Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1933 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1933
Page 10
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*AGE TKN That this be the merriest Christmas you ca,n recall ' our season's wish' to you. We '•nuf—v DECEMBER 21, Wl HOLIDAY VARES SLASHED , BARGAINS • EVERYDAY — EVERYWHERE •i ... '/UNTIL JAN. 1 . .:• , Return limit Jan. 15 1 1 CENTS ,a Mile. JL Each Way for the 2 in 2 Round Trip Coaches..: CENTS a Mile ,: Enchf Way , for the Round Trip •:"' Good in all .equipment—space extra ; ; JTo surcharge. , • .Tickets Jfpw on Sale.' V C. A. JOYNT ' Pastenger and Ticket Agent, Algqna THi MILWAUKEE ROAD EMPTING CASE TO BE TRIED JAN, 13 BEFORE M, C. J, P, '••Two or'three months ago there was: tried in district court; at Mason City a big sUitv against the iFirestone • Tire & .... Rubber Co. brought, by, Helen;Brewer, former so-called .bus queen. , •Active in the trial on the part' of .the Firestone c6mpany was. Harry iEm'pting, manager df 'the' company's Des Moines (branch, forme^ salesman at Algonfe After the suit ended, "Mrs. Brewer, who.is known Jqr somewhat, Sensational^ methods, accused Bmpting of influencing^ a witness. *i-V' J * '' • ' : ' ; ' .This case is'still pending,, and ^Tuesday's Mason City O16be-Oa- zette said: "The case,of the State of Iowa vs. Harry Bmpting, manager of Oes Moines branch of the Firestone Tire;and Rubber; comipany;.charged 1 with interfering with Justice in the Brewer-Firestone damage suit tried •in*. 1 , the district court , here some months ago has 'been set for January 13, 1934,'for preliminary .hearing in Justice M. C. Cougtolon's court. •? •' • • ,,v :, : • The case was continued to January because, ofi.the; inability of the state to produce its witness for the hearing which had been, .scheduled for Monday'morning. ' ' 1 '' 1 '" '^charges were • filed ; against Empting.,-at-the instance pf ( Mrs, Helen Brewer," plaintiff in the huge damage- suit • against i Firestone, which was_ 'thrown but of 'court oh rulings by the Judge. "Empting is charged, Jointly with Leslie' Bain, Minneapolis branch manager for the ' company, with 'unlawfully, wilfully^ and feloniously attempting to' improperly influence and intimidate one Irving Foy a witness engaged'.in•• -the trial ol the-'case of'-Mrs.'Brew'er vs. -the Firestone" Tire;*, and iRUWber . company." , • .'"''••' ' •"'' "The filing of charges' against the two rubber company, representatives on October '5 came' as a dramatic sequence to the inost 'sensational trjal of the September court-term.'' "•' ' ••., •It is not believed here that Emp ting stands in any great danger. A Santa Claus Letter "MISS JBNNlE BROWN— By Georgt Frte Peterson Studio Employes wish to thank : our many friends for past'patronage we have received, and want to take this opportunity to wish the whole world and Algona and the Kossuth community in general a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR " WILL F. BROWN, Mgr. LOAN (Continued from page 1.) -Untie friend: your letter came today. I note thajt'- all your folks are well, and also what you say , About the wfeatther; Jbut.my heart is filled •With grief because Some haughty boy} ilo tease you, said there is ttO Santa Claus. You did' the'right,'thing,, little friend, in telling it to me. I hasten to assure you that I'm real ae can be; \Hang up your stocking without fail, and never, never fear But' Santa Olaus will come alonj and fill it fuirthis year. The boy who told that 9to?y has a spirit mean and small. 1 bhjnk he'd rob a bird!s,nest, and might even spank a doll. J rfe Santa Glaii's! Yhy, frenflie dear, if such a thing could be, We'd see no rainbow in the shy, no blossom on the tree. No Santa Olaus! Oh friend, I fear if we should lose our trust loi iSanta Claus our dearest faith must crumible down to dust; For woven, througih this simple myth may we discern Mis plan, iT.he,lb|Ye'of parent for the child, the love of God'for man. ' ..I may nbt come with reindeer, nor with trinket-laken Meigh; >But nonetheless I truly come in some mysterious way; I fill the hearts of men with joy Mie night our lord had birth, I scatter love and fith, and .peace and grace, o'er'thfe earth. O, Jennie, do not worry; keep your .simple, childish trust, And close your ears ito idleJfeales so cruel-and unjust; Your fears are quite unfounded, you may reel content, because 'I'll visit you on Christmas eve, • . ' Your Old Friend • ' • . 'SANTA'CLAUS.- Bonnstetter (Continued from page 1.) 600 bu. ... sam Weaver, 1000 bu. Sam Weaver J-. A 1 . • Irvine & .J. C. Menke'Sec. •12 Greenwood, 1120 bu $50 J. A. Devlne & J. C. Menke Sec. 12 'Greenwood*'-1120'bu. .,. : . 5504 L.-.C. Duddinsr, Sec. 86 Greenwood,. 700 bu. , -.. .$315 Nels Mathson, Sec. 36' Greenwood, 250 bu. : ... V... '...... '$113 A syphonette fan will stop that hot basement and cold living rooms. A forced air" system at a nominal cost. HOLTZBAUER TIN SHOP Plumbing Heating Sheet Metal Garfield. . ' August Traut, Sec. 29 Garfield, 1700 bu , $765 William W. Struecker, Sec. 5 Garfield, 1200 bu $540 Henry Kleppe, Sec. 25 Garfield, 1000 bu $450 Henry Klepper, Sec. 15 Garfield, 2000 bu $900 Fred W. Schmidt, Sec. 27 G-ar- field, 1100 bu $495 Jos 'Traut, Sec. 29 Garfitld, 1700 bu , , S'jeo H. J. Fuchsen, Sec. .7 Carfield, •. 750 bu. ; $338 Fred Trant, Sec. '32 Garfield, 1000 bu $450 Alvin Finnel & Art Finnel, Sec. 12 Gai'fleld, 2600 bu. Martin Bonnstetter, Sec. 16 Garfield, 1000 bu $450 Ben Gerber, Sec. 5 Garfield, 1200 bu •• $540 M. P, Bonnstetter, Sec. 6 Garfield, 1900 bu $355 Martin Bonnstetter, Sec. 16 Garfield, 1000 bu S450 Martin Bonnstetter, Sec. 18 Gar- . field, 450 bu $203 Tony H. Klrsch, Sec. 27 Garfield, .450 bu $203 Tony H. Klrsch, Sec. 27 Garfield, $585 $270 Sec. 1 Harrison, , $450 ,Sec. 1 Harrison, 800. bu. $»6» iari Lun'n,' Sec.' 16 Harrison, 700 bu. "...-. .$315 Geo. E. Butterfleld, Sec. 31 Harrti • son, 1100 ; bu. .. .'I:''..'."....'.'. $495 » Irrington. ; Nicolas J. rieps, Sec. 1 Irving'- •; tOn, 1950 bu $878 Nicolas J. rieps, Sec. 1 Irving-ton. 3100 bu $1395 Nicolas J. Kriepe, Sec. 21 Irvington, 900 bu $405 Nicolas J. Kriepse, Sec. 11 Irvlng-- •ton, 900 bu $405 Nicolas J. Kriepse, Sec.. 11, Irvington, 1950 bu. ...'.... ':''.....'". .-$878 Phillip Sch'emel, Sec. 11 Iryingrton, 950 bu. $428 A.' M. Lemke, Sec. 31 Irvlngtpn, 800 bu 1360 A. 'M." Lemke, Sec. -31 Irvington, ;800 bu. $360 'Ledyard. Cyril Haag, Sec. 6 Ledyard, 11200 .bu. Cyril Haag, Sec. 6 Ledyard, 1 1400 bu ' $«3l Cyril Haag-, Sec. 6 Ledyard, 2700 bu ..:.... $m Cyril Haag, Sec. 6 Ledyard, 30< bu $1» W. J. Leslie & Wm. B., Sec. 22 .Ledyard, 1725 .bu $77 W.' J. Leslie & Wm. B., Sec. 22 Ledyard, 1725 bu. ...'. .. $77 W.'.J. Leslie & Wm. B., • Sec. 22 Ledyard 560 bu $25 Alfred O'Keefe, Sec.. 1 Ledyard, 700 bu. ;.. $31 Alfred O'Keefe, Sec. 2 ;Ledyard, 700 bu. - $31 Everett O'Keefe, Sec. 4! Ledyard, '700" bu. .;. .\ .'."..: $315 John P. Drew, Sec. 7- Ledyard, 950 bu $428 . . Portland. P. Steven, Sec . 34, Portland, 450 bu $203 .> p; Steven,'-'Sec'. 34', Portland, 750 bu. __ $338 Prairie. Albert ,'H. Johnson, Sec. 24 Prafc rie^ 500 bu."..., : ' $225 Sugene Clnk, Sec. 10 Prairie, 1000 cause the extension service as I see {t is; the only thing responaible f or the survival of the organization up to, the present, i ; i shall not,give you my views on the matter In ..this .letter. 1 will only say that I am in sympathy with the bill, and perhaps in a later letter I shall discuss the proposition in detail. _..:,.-. • . Direct Livestock Buying. 'File No. 176'is causing a great deal of commotion throughout the state. This act, if it becomes law, will provide for the licensing of direct buyers of livestock, regulaiting th« conduct of such buyers, providing for the weighing, grading,'and docking of livestock so'bought, 'and - for the inspecting 'of scftles used in- such, weighing, prohibiting •discrimination and Unfair, competition in' such purchases, and providing penalties for'violations of the act. ' Briefly here are the facte which have • crystallized sentiment in favor of the proposed measure: History of Direct Buyjng. Prior to, the year 1921 farmers* commission firms were established. Thesfe firms went into the market and delivered to the producer better service and got 'better prices. ?n fact real, competition for 'livestock was the result. Therefore, it was not surprising that, in a short time these agencies handled about 60% of the livestock, And jj. M.H9UM ^m*v j».» —•—— ~r * ^* . rand, i'flstor—the, Sunday school teacher's 'will decorate 'the church ithltf afternoon. fhe.'S. S. children will'practice for alChristnins program this evening at 7. Every child Bltouid bV'preserit fdr this lost rehearsal; The choir meets'for rehear- aal tonight at the church, S:30. The annual children's Christmas pro-, gram will'; be presented tomorrow evening at- 7:30. A ChHstmOS service entitled Bethlehem will ho presented, ffhe public is Invited. Next Sunday: morning .woi-shl] 1 ) at 11. Ju- la'tta . or' Christmas Matin services ChrtstntaS morning at 7, and the public la Invited. The annual meeting of the congregation will he held Wednesday evening, January 10, at a, Happ^l^-*«**•', BAfWST^ Anwtof 8 tof- Li -Sunday "BOlictoJ up to high icn'dol u._ Christmas party at the church Bat urday at SiSO. A Christmas progr^- wlll be given, Sunday evenlftgr at 7:80. The choir will giv e 0 rt contftta, the Lost Carol TM <Ur " different from <*A^?^ Besides the choir it w in ..^S group of. players, a.*" 1 lnd ««6 i bu. $450 Seneca. Julius 'Haberkorn Sec. 21 Seneca, iBOO bu. »225 J. F. Kngesser,, Sec. 22 Seneca, 1000 bu. .'.. $*50 Peter N. Hansen, Sec. 6 Seneca, 350" bu. ' E. .V. Koestler, Sec. 20 Swea 450 bu. $203 John Harm,, Sec. 7 Swea, ilioo bu. 4495 Jotiri Harm, sec. 7 Swea, 1500 bu. $675 29.. Swea, ........ $495 26 Swea, ....'..;'. $675 Seneca, . $360 800 bu John P. Drew, $360 117 S. Dodge. Phone 83 1300 bu. OerBian. Henry Jensen, Sec. 5 German, 750 bu $338 Henry F. Mayland, Sec. 26 Ger- 300 bu $135 Sec. 7 Ledyard, 400 bu .................. ... ?1'80 John P. Drew, Sec. .7 Ledyard, 800 bu ..................... $360 Lincoln. Michael Christ, Jr., Sec. 4 Lincoln, 500 bu ................. $225 Michael Christ, Jr., Sec. 4 Lin ., coin,', ,5.00. .bu, ,.Y< ...... ---- , .... $225 Albert Wertje, Sec. 28 Lincoln; land, 800 bu ............... '$360 Albert Wer'tye, Sec. 28 Lincoln, 700 bu ................... *. . $317 John Pink, Sec. 23 Lincoln, SOO bu ........ . .............. .. $360 Lu Teme. Gustav A. Riddell, Sec. 26 Lu Verne, 1100 bu ..... ...... -'.; - $495 Earl R. Chambers, Sec. 12 Lu Verne, 2342 bu ........... $1154 Letts Creefc. ' James P. Cooney, Sec. 22 Lotts Creek:, 475 bu. . ............. $'215 Harold Prambach, Sec. 28 Lotta Creek, 250 bu ............... $113 Harold Frambach, Sec. 28 Lotts Creek, 1000 bu ..... . ....... $450 Jos. Loebach, Sec. 29 Lotts Creek, J. C. Buckihead, Sec. 1100 bu.:' Art B. Anderson, Sec. 1500 bu , J. F. Engesser, Sec.'22 800 bu. .'..'....: J. F. Engesser, Sec. 22 Seneca, • 800 bu $360 John Palzen, Sec. 17 Seneca, 785 bu $353 Clarence Metzgen,-- Sec;- 17-. ( Snca, 500 bu." $225 Howard Boiling, So, 17, Seneca, 300 bu. .........__. '... fl»5 Sherman. ; M. J.. Klrsch, Sec. 18 Sherman, 1500 bu $675 Mike Brass, Sec. 18 Sherman, (1500 . bu : '- $675 Earnest. Bowman, Sec. 7- Sheiv man, 800 bu. $360 bu -,.. $1440 W. L. Ramus, Sec. n.0 Sherman, 700 bu. ..!..;..:..'.. $315 Sebastian Kramer, Sec. 7. Sherman, 700 bu $315 Sebastian Kramer, Sec. 7. Sherman, 900 bu J405 Geo. Merkle, Sec. 34 Sherman, 4600 bu $2070 Paul Phillips, Sec. ,13 Sherman, •2000 bu • ?9QO L. A. Johnson, Sec. 5 Sherman, 4200 bu , ?1890 L. A. Johnson, "sec. 5 Sherman, 350 bu 5158 L. A. Johnson, Sec, 5 Sherman, 350 bu ?1 Henry Loerwald, Sec. 26, Sherman, 1000 bu Swea. Jena Halverson, Sec. 7 Swea, 1500 The packers did not like this arrangement, and attempted to boycott the farmer concerns.' In 1921 the, packer and 'stockyard act went into effect. It placed all stockyards with 20,000 square feet of floor space or ' over under government supervision and prohibited boycotting. Then the packers went put in the vairious states and established concentration points with less than 20,000 square feet of floor space. A numlber of them have as high, as 19,000 square feet of'space. In this way the 'packers avoided government supervision in weighing, grading, etc. Bonnstetfer Withstands "Heat." Now, , generally speaking, all House File No. 176 seeks to do is to apply tihe stockyard aot to concentration .points. A . government man is to supervise • weighing, grading, etc. A farmer can still •sell directly to the packer, and the rice he receives is based on the ihicago market. I do not think I ever had more heat" applied to me to oppose any measure in all my legislative ex- erience than on House File No. 76. 'Legislators are receiving housands of telegram's and letters. Jut my conscience tella me the bill right, and I shall support it Just he same. . • . Surely, it does not require an in- elleotual giant .to note _ that, the packers are compelling the farmers o absorb the processing tax, and at he same time advancing the price if meat. It appears to me that if the producers of Iowa are in a sympathetic mood they had better apply it to themselves rather than to the packer. 7:30. PRESBYTERIAN, C. Paul Carleon,. Minister—^Next Su.hdayi: Sunday school at 10 .a m. Frank Gel- gei,. Supt.;. .morning worship, 11, The Christmas gift., Sunday school Christmas service, 7:30. In the morn- Ing the Christmas theme will be carried, out In both hymns and sermon. In the evening the Sunday school will give the annual program. The church extends Christmas .greetings to all at this'happy season: "For unto us a Child is born, unto us a Son is given"; for "Behold, a virgin shall conceive and bear a Son, and 'shall call His name Immanuel." TRINITY LUTHERAN, P. J. Brancr, Pastor—Next Sunday: Sunday school and Bible class.MO, a. m.; German service, 10:30. Sunday eve- service at 7. Christmas day, English festival service, 10:30 a. m. The teat rehearsal of the Christmas program will be held Saturday afternoon at 2 at the church; all children urgenly requested to be there. The pastor wishes all a Merry Christmas and I DO NOT SELL RADIOS .- : ; . :".'• : '"" • BUT . ^ I CAN SURE FIX THEM Ben's Radio Service Over Bjustrom's Algona, Iowa -'• -phone 577 or 520-W. Happy New Year Academy bu. $675 BUS FARES LOWER 2° PER MILE AND LESS FARES FROM ALGONA TO 0. W. B.T. Minneapolis, Minn. —$4.10 $7.40 Omaha, Neb. 4.10 7.40 Mason City, Iowa 1.20 2.20 Spencer, Iowa 1.05 1.90 Waterloo, Iowa 2.90 5.25 Rochester, Minn. 8.65 6.60 Cedar Rapids, Iowa 4.00 7.45 Kansas City, Mo. 6.95 12.55 Mankato, Minn. 3.45 6.40 JEFFERSON LINES ; Bus Depot Algona Hotel, Phone 262 San* 3200 Archie Sanford & Pranfe ford, Sec. 14 Sherman, 1300 bu Wm. Hannover, Sec. 34 Lotts Creek, 920 bu ............... $414 George W. Johnson, Sec. 18 Seneca, 525 bu •...-,; $236 P. Thorsen, Sec. 21 Seneca, WOO bu , '. $58i p, Thorsen, Sec.- 21 Seneca, 1000 bu i $451 •Martin Janson, Sec. 34 Seneca, 1800 bu. ..'.... $8H Orine Behrends, Sec. 34 seneca, SOOO buv , $!35 Wesley. Julius Hansen Sec. 16 Wesley 940 bu $42 Edw. Wolf, Sec. 10 Wesley, 500 bu $22 man, Henry . Mayland, Sec. 20 German, 875 bu ?394 H. W. Mayland, Sec. 36 German, 4.SO bu ?216 F. C. Stocker, Sec. 20 German, 1100 bu $495 Mrs. H. Sonnenburg, Sec. 21 German, 1000 bu $450 Louis Kaphergast, Sec. 32 German, 'JOU bu $405 Louis Kaphergast, Sec. 32 German, 900 bu $405 Robert Kruse, Sec. 15 German, 700 bu $315 Manno Everding, Sec. 15 German 975 bu $539 Grant. Carl Kramersmeier, Sec. 30 Grant, 1000 bu §450 Harrison. Walter Schwartz Sec. 13 Harrison, 550 bu $248 •\V. A. Murray, Sec. 25, Harrison, 2:iOO bu $:1035 W. A. Murray, Sec. 25, Harrison, Wm. Hannover, Sec. 34 Lotts $414 Whittemore, Iowa AL MENKE'S ORCHESTRA Wednesday, December 27 Special Holiday Dance. Sam Thompson, "Singing Sam," back with the band again. The band with a million friends. South Cretco The A. E. Claytons, 'Cresco township, will spend Christmas day'at the Robert Stiles home at Charles 3ity. Mrs. Stiles is one of the Clayton daughters. Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Potter and Mra. L. $3. Potter spent Sunday at H. E. Miner's, near Emmetsburg. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Brown are recovering from attacks of the flu. Their son John, who lives at Algona, had it and has been critically sick with pneumonia, but is reported slowly improving. Persons attending a Mothers & Daughters club Christmas party at Mr. and Mrs. William Runchey's this week Friday evening are to take gifts costing not more than lOc for exchange. BUSS HENEGAR Formerly cornetist with Sousa and his band, New York. —presents—* Evelyn Nations "Versatility Girl" Featuring accordion, piano, violin, dancing, singing, saxophone, singing, entertaining and directing. An Unusual Attraction and his ORCHESTRA Tuesday, January .2 ;• ; Season's EnpaCements.. • Marigold, Minneapolis;. Winter Gardens, La Cro'sse, Wis.; Terrace Park, Lake Okoboji; Brandeis Tea, Room, Omaha; Tavern. Billings, Montana; Publix Theatres. THE ALGONA NATIONAL FARM LOAN ASSOCIATION extends heartiest greetings to all its friends of Kossuth and adjoining counties and wishes for them in 1934' - •'•„. . - i,.:. !• * ( • "•.-.- A'HAPPY, PROSPEROUS, NEW YEAR • ••:'•/ 'Beyond question during the next year America is going to catch up with Prosperity "around the corner." Every effort of this association will be put forth, to do our part in restoring better times, in accordance with the plans of the Government; which recognizes that A PROSPEROUS AGRICULTURE WILL GUARANTEE A PROSPEROUS NATION Call on us for help in your re-financing problems at any time. Do not confuse The Algona National Farm Loan Association; close at hand to give you attention and service; with others chartered to place loans in Kossuth county; but having headquarters a long way off. . Farfsjghted people will place their loans with us. ALGONA NATIONAL FARM LOANvASSOCIATIOS- Over "The Hub" Recreation Parlor. Second stairway west of Iowa State Bank. Tel. 205 T ^ V< 4-I. D. HUTGHINS, Secretary-Treasurer. , f :. • 17 1-2 East State St., Algona, Iowa. OyER ONE MILLION DOLLARS OF FARM LOANS APPROVED WITHIN THE PAST 5 MONTHS, BY THE FEDERAL LAND BANK OF OMAHA. Creek, 920 bu Plum Creek. George Nauman, Sec, 32 Plum Creek, 1075 bu $484 H. E. Rist, Sec. 20 Plum Creek, 075 bu $304 R. E. Kain, Sec. 32 Plum Creek, •2000 bu $900 Donald Gardner, Sec. 19 Plum Creek 500 bu $225 C. G. Dreesman, Sec. 21 plum Creek, .650 bu.; .,:.:...' '.. $293 C. G. Dreesman, Sec. 21 Plum. Creek, 650 bu $293 Wilbur Zeigler, Sec, 32 Plum Creek, 1600 bu $720 May Zeigler, Sec 32 Plum Creek, 500 bu $22» May Zeigler, Sec 32 Plum Creek, 600 bu $270 Jewel M. Larson, Sec. 9 Plum ' Creek, 1350 bu :. $60 ; 8 Emil Wilrett Sec. 8 Plum Creek, HIDES AND 900 bu. . .. T. C. Lynch, Sec. 11 $405 Harrison, •SHOP AT THE ELITE tor hand kerchiefs, hose, scarf sets, etc lOul WE BO OUE OWN LENS OBINDING DR. F. E. SAWYER, Opt. Algona, Iowa FUR Full market price paid for hides and fur. Closed season on muskrats. Joe Greenberg 666 Liquid Tablets, Salve, Nose Drops Checks Colds first day, Headclies or Neuralgia in 30 minutes. Malaria in S days, FINE 1/AXATIYB AND TONIC Host Speedy Bemedies Known,. PUBLIC SALE At the Riddle Sale Payilion in Algona, east of Northwestern tracks SATURDAY, DEG, 23, AT 1:30 O'CLOCK SHARP We are listing stuff every day and at this time we cannot give a complete list of what will be on hand for this sale. We have one of the best assortments of Furniture yet offered in these sales, including dining room suites, living room suites, buffet, beds complete, Singer sewing machine, extra tables and chairs of all kinds. One KinVball piano, and 2 other godo pianos. Electric radio, complete. -•Fifteen head of Spotted Poland China gilts vaccinated and due to larrow 1st of March; 2 Shorthorn bulls, wt. 700 Ibs. each; 1 windmill wheel complete; electric sweeper for farm- plant. Also some springing cows and other live stock. Some good boars, all breeds. Bring what you have to sell and buy what you want. If you are looking for furniture or stock come and make this your Terms are cash. No property removed until settled for. C. O. Riddle, Auctioneer PHONE 79 Specials Fresh Dates, 2 Ibs. Mixed Nuts, Ib. Home Made Mince Meat, Ib Popcorn, 5 Ibs. — 19c 15c 15c 19c Christmas Holiday Gifts of Greatest Values and Dependable Mdse. SKELGAS Most complete line of Ranges and Water Heaters. Clean, quick; economical. Join Kossuth county s tw users, ^ MAYTAG WASHERS As low as $64.50. You can still buy a real Maytag Washer. See the new improvements, Christmas Trees, at Choice Red Salmon, 2 —Ib. cans large 2 -2 size Pumpkin, 2 cans : — 33c 25c Place your order with us for Fancy Turkeys, Ducks, Geese, Chickens, Lutefisk, and Fancy Oysters. Complete line of Fresh Fruits, Vegetables, and Meats, H. R* Sorensen & Co. Phones 38 and 39. We Deliver. GENUINE FRIGIDAIRE PHILCO RADIOS One rhillion more in use than ANY OTHER MAKE. A small down payment and you can enjoy one i Christmas, and regular payments start next spring- Coine in and learn about this special; And know w> change In models. Listen in on Boake Carter at 6:45 p, m. Get the news of the world and also enjoy all QTHER ITEMS OF i« TEREST. The new battery set is wonderful. HOTENTOT What would be nicer than to have the game tempera- OIL BURNERS ture IN YOtj R HOME at all times regardless of outside temperature, with no Iftbor, CQAfc OR ASHES to bother with. That's what a Rotentot will do for Ask a user of one. , Only One Moving Part VEGA Cream Separators Light running, long lasting, cjose skimming, and a self balancing bowl. Largest sise sells for less tnau $100.00 Easy terms. B JUST RO'S PHONE m GBEATEK YAI,W IWfflWll^^ . ; 4*

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