Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1933 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1933
Page 6
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six KOStWTM <JdPNt¥ Cut Rate GROCERY XMAS WEEK SPECIALS Bulk Dates, 2 Ibs. _____________ l»c Raisins, 4 Ibs. ___________ 28c Cake Flour, pkg. _ ------ _ ______ Ig8c Jell Powder, 6 pkgs. _^ _________ 25c Pineapple, No. 2, 2 cans ______ 29c Graham Crackers, 2 Ibs. ___ _ ___ 25c Oyster Crackers, 2 Ibs. _____ — 86c Olives, 6 oz. jar, 2 for ________ 2Sc (Pickles, 6 oz. Jar, 2 for _______ 25c Mflstard, jar ---- .__. ____________ I2c Peaches, No. 2% can __________ 16c Apricots, No. 2% can _________ 16c New Figs, pkg ----------------- 10c Peanut Butter, at. ___________ 25c Green Tea, %-lb. ____ . __________ 12c Black Tea, % Ib. ______________ 15 C Mince Meat, 2 Ibs. ____________ 89c Salad Dressing, quart _________ 23c Macaroni, 2 Ibs. ________________ 19 C AMJftiJL kyMghwa_y_Cttts Attendance at Irvington Party 4btf%ai4*BB • _. _ --. - * . '" ' ' ' ""' ' • ' ,, i , . - . ,i— . . . . . ,^3* ' ... .... , _^ _•.._ CANDY and NUTS Peanuts, 2 Ibs. I9c Mixed Nuts, no peanuts, 2 libs. _2»c Walnuts, -2 Ibs. 29c Almons, 2 Ibs. , SSic Brazils, 2 Ibs. 85c Pecans, paper shell, Ib. 25c Filberts, 'Ib. 20c Mixed Candy, 50% filled, 2 Ibs. 29c Chocolates, 2 Its. 29c Chocolate Cherries, 1 Ib. box~_l25c Animal Cookies, fancy, Ib. 25c Hersiey Chocolate Kisses, M>. _25c FBUITS and VEGETABLES Cranberries, '2 Ibs. _; 28c Oranges, 2 doz. I__29c Oranges, others 18c, 28c, 85c Grapefruit, seedless, 6 for S5c Grapes, Z 'Ibs. — ; S8c Apples, fancy, box $1.6» Bananas, 31bs. 28c Lettuce, large solid ,2 for""I"l5c Celery, large fancy, 2 for 25c Grapefruit, large size, 4 for 19c Cabbage, solid, Ib. Be MEATS Picnic Hams, Ib. 7c Bacon Squares, lib. 7c Bacon, sliced, 2 I>bs. ~I~I"~SHc Frankfurters, 2 Ibs. ___ 25c Cheese, Am. Brick, Swiss, ~Pim~ pkg. ig c Lard, Ib. 9c, 4 Ibs, 38c FLOUR CONG'L L, 0, A, CLASS MEETS IN COUNTRY Irvington, Dec. 19—Mrs. J. C. Mawdaley entertained the L. o. A. Sunday school class of the Congre^ gattonal church, Atgona, at her home last Thursday evening. Forty woman 'had planned to attend, but because of icy roads only about half the number were present. After a business meeting a Christmas program was given and gifts were exchanged. Assisting hostesses were Mesdames C. R. ImBorre, Lillian Granzow, and Stella Arnold. Pauline Culbertson Recovering-. Mr. and Mrs. -Martin Jordan visited their grondaugrhter, Pauline Culbertson, patient at the Kossuth hospital, last week Monday.. She recently underwent an operation, for appendicitis, also for the removal of a itumor. She planned t o go homo this week Tuesday. The Culbertsons now live northwest of Algona, but they and the Jordans once lived on the Mart Jones farm, northwest of Irvington. Cliurles Egcl Loses sister-. Charles Egel received a telegram Monday reporting the death of his sister, Mrs. William Plett, 72, Davenport, He left for Davenport that evening, and planned, to remain several days. Mrs. Plett had heart dl- isease, but was considered improving. Her death was sudden, she left her husband, three sisters and four brothers, but n o children. Case of Chicken Fox— Mrs. A. D. Headley, who recently suffered with indigestion, is much improved. Adella, third daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Armour Lemkee, is confined to her home with chicken pox. Mrs. Paul Hudson, who returned last week Thursday, after being a patient over the week at the Kossuth hospital, Is reported slowly improving. Twenty Years Ago Rewrites from the Advance of November 19, 1013 Judge W. B. Quarton was bein boosted as candidate -for congress b the two Webster City newspaper who were unfriendly to Congresv. man Frank P. Woods, Esrthervill Bull Moose agitation had split r« publicans and elected President son, but It was hoped the third pa ty could command enough suppor to elect the judge. Mr. Quarton hax offered no comment, but it was thought that he was still a republ can. His son Sumner, then In th University law school, was a stat Bull Moose commltteeman. * * * Eose Sunny Boy ---- -------------- > Miss Minneapolis ___ $1 99 ~ Omar $L8» SYRUP Wigwam, can ; ___ , ig c Golden, 5 Ibs. _ _ 25c Golden, 10 'Ibs. 45c Crystal White, 5 Ibs. III 28c Crystal White, 10 Ibs. 4gc Get the Cut Rate Grocery Habit It Pays Big Dividends Mrs. C. J. Button Sick— Word has been received that Mrs. Emma Button, Omahh, has been suffering a nervous breakdown and has been advised by her physician to spend the rest of the winter In Texas, she Is a sister of airs. J. R. Mawdsley and Mrs. Clara Lewis, Algona, also of Mrs. Louise Thompson, Burt. Brother of Mrs. Schulz Dies— Mrs. John Schulz left Saturday evening for Dwight, 111., t o attend the funeral of her brother, Harry Peterson. She received notice of her brother's sudden death Saturday A statement of the Kossut County State bank showed total as sets of $281,159.99. Only a little ove a fifth In cash was then necessarj to keep the bank in a good going condition. • • « • A Ramsey township feud was stil alive, with two families fighting i out In court. Cause for a renewal o' the fight was that three horses own ed by one family hed wandered Into the other's field and caused dam age. The horses were being held pending payment. • • • • Mrs. B. A. Seeley and her baby had arrived from the Philippines to visit the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Heise, and the baby's grandparents, Dr. and Mrs. F. T. Seeley. It was the baby's first visit to the U. S. * » * * The times were different then, as the following local testifies; "The city, like other employers these times, is hard put to ft t o obtain laborers. Mayor Wadsworth has been compelled to circulate Men Wanted dodgers about town." • * * • The railroad commission had tak en under advisement the question o compelling the Northwestern t maintain its daily round trip servlc to Des Molnes. City, and was to go to Sioux Falls to become connected with a serum company. He is there yet. * * » » Judge Quarton had become a well known writer for farm publications. He had refused an offer of |3,500 a year to write for a Chicago farm publication, but was writing 1 on sweet clover for Farm & Fireside at a cent a word. Friends of Camilla Wilson and Harry Await were taken by sur- price when announcement of their marriage at Waterloo was made. Camilla, who now lives in California, was then studying music at bhe I. S. T. C. at Cedar Falls. Harry was a former representative of a grain firm. • * • » -Lee, son of the B. V. Daniels, of Burt, had gone to Erie, 111., the week before and married Pearl Giber. They had come to Algona, where Lee was clerking at the H. A. Lewis grocery. « • * • The second story of the present Blbert garage was then being com- >leted. H. J. Wilson, now of Cali- ornia, was owner. • • * • The Magic theater had been ought by G. A. Branson, who also ook over the rest of a Call theater ease from E. G. Fargo. Mr. Brunon had booked a number of plays nd movies, among which were The Lavettes" and "The Last Dayg f Pompeii." LUVE EN A 1NECLU6 ERTAINED FT, DODGE • • * • * * * • late tliis week. Four-hundred-eighty acres of lane had been sold in Buffalo township The Nelson brothers had brough 160 acres at $108; Editor L. Wolfe _ quarter section at $1105; Banker J J. Cosgrove, an eighty at $100 and Fred w. Wehler an eighty at $115 The land was sold by M. p. Haggard and Al Falkenhainer. » • * * The Princess theatre was popular It had been found necessary to move the screen back IG feet and install 50 new seats. * • * * Algona had defeated Ackley there 48-0. The Algonians ended the season with a total of 62 points as a- 'Corn Flakes, 2 for Bran Flakes __________ Whole Wheat Flakes _______ ~9 C Wheaties _____________________ jg c Prince Albert, Christmas IfoTcan 89c Pineapple, No. 10 can ____ _____ &5 C Matches, 5 boxes ______________ 19c Laundry Soap, 10 bars ____ I28c Washing Powder, 3 for I_I_I~ 18c ~ Mrs. Mary Harness 78 — Mrs. Mary Harness, who Is with her daughter, Mrs. Mina Ward, Saguache, Colo., recently celebrated her 78th birthday, she was suffering ac- cutely with rheumatism some months ago, but is now much improved. Make Hiuid Suits _ A group of mothers met with Mrs. Morris Parsons last week Tuesday and made band suits for Irvington school pupils. They are of green Good Brooms. Store Closed Christinas "Busiest Little Store in Town" Let's Get Acquainted! Our Algona service station is carrying a full line of high grade gasoline and oils. Bl- reco gas and Paraland motor oil. Let us explain our customer- ownership. Why not get a dividend in return for buying your gas and oil at our station. The customers own the company and share the pro- K. &H. COOPERATIVE OIL CO, Across from Algona Hotel. LIKE A FLASH STUBBORN COUGHS 60, Hang On Colds and Bronchitis material and consist of cape and cap. Roads Hero Are Resurfaced— Many roads east and south of Irvington 'have been resurfaced. They had become deeply ridged and were badly in need of the surfacing. Other Irvington. Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Beck, Algona, and Paul Weiner, employed at 1« rank Kulows, visited late last week at Frank Asa's, and then drove to Waterloo to visit relatives. Mrs. Asa, Mrs. Beck, and Paul are sisters and brother. Visitors at the Asa home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Bryon Asa, near Sexton, and James Asa, 18 Mt. Erie, 111., James came to Iowa for the corn picking season, and plans to remain for the winter. The Clarence Krauaes, of near Lu Verne, were also Sunday afternoon callers at Asa's. Mr. and Mrs. Percy Schichtl and Mrs. Charles Sankey were Sunday guests at- Lu Verne. Anna Ramus who has been making her home wit] her grandmother, Mrs. Charles San key, spent last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Otto Ramus. The August Robinsons spent Saturday night and Sunday with the Tony Lohses, near Burt. The Lc-hses. who were recently released from scarlet lever quarantine, spent Sunday evening w ith Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Johnson, employed at the Edward Mawdsley farm. Edna and Joseph Jordan, former Irvington young people, graduated waa at football. • « The city council planned to pave &2 city blocks, or 3% miles, In Algona in 1914. Only 19 blocks had been paved in 1913. The council went even further than petitions had requested for by providing that cross- streets should be paved also. * * * * A 114-year-old son of the A. M. '„..- leys had died of poisoning from a boil on the arm. Advance of November 20, 1918. Dr. W. E. H. Morse, who had gone to Mississippi and become a farmer, was sending letters for publication. In one letter he had described his life, as a farmer and m another he told of his market town and the neighboring country. Dr. W. R. Laird had resigned as federal inspector of cattle at Sioux "Lou" Kresensky was then a Jun- >r at Coe college and tackle on the ootball squad. The Cedar Rapids azette (had given him a writeup hich the Advance reprinted. Lu Verne, Dec. 19*— The Bntre Nous Bridge club met last Mon-day evening witn Kate Skinner at Fort Dodge. Dinner was served on small tables, and decorations were In keep- Ing were Bernice and Irene Swen- rldge won high at bridge; Mre. Jes- pe LimWbak, second. Others attending were Bernice and Irene Swen- eson and Mesdames A. J. Eson, A, R. Zwiefel, Ray Stone, Jesse Llnd- bak, opal Morrison, Cecil Huff, and R. L. Corbln. Miss Skinner and her mother, Mrs. E. J. Skinner, Algona, 'have an apartment in a. large building, W. H, M. S. Thankoffering Taken— The annual Methodist W. H. M. S. Thankoffering was taken last Thursday ait ithe parsonage. A program was given: group singing, scripture reading by Mrs. H. C. Allen, reading by Mrs. F. I. Chapman, a talk on thankofferlng work by Mrs. A. I. Spooner, vocal duet by Mrs. Ray Stone and Mrs. Harry Lichty, and a play by Florence Thompson, Mary McClellon, Velma Ramus, Feme Barton, and Dickie Smith which portrayed the need of funds to carry on the home missionary work. The .sum collected was $6. Club Has Christmas Party— The Tuesday club had a Chriat- maa party at the home of Mrs. Alex Cnristmas. FroGes attends school there. • ' Hazel Leupold was called to 'her home at Superior last Thursday by news,, of the death of her grand' father. She returned Sunday. Mrs. Voh Draska returned lost week Wednesday from several days with her daughter, Mrs. Charles Boyle, Fort Dodge. Mrs. Rose Rhlner, of Hardy, and Mr, and Mrs. George Rhiner, Goldfield, were Sunday guests at Henry Kubly's. Mr. and Mrs. Ehvln Huber have toov«d Into the> back part of what, is known as the Brink residence. Mrs. Emll Anderson spent most of last xveek with her daughter, Mrs. Arthur Carlson, Gowrie. Mrs. Barbara Lothrlnger went to Ida Grove Monday to- attend the funeral of an uncl'e. RichPomt * * * * Algona was to have a lodge of the Loyal Order of Moose. A thousand feet of film showing Mooseheart, near Aurora, 111., where widows and children of deceased members lived, would be shown before a meeting 1 to complete organization. Installation was to he in charge of C. H. Likens, Omaha, national director. The names of prospective members were published. • *»* Figures were published on the cost of paving in Algona in Che summer of 1913. la the business district the cost a front foot was 55.96183; around the courthouse square, $3.8946; State street from he Ford corner to the Northwestern tracks, $2.58298; and north Thorington, $2.04006. The highest ax was against Geo. L. Galbraith, whose assessments totaled $2110 86 * * * * A number of Algona women had nrolled for a short course in domestic science to be given by Flornce Collins, high school teacher, ow Mrs. C. H. Beardsley. The ourse was to be given in the high chool building two evenings a veek for 12 weeks. * • * * Algona Masons had attended in .latory ceremonies at Bancroft. • * * • (Natural gas from a well 52 feet eep had caused an explosion near Armstrong. A flame three foot igh _ from a half inch pipe was urning. The gas was discovered when a well driller lit his pipe. » « « • The weather that fall was won- erful. Grass was greener than in uly and August, oats were grow- ng in stubble, and farmers were ill doing fall plowing. Evans last week, 16 members and two guesits attending. Christmas carols were song, and Mra. Edw. Hof read a Christmas story Mre. J. O. Marty read an article on France taken from the Clubwoman; A Christmas gift, exchange from a Chrismtos tree took place. The hostess was assisted by Mrs. Wilma Mosher and Mrs. Arhur Hof. Charles Bartons Charlvaricd— Messrs, and Mesdames Loyd Zent. ner, Charles Wolfe, Harry Llchty, T. L. Williams, J. R. Fan-ell, Dick Wermersen, and Cecil Williams went to the country home of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Barton last week Tuesday evening for a charivari and post-nuptial shower. Rook furnished the entertainment, Harry Lichty won the high score, Doctor , T. L. Williams low, and Mrs. Williams the chair prize. Th following local girls ore closing ithelr schools the latter part of the week for the Christmas vacation, and will spend the holidays with their parents: Florence Black, Union township; Mary Black, Cresco; Pauline Black, Irving-ton; Roberta Skllllng, plum Creek: and Blon- dlna Erpeldlng, of Klngsley. Bernice and Eunice Burllngame spent Saturday with their aunt Candy Candy A big variety of thd Finest of Hom P M , Commercial for your ChrUttnas selection or Our package line of Delicious Chocoiaf« 0 very best to be had, Martha Washington^? ? re the Delightful Chocolates from the HoSe O f ? ro ° k ' s Buntes; all leading manufacturers of the n J :^ ott dies in the U. a le flnest Can- Get a package of our fine candies for your mas enjoyment. J ur A Merry Christmas to Everybody. THE ALGONQUIN Christinas Greetings! Nellie Burlingome, Algona. The first and third grades of the Dlst. No. 5 school will entertain the rest of the school and the mothers of all pupils at a Christmas party at the school house this week Friday afternoon. vacation with their sister, Mrs Frank Asa. Mrs. Prank Dltsworth entertaine at dinner Sunday in honor of Mrs. Lucy Reaper, Mr. Ditsworth, ant Wilbur Coleman, all of whom cele brate birthdays this month. Many of the schools in Irvington township w lll put on a small Christ as program this w eek Friday after noon, Mothers are Invited, and gift. will be exchanged. Donald Robison has been work ing for several weeks for his bro- ither Vernon Robison. It's a powerful and safe medicine and best of all "it acts like a flash" — you v.-on't have to wait for days to chase even the toughest old coug-li out of your system. Buckley's Mixture (triple strength) one or two sips and the ordinary cougih is gone—those stubborn fellows that give you no rest night or day are knocked out in a day or two. 'Buckley's is different — bettei- faster in action—in all the world no cough medicine like it—and as safe for children as grownups. Get a 45 cent bottle of this magic medicine at Sorensen's Drug Store or any modern drug store—if not delighted with results money back lust spring from the Hamilton business college. Edna is stenographer at the telephone exchange, Joe has work in connection with an oil station. They are children of Miami Mrs. A. Jordan, now of the Hurt neighborhood, formerly of Irvington. Mrs. Alvin Weber is also a daughter. Leo, eldest son, is with his parents. The Jordans will mova to the Rich Point vicinity in the spring. Mr. and Mrs. Lyl e Clark, Emmetsburg, were Sunday callers at Martin Jordan's. Mrs. Clark reported that her father, Frank Thornton, former, ly Irvington, recently .had a serious attack of heart trouble. Mr. and Mrs. Thornton were with their daughter, Mrs. Ray King, Mason City, during his illness. The Thorn- All's Well* Colonial . tons plan to remain with the Kings the rest of the winter, and assist with the housekeeping, as both Mr. and Mrs. King are employed at the Decker packing plant. The Rev. A. English preached Sunday on Christ, as the Door, John 10:8. There will be a special Chrlst- os service Sunday a. m. Parents wishing to present children for bap. tlsm will be given an opportunity to do so, also anyone desiring to be taken into the church is requested to see the Rev. Mr. English 1x>fore the service. Next Sunday evening at S o'clock a Christmas program will bo presented. Mrs. Percy Philp is spending several days with her paprents, Mr. and Mrs. Rome Robinson. Mr. and Mrs. Philp are employed at the Artie Curran farm, near Lu Verne. The Harold Currans were Sunday guests at the Robinson home. Marie and Merle Weiner, Waterloo, plan to spend the approaching Christmas •*• GOOD HOPERS WILL VIEW MUHLEMAN'S WORLD FAIR MOVIES Good Hope, Dec. 19—At Good Hope next week Thusday evening at S o'clock Dist. Supt. Muhteman will show moving pictures he took at the Century of Progress fair. The presentation is free to the public. The L. A, S. December birthday sroup will serve light refreshments In the dinning room following the program at a cost of 15c, and it is hoped that all who see the pictures will contribute this amount, which will be applied on the district superintendent's salary. A meeting of officials and friends of the church, n the first quarterly conference o f :he church year, will be a part of the activities of the evening. District No. 7 Play Success— The play for the Parent-Teachers association of Dist. No. 7 was an un- lualified success, and demonstrated a talent for dramatic expression on the part of a number of the participants. A crowd which packed he Good Hope Community Room ;reeted the program with spontaneous and enthusiastic applause. A good-sized sum was netted for the )urchase of equipment for the /school. lu-istmus Program Tomorrow Night The Christmas program at Good lope this year will be presented a.t the church this week Friday evening, it is important that parents having children in the program get .them there on time, so that we may drew a crowd. Mrs. Henry Engstrom was assisting hostess. Mrs. Mome Steinman and the Earl Stelnmans were guests at Albert Reid's, Haifa, Sunday. •*• A. Scarlet Ferer at Seneca. Fenton, Dec. 19-^Supt. H. „. Reyman_"s home at Seneca is under quarantine for scarlet fever. daughter Barbara Jean and The son Alden hare the disease. No other cases have been reported. Mr. Reymand is a former Methodist pastor at Lu Verne. Church Society Names Officers— At a recent Evangelical Woman's Missionary society meeting at Mrs. Mrs. W. H. Woito's officers were eleitced: Mrs. Fred Merkle president; Esther Merkle, vice; Anna Wolto secretary; Mrs. Walter Hefti. treasurer; Mrs. David Liang, corresponding secretary. Plans were laid for the annual dinner and business meeting at the church Friday, r>ec- eber 29, a the city hall. Progressive Woman's Club Meets— The Progressive Woman's dub met Friday with Mrs. Ernest Wolto, 12 members In attendance. After (.'hrl.sma.s rarols, members respond- i'd to roll call by naming lowing In Radio. Mrs. George Hanselman read a paper on Seated at my Radio, and Mrs. Maynard Spooner gave com- and crtlclsma of radio Edmund Capesius, only son- of Frank Capesius, will come home from Columbia college, Dubuque, this week Thursday. This is his first year at Columbia. He wlll spend the holiday vacation with his parents. Truman Warren accompanied the Austin Summers family, of Irvington, to Eagle Grove Saturday. ' Mrs. John Schulz received word of a brother's death Saturday night, and left immediately for Illinois to attend the funeral. Frank Capesius, who was sick several days lost week, is much better and able to be out again. Mrs. Hugh Raney spent the weekend at Floyd Gardner's, Plum Creek, where she helped care for her mother, Mrs. Eva Gardner, who is sick. A daughter arrived at Mr. and Mrs. John McGulre's this week Tuesday. This makes a family of four daughters for the McGuires. A new season IB ushered in! Accent greetings for the jolliest, merriest Christmas ever enjoyed! < KOHLHAAS & SPILLES LEGAL NOTICES School Social Announced. There will ,be a program and pie social this week Friday at the No. 8 <Burt township school two miles west and three miles north of Burt. Sarah Neeling is teacher. mendations programs. Father and Daughter Die- Mr, and Mrs. Emil Anderson went to Boons Sunday to attend the double funeral of friends. One was George Evans, civil war veteran, the other his daughter, who died two days after her father's death. Lutheran Aid Plans Party— The Lutheran Aid will have a Christmas party in the church basement this week Friday. There will be a program and a Chrismas tree, with gift exchange. A covered-dish luncheon wSl be served Surprise for Mrs. Devlft— Mrs. Frank Devitt was guest of honor 'Friday evening, when neighbors came to help her celebrate a birthday. Rook was the entertainment. Pastor Koonce Home Again The Rev. A. J. Koinse got home Friday from Enan Valley. Pa., where he helped witn services two weeks. evangelistic Other Lu Verne News. Emma Krause accompanied Mr. and Mrs. Frank Krause, Renwick to Minneapolis Friday to bring the Krause daughter Frances home for NOTICE OF SHEBIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of Special Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in said Court on the 4th day of December, 1933, in favor of Equitable Life Assurance Society of the United States, as plaintiff, and against John Seip and Alice Seip, his wife, jointly and severally, as defendants, for the sum of Fourteen Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety- two and 21/100 (114,992:21) Dollars and costs, taxed at Two Hundred Two and 31/100 (J202.31) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following, described Real property as the property of the said John Seip and Alice .Seip, his wife, and Carl Seip, to satisfy said execution, to-wit: The Southwest Quarter (SW'4) of Section Thirty- Six (36) in Township Ninety-Six (96) North of Range Thirty (30), West of the 5th P. M. containing "A Specialized Insurance Service" THE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY C. B. La Barre Low Kates-Quick Claim Settlements Surety Bonds - Loans - Investments Phone 55 1st Boor North of Iowa State Bank 160 acres, more or less, ing to the government accord- survey ; and I will proceed to sell said property, or ao much thereof as may be necessary io satisfy said execution, urith costs and accruing costs at public auction, ** the highest bidder, for cash. In hand on the 6th day of January, 1934, at the east door of the Court House in Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, at the 'hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of eald day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. ?o ated this 7tn da y of December, DAHLHAUSER, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa By Casey Loss, Deputy. Sullivan, McMahon & lannan i"Plain*i-f*»« A4-4.,,». n ^ Plaintiffs Attorneys. 14-15 The Greedy Bidders How long has it been since you attended a "closing Out S3.16 j Perhaps some neighbor was called by death before his time and you stood among the crowd at his widow s auction and watched the greedy bidders buy the things this neighbor loved for a mere song. "It Couldn't bo helped," they said. "Debts!" But you can prevent such things from happening to your widow. It is in your hands. i, .!, nsurance P 0 "cy which you took with unselfish pride to protect your dear ones is in danger because the premium is unpaid. Remember, a forced sale is a poor sale and the cash your policy would provide might prevent an auction ™n? Ur ^ n d °? r ' K takes time to straighten up a mans affairs when he's gone on the long journey! Act today! Your life insurance is in danger! CEDAR RAPIDS LIFE INS, CO, Cedar Rapids, Iowa. L. H. GILCHBIST, Gen. Agent. ™ T, M ason City, Iowa. We have openings for representatives. RADICALLY REDUCED begin on promptly. The welcome. public Is Other Good Hope. The Rev. and Mrs. Allen H. Wood were at Garner Tuesday for the funeral of Herbert Wood, an intimate friend and former parishioner. The Aid meeting at Engetrom'e last week Mrs. ' otto Wednesday Christmas Tr«e Lights 8-light indoor set. Molded balcelite socket*. Colored silk cord. C«n be used in any 110- volt socket. Complete, ' 29 Tinker Toy W Train Special ED 15&4O% ON MERCHANDISE The lowest of the low prices on a genuine Tinker Toy. While present stock lasts. Junior size. Consists of black steel mechan- * Wth tender ' ba « a !K> * passenger cars, electric Doll 29< track. Batteries extra. 79< t'res-nicke) plated hub 93.25 Larjc " Doll GAMBLE STORE ***»*''~"' i «* ( ^ < **>*'~-<^>~'is™^ ' '•' .•" ^^ " • msn '6 FRIENDLY STORES ©WNED BY L O Y E E S Can you injaarine a largo 16; web spft-bcJied "mamma doll, with dimpled knees, dressed in white organdy drew end bonnet, for only 39

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