Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on December 4, 1933 · Page 6
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, December 4, 1933
Page 6
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StX SANTA CLAUS WILL BE HOST TO CHILDREN Will Have Gift for Every Visitor Thursday. In just a few days now, Santa Clans will be in Algrona. As everi one knows, the day of his visit Thursday. For weeks, his comin been anticipated keenly and ela orate preparations have been nine to welcome 'him. Now, as the da approaches, the entire city is atingl with keen anticipation. Santa Olaus! What a magic nam and what an Interesting persona ity! It is no wonder that everyon Is breathless with excitement ove his coming to Algona. Always, San ta has a pleasant stock oc surprise In store for those who come to se him. In Own Log Cabin. Santa's surprise announcement to day is Intended especially for the lit tie children. Knowing, that his little tots have been wondering whether in the midst of the great festivity which all attend Santas parade they might really have an oppor •tunity to realize childhood's cher ished ambition of talking with Santa and shaking- his hand. Santa radio grammefl today to assure 'his little friends he will see them all. To add a further thrill to the marvelous sensation of meeting old Santa, the patron saint has setit word that he will meet his little friends in his very own north pole cabin which he 4s bringing with 'him to Algona. Don't Press and Push. Santa radograms the caution, though, rthat he is seeing ihis little tots with the full realization that there will be a pressing throng of them milling about to see him. For the protection of the children, he asks emphatically that they do not crush together in the push which usaully takes place when children come to see him. Santa takes a regular amount of (time with each child, he says, and warns that pushing from behind will interfere with chances of seeing 'him. If the children who wish to talk with him and shake his hand will come into his cabin orderly, everything will be fine, Santa says. He hopes that the children will appreciate his coming to see them and parade for them sufficiently to cooperate with him to this extent. Everything in Heartiness. The place t o greet Santa In his own log cabin abode is in the Court House square, where, as last year, Santa located his cabin following the parade. Hhere Mayor C. F. Specht will welcome Santa in behalf of Algona and here Santa, i n turn, will greet all his friends, both big and small who wish to see him. While in his location at this point, Santa also will set up his loud speakers and broadcast his radio program of cathedral chime music and the local talent numbers arranged by D. Wane R. Collins, of the Santa. Claus committee. With this final announcement from Santa, everything- is in readiness for the amazing spectacle of a fairyland in a modern city, of the riot of color suggesting a circus parade which will bring one of the largest crowds in Algona history here to witness Santa's gigantic winter pageant parade. This event will long be remembered. Local talent which is going to participate i n the event is ready to go. Musicians have their instru- Koaaora COPNTY ADVANCE. ALOONA. IOWA SANTA'S CABIN WITH RADIO STATION his gloi belieVmg 6yeS ° f childhood Bante Claus himself will be seen in aU most of the time is wasted. Moral: smaller committees. IF ANYBODY has ideas for con^ " trol of the liquor .business, he should get them in now . Chairman Frailey, of the Senate liquor committee, can lease a storeroom where they may be filed. • A public hearing on the liquor bills was held last Tuesday, with numerous speakers voicing sugges-*- tions and objections/ Petitions are coming in, and soon a bill for liquor control will have to be faced, [t's a hot poker,.and most mem bers are not hurrying to grab it. From "free as water" to big license and state handlers, th battle rages. In the end the a< ninistration program will have t be forced through—and the en nay not be before St. [Patrick's daj A NEW BANKING bill go •** through House and .Senate las week, permitting state banks t come under provisions of the na tional -banking laws to comply wit conditions 1 to get the $2600 depos: nsurance benefits. pOLITJCAiL .RUMORS are flyin f about a change in two majo state offices in January. Thanksgiving adjournment wa •oted for but one day—Thursday ments tuned up and their uniform neatly pressed. Every gorgeous detail of the spectacle is attended to "mpatiently, all are waiting for the lour of march. Foremost a.nd best of all, Santa ilaus is ready. He has made arrange nents to arrive from the north pole n ample time..Ready also in his lorth pole cabin home with its fas inating cathedral chimes and San a's very own radio broadcasting, anta, anticipating the event, is as oily as ever with a beaming smile vreathing his face and a kindly vord of greeting for all on the p of his tongue. To Release 300 Balloons. In fact, everything is ready and o one is going to be disappointed. Ul the surprise features which Sana promised to bring with him are training at the leash to fall into ie spirit of the momentous occa- ion. Miss Mary Christmas will be eady with her automobile load of oy animal balloons which she will elease at the rate of 300 in five ilnutes' time during the parade. Little Red Riding Hood has her eautiful span of Shetland ponies, azzlingly decorated with plumes nd finely curried, impatiently waling to dash into the festivities rawing her Roman chariot. Oil, the Funny Faces! Santa's team of eight Alaskan olf hounds with their Eskimo drier are barking in their harness waiting the command which will end them rushing into the parade vith one of its most novel and spec- acular features. In living, grotesque figures, Santa's funny toys, are ready and anxious to get busy delighting the children and eliciting exclamations or wonder and amazement from the elders. Santa's living fairies also, like the rest of the loyal servants, »re on hand to promote the spirit of good feeling. Everything is in readiness and everyone, participants and spectators alike, are awaiting j the hour of the parade atingle with keen anticipation. WANT TO BORROW—$1500 ON first mortgage security on Algona home worth $4500.—Address B-l, care Advance. g-H-12 'DYNAMITE' IN NEW BILLS IN LEGISLATURE rVES MOINES, Nov. 27—It is now ij seen by everybody that this special session of the 45th General Assembly has more dynamite in it than has been exploded in any regular session in years. Why? Because the times are strenuous and extraordinary, and people's thoughts are misdirected by the business and economic crisis COME OF THE numerous new tax ^ bills have appeared. There wil lot be room around the statehouse For automobiles, nor in the rotun das_for the peple, -thronging to the capitol in the next three weeks trying to take care of their interests. We now predict that to maintain their equilibrium members 03 joth House and Senate will soon have to resolve on "executive sessions," to which the public will be jarred, in order to transact their business. Thanksgiving may well be a day of prayer for Iowa! A PERSONAL NET income tax •**• a business tax on corporations, and a retail sales tax are included in a 60-page bill prepare by ;he special tax committees of rlouse and Senate, and now -before both Houses as Sill No. 1. This bill is regarded as the administration tax measure, and will probably be crowded along to passage as such. The personal net income tax section is practically that advocated by Senator Geo. W. Patterson. It would levy a one per cent tax on net income of $1,000, and 5 per cent on the fifth $1,000' and all above that. The corporation income tax would levy a two per cent tax on net income annually. The retail sales tax would impose a two per cent tax on gross The Gift Trail Leads to Smart Slippers Felt slippers with deep velvet cuff. Unusually warm, because it is built so high. For children and juniors. , 75c Men's felt slipper hi-lo pattern in brown Red Blue Black Brown receipts from sales of tangible personal property after January 1 1934, with the following 1 exemptions: gross receipts from sale of electricity, gas, and water; on public works contracts prior to this date; gross receipts from sales of admissions to state, county, and local fairs, and from educational, re- J 'gious> or charitable activities. The tax must be passed on to the consumer under penalty up to $5,000 for failure to do so. The bill, u it became law, is expected to reduce property taxes by 30 per cent. T AST WEEK a long bill, House Fil 131, was introduced. This bill contemplates making everybody pay some taxes. Some call it the gross sales tax/ The bill title calls it "Property Tax (Limitation and Relief Act of 1933." It places a tax on "the privilege of doing business in Iowa, based on the gross income of such business." There are few exemptions business, salaries, farming, live stock, everything will have the "privilege" of paying. EE SENATE has reached about _ the 100 mark in number of bills, and the House is handling some 130. A rule that all House bills must be reported out of committee within ten days was recently invoked, and caught 17 bills. Many are complaining they cannot get quorums for committees and Dickinson (Continued from Page 2.) do It, she could. Recently Mrs. Roosevelt has started a series of lectures on th< Federal government for members o the Junior League (society buds In New York. These lectures wil continue till March. Brim Full of Energy. The President's wife, who/ is tal. and very slender, has more energy than any woman I have ever met be fore. She goes at a breathless pace from one thing to another. How shf can do all the things she does each day and not "drop by the wayside' is a mystery to all of us. Here is a sample—She goes by plane tb New Tork speaks at two meetings, attends a tea, a dinner, goes to the theater. Returning 1 ]j> plane next morning, she receives newspaper women, goes to a football game, then to a tea, and lastly entertains guests at dinner. And that Js considered by her two easy days. Daughter Substitute Hostess. The daughter, -Mr s . tiall, and her :wo children, "Sisty" and "Buzzy" live at the White House. During 'her mother's frequent absences Mrs. Dall serves as hostess for the presi dent. By a new Jaw next session of Congress will open in January instead of December, but the Congressional folks are already drift- Ing back. A new part of the Senate office building has been completed, and now each Senator has three rooms instead of two as before. | I [ I [ f ! \ \ \ \ ( Men's . soft calfskin house shoe, with low leather heel. Very comfortable, and lined with tan felt. Special $1.00' $1.35 Woman's D'Orsay Slippers in satin and kid. Soft soles or leather soles, all colors— 85c $2.50 Brownell Shoe Co. SANTA Suggests USEFUL GIFTS THIS YEAR! Community Silverware 29-piece set, stainless steel, choice of «M> Af patterns, 35-year guarantee $«f.«J5 9-cup Coleman percolator, electric, chrome plated ___, ------- $9.75 6-cup Coleman percolator, chrome plated, electric ------------- $5.25 Waffle irons, chrome plated ___$8.75 to $5.95 Electric heaters, American Flashlights, all casings, 2 cell , brass Hamilton-Beach Mix- master $i 8 .00 Toasters, chrome plated— $1.50, $2.25, $8.50 Aladdin lamps, the ideal light 34,75 Ice skates, all sizes $1.25 Hockey sticks 25 and 50c Croquet sets and four balls $1 . 25 Coaster wagons, one- inch rubber tire, double disc wheels, heavy __ $3.50 and $4.95 Fancy pocket knives, pearl handle in leather pouch 75 C an( i $ x Air rifles, $1, 1.50, $1.95 Sandwich toasters, large size $4.85 Coaster sleds 98c to 8.50 t- Skiis, 4, 5, 6, 7 feet 85c to $2.50 Hot point automatic IRONS $4.95 Chrome plate standard K. W. chrome plated 6-lb. irons, with cord $3.95 11-2 quart. Pyrex Crsseroles $1.00 L rt $1.25 2 quart Either round or oval. Chip proof enamel ware. We have it. Lasts a life time. A complete stock to select from -— ===^; • Look over our stock of Christmas gifts. We many items in stock to choose from. Kohlhaas & Spille* Christmas Cheer How is this for Christmas cheer? Handkerchiefs, Ic .each; better ones, 3 for lOc, and <£ftill better at 6c. 50c and 76c neckties, your choice, 29cj Mufflers, .big squares or long ones at 49c each. This is cheaper than they were last year. Shirt craft shirts, no better made anywhere. All the new patterns at 98c. Other dress shirts for men at 4»c. . Bedroom slippers, all colors, all kinds, from 39c to 98c. A 'special good .value Just now with a good leather twin sole at 69c. Mens corduroy pants at $1.79. A clean-up of mackinaw and corduroy blazers worth up to $4:50, you choice, any garment, for $1.79. Men's full front quarter horsehide Jackets, sheep- lined, at $3.98. I want to clean them out so made this give-away price. Any man's overcoat in the store, any size, at $6.98. The Bunny Rabbit sheepskin moccasins for children at 49c. Bostonian, Numatic, Connolly Grip Arch, Freemans, Friendly Five, and Peters Parade shoes and oxfords for real ,he men at $2.98 and $4.50. These! are all at old prices and make a very useful and acceptable Christmas present. We know his size So it is no trouble for you to buy him a pair. Other men's oxfords at $1.98. Ladies' .novelty dress slippers in black or brown kid tics at $1.29. A shipment of beautiful suede pumps and ties Jusfc arrived. They are smart and stylish at $1.98. Other high grade slippers, the kind that generally retail at $4.00 and $5.00. You get them at Neville's for $2.48 and $2.98. Boys' high-top lace boots, custom made, at $1.98. Boys' dress shoes and oxfords, sizes 2 to 5% at $1.98 Children's 'Shoes and slippers from $59c to il 49' You help yourself and you help your neighbor by helping the store that is trying to keep prices down during these trying times. Jimmie Neville The Shoe Man Algona, la. Useful Gifts Hockey Sticks ISceach, Radio B. Batteries 45 volt. Reg. 88c Coaster Wagons 98c Steel body, rubber tires, will please any youngster. Tricycles $2.64 Sleds 98ceach Flash Lights 39c Roller Skates 98c pair Tire Chains 30x450.21 $2.29 pair Deep Cut Tire Prices .1 iii 29x440.21 $3.57 28x475,19 .__ $4,47 Frosted house bulbs, 60 watt ___ 70 Bike Tires 95c each You'll find! many other useful gifts here Coast to Const Store JOE

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