Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 18, 1933 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 18, 1933
Page 4
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_ - — Masons Name Shore Worshipful Matter M a|ons _ held thdr ° f ° fficers at the annual Glenn Shore, railway mail clerk,' i s the new worshipful master; o«o. B. Johnson, senior warden; Raymond irons, Junior warden. Hugh Herman was rejected treasurer, and p. L. 'Leffert waa reelected secre- If?Li TI » e offers-elect will be installed at the first meeting in January, CAIL THEATRE MOTHER OF THREE IN KOSSUTH DIES Mrs. Leo McEnroe, Plum Creek, recently lost her mother. Mrs. Wm. ' Western Electric Wide Sound Station. Range The latest and best equipment— that's the answer to the wonderfu Bound quality at the Call. Thursday and Friday, Dec, 31.22 Kay Francis The House on 56th Street Released the day we show it. It's big entertainment. Also New News—Knockout Kisses Micky Mouse Saturday, December 28 flnifiFHf EXTRA .SPECIAL BOOKING It will .pay you to plan for it! nrzan the Fearless Micky Mouse Comedy Program Wednesday, November 29, of bronchial pneumonia following the flu Funeral services were held .December 2 at the Woden Methodist church, with burial in Buffalo township. Mrs. Bently's maiden name was Clara Ellen Butler, and she was "n June 13, 1870, near Mt. Ayr. 1888 she married Wm. A. Scott, wnom she survived, with four «. au eWers. In 1906 she married Mr. Bently, by whom she had two daughters and three sons. The boys are still at home. Daughters besides Mrs. Pearl McEnroe are: Mrs. ilrma Sprow, Eau Clare, Wis.; Mrs. Irene Harr, Swea I City; Mrs. Alvin Anderson, Burt; Mrs. Nettie Huber, Bancroft, Wis £l C - H> Christiansen, Titonka. There are 13 grandchildren an one great-grandchild. Four broth ers and two sisters survive. At different times Mrs. Bentl lived successively near Mt. Ayr Clarion, Kamrar, Burt, Titonka and Woden. Letter Carriers Hold Fenton Meet Fred Ward, Algona rural mai carrier, and his wife, attended £. meeting of the county carriers association at S. E. Straley'e, Fenton last week Tuesday evening. Others there were the George Thompsons, Ledyard, the Fred Schroeders, Lakota, the Richard Bergs and Samuel Warburtons, Swea City, the .L. C. Heifners, Titonka, the L. H 1500 bu Portland. J. ti, Zanke, Sec. 30 Portland, _ 3o '?2 bu Raymond Bartlett, Sec. 14 1694 bii. land, Port« 76 Port- Portland, . $Slio Sec. $13 Raymond Bartlett, Sec. 14 land, 99i6 bu « 4 Raymond Bartlett, Sec. 14" Portland, 1856 bu. ....... «gjs W. J. mewart, Sec, 23 Portlknd, 700 bu H. B. Rlst & E. J. Vari'Ness 4 Portland, 290 bu ?i H. E. Rlst & E. J. Van Ness'' Sec. 4, Portland, 956 bu $430 J. O. Clapsaddle, Sec. 23 Portland, 680 bu .3 J. G. Clapsaddle, Sec. 23 Portland 850 bu » 3 Carl Carlson, Sec. 3 Portland', Yso Gilbert Nelson, Sec 1300 bu ' llbert Nelson, Sec 875 bu Gilbert Nelson, '575 bu. $3 19 Portland, lg , . . Schencks, Burt, the (Fred Genriches, Lone Rock, and the Ray Stones, Lu Verne. HOSERH M, SCHENCK Elected Bank Cashier. Jos. Goff, Swea City, has been elected cashier of a reorganized bank at Hawkeye, JPayette county. While the bank was closed he was for some months assistant to the examiner in charge. LOAN Portland, • $404 Sec. .19 Portland, E. O. Mann, Sec. 22 Portland,' ilio nb £ :; $502 ,» * Iann ' s <*- 22 Portland, 692 bu .^ D ' R ? Iann . Sec, 22" Portlknd, 6 °0 bu , 27Q Lotts Creek. Hazel D. Lusby, Creek, Sec . 35 Lotts 2700 bu 1121=5 Elizabeth Redlngr, Sec. 27"Lotts Creek, 1050 bu. ... « 47 o Jacob Wlnkel, Sec. 10 Lotts'Creek 1900 bu. ' James B. Butler, Sec. 27" 'Lotts Creek, 11375 bu. . .. c 619 James B. Butler, Sec. '28" Lotts Creek, 8 25 bu $372 i*vt nn - tt T1,_i* T ** James B. Butler, Sec. Creek, 900 bu ....... . James B. Butler, Sec.' Creek, goo bu 'ohn Markgraf, Sec. " Creek, 744 bu. 28 27 a Lotta ... |405 Lotts •.. $360 Lotts $345 Geo. j WInkel, sec. 10 Lotts Creek l!)0u bu. ?855 Henry Muller, Sec. 35 Lotts Creek" 700 bu. Mulief, 86c. 35 Lotts Creek, 700 bu. ..i.'.... $315 August & 'Martin F, Meyer, Sec. . 86 Lotta dreek, 400 bu $180 August & Martin F. Meyer, Sec. 12 Lotts Creek, fioO bii. ...... $405 W. H. Meyer, Sec. li Lotts Creek, \ •500 bu $22.0 W. H. Meyer, Sec. 11 Lotts Creek, 11000 bu i $450 C. W. Elbert Sec. 18 Lotts Creek, BOO bu $225 C. W. Elbert. Sec. 18 Lotts Creek, 1100 bu. Geo. Gengler, Sec. S3 Lotts Creek^ 425 bu Plum Creek. D. D. Clapsncldle, Arthur Hngg Sec. 28 Plum Creek, 1050 bu $47 t>. D. Clapgaddle and Arthur Haggr, Sec. 29 Plum, Creek, 277 bl1 $124 F., J. Mann Sec. 6 Plum Creek, 385 bu F. J. Mann Sec. o Plum Crook, 41 ° bu $187 WhiUemore. harles Bowman, Sec. 30 Whltte more, 1200 bu $540 George Wlchtendiahl, Sec. 35 Whlt- temore, 1100 bu $490 'harles Bowman, Sec. 30 Wnltte- more, 1200 bu $540 ienry Lauck, Sec. 28 Whlttemore, 700 bu 33 Margaret Mergen, Sec. 27 Whittemore, igoo bu $320 Nick Mergen, Sec. 22 Whlttemore, '13200 bu 3340 Nick Mergen, Sec. 22 Whlttemore, 1600 bu j ? Mrs. Charles Bell, See. 28 Whittemore, 1400 bu $6, Mrs. Charles Bell, Sec. 28 Whltte- more, 1400 bu JB D. A. Teeter, Sec. 12 Whlttemore, 900 bu j 4 , Mrs. Nell Farrell, Sec. 49 Whltte. more, 1100 bu $495 Walter Vaudt, Sec. no Whlttemore, 1000 bu ?450 Michael Gengler, 'Sec. 5 Whltte- more, 9.50 bu j42g Peter Fandel, Sec. li 825 bu. ..,' , Peter Fandel, Sec. li Whlttemore, 925 bu. ..., $416 M. F. Schulta, sec. 10 Whlttemore, 870 bu, $302 W. H. Brandow, Sea 13 Whltte- more, H26 bu, , ;. $506 W. H. Brandow, Sec. 13 Whltte- '625 bu $236 Wesley. H. j. Sherman, fitec. 25, Wesley,. 400 bu jigo H, J. Sherman, Sec, 25, Wesley, 800 1>U $3«0 29, Wesley, H, J, ShermAnvSee. SB .Wesley, ' u •••<' $450 Ahtift TJaritg, sec. 88 Wesley <"5 *>" ' $804 Mrs, Anna, tjarks, Sec. 28 Wealey, 900 bu ,,.,; ,., j,j ns Mrs. Anna fjarks, sec. 750 bu, ,... H. C. Shyder, See. 81 Wesley, 900 bu ,', <i( * 40g Guy M. Dlmond, Sec. 9 Wesley. IflOO bu ».l.s......... $720 Guy M. Butts, Sec. 10 Wesley, 6oO bu $2 R. C. Bauer, Sec. 35 Wesley, 800 bu. •.... N • J, Mnnn, 350 bu. not not aoetz, location Il0n (Continued from page 2.) Sunday (Only) December 24 It's an event! Just released for Kossuth county college students on their homecom- »onday, December 25, Christmas It's to be a big one to be leased. Watch for Herald next week to re- PATEICOLA in a toig musical "Yeast is Teast" and New Jfewa Sfr Back to nature. Technicolor "Menu" Micky's Good Deed New STews _lt s worth driving 50 miles for. Tuesday.Wednesday, Dec. 26-27 "Should Ladies Behaved The Vinegar Tree) Plenty of class in every way It's new—just released. Guaranteed attraction. LIONEiL BARRYMOBE ALICE BRADY CONWAY TEABLE Also Comedy Program Honry Kohlhaas, Sec. 30 Sherman 1400 bu. Peter Bormann Jr., Sec. 31 sher- man, 1750 bu ?78 Peter Bormann, Sec. 31 Sherman, 1750 bu. Peter $7-8 LIWIS CAMOLl'S ..CHARD MAE MARSH IVl« . A"SON SK.PWO^TH . NED ,„.„ . ro(D Jri ~~ DlfKted by Normo Bormann, Sec. 31 Sherman, 1500 bu Kenneth Curran, Sec. 14 Sher. man, 700 bu Kenneth Curran, Sec."'(14' Sher. 900 bu j, ( Geo. & Jos. RamusVs'ec'.'ib'sher- man, 1000 bu ?450 Swea, Henry iWlley, Sec. 28 Swea, 1300 ou.' , Ascel R. Erlckson, Sec'.'' 9'' Swea 1000 bu j. „ _A*IPAl "R T^lvlrtV-n * * * V^U*' •n=n_tn .«., jj/ricKson, Sec. 9 Swea, 1800 bu. ,. An.. ft Ascel R. Erlck^A,'"sec."9"swea 11800 bu. .. , 9in . TT _. *•"•••*!.. ... Soi.U A H. Guerdet, Sec. s, Swea 500 Edw. P. Anderson, 550 bu Thursday and Friday, Dec. 28-29 2:30 matinee Thursday. Special morning matinees Saturday, 10-12 o'clock for out of town families and Algona folks that fail to see it Thursday Friday. Prices 10-25c. And ' Capt. Henry's Radio Show- New News Sec. 22 Swea. $248 Seneca. Truman Johnson, Sec. «>o Seneca, aoo bu . 403 Chas O. & A. B. Jacobson, Sec 19 Seneca, 820 bu ' $3B9 John Oleson, Sec. ,19 Seneca',' 550 Chas O. & A.' B.' Jacobson,' •Seneca, 650 bu S 9ao Chas O. & A. B. Jacobson,' Sec" 19 Seneca, 2000 bu S90(> Chas O. & A. B. Jacobin! 'sec. 19 Seneca, 2000 bu. Springfield. Sec. 28 Springfield 800 bu Prarle. M. J. Ferstl, Sec 700 bu M. J. Perstl, Sec'. 800 bu $36fl Thomas Berg, See. 27 "Hebron 1500 bu - ' Thomas Berg^, Make It a Real /' ;' ' : " Merry Fred Gabel, 00 Prairie, (i.0 Shopping Days Are Few Bargains in Furniture Gifts are Many— If low prices in good, lasting gifts is what you want we are going to give them to you. SPECIAL PRICES Ladies' Desks Smoking Stand Lounging Chairs Lamps Magazine Racks Open Evenings Foster Furniture Co. Be Mire and get your ticket* -by- Shopping at Quality Firtt,- Lart Md All the Ti me What a restful, beautiful, inviting stor out your Christmas list here. it's a tracbve y displayed no waiting, low price. Claus himself is enthusiastic! cii I* i c i u 11 'JOAN BENNETT FRANCES DEE PAUL IUKAS JEAN PARKER; EDNA MAY OLIVER ontgomery Henry S»«ph«nson I I I »—»«« » »h« fateful? swell Well, THE STORE OF CHRISTMAS SPIRIT Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday January 3-4-5 Matinee Thursday, 2:30. i> A glorious home-coming for Kossuth county students away at college. Our Big Pre-Inventory Clean Up Is Going Strong Special low prices on every article in stock. Hundreds of folks have taken advantage of these low prices in the past week. This timely special is a real opportunity to buy high quality merchandise either for gifts or for your own use at a big saving. Richardson's Furniture Co. "Where Furniture Sells for Less" ALGONA, IOWA IDEAS, Cutex Manicure Sets 35c to «»00 Du Barry Manicure Sets __J2L5o to $JT.50 ,Glazo Manicure Sets , Toilet Sets ~ ~~~ •C. A. Richards Pictures ~~ SOc'to Marvelous Toilet Sets jji^o to ^=o Gemey double Compact »175 Le de but doulble Compact $1*50 Yardley Bath Powder, Toilet ~Wafe~r . •; $1.25 to $1.75 -•Lord BaUimore~Venmn"stanSonery° *4»c Avalon Stationery, 72 sheets. 60 en-" velopes 4ft . Medford Stationery ..." ~ 5^ Eaton's Vellum Stationery _ _ 5o c ohnson's Toasted Nuts, assorted" iITb'lTc Christmas Wrapping, bright colored' cellophane, plain and figured, 20 x30 in. 10c Christmas Cards, new.'novVflllscTo 25 Christmas Cards, pk. of 12 oo Leather Traveling Sets —$8.50 to"J5.75 Shaving Military omaa. «eta _ ggc *„ Leather Bill Folds, hamftoofed __ 85c ~to" Leather Chevron Shaving'sets Chevron Shaving Sets ----- S? Popular leading brands' ' 'Cigarettes, ieVcarton " 1 -- Alarm Clocks ------ — J ---- ac iFenway chocolates,^erfb. Horton's Chocolates, per lb --------- ~ Liggett's Chocolates, per lb'. ------- "i Pour Voux Chocolates, per b" ----- ii Horton's Chocolates, 5 lb. box ~— S Old Home Chocolates, 2 Wb. bwT M All wool, double bed blankets— big juin- coin^ 26 ' H° X80> • A good assortmf nHf colors and special *•****. mm for the holidays ___________ S8.95 All wool, single 72x84 P am, rainbow borders, of the most practical of M all gift items „ __________ $5.95 Wool filled, rayon-satin covered scroll all sure to please ______ ""*""""•"• Women's one-piece rayon 75 • • %^ combinations- $1.19 cases'/size attractively boxed, pair .._$! .35 AH linen hemstitched pillow casessize Gift aprons—six attractive styles—all organdy trimmed, figured batiste. No one ever gets too many £4 A A little "tea aprons" ________$ I .OU Pequot colored hemstitched sheet and cases, size 42x38 1-2 and 81x99 — attractively boxed for gifts, all colors, set New shipment of madeira napkins — beautiful hand made designs—lowest price in years. Set of 4 for __, White pillow cases, embroidered in ap- plique, 42x36. Pair for _, All wool knitted shoulderettes—a practical gift item for the woman who "has everything." Pastel colors, £4 lift a splendid selection, each—9 I •"" Lesf you forget-shop early at the BexaH store. K. O. JAMES Men Only Stop raving—quit cussing—buy her a Christmas GIFT HERE— You men who feel like a "fish out of water" in v dry goods store—you will enjoy shopping here. Our clerks are young, attractive, and boy - are —well, there's always Herman Jf 67 ful1 Of 8u Sgestions? « you're real bashful anyway-let us make your ow *• tO feU bac * oa * s » k»t resort. Come in Christmas shopping easy-ana painless too. r ", -. • ' " ; Dress Special- Open all day next Sunday.

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