Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1933 · Page 1
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 21, 1933
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ALGONA, lOWA, DECEMBER 21, 1933 AIH IIMt of week, middle, fair f Monday fol* t«*iP«f*ture* cold- or Friday. •*" . ._ - ' -e>~" , iNumoer 13 VER HALF MILLION BUS. SEALED i WATER ER HEARS COMPLETION Mot Be Used by Till Painted in Spring. ,»<«''new water tower is ewBpletiorti MMUt makes a Edition to the town, vm- i both directions on the No. bn No. 169 from the ^^^^ ^^ -•-_.-_!_. -: .. -. ,_.---• -_ -- •___.!_.--__«---- •——- —••- ^ - ~~^^^- — Churches Plan Christmas Programs " "~~ • _____ — ^^ CONG'L KIDS ARE TO VISIT SANTA'S SHOP Candle Light Service to Be Feature in Afternoon. Algona Youths Held on Extortion Charge VUrted- E > _..• <m of siding ateel on Tuesday after- rday the riveting d Che placing of the be held in place by „ of rafters, and it will w » point at the top. • wik for the last two weeks 1 to s «pectators to go . this has been because g have been catching up ['construction- [ladder to Top Planned. i the roof finished sometime the tank will be practic- The overflow pipe Delmer McFadden and Harold Speraw, both of Algona, were arrested yesterday morning charged with being implicated in an extortion and kidnapping episode at Emmetsburg Tuesday night. According to the evidence a trio, which included the two youths, it is alleged, appeared at the Daniel Sibrel farm, near Emmetsburg, and demanded money and alcohol. Julia McPherson, housekeeper for Mr. Sibrel, whose „ - , , . . ~ - wife died a year ago, and the all Sunday school members for wel-Li___.. oiu^^i «v,-ij« fa™ roiiof three Sibrel children A Christmas program especially for the children will be presented at the Congregational church tomorrow evening at 7:30. The Sunday school primary department will give A Visit to Santa's Workshop; a story will ibe told by Mrs. Lee 'Reed; carols will ibe sung by the Junior choir; and the orchestra fare relief. At 4:30 p •m. the choir, directed by Mrs. Sylvia Gunn, win present a candlelight Christmas rnusicale: Prelude, March Religieuae, Han. be placed and connected to the • drainage system as soon as of ia in place. A ladder will u lted to one of the legs of the ;and this will go to the top of .tank. On the root the ladder I also travel around the edge. i soon as the roof is on the tank _be tilled with water and tested Iteaks. The tank will hold more 1325,000 gallons, and the pres- t at that height will be notice- t in faucets. . . Jos. Kelly plans to save the .d to test the tank by run- jit through the city's filtration t .before it goes into .the del-Guilmant, sional, Hark, Mrs. Gunn; the Herald proces- Angels Tank Idle Till Spring. s tank will not Ibe used till . 0 , when it will be painted. The i of the tower will be painted It, but the tank and the center i to the ground will ** °* aix num or silvery ^appearance. .. j • will be a Ifeh't on the top ich can fce^sesn.: f or 25 miles at catwalk around the tank is 1100 feet from the ground. ng on it one can look over i, top of the stand pipe. Work- n say they can see towers in [adozen neighboring towns. Workman Suffers Fall. today afternoon a, Mr. Jones, iking inside of the tank bowl i knocked off a scaffolding and 1 nearly Sing; candlelight procession. Solo, Comfort Ye My People, Messiah, Paul Leaverton; chorus, And the Glory of the Lord, Messiah; solo, Come Unto Me, Messiah, Mrs. Bert (Chubb) Palmer; chorus, 0 Thou That Telleth Good Tidings, Messiah. Offertory, Pastorale Syrnhpony, Handel, Mrs. Gunn; chorus, Arise, Shine, Thy Light is Come, Saint- Saens; solo, I Know That My Redeemer ILiveth, Messiah, Mrs. T. T. Herbst; chorus, Sanctus, Gounod; solo by Dr. C. D. Schaap. iPostlude, Hallelujah Chorus, Handel, Mrs. Gunn. A children's Christmas service will be presented at 7:30 tomorrow evening at the First Lutheran, church. It is entitled Bethlehem, and is divided into three parts: 1, Prophecy and Fulfillment; 2, At the-Manger; 3, Christmas Everywhere. At services Sunday morning, the fourth Sunday in Advent, there will be special music by the choir, and Pastor M. A. Sjostrand's sermon topic will be The Voice in the Wilderness. Julatta, or Christmas matin services will be conducted at 7 a. m. next Monday morning, and an extra feature will be Christmas introits, with responses toy the choir, were bundled into a car driven by one of the trio and taken seven miles from home before before being released. The woman was threatened by the bandits to make her disclose the hiding place of the money and alcohol. They obtained about $25 in cash, and several gallons of alcohol. The woman and children were abandoned on a country road. They walked to Emmetsburg, and advised officers and Mr. Sibrel, who traced McFadden and Speraw by their car. Both were arrested at an early hour, and were grilled all morning by Palo Alto and Kossuth officers to find out the name of their accomplice, if any. Officers of both counties, and a state agent were working on the case all day yesterday, but nothing further had developed at a late hour last night. McPadden and Speraw are being held in jail, and a hearing has been postponed till this afternoon or tomorrow, when, it is hoped, there will be more direct evidence to connect the two with the affair. GIGARET CASE UP IN COURT; FINE IMPOSED Understood That the Company Plans to File Appeal. There Will Be No Papers Next Week In accordance with the custom of past years there will be no Algona papers next week. The year is ending with renewed hope of improvement In economic conditions, and in that hope the" Advance wishes one and all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. 20 feet to the tank floor, ling an ankle. He has been ! to work this week, but will me work sometime next week. Us expected that CWA workers )e usedHo clear, the grounds ' the tank after it is finished, that shrubbery will fee planted •beautify the place in the spring. Workmen 1 ; have been' fortunate [the matter of weather, for on a few days .have temperatures '""1 below-'freering all day. on such a tower in sum- i as bad as winter work, for > steel becomes hot and blisters \ skin, and tools also become too MO handle without gloves. former Wesleyan [in N. M, Laid Up; Result of Burns , Dec. 19—(Blwood Haynes, Wesley boy who was ser[ scalded three or four months « still unable to work. His 6» at Raton, N. M., but he was ""18 on the jroad 100 miles from 1 when the accident occurred. J was burned with hot water w radiator of a truck, and a hospital till the day after giving. He has not yet re- the use of his right arm. He '^atinue to have his wounds °". traveling for the purpose > jnjle« from his home. He , The sermon topic will be The Star of Bethlehem. Two anthems will be sung by the choir: When Joy- bells (Ring, by Fred B. 'Holton, and The Birth of Our Savior, by Carolyn R. Freeman. "The Lost Carol," a new form of dramatic Christmas Cantata, will ibe presented at the Baptist church * • _ i ._. ; —i. r» . O A T4--1C1 GWA TO IMPROVE BLACKFORO PARK The city Park commission, M. P. Weaver, chairman, A. E. Michel, and E. J. Gilmore, is taking steps for the improvement of Blackford park with CWA lalbor. The commission has never had funds to make this beautiful little park what it ought to be. A landscape artist from Charles City has been here to 'inspect grounds and is preparing plans for improvements. Contemplated are greenery around the entrance gate, new drives, a stone bridge over a small ravine, and perhaps a rockery. There will also he a thorough cleaning up. The park commission will extend a nearby city water main to the park, and CWA labor will be used in this work, but the commission will have to furnish the required materials. This park was given to the city SALES Farmers who are interested in auctions of farm personal property will' find three public sales advertised in on page 9 of today's Advance, Judge George A. Heald, Spencer, adjourned court Saturday, tout is keeping the docket open for the present for the signing of orders and action on otfher matters on cases not yet closed. No petit Jury was called for this term, an unusual fact. Carlyle Johnson pleaded guilty to a threat to commit a public offense, and was placed under $100 bond to keep the peace. The charge was filed by L. J. Nemmers, Bancroft. Cigarct Salesman Fined. 1 E. G. Joy, Webster City cigar and cigaret salesman, was fined |200 and costs of $13.75 Monday toy Judge F. C. Davidson at Emmetsburg on a plea of guilty to a charge of selling cigarets without having first obtained a permit, also to a charge of delivering cigarets without the 'attached invoice required by law. The charges against Joy were brought by a state agent on alleged sales at Whittemore. It was reported before the plea of guilty it was planned to appeal to the supreme court to test constitutionality of the law. Few Foreclosures. '• A number of foreclosures were brought up at this term, but action on most of them was postponed till the next term, except where agreement for decree had been reached between the mortgagor and mort- gagee. In foreclosure cases, except where there are unusual circumstances, no "deficiency Judgment and no receivership are now permitted. Two Divorces Granted. A divorce was granted Saturday CORN-HOG PROGROM HERE NEARLY READY County Agent Bonnstetter reported yesterday'that nothing beyond tentaive organizaion steps had yet been taken as regards the govern- A mvorce was grantea aaiuraay ment's corn-hog program/ Action to Dorothy E. Powell from Theo- next Sunday evening at 7:30. in the nature of a play, the It is main characters in which are taken toy John Shilts, Mabel and Everett Bowman, and Ronald Jenkins. Music will be furnished by a "village choir" and an off-stage choir. Three tableaus, the Nativity, the Good Samaritan, and ttoe Prodigal Son, will be presented. The production is being directed by Eunice Bowman, assisted by the Rev. A. S. Hueser. The Christ Child will be presented by Trinity Lutheran children at the church on Christmas eve at 7 o'clock. The program will consist of responsive readings, recitations, •a catechization on the birth of Christ, and Christmas carols. A group of small children, the children of the Sunday school, and fche Bible class will take part m singing Christmas'songs. Chanting the Lord's Prayer will be the last number. The Rev. P. J. Braner will be by the heirs of the late Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Blackford, pioneer • Al- gonians, and it lies next east of the Blackford bridge which spans the river west of town on the old North Iowa Pike. Some years ago J. C. Blackford, St. 'Louis, had imposing stone pillars erected at the entrance. , v , . « mi brother of (R. C. Haynes, uus. wife was Hazel Hansen, Pter of Mr. and Mrs. Nels Han- niece of Carl, Hans, and Jul- 2 Young Business Hene Here Plan to Close Out, Leave W. H. Cummings, who has operated a 5c to one dollar store on the south side of State street for some -hog program, is Ibeing held up till details of the program are completed. When all is ready a school of instruction for county agents and state sectional leaders will be held at Des Moines. These leaders will carry the work to the counties. In each county at least one school for township leaders, will be held, and four are planned for. Kossuth. Township representatives in Kos- .sutih have been tentatively picked, and they met at the courthouse Monday. The list has been sent to Des Moines for approval. It is planned that each township leader shall have four sub-leaders. The county agent is still having to reserve mucih of his time for explanation of the corn loan and corn-hog plans to farmers who call at his office. 1 Of late the county agent's office in the basement has Ibe en the mecca of more callers 17 WOMEN GIVEN NURSING, SEWING JOBS HERE BY GWA 'Seventeen Kosauth women have been given Jobs through the Civil Works Administration as a new unemployment relief measure. The women lhave been put to work in different parts of the county at making clothing, repairing old garments, and making quilts for needy families/ W. E. McDonald is county chairman. Two county school nurses who will serve particularly the rural schools are to be engaged under the OWA .program. They will be stationed at Algona probably though that has not yet been worked out, and will travel out of here to the schools. Women working on CWA projects are allowed 30c an hour for five hours work five days a week. Two women started work Monday in a sewing room at tihe Bryant schoo here. Kossuth has also been allowed 21 more men on CWA projects, notification having been received Friday They were chosen from names reg istered in County Engineer H. M Smith's office, and were put to work Saturday. This makes a total of 322 men now at work" on CWA projects in Kossuth, and the weekly pay rol in cash is $5000. LEUTHOLD STORE MANAGER NAMED Guy Hinkley, Eagle Grove, was here Monday to consult 05. A. Bagan, trustee of the former Wm. C. Steele whereby Taatji Buising, Titonka, store. Since he was 16 Mr. Hink- dore C.-(Powell, both of Algona, on a charge of cruel and inhuman treatment, and Mrs. Powell was granted restoration of her maiden name, 'Dorothy E. Nelson. The couple were married in March, 1932. A decree was filed last week LEGISLATIVE TAXSPENDERS ACTIVE AGAIN Bonnstetter Opposed to Direct Buying by Packers. By A. H. Bonnstetter. iStatehouse, t)es Moines, Dec. 16 —'The groups which love to spend public money are becoming more n evidence every day, and if we do not adjourn in the near future some difficulty may be experienced SEALERS FOR CORN LOANS KEPT ON HOP Applicants Forced to* Wait Till Sealer Can Come. , ' RECORD TO DATE. (Tuesday evening.) Bus. Ami. Heretofore Reported are taking ad- dollar-matching We are told that it is they the in holding down state appropriations. This time vantage of proposition. poor business not to meet the fed- sral government on the apparent ;ift appropriations. ' At this opportune time heart cord up to blood is oozing forth in sympathy Many more for the unemployed. A swine association is needed, we are told, to shed more light on swine raising. Right now the people of Iowa must have another radio station to assist in capturing lawbreakers. It is necessary that a motorized state highway patrol (be established at Today's List Totals 325,478 208,611 534,089 $241,ftt« The rush to obtain government corn loans contiues unabated. Every sealer is kept on the jump daily and ha» many applications which. must wait till he can get around to them. The Advance today publishes its third list of loans, and this list completes the re- once. Ah! Another Commission! was granted a divorce from George Buising, whom she charged with deserting her in 1905. The couple were married in March, 1900. Ice Sheet .Covers Street as Misty Rain is Frozen Last Thursday a heavy mist fell and froze into a glaze which made walking and driving alike dangerous. Ashes and sand were sprinkled on sidewalks in the business ycaia, is conducting a closing outj •sale. This week is devoted to closing out Christmas merchandise, and next week the regular stock will be placed on sale. Mr. Cummings' lease will expire January 1, and loeen tne mecca 01 more caners y. . . : —-..-..«. ••• v..- ~-.,...™.than any other courthouse officeJ^J^ict^and at street crossings Two Algonians Implement Sales Convention Mr. Cummings plans to gona. The building is the Geo. L. Galbraith estate, and itiin., where flhey attended a two-day is reported that it will (be occupied i sales meeting held by as soon as the Cummings stock has aeen cleared. Eugene Neville is closing out his stock of drygoods and will move to Kansas City as soon as a sale now j were .shown and demonstrated. charge. The Episcopal Sunday school will present a program at a Christmas party at the Birch Madson home tomorrow evening Beginning at 7:30. A Christmas tree will be a several children. HeadiCWA Work •,& JJidJefwent to Des Moines t in response to a tele- George Kejler, head er in Iowa, for his ser- t . Mr. .Michel }eft so hurriedly \ „; >%..* known here of the na- tos job, but is is believed will' be on* of a half dozen «nder Mr .Keller to ^supervision of CWA projects ~" 1 be entrusted. Bach en- Mi i."; have i* counties, where > ibchel will be located is not "ttere.- The work will last till 15, perhaps longer, if votes Us continuance. . Contest Announced. - Bleich, manager of the Tj- Mmwum., will open a .popu- r/\vi4-f._i. *' s t i ^ for girls at a dance a week from to- Tickets purchased count as votes for can- teicfe Wkt feature. A Christmas pageant will be given at the Methodist church Sunday evening, Christmas Eve, at 6.80. The pageant,is called The Children of Starlight. Algonian's Car is Wrecked in Crash leave Al- owned by J. W. Daw, manager, and E. R. Sellstrom, salesman, both of the Kossuth county implement company, have returned from Moline, Deere Plow' company. the A John large Isewhere, Workmen on the city water tower lad to lay off, footing being inse- ure. The sleet melted Saturday and Sunday wherever the aun 'hone, but in shady spots remains Temperatures during the las' veek have been normal, as fol ows: Jecemlber 13 28 15 December 14 ^—31 14 Jecemlber 15 _ 33 20 December 16 43 16 number of John Deere dealers from this section were there, New John Deere machinse for 1934 in progress has moved the merchandise, He has operated the store on the north side of State street two years, and previous to that ran a store at Britt. of after . 0|in _ stores are 'open, every IOJP ttoe convenience ~ of Sioux City. No one was hurt. *- • Rotary Gives $41 for Charity Uses The Rotary meeting days next Monday and the following Monday are holidays, so no meetings will be held. At the meeting last Monday, however, the dues for these two meetings were collected and donated to Nurse Antoinette Bonnstetter for meals for poor children in the schools. The county has furnished »a woman under the CWA who is to serve hot meals to children selected by Miss Bonnstetter. The Rotary contribution totaled $41 and there will be more absentees have been seen. Cutler's Date Here Blows Up; No Crowd Francis G. Cutler," Boone, who was here two weeks ago and engaged the Misbach hall for a poli- Mcal speech last week Wednesday afternoon, found no audience awaiting Mm and went on to Bmmets- bu|g7 where he was billed to speak tto f night. At JSmmetsburg also there was no audience and he did not speak. Mr. Cutler «»* satisfy a grievance against Herrtog miles of town. •pecial attention was called to the many improvements to insure longer life and better service. Officials of the John Deere Plow company are looking forward to increased business for 1934 due to the immense sums of money being released to farmers, which will provide much needed debt-paying anc purchasing power. Two Teachers Here Bereft of Fathers News has come of the death Saturday of the father of Ruth Kriek- enibaum, local commercial teacher who was called to her home a1 West Point, Iowa, a week ago by word that his condition was critical. Marie Helen-Beard, second grade teacher, was called to her home at Marian, Ind., a week ago Sunday by news of the death of her . the by running err 5rt$ i 4einocrati5 ; nomination for governor. father. Mrs. £D. T« stituting for her. Nugent is sub- George Free Poem Used in Pathfinder Another George H. Free poem has traveled far from home. Readers of the Pathfinder for December 23 will find it on page 13 of that magazine. The title is Appeal to Santa Claus, and it purports to be a letter fronj a little boy in a hard up farm family who tells what Pa Ma. and Sister Nell want for Christmas, and if Santa too is no toa hard up would like a ball and (bat for himself. There are six Stan zas in the poem. December 17 • 38 December 18 —44 December 19 45 17 15 22 ey has been connected with the euhhold Clothing Co., which has aken over the lease held by the rusteeship and will reopen the tore as soon as Mr. Bagan has ilosed out the present stock. Mr. Hinkley, who manages Leuthold store at Eagle Grove, announced that the manager of the new store ihere win be Lyle Reynolds, of Greene, Butler county, _a ;own of 1300 people, where he is now manager of a Leuthold store Mr. Reynolds is married and has several children. He is expected to come to Algona January 1. The iLeutihold company, Mr. Hinkley said, is not a chain organization in the ordinary sense. There are 28 stores in Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin, bint the company is not incorporated. It is a sort of "family affair," Mr. Hinkley explained; not in the sense that it is owned by members of the same family, but that the organization consists of men who have grown up to the bus- ness in the company's employ. There are Leuthold etores at such iowns in Iowa, besides Eagle Grove, as Le Mars, Osage, Manchester, and Waverly. A The people of Iowa cannot hope to survive much longer if a commission of aeronautics is not created, and above all the state legislature must appropriate $100,000 to the conservation board so this board can build more state parks in order that the people will have adequate facilities to celebrate after they have spent their way back to prosperity. I do not wish to be understood as opposing all appropriations that contribute to the employment of people who-are in need. These ipeople must be provided for, even if it calls for an increase in taxes. And it is far better to have them do constructive work than it is to hand them doles or allow them to contribute to unrest, and other perplexing social problems. However, the fact remains that there are people in Iowa who sponsor measures that call for spending public funds for selfish rather than /patriotic reasons, and I sincerely lope that the state legislature will >e able to differentiate between the two. Blow Aimed at F. B. House File No. 170 is a bill which seeks to separate the state Farm Bureau federation from the extension department of Iowa State college at Ames. The Farm Bureau vigorously opposing this measure. This is to be expected, be- Tuesday night, filings of warehouse certificates were made yesterday. Up to date the loans aggregate nearly a quarter of a million dollars. Many of the farm* ers have already received their money. Checks are forwarded aa fast as the papers are found correctly made out. •Following is the list of loans up to Tuesday night since Monday's extra edition: Buffalo. Earl Blakly, Sec. 17 Buffalo, 600 bu. J27* Burt. W. R. Chafe-e, Sec. 14 Burt, bu Emma Stathle, Sec. 23 Burt, bu. ..;.• George Rlppentrop, Sec. •. 5 550 bu Geo. C. Hanna, Sec. 31, Burt, 1560 bu ............. 350, $15* 6001 .. $270 Burt, $243 Cresco. B. F. Sparks & D. D. Sec. 38 Cresco, 700 bu ................... |315 B. F. Sparks & D. D. Sec. 33 Cres- oo, 550 bu ................... ?248. Geo. E. Batt, Sec. 18 Cresco, 500 bu ......... ................. $225 H. L. Gilmore & Robert Runchey. Sec. 19 Cresco, 2300 bu ..... $1035 H. L,. Gilmore, Sec. 19 (18 Bonnstetter. (Continued on page 10.) ALGONA DEFEATS III VERNE 4512 Creaco, $675 Cresco, ..... $540 Penton,' New Lu Verne Club Hears M. M'Mahon Lu Verne, Dec. 19—The second meeting of the new community club was held Monday evening at the school gymnasium. There was a good attendance, and the program consisted of music by the orchestra under the leadership of DoRae Godfrey; The Three Little Pigs by a group of high school iboys; three wrestling bouts; and a talk by County Attorney M. C. McMahon. A nominating committee was chosen to present names for officers to be elected at the next meeting Monday, January 8. Lunch was served. Ninety men attended. Dickinson Given Story in Liberty In a story entitled "Will Congress (Raise Hell?" in Liberty for December 30 Senator Dickinson and Speaker Rainey are featured, with pictures in speaking posture. The story deals with. Mr- Rainey's democratic attitude towards the New Deal and with Mr. Dickinson's re ? publican attitude. *n a quiet dif r ferenit sort of magazine, the schol* arly North American Review, Mr. •Dickinson recently had an article on (New Deal problems. Bank Assets Bring . Lu Verne, Dec. 19—JRemaining assets of the dosed (Lu Verne State bank were sold at auction at the pity hall here Friday,- and C. L. oao,e, Slow: City, was purchaser at a hid of ISO*.' Mitchell Resigns as Bank Assistant Burt, Dec. 19—'L. T. Mitchell, assistant receiver of the First National banks here and at Titonka and Bode, has resigned to accept a position with a life insurance company, at Milwaukee, and will begin bis new work January 1. Mr, Mitchell is a son Mitchell, Algona, of a Mrs. ID. brother Laura Mitchell, of the city clerk'e office, Algona, and a igrandson of the late Rev. Bennett Mitchell, pioneer northwest Methodist circuit rider in northwest Iowa. His home is. at Emmetsburg, where he was formerly.jin'.the. lumber business. » Public Wedding planned. Ledyard, iDeo. 19—Ledyard's business district has been decorated for Christmas. Two electrically-lgiht- ed Christmas trees, one on ,each side o{, the street, are Joined by an arch albove the street. A program, Friday afternoon will be featured by a we'tldjng of some couple whose identity has not been made public. Many'gifts, including a purse of $35, are offered. . .Raster looses Mother. The iReT. C. V. Hulse'-w?is called to Colfax Sunday morning by news of the death of his mother, who ihad for several months been in failing health. St. Cecelia's to Wesley. 6t. Cecelia/is basketball schedule for tomorrow evening baa been, changed, and tbs game w&l be .played at Wesley instead of here. The Algona high school basket ball squad easily won its firs game this season against Lu Vern on the local floor Tuesday night The score was 4S-12. Coach Kenneth Mercer used fou teams against the Lu Verne cagers The starting line-up for Algona was Russell Medin, Bolb Post, Chas. Cretzmeyer, Sellstrom, and Shack-, elford. Cretzmeyer was high point man for Algona, sinking seven baskets. Post and Stewart were second with three each. . Playing for Lu Verne were Miller, •Snyder, Farrel, Sanford, and V. Lang. Sanford was the high-point man for the visitors, sinking five baskets and making one free throw. Farrel made their other point with a free throw. W. Lang was only Lu Verne substitute. Second-string men sent in by Coach. Mercer were Bob Spencer, Boren, Stewart, Bruns, and Dick Post. The third-string men were John Spencer, Miner,' Larson, Henigan, and H. Medin, r and the fourth- string were Monlux, Devine, Sigsbee, and Guderian, with Larson, of the third string, playing with them. Candy TheiFt Gets Algonians in Bad The Burt Monitor reports an in- 1500 bu. Robert Runchey, Sec. 1200 bu Fenton. E. H. Dreyer, Sec. 19 11200 bu E.'H. Dreyer, Sec. 19 Fenton,* 340 bu. i. $1153 E. H.; Multer, Sec. 18 Fenton, 1225 bu $551 Fred Rath, Sec. 14 Fentoh; 450 bu. ...- i....... $38S Fred Jentz, Sec. 4 Fenton, 1050 bu. .., $473t A'urth'J. Jentz, Sec. 4 Fenton, J 900 bui $405 W- J. Weisbrod, See. 21 Fenton, 950 bu-. $42& Greenwood. J. A, Devine & J. C. Menke Sec. 12 Greenwood, 880 bu $398 J. A. Deviue 01 J. C. Menke Sec.* 12 Gerenwood 2450.. bu .• $1104 J. A. Duvine & 3. C. Meiike Sec.' 12 Greenwood, 880 bu $3»8 J. A. Devin© & J, C. Menke Sec. 12 Greenwood, 1120.-buV .... $504 Loan.' '., (Continued oh page 10.) Town B. B. Team Has Three Game* The ''Booster" independent bas,« ketball team has scheduled threa home games. Next week Thursday it will play the Mason City Diamond (Bread team here. On Janu* ary 4 the Spencer Merchants will come here, and on January 11 th* Swea City Cardinals will come. All games here begin at 8 o'clock and will be played in the high echqol gymnasium. The team, is practicing three times a week. The fol* lowipg men are out: Norman Walker, Louis Moore, H. Pearson, Hoy* ard Nordstrom, 'Bob Williams, Kenneth Mercer, (Perry WMte, Black, Ray Atkinson, and Kenneth Samp. cident which the parties concerned did not report ' to the Algona papers — ., - . "Two young, couples from . Al* gona visited the Burnham Cafe one evening last- -week, and when they left Mr. Burnham missed a couple pound boxes of candy which toad been lying oh the counter, A hasty pursuit party was organized, and the liriit-fingered gentry were ALGONA Markets found before they made, to disgorge gains," left town and their ill-gotten Ax Gashes Foot. Howard Plat* had a pajnf u} accident last week Monday, when hia axe glanced and struck bis left foot hone,. -H* hig hj4 ta % use HOGS Best med. wt. 180 to 200 Best med. wt. 200'to, 260 —- T < evay Butch. 2$0 to 300 _,—,-J (Prime hvy, Jmtch. 300 to 350 _$ Best pack, sows, 300 to'3$Ql f: Packing sows, 8$0 to 40.0 , T ._f! pig hvy. sows. 300 to 500 ^IS!} Pigs, IbO pounds _*;„ ~™(Pigs, 1«0 pounds --, CATTLE ; Banners , — 3$o't< Cutters r- I1.W to Fat cows -,,. TtL -t—|1.M to. , Veal calve? __„„.—|«j§0 to f 9 Pa* atelrs. ,.^,,^-, «?,W tej Yearlings. •-, crutches ~swce."lfe va^ 00 *** 11 * . tree at the time on, 'land that he oougM from, Ajodrew if € 1 <#? "3 Stock No, 3 yellow corn No, 3 white _.__.,_

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