200 bu. ..: , $54* W. R. Smith, Sec. 36, Buffalo, t20 bu , $36$ W. R. Smith, Seo. 36, Buffalo, 580 bu , ',..,.,, $261 W. R. Smith,; Sec. 36, Buffalo, 580 bu. ...^ $261 Loans. (Continued on page 8) Kidnaper Youths BlameJTwo Other* Delmer MoFadden and Harold Qperaw, tooth Algona, are being held in jail at Emmetsburg in connection with the kidnapping of Julia MoPherson and the ,thre$ Daniel Sibrel children <the week before Christmas, when they forced] the woman to reveal the locations of alcohol owned by Sibrel. That boys admit their part, but claim they were used as tools (by another pair whom they did not fcqcjw who are still at large, New Receiver F. N. B. Name* Burt, Jan. 2-HE. Q, MoGreevey, ': 3 V!3i Britt, has been appointed of the IBurt, Titonka, Bufffalo ter, and Thompson National hanl§ to succeed Sellby Russell, who ii* *^ cently resigned to accept a <MW$oI t| with the Northwestern Ute Ins® : " a snce cpmpany, Milwaukee, L, Mitchell, WRO w&s er bepe, %ajp with the same

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