Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1933 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1933
Page 2
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PAOB TWO Christmas Food Values WHIPI K010WY GUI BUTTER Ib. . l*c 1 f ~ X «/ C/ OHHESE, mild American, Ib. CORN, Del Monte, 3 ob. can — BEANS, long string, 3 No. 3 cans ------- • COFF1BE, Chase & Sanborn's, 1 Ib. can. HBINZ BEANS, 2 16-oz. cans PILLSBURY 9O/» Cake Flour, pkg. — ^«7C 9H1NOLA / /} /» 'Shoe (Polish, can ---- •*• "t/ CLIMALENiE, 9 1 /• Ig. pkg -------------- ^-*- v- SEMINOLE TISSUE, "Cotton soft," 1000 O/T/t "sheet rolls, 4 rolls— & ** ^ f /T /» X «/ I/ CHRISTMAS CANiDY 2 Ibs. ______________ MIXED NUTS, BRAZIL NUTS, SALAlD ORESSdNG, 2 pt. Jar ___________ OLIVES, Queen, qt. ----- ..... 1 Q/» | ?/» OyfT-, AOL 9Q/» ^t7l/ lOc Naval Oranges 2 Dozen 45c FIGS, Calif. 1 O ~ 2 for ______ 1 ________ J. &C PUMPKIN, O/l 2 for ______________ ^5l/C •HYOROX 'BEVERAGES Ginger Ale, Lime Dry, Lemon Soda, Lime Rickey, If /) /» •24-oz. bottle ________ -I "C Plus Dep. Buy your Christmas tree at A. & F. and save. Give food this year for an ideal gift. ft IS CROUHD BEFORE YOUR EYES Really fresh coffee is ground fresh in the store when yon lwy it. That's why_ so many prefer the A. & P. Coffees. EIGHT O'CLOCK Mild and mellow LB. 19c RED CIRCLE ttich, full bodied LB.I BOKAR Tigorous & winey LB.I THE GREAT ATLANTIC & PACIFIC TEA CO. Middle Wo S .,,m Dm Our best wishes for a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR Iowa State Bank ALGONA, IOWA Get your Christinas Trees here. Extra Good Values For Your money. No specials, but regular prices for the BEST QUALITY groceries Always at A K RE'S Holiday trade is on. Canned Vegetables and Fruits for your Christmas baskets should be selected now. But also supply your own pantry with an assortment. RICHELIEU and BABY STUART fancy Asparagus, Spinach, Pumpkin, or Golden Wax Beans, Lima Beans (French style), Golden Bantam or Pearly Grain Sweetcorn, Early June Peas, and the superfine sifted are wonderful. Other items on your shopping list should include the best of dried fruits—fancy peaches, prunes and Blenheim apricots, currants, seeded and seedless raisins and the bleached (white) raisins, candied citron, orange, and lemon peels. Cookies, candies, and nuts are plentiful. Fresh fruits and fresh vegetables every day. Christmas trees—lots of them—25c, 35c, 50c, 75c. Get your supplies at AKRE'S Women Prepare Free School Dinners HOT LUNCHES FOR COUNTRY S, UWILS Q\vea City, Dec. 19—(Plans for erving warm lunches to the coun- ry children attending the consoli- ated school here have been ma- erializing the past two weeks Titonka, Dec. 19 — Many new books have been added to the library shelves: Eskimo Stones; The Snow Children; An Eskimo Robinson Crusoe; Brave Tales ot Real Dogs; The Children's Bible; Kitty: ler First 100 Years; Mr. Pete & 3o.; Miss'Bishop; First Ladies; Al..^.^.,-B ,.„„ (,„„» *„„ TT^no. bert Goes There; The Beloved The work is done by a woman Stranger; Hashknife Outfit; iRoyal laid by the school district, ,The Road to Romance; No Secand •Ian, which is sponsored by the Spring; Let the Hurricane Rave; Thursday club is to serve one warm 'Dragon Murder Case; Happiness lish each day to supplement the 'Mill; Robber's Roost; Second- unch brought from home by the Hand Wife; Black Swan; Ann Vick- pupils. ers; Greater Courage; and Ida iDuring the fall months vege? Elizabeth. tables were canned and donated to . — bhe school, and also dry vegetables Surprise for the Julians— .****.,. «M.im. A J t-k-.^i AI- ^ A* it. _ < MnicpVi'hrti*itifF wiirtiof A**O 4 The iirst two weeks &50 warm Mesuames vjan jttmgaana, 01 rai- 0 . F.-Hebekah Supper Served— tfthcr te acl« unchea were served. The menu <aier - .Boese, of Lakota; Wacholtz, Th e odd Fellows and the Re- B ryden is i the first week was: Monday, vege- J* Bntt; and Schoenlein, of Ti- bekahs served a public supper Sat- tls t c hurch. table soup; Tuesday, potatoes and tonka. Lunch was provided by the urday evening at their hall, and , rravy; Wednesday, tomato soup; guests, including a wedding cake 150 persons attended. Sodality Gives Card Party- Thursday, rice and milk; Friday, made by Mrs - Schoenlein. A talk The Young Ladles sodality of Royal Neighbors Elect— The Royal Neighbors have elect- ing at Lone Rock from here weve Delores Rippentrop, Loraine Lam- n>g officers were elected: Superin tendent, Samuel Warburton; as Distant, Carl Arnodl; secretary- oreux,>ern7 and'Mildre'd Krantz, -reasurer, J. Ivy Moats; librarian, Bernice (Larson, and Helen Beed. Harold Evans, Dorothy Arnold; pi- — anist, Irene Dourte; chorister, Mrs. Girl from Louisiana Here— Nada Pearson; assistant, Mrs. Minnie Thomson. Former S. C. Girl Married- Announcements have been Here's to an old-fashioned Christmas with plenty ] of good luck to last through the year and ever after, j Moe & Sjogren 113 So. Dodge. Phones 290 and 291 i KOSBUTtt COVNtt ADVANCfi, ALQONA, IOWA Many New Books Placed on the Titonka Library Shelves >'••*• U w>ivr u> | Uliu U1UVS *••* J V W^VifcC^fcrSViiJ were solicited. During the time the *T ^J. t. OVSllV^lbCTU* 'I MM ' I>K HIC Li ill C Lll\2 o--~ ***•--- Q ......_»« v . » w W B>> ». v unches are served milk, cream, 'R ev - and Mrs. Kilian, north of 'resh meat, etc., are solicited from town > *y surpnse in honor of their ho. -far. ma an A n ,. nn o.«j 1'Sth weddin anniverar eek farms and prepared :ountry pupils. for . The first two weeks 550 warm Thursday, rice and milk; vegetable soup. Friday, made by Mrs. Schoenlein. A talk was _given by the Rev. Mr. 'Ring- Girl Has the Chickenpox— geae soup. y e v. r. 'ng- Last week cocoa was served Mon- hand, and the evening was spent „.. ---- .1 --- j --- . — j i_» — nt oinrrirvn. <x»/> -, day, escalloped meat and potatoes Tuesday, vegetable soup Wednea- lay, creamed chicken Thursday, and bean soup Friday. There is no ,, A , PfPf 13 ^ 1 was given at charge for lunches for country pu- Methodl |t church Sunday night. jij s group of young people presente ed the following officers for the 2\ !Ba ™ ar 2 '? all> ^ a .^. ryn Schram ensuing year: Mrs. Wm. Christian- " elen B . e . ed » M "- William Schram, _. __ _. _ .\frs_ ATma Th/iTYii^crtM r4/\-»»/\f iitr son, oracle; Mrs. John (Pearson, Mrs ; A ™ a Thompson, Dorothy vice oraole: Mrs. Earl Nneel. TAP.- G ar tner, Vernelle Zweifel, and Mrs. vice oraole; Mrs. Earl Nagel, recorder; Mrs. August Peterson, re- :eiver; Mrs. E. S. Anderson, chancellor; Mrs. George Butterfield, marshal; Mrs. Roy Hartshorn, inner sentinel; Mrs. (E. C. Peterson, outer sentinel; Mrs. W. O. Nelson and Mrs. JD. A. Link, managers S. S. Officers Are Named— The Methodist Sunday school met with Ivy Moats Thursday .evening. After the usual business the follow- received of the marriage of Mrs. Gladys Fretty, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. O. NeJson, to Ronald Evanson, railway accountant who Jean, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harold Tryon, Mound,,La., formerly Titonka, arrived at Wesley Saturday, and Henry Dahlhauser met her ;here and brought iher to Titonka. She will spend the rest of the winter with her grandmother, Mrs. Fred Reibsamen. Jean, who is 11, is a sister of Idalle Tryon, who for- higih the W8ekrend The Roy Budlongs were at Al- lives in Minneapolis, last Thursday, merly attended the Titonka Mrs. Fretty has been making her school. home in Minneapolis. They -will so to New York on a honeymoon trip. Santa Claus Visits Titonka— A community Christaas tree was « re iw , .„„„„,„„ wei Attends Funeral of Salesman— nt last week Wednesday afternoon gona Saturday afternoon. George K. (Nelson last Sunday drove to IFort (Dodge to attend the funeral of Harrison Shields. Mr. Shields, salesman for the Leighton Supply Co., had called on trade in Swea City for many years, and was popular among those who knew him here. Barn Fire is Extinguished— 'The barn on the Mike Kennedy famr west of town caught fire Friday. The fire originated from an unknown cause in the barn loft, am was extinguished before much damage was done. B. B. Career is Forecosi^- 'Burton Thomson, student at Ames, is to have an opportunity to play basketball with the freshman team this year. He is a center, and na Blakley, Rag-Man, should make good, for he is 6 feet, kuchenreuther. 5 inches tall. Iowa Theater is Opened— The Iowa theater opened Satur day evening with One Man's Journey. A full house greeted the show and many favorable comments were made for the new management. Accident Victim Ilecovering— Buell Johnson, who has been in e hospital since an auto accidenl recovering. Mr. and Mrs. William Kauffman and daughter Lela Mae are visiting Mrs. Kauffman's parents, the J. E Youngs, this week. J. E. Young shipped a carload of cattle to Chicago last week. Art Peterson trucked a load to St. Paul Dressed Geese are Stolen from 'Fenton, Dec. 19—Eight dressed geese were stolen from the Priebe Bros, store was gained is unknown; no locks windows were tampered with supposition is that someone and were - —... «« u ... uu . u XJMC.UO ic- 'lasi, inursday an &°:£ St&S?™™, ° f ,P art of . a 9Pened a second flock of ducks one night last week Wesley Woman ocally. Auxiliary rooms. works at the Legion- Whittemore Pair to Wed. Whittemore, Dec. 19—Banns of matrimony were called Sunday morning at late mass at St. Michael's Catholic church for the first ime for Geneva, daughter of Mrs. Helen Walters, and Earl, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter EHbert, who will be married neyt week Wednesday Teacher Here Loses Father— morning. Miss Walters teaches ----- - - wo miles north of Whittemore. Neighboring ministers took the t *.*• A«,l %<•«« tfltt « U _ A..J.1_ f^f > 1'Sth wedding anniversary laat week Tuesday. Attending: the Revs, and Mesdames Carl Ringhand, of Pal- in the middle of main street, and Christmas songs were sung, aftef which Santa Glaus distributed treats. School was let out at 3 o'clock, and neighboring country .schools were also let out early. Auxiliary Sews Carpet Rags- Members and friends of the local Legion Auxiliary unit met with Mrs. Horace Schenck, president, last Thursday to sew carpet rags and hear a radio broadcast by M. Myrton Skelley, department secretary. The January meeting will be held at Carrie Bonacker's. Hitchhikes from the Coast- John Fisher, who went to California with Albert Meyer a montl ago to vkit relatives, hitchhiked back and arrived one day las! week. 0. F.-Rebekah Supper Served— Shirley, youngest daughter of Mr. ty this week Tuesday night at St an( j jf rs> Mark Bacon, came down John's hall. Pupils of ' with the chicken pox Saturday at the James Breen Home Again , of young people presented a play, There is Music in the Air, under the auspices of the W. IT. M. S. tn the cast were >Leota Oesterreioh- ;r, (Bartmra Ball, Kathryn Schram, (Ray Oesterreicher. Another program will be given next Sunday ;, which will be Christmas Eve. Titonka Quint Loses Twice— A_ basketball game was played against 'Lakota at Lakota last week Tuesday night, and the local first team was defeated, but Titonka'a second team won. Then at Lone Rock Friday night the Titonka first ;eam was again beaten, 28-14, tout :he local second team won. Attend- James Breen, who had been at a Mason City hospital several weeks, was brought home Sunday. Other Titonka News. gona to Lone Rock, a iront whee Roland Sharott, who worked for on ' lls car broke, and the car upset the Roy Budlongs, south of town, ln the mlddle of the road ' Mr - Behr tout recently went to his home at •Lynd, Minn., for a couple of weeks' visit, returned last week Wednes- Surprl9 for Milxino GuMc _ day, and is now working for the ~ • John Pinks, southeast of town. BANCROFT GIRL IS WEDDED TO ALGONA YOUTH Bancroft, Dec, 10—Hazel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Nels Mathoon, laouth of Bancroft, Ralph MarWft, Algona, were married Saturday at 2 p. m. at the First Lutheran parsonage, Alsrona, the Rev. Mr. Sjostrand officiating. Llnnea Mathson and Kenneth Mathson, slater and brother of the bride, attended the couple, A dinner was served at the home of the bride's parents that evening to 20 relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Markla will live at Algona. Four Teachers Hare Mumps- Helen, only child of the Ilev, and Mrs. C. E. Bryden, came Friday from Buffalo Center, where she teaches primary In the public schools. The school was closed Frl day for vacation, since four of the other teachers have the mumps. Mr " " pastor of the local Bap Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Heifner «ently took Mr. and Mrs. W Seventeen school friends of Max Ine Guide surprised her Sundaj re " evening: at her home. Maxlne's birth day was Friday. She is the only chil „ „.„ w ._ ..,*.„. ... —. aay was r nua,y. cjno is xue omy cnu (Hughes, of Afton, who had spent a 0 £ Mr. and Mrs. H. X Guide, and i few weeks here, to Fort Dodge, a senior at St. John's. whence Mr. and Mrs. Henry Caro- Tvueuue mr. aim mrs. jrieury viaro- ——— las, of Afton, took them the rest of To Teach at Lone Rock— »r,« ..,„.. i Mable Howe, who was teachin, the Nyman school west of town the way home. fljynn Kuchenreuther, who was """ ^jimm ov.nui/> \\^a\. \j L recently hurt while he was crank- will start teaching in ithe Lone ^^ ing his car, was later taken to the Public schools in Januai-y. Rutl Algona hospital by Dr. W. F. Ham- Adolphson will teach the Nyman street and underwent a minor op- school. fcfhrreSIe V ;Ton K RS ee ntr * fetoed ™« at « N ' ten days with relatives here. Mrs. Charles Ama, Myrtle Ama, and Lpraine Peterson were at Mason City Saturday afternoon. Vance Reibsamen, who had been visiting relatives at Minneapolis, came home for the holidays. PUPILS OF 3 SCHOOLS GIVE ONE-ACT PLAY attended three one-act plays pre> sented by the Titonka, Grant, and Ledyard schools at the auditorium here Friday night. Titonka presented They Cleaned the Attic, with the following cast: Nancy Cordes, Kathryn Schram, Howard Cordes, Sherman Killen, Lily Lightfoot, An- Kenneth Grant presented Sterling Silver; Mary Sterling, Margaret Wolcott Laurence Gray, Bernard Kelly, Mrs. Sterling, Muriel Payne, Mr. Gray, Charles Curtis, Mrs. O. G. Whittaker, Violet Selberg, William Ster•ling, Donald Bargar, Betty Sterling, Mary McDonald, Edith, Marjorie Mino, Mandy, (Florence Patterson, Rastus, George Patterson, Tressie Hand, Helen Briggs. Ledyard's play was .—- —y .——•—-•»• ucujaiua piay was JUST, a Little „«.« ot r Yu aS ln J, ured , ten days Mistake, with the following cast: ?f^.. r . e .^ rnedllomeeaturda y- Hei s Mrs. Ball, Lillian Sanders, Elsie Walton, Aleitha Brack, Helen Strong, Marjorie Matzener, Racy , Ella W. F. M. S. Program Given— The W. F. M. S. met with. Mrs. H, D. Mayne last week Tuesday. Mrs. Jos Mayne led devotionals, Mrs. Edward Knoner the lesson, and Mrs. George Thompson led on stewardship. Miniature biographies were read by the Mesdames Yahnke, Mayer and Mayne. Son for Jack McDonalds— . - A son was born to Mr. and Mrs, tY? n l ngr Jack McDonald last week Wednesday. He was baptized at the Sacred Heart church Sunday morning and Kenneth Devine, Bancroft, and Ju- Underkofler were sponsors. Anthony. . ,. - . <= 1 DU t only the Bruise Develops Into Abscess fattest were taken. Nothing else Anita Gelhaus went to Bancroft was missed. Keinhold Laabs re- last Thursday ' ~ '* an «-ort _, .- _____ ___,_, WUM 'til tit /l&Cl developed due to a bruise on her leg. It was necessary to put a tube in the wound. She is gaining nicely. for Charity Boys' B. B. Teams Lose— Ledyard'a first and second boys' Wesley, Dec. 19—The county was basketball teams -were defeated at recently allotted government worn- Fenton last Thursday night, the CtTt \X/T\f 7ra»*C! < Dtr^ir?1o'«»'ci n 1 !«.*_»«_ j. ffi»»a+ 4aa*n 'OT Ort «v>*3 it.,. _- i Wesley Auxiliary Unit to Be Cited for Achievements Wesley, -Dec. 19—The , man, plans to conduct an essay contest among hig,h school young people, the essays to be of not more than 1,000 ords, on "Fidac." A judge will be chosen from the Auxiliary, one from the schools faculty, and one other. Three prizes will be given, a dollar, 75c, and 50c. The women study the various allied countries, or their dependencies, and the chairman prepares lessons. This year England is the subject; last year, French Morocco. by the death of her father, F. E. Stranahan, Fayette. Christmas Program Planned— The Methodist Sunday school will present a Christmas program Sunday evening at the church. Other Led yard IVews. Max Nitz was called'to Lakota NEW SPRING lata week Wednesday by news that his mother, Mrs. Bertha Nitz, was severely burned. She died that af- . . Mrs. Howard Jenson, Le Mars, the latter a granddaughter of Mrs Nitz, came Friday. Harold Granner and Genevieve Kitley spent the week-end at Charles City with Harold's .brother Paul. Adelaid "Randall and (Ruth Jones accompanied them as far as Mason City. Mrs. J. C. Underkofler, of Britt, and Mrs. J. C. Kennedy, Hutchinson, Minn., visited their sister, Mrs Jack McDonald, last week Monday. Mrs. Charles Hilferty returned from Mason City last week Wednesday after a few days with the Frank Perkins family. Mrs. Glenn Yahnke and her par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Julius Jenson tle, returning Saturday. Mrs. Jerry Sullivan's en workers. Wesley's allotment first team 27-30, and the" was one, and Mrs. Helen Johnson 23-18. accepted appointment. She began ,_ _, „ „ —;-—-, work at 9 Monday morning, and * re : Kell y Has Birthday- will work six hours a day five days The How a r d Maynes were guests a week for eight weeks. She will °* l ^ 6 Frank Kelly. Friday even- prepare clothing and other sup- lng at an oyster supper in honor of plies for the unemployed and needy, Mrs - Kell y'« birthday. Mr and Wbittemore second spent Sunday here. A. E. Lauritzen refereed a basketc The first six grades of the local school will give a Christmas program Thursday afternoon in school auditorium. the recently en- coffee seal contest, last week the seals ed in, realizing J4.29. Marjorie Stranahan, iBnglisa instructor, " ' ' - ' The Howard and Jos. Maynes and oeorge Thompsons spent Saturday at Fairmont. . rairmont. . n ul Helen Jenson, Buffalo Center H^ n ;,! hares can be made at at ^ _ Norma Kelly entertained the Sewing Circle last week Monday everi- caUed^h.oinie eupday 44-11. L. B. Defeats Titonka. J,one Rook, Dec. 19-^The boys' basketball team won from Titonka, 23-14, Friday night. Gross was Lone Rock high point .mi: 7 " •» JHWUI. snsuj, witja The local second team lost, The Young Ladles Sodality of the Catholic church will give a card par - light at St St. John's high school will give a 45-mlnut play, which will be followed by cards and lunch. Chris Behrman in Accident— Last week Tuesday afternoon, as Chris Behrman was driving from Al •to Lone Rock, a front whee rived Saturday morning to care fo him. Other Bancroft News. Leonard Cutler went to Cedar Ra pids Saturday to get his wife, whc had been caring for Mrs. Edw. Me Gulre there. His mother, Mrs. Al bert Cutler, accompanied him t day evening. Mrs. J, H, Welp Sr. and her eon F. J. and J. H. spent Sunday a Haverhlll and Marshalltown. A Marshalltown they visited Mrs Welp's only sister, Mrs. Elizabet Meyers, and at Haverhill they looh ed after farm interests. Pauline Kockler, R. N., and he brother Paul, St. Cloud, Minn spent Saturday, Sunday and Mon ^'for^^in 1116 ^ a " re <J uirements Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Colvert, Ca "MT-B oiara Aii'-'v. TVJ i. • ifoi ' nia . and a son are visiting: Mr Mrs. Clara Aldrich, (Fidac chair- Colvei-t's sisters, Ma Ma* and Fred Hansen, at the local telephone flee. Mr. and Mrs. E. J. Seoney and Mi Dltsworth spent Sunday at Winnc bago, Minn., with Mrs. Otis Jen kins, niece of Mrs. Seeney. Frerl N. Thies and his mothe Mrs. H. E. Thies, attended a mee ing of buttermakers at West Ben last Thursday evening. Williard, son of Mr and Mrs. jac Quinn, spent Saurdg.y and Sunda with his grandmother, Mrs. Bri get Quinn, The R. G. Richardsons, Algon. and the Frank Bennetts, Burt, spen Sunday with Dr. and Mrs. E, Howe. Thos. D. Garry and L. J. Knock lor returned Friday from Milwaukee where Mr. Garry transacted bus: ness. Elite. HATS AT TH Cul . -------- -------- „ ,.„„,, Wi _ THPB GIFT FOR THE .LONESOME ternoon and funeral services were "away from home" — Gamble's Ra held Saturday. Many from here dio Sale makes possible this won attended the funeral. Mr. and derful gift. Large size 7-tube Con ------- ----- 1933 The Coming Out Year 83 season Christm cheertiil good there if the worst of 1933 will toe coming out o world has e ing our mo: time i« here. The hannipsf of the year-the time' in a fellow conies to the s us mellow up and try to h» tnowii as the coming out year » the longest and hardest dep r experienced. The natbn, the atate, and the people aw yery sick with what doctor,s would call debtitU contracted when we were sailing too sailing too like a lot of drLkei i evelt has been prescribing for i medic ne has foeen bitter and hard to final y got ua on a diet, and we are irybody is feeling better, a yer if we obey the doctor's .. another spree. Everything ta ., v _.,, Neiille. Business is boomingVve of ,',<., h to keep up with it. I have worked « 1?5 Ibs. trying to make another ,0^ was can fight over it when I am en I have been on speaking terms the mwt Dr. Roo of his tie has rapidly. Bv we will recover not go on old man ihardlv able self down dollar eo ths My wife am of the year. t> Bob are growing fine and keeping They have lots of confidence are young yet and do not see my a shortcomings. Customers have been very nca Satirday old friends that did not expect tn againi until' after^ Christmas me a Merry Chrlsteias i -Tim am and happy. You see the and to me. be in town up to wish appreciatioi through these So you see, I am sitting pretty, everything r» vorable. 6 a " Of cou few sleepless is Christmas Wishini and prospe there is a dark side, some worries a « nights, but why bring that up rtow.it time, and we are happy. if you all a Merry Christmas and a happy irous 1934, I am w Jimmie Neville The Shoe Man Algona, la. Thank you '.or your patronage! In return may offer you out best wishes for a Christmas full of i HESLEY & JOHNSON SERVICE STATION -CONTINENT PRODUCTS rw ini/ bE: YOUR. MCRftJEJT Try our Dry Cleaning Servic Modern Dry Cleanen PHONE 687 sole was $44.60, now-|39,D-5. Other as low as $12.95, 29-i ALGON/T BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Inc. 1917 AUTHORIZED CAPITAL $1,000,000.00 THIS ASSOCIATION has always «uis, wr. ano Mrs. Julius Jenson ?, • r _ esular dividends of not less Buffalo Center, spent Friday at t v" 1 7 » e V ent on installment 'Fairmont. y at shares. And 5 per cent on paid up Mrs. Robert Johns, Newton, and shares son came last week Monday to visit her mother, Mrs. Blanche Jenks. Ed Reece went to Chicago last week Wednesday with a car of cat- ASSETS OTEE $188,000 OVER FOUR HUNDRED accounts holding shares in association. UNUSUAL SAFETY through con- parents, L^t'y^aPP™^ city real es- ls your LOANS AHE first INVESTMENTS in Building & jOflTl RnnT*oc .in** i*~ . j i ~ ;, at su- We Invite ALGONA BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION 7 North Dodge St. C. 8. LA B1B$E, J , Ue holiday feel »t".y<"» B nouoay ei>irii...yoa iee» w-"7"» •-,. you he«r it? I4»te«..,t*Iepl»oiH> of*"' thpusands of tUem, People are »»»««"" "\ try Chri8lni»8"..."Happ}' New Year •"'J''* voices ihriUed |p cxclj<m*e greeting*- 11 the holiday spirit oa tf»e telephone wires. Exchange greeting* by long Now Ye«i'X. E»J?y.- aU> 9f voice-to-voice reunions. The cost W 8in voicc-to-voice reunions. I/ rou do not ft«»e a telephone* get one /or C/ww<m8J. It'* a f'J* for all the /<WKj/y for all the y&t>

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