The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 19, 1954 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Monday, July 19, 1954
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI VOL. L—NO. 99 Blytheville Courier Blytheville Daily News Mississippi Valley Leader Blytheville Herald BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS,. MONDAY JULY 19, 1954 TEN PAGES McCarthy Returns To Pursuit of Reds As Committee of 1 Senator Begins Defense Plant Probe; First Time Since Inquiry WASHINGTON (AP) — Sen. McCarthy (R-Wis), sitting as a one-man subcommittee, took up his public pursuit of Communists today for the first time since the McCarthy-Army hearings sidetracked him. Published Daily Except Sunday SINGLE COPY FIVE CENTS from a majority His target was subversives in defense plants in the Boston area. His witness: James W. Glatis who said he joined the Communist party as a counterspy for the FBI. "McCarthy launched the hearings despite: 1. Opposition of his seven-member subcommittee on grounds there should be a staff "housecleaning" before any new- official activity. 2. A pending move by Sen. Flanders (R-Vtj to censure him for the way he has conducted hearings in the past .This is due to come up on the Senate floor tomorrow, but Senate GOP leader Knowland (Calif) indicated today he would try to push it aside. Knowland said he was concerned that lengthy debate on the censure move might wreck plans for Congress to adjourn at the end of this month. Resignations Attempted In opening the hearings, McCarthy <:a id some of his staff members are trying to resign, against his wishes. He did not name them, but said they are persons who have done "a * most outstanding job" and whose loss to the committee "would be one of the greatest victories tse Communist party could achieve." He said he would make a further announcement on the subject later today or tomorrow. ^ McCarthy arrived "about 20 min- u^.es late for the scheduled start of the hearing, and promptly took caustic note of the absence of all Democratic members. He said "my three Democrat colleagues' have been trying to "discredit" the subcommittee's Red hunting. He termed their absence today "not a happy situation." Francis P. Carr, staff director, opened the examination of Glatis after announcing in a preliminary statement that the hearing would deal with alleged Communist infiltration of defense plants in the Boston area, particularly General Electric and Allis Chalmers plants. Speech Released Flanders stoked his anti-McCarthy drive in advance by releasing a planned Tuesday speech likening the Wisconsin senator to Germany's onetime dictator, Adolf Hitler. McCarthy, reached at home, had no comment. He has called Flanders, who is 73. "senile." Today's subcommittee session marks McCarthy's return to a controversial Red-hunting role that came to an abrupt halt last March. That was when the investigative group, caught in the swirl of charges and countercharges between its chairman and top Army officials, ruled out further probes until a special inquiry into the ing. He said he does not do defense or secret work, but that he is an active member of the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers Union (Ind) and edits a local union paper. '•McCarthy has been trying to get my union for a long time," he said. While Flanders' tangle with McCarthy has many roots, the Vermonter's censure resolution due up See MCCARTHY on Pa^e 10 Mendes - France Given 'Chance' at Settlement Premier Has 36 Hours Left To Get Truce By EDDY GILMORE EXTRA BOOST — An Air Force SA-16 Grumman amphibian is pictured above being pushed aloft by two JATO bottles attached to each side of the craft. The demonstration was made yesterday morning at the air base at the close of CAP week-end activities, including a rescue search mission for a "crashed" plane. The jet bottles last only 14 seconds, but is ample to get - the plane airborne in a short distance. The plane was about 40 feet above the ground when the picture was taken. (Courier News Photo) French Clean. Out Red Guerrilla Base HANOI Indochina (AP) — Some 5.000 French Union | troops, spearheaded by tanks, pushed mopup operations to| day against a Vietminh guerrilla base only 18 miles northwest '. The French reported 28 rebels killed and 13 cap- hours Of his diplomatic duel i A spokesman said 215 rebels : Hanoi, to Phu nHoquan, 45 miles With the Commuinsts for! were . killed early yesterday when ! south of Hanoi, and on a string a rebel battalion into USAF Demonstration Ends CAP Maneuvers «^«^« - T j u- -ii_ i_ i ' ' A i'euei uanaiion charsed peace in Indochina with whatj. Prench tanks . machine ~ sun and a British spokesman described! rifle fire north Hung Yen as i: a Chance, that's all." j attacking a small village. Another Western official said he I Point Blank Fire | wouldn't even bet on the proposi- | French gunners had been expect- of small munition dumps between t Tuyen Quang and Thai Nguyen, while ! 50 miles northwest of the war | capital. Other planes hit rebel guerrilla bases inside French defense lines, tion. The top Communist delegates 1 ing the attack. They opened fire • about 25 miles south, west and hei e kept to themselves. when the rebels were less than} nortli of Hanoi. One high conference source said j 10 vards away, forcing the enemy j Here in Hanoi, between 2,000 and Mendes-France had pushed away one obstacle to peace in a tentative fashion—the long debated question cf The International Commission to to fiee. I 3,000 Vietnamese gathered in front French losses were described as j of the opera house today for a brief demonstration against any very light." Night-flying B26 bombers ranged j par-ition of their country by the police the armistice This source | the northern and southwestern bor- j Geneva conference. , said The French and the Commu- i ders of the Red River delta last j After cheering . several short With a demonstration of a JATO (jet-assisted) Short I nists seem to have settled the com- J night, pounding Vietminh bases Beeches, a delegation handed U.S. field take-off by an Air Force SA-16 Grumman amphibian, P° ?illon of th e commission with —* : "~ J --the Arkansas Civil Air Patrol yesterday ended its week-end practice mission operation from the Blytheville air base. of the commission Canada. India, and Poland & members. There would be and ammunition dumas. Consul Turner Cameron a petition "WE FOUND IT HERE" — Lt. Lloyd Allbritton (left.) is pictured above pointing out the spot on a map where he and Lt. R. E. Prewitt, (right) located the "crashed" plane 10 miles north of Lake City. Looking on are Capt. Hank Dodd (at Lt. Allbritton's left) and other CAP members. The two men of the, Blytheville squadron located the hypothetically downed plane six and a half hours after the search of about 1.000 square miles of this area was started. (See additional photo on Page 10.) (CAP Photo) Knowland Predicts Victory on A-Law During the practice air-search mander of the mission, which op- mission Saturday for a "missing" | erated from the air base here. Air Force training plane supposed to be down in this area,'two men of the Blytheville squadron were credited with locating the hypothetical crash. "Mayday! Mayday Dogwood 22 . . . this is Diamond 7 ... wreckage sighted!" This was the message Lts. Lloyd Allbritton of Blytheville and R. E. Prewitt of Osceola radioed back to the field six and a half hours after the search began. The "crash 41 consisting of aluminum panels nlaced in a simulated plane design, was located 10 miles north of Lake City. Ark. Immediately a ground crew, headed by Capsule Report On County Crops: Nearly Three-Fourths Of Corn Total Loss; Cotton Fruits Heavily Here's status o as told Keith Hiiuute changes, it sized XI. S. Position Unknown The British, it wa$ reported, will v-upport Mendes-France on this | composition. The position of the ' United States has not been made known. In the past the United States bus opposed in-; inclusion of any Cnnmunist states on the com- S mission 1- ecause of the unhappy results in Korea, where Czechoslovakia aid Pola'ncl-hampered operations of the Neutraj Nations Supervisory Commission with their veto power. Under the tentative agreement I reached by Mendes-France and the A French spokesman said more I addressed to President Eisenhow- than 70 tons of explosives were un- j er, because "we just wanted the was empha- I loaded on bases stretching from i ^resident and people of America Yen Bay. 75 miles northwest of i to know our position." State s Candidates Enter Final Stretch By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Arkansas political candidates today swing into the last leg of their campaign before the first Democratic Party primary July 27. the county crop a total loss. neral Home ambulance, escorted by State Policeman Gene Mabry went to the "crash" scene and rescued the "survivors." The practice mission was carried over a 1.000 square mile area! Prisin.ely well. ;_ a capsule report on the i communists, decisions would have i inakmg and ] •i Mississippi County crops { to be taken by unanimous vote 1 some of the today by County_ Agent .on..any issues .Vhich,. .might lead ! on ™t-oi-tiie-< WDleV - ffV the rPSlimnHnn nf hncriliHao I gimmicks. ..^•.? e , J ll on. any issues .which, .might lead to the resumption of hostilities. COR1S — Nearly three-fourths of j Otherwise a simple majority would Aside from the usual speech- hand-shaking tactics, candidates will rely ordinary vote-getting aecide. The conference source em- SOYBEANS—Crop is withstand- j phasized that the agreement was ing intense heat and drouth sur-! not in its final form. as though it were the real thing COTTON — Needs more stalk, j fj cia nv on the while an Air Force team from Is fruiting heavily. ! looked on Beans on sandy land have been I heavily damaged, however, was I Mr. Bilbrey pointed out Ellington Field, Tex., and graded the results. Setting up the mission, it assumed that a T-28 Air Force j farmers are beginning to face a training plane left Springfield, Mo., i paradox in relation to rain. Saturday morning at 6:10 en route! Precipitation definitely is needed to Memphis. The mythical craft I to fill out beans prior to their was unreported in Memphis and final stages of maturity and for presumed to be lost in this area. j pasture and other crops! Progress also was reported unof- question of elections in Viet Nam after the armistice. There were reports the Communists were ready to accept a that ,-Jelay of 18 months. Earlier thev asked for a vote on a new To make the mission realistic in every respect, the Air Force telephoned in rumors and However, the county agent reminds, cotton is nearing that stage j Nam %vas ? oin ? to be partitioned of its development when WASHINGTON (AP) — Senate Republican Leader i for checking ! Sfi/JTf , resiQent s w this area during hot weather can cause it to ! ell ng of seeing or hearing a plane shed blooms and even small bolls , that appeared to be in trouble. All, 1 This happened in 1952 when cot- i this information had to be simu- i ton i lated and relayed to the 20 odd i and i planes taking part in the search cut as a resu]t held. And during that which ended June alleged 133 subversive shad found •'uling early session in his drive for con- U-UblJL a. OV^^AO.! iiiv^nA-t v A.I..IUW *MAW y^ ^ 1 (* /~f 1 • r -J-T /» • Army-McCarthy dilute could be | Knowland of California today forecast an administration vic- • - • i tory when the chips are down on the much-debated bill to i ormy inquiry. I overhaul the basic atomic energy law, 17, McCarthy Knowl-.nd, sche-'uling another*—— National Group Gives Polio Fund Aid to Missco their way into defense plants and | gressional adjournment the end of that the hearings were blocking j this month, said he still hoped the his plans to dig them out. Defense j Senate would reach the showdown officials agreed to accept a list of the 133 and do the ferreting on their own, but at latest word voting- stage sometime today. Referring to opposition cries >l "giveaway" and "m o n o p o 1 y" had yet to receive the names from i against the Eisenhower atomic pro- the senator. McCarthy had stipulated they must not be made public, and the Pentagon Balked at that provision. . As the subcommittee went back to work today, presumably to tackle the .133 names McCarthy says he has. one summoned witness appeared to be Edwin Gar- gram, Knowland told an interviewer: . "Actually. I think they've lost some strength in the* last few days. "We are not 'oing to put this aside for other legislation and there will be no compromises." However, critics of the measure, field. 39. an Allis-Chalmers Man- chiefly Democrats and Sen> Morse ufacturing Co. employe. | (Ind .6 re >. ^ ve no indication they Subpoena Issued , ve , e yer tl ; rough with speechmak- Garfielasaia last mgm in. Boston , &nd Qne 0 * f then ^ en _ Gore he got a McCarthy subpoena to (D . Teni])i comested Rowland's show up at the Washington hear- . ?ssertion they have ]ost VQtes jn the process. Gore said the long hours of argument have brought several new supporters to those who would amend the measure providing, for the first time, that private industry be allowed to enter the field of peacetime atomic energy development. The bill, revamping No Developments In Child Bride Case Charges Enticement of minor charges ag- , . . ainst 17-year-old I. T. Walker, Jr., i the original 1946 statute, would al- A check for S2.250 from the National Foundation for Infantile Squadron Cited The Blytheville squadron got a pat on the back from the 47th Air Rescue Service for proficiency in carrying out the mission. A demonstration of a short field take-off was given by men of the 47th ARS Sunday morning, along with a short field landing. Using a SA-16 Grumman Amphibian JATO bottles were at- ! Gov. Cherry, running for a second term nomination, returns to the Talkathon at Little Rock tomorrow night. The governor used the copyrighted system of marathon radio and television campaigning- to reach the voters in his bid for office two years ago. And one candidate for the U. S. Senate seat now held by John McClellan has come up with a similar device Paul Chambers calls his I version the "questio-thon". He in- j auguraiPd the questio-thon Satur- j day nisrht. He plans 15-minute j questiu-thon programs at 9 cities j toda}-. " j McClellan Returns j Anjihe: of McClellan's opponents \ . . T . ., , : for the Senate, former Gov. Sid j A Vietnamese spokesman said ! McMalh> 15 slated to visit 12 east " " """"' therp Wl11 be a _ Par; I Arkansas towns and make a speech at Harrisburg at 8 p.m. today. McClellan is scheduled to return vision appearance at Texarkana. Senatorial candidates-" schedule* tor today: I McClellan—-DeWitt and Stuttgart. I Chambers — Questio-thon broadcasts aat Helena, Forrest City, Osceola. Blytheville, Focahontas, Walnut Ridge, Jonesboro, Newport, BatesviHe. McMath — England, Stuttgart, Jonesbor o, Trumann, Marked Tree. Tyronza. Birdeye, Cherry Valley. Hickory Ridge. Fisher, Waldenburg, Weiner, Harrisburg. vear delay. Partition Certain There was little doubt that Viet rains ; somewhere between ihe 14th and Parallels. Sun Shoots Mercury to Record 106 ;aoi.v todav """'* A minimum of insects have been reported, he stated. A high American suurce said it w.ii be very difficult for the Com- mu..-5-ts to turn down the offer It was a real brow-mopper in Blytheville yesterday, when th« mercury rocketed to the 106-degree mark to set a new record from Washington today to resume i for the hottest day of the year — made by Mendes-France and 'still BlytheviMe Boy Stricken by Polio source said ihar if the Com- murnsts block Mencies-Francc s bid they will lose tremendous ground in r heir effort to win Asia for the Cnmese, particular^ in India and David Lee Springer, six-year-old i Barn-a. son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Spring- i It V.LB reported G.S. Dndcr&ecre- his campaign for a third term nomination. The senior senator ... , was called to the caoitol Saturday make it appear thev want peace." L Q confer wuh Democrat i c senators on matters facing Congress before adjournment in two weeks. McClellan has scheduled talks today at DeWitt and Stuttgart. Gov. Cherry has a full schedule before he starts his Talkathon tomorrow night. The governor will tached to both sides of the Diane! er ° f Blytheville - has been admitted i rary of State Walter Bedell Smith's jspeak this morning on a state-wide *~^ * ; T/l TQ/"I! 2, firm "Wrvcrnra 1 in 7v/f om r^Vii c i ^.f «a! Am dnr nf t'r\n TTO ^^^f-i'^*^ «,- .' , . . *.«/\__i_^_*_ - i- to give it an extra boost in take - Isolation Hospital in Memphis | statement of the off." With this extra push, the plane | followm £ diagnosis as a polio pa- i yesterdays session of the ccuier was airborne in less than 14 sec- ence hao. aroused no objections at ; radio hookup at a SlO-a-plate breakfast in his honor at Little Rock. Then he will go to El Dorado for Paralysis has been received by the onds and about one third of the : The ch:ld was re P° ried in cnti- ; from rhe Communal side. Smith i a no0 n speech. And he will appear " ' ~ ' ..... J •'- — -- -- - ' -• ---Mississippi County chapter to" help ' usual ™way distance. pay for treatment already provided : B - v reversing the propeller pitch ! Deen P Ia ced in a respirator. to polio patients here. * i as soon a .s the wheels touched the: -This financial help is not enough ' f unwa >'. ^ landing, the plane came _ , . „ f , , , u °':to a quick stop in a short distance ' tlfiCriOfl uo cover all the chapter's outstand- : A low-altitude Darachute •' tlCtriUR ing bills _but is a part of a National uy two Air Force p-ra-medics jump was cal condition this morning, and has | stated 'lie United a/as prepared to help in arriving ai a just and honorable peac? and 'hat it would the U. an agr -.-. .J ' J. * i *• vv --"— v»—i^f/* k . jlii^i^iViOW^; Foundation arrangement to provide called off because of he-vy winds needy chapters with immediate; More than 50 CAP Member; emergency aid. ...ambers according to A. S. j were on hand to man the 20 CAP, The Mississippi County Demo- ,m itg obligations under charter ir tlie even; o! .rnt. Private Talks Continue The determined French Premier moved tirelessly ahead with his busy round 01 private conferences an all-out final effori to make a ; here tomorrow morning to select j good on his promise to secure time that the ' judges and clerks for the primaries j cea;,e-J'ire by July 20 or resign. of Gosnell, his father, I. T. Walker, ana grandmother, Mrs. Claude Hicks, of Memphis were still pending this morning. The charge was lodged against the trio by parents of 12-year-old Reva Ellen Blankenship last week so allow a limited sharing of atomic secrets with America's allies. The Tennessee senator is a leading critic of a White House order that has been one of the main topics of debate, although not con- after a runaway marriage in which j tained in the bill itself. The presi- Reva and the Walker youth eloped | dential directive would have the to Hernando, Miss., The couple re- i Atomic Energy Commission con- turned here Friday afternoon following a three day search by their nact for private power to serve the Memphis. Tenn., area over (Toad) Harrison, chairman of the I planes from squadrons all over the ; era tic Central Committee will meet local chapter. ' state Mr. Harrison added that even the This was the record March of Dimes funds raised ?lytheviile squadron acted as host' July 27 and Aug. 10. \ The private -essions of small nationally last January are almost in a rescue mission. ; The meeting will get under way: groups of deleaves continued after Capt- Hank Dodd of the Blythe-jat 10 a.m. tomorrow in the Circuit: one of '.he <-ios f puzzhna confer- ville CAP squadron was com- ! Courtroom in the Court House here.; See CONFERENCE on Page exhausted, with chapters in many parts of the country drawing heavily on dwindling national resources. This drain is an additional expense and is in addition to the costs of polio prevention, the foundation's newest program, he said. Patient care bills still ouLstand- ing will be paid out of the chapter's share of contributions to the emergency drive. The local chao- 10 i on television at Pine Bluff at ;T:30 p.m. j TV Ap«axances I Orval Faubus of Huntsville and ! State Sen. Guy Jones of Comvay : a:so will appear on TV today. i Gubernatorial candidates" sched- I viies for today: i Cherry — Breakfast at Little Rock: speech at El Dorado; tele- ;\i.^ion appearance at Pine Bluff, i Faubus — Open house at Pine i Bluff; television appearance at •Pine Bluff. ; Jones — Handshaking tour from i Fort Smith to Texarkana; tele- so far. It was also the hottest day of the past two years. During 1953, the mercury's highest flight was to - the 103-degree mark on both Aug. 16 and Sept. 1. Until yesterday, this year's top reading was 105 degrees, recorded last Tuesday. Yesterday was the 10th day this month that the mercury has hit 100 or above. The 1952 heat record has yet to be approached. On June 28 and July 27 and 28 of that year, the temperature here mushroomed to 109 degrees. But as the office pessimist said today, this summer isn't ox-er vet ... Senatorial Candidates-— 7 Paul Chambers: 'Obligation Only to the People' By LEON HATCH i statement originally made in Little ! not only for school building as pro- , ar.swer program a "question-thon" FORREST CITY. Ark. I/PI — Paul ^ock Saturday that McMath "ought {pr.sed by McClellan but for gen- j but he slipped once this morning Kiwanians Boost Child Aid Fund By Paper Sales Blytheville Kiwanians increased their Underprivileged Children's Fund by nearly $300 Saturday through their sale of papers on Blytheviile streets. The Kiwanians netted $298.10 forn the sale of 1.000 copies of the Blytheville Courier News. The papers were donated by the Courier News. Prices paid for the papers ranged from two cents to sio. Weather j Carthy-Army row could have been ,; governor and the people are still farm program and favored reten- j cis Cherry in his first term race families. Tennessee Valley Authority lines. Prosecuting Attorney H. G. Part-1 The replaced TV/ power would low said this morning that there) go to the atomic plant at Padu- were "no developments" in the mat- run. Ky, ter, and Mrs. Rudy Blankenship, " mother of Reva, told the Courier j News that her family had not de- i cided whether to seek to have legal j WASHINGTON (/Pi - Arkansas' action pressed. I junior senator yesterday described Warrants for the three members of the Walker family were issued last week following a complaint by Mr, Blankenship, but charges have not been brought in Municipal Congress as "the discordant note" in America's foreign policy. "I regret to sec some senators taking such a positive position as to embarrass fnp administration," Court r,o dare, an appearance bond Son. Pulbrifzht (D-Ark» told the of $100 hw 'oc«n posted. j NBC-TV panel. "Meet the Press." Inside Today's Courier News . . . Stanky Violently Protests Forfeiture Ruling . . , Hubbard Is Medalist of Blytheville Country Club Golf Tournament . . . Sports . . . pajrcs 6 and 7... . . . Colleagues Pay Tribute to Sen. McClellan . . Candidates Now Aim Campaigns at Voters' Living: Rooms . , . Editorials... pa?* 4... . , . Getting Security Clearance May Mean a FBI Check from Date of Birth , . , Tajre 3... ' prevented by a change in investi- j gating procedure. j Chambers, on the second day ol j a radio question and answer type wondering what happened to the money." Chambers took the verbal swing tion of the 90 per cent of parity pnce support. two years ago. Chambers had a mixup at Hel- He said he did not have a law jena. He thought he was to have at McMath while discussing Me-i degree but thought one unneces-i appeared at 7:15 a.m. and arrived of campaign drive, did not explain j Math's charges against McClellan sa'-y to effectively represent Ar- j to find the station had scheduled 'exactly what changes he would j that the latter favored throwing h-:ve : made. jaway iwo billion dollars worth of In this connection Chambers did I taxpayers' money by voting to ap- I hi? IK-! mention Sen. John L .McClel-j prove the :reaty under which the kansas in the Senate. j ais broadcast for 7 a.m. AS a re- Chambers said he came out of i suit he was a few minutes late successful campaign for Na- | goaing on the air. Ian. whom he is opposing for the United States appropriated money Democratic nomination and who is for Germany to pay off holders of the senior Democrat on the Me-1 pre-world war n bonds. Carthy committee. j Chambers also torched today on On other points, however, ne most of the subjects dealt with in mentioned both McClellan and former R'ov. Sid "cMath. the third his. Saturday broadcasts at Little Rock:, Conway. Russellville and active candidate for the senatorial ; Morrilton, and in a previous broad- nomination. ; c.••>.«;t tod?" from Helena. Chamber?. Jhe Democratic Na- In rep'; to question he *«iil lie- tional Committeeman, repeated * favored federal Aid to education, ARKANSAS—Partly cloudy and hot this afternoon, tonight and Tuesday with widely scattered thundershowers. MISSOURI — Partly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and Tuesday with widely scattered thundershowers mostly tonight and Tuesday morning; continued hot and humid. Maximum Saturday— 99. Mlnlm-uiR this mornlng-~75. Maximum yesterday—106. Sunrls* tomorrow—5:01. Sunset today—7:ll. Mean temperature (mldw»y between tional Committeeman two years Later today the candidate had ago without obligation and that he 'scheduled broadcasts from Osceola. ^>-a,s incurring none of this cam- Blytheville, Paragould, Pocahon- paign "except to all the people of las. Walnut Ridge^Jonesboro, New- Arkansas." ! porf, and BatesviHe. In contrast, he declared, both Cnambers said that for the New- j high "and'Yow—w.y McClellan and McMath are obli- port broadcast he planned to trans-i Precipitation last « hour* to 7:00 cated to "special interests." He mit from a mobile telephone unit a 'p? e 'Jpit&tiori 0 jan. i to <ut»—u.TT said McClellan represents "big | he has in his automobile as he did This Date L*.n busines?" and that McMath is the j net expect to reach Newport in' Maximum yesterday—93. •parrot -of labor leader,.- itimo for a direct broadcast from Chambers called hus question and I the radio station.

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