Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1933 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 14, 1933
Page 6
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>AQE ant 230KOS8UTH CORN LOANS ALREADY MADE \Vork is Halted Til More Forms Can be : Obtained. Up to yesterday afternoon at ^O'clock 230 federal corn loans toac keen made in Kossuth and the -"warehouse certificates filed with the county recorder. The work is now halted temporarily because the sealers have run out of forms. Efforts were being tnade yesterday to speed up receip of forms from Des Moines. All Dealers have been kept ,'busy •nd many of them report up to 5( applicants awaiting calls. Many errors in making out papers are holding up receipt of the inoney. Out of the first 130 certificates received at Chicago from Iowa all but nine had to be returned for corrections. List of First Loans. A complete list of the first 64 ••warehouse certificates filed with ifije county recorder follows: Township Not Stated. *[ R Ricklefs to Secy of Agric, 12-7-33—Kossuth; 725 bu_$326.25 ^Herman A Carlson to Secy of Agric, 12-7-33—Kossuth; 2050 bu corn -J$922.50 Merman A Carlson to Secy of Agric, 12-7-33—Kossuth; 2050 fcu $922.50 H R Ricklefs to Secy of Agric, 12-7-33—^Kossuth; 725 bu corn. $326.25 'P? J Frimml to Sec of Agric, 127-33—Kossuth; 900 bu corn_$405 C! F Johnson to Secy of Agric, 12-7-33—iKossuth; 800 bu corn_ $360 CMelbin Steussy to Secy of Agric, 12-7-33—Kossuth; 610 bu corn $274.50 3Irs John Wagner, 12-6-33—3000 bu $1350 Riyerdiile. John Reding, 12-5-33—Riverdale; 2700 bu $1215 Theo Hilbert, 12 j 5-33—JRiverdale; 1300 bu $585 :Mat Hilbert, 12-2-33—.Riverdale; 1200 bu $540 Adolph Fuhrman, 12-6-33; Riverdale; 800 bu $360 Adolph Fuhrman, 12-6-33—Riverdale; 800 bu ?360 John Becker, 12-6-33—Riverdale; 1700 bu $765 -John S Reding, 12-6-33 — Riverdale; 2000 bu $900 John S Reding, 12-6-33 — Riverdale; 2200 bu __• $990 Fenton. John Fuhr to ISecy of Agriculture, 12-7-33-^Fenton, Sec 7-97-30; 750 bu corn $337.50 ~^vm H Jentz to Secy of Agric, 128-33—Fenton, Sec 8; 775 bu corn $348.76 .John Fuhr to Secy of Agric, 127-33—Fenton, Sec 7; 750 DU corn $337.50 John Fulhr to Secy of Agric; 127-33—(Fenton, Sec 7-97-30; 750 ti. bu corn ____ $337.50 l?aul Biumer to 'Secy of Agric, 12-7-33 — Sherman, Sec 16; 1800 bu corn $810 Sherman. X3 K Kohlhaas to Secy of Agric, 12-7-33—Sherman, Sec 16; 3000 bu corn $1350 "C K Kohlhaas to Secy of Agric, 12-7-33 — Sherman, Sec 16; 1000 bu corn $450 'JC E Swanson to Secy of Agric, 12-8-33 — Sherman, Sec 16; 2200 bu corn $990 Whittemore. Albert Vaudt to Secy of Agric, 12-7-33—Whittemore, Sec 18; 1150 bu corn $517.50 « G Vaudt <to Secy of Agric, 126-33—Whittemore; 500 bu —$225 TO G Vaudt to Sec of Agric, 12-633—Whittemore; 700 bushels $315 August Vaudt, 12-3-33 — Whittemore; 1377 bu ,$619.65 August Vaudt, 12-2-33 — Whitte- roore; 523 bu .„_ $235.35 &. Cre-sco, M J Vipond & L A, 12-5-33—Cresco; 504 bu $226.80 H J Vipond & L A, Cresco; 1440 bu $648 A E Clayton, 12-5-33—Cresco, 534 bu $240.30 A E Clayton, 12-5-33 — Cresco; 1536 bu $691.20 A E Clayton, 12-5-33 — Cresco; 1638 bu $737.1C Harrison. -E C Peterson to Secy of Agric, 12-8-33—Harrison, Sec 7; 750 bu corn $37,. 33 C Peterson to Secy of Agric, 12-8-33—Harrison, Sec 7; 700 bu corn $315 TDus Sanftner, 12-5-33—Harrison; 1400 bu $630 John Cassem, 12-6-33—'Harrison; 1000 bu $45 'Olaf Funnemark to Secy of Agr, 12-6-33—Wesley, Sec 15; 650 bu corn $292.5( Wesley. Olaf Funnemark to iSecy of Agric, 12-6-33—Wesley, Sec 15; 550 bu corn $247.5 »oy O Taylor, 12-6-33—Wesley; 1500 bu $67v Portland. U M Stewart to Secy of Agric, 12-7-33—Portland, Sec 23; 900 bu corn $44,. *• J Mann, 12-6-33 —Portland; 900 bu $405 *• J Mann, 12-6-33—Portland; 500 bu $225 Buffalo. Andrew M Hansen, 12-6-33 — Buffalo; 375 bu $168 Carl Geisking, 12-6-33—Buffalo; 760 bu $337 Andrew M Hansen, 12-6-33 —Buffalo; 325 bu $146 German. Cen W Meyer to Secy of Agric, 12-8-33—Cterman, Sec 16; 220 bu corn $99 Ben Meyer & Henry Meyer to Secy of Affric, 12-8-33 — German, Sec 16; 900 bu corn __$405 Lincoln. Gust J Koppen to Secy of Agric, 12-8-33—Lincoln, Sec 20; 350 tou corn $157.50 <J«st J Koppen to Secy of Agric, 12-8-33—^Lincoln, Sec 20; 12*50 bu corn $562.50 Irvington. M Jj Boney, 12-5-33—'Irvington; 2600 bu -. ...... M L Honey, 12-6-33—flrvlngton; 2500 bu ; , $1125 Hebron. Kilmer Hauge, 12-6-33 — Hebron; 1632 bu $734.40 Kilmer Hauge, 12-6-33 —'Hebron; 1632 bu $734.40 Eagle. H M Patterson to Secy of Agric, 12-8-33-HEagle, Sec 22; 900 bu corn __ '_ $405 Letts Creek. Fred W Jentz to Secy of Agric, 12-7-33—(Lotts Creek, Sec 28; 2000 bu corn —$900 Seneca. George- Korrect to Secy of Agric, 12-8-33—Seneca, Sec 35; 1600 bu corn $575 Ramsey. ' John C Griese, 12-5-33—JRamsey; 908 bu $408.60 Prairie. Wermersen & Hilbert, 12-5-33— Prairie; 3200 bu $1440 Springfield. William Poppe, 12-6-33—Springfield; 1200 bu $540 Plum Creek. Frank N Bestenlehner,' 12-2-33 — Plum Creek; 350 bu $1575 ' Burt. •• W J Thompson, 12-6-33 — Burt; 1200 bu $540 Ledpard. Edward Looft, 12-6-33—-Ledyard' 1700 bu „ $765 Declamatory Contest Held. Whktemore, Dec. 12 — A high school declamatory contest took place Sunday evening at the Academy, with Mrs. Donald Weir, Burt, as Judge. A medal was presented .0 the winner in each group, as folows: oratorical—1, Lillian Kueck- Jr; a, Erwin Koehnecke; dramatic —1, Myrtle Barber; 2, Lillian Heidenwith; humorous—1, lola Barber; 2, Dorothy Heidenwith. Byron Crouch 74} Celebrates— Byron Crouch celebrated his 74tto birthday Sunday at the home of his son Clarence, Burt. 'Byron is the father of ten children, nine of whom are living. Attending were: Mr. and Mrs. Orville Crouch, Burt; Mr. and Mrs. Howard Seeley and son, Mrs. Seeley being a granddaughter; tfhe Myron and Andrew Bakers, Mason City; Mr. and Mrs. Harvey Crouch, daughter, Mrs. Emery Crouch, daughter, and the Paul Bakers, all of Algona. ' There are 26 grandchildren and 12 great- grandchildren. Unable to attend were the Lester Wilcox family, of Kimball, S. D.; George Crouch, Irvington; and Emery Crouch, Algona, who has been confined ,in bed witti rheumatism. The elder Mr. Crouch, long a Burt farmer, is in good health. , Testa Taylor, Sioux City, is Married Saturday- Mrs. C. T. Chubb and her daugh- :er Ernestine returned Sunday from Sioux City, where they toad gone Friday to attend the wedding of Vesta, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. 3uy L. Taylor, Saturday at 5 p. m. to Paul Ketela, Sioux City. The ceremony was performed at )he Taylor home in the presence of >0 guests, and following the ceremony there was a reception and a buffet supper. The bride, who is an only child 20 WRITE EXAMS FOR POSTMASTER j. "c ui me, wno is an only could . Twenty persons wrote examina- of Mr. and Mrs. Taylor, is a gradu- tions required for postmasters at ate of Morningside college, and for *^ e Masonic hall Monday afternoon. the last few years has been em- Seven came from Burt, nine from iloyed in the First National bank T ' tonlta . three from Ledyard, and llAllV -flftr Tiff** tr»,i,.1 _.*_•_ i* HUP "f^nm rP»Tlreirl/»lr TV»rt nunmi-nn C. W. A. Sioux City. Mr. Ketels is in lour milling business. Two Couples Wed Here- Marriage .licenses were (Continued from page 1.) Archie Etodds, R. G. Fry, Chas Gun- lor, Chas Harvey, Glen Haines, Ben •"Sish, Nick Kline, Harvey Graham, !harley Adams, Ferman Dutton, Ward McWhorter Ralph Donovan, "Iverett Richardson, Glen Strayer, George Willis, Robert Brayton, Kelsey Burtis, C. Devine, Harry Eggert, John Eller, Clarence Fraser. William Gunder, Lee W. Green, ~.evi Henron, Wiley Hines, Artnur jocke, •William Mayer, Chas. Miller, Otis Miore, Max Mesing, Glen McVey, Jim Phillips, John Reed, Durand Shumway, Chester Stoner, r allie Shott, Floyd Turner. Ed Winkle, W'ndel Dabuski, Ervin Kuecker, Clyde Airhart, James .ong, Geo. Dunn, Charley Riley, Wm. Schull, Howard Schore, M. C. •Vandsen, Emery Chapin, Maynard Spooner, Delber Fosnaugh, D. L. Harris, Sid Spear, Louis Reding, Ernie Rutchinson, Charley Runchey, Matt Laux, Antony Rlldman- nan, John Bahr, Ernest Burch, Edwin T. Baker, D. F. Rhodes, Mike. Baker, Goodman Hundness, Hans Hansen, L. G. Eckholm, Oliver Koons, William L. Baker, John Erf- ckson, James Murray, D, L, Bry-- m, Charley Hansen, Lawrence Elbert, Helmer Helmers, Eugene Myers, William McMahon, Carl Mai-- fehall, WHiam Muckey, Don Palmer, E, F. Jones. Lyle Johnson. Roy Larson, John Nordstrom, Ike Harms, Ed Meyer, Clarence Koppen, Leonard Wnrbarjyer, Emery Smith, James Walker, George Adams, Irvin Altizer, Verne Molinder, F. J. Adams, George Lau, Lester Bommel, Jisiah Stauffacher, W. M. Hedrlck, Everett Goslin, Arnold Wegner, Ed. E. Ramus, W- J. Green, Robt. Steven, A. M. Collinson, Frank Weiskamp, Ed, Beisch Walter Courtney, Fay Minard, Herbert A. Adams, Ed. McNelll, Andy Bo\STnan, John Gramenz, Sam Wai ker, Arnold Klatt, John Kramer Jnp. Campbell, Louis Conway, Chas. Krammer, Clarence Nemmers, John Tobin, Jim Robinson, Vincent Lat imer, Fred Gillis,, Pete Peterson Allen Carr, Herb. Weise, Roy O'lom Jurey Neeland, A, F. Carter, R, M Jones, Pete Ruberg, Otto Ramus John Ramus, Irvin Cbapman, L. G Doyle, Frances Elbert, Herman Fandel, John Wilson, John Kenne, Wm. Kelly, Roger Elbert. Bert Shellmeyer, Amos Krominga C. W. Bowman, Frank Hanson Hugh Carroll, William Vanderwerf John Schmidt, Milo Rentz, Fred Zeigler, Paul Baker, William Bak er, Sam Boyer, Clair Robinson, Charley, Kuckynka, H. M. Hansen, John Ormsby, George Weig, Oliver, Young, Henry Phillips, Ole Gerdes, Frank Hagen, Cliff Jonnson, Henry Ailts, Charley Cooper, Elmer Holtcamp, Sandy Stebrltz, Roy Raag- Bert Palmer, Dwisht Potter, Joe Platt. George Gronbach, William Kehnicke, Ray Airhart, Harlan Pisch, Mai-ton Wagner, Arthur Held erviete, Richard Kaschmitter, Pete r Heldt, Raymond Nue, Reinhard Zu< mach, Ray E Olson. Glaus Peterson, Loyd Hintz, O. D Castleman, J. C. Johnson, Arno Rls tau, Ben Nolle, B. B. Mayer, T. R Estle, John Manthel, George Looft Fred Beitz, Harry Schroeder, A. M Frlest, Max Nitz, James Leslie Vance Oatley, Frank Welch, Weldoi. Weise, August Sprartk, Art Miller Henry Warned, Jim Ollom, Mike Bair, . Herman Nitzel, Lasee Reb hoff, F. O. Stow, Sam Lichliter, Joe Cogley, Flunk Dltsworth, Leo Del perOang, Oscar Grant, Nick Nem mers, Lafe Simmons, Pete Theisen George Wolfe, Jake Keller, EC Bruns, Heni-y Isenbrandt, Emi Krieft, Melvin Havvke, Ei-\vin Hei denwlth, G-eorge Heddinger, A. J Lawler, Dwight Graham, J. Wub ben, H. A. Bruns. Wm. Winter, R. Green, AI. Young Ken Fisher, Romer Barbour, Ever ett Faith, Albert Olson, Ed Palmer C. E. Chubb, Raymond Housour Walter Johnson, Allie Fi-aser, Pau Kenefick, Fred Gronbach, Charles Wagner, S. R. Dui-ant, John Helmers, H. W. Stebrltz, Frank Benkson, William Tikes, Dennis Hagerty, John Lundstrum, Verne Rutledge, John Micheal, Ralph Shipler, 'harlea McDonald/ Heran Boettch er, Anton Zittritsch, Erick Nelson, Raleigh Kike, Bert Muckey, Arthur Waltman, Cleo Black, Frank Butte, Olaf Johnson, Frank Bales, Lyle Mudsen, Albert Haag, Fred Peter' ion, Roy Davis, M. H. Miller, Gor den plutt, Harm Helmers, John Me- iuire, Jake Teuscher, Kenneth Samp. Peter Ohubb and Bert Palmer were called by the state to work m the state survey, and are to re- _iort at Forest City tomorrow or Monday. •- --*- & « 'tiVAv-iitiv-^ wcic IS&UtJU *•*»** « wcijj Ltiniaii r . iDlgltJTj 1VIHUU ast Thursday to Andrew Hansen M. Hanna, Mrs. Agnes M. Stewart, ind Vera ,Ramus, both of Lu Verne, Lettie C. Vogel, Lulu lHawcott, Aland Arthur B. Martin, Verona, bert Staejvle, and Arthur C. Bier- Wis., and Clara J. Wdland, Eagle stedt. -- - •«-.-• ^.^»**u^n M««u ifiioa rv«*~ •*• * vwt XA wnixtv »vc*c ail o» J_jUUy m. uus were married here by the Rev. Newville, Luvia B. Craven, Mrs. J. Murtagh's, Kathryn Misbach assisting. Mrs. C. B. Murtagh, of Des Moines, will read a Christmas -tory, and there will be toy gifts' or welfare work. KOSSttTH CdtWTY AfiVAMCfi. ALGONA, IOWA ed at 6:30, and a program will follow. Mrs. Arthur Helberg ia president. •Epworth League officers met a the Methodist parsonage Tuesda: night and laid plans for Christmas caroling, New Year services and a holiday rally. Donald Parsons is president. Congregational L. O. A. Sunday school class meets, tonight with Mrs. J. C. Mawdsley. Each member is to take a lOc Christmas gift to exchange with another guest. Mrs. George 'L, iFree entert-iinec at four tables of bridge Tuesday evening. Alice Rist and Hazel Potter won the high scores. Leona McMahon entertained at four tables of bridge Monday night. The high score was won by Richard Kline, low by-Mary Sandt. ' ' Mrs. K. .D. James entertained her Birthday club at 6:30 covered-dish dinner last week Wednesday evening. ThejChild Study club meets witlh next Tuesday Mrs. D. E. Dewel afternoon at 2:15. one from Renwick. The examinations \vere given by M. J. McCall, local civil service commissioner. Writing the examinations from issued 'Burt were Lillian F. Sigler, Maud rrove. Mr. Hansen and Miss Ra- J. Braner, and Mr. and Mrs. Marin were married by the Rev. M. A. Ijostrand the same day. 'hristnias Party is Planned— The P. E. O. chapter met last •veek Wednesday with Mrs. Wm. K. "•erguson, and Antoinette Bonnstet- meeting will ,be a Christmas .ucille Malueg.to Wed— Lucille Malueg recently announc- d to a small group of friends her approaching marriage December 28 o the Rev. O. E. Parrett, Harts- rille, Ind. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Malueg, and till >efore Thanksgiving taught music n the schools at Nemaha, where he resigned. Woman's Club Meets Tomorrow— The Woman's club will have a ihristmas party at the library tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock; Meedames W. H. Godden, L. G. Baker, P. V. Janse, hostesses. A jrogram will be followed by re- restoments. ' Each member is to ;ake a toy or other artiple for welfare work. D. A. R. Has Christmas Party— The D. A. R. had a Christmas party Monday at Mrs. P. V. Janse's; assisting hostesses; Ella Thompson and Mrs. C. R. La Barre. The program was in charge of Mrs. Sylvia Gunn, who gave a talk on Amer- can Christmas Customs. Mrs. T. T. Herbst sang English and Swiss ullabys. • Watanyans in Christinas Party— The Watanyans had' a Christmas party at Mrs. Anna March's last night. Each member took a guest, and the entertainment consisted of games, stunts, and the exchange of ?ifts. Hostesses were Laura Mitchell, Mary Mitchell, and Dora Larson. P. T. A. Program is Given— The IP. T. A. met at the school building Monday night. Tine program was: a talk by Mrs. Fred Wentz, Social World Affair; talk Mrs. Howard French, The Origin of the Christmas Seals; and a talk by Dr. Pierre Sartor. Luncheon for Past Matrons— The O. E. S. past matrons the Masonic Temple next Monday a Christmas basket. Mrs. Hohenburger is 80— Mrs. George Hohenberger Sr. eel- From Titonka were Mrs. Lucy E. Margaret M. Wentz, Mrs. Clara Bruns, Grace V. Brown, Stella Mae Breen (stenographer for J. L. Bonar), Theodore A. Dunmire, Leslie W. Callies, and H. C. Barbour. From Ledyard were Mrs. Jeesa- line M. Weinberger (postmistress), Mrs. Ella McDonald, and Roy A. (Link. Renwick candidates had 'their choice of coming to Algona or writing at Eagle Grove, and Lucille Klassi came to Algona. 'It is understood here that the postmastershipe of Lakota and Swea City will expire early in 1934. GEO. J, STEWART TO HOLD BIG FARM SALE George J. Stewar.t, 'a half mile west of the schoolhouse three miles south of Algona on No. 169, will hold a closing out sale of farm Stock and machinery next Wednesday. This offering makes one of the season's largest sales. It includes 60 cattle, of which 16 are milch, cowa. There are 14 calves, a shorthorn bull, other calves, and faeifers. There are also ten good work horses and a complete line of farm machinery. The machinery has been kept under cover, and is in excellent condition. The sale also includes 250 hens, 23 tons wild hay, 18'tons alfalfa, 10 tons timothy, and 50 tons of silage. L. A. Matern will be auctioneer; the Iowa State bank, clerk. The Stewarts will move to Algona for the rest of the winter, and next May or June will leave Iowa for the East. • There are three children, Leona, George Jr., and Helen. The Stewarts moved to this farm from Algona in 1924. COLLINSON HOLSTEIN HERD TO GO IN SALE One of the outstanding farm sales of the season will be E. R. Collinson's next Tuesday on the Thos. Kain farm four miles east of Algona, six miles north, and two miles east. Mr. Collinson is going to quit farming. OPERETTA PLANNED AT THE HIGH SCHOOL BY H JUNIORS A junior high school operetta will be presented at tlin H. 8. auditorium tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock. The play is The Sunbonnet Girl, directed by Grace Melba Miller, assisted by Misses Coon, Hoelscher, and Wilson, with dances in charge of Miss Morris and costumes in charge of Miss Horn, .with Jane Hemphill, Betty Gunn, and Irene Haines assisting. Mary Helen Hudson and Georgia Ann Geigel will be accompanists. The cast of characters includes: Meredith Richhrdeon, Barbara Hudson, Maxine Larson, Richard Norton, Doris Jones, Roger Michel, Harold Banwart, Barbara Haggard, 'Richard Keen, Mildred Pratt, Wayne Douglass, Marjorie Phillips, Eleanor Thorpe, Ted Chrischilles Edna Nordstrom. , Next .week 'Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock a special Christmas program will be given in bhe high school auditorium. The schools will be dismissed that evening for the Christmas holidays, and will reopen Wednesday, January 3. Nephew of Fenton Man Crash Victim Fenton, Dec. 14— W. E. Stoeber and his son Wilfred went to Mason City last week Tuesday to attend the funeral of the former's nephew, Harold Stoeber, who died from injuries suffered in an automobile accident. The car he was riding in was without lights and it ran into mother car. He suffered minor injuries, but while he was helping remove the wrecked cars from the road he was struck by a hit-and-run driver. LONE ROCK NEWS William Hobsoh took James Hall, who had workeVt at the R. V. Aftgrua farm during the lost few m< his home at Ames Monday. Mr. and Mrs. A Stoll, Ames, .... had vlsied ftt the Andrew Thomaen and Victor Rogers homes, went home Saturday. The Rogers family and Joe Mokry, Titonka, spent Sun. day afternoon with the Thomsons. Mrs. Milton Belts, Bancroft, visited at Bert Godden's Sunday. The Augrust Petersons and the James Ackermans were Sunday dinner guests at R. C. Prlebe's. Mr. and Mrs. Fred'k Schultz were business .callers at Mason City Monday, and Ersel Blanchard had Charge of their store during their absence. The Kai-te Trasks, Atwoter, Minn., went home Friday, after a visit here. The Alex Krugers entertained the Fred Genrlches and the Ed.. Farrls family at Sunday dinner. The Friday club meets this week at Mrs. Emll Kraft's, Mrs. William Leeper assisting. 'The Rev. S. M. Gladstone attend- ed a Presbytery at Fort Dodge Mon« day. • Judge* Luke,/Ames, .'spent Monday at H. J. Rlce'Si Guests at the Otis Sanders home Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Ed Kruse, daughter Evelyn, Jacob TUB- chudy, Eva Helmke, and Howard Barton, all of Renwlck, Siipt. and Mrs. L. B. Godfrey and Bernadlne took Mrs. Godfrey's mother home to Truesdale, Minn., Saturday, returning home Sunday. Church services will be held at 111:30 and Sunday school at 10:30 Sunday December 24. The Rlngsted choir will present a Chrlstmns cantata at the church here next Monday night. The Harvey Roths, Algona, were callers at Mrs. .John Rath's Friday. M. and Mrs. Otto Laabs, Fairmont', were at Emll Kraft's Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Krueger were business callers at Fort Dodge last week Wednesday. ., , , . ., ' -, , 'Frank Flalg accompanied Lester Welsbrod, Fenton, to Mollne, 111., •Monday d«lers Edith The be given mas eve. It i« '>« IYln in __„•„ ..:: """"nau the church"thto'Z' 0 ^ Krueger and Mrs S AMl * A . have charge. ' A - Blanc] ^The weekly uibI 0 gti.d at Frank Docken's w nosday nteht. ' nst Mr. and Mrs. A o, came last Thursday t daughter, Mrs. ENTERTAIN! 2£?«sa township No. 7 p, f 'Hope church Friday, at 8,o'clock. Admission Free lunch after lOc. •proa NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of Special Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth County, Iowa, on a judgment rendered in said Court on the 4th day of December, 1933, in favor of Equitable Life Assurance Society of the Uni- ed States, as plaintiff, and against Tohn Seip and Alice Seip, his wife, omtly and severally, as defend- .nts, for the sum of Fourteen Thousand Nine Hundred Ninety- wo and 21/100 (?14,992:21) Dollars and costs, taxed at Two Hundred Two and 31/100 ($202.31) Dollars and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described Real property as the property of the aid John Seip and Alice Seip, his rife, and Carl Seip, to satisfy said xecution, to-wit: The Southwest Quarter (SW%) of Section Thirty- Six (36) in Township Ninety-Six 96) North of Range Thirty (30), Vest of the 5th P. M. containing €0 acres, more or lees, ng to the government accord- survey; and 1 will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said sxecutlon, with costs and accruing :osts at public auction, *• the highest bidder, for cash. In hand, on the 6th. day of January, 1934, at the east door of the Court House n Algona, Jn Kossuth county, [owa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a. m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by he undersigned. Dated this 7th day of December, .933. CARL DAHLHAUSER Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By Casey Loss, Deputy. Sullivan, McMahon & 'Linnan, Plaintiff's Attorneys. 14-15 =fff^^^^^ mi '^*^ m ^ mi <f^ 666 Liquid Tablets, Salve, Nose Drop* "hecks Colds first day, Headchea 01 Neuralgia in 30 minutes. Malaria in I days. FINE LAXATIVE AND TONIC Most Speedy Remedies Known. WRAPPING AND MAILING SERVICE GLADLY Give GIFTS TO WEAK for Xmas From HIS STORE '. Several Practical Suggestions .... White Jacquard Shirts Linen Handkerchiefs Turtle Feck Sweaters Leather Suspenders Paris Garters Spats Crocheted Tics Leather Jackets Wilson Hosiery Shirts and iShorts Mallory Hats Key Chains (Priced from 50c) Puzzled about the cor- reel Gift for him? We will gladly help you make the correct selection. No obligation ITEELE'f STATE AT DOD6E ALGONA, IA* The big feature of this sale will be the Collinson herd of purebred and high grade Holstein cattle, 34 of which are milk cows. This herd club ,has been built up by Mr. Collinson over a period of years. Some cows have a record as high, as .488 pounds of butterfat. Mr. Collinson raised all of them, and he has used none but purebred bulls in •his herd. The purebred >bull will be sold, 'also three grade bulls, and 12 iheif- ebrated her 80th birthday Friday, , al . n thvoB with the help of friends who called. .„ s ° V"f She is still able to be about her -R pa iH 0 »», Besides the cattle, seven horses household duties. Other Society. Leonard McGuires' fifth birthday , will be sold, 40 fall pigs, 500 purebred Leghorns, 25 tons silage, and a tempting list of farm machinery. Cols. W. J. Stewart and Fred , „, ,„ T . --------was celebrated Monday afternoon L.. s - w - J- Stewart and Fred at a party at the home of his par- ;'£ Jai & will be auctioneers, and the ents, Mr. and Mrs. M. T. McGuire. i urt SavlQ B s bank will clerk. The afternoon was spent at games, followed by refreshments. Guests were Julia'Ann W«ir, Dick Keitfh, Sonny MoCorkle, Jane Morrison, and Doris McGuire. The Alpha Delphians met with Mrs. D. P. Smith yesterday noon for a covered-dish luncheon, followed by a short program consisting of a Christmas story read by Mrs. John McEnroe and the exchange of wHiite elephant gifts. After the program bridge was played. The Methodist Home Builders, married people, will have a monthly fellowship party tomorrow night at the churcfh. Dinner will be serv- RichPokt The Irving-ton Farm Bureau women met Friday with Mrs. Chas. Bgel, and Mrs. Fred Oeigel was elected township chairman. Mrs. Gel- gel has been active in Farm Bureau work for some years, and she was the leader of the girls' 4-H club while it was active in Irving-ton township. • ' John McGuire, road constructor who had been working n§ar Pocahontas for &o:ne time, shut down and came home for the winter last weekend. IS YOUR XMAS PROBLEM STILL UNSOLVED ? LET US HELP YOU There is still time for Christmas photographs PHONE US OR COME IN TODAY. You can buy as few or as many as you wish. ALGONA ART STUDIO L, I. WAY, Photographer Phone 181 at Savings Two Days Only Friday and Saturday December 15 and 16 BE WISB...BEAT THE PRICE RISE! The price rise is not a prediction—it's a fact! The fur market has gone up, but because the Montreal Fur Trading Cp. sensed the rise months ago, their prices are still very low, and theirs are Pine Purs . . .not price furs! The selection w the finest this company has ever shown, with price.8 ranging from $59.50 to $495.50. Liberal trade-in allowances are available for your old fur coat if you have one ... It will be wise not to gamble on future prices ... today's values are not likely to be repeated!! One Year Free Storage ,., Every garment guaranteed "A FUR COAT .. f THE CUFT Christensen Bros. Cot ALGONA'S GAHMEKT CENTER

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