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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, December 7, 1933
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by fair cw»l first of week, piddle, edlder near cloao. ALGONA, IOWA, DECEMBER 7, 1933 — -saga* /i^jv/A^/x, iv w A, ,Lrn.c.iimjDJt«,K /, IV66 8 PadAc *» « ^^^ _ ~— ^^ o irages • Number 13 CORN LOANS ARE COMPLETED Give Programs Speakers Today. County Agent Morrison Quits • •«•• • . M _ __ _ _^ "~ - •—-• —- ._ ___ , ^B^ . nstcal treat is in store for Claus visitors here .today, --tool and other talent from Vihe county will broadcast ,»*«anta Claus loud speakers. Ikirns will be located high in [the.music will be amph- liinytimes, loud enough to be • all over town. use room has been cpn- ,,,,„„ a radio broadcasting ; with a piano installed, and ' asts will be transmitted „„ room. Broadcasting by UPS will start at 2 p. m., and >tiirafter 9 p. m. .ana Pupils to Broadoost program, so far as completed follows: 2:00 P. M. a high school boys' octette, entucky Babe, Pale in the ^West, The Mule, We Meet jTonight, Boys, Volga Boat- laid Integar Vitae. jhahigh school special girls' -Jsinging Waitin' in the Shad- MPassed Your Window, and Si- INight, under direction of Grace H, music teacher. 2:30 P. M. Bpet quartet, Bernard Yeo- jr .__ i Malueg, Meryl Yeoman, fliaymond Madsen. '"'ina high school clarinet sex£''Donald Parsons, Georgia , Mary Ellen Worster, i Richardson, Barbara Hag. Sawyer, directed by |»ne R. Collins, H. S. band in- lor. . 3:00 P. M. by Bryant school pupils, [to the World, Hark, the Herald I Sing, It Came Upon a Mid- ^t Clear, and vocal solos by d Hutchins '„'..,.' 3:30,P. M. •na high sohool brass quartet, ing Selected carols; Bernard trumpet; (Ruth Malueg, ; Evelyn Smith,., trombone; rBeardsley, bass. solo, iHelen Hueser; cor- lo, Ruth Malueg. :".."• 4:30 P. M. .'am by Burt Hiirh School. olin solo, Dorothy Brooke; , Jos. Graham, Richard: 'Richard Brayton, Darrel [iris 1 sextette, Elinor Els- |teievieve Patterson, 'Dorothy Ruth. Thompson, iSarah ier, Gerald Woltz; mixed i conducted by Miss Over- i instrumental instructor, Mr. f*\ 1 vocal solos, Ruby Sander|tad Darrel Riddle. 7:00 P. M. by Lu Verne School. solo by Richard Niver, I TOSS quartet in selected num- WILL MANAGE BANKERS LIFE FARMLANDS Corn-Hog Plan is to Be Carried Out by Corwith Man. Members of the Farm Bureau and many other citizens of the county were painfully surprised yesterday, when it became known that E. R. Morrison, county agent here since November, 1928, would resign at a meeting of the Farm Bureau board ihere next Saturday night. Mr. Morrison has accepted a place as farm manager for the •Bankers Life, and will start work next week at his new job, which, among other things, will include Good Fellow Club supervision of farms owned by the company in this section of the state. Succeeded F. F. Barker. Mr. Morrison will continue to 5:00 P. M. by Ledyard School. solo, Sweet Mystery of ; Kwmeth Thompson; trombone «ws of (Pan, James Logan; [Wdiws and Monterey, brass Turner Halverson, Kenneth i*S° n> and James 'Logan; Pan- [fllmer Halverson; Polish, Al"We. Accompaniments by 1 Randall, V. A. Barrett, di- 7:45 P. M. by Titonka School. omboneduet, Fern .and rantz: Ou * °* the (Dusk to , , --—-•.. vruv U4. -LUC ULTUa * ^ den Hours Reverie. «ner schools are too busy ^ams to prepare for a i and some have not com- JWograms. Wins, band director in the P*fT ls> ls Jn charge of this 1 we Santa Claus program ? Community club. 'Lynch Faces tKePenitentiary luck which ' jonaer Nort!l automobile arson «, deserted him i make Algona his home, traveling out of Algona as occasion requires. Mr. Morrison succeeded Frank F. Barker, and 'has been one of the most popular and most valuable county agents the county has ever had. His faithful work and common-sense attitude have meanl much to farmers. Assistant Agent Named. Last week G. A. Bonnstetter, Corwith, double-cousin of A. H. Bonnstetter, of'West Bend, state representative, was named to assist Mr Morrison in carrying out 'the corn- toog plan in Kossuth. He is a son of J. J. Bonnstetter, Corwith brother of Martin Bonnstetter, Algona. Mr. Bonnstetter, who ihas been in active farm work all..his_.li£e 4 ..jyaa graduated from the Corwith high school, then from the state college at Ames, and he spent from 1925 to 1932 with the American Beei Sugar Co., Mason City, much which time he was stationed in north Kossuth. He also edited the company's magazine, The Sugar Beet, and for two years was in the company's main office at Denver iRecently Mr. Bonnstetter has been with the financial departmen of the Union Central Life, Omaiha with 11 counties, including Kos suth, as his territory, in farm su pervision and management. 4 More Projects for CWA Will Be Proposed at D. M. Four more projects for Civil Works Administration aid in Kossuth are to be presented to state headquarters at Des Moines this week, and if approved they will involve the addition of some $12,000 for work in the county. There are now 77 men at work in Kossuth on CWA projects approved a couple of week ago, and more are being added daily as more projects get under way. Most of the Jobs will occupy the men's time till February 15, when tfae work is supposed to be completed. County Engineer H. M. Smith's office has been crowded since last week with applicants for Jobs. His office handles all Kossuth work m connection with reemplpyment under the CWA, and applicants must report monthly in order to keep eligible. By Jimmie Neville. The only object of this club is to chip in and buy Christmas dinner for the needy children of this community. If you want to join this Bunch of happiness, see Jimmie Neville. It will only cost you 23c to make some little kid happy. The jackpot is all turned over to Miss Bonnstetter, Oie school nurse. CORONER'S JURY RETURNS VERDICT IN KLEVEN CASE The coroner's Jury—A. A. 'Sterling, Lynn Keith, Jos. Harig — empanelled by Coroner Evans has decided that the fatal burning of Vern Kleven, Minnesota youth who died a week ago Thursday, was at the John Steil farm, six miles north of Algona. The verdict, which was brought in yesterday morning, follows: That the said Vernte Eleven came to his death, caused by severe burns, through the accidental exploding 1 of a lamp, on November 21, A. D. 1933, and at the farm occupied by one John Steil, and that the said deceased died on the 23rd day of November, 1933. This coroner's jury states that the death was not feloneously caused. According to testimony finally brought out, Kleven was burned when a kerosene lapp exploded not from tihe explosion of a still, as at first believed. He had been working at the Steil farm. The case is still held open .for further developments, but .the ver- INDICTMENTS RETURNED BY GRAND JURY Farmers Indicted in Liquor Cases and One is Fined. The grand Jury brought in four indictments Tuesday evening, and charges in three other cases were dropped when no true bills were returned. John Steil was indicted on a charge of illegal possession of liquor, and pleaded guilty before Judge George A. Heald in open court Monday. He was fined $300, of whidh $200 was suspended dur- in good behavior, and he was given 90 days in which to pay the $100. Ferd Brethorst was indicted on a similar charge, but is expected to stand trial. Steil and Brethorst were bptihi raided following the fatal burning of Vern Kleven, whose burns seemed .to indicate explosion of an alcohol still. At Steil's 18 gallons of wine and fermenting mash were found, and at Brethorst's a gallon can two- thirds full was discovered. Landlord Claims Embezzlement. Bruce Peck was indicted on a charge of grand larceny in a landlord-tenant case. Peck rents from F. H. Jackson, address not given the farm being near "Wesley. According to testimony before the grand jury, Peck sold grain which was part of Jackson's share. B. G. Joy, Fort Dodge, was indicted for selling and delivering cigarets to Arnold Zumaoh, cafe owner, and a druggist at Whittemore. The law requires, that an order be taken for'future delivery" •and that an invoice of the cigarets Congrats! diet that the death was accidental and no one's fault, precludes criminal prosecution. (Following Kleven's death, the Steil farm was searched, and evidences of a still were believed to have been discovered, but no charge has been placed. Steil pleaded guilty to .possession of liquor Monday,, and was fined. Marriage License Mart Shows Spurt; 7 Couples United BANCROFT DECEMBER 5 TO W. C., DUANE, AND THE WHOLE D— BUNCH— I WANT TO CONGRATULATE YOU ON YOUR iFINE SPECIAL EDITION. IT WAS A '9COOP PURE AND SIMPLE. THE WORK MUST HAVE PUT A BURDEN ON ALL OF YOU, BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. AGAIN, CONGRATULATIONS. R. E. HUTTON. Seven marriage licenses been issued at the district court clerk's office in the last week to: be attached to _ each shipment. According to testimony before the grand Jury, Joy delivered from a truck, with only a formality of taking orders, and left no invoice. Mother Drops Charges. Charges against Ralph Fandel, accused of bootlegging in May, 1929, and Norman Hilbert, charged with driving while intoxicated in September, 1931, were dismissed. A charge of malicious mischief, brought against Ewaldt Zeutlau by his mother, Mrs. Martha Zuetlau, was also dismissed. The mother had charged her son with threatening to damage the home, also with have mischief. ! Another Tenant Case. A hitherto secret indictment was Thomas A. Files, Virginia Hedgecock, both of Mason City; Kenneth Earl Richl, Regena Frances Huss, made public late yesterday, wherein John Wright, Eagle Grove, was indicted on a charge of obtaining both of St. James, Minn.; Worrell, Cleveland, Minn., Harry money under false pretenses. This Agnes I is an outgrowth of a court battle Ruhl, Mankato; Fred Wm. Brumm, between Mr. Wright and former Jamestown ;N. D., Mary Wilcox, Mitchell, S. D.; Raymond McMahon, Pearl Robinson, both of Algona; E. V. Sager, Granada, Minn., Gladys Thornton, Winnebago, Minn.; R. H. Sankey, Bancroft, •Larsigna Larson, Algona. Mr. and Mrs, Files were married by the Rev. M. A. SJostrand, of the First Lutheran church, and the ;Rev. C. V. Hulse performed the ceremony for Mr. Worrell and Miss Ruhl. Mr. and Miss Thornton Sager were married by Justice Dan- Judge F. C. (Lovrein, Spencer, in which an injunction was obtained to restrain Wright from removing corn from a farm north of Sexton. Testimony was introduced to show that he took the grain last year, and sold it, and on this the charge of obtaining money is based. An additional charge of con:empt of court was considered, but ;he indictment charge was chosen because of greater penalty. saved (Dave Ender, in a at of :e m Cottonwood coun» where he was found haa not yet been case him on trial here. an indictment bond conviction the Inmi , j j nde<J hi « to Jail W was furnished. till It is nt * , rut col}ect **« '•**_ cars from Mai, «e was two Cotton- Fog, Rain Brought by South Winds A heavy fog enveloped Algona and vicinity Saturday evening, and developed into a rain of .35 inches. Enough more fell Sunday and Monday to make the sidewalks wet. Temperatures most of the weeK have been high, but there was a change Tuesday, when the mercury failed to rise above freezing all day. Yesterday was again brignt and fairly warm. The temperature record follows: High November 29 ----------- 47 November 30 ---------- f December 1 . ----------- ** December 2 ------------ *» December 3 ---- -------- ** iDecember 4 - ........... ** December 5 ----- - ------ *"• 5—Lawrence, Rath, was run' nfh j e * >r * d Bate corn- ifcn day< vten hfl'Stuin- - • S** cpras/taJk, which, . « his legs Just above '' ,f ne was taken to a doc- Winters W ere removed. Low 32 25 25 36 27 30 17 Ruth Dickinson i* Mothe^ofNewSon Mr. and Mrs. R. A- Hunter, Wash- son. Town Basketball Team Starts Play The Algona Independents are beginning practice this week for the basketball season. No games have been scheduled, but bookings are expected soon. The following men are expected out for practice: Eugene Pearson, Lee Reed, Howard Nordstrom, Bob Williams, Kenneth Mercer, Perry White, Kenneth Samp, Carroll Wander, Louis Moore, K. B. Waller, and Burdette Agard. Norman Walker will be coach. The Independents will use the same suits they had last year. The organization is in fair financial condition, the annual Rotary - Kiwanis game last year having helped considerably. The Turkey day football game also helped. 2 at Wesley Seek P. M, Appointment The Titonka" Topic" reports that • J -'— John thei held day at Senator and Mrs..JU J. 1 A4ol»to Montas, wta > lost * Mrs. I. A. Gerdes and Mrs. Ormsby are candidates for Wesley postmastership. now by Editor W. W. Sturdivant Mrs. Gerdes. whose husband used to be cashier of the now defunct National bank at Wesley,- First is a a of Ben Hopkins, who has for a gration been the Milwaukee's Wesley station .agent. Mr. sturdivant's term expires in May. lawyers Plan Banquet. attorneys are expected to anetsburg.JSaturday evening. r B. Bulk Station Entered. Lone Bock, Lone Rock, 'Dee. 6—xoe w*«u*»w asa?%ww« rel of oil was taken. ] ^ Lone Rock Youth Shoots Own Foot Lone Rock, Dec. 5—Tom Long, 15, son of Mrs. A. W. Krueger, accidentally shot himself in the right loot with a 410-gun on Thanksgiving. With Eugene Blanchard and Vernon Hollister he had been hunt- in rabbits at tfhe L. B. Hollister farm. At the time of the accident he was sitting on the ground with the gun pointed at his foot, and, thinking the gun was not loaded, he pulled the trigger, and the charge went through the foot. He was taken to Doctor Peters, Burt, and is now doing well. It is not believed that the foot will be crippled. He is in school and has been basketball forward. BEDELL REAFFIRMS DENIAL OF FIXING U,S, COURT JUROR Last March two brothers named Chapman, of Carroll, one William Stevenson, Boone, and others were being tried in federal court at Des Moines on charges of conspiracy to violate the federal prohibitory amendment and laws. 'Stevenson was convicted, but the Jury disagreed in the Chapman case. W. B. Bedell, Spirit Lake, former Irvington boy, prominent in the Legion and in state politics, was attorney for the Chapmans. Subsequently, in May, Stevenson testified that Bedell had had him 'take ?200 to the Savery hotel. The money, it is claimed, was used to bribe Bert Gander, of Bayard, Juror. Stevenson said Bedell himself contributed $25. Gander was arrested and confessed. His nephew, one Russell, operator of a Des Moines hamburger stand, was arrested as go-between. Russell confessed and said he and Gander split 50-50. Bedell pronounced the charge against himself absurd. (Last Saturday indictments were returned in the Des Moines court against him, the Chapmans, Stevenson, Gander, and Russell. Gander had pleaded guilty. Bedell appeared in court Satur- ay afternoon, pleaded not guilty, nd was given till Monday to post $5,000 bond. One of the Chap- nans appeared, but withheld his )lea. The other .Chapman and RHS- ell sent doctors' certificates of wor health. Stevenson was brought ack from a federal penitentiary to estify before the federal grand ury. On retrial last spring the lhapmans were convicted, but apparently were out-on appeal bond. It is expected that sentence of Gander and action in the case of he other defendants will be de- ayed till February. Rush to Buy Auto Licenses Friday; Nearly 100 Taken Officials in the county treasurer's office were surprised at the number of 1934 automobile licenses is- iued on the opening day, which vas Friday, Besides "pet" number >lates reserved for particular auto- sts, which numbered more than 50 45 other automobile licenses and truck licenses were issued Fri% day. numbers are numbers which car owners want for one reason or another, such as agree with street numbers, telephone numbers, or a date, anything tha can easily be remembered. Autoists will be interested to know that driver's licenses have CITY AWAITS ARRIVAL OF SANTA GLAUS Street, Decorations Are Up and All in Readiness. Street decorations were complet- d and everything else made ready esterday for the arrival of Santa laus today. The big parade to welcome Santa Glaus is scheduled or 1 o'clock sharp. Mayor C. F. Specht will give a hort address of welcome at the andstand following the parade, af- er which Santa Glaus will be host o the (hundreds of Kossuthi chil- ren expected here for Santa Claus ay. Schools Are Dismissed. Algona schools are dismissing at oon, and a number of other chools in the county are also dis- nissing for part or all day. A free chool children's movie is sched- led for 12 noon, with other free hows at 4:30 and 5:30 p. m. Ohil- Train Change West from Burt Impends The Northwestern has been making a check of passenger traffic on the branch west and northwest from Burt. The Ringsted Dispatch, suggests that in the event that the result is unsatisfactory the mail trains may be discontinued and a star route established out of Algona, Estherville, or some other point. Editor Anderson even fears that in time freight trains will also be abandoned and the rails taken up, as the M. & St. JL. is already doing on a branch to Doon from a point in Minnesota. 60 Sacks Flour Stolen. Fenton. Dec. 5 — The .Farmen elevator here was again enterec last week Tuesday night, and the burglars carried off 60 sacks Omar flour. No clues were found Sheriff Sells Automobile. A Chevrolet coach owned by a lo cal lamer but siezed for debt by l •bank was sold at sheriff's saje a the courthouse Saturday, mornjr H wa,s. m fe by the bfnlj aj f4Qfc 11 school children in the county, nd non-Algona children will have reference. If the jam is too great o let Algona children see the tiow, it will be held 1 over for them ill Saturday morning. Musical Program Scheduled. The afternoon musical program ommences at 2 o'clock over the oud-speakers, and continues till fter 9 p. m. Santa will be on uty all afternoon and evening in ie courthouse square, and every hild will receive a gift from him. n addition children will be given ,opportunity to ride Santa's two bnies and to See the 20 toymakers grotesque figures) and Santa's jskimo dog team. Miss Mary Christmas, identity till unknown, will ride in the par- de. The final count of ballots will e made • public at that time. A uge flood of ballots Saturday kept he judges_ busy at counting till ate last night, and from a cursory xamination it appeared that any been automatically extended two rears, and that ' " ;his time are present license cards say that they expire January 1. no renewals al required, though Star Route Mooted North from Algona For the last two or three years or ever since the Northwestern ceased to carry mail north from SBurt, there has been star route ser vice from Burt to Bancroft, 'Led yard, and Blmore, Now it is pro posed to start the service from Al gona. This would let mail from the east on the early morning Mil waukee train be dispatched imme diately to Burt and the other three, towns, and Bancroft and Ledyard rural patrons would get their mail including daily and the Algona pa pers, before noon. Postal inspec- ;ors who recently visited Bancrof recommended -the^ change. No Underpass Contemplated. (Recent rumors that the Bock Is land crossing on No. 169, south of St. Joe, which has 'become known as "Death Crossing," because o numerous fatal accidents, would have an underpass have proved un founded. The state highway com mission has reported that there are no funds for such an improvemenl Named on All-State. Roland Rustatore, now of Jefl erson, has been named pn the all state football e,leven. He former! lived here, .bui the family wove to Jefferson threejpr four years ago Famed Priest is Sick, Father iDobberstejn, West Benc has for three weeks been laid u abed with, neuritis and r^eu^atism. Total In County Up to 4 p. m. Yesterday Over $26,000; Rush Starts Mat Hilbert, St. Joe, First Man in County to Complete Loan.—Filing Show Loans .r are Being Made Throughout County T and Hundreds Applying ren only will be admitted. Tickets (have been sent out to candidates had a Prizes for the first MARTIN FRANKL FATALLY HURT AS TREE FALLS Branch Strikes Him and'Fractures His Skull. By Inez M. Roney. Irvington, Dec. 5 — Martin W. f the leading liance to win. ive in the contest will be pre- snted at the bandstand following e parade. Turkeys WH1 Fly. This afternoon turkeys and hickens will be thrown from one f the buildings on State street, to ecome the property of the persons atching them. Other stunts may be wovided for the amusement of the rowd. Algona stores will all be open or the convenience of the public, and the program will last far into he night. iFrom present indica- ions Algona will have one of the argest crowds in its {history today. A new feature of the decorations his year is individual store-front Frankl, 41, prominent Irvington merchant, died at 6:50 o'clock Saturday evening at the Kossuth hospital from a badly fractured skull, received when a falling limb struck him. Funeral services were held Tuesday at the Algona Catholic church, with Father T. J. Davern in charge. Mr. Frankl and the two Watson 'boys, Paul and Dick, were cutting wood. They had chopped through one large tree, and as it fell it knocked off a dead limb in a nearby tree which struck Mr. Frankl, who was giving his attention to the safety of some nearby horses. The boys put ihim into the truck, and drove to Irvington, whence U. B. 'Frank! took him to the hospital. He did not regain consciousness. Born Here in 1892. Mr. Frankl was a son of the Joseph Frankls, and was born May 1, 1892, on a farm six miles southwest of Algona, where he lived with his parents .till he was nine years old, when the family moved to the farm west of Algona, where the James Wattses now reside. He attended •the Algona schools and when a young man went into partnership with, his brother Barney, storekeen- Sadie Tama. er here. In 1915 he and Kearney were married at Mr. his Also See Story on Page Eight. " Kosuth county farmers ha* already received more thani $25,900 up to yesterday afternoon from 45c government, corn loans, and the rush w«a just getting under way. The first loan was made Saturdajr to Matt Hilbert, St. Joe, and * steady flow of applications has since been received. Sealers and the warehousing board find no difficulty? among the farmers, except; that some do not understand 1 the proposal When it is explained every farmer jump* at the chance to borrow 45ci on corn worth locally tent, cents less on the market. 34 Loans Completed. Warehouse receipts, bnl which loans are made, as filed up to 4 p. m. yesterday in the county recorder's office, folr low, figures immediately after names indicating dates: Mat Hibbert, 12-2, Rives-dale, 11200 bu. $540. Frank Bestenlehner,, 12-2, Plum Creek, 35 bu., $1575. August Vaudt, 12-4, Whittemore. 1377 bu. $619.65. August Vaudt, 12-2) -wrhittemote; 523 bu. $235.35 - Wermersoh'& Hilbert, 12-5, Prairie. 3200 bu., $1440. H. J. Vipond & L.. A., 12-5, Oresco, 504 bu., $226.80. H. J. Vipond & 1,. A., 12-5, Oresco, 1440 bu., $648. • 112-5, Harrison. 12-5, RiverdaJe, lecorations on hristmas tree two blocks. The in the courthouse iquare is again brilliantly lighted, ind will be illuminated for the irst time tonight. The name of R. G. Richardson's urniture store has-been added to he list of firms giving prizes to all who catch balloons released by Mary Christmas today. Mr. Richardson was out of town wihen so- icitation was made, and did not return till after Monday's extra edition of the Advance lhad been mailed. Lu Verne Has New Community Club Lu Verne, Dec. 5 — A meeting was Monday evening at the city lall for .the organization of a community, club. Supt. A. C. Evans was elected temporary chairman, Harry Lichty, secretary-treasurer. and a committee of five was apr pointed to plan a program for the lext meeting iDecemher 18, Attorney J. D. Lowe, Algona, explained the organization and workings of a club, and led a discussion in which various projects that a club could undertake were brought out. De Rae Godfrey, Forrest Haney, Irvin Chapman, and Richard Niver 'urnished orchestra music, and unch was served. Fifty persons at:ended. - » - ' • St. Joe Hears Schoby. St. Joe, Pec. 5-^C. OR. Schoby, of iiverdale township, official sealer for the four southernmost townships in Kossuth. spoke on the corn oan and corn-nog plans before a largely attended meeting of farmers in the basement of the Catholic church here Monday night. ....... + - ! Abandoned Church Sold. IM Verne, Dec. 5— The Fairview church building has been sold to Harry Chambers for $180. This was one of the first church buildings in this section, but it has not been used much since automobiles came into general use.^ _ Benefit Smoker Tonight. The Masons will have a benefit smoker at tbe Temple tonight at 8 O'clock. There will be pmep, lunch, and smokes, all for 8§p, They returned to Irvington, and began housekeeping in the rooms above the Frankl store. For a number of years Mr. (Frankl was postmaster here. Twelve years ago they built a home in the south part of Algona, and have since lived there, Frankl driving to and from work each day. Twenty-One Years in Store. Three children were born: Daniel, who fell from a tree a year or so ago and was instantly killed at the age of 16; John, 16, at ihome; and Mary, who died in infancy. Besides his wife and son Mr. Franfcl is survived by his mother, Mrs. Jos. Franfcl Sr., Algona, #nd six-brothers and sisters: Christopher, of Walcott, N. D.; John and Mary, of Algona; Mrs. Elizabeth. Green, Sauk Center, Minn.; Carolyn, Three Forks, Mont; and (Barney Frankl, Irvington. He was a member of the Knights of Columbus lodge and was confirmed in the Catholic church when a boy. In his 21 years in the general store here Mr. (Frankl won a reputation for honesty, and was known as a clean man with high ideals'. His deabh was a shock to the community. Gust Santtner, 1400 bu., $630. John Reding, 2700 bu., $121.5. Theo Hilbert, 12-5, Riverdale 1300- bu., $585. , John C. Griese, 13.5 Ramsey. 908 bu., $408.60 Clayton Borrows $1668. A. E. Clayton, 12-5, Cresco, 534 Cresco, 1536 bu., $240.30. A .E .Clayton, 0.2-5, bu., §691.20. A. E. Clayton 12-5, Cresco,, 163g. bu., $737,10. Roy O. Taylor, 12-6, Wesley, IBOtt bu., not stated. Andrew M. Hanson, |i2-6, 'Buffalo* 375 bu., not stated. Carl Giesking, 12-6, Buffalo 760- bu., not stated. • ' William Poppe, 12-6, Springfield. 1200 bu. not stated. M. L. Roney, 12-5, Irvlngton. 2500 bu., $1125. M. L. Rony, 12-5, Irvington, 250*. Hilmer Hauge, 12-6, Hebron, 1638 bu., $734.40. W. J, Thompson 12-6, Burt «1200 bu., $540. Edward Looft, 12-6, Ledyard, 1700 bu., $765. 12-6, RiverdaJe Football Banquet, _ Tomorrow Evening The annual banquet for the high sohool football squad will be held tomorrow evening in the gymnasium of the high school building, the mothers of the boys serving. The fathers, the tfaculty, the school board, yell leaders, and the managers of the football clothing will be guests. Dinner will be served in bhe gymnasium at 6:30. The high school band will arrive at 7:45 for ice cream and cake. A program in charge of Mrs. ,D. D. Paxson will include a short play, and the remainder of ,the evening will be spent at dancing, 12-6, Harrison, Adolph Puhrman, .800 bu. $720. Adolph Puhrman, 12-6, Riverdale.. 800 bu., $720. Mann Gets Two Loans. " P. J. Mann, 12-6, Portland, 900 bu. ?630. * P. J. Mann, 12-6, Portland. 50ft bu., $630. John Becker, 12-6, Riverdale fl700 bu., $765, ' '"" John Cassem, 1000 bu., $450. John S. Reding, 12-6, Riverdale. 2200 bu., $1890. • John S. Reding, 12-6, Riverdale. 2000 bu., $1890. Mrs. John Wagner, 12-6, 3000 bu., $1350, locaion not stated. •> Andrew M, Hansen, OS-6, Buffalo, 325 bu., not stated. , Hilmer Hauge, il2-6. Hebron, 163J bu., $734.40 ' * Boy for U. J. Lacys. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. lacy, now of Humboldt, are parents of a boy; the second son, born, at the " 'suth hospital Friday.- Wesley Farm Wife Stung by Scorpion Preparing her 'children's school lunches last week Monday, Mrs. 'Fred Seefeld, near Wesley, reached into a sack for bananas, and felt al sharp sting in one of her fingers. Investigating she discovered a scorpion. A doctor was called, but nothing developed, and it was concluded tha.t if the bite was poisonous it did not penetrate far enough to let the poison into the blood. Two Hurt in Upset. Swea City, Dec. 6—Vernon BvfT ing and Katherine Kruse, returning from Titonka Friday evening, Buffered injuries when a truck Vernon was driving ran into the ditch eas$ of town. Miss Kruse suffered cuts ALGONA Markets HOGS Best med. wt ISO to «00 . Best med. wt ?00 to 260 .. Heavy Buchers @6Q lo 300 Prime Hvy butchers 300- to §5( Best Pack. Sows 300 to 3$J Packing Sows 350 to 400 Biff Hvy Sows 400 to SCO tM%. 140 pounds Pigs, 160 pounds CATTM5 Canners and Cutters . .6Qc to Fat Cow? .'.»*4.&Q to Veal Ca,!yes ....: I&OO aboui bs4y, and Yearlings ..., Bulls ....... Stock 8t_eerg 014 NO. a 1*4 !»** i! -i J! < MS la 1$ ,~"tti. .<!! &*>***•

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