Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on May 2, 1977 · Page 38
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Pittsburgh Post-Gazette from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania · Page 38

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Monday, May 2, 1977
Page 38
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38-post-cazette' -ON THE AIR Win Fanning CBS Drops 10 Shows; 'Two Men' to Debut CBS YESTERDAY announced the axing of 10 series-plus Mary Tyler Moore's voluntary closing of her show-and the addition of 10 new stanzas. Two of the latter - "Wonder Woman" and "The Tony Randall Show" - were dropped by ABC a few days ago. The departing series are: "All's Fair," "Sonny and Cher," "Phyllis," "Nashville 99," "Code R," "Andros Targets," "Who's Who," "Delvecchio," "Hunter" and "Loves Me, Loves Me Not." The additions for fall include Ed Asner's series, in which he continues the Lou Grant character; Betty White's new series, in which she plays a TV actress; a series based on the feature film Logan's Run"; and a new Daniel Boone outing, "Dan'l Boone," with Rick Moses. I'll pass along details on all the newcomers-six dramas and comedy-dramas, and four situation comedies-tomorrow. A SIX-HOUR dramatization of Taylor Caldwell's 1,000 page novel, "Testimony of Two Men," begins tonight at 9 o'clock on Channel 11. The two-hour episode will be followed by parts two and three on succeeding Mondays in the same time period. As the $4 million "Operation Prime Time" production is not only an ambitious project, but also an experiment in syndicated programming financed by the individual stations on which it is being shown, it would be pleasant to report that it is at least another "Captains and the Kings," which scored a modest success for NBC last fall. Sorry to report, it isn't. A preview of all but a few minutes of the first two hours of almost unrelenting and often confusing melodrama left me hungry for more of almost anything else. IT IS a costume piece, a Victorian tale of medical practices and the usual Caldwell fare of family com-plications during the period from the end of the Civil war to just past the turn of the century. The first two hours account for 35 years and, not surprisingly, the principal characters are kept hoping and aging at a bewildering pace. The cast of 44 is headed by David Birney, Barbara Parkins and Steve Forrest, with a host . of "guest stars" making appearances of varying importance. They are all, with the possible exception of Birney, little more than cardboard figures with whose fate it is almost impossible to become concerned. Birney is the good, high minded doctor son of Miss Parkins, who also has a no good son who has ambitions as an artist and the morals of an alley cat. He even marries a woman 13 years older than he is for money, of course. It is the Birney character who is at the center of things, striving to support high principles against the opposition of the medical community in a Pennsylvania town in the Philadelphia area. THE STORY, jam-packed with .unhappy marriages, illegitimate children, illegal abortions, unrequited love and vengeance, was filmed in the studios and on the backlot at Universal. There is an unattractive vintage quality about the production, harking back to the so-called Griffith Park philosophy, that a tree is a tree no matter where you find it so why bother with location filming? The war sequences Civil and Spanish-American-are so totally unbelievable they are almost funny. "Boom" goes the cannon and dozens of men, mounted and afoot, fling themselves to the ground and play dead. And the dialogue could be called unspeakably corny if it were not indeed spoken. Jack Laird, the producer, who chose to abandon Miss Caldwell's flashback technique in favor of telling the tale in chronological order, has stated that the second and third installments are much simpler to follow than is tonight's introduction. Maybe so, maybe so. I'm just not interested enough to find out. MORE BRIEFLY: ABC's Fred Silverman, the genius behind that network's spectacular rise to the top of the rating heap, has enlarged slightly on his axing of "Bionic Woman." He says that he considers it and "Wonder Woman" "gimmick shows with no great staying power." He cites the fact that the ratings have been in a steady decline, hovering on the brink of the 30 per cent share of audience that indicates staying power. He also points out, that with 80 per cent of its programming returning, he needs some room for the introduction of fresh hit material, "without which you lose your momentum." And while he said he is confident that Lee Majors and his wife, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, will return to their respective series "Six Million Dollar Man" and "Charlie's Angels" expressed the opinion that "Angels" will continue to be a hit, with or without Mrs. Majors, and said that if Lee leaves his series, "we have a plan to replace the show without missing a beat." FRED ROGERS will receive the humanitarian "Other's Award" at the 13th Annual Civic Luncheon of the Salvation Army Association of Greater Pittsburgh at the Hilton Hotel on May 9. The public is invited. Cfieck with the Army for more information. Richard Yankus, formerly with WGAR in Cleveland, has been named manager of WSHH, effective today. Carpet bei! gim Mon' May 2' 1977 cleaning 39.50 Don't break your back this spring Let our experts do your carpet cleaning the right way. We II clean a living room, dining room and connecting hall with either steam or shampoo (water extraction system). Limit 60 sq yds. Scotchgard" Protector is also available Ask us about this extra service designed to protect against soil and stains For newly-cleaned, visibly-clean or brand new carpets. 281-4400. Ext. 496 is the number to call. Minimum charge of '35. Travel charge to some areas. ffi" KDKA (CBS) - Pittsburgh d) WTAE (ABC) - Pittsburgh (TJ) WIIC (NBC) - Pittsburgh 3J WQED (PBS) - Pittsburgh (E) WQEX (PBS) - Pittsburgh 8 WPGH (Independent) - Pittsburgh GB WJAC (NBC) - Johnstown CD WTRF (NBC-ABC) - Wheeling (B WSTV (ABC-CBS) - Steubenville m WTAJ (CBS) - Altoona 'Black and White 6 A.M. (X) Projects 35) Sunrise Semester Quest 6:30 A.M. CD Sunrise Semester O Radius 3S John Riley ' 6:45 (5 Local News 7 A.M. GS CBS News QD Dusty's Treehouse ffMKD Today CB Good Morning America 5 Sesame Street 0 Lone Ranger Cicely Tyson Cast In 'Wilms' HOLLYWOOD -Emmy Award-winning actress Cicely Tyson has been cast in a key role in "Wilma," a 90-minute NBC World Premiere movie about the career of track star Wilma Rudolph, who overcame childhood handicaps and won three gold medals in the 1960 Olympics in Rome. Miss Tyson, who received two Emmys for her performance in the title role of the highly acclaimed drama, "The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman," was nominated for an Academy Award for her starring role in the film "Sounder." She will portray Blanche Rudolph, Wilma's mother. The fact-based drama being written, produced and directed by Bud Greenspan, will focus on the determination of the physically handicapped black girl who was not able to walk properly until she was 8 years old. She went on to become the first American woman to win three events in a single Olympic competition. MARMADl'KE ,v..,r..,..'i! "OH. NOTHING MUCH. WHAT S NEW WITH YOU, CARL?" p special Complete 7:30 A.M. 3) CBS News (Cont.) 3) Fury OGDffl Today (Cont.) Superman Good Morning (Cont.) Sesame St. (Cont.) 8 A.M. SX5XS) Captain Kangaroo GD AM Pittsburgh MSXD Today (Cont.) J Pixanne 8:30 A.M. CSS)) Kangaroo (Cont.) QD AM Pgh. (Cont.) QMXD Today (Cont.) $$ Bozo the Clown 9 A.M. 3) That Girl AM Pgh. (Cont.) ffKZXH) Phil Donahue 8) Romper Room (5) Electric Company (D 700 Club 9:30 A.M. 3) Tattletales AM Pgh. (Cont.) (0(7X3) Donahue (Cont.) SI Life in the Spirit Living in Nuclear Age GFJ 700 Club (Cont.) 9:45 General Hospital 10 A.M. 5) Young and the Restless GD Gen. Hospital (Cont.) JMXD Sanford and Son 0 700 Club (E) Double Dare 10:30 A.M. QX5XI5) Price Is Right Edge of Night IMXJJ Hollywood Squares 8 700 Club 11 A.M. 3XE5I Price (Cont.) (3) Happy Days (EKSCD Wheel of Fortune 0 700 Club 11:30 A.M. (51510) Love of Life 3) Family Feud 03X7J Shoot for the Stars (R) Mister Rogers J It's a New Day NOON GDCQ) Local News Second Chance (J5 Sesame Street 8 McHale's Navy QB Name That Tune PATman willsaveyou a bundle! Television Programs for Monday TV Key Previews Today's top shows as previewed by reporters in Bollywood, New York and Pittsburgh. 8 p.m. (D Six American Families. 'The Stephens Family of Iowa." The lifestyle of a modern day farm family is explored here tonight, and fifth installment of the six-part series. Although it is the least absorbing hour of the series, it does offer us a glimpse of the people who toil the land and feel that farming is a great way of life." Carl and Lois Stephens have six kids, raniging in age from 27 to 9, and the whole family pitches in with the farm chores, with father Carl working the hardest and setting a standard his family tries to match. (60 min.) p.m. QJ Testimony of Two Men. Part I. This six-hour dramatization of Taylor Caldwell's best-selling novel begins here tonight with a two-hour production to life in 19th century America immediately following the Civil War. (See Win Fanning's column for more details.) 9 p.m. O The Pallisers. No. 14. Interesting study of a man under pressure so severe, he feels utterly defenseless and friendless. Phineas Finn (Donal McCann) is accused of killing Mr. Bonteen on his way home from the club following a violent argument with the gentleman brought on by Bonteen's malice. All the evidence is circumstantial, except for Lord Fawn's recollection of seeing a man wearing a coat like Mr. Finn's running after Bonteen. Phineas has helpful friends like Marie Goesler, for example, as well as a hysterical Lady Laura to confuse his life. (60 min.) CD News 3M Young and the Restless 12:30 P.M. SXEffl Search for Tomorrow GD Ryan's Hope (DX5XZ) Lovers and Friends 53) Sesame St. (Cont.) Name That Tune 1 P.M. C Yvonne Forston GD All My Children CD) Petticoat Junction (H Gong Show GS News ff) Name That Tune (E Red Donley (TJ Bewitched 1:15 G Focus on Women 1:30 P.M. gTGXfjJ) As the World Turns Children (Cont.) CQXiXD Days of Our Lives Electric Company S) Good Day! Radio Highlights 2 p.m. (WDUQ-90.5) Concert Matinee. Selections include Handel's Overture in D Major; Sibelius' String Quartet in D Minor, Opus 56; Bruch's Scottish Fantasy, Opus 46. 8 p.m. (WQED-89.3) New York Philharmonic. Pierre Boulez conducts Debussy's Three Nocturnes; Bartok's Piano Concerto No. 2 and Village Scenes; Stravinsky's Symphony of Psalms. MO p.m. (KDKA FM 92.9) Classic Nights. Smetana's Richard III, Bavarian Radio Symphony; Chausson's Symphony in B Flat, Paris Conservatory Orchestra; Pend-erecki's Concerto for Cello and Orchestra. 10:07 p.m. (WYYSW-970) Radio Mystery Theater. "Much Too Much," starring Robert Dryden and Earl Hammond. 'Broadcasts in Stereo. 2 P.M. SXI)) World Turns (Cont.) (J) $20,000 Pyramid (DX5XZ) Days (Cont.) 8 Not for Women Only 2:30 P.M. SXSXS) Guiding Light (D Dinah! IMXZ) Doctors IS Laurel and Hardy 3 P.M. . (IX3D03) All in the Family GD Dinah (Cont.) CQXECD Another World 0J Sesame Street Course of Our Times 6) Archies 3:30 P.M. SXS Match Game ffl Flintstones . (DXiXZ) World (Cont.) (S) Sesame St. (Cont.) (TJ Making Things Grow S3 Speed Racer 4 P.M. (DO Mike Douglas Brady Bunch (TJ Gilligan's Island (TJ Mister Rogers (5) Public Policy Forum Movies on TV 8 p.m. "Charlie's Angels." (1976) Three attractive women detectives use their wits and feminine charms to con the layer of a wealthy man into revealing the ' whereabouts of his victim's body. Kate Jackson, Farrah Fawcett-Majors, Jaclyn Smith. (90 min.) 8 p.m. 3X2) "In Search of Noah's Ark." (1976) A documentary-drama presenting the evidence in support pf the biblical story of Noah and the ark he built. (2 hrs.) 9 p.m. "Roger & Harry." (1977) Two private eyes are hired to find a businessman's daughter who has been kidnaped. John Davidson, Barry Primus. (90 min.) BnBi Q Ultra Man aXS Gong Show (5) Bewitched 4:30 P.M. SXTJ Douglas (Cont.) GD Bewitched (TJ Dick Van Dyke. (TJ Zoom ( Forum (Cont.) IS Spiderman ' S3 Batman (Z) Dinah QD Partridge Family 5 P.M. S) Douglas (Cont.) GD My Three Sons (TJ FBI (TJ Electric Company . Romantic Rebellion , S3 Batman GB Dinah! QD Dinah (Cont.) (B Hogan's Heroes (TJ Gunsmoke ' 5:30 P.M. Partridge Family GDAdam-12 O FBI (Cont.) (TJ Sesame Street Walk a Country Mile (5X5 Dinah (Cont.) ES Superman (B Hogan's Heroes ) Gunsmoke (Cont.) 6 P.M. SKD Local News ffj Sesame St. (Cont.) ' Americana F Troop SXJXXXTJ News jj 6:30 P.M. GO News (Cont.) (3) ABC News (TJ Mister Rogers 88 Guppies to Groupers jj , GomerPyle QD NBC News (D News (Cont.) ffi CBS News 7 P.M. GD CBS News GD Lottery Bowling (DXS NBC News (TJ Zoom World Press 0 Hogan's Heroes GD LotteryMy Three Sons CD Truth or Consequences 5 Emergency One 7:30 P.M. GD $100,000 Name That Tune GD Gong Show (TJ Concentration (TJ Lowell Thomas Remembers Part II. During President FDR's third and fourth terms, the New Deal took a back seat and the U.S. became embroiled In World War II. (S MacNeilLehrer Tues., Wed., Thurs., Fri May 17-18-19-20 Matinees 1 p.m. Nights 8 p.m. featuring THE BUGS BUNNY PORKY PIG SHOW FAMILY ENTERTAINMENTI ENTERTAINMENT FOR prices you con ottordl (Civic Arena Box Ottice RESERVED SEATS AVAUAIIE tt KaUFMaNN'S, SEARS, NORM'S, GIM-IftS leewittewe eon) t OVK ARENA I0X OHKI. RESERVE I PERFORMANCE DESIRED: Day Date Time j RESERVED SEATS, $3.30 and U K Number of Tickets S Total $ j VMIB KIAUt I I STREET CITY 0 Beverly Hillbillies GS Muppet Show CD Adam-12 (B Bobby Vinton (TJ Emergency (Cont.) 8 P.M. GDSix American Families GD Movie "Charlie's Angels." (197) (TJ Burt Bacharach ti Associates (TJ Nova (5) Tribal Eye 3 Liar's Club (EXS Movie "In Search of Noah's Ark." (1971) GO Fight Against Slavery (TJ Jeffersons 8:30 P.M. GD American Families (Cont.) GDG8G9 Movies (Cont.K (TJ Bacharach (Cont.) (TJ Nova (Cont.) QS Tribal Eye (Cont.) ffl Slavery (Cont.) (TJ Busting Loose 9 P.M. fJXIXTJ Maude GDGEXZ) Movies (Cont.) (TJ Testimony of Two Men (TJ Pallisers Al Oliver 9:30 P.M. SXIXTj Phyllis PhvlHs turns the Dexter living room Into a wedding chapel when he hilariously mismanages Mother Dexter's marriage to Arthur Lan-son. GO Movie "Roger I, Harry." (1977) P Testimony of Cable TV Listings (9) WOR-TV (Indesendtnn-NYC 7:30 a.m. News I Dick Tracy I'M Joe Franklin :M Lassie 10 Romper Room II Straight Talk !2:M tun. Topper 1 Movie. "It Happened On Night." (1934) Claudett Colbert, Clark Gable. (2 hrs.) 1 Ironside 4 Movie, "spartacus." (1940) Part I. Kirk Douglas,, Laurence OMvlar, Jean Simmons. (2 hrs.) 4 Daniel Boone 7 Bowling for Dollars 7:30 Joker's Wild I Movie. "The Bang, Bang Kid." Tom Bosley, Guy Madison. (90 min.) 9:30 9 on New Jersey 10 Meet the Mayors 10:30 New York Report II N.Y.P.D. 11:30 Movie. "One Eyed Soldiers." (1940) Dale Robertson, Lucl- ana Paluzzl. (2 hrs.) 1:30 a.m. Joe Franklin 143) WUAB-TV (Indepantfent) Cleveland 7 a.m. Flintstones ,7:10 Howdy Doody ? nmuiMimmiMMiu r MAY 17 thru 21 CIVIC ARENA THE ENTIRE FAMIIY . . . ot $2 50 GENERAL ADMISSION Only) YOUR SYRIA SHRINE TICKETS NOW , STATE- . ZIP CODE MAIL WITH STAMPED StHf-ADDRFSSED ENVFIOPE TO SYRIA SHRINE CIRCUS Two Men (Cont.) (TJ Pallisers (Cont.) 700 Club 10 P.M. 3X5 Andros Targets GD Movie (Cont.) (TJ Testimony (Cont.) , (TJ Good Company A look at the North Side. Its shops, churches, homes; Buhl Planetarium, the Aviary, the Commons, and Manchester. & 700 Club GBGD Dean Martin 10:30 P.M. axixa) . ' Andros Targets (Cont.) GD Movie (Cont.) : (TJ Testimony (Cont.) IS) Goofl Company 0 700 Club (Cont.) , .' G5XS Dean Martin (Cont.) A. 11 P.M. SXIXTJ Local News (TJ MacNeilLehrer O All That Glitters aXZXB News . 11:30 P.M. 5X5X0!) Kojak GD Streets of San Francisco (TjaXB Tonight 63) ABC News Captioned. 0 Mary ' Hartman, Mary Hartman 12Mid. 0 Florida Wrestling U:40 GD Toma 1:00 EX Tomorrow 0 700 Club 1:50 GD Ironside I Bugs Bunny & Friends . 1:30 Magilla Gorilla 9 Barnaoy 9:30 Romper Room 10 Coffee Shoppe 10:30 Love, American Style II The Saint Neon Andy Grlffrm 12:30 p.m. Lassie 1 Movie. "Flight to Tanglers." (1953) Joan Fontaine, Jack Palance. (2 hrs.) s 1 Little Racals 4 Flintstones 5 The Archies S:30 Mickey Mouse Club 4 BewHached 4:30 Andy Griffith 7 Hogan's Heroes I Star Trek 9 Movie. "Bombardier," (1943) Pat O'Brien, Randolph Scott. (2 hrs.) 11 All That Glitters 11:30 Movie. "The McConnell Story." (1955) Alan Ladd, June Allyson. (90 min.) 1 a.m. News (2) WCBS-TV (CBSl-NYC TUESDAY 1 .m. Movie. "Till the Clouds Roll By." (1947) Judy Garland, June Allvson. (2 hrs. 40 min.) 4:40 With Jeanne Parr 4:40 With Jeanne Parr Saturday, May 21 Early Bird Show 10:30 a.m. Matinee 2:30 p.m. Evening I p.m. PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE j Tim. May 17 1 mil pi. WttMiyll Irtlpi I Tfcun Ma, 19 1 antJ 8 p. Fit May 20 1 and ( p i. i Sat., May 21 10:38 I I. 7:91 ll -l 0 Mtifco) Ouch fljf MofRty Ontif PoyoMt 10 Syria Shnm Or ait, Syno Moiajut, fHnburgtt. tV 15213 Si

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