Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1933 · Page 11
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 11

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1933
Page 11
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>' *,' I '-I", 9 TITONKIANS IN TEST FOR POSTMASTER Col«««ii LH« Ltmp Ho. ducevmore light than 20 ordinary glob* protect* oUmtUe frotn fl» Mrs. M. Mrs. Henry Newvlllc, Tltonka, Dec. 12-Thoso who took examination* for U 10 Titonka x?*« °" - AlBOna S!llurd "y were H. Cniven, Lester Gallics, Brims, Mr S . Charles Mrs. I'Ynd Wcnlz Orart Brown Homer Harbour, Stella Mao Brcen, and Theodore Dimmlro MI-H A. M. Peterson la postmistress at present, hut her -term expires this month. Scores made will bo announc cd later, and tho po.stmaster will b< chosen from the high three. Drama Club 1'Inns Play— The high schoool drama c l u b which has been working O n a one- act play, will present, Cleaning up the Attic at tho Icx-al hlg-h school auditorium night, and op to 100 Mtt, pan- TM |5.00 to .— th« eott of oUtampf , Your Local Dealer -•f wtH* «•* (LA-1X) Round Trip for ChHitmfsand J NtwYtar Cents a Mile each way Everywhere next week Monday will exchange presentations with the L,edy f ml, Lakota and Grant schools. They win be at Ledyard this week Friday night and at Grant next week Tuesday night. Members <jf the cast are •Cathryn Schrani, Sherman Kelly, and Anna Grace Blakley. Stag Party for M. S. Craven— A birthday party was given last Thursday night honoring M. S. Graven at his home. Attending were Howard French, Homer Downs, Leo 0. Wolfe, Stephen de Vrics, Dr. R. C. Ball, Roy Budlong, Harry Bced, R. L. Krantz. William Boyken, C. A. Hoon, Theodore Dunmire, Dr. H. 1. Torgerson, Ii. C. Solnveppe, Andrew Peterson, and Frank Fisher. Sixth Birthday Is Honored- Beth Bonackor held open hou.se. last week Wednesday for her Httlo friends In honor of her sixth birthday. Attending were Janice, Joyce and Dawn Bonacker, accompanied by Mrs. George Bonacker, Mrs. Carrie Bonacker, Mrs. M. s. Craven, Mrs. Lee O. Wolfe, Alleno John- Son, and Irma Campbell. Lunch was served. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQOKA. IOWA PAGE ELEVEN UNITED STATES EXPORTS OF HOG PRODUCTS (Each hog represents 1,000,000 head.) 1914 1919 1925 1930 1933 1 Estimated TniE accompanying graph constitutes a vivid explanation of one reason why tlie prices for corn and liogs have been so low the last taw years. The main reason Is the severe decline In the export demand lor United States bos products since the 1919 peak. In 1910-14, European nations took the equivalent of nearly six million hogs. This was only a moderate export level, but tho total United States hog production at that time was In good balance with the combined domestic and foreign demand. Under the stimulus of the World War, foreign purchases of our hog products jumped to the equivalent ot about seventeen million hogs. But slues the war, our export* have dropped back again to the equlvalont of about four million hogs. This decline has been due to a rapid restore tlon of bog production In European countries since the war, particularly In Germany and Denmark, and more recently because of tariffs and ot quotas which limit the quantity of Imports. Meanwhile, bog production In the United States has continued to increase at about the same rate as the population. Consequently, the product! no longer shipped abroad have become excess products on the home market and have driven down hog prlcea. Some adjustment to this changed demand must be made II hog prices are to be raised to a more favorable level. The corn-hog pro duction-control program, now being offered by the Agricultural Adjust ment Administration, will help farm ers bring about this necessary better ome-i ot itttfw • W lot j w««.e«iii««l Chrlitmai or New Y««r »iauoo. North Weitern'* Zo-B-ndle fate ii lood tnnvku^t on.illmua in til cliuei of equipment. Lent Return Limit . GoDecember l4th«oj*nu«ry l$t. lad. R«tnrn br fflidoijbt. Jinutrr B. li. Meels in County— Tho Methodist Epworth League met at Kathryn and 'William Schram's, south o£ town, Sunday night. Vern Bacon was loader, and others attending were Helen Beed, L/eota, Ocsterelcher, Jennie I^arson, Edith Reynolds, Glenn and Vernon L/araon, Lewis Bacon, and the Rov. and Mrs. Fremont Faul. "\V. J. rayne, Editor. Charles Klnnip, .Flold Keportcr. yet uvt tnt-lbird. Children half fira BtCCige checked AA tint JM paiiiciilan Gymnashini Being Repaired— Tho high school gymnasium is being 1 repaired, a new floor is being put in and the walls are being repaired. The basketball team will practice in the Pannkuk Coliseum till the gym is finished. P. T. A. Program is Given — The P. T. A. met at tho school . building Monday night. The pro gram was a talk by Mrs. Fred gram was talks by Mrs. Fred Leslie Jenkins, who furnished the five turkeys for Algona's big day last Thursday, also furnished 20 turkeys for the recent Legion "feather party" at Algona. The family raised some 50 turkeys this season. Turkeys are supposed to be hard to raise, but 'Leslie says; the trick is to keep them away from tfoe chickens. On the Jenkins farm they ran in the alfalfa and did well. Mr. and Mrs. Jenkins live on the 160-acre farm a half mile from Rich Point, southeast of Al- ;ona, which (Leslie's father, the ate Peter Jenkins, owned, and Lesie has lived there nearly all his life. There are two children ir Lhe family, a boy a_nd a girl, am they are both in high school, the boy being a member of this year's IKE'S A KNOCKOUT Ifi BAD COUGHS rind Lingering Bronchitis • ! There never was euch a ^wonderful cough and cold 'medicine as Buckley's—it's >• so different—it's so power- CLful—it "acts like a Hash" it contains no dope. Ugh old hang on coughs are i conquered over nigtot — that born bronchitis that causes you We night and day will speedily t a 45 cent bottle of Buckley's »re at Sorensen's Drug Store lany real durgstore —i it's the tst selling 1 cough and cold rem- all' Canada—hundreds of nds in this cold, frozen coun- [wear by it—try it— it won't ' you—money back if not de- akota, Saturday, and members of he family told us of the birthdays hey have this month. Mr. Weav- r's falls on December 29, and Mrs. Veaver's the next day. The son rvin's was yesterday, when he was | , and Frances, a daughter, -was even day before yesterday. The on Harold is 12, and (Laurence is 1. It will be 14 years December 7 since Mr. and Mrs. Jacobson ,vere married. With Christmas also n Decemtoer, this family certainly las plenty o£ special days to cele- >rate. Tihey have lived on the Wentz, Mrs. H. A. French, and Dr. Pierre Sartor. Brother Injured in Accident— — Harold Johnson drove to Buffa lo Cener Saturday night to visit his brother, Buell Johnson, injured in an auto accident that night. Talces Train to Chicago— R. L. Krantz drove to Wesley Saurday and took the train to Chicago for a few days on business. Other Titonka Xews. Mrs. Stephen de Vrles, who spent last week visiting relatives in Des Moines and Garden Grove, returned Friday -night with her mother, Mrs. W. A. Conklin, of Bloomington, II!., who also had been visiting in Des Moines and Garden Grove. Mrs. Conklin expects to spend a few days visiting here. Barbara Ball entertained young people at six labels of bridge Saturday night, and out of town senior class. * * * * We have referred before to th big flocks of sheep which Sen. Geo W. Patterson and his brother, C W. Patterson, both of Burt^ ship ped here from Montana late in th summer, and now we note that C W. has marketed 400 head at Chi cago. The Monitor says he got t the stockyards with them Just as strike of packing house employe was breaking and had to do som quick thinking and hard work _ A pet the slieep unloaded and deli ered. Me sold them at a top price and has 1000 or more left. * * and tackle over his shoulder. Mr. Reece remarked, We are going to autcher a hog; we are going to have something to eat, even if the old bus will not go." * • * » Charles Eggerth, two miles northwest of Lakota, _ is always busy, also happy. He is one of the many who have a lot of confidence in the present administration at Washington. He believes in helping all ihe can, but says he has no corn to seal for a loan, for he feeds all his grain. At -present he is feeding 70 sheep. He sold a truck load of sheep a short time ago, and they paid out. He also raises about i hogs each year, and he sold 20 ead to the government. Mr. and rs. Eggerth have three hoys and wo girls. , **»* Maurice Berrthard, four miles 'est of (Bancroft, keeps his drive- ray and lawn looking like a park. he grass is kept short, and brush FARM SALE _ As I am going to quit fanning and move to town, I will sell all of my farm H equipment, livestock, etc., at public auction on ~ WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 20 SALE STARTS AT 12 O'CLOCK 53 I am located 3 miles south of Algona on Highway 169 and one-half mile west ™ There will be a hot lunch on the grounds. (SO HEAD OF CATTLE 50 S Sixteen head of good milch cows—four are giving milk now, some will be fresh 55 by day of sale, the others will be fresh in January. Most of these are young cows. ES Two heifers that will be fresh in January. 14 calves 4 to 7 months old. One == Shorthorn bull. Five steers, coining 3 years old. Five steers, coming 2 years old. 5J Five yearling steers. Two yearling heifers. n ——— 110 HEAD OF HORSES 10 5 1 black mare 7 yrs. old, wt. 1500; 1 bay mare, 7 yrs. old, wt. 1600; 1 bay mare 10 5 yrs. old, wt. 1500; 1 bay gelding 10 yrs.old, wt. 1500; 1 bay gelding 10 yrs. old, S wt. 1700; 1 bay mare, 11 yrs. old, wt. 1700; 1 bay mare 10 yrs. old, wt. 1550; 1 = black gelding coming four, wt. 1450; 1 brown gelding 13 yrs. old, wt. 1350; 1 5jj Shetland pony, 10 yrs. old. same 20 acres eight years. This year they had 33 acres in beets which averaged ten tons to the acre. Last year they raised 14 ,ons to the acre. At present they are milking eight cows, but soon have some come fresh, will and then will milk more. Mr, Weaver kept ten sows last spring, and they farrowed 91 pigs, of -which he saved 76. He remarked that he sold his old sows to Secretary Wallace » * * * nd other refuse picked up. There re a lot o£ trees in his grove. Maurice was spending the forenoon Friday taking care of his four oys, for Mrs. Bernhard was in own, shopping. The hoys were laving a lot of fun with Dad. We had a short visit (Friday with Walter Hans, two miles southeas' of Ledyard, arid while we wer< there we noticed two dogs, one « large one which reminded us o Donald Akre's dog here in Algona The Hans dog lay down in th< yard, and then a small white came and piled on top of him, afte which one cat after another Joine the white dog, till finally six cats Edwin Jacobson, l'/i miles from: iant i the small dog had found Lakota, moved to the farm where j warm place to rest. We remarke he lives only a short time ago from! that we -wished we had a kodak Kensal, N. D., 32 miles north of and were told that that was th Jamestown, N. D. He was farming there, and also operated a garage, which besides doing the customary auto and other repair work serviced an International harvester dealer. He sold Ford cars and Phil- EED GRINDING ULUU-'y •«»ci**-r • guests were Neil Slack and Donald Worley, Lakota, Karl Shumwayjuid Erwin Malueg, Algona, and Geneva Hansen Forest City. Geneva spent the week-end with Barbara. Hurlene Craven, daughter of M. S. Craven who drove to Waterloo with tho Dr R C. Balls to spend Thanks, giving'vacation, with relatives, will stay till Christmas, when she will '"•The Woman's club met last Thurs WHOOPS MOTHER! THEY'VE cut their toy prices at Gambles. Now ou can get Junior that toy he wanted so badly. Clean-up Sale starts today. Ihristmae. Nine days before 28-14 Machinery and Equipment •Deering grain hinder; Deering corn hinder; endgate seeder with grass seed attachment; bob sled- hand corn sheller; McCormicMDeering 10-20 tractor in A-l condition; McCormick-Deenng tank corn.picker; >5-h. p. gas engine; 12-tt. seeder with grass attachment; McCormick - Deermg cream separator No. 4; 1 DeLaval cream .separator No. 16; 4 sets of harness; 6 hog troughs; 1 bicycle; 8x16 ft. hen house; 2 wagons with triple boxes; 1 wagon and rack; 2-row McCornucK- De'ering cultivator; 3 single-row cultivators; 2 10-ft. discs, John Deere and McCprauck^Deering; 2 20-ft drags- drag cart; 8-ft. spring tooth harrow; manure .spreader; McCormick mower; disc truck- McCormick-Deering corn planter; John Deere corn-planter; John Deere sulky plow; Rock Island sulky plow; Oliver tractor, 2-bottom plow; 1%-ton truck; barrel cart; grindstone; 8-m. feed grinder. i AlscTaoO hens, 28 tons of wild hay, 18 tons of alfalfa, 12 tons of timothy and 50 i tons of silage. | George J. Stewart H LOU MATEEN, Anct. Iowa State Bank, Clerk. Terms, Cash. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiH . — .^_ - ^ J _^^.^^^^ — ^^^^^^^^^^BM^»^^M^^M»M^ ADVANCE FARM SALE ADS BRING A CROWD IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIM Closing way the dogs and cats spent ever night in the barn. The big dog however, will not let a stray cat como on the place. Glen H. Sense, one-fourth mile Led- dealer, tie som ruiu i;a*o »"" * *•*• Glen H Bense, one-iourcn lips 66 gas. He spent one winter in eagt &nd 1% miles soutll O f e- California, and he sayi he believed , snowe d, us some fine fall pigs *Viof ,1,00 tlio Vinst Vpar bP bad had „. .j T r~ *,„„ ,.?•«• ItTamYiahlrP. day evening at Mrs. Herman Ra- l have changed my tele- ione number to 807 or 23. ear corn, $1.00 load, 1 oats, $2.50 load, corn to and hay, $2.50 first hours, $2 an hour for i additional hour. THE ORANGE MILL 'Fines, Prop. Algona IDES AND FUR ! market price paid for hides and fur. 'sea. season on muekrats. Greenberg Grinding m prepay f^ 4a ^ W n<ls o* wUJ compote with any- tec. tiny *-> c*»**»i» «•*• — , , chut's. Mrs. M. S. Craven was leader and the lesson was on Uruguay. Roll call was South Amercan Indus- 1 Thursday the executive board of the Legion Auxiliary was entertained at a radio party and woik meeting at Anna Sch*nck a. Blvlna DanlelBon and Myrtle Ama w-ero hostesses to the Young F" ple's bridge club Tuesday night Andrew Peterson's. Loraine and Phyllis Mrs. Charles Ama and Mryt e -.A Jina were Algona. callers Satuiday that was the best year he had had since leaving ilowa. He operated a small repair shop there in which toe worked mostly on tractors. This repair work usually cost $1.50 to $1.75 an hour, but toe charged only a dollar and was swamped with work. Mr. Jacobson also told us about the way they thresh prain in North Dakota. The man who runs a thresber furnishes all help except for taking away the grain. The farm where the Jacobsons live is the Jacobson estate. TUESDAY, ER We were at A. E. Weaver's a (Friday. He has six Hampshire sows, and each of them, had a litter of nine. Glen takes good care of his pigs. When we were there he was lairing a dry bed for them, using cornhusks he had hauled from a neighboring farm where corn had been shelled last summer. This makes fine bedding for pigs when straw is scarce. * « * * Ed Reece, who lives a half mile north and a mile east of Ledyard, had something go wrong with his car, and we called Friday just as he came home on foot with block. LUNCH WAGON ON THE GROUND AND FREE COFFEE SALE TO START AT 10 O'CLOCK Head of Horses Bay team 8 and 9 yrs. old, mare and gelding, wt. 2600 Ibs., sound and a good team for a boy to worK; gray team 5 yrs. old, both geldings, wt. 2900, sound and work any place; gray horse 6 yrs. old, sound, work any place, wt. 1650; black horse 10 yrs. old, an extra good work horse, wt. 1650; Shetland pony s»r- rel mare 4 yrs. old, gentle and sound, broke to ride and drive. mile south and 2% miles west of e weekend at Ames visiting the John They returned Sunday W 17. Business Supplies Adding Machine Roll Paper, 2 sizes Cash Register Rolls Salesbooks (blank in stock, printed at small cost—get our price.) Carbon Paper, pencil or typewriter. Second Sheets Typewriter Ribbons for all machines. I 64 Head of Cattle of which 34 are "S Pure Bred and High Grade HoUtrfn Fre«tan Cattle M _ W » . *'__ £ — Cows = Purebred Holstein bull 3 yrs. old. The mother of S this bull made 84 pds. of butterfat the first.monthL she 1 was on test as a two-year-old. Three grade bulls, 10 H to 11 months old. = Some of the cows in this herd have records as = high as 488 Ibs. butterfat. All the cows and heifers = consigned in this sale are dams and daughters, hav- S Sg Steed them all, using nothing but purebred bulls. = Thirteen heifer calves from 11 to 12 months old. = Twelve heifer calves from 2 1-2 months down. | 40 Head Good Fall Pigs' These cows all being fresh this fall and winter, starting September 26, and some to freshen soon, Av. test record 3 yrs. C. T. A. records show 20 to 30 cows in herd. Value of product, $134.88, feed cost, $45.52. Profit above feed cost, $89.36 per cow. ..-«,.«. Value of product, $145.33, feed cost, $46.05, Profit above feed cost, $99,28 per cow. Value of product, $158.76, feed cost, $60.13. Profit above feed cost, $98.63 per cow. 25 Tons of Silage 1,000 sheets 8 1-2 by 11 typewriter bond paper .......... --- ------500 sheets 8 1-2 by 11 typewriter bond paper ^ _ J-Qq Advance Publishing • EAST OF COURTHOUSE 254 John s new; jonn ueere any luauc*, «=-« .~.j . - 0 .«8 T1 ,n T ,o- most new; Lets feed grinder and roughage mill for gnnding hay mower, good condition; Jonn Deere narr boy tank heater; John Deere walking plow, tractor nlow almost new; two 10-ft. discs, i Se Voxel grindstone pump jack, almost new; corn sheller, new; 3 sets breeching harness, m » spraying buildings and trees; soybeans, aDou spring; new Sole Hot •*<*** #™ »• ^LJtelncTuding'pump Vacuum gauge, compressor ... single unit Surge milking na ^J n ® n ' (i pSieys;'Viking cream separator, has.power attachment^or can be C t C d S b^ifaiid ^ooc/as newjVten-gallon milk cans, almost new; 7 " " sawed last winter, about fiWor six hundred feet. "•'.„.««'• SOD PURE BB ED LEGHORN PUWUET3 'K^K « JJJL4J. 4 JG«-<.i- \j A.4f«>V-V«A *•* *•*£*» *-•—*•—— y ••"• — and grain of all kinds; Emerson _ >ring tooth harrow, good; Cow- ju^v^ sulky plow, 16-in.; John Deere No. 45 x Moline; truck wagon and hay rack; 3 wagons wzth grinder with new stone; McCormick-rDeering hand ; wheel-barrow Hudson spray, to be used in L' yellow, 30 bu.; brooder house, built new last Deere 1 1-2 h, p. gas engine, good; 2 tank, 14 stall I . TEBMS--CasS, or make arrangsments witli your banter E< , J. STEWART . * A- 1 BW (UYW«Wy|iMWfc'W«*3 • - fin&n v f- ***«<

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