Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1933 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 23, 1933
Page 8
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PAGE KQSfltFf It COUNW ADY FOI CF MER ions EEK FARMER )IES IN N, D, (Lotts Creek, Nov. 21—Relatives and friends here were greatly surprised to learn of (the death of Herman Wolter, brother of August Wolter, who lived at Winbier, N. D. The Herman Wolters formerly lived here, moving away 23 years -- — ago. Mrs. Wolter, formerly Minnie i SP en <-er and Mr. Peterson were 21M&S&AY, Former Congreyationalists Write for Church Jubilee Among letters read at Congrega-1 and the church with my father-and tional church anniversary services Sunday, November 5, was one fro* Mrs. Emily C. Dodge, (Pallon, Nev., who is an aunt of Mrs. D. P. Smith. Mrs. Dodge attended church and Sunday school first at Irvington, later transferring to the Algona church, where she taught in the Sunday school while both Nat Laabs, with two sons and a daughter, survives. Mr. and Mrs. Ernest superintendents. Mrs. Lemuel Stockwell wrote >gona, left Sunday to : funeral. attend the Wolter, Ernest's father, August I from Lon S Beach, Calif., recalling Wolter, and Mrs. Frank Tietz, Al-i that sne Joined the church in 1917 ,.,._. . . during the pastorate of the >Rev. J. J- Jones. She is now a member of the First Congregational church, Long 'Beach, Calif., which has a membership of 2,000. The pastor, the Rev. Henry Kendall Booth, D. D., is also a former Algona boy who attended the local Sunday school. Long Beach Pastor Writes. The Rev. Mr. Booth wrote: "My father, S. S. Booth, and his brother-in-law, Dumont Buell, (father of Hardy Buell, of Burt) were in partnership in the grocery business Genriches Return to lown— Anna, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Genrich, Alexandria, Minn., came Monday with her father to visit her aunt, Mrs. William Wetzel. Walter went back Tuesday, but returned last Thursday with his wife, a small daughter, and the household goods, and the family left here Friday for Lu Verne, where they will make their home with Walter's mother, Mrs. John!in Algona. Oenrich till spring, when th»y wil move to a farm she owns. Delegation Attends Circuit Meet- Mr, and Mrs. Herman Reisner, the Otto Lieseners, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Meyer, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Meyer, and the (Rev. and Mrs. E. Fiene attended a Lutheran financial circuit meeting at the Trinity Lutheran church, Algona, Sunday afternoon. Herman Reisner Otto Liesener, and Henry Meyer were delegates from the Immanuel Lutheran congregation. Dermatitis Patient is Improved- Mr, and Mrs. Richard Potratz, Bon Martin, and Mr. and Mrs. E. Thiel, Algona, drove to Fort Dodge a. few days ago, and Mr. Potratz consulted Doctor Schultz, a skin specialist, and Martin also visited his cousin, Hilda Potratz, employed at the Becker greenhouses. Mr. Potratz, who has had dermatitis, is now improving. lotts Creekers Win Prizes— Many from here attended the corn show at Whittemore .Saturday SSf?ffi? ! Prizes were given away, and Frank friction. Meine was among the winners. Leonard Loebach, Melvin Pompe, and Arthur Meyer, and Leonard and '-Frank won three prizes each. "J attended the (Sunday school mother. I recall distinctly the vigorous social life of the church, and remember one very Jolly church evening which was held in our home." Mr. and iMrs. .D. D. Towrtsend, of Seattle, wrote to offer their congratulations, saying it was over 40 years since they left here. Both are in good health. Algonian Knew Father Taylor. Mrs. Caroline Worster iDurant, Algona, recalled that (Father Taylor was superintendent of the county schools, and twice visited the log schoolhouse on the M. J. Jones farm south of town which she taught. Mrs. Durant had regretted leaving New Hampshire for Iowa because she had planned to attend a seminary there, and there seemed small hope of finding such a school in the then far west. "However," she continued, "due to the efforts of Father Taylor a very acceptable substitute was to be found in Algona, a tuition school referred to as Miss Leonard's school." A»«rl<5»ft be BONNSTETTER GIVES REPORT ON ASSEMBLY By A. H. Bonnstetter. State House, J>es Moines, NOT, 18 —At the request of a number of Kossuth newspapers I plan, as in jrevious sessions, to write a week- y letter in which my reactions will >e given on pending legislation. I lave found that such letters eliminate a great deal of personal correspondence and in this way help me as well as my constituents. The 45th extra session was slow at getting under way. The House was organized the first day, but the , fare S( e]1 ' ° f P °' On inspection, of the list of bills far introduced I find many of presented in the At the Call By T. H.C. Continued from Page 6.' Mrs. Alvin Potratz Has Birthday— Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Potratz were lost and hostess recently at a party ito which many friends were anvited in honor of Mrs. Potratz's birthday. Cards were played, after which lunch was served. Mrs. Georg-e Winhel Sick— _ Mrs. George Winkel has been lobbiests are again in evidence everywhere, and they appear more persistent than ever. There seems to be. a tense atmosphere at the meeting's of the tax revision committee, and I anticipate many heated discussions before measures will be adopted by both House and Senate. The first real skirmish between House and Senate took place on Wednesday. The subject of con- sick with gall-bladder trouble, and; trover sy was senate joint resolu- Mr. Winkel was recently kicked by I ^ on No. 2. This endeavored to fix a steer he was loading into a truckj^ he compensation of officers and caused him considerable'! em P I °5 re s of 'I 16 45tn G - A. in extraordinary session at a higher figure than for the regular session last which pain. Ben Schmidt Birthday Observed- Mr, and Mrs. Ben Schmidt enter- winter. From a dollar and cents stand. , . — — - *-...-_» i a. M. Ui*4 M. UL/JJO-J fiilU. UCUWJ ClbCUlU" tamed a few friends Friday even- point the increases did not amount ing ,the occasion being Ben's birth- i to much. However, there were day. Cards were played, followed hy midnight lunch. Birthday Party at Haack's— Mr. and Mrs. Fred Haack entertained Friday evening in honor of Mr. Haack's birthday. A midnight lunch was served. Other Lotts Creek. Mr. and Mrs. William Wetzel entertained at 6:30 dinner Sunday evening, the guests being Mr. and Mrs. Max Bast, daughter Arlene, and Mr. and Mrs. E. Thiel, Algona, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Hackbarth, • daughter Lucile, of Union township, the Herman Hintz family, the Richard Potraltzes, Mr, and Mrs. Herbert Potratz, and Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Potratz. Mr. and Mrs. John Widdel, and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Widdel, all of Readlyn. came Friday to visit the Chris Mannings till Sunday, and Mr. and Mrs. Louis Widdel drove on to Burt to visit the Rev. and Mrs. L. Richmann, Mrs. Widdell being Mr. Richmann's sister. John Wicldpl is a brother of Mrs. Chris Manning. Mr. and Mrs. Emil Bierstedt, of i™"Sfl a P 0 ™ 1 v *** the members in the House who felt if an increase were granted the door would be opened for increases for everyone else on the public payroll. Since there has been much agitation in that direction, we felt that this was an opportune time for a showdown. Consequently an amendment was offered which put the salaries back to what were paid at the regular session. The House adopted the amendment by a vote of 78 to 14, but the •Senate refused to concur, so the matter was referred to a conference committee. This committee brought in a report adopting the figures demanded by the House, graced the silver screen in a coon's age. She has IT with capitals. Charles (Buddy) Rogers takes t&e juvenile lead, and in our humble opinion is superior to Warner Bros.' Dick Powell. The chorus work, while not as stupendous (we use the word purposely) as in otter late musicales, is lively, and the chorus girls are vivacious and easy to look at. "We saw the stage show in Chicago last summer, and had the screen play been photographed in ;echnicolor it would have rivalled fe predecessor in beauty. It is a shame that all musical comedies of the screen cannot .be produced in the 1 natural colors, which add so much to the attractiveness of stage shows. Take a Chance in color woul'd have been a knock-out. As it stands, however, there isn't a dull moment, with every member of the cast working at top speed. So far as we- are concerned, Take a Chance 1 on the screen is the season's best nrusicale. p-WARiVER 'BROS, had taken the three musical spectacles with which- they closed Fbotlight Parade, and interspersed some clever comedy sketches they would have had, in our h'umbTe estimation, a successful' musical-comedy entertainment. As- ft stands, after waiting a solid hour for the piece de resistance, after' listening to 60 minutes of yelling, haranguing, and back-stage bickering, we haven't anyresistairce left. "We tried" FootligTit Parade out twice on ourselves and checked the enjoynvent of the play from both angles. Tfie first time we took it in its- entirety and were completely exhausted" before we came to the gorgeous finals; The next time we sat through'* jtast t&e three prologues and" found that our enjoyment of these beautiful stage pictures' was- enhanced three-fold. We offer- these suggestions to Warner Bros, in the- hope that we may some; day see a really successful musical', screen comedy such as the stage affords us occasionally. Take a Chance still comes the closest. FootTight Parade boasts a bewil- . --,-- o*»* woman it beautiful 900 a»ust W that inuch Mor* beautiful, In 6tner Worda, *<s are back to the idea of sice, bigness, an a measure or merit. • Again we seem to be out of step with the trfOdesaion. We would as soon see a well trained chofus of say 2S or 60 chorines, as in the Owl "" Tiber of Take a chance, as to see . *«autiful young damsels splashing, diving, making geometrical figures, and all but disjointing themselves in an effort to produce odd, uncanny designs and combinations. Having disposed of all these trifling details, we may now say, with impunity, that the Waterfall number is probably the most elaborate screen^ spectacle from the standpoint of beauty, in revelation Of unclad, entrancing women, that has ever been produced. But it is a pity that it could not .have been produced in technicolor, though we are afraid, if it were, that the elderly woman who sat next to us at the Call one night might have collapsed of heart failure. As it Was, she almost gasped her last a'coupla times. Even more daring are some of the "cracks" m Honeymoon Hotel, but we seem to have passed the stage when marriage is a sacred institution in our movies. We'll let that pass. The Shanghai Lil number—the grand finale—also daring- IV ««/vn>lfVt **A.*3 ,._ .3 < •«!•_•• • . Benachoter, A ton* ind. Plum ct»*k tferl MhlhAuttfc sheriff iiiia 18. ' •' - ' - A, DftHWh, J> P. M .«.a*- ^12' • T, JB; .EKA-JMCAlttONi JPUJW," tbwnship. and a refund of 10.46 to ChM. V. DeVlne et M, Sherman twp., becau#e of ovefeollectlon made on 1931 taxes, and Cotmty Auditor instructed to make necessary refunds. Aye»! All. On motion Board adjourned until 1:00 o'clock p, m. One o'clock p. m.—Board of Super- Visors met pursuant to adjournment with all members present. Motion by iFunnemark and seconded by McDonald that Chas. Morris be appointed, as committee to make necessary repairs on Drain P. A. K. No. 1. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded by Funriemark that 16.67. be abated on 1932 tax of Spear and McVay, Algona Inc., because of being erroneously as* scssed In Algona the, and Union' twp. for same assessment and Instruct County Treasuser to make abatement. Ayes: All. Motion by Meiken and seconded by McDonald that a refund of W.OO county . road poll tax. and 50c head tax be given Mrs. John Lentsch and County Auditor Instructed to make necessary refund, Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by Funnemark that request of exemption from road poll tax of Wm. Murphy be rejected. Ayes: All, Motion by MoTXmald and seconded by Helken that recommendation of •Greenwood township trustee In regard to abatement of special assessment made on M. P. Schlltz real estate be 12.09 Bd*nrd defmftnn," cattle in* demn. (W. S. Williams, Sec. Rd. Wsl. iNo. 2S2 „„ ___ ,.^.i ___ i..;..-. W. B. Williams, Seo..Bd. DISt. No. 289 ^.^.^..^^i...^^W. B. Wllllftm*. See. M. Disk (No, 058 ____ .....'.- ____ j,*..* W. B. Williams, Sec. Rd. Dlst. No. 262 ______ ^....y.. fc ..*_ C. & N, W. R'y Co., frt. ...j.. Don T, Nugent, asst. engr, „. Josephine Chubb, stenographer Mlltdn McFadden, rodman _.._* ., (8.0 C. & -N, W. R'y Co., fft. ____ . 2.28 Bancroft Register,, pub, notice 23.91 Joe Heldergcheldt, patrol *__.... ,.68,26 Oscar Earing, drag line operator . ____ ...i-.i.. ___ ...*j..» 1US.S9 137.2 644.8 140.< Lloyd Zcntner, labor „., 66JC Hugo Oade, labor . „_„.. 86,( Everett Basten, labor . 66.0( rejected. Ayes: All, RESOLUTION - ly conceived and brilliantly executed, shows the seamy side of life in an Eastern brothel-cafe. This gives sheltered" patrons of our movies an opportunity to view vice without becoming actually contaminated themselves—a comforting thought! The drill in this last shot is in keeping with the antics of the chorus in the waterfall scene, and we even have a replica of our beloved Blue Eagle made from the bayonets and figures of soldiers. We are still old-fashioned enough, however, to like to look at a Chorus Cor anything else for that matter) right side up, or as viewed sitting in an orchestra seat and watching the action on a stage, where the stage ought to be, not perched in the wings or lying flat on the- back and getting either a birdseye (Tor worm's eye) view of the' proceedings. We hope you liked the Footright Parade. Prom this criticism you'll probably never know how WE felt about it. LEGAL NOTICES NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of Oeirerali 'Execution! directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on Judgment rendered in said Court: oni thie gift diaj- of Ete- cember, 1932; in faivor of Iowa State Bank, A'lgonav Iowa, as plaintiff, and against Claude Selly and 1 Kenneth Seely, as defendants, for the sum of Eighteen Hundred Ninety-four and' 3*yiKJ0i ((pr.Sff4!.9'*) Dollars and costs, taxed at Sixty-six and &5/100 ($66.85)' IMTars ami accruing costs, r Have levied upon the following descwtiedl personal property as the property of the said Kenneth Seely-fo satisfy- gaid execution, to-wit:: Ohe Chevrolet Mas- Motlon by McDonald and seconded T>y Balgeman that 1931 assessment of John Wegrener be reduced from 21 1-2 acres agricultural lands (Penton In- corp. and 2 1-2 acres assessed to Thompson Yarda Inc., also Instruct County Auditor to make refund of $3.29 to Aetna Life Ins. Co. who paid taxes for 1931; al«o instruct County Auditor to change 1932 assessment of the above real estate and add to said 2 1-2 acres the amount of $2700 for new buildings occupied by Thompson, Yards Inc. and to make refund of $3.56 to Edward Orelnert for the amount paid by him as tax on said 2 1-2 acres for 1932 as Is hereby recommended by. town olerfc, SFenton, Iowa. Ayes: All. Motion by Balg-eman and seconded by McDonald that taxes of Margaret B. Rutledge for 1932 be inspended on Lts 3 and 4 in SW 1-4 am* all that part of NE 1-4 SW 1-4 lying Between De» Moines river and C. N. W. K'y rlght- of way as recommended "By township trustees of Irvington townstofp. Ayes: Motion by Funnemark ami seconded by IBalgeman that annual', report of fees of J. L. Vaux, Justice- of -Peace, for 1932 be approved. Ayes:: All- Motion by IBalgeman and 1 aocondad; by Funnemark that refund! of $n.Iff be given Mrs. A. Hauptmani because of being erroneously assessed' In- Algona Ind. Jrvington Instead of IV.\rtnB- ton township as recommaudbd 1 Bv assessor. Ayes: All. Motion'by Funnemark and' seconded by Helken that County Audlttw Jij- struct R. S. Wilflej-, cashier jf First Nat'l Bank, Farlbury, NebrasKai to Issue duplicate .bond for $i;OtXXOOi in favor of Martha C. Hansen for- orlsr- inal bond No. 335 stolen from sa'.d' bank April 4, 1933. Ayes: All. Motion, by Funnemark and seconded' by iBalgeman that Ohaa. M o-ris and A. B. Michel be appointed as committee to make repairs 01 Dr. 72. ' All. Motion ,by Fun.iemark and seconded" by McDonald that a refund of 50c be given H. J. Sherman, Wesley, Iowa, because of being erroneously assessed in two townships and Instruct County Auditor to make necessary refund;. Ayes: All. Motion by McDonald and seconded! 66.00 Will Hedrlck. labor . North Kossuth Record, pub. notice __. „___ 43.1 /Burt Monitor, pub. notice 102.8 Lu Verne News, pub. .notice 117.6 Haggard & Waller, pub. notice 21.90 Whlttemoro Champion, pub, no- tlco , . 29.70 Advance Pub. Co., pub. notice. 57.60 Humboldt Co. IR'oad Construction Fund, graveling _ 272.0 Spear & McVay, labor ,_.' 183.4' John A. Brlokson. labor 17.6 Graves .Bros. Construction Co., labor 602.00 Klbert Garage, storage . ., 10.00 Des Moines Steel Co., sup. 2964.84 ft'.' 1 Culvert & Pipe Co., sup. 67.20 Wilson concrete Co., sup. . 1048.86 State Farm Mut. Auto Ins. Co., ins. s.89 Royal "400'.' OH Co., sup. 1409.87 S. B. French Lumber Co., sup. 991.28 J. A. Roberts, bridge 391.00 ROAD MAINTENANCE FOND Frank Gahan, damages,' clmd. . $35 not allowed 'E. J. Meldenwith, labor 32.60 (Bert Goddcn, labor IIIIII 6.25 Railway Express Agency, express _„ . 1.44 City of Algona, light serv. 3.64 Frank Clapsaddle, labor _. _. 51.18 Certtral States CBlec. Co,, light service ' 1.09 Northwestern Bell Tel. Co., tei. service ,__ 1670 C. AN. W. R'y Co., frt". _Z 1.78 Cteorge Hanlg, labor 1200 George Hanlg, labor _ _ 12,00 H. R. .Hays, labor 8.06 Peter Movlck, patrol 72.00 Wm. Buenper, labor 61.85 M. L. Worby, labor 64,25 Lyell TV. Miller, patrol _ 68.80 Clifford Holmes, patrol 60.00 J. H. Montgomery, labor 78,60 Elmer Ewlng, patrol, clmd! $89.35; allowed __ _ 80.25 Clyde Sanders, patrol 66.00 EeEwfn Baker, patrol __ i 66.00 G'oxKfman Hundsness, patrol 64.75 John S. Nel»on, patrol _ 74.40 •Mike Baker, patrol _ 62,60 C;. A.. .Lamoreux, patrol 91.90 Gua Rlchter, patrol " 71.00 OIo- Geidls, patrol 7800 iWiBiaT A, (Fisher, patrol 78.00 F. D. Prulsman, patrol 78.00 Pearly C. Haynea, patrol; cfmdT $67; allowed «s.oo Hans W. Neflsron, patrol 83.15 f. F. (Jutan, patrol 78.60 Chester Alme, patrol 7830 Will Le'eper, patrol _ 78.30 Helken that Balgeman be appointed 0.3 committee to make necessaryv repairs on Drain S3. Ayes: All. Motion by Balgeman and seconded by MoDonadl that engineer's report or (Dr. 72 be approved as read. Ayes: Motion, by Helken and seconded'by Funnemark that engineer's report oni Or. 83 be approved as read. All. On motion Board proceeded to audit 1 , and allow bills as' per "Schedule of Claims" hereinafter written: SCHEDULE OF CLAIMS COUNTY FUND Alfred Jergenson, bty. town seafam. Model Engine NumBec- 3ttOSllia. Interstate Power Co IlghTiSFv 1933 Geo. Saehau, bty and sld J - Backus, sup7" 5.00 —J ' ~ « ' J-—*«W» ——!———•._„»„ lO.Olf P: HI Peter»on, labor 3375 T/OOT Wafr, patrol _ 7800 S. D. McDonald, patrol •• 75.90 Jbttm Hasnsffilman, patrol 130.50 Ed Puchaem. patrol 72.00 Clem Goodman, patrol 76.20 Joe M. Esser, patrol 87.30 Wm. F Gronbach, patrol 62.50 Wm. O. Ludwlg, patrol _. 79.65 Fred J. Coon, patrol 57.50 Boni Nblte,. patrol T->SO 6.50 " 750 774 3,'oO 950 ' dering array of stars, as in Gold" and boht House and Senate adopted the conference report. One of the bills which have been introduced arouses more than usuai •interest. This is H. F. No. 70, by Foster and Alesch. If enacted into law it will authorize the governor to declare an embargo on shipment out of the state of any agricultural product produced within the state when the market price thereof is less than cost of production or Burt, daughter Mary Elizabeth,' the wo l llat v e co jrf lsca tory. Herman and William Meyers and . Anot , her Dill, which, if enacted the William Roebers, all of Whit- ? I pl . ease many P eople m the temore, Mr. and Mrs. August Gade, i %?£'" Hl F> N °' 5( J' by Fe uster. West Bend, and Gertrude Kuecker J, measu . re seeks to make the were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. • ng Hugo Faulstich, who were celebrat- If, before the road poll tax was ing their eldest daughter Mildred's birthday. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Mittag, son Robert, and the former's mother, Mrs. Anna Mittag, drove to Alexander Sunday to visit Mrs. Edwin Mittag's parents, Mr. and Mrs. reduced by act of the 45th G. A., any nerson paid a larger road poll tax for the year 1933 than could 1 hnve been collected from him if said act had been in effect at the time, then the board of supervisors of the county where the tax was .,-iii.i.u^ o ijaiciiuo, ivii. aim ivirs. ;j in j. i ,, t.*,, — Thompson, and Mrs. Edwin Mittag f" d shalLrefund the difference be• - - • - 6 tween the tax paid and the tax under said act, refund to be made from the fund to which said poll tax was credited. House File No. 74 is another bill which will arouse interest. This measure, as amended, endeavors to reduce the poll tax to $2, the same to be paid only in cash. and Robert remained there for longer visit. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Potratz spent Sunday afternoon with the Herman Voights, Whittemore, and other visitors there were Mr. and Mrs. August Mielke, and Mr. and Mrs. Henry Schultz and their daughter Edna. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Hintz. of Algona, spent Fiday afternoon with Mr. and Mr.?. Richard Potratz, and also visited at their son Herman's, where Marion Hintz celebrated her birthday. Mrs. Xoah Rei-ner. accompanied her brother, Fr\vin Siems, and her mother, Mrs. Chris Siems, Whittemore, to the funeral of Albert Bierstedt. Burt, last week Tuesday. Friday is visitors' day at ,the Ll- theran school, and all parents and others are invited to call by Teacher William Schmiel. The Edward Kuckers visited Sunday afternoon with the Herman Haacks, 'Fairville. Burt School Play Draws Good Crowd Burt, Nov. 21—The all high school play, "Here Comes Charlie," was given at the Beltone theater Friday night and drew a t iood crowd. Those taking part in the play were Barrel Riddle, Edward Stewart, Dorothy Brooke, Genevieve Patterson, Loraine Kollasch, Sarah Schroeder, Gordon Sigshee, Joe Graham, Maxine Schenck, and Edward Weiske. Between acts numbers were put on by the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grade pupils. Recipe Prize Won by Titonka Woman Mrs. Ray Hansen, Titonka. has been awarded third place in a national contest for the best recipes using honey, the Topic reports. A Minnesota woman was first, and a Rolfe woman second. Mrs. Hansen's recipe, which was for graham bread, follows: 1% cups sour milk, half cup shortening, two-thirds cup honey, one egg, teaspoon soda, 3 cups graham flour; sift soda into flour, mix with shortening, mix milk and honey and add to flour and shortening, last of all add beaten egg. Holiday Strike at Elmore is Fizzle Elmore, Nov. 20—The Farmers Holiday strike in Faribault county didn't amount to much as far as Elmore was concerned. Fifteen members of the association called at the Farmers elevator last week Monday morning and asked that the elevator be closed, -but the board of directors and the manager refused. Similar demands at other points in the county met with, the same reception. and" 4'2nd Street, including —iwelT, Joan Blondell, Guy Kibbee, Ned Sparks, James Cagney, and Ruby Keeler. Of these Cagney easily steals the show, and he is- his best in the concluding musical spectacle, Shanghai Lil, in whi'cfr he does some exceedingly clever singing-, acting, and hoofing. The plot has to do with the difficulties attendant to putting on a musical show, exactly as in Gold- diggers and 42nd Street, which, in itself, is a detriment to a production. We all know the hours of toil entailed in painting a picture, writing a book, or producing any masterpiece. But we are concerned primarily with the finished product, not in the time and effort it takes to produce it. To sit for an hour and see and hear (mostly the latter) the trials and tribulations of a producer of a musical comedy, is to spoil the effect of the final production. This is our story, a'nd we are going to stick to it. The trio of prologues, or extravaganzas, is, in order of appearance, Honeymoon Hotel, the waterfall number, and Shanghai Lai, and the cast of these spectacles includes, so Warner Bros, repeatedly tell us, 300 gorgeous girls. The property, or so much thereof may be execution C. C: Anderson, drai7 Joe- BTayne,. drag. , „, Albert Wlttkopf, drair. _ 1050 Fred' ,c. Button, drag:. 33 50 Wnr.. (Fritz, Jragr. Geo. C. Hanna, drag. Jblte Kohl'wear, drag. Crawford Bros., drag. Wllbert W. Richmond, drag?" l6!o6 KKjliar* Pbtratz, drag. g'oo Carl; Zumach, dng. 23 00 Arthur Holcombv drag! "- a'25 •Fred 'B-utterfleld, drag. G. W; Gunder; drag. Peter N. Thllges, drag Eoreni Byars-, drag. Clarence J. Trenary, 'drag ™- - Schvreler, drag -— drag-. '_ . 900 D>, Theo Kenne, labor ^^^.^ 83.99 C, El. Barber, hauling tile __, 12.62 >Dj Rlley, labor ..«^...^.._^ 12.50 . •Delbert fthafp, labor . ii- ... 1.00 , 72^. H, Lathrop, rodhian ___ ^_ 7.50 " . , ___ ^_ - iBdb" Williams, fodthan _____ Jerry Neeland, labor _______ t)r. so— • Northern Lumber Co., sup... B/ CP, Stenstrom, labor „_„_ Oeo. Lboft, labor. \.^_^_ t ._ ;Ray A, Marquis, labor^.^..^^, r.Kt^, i . Buffalo Center Lmbr. Co.i sup IDimore cement & Tile Co., - ' ' . ,. ___ i^.j IRay^A. Marquis, labor ____ ±^ 2.00 14.00 .65 13.90 B.OO 7,00 8.73 2,00 28.00 . C. E. . Robert . .._ . „ . Spear & 'MdVey, labor 'Botsford Lumber CO., sup. „„ !P. H. Lathroy, rotjman . ._ 2.EO A. B. Michel, engf, „ , HOO Dr. 84— Advance Pub. Co., pub. no- tlce A. E. Michael, engr. i _ 29.00 F. H. Lathrop, rodman . 1.25 Dr. 90— .Buffalo Center Lumber Co,, sup. _„.....: 7.90 J. B. Cunningham, labor 2.26 A. J. Lawler, labor 3.16 Geo. Onken, labor _ . „ "3.50 Dr. 91— , iGiiy Ash, labor , i. _ 8.75 Matt Laux, labor , J3.2S Farmers Co-Op. Soc., aup. 4.60 Dr. 102- Henry Cook ......... «Ji ' Mrs. \y m . Kuh n ........ *» 'Oeo. Hunt ....... l» Glen Wood ............ (» ~ <Geo. Looft, labor ; .iRay A. Marquis, labor Dr. 1H- E. G. Stenstrom, labor Dr. 116- " "" iDanlel E. Glese, labor F. .H Latftrop, rodman Bob Williams, rodman 6.25 8.75 1.75 1G.S3 l.EO A. B. Michel, ener. ~I~I' Joi'.OO Advance Pub\ Co., pub. notice 3.62 Dr. 127- 'Farmers Co^orp. Assn., sup. Dr. 133- l.CO 2.50 envelopes _ as 'Northwestern Bell ~ ' ~ , ,. labor Delbert Sharp, labor Henry Fischer, labor _ 3.50 A. E. Michel, engr. 30.00 Dr. 167— J. IB. Cunningham,. labor 2.60 A. J. Lawler, 1'aiBor _ " 3.£0 Dr. 165— E. G. Stenstrom, labor 1.75 T. 170-1 Farmers Co-Op:. Stic., mip. _ 12.80 ub 9 of 4— E. G. Stenstromv labor . 7.00 Northern Lumber COY, >up. 1.56 E-K Jt; No. 2— Rude Fischer, labor 2.EO Henry Fischer,. IfcBor " 3.50 )r. E-K No. 2-3ff- ~ Paul W. Loc-mla,, aanllttag __ ' 4.ST Guy Ash, labor __ _ 1.80 H-K No. 3-46- iPaul W. Loomis, auditing 3.25 Matt Laux, labor 1.79 (Farmers Co-Op, atom,, sup. 1.01 Chas. A. Anderson, labor 8.54 •I-K No. 56-4— Paul N. Loomlsy. auditing 4.75 •I-K No. 87-6— iPaul N. Loomis, auditing . 12.00 A. J. Lawler, laBoir .... • 2.3* J. B, Cunningham, labor 2.00 Ole Gerdls, labon- 4.00 Geo. Onken, labor. 2.80 I-flC No. 110-6— • " " Paul N. Jjoomls, auditing 2.86 T-K No. 120-7- Paul N. Loomis, auditing 2.20' Guy Ash, labor .« Matt Laux, labor ~ .67 t-K No. 8— "" Farmers Co-Op. Assni,. auni 15» t-K-H No. 100-93-13U- ~ Paul N. Loomis, auditing 20.67 IChas. Fischer, labor ' 11.83 -A-K Jt. No. 1— ,"~~ Karl Krebs, labor J.SI f-K No. 35-89- H. O. Halvorson, repair tlte .22 E. W. Benson, repair tile 3.50 /-K No. 88-136- Theo. Dorenbush, labor JoKn and Jerry Hond^aceT sup. 7,49 POOR FdUND F. Burtis, rent Zetlaui tian^.. clmd. $7 not altowed ults & Eckholm, rent Hans Hanson, clmd. $15 not allowed John Qelst Myrtle 8L John 2v. KonpflrU ~"V- Jens Knudson ' mcd ' 1|J ..' Robt. Button ** ^R lte «u r rnflor ' " S ""ffl n? JR. Stelnman " Mt l Fred Petcrion "'" --:-. . Mrs. 'Rialph Jonc'a ....... , l * nrvlllo DIxsoT ...... »» John Hplmers ........ '•" F. Jonei . . Val Massey ~ .......... «' Mrs. J. Lundstrom ...... «» LundBtrom' Ben Potter 72 Ethel Jones *J Clara Neltzel "> Mrs. U K. Trlpp" M Mrs. Franzen ff Lewla Olson ,2 Dan Harris }* Chas. Johnson S MInard family 2 St. Anthony's I-fome""M~ S , jDavis children .....^ "' J John Gelst Jr. ' alrd & McCulloiiBh~~lmta. lance serv. and funeral e ,p Mrs. Lorence Trlpp •-'-• Fred T ~ k --~ 1Llrd •e necessary, to, *^\&\ B Z^™^-?_™;™_ ^.^^ ^^ M ~~^'"-~: &»i^ ion with arete' and! accrmne 'li* J ' Backus . stamps 7.50 ^^.nBrtvPs? 6 ^^ 11 ' lab . or 30.50! < . .... .. **w*-*i .11111^ latn J {Bsiclru^ Qtn mnu A'A.^ ^*- o '*»lUUjr loroS. WO, W 2taSl'FH fV\ tV\ ' lr nr T.nK7.x%. n..n^. A «* .._ j-v. irir 1 ' . fc *.*^'^"*5, aLaiiius _ i/.IK/,TT«_. ,T-^^« .^. _*"_*- tf * i "e»«*. «_ — *xj,VJ i * son Paul Grames, prov7 , Mrs. Kramer 8.00 9.00 ults & Eckholm, rent Hans John Tobln " (S 11.501 Hanson, clmd. $15 not allowed HTfma Erickson I 9.M 6.601 Mrs. Myers; rent Chas. GUUJ- (Bettin's Cash Store, prov. Jul- der, clmd. $10 , not allowed i f°» Brlggs E. "W. LuBby".sup7 .......... _ Fransen family i» 1 ••F. M. Stoner -------- ' Insulin tor poor" ........ fl ' Mrs. H. Carrolf .......... f^j IGeo. Elmore w Mrs. Stedman *« Jennie Rlley " ........ {JJ •Mrs. Jno. Schrnldt J-.. K. D. James, sup. Mrs."d. Van Dorston Mrs. Wilbur St. "Johnr'ran Myrtle St. John SUPERVISOR"" ' E. W. L'usby, sup. w. Gustln "Walter Fraser, med. aid \7 Green ___________ . iHarold Fletcher," rent " Waiter '';! family ____ |J Walton's balry""st"ore™piw" jl James Walker •' supiDRvisoR'b'isf ""NO, i W. T. Peters, mcd. aid J Ruby Riddel "T».l Ceo. Kaine transiVntj"" W J. G. Clapsaddle, med. aid Riddle family 15,« Ruby Sanderson ______ '. «J,» Merrill Bros., prov. Edna John- costs at public 1 auction,, to the highest bidder,- for cash,, in hand, on the 2nd day.of!*Eteceiw&er, 1933, at the east door off tHa GSourt Hoase in Algona, in HSissuthi county, Iowa, at the hour o£ 10' o'clock a. m., of said day,, when and where due attendance will 1 be given by the undersigned. Dated this 4tm dkpr of 1933. CARL D'AHILHAUSER, Sheriff of Kosuth County, Iowa. 'By Casey Loss, 'Deputy. 10-11 By GJnsey,Loss, Deputy. H. M. Smith salary lOlaf Funnemark, com. anlfYe^ ' Mr. and Mrs. George Olson Sr. have returned from Iowa City, where they spent a few days with their daughter, Mrs. Ray Thomas. The Blanchards, IrvJngton, spent Sunday at Clem Cunning, ham's. Mrs. Blanchard is a sister of Mrs. Cunningham. Mr. and Mrs. Brverett Snyder and Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Snyder,, of Humeston, have gone home, after a week with the Hallard. Snyders. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Snyder are parents of Hallard, and Herbert is his brother. All three families were guests at an oyster supper at the Henry Gerdes home, Tltonka, last week Tuesday evening. Mrs. Gerdes Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Snyder. The Sexton school will give a program this week Friday night at the schoolhouse. Marie Harris Is teach- r. The Aid was entertained last Thursday by Mrs. Monroe Hl&ter at her home near Corwlth. Mrs. Jer;en Skow, Wesley, conducted Bible study. There were <14 persons in attendance. The A. L. Greenfields were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Richards, Algona. The W. C. Taylors returned Saturday from. Corydon, where they had spent Friday and Saturday with Mrs. Taylor's father, Mr. Mitchell., NOTICE OF HFCOKPORATIOS Notice is Hereby given of the formation of a corporation known as Christenson Brot&ers Company, with principal' office at Algona, Iowa, to take over and operate the business formerly conducted hy a corporation^ of t&e same name whose sole stocttholo'ers were L. M. Christensen; of Estherville, Iowa, and P. J:. G3tai'stensen, of Algona, Iowa. The total amount of capital stock authorized is $40,000.00 which is to be issued as needed for cash paid in from time to time, or for property- at values approved hy the Executive Council of Iowa. The corporation- is authorized to commence business- wften fSO.OOO.OO in capital ha_s been paid in. The period of this corporation shall begin on the date the Secretary of State issues a certificate of incorporation and shall' continue for twenty years unless sooner terminated as hy law The affairs of the corporation are to be conducted by a Board of two or more Directors and Officers who are to be named at the annual election in January of each year. The private property of the stockholders shall be exempt from corporate liability except to the extent and in the manner provided by the laws of the State of Iowa. CHRISTBNSEN BROTHERS COMPANY. By P. J. Ohristensen, 8-11 Secretary. Igt November 7,1933 Auditor's Office, November 7, 1933, Board of Supervisors of Koasuth ° u ' l ty, met pursuant to adjournment witn all members present. Audit and allow bills. Motion by Funnemark and seconded by Helken that pauper notice be served on Mary Ann Meyer, Mr, and Mrs. Geo. Campbell and family, Willis Bliaborough, wife and family, L. A Davis, wife and family, Henry Koepke & Son, Chas. Schmidt and family, Joe Platt and family, C. Wm. Carr and family, John Gllliland, Theo. Johnson and family, Johannes Rasmus Hansen and family, and L. <W. Martimer and family. Ayes: All. Motion by -Mcponald and seconded by Funnemark that 1932 taxes of Ida A. Walker be suspended on N 1-3 Lot 3 and N 1-2 Lot 4, ffidk. <"'' - Railway Expres"s~~Agency"~~ex-- press F'. J. M600 176.80 V, Janse, med. afd"G7 W. • -, $10.75 20.50 8.00 . „... 50.00 Hanna, labor 9 n\ •_..*1. - T_« —----._-.... -.W , Emir ICraft,' Tabor __~ com. and ses- 65.50 Tabor Holdren, clmd. J1.50 not allowed aner .Mrs. W. Meyers, rent Game Myers, clmd. $8.00 u not allowed SUPEffUVI'SOR DIST; N.Q ; I Peter J, Lenertz, transp, to, la.. ^ --- -- - - S 00 38.75 |B. K. Kinaeth &~Son''pfov.~-"s.' C^^Mosiman fam. 15.01 pro- 311;90i Advance «Pub. • Haggard & •Waller', pub! ceed. Lee O. Worfe""pub~~Tiotice :HeJen Becker, labor E. J. McEvoy, office exl>~ Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff TOrn. C31.1..1... — — — — — •v^ttn ij«.uiiia.uaer, snenrr l£4'65 : i-rtr»_ '*^ • lw<IJ u Wm. Shirley, exp. Ta'fim -y 1 ""-, WoMahon. labor J. A. McDonald, de1.""tax""ceH- -Tn-nniv T=,..,»I™ , .-.-_ lector Orvllle E, Beenkeh""btyT Kossuth Co. Farm BureauTap^" - __.. labor ". propriatlon ______ Town of WhlttemoreTrmirm rent ' go, 511:70 3:oo> •— «lfi flfl Olaf Funnemark, teT." exp""I~II" 4145; Bertha E. Johnson, ovej-paldl fee for 1932 ^ KeystoneJEnvelope""Co" aup. W41 Pacific carbon & Ribbon Co" sup. Crescent Jacob- Teuscher Labor Walter Elbert, labor Bowman, labor""" , Albert Neuroth, labor A. Pannkufe, labor" 'Henry Phillips, labor Trai. A. rmtton. labor — Johannes Wlbben, labor Xohre Cordes, labor ner family & u - ~B"Fra~n~ki. 1X20 ._ «.« 2.aa Hoods Cash Store, prov, Mable Doss _ 12.50 Edna Johnson .. 8J Mrs. P. 0. Peterson . UO Berte, re.nt (Ben Krebs, rent Fred Schnei- . Kennedy Bros., prov. ..1 Mlllard Shoopman S.W Edna Johnson W Kathryti Tyler ... 6.», Dan LJchllter, prov Edna Johnson Boston Store, sip. Ole Ander- • son i. Mrs. Mary Froehle, rent Mrs. G. Tyfer '.'•' Oliver Woe, rent Mrs. L. Conway .. P. V. Janse, med. aid Frank Lewis girl W. T. Peters, med. aid Augusta Klnney i Kossuth Hospital, hosp. care Helen Lewis .Upper. DCS Moines Valley I» 7 AD . care Ed Anderson baby .... Mrs. Augusta Kinney, ewe o! 1000 400 , Asb, labor 3«m ^75 o 05 , Wm. L. Barker, labB TTieo- Dorenbush, labor" — " — . lF ed C TVegener. rd. "— • • * • ----- Spilles, rent. E,. ua^i fco , E. H. Arnett, rent Ray San- Darrel Gelst StHPEIRIVISOR DIST. NO. t.S 18.00 Harry Warburton, prov. Henry 12.00 Mitchell 35.00 •,«, ' Klipto Lxaose Leaf Co.,.sup. Matt Parrott & Sons; C(D,, Perkins Bros. Co., sun ' ._ E.20 Peterson Studio, pictures 615, Frye Mfgr. Co., sup.. E. W. Lusby, sup. Pratt Electric Co., sul.. Typewriter Exchange, su"p~. Laing & Muokey, laUqjr ~~ Chas. Miller, sup. ~~~~ Kohlhaas & SpllJa.s.'sii'p" P. V. Janse, med. aid John N. Kenefick, ms~f~SjS~~ Kohlhaas •& Spllles, sup iFrank Gelgel, ladioir G. W. Brown., weed. eam. __ H. c. Lunnlns, weed com. Richard Zielskft, weed! eom, H. F. Schuttz, weed: com. .-- aatg. ;.~ G W. Bleloh, trustee mtg. wm. Koestler-, trustee »tg. K. G. Ewoldt,, trustee mtg. "" John Kohlwes, trustee mtg-. ~~ 6.20 1.30 ".TS S.OO .60 2.00 3.75 .45 6.66 3.00 8.50 42.70 6.60 6.25 4.60 4.50 4.50 3.00 ^.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 3.00 23.75 10,60 9.25 7.W 24.60 Winkal. trustee mtg. Alb. Potratz, trustee mtg. ~ 1D "»— Elbert, trustee mt&. " r Vaudt. trustee n>tg,~I" Ludwlg, trustee mtg. Wm. Meyer, trustee mtg. H. 'F. Schultz, trustee mtg Susan 'Brown, unclaimed fee" b. lii. Albin, unclaimed fee Anna Johnson, unclaimed fee"" IH. A. 'Evans, coroner's fee Andrew M. Hansen. -weed coin" LBBRARiY FUND Beckley Cardy Co., books ww Newson & Co., .books 6085 scott Foresroan, books "'- Shirley, frt. and expresa" j Brown & Co., books ~ 39.84 =,', A< ° rwan Puib - Co-, books 27.00 Silver Burdette, books 6565 O. G. Waffle, books 4545 Rand McNally & Co., books""" Iroquois Publishing Co.. books" INSTITUTE TtJND " ex A ' Stelner> lectures and Tpvlr, ftJ-~~Tj""———— — — ——"—•••'••-'—~— exp. Wm. Shlrtey7"exp7"III" " — labor •John Droessler, labor •Sam Warner, labor J. S. Schultz, labor iNels Chrlstensen, rep'alrs" Prank Fiaig, sup. -' Iachard ' 8u ~""~~~ K s°up Uth C °' ^P'emen'fcS. 1 ; Tire Servrce"Co7,"sup"" 'Deiterlng Garage, sup. i 9 ffi H. E. IMcMurray, labor"; gfl E. W. Lusby, sup. _._.- TiX 4.GO , , C. S, Johnson, sup. on Norton Machine Woi"ks"rsup"" SS'SE h - 6500 7.92 52.50 o. INSANE FUNtD' rni-i r>»v,iK VOy ' clerk fee 10 -«> Carl Dahlhauser, sheriff fee 1265 A - Hutchison, commissioner 6M Kl- H A C Jl e . tz ? leye ''. Jack commissioner -- '--- • i an " T T™», FUND man> court H T *ti > orr ,w T S!H eman - cour ' ; reporter 6.00 214,60 6.00 2.GO . —»:; ,. v * ^w.v-^vw9.*w v.ut* »ow«vcviiji, w. IRoba. by Helken that a refund of »0.93 be F. J AdTw gSven Frank HesseldaW. Hebron TT ---•-?• township, a refund pf ^O.W to <3eo. *. j. Aoams, ma,rsnal 75 ^A^S£ teVl!!!!! $% . D. James, sup. Pratt Electric Co., BUD Matt Murtha, sup. ~ Joe Greenberg, sup J. M. Fleming, sup. Geo Holtzbauer, sun Central States Elec C~o~,"uint serv. _ ' usnt Northern "LumbSF"Co7," sup" Botsford Lumber Co., sup — Buffalo Center Lbr. Co, SUP""" Thompson Yards Inc^ SU p P — Co-Op. Soo., sup ' — iinot'w JR. o.. »_: "^C™"~ Co., 4.43 4.35 279.25 1S.3S 19.80 3.75 Sleg-Ft. ~Dodg~e~~Co7.""Sup~ sun 6 Mach!ner J' & Sup.~"Co.- sup, 9.78 4.70 X D. Adaml'coTrsup- --------- 1 Champlln Kefin ng oo "ann"" J. A. Roberts, bridges" Pl — Glen R. Miller. »«•«> ?' 9^. Stenstrom - labor ______ Theo Kenne, labor Kobert W. Voight r»h«; ---- TC - ffl M 8.20 Or, 24- Batt, - Mrs. AVizenbe?g~~ ~ Mrs. Soribner " i QQ Chas, Dennis". 33'25 ^S Go^"' 111 ' h08P ' ° are SBPHRiVISOR DIST~~NO"'2 J. L. Bonar, rent M, C. Frand- William „ Stedman cre~~t£n. 10.00 Thaves Sisters, prov. ----- -•• Mrs, A. Werringn. ----- Jg James Walker _____ — s '*j Chas. R. Hllferty, m"l£ , a f a fuel for Mrs. Rred BleU, clmd. $7.90; allowed -—,-,--• A. K. Anderson, prov. B» Grettllat Sanborn's Grocery, prov. K *» Mr. and Mrs. Norris ... *» Mra Hans Hansen ... .„"» C. J. Applequist, prov. Hw s Hansen ... ........ viniiS Arthur E. Lester, rent ""-™ «» . & Faulkner jj-r 42.00 G. W. Newel, Agt., rent U» Bush i-." 82.00 Mrs. Sidney Krosch, rent. Charlie l£fiw«n Frank Stoner :~~:;~ D. Hasa ; — Amy - """ Jentz Knutson KKA Alb. BI»nehard ----- "" ' Ito Oscar- Kohlwes" ------ 335 Jim MoGee ----- " e'Zn " -" Mrs. SeFfert"; ' ----- BgA Clara JSTeltzel — '14^ " Ed Belsch ------ '" Clara Neltzel Au K ubsenau -" — — OPrank Stoner ...Ii::" J. Helmers -----6 ""' Henry Cook — --"--*-Ed Belsch :.—- ----- " -- . v. K. Johnson Henry cook 15.08 9.60 19.00 25.60 7.00 pentrop family ..... vT'£ Mrs, IBbn Rushton, rent A. * Peterson --------- M""ifii" J. A. Deylne. med. aid *"*.Hans Hansen ------- r - — R. L. Williams, med. old .-« John Bstle ____________ 7m Joe Faulkner --------- fo Frank Miller ---------- T i£ Mrs. G. F. Wohnke, care Jew G. D. Curtis." funerai"exp. J" 1 " 1 Estel ______ ........... jsja Mrs. Mary Webster, care W lance surv. Chas. 1. o*hn r and "j5?fy"HanBei), R. 8, Leibrand . / GBN'BBAlL W. F. Jones, sup. ---------C. H. Haln, labor ....... -" O. B. Kuhn. rent ---- --- — Botaford Lumber Co., sup. — B. IR. Rising, labor ..... * — (Nelson Hardware, sup. -----Curran Bros., l>oto toe801 .- D - — Botsford Lumber Co., s"P' -" J. W, MoCreery, Judgment — J. Geist I"""" — — ' " ---- ^ . i ov • O. Haueneteln ""$-& Johanna Cook — "~ son A. F. Connolly" ------ - !$ W. A. White, prov:""" tW Aug:. Rosenau " ---- 5nR ™" 30,00 " oo Mahoney ___ ^ ------ 500 Laura Campbell — I'M Lottie Wlltse ----- 800 : 00 HOP R, A. Clark, prov. -----•£••". iFrank L. Miller, light »«»• John Hennlng, labor "• C. H. 'Hain, labor --^-jrTun- A. B. Quarton, rent i» u Thos. Akre, prov. __ iFred Park, exp. , Graham Co., sup. -' J. M. Fleming, sup. ----„•-.! Botsford Lumber Co., »w John Hegarty & Son, feb" -;; Al&onft Produce, sup. ---—_.. Koblhaas & BplUes, sup. Geo. Holtzbauer, sup. —- _ Joe Greenberg, sup. — Algona Motor Salesi, ;SUP. --. Kossuth Co. Implement . . K. D. James, sup. ------- ;_. I* A, Copp. adv. -,-ThV*<5ounW : That the "-*> issue warranta TO , lw ,^ at this meeting "Britten #>, Claims" fcwetaf'ifSdS W«- A vote on each Jnwvi" 1 "" All, , On moMo» Board of last 801 adjourn^ 1 sessions

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