Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1933 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1933
Page 9
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NOVEMBER 16.1933. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, tOWA PAGENIN* CHECK THESE PRICES Prices'afe Ittwtr than last year T-better radio (or less money— Campari our radios and our prices with any advertised brand. ALL-ELECTRIC MANTEL RADIO $ 14 95 / WHITTEMORE ACADEMY'S, 6, SCHEDULE OUT "Written) ore, Nov. 14—The Academy basketball teams began practice recently under Bob Finnell. Following is the games schedule: Nov. 28, Pocahontas, boys and girls, here; 'Dec. boys, here; Dec. girls, here; Dec. 5, Fort Dodge, 19, 22, Qraettinger, Livermore, Armstrong Youth is Shot While Hunting Thos. iFinnegan, of Armstrong, received a No. 4 shot in one of his legs in a hunting accident near Mapleton, Minn., during the recent open pheasant season there. He and three others were watching hunters, and one of them blazed away at a .bird flying in their direction. Mr. Finnegan was peppered, another had a mouth wound, another was wounded in the chest, the car radiator was punctured by two shots, and the lights broken. FARM NEWS W. J. Payne, Editor C. II. Klamp, Field Reporter. line Fleming won a doiur for sell- Germany and V. S- Compared. ner, so he came here- Besides Standard Oils and gas he keeps a full stock of automobile tires, husking mittens, gun shells, candies, and other merchandise. He is pleased with his locations and is having a good business. John is a bachelor, and it seems to agree with him. * * * * Many farmers called at the Advance office last Thursday and Friday for 'Wo Hunting" signs. Archie Herman Nordman, miles Shorthorn cow which dropped twin calves one day last week. The cow, which is 13 years old, has crooked horns which point towards her eyes. Guy said he would have to cut the horns off. 4- An Embarrassing Moment. Another embarrassing corn-picker accident is reported at Tintah, Minn., by the filmore 'Eye, in which Ray Koltes was stripped of all his Hutchison posted his Oakdale Farm clothes except a shirt sleeve and - Ceth f riee Latest in A.C.-D.C. hookup. No additional aerial or ground needed. Everything built in—just plug in and tune in the station. E««y Payment! boys and girls, here; Dec. 22, Liv-|ing the most tickets. ermore, boys and girls, here; Jan. _ , .. "— ~,T~^mr u 2, Pocahontas, boys and girls, So » f ° r « he Harold Walkers- north of "Wesley, lives on his mother's 160-acre farm and rents 160 acres more on the south. His mother, Mrs. S. Nordman, lives at Wo- Iden, and is now 83 years old, but | keeps well. The elder Mr. Nordman, who died 36 years ago, bought there; Jan. 5, Wesley, boys and Viola Heller, Algona, visited her the farm 40 years ago, and the girls, here; Jan. 9, 'Fort Dodge, mother, Mrs. Margaret Heller, Sun- family has built all of the build>boys, there; Jan. ,16 Graettinger, day evening. Viola has for some j n gs except one small one which. - - - •- •-— --•"- "— B. A. was part of the house. Herman had boys and girls, there; Jan. 23, Cyl- months been with Mrs. inder, boys and girls, here; Feb. 6,| Thor Pe, who is sick. Wesley, boys and girls, there; Feb. 13, Lu Verne, boys and girls, there; | , .,, , , —- Feb. 20, Algona, boys and girls, Mr - and Mrs - Mike_ Besch _cele- fj e ld. This is the better way Academy, here; Feb. 25, Algona brated their 30th weddmg anmvers- f ee d hogs, he believes. Academy, boys and girls, there. ary Sunday - Members of the im- 'While we Were there we met _ Games are also being arranged mediate family were Sunday dm- cousin of Mr. Nordman whose giv- 140 acres in corn this season, and it averaged 60 bushels to the acre. He turned 105 hogs into a 16-acre to 7 TUBE A. C. 1934 RADIO Pr.ec The.biggest value we have ever been able to offer—See this set at our store. Easy Payments against the 'Rodman and Mason City. high school ner euests. en and surnames are the same. I Double Garage is Planned— J. V. Elbert has finished This young man came from many seven years ago and Ger- has Aid Plans Christmas Party— Aid met last Thursday in the Lu-| bought a county theran school auditorium. The U t house road machinery. meeting was well attended, and lunch of chicken pie, two kinds of Surprise for Editor's Wife- cake, and coffee was served at ten Friendg dropped in to surprise The next meeting is Mrg _ iRay L Burdine lagt week , i i iiio.it f a\i r GJ* jr ct*i a a&v a«tu *ic*t-r „ worked at Herman's most all of the The serving commit- 1 tee for next month is Mrs. Heniy I j^tTa' birthday. iLauck, (Mrs. William iLauck, Mrs. William Leininger, Mrs. George A • It It 1 • * TV ?V V**. IVdX dilf J.AV;*. 11LC*A1. tJ llL\JiJ\l U*l VFi. VJ1V, foundation for a double Barage. He tjme since Two s ago he went ,..._, ... .u-j __,• ..,.„ US e| back to the Fatherlandi , but did n ot like it there any more. We kidded him, saying that foe had perhaps gone back to see a sweetheart, but said he thought there are bet- sweethearts here. He remarked east of Burt, where Tom Trenary lives. Both Archie and Tom were on pins during the shooting season lest some hunter should fire^a gun in the vicinity of 130 head of coming 2-year-old feeding steers which they bought a few months ago in western South (Dakota, near the bad lands. These cattle are wild, and if they were frightened they would be likely to stampede, knock down fences, and scatter to the four winds. * * • • George Attig, six miles north of Wesley, bought the 160-acre farm where he lives six years ago. There was a lot of quack grass on it then, but he has worked the land thoroughly and now raises good crops, j He had his corn picked and had 2600 bushels in the crib. He has I been feeding this year's corn to 1001 hogs, and his silo is full. When we called he was getting chicken coops j ready, for he had sold 300 young roosters and was going to deliver! He had to trot clear home Injured in Corn Picker. Lone Rock, Nov. i4—Tom O nell had a peculiar accident Ituit Thursday when his coat caught itt the power takeoff shaft, whil* picking corn. His coat was coin* pletely torn off, one rib cracked* and he was bruised, and suffered a badly bruised back. OTHER PRICES MAY (RAH9B, fat Gamble's tire prices, remain witlM in a few cents of their all-time 1«W« 1st line, 4.75/19 was $4.28, noHI Tubes, 79c and up. 19-lf that way in a cold wind. MICKEY Western Electric Wide Range Sound. All of the beautiful overtones in music. them. George remarked that he Wednesday, Thursday, Friday November 15-16-17 did not believe in tractors, so keeps seven good work horses. he 8 b'& days—Thursday matinee 2:80. He Clear the way for laughter, and help her cele- tnat cor n there was selling at |5 a bushel in American money, and that people here are not thankful enough for all the good things they Mr. and Mrs. Herman Voight and have. Thursdav wore Mrs William Daul- their son Kay™ 0 ™ 1 drove to Mason W hen this young man came to and Mr J Henrv LaVrenz Aleona city Friday to ge ^ the dau e hte1r this country he found it rather hard and Mrs Sam Lonestreet^ of Rosella ' who attends H an ?", ton "*- to understand what people were and Mrs. William Longstreet, pi . u,^ and wer(j accompanied on the talking about. He asked a friend momn me AJU win i bacfc ag far ag Garner by a | what to say when he could not -~ thinks if people will take care of dance, and song! what they have and do their best, Hundreds of gorgeous water the times will get better, and he nymphs! does not think that picketing does Scores of blushing brides. any good, but will only hurt the farmers' credit. There are four boys and one girl in the family, but the older boy is working away from | home. i to hn nl , be put BATTERY RADIO Everything under cover m this^ Battery Operated Radio. Packs a Real Wallop. Cash pric« complete with all batteries ', . With Dynamic Speaker $33.59 nnrtv nnH paoh wa ' uacK tts lal ao , s a nresent All Eifts will student who llves at Belmond - J as derstand, and the friend told him IL* and distributeddur- far as Wesley by ant>ther student, to say, "I do not understand." The a box and distributed dur-|_,, „„ „„„ „„ mh . tto „ ^ ™ or 5 0 1 first time he did not know what was meant he said, "I do not un- - f Whittemore toy Marie . '.. ,. . ... • . anu as jar as wniu.emuie 'oy ivianc ing the program which will consist Lj.,, Fenton> Arthup Kue £ ker> of of songs and readings. Fenton, met Miss Miller here. Mr. and' Mrs. Elmo Barber spent Many in Declamatory Contest— [Saturday evening with the latter's Speakers have been chosen for a parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas declamatory contest by high school k,owman, Rodman, and other visipupils: humorous—Harold Voight, tors there were Mr. and Mrs. Ho- Fred 'Fish, Edwin Mallory, Marie mer McKowen, California, and Mr. Ohm, Tola Bar.ber, Dorothy Heiden- and M rs _ Q'Malley, Des Moines. with, Harold Heinrich, Lewis Do- Mrs- Homer Keller, son Daryl, gotch, Arnold Heldt; dramatic — and a friend, all of Kason, Minn., Irene Corners. Irene Heller, Al- were (Saturday afternoon visitors vera Behnke, Wilma Airhart, Myr- a t Elmo Barber's. Mrs. Keller is a DICK POWELL BCBY KEELER JOAN BL05DELL GUT KIBBEE 300 Beautiful Girls. When we called last Thursday 11000 THBIMJS 20 STARS Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. November 22-23-24. A GOOD GIRL . . . Good of the right time I GAMBLE STORES 00 r,,ir.NDLY STORES -OWNED BY ITS . EKP.IOX|,E: Bud Barnard, Mgr. 105 W. State St. Just a Few Reminders that we are headquarters for —Nourse guaranteed Motor Oils —^Horton Washing Machines —Glo-Maid Ranges —Glo-Boy Circulating Heaters —Coleman Gas Lamps and Lanterns —Winchester Shells —Eveready Radio Batteries __Berry Brothers Varnishes —Berrycraft Paints —Universal Food Choppers . -r-Serge Milker Supplies —Melotte Separator Supplies Hamilton Beach Vacuum Cleaners —Olson Barn Equipment and Hay Carriers tie Barber, Matilda Wagner, Leona 'Naas, Lillian Heidenwith; oratorical—John Fish, Erwin Koehnecke, Maynard Roeber, Leo (Dogotch, Raymond Balgeman, John Mosbach, George Taylor, Evelyn Voight, June Wehrspan, Lillian Kuecker. Miss iLynch coaches humorous and oratorical; Miss Emariuel, dramatic. Herman Yaudt Wins Award- Silver medal diplomas were awarded this week to patrons of the Whittemore Farmers creamery who scored 93 per cent or better on cream Judging. The contest is held as an educational feature, and attracts considerable attention. It is held under the auspices of the local creamery through the dairy extension department of Iowa State college. During the year, at various times, patrons sample the cream for flavor, acidity, richness, container, etc., and at the end of the year the scores of the individuals are summed up, and awards made. Herman Vaudt took first for 1932 with a score of 94. Erwin Kueckers Lose Infant- sister of Mr. Barber. The visitors were accompanied home by • Mrs. Keller's son Kenneth. Mrs. Emma Phillips, Fort Dodge, and her daughter Ruth called Sunday evening at Henry Kuecker's. They had attended funeral services for Grandma Phillips at Sanborn. Mrs. Phillips is a sister of Mrs. Kuecker. Mrs. L. W. •Swanson and her orchestra played for a dance at the Algona academy last week Tuesday evening. Before the dance there was a card party, and "Walton Falb, Whittemore, won the high score for derstand," and the other man said, "Ich auch nicht" (I also not). The man was also a iGerman and didn't understand either. The first year 'the young man was here he read a German paper, but he' soon learned to- read English. He was taught to ibe a bookkeeper in Germany. ' » » * » Don Stiles, who carries a Sunday delivery route for the Register & Tribune over RFID route No. 1-A out of Algona, was awarded third place from top in a group of 68 delivery salesmen for good'work in October. Don is a son-in-law of A J. Brown, and with his wife occupies the John Brown farm, south of Algona. His route is chiefly in Cresco township. * * * * Last week we rode with a former at Rufus Lindhorst's, eight miles north of Wesley, we were informed that Rufus was at the Mrs. Julia Reynolds farm, picking corn, and at many other neighbors were "FOOTLIGHT PARADE" men. Sunday dinner guests at Leo Elbert's Garner, were Mr. and Mrs. Peter Elbert, Minnie and Earl Elbert, Mr. and Mrs. Mike Schumacher, Mrs. Helen Walters, and the latter's daughter Geneva. (Father Gearen, Onawa, and a Mr. Davis, of Blencoe, came Saturday for the pheasant s_eason. .Father Achate, Rockwell City, assistant pastor here 1'5 years ago, was here Sunday for a visit. farm machinery dealer througl parts of Kossuth county, and he frequently commented on the wort] in money of power farm machinery lying unused outdoors in farm yards we passed. He would say "There is a $600 corn picker un used," though in the adjoining fiel were several wagons accompanyin hand huskers. "There is an $110 tractor to pull it, also unused. Th interest charge on the two ma chines, if 5 per cent were allowed would be '$85 a year, and the de preciation charge, if only 10 pe cent were allowed, $170 a year One probable reason -for the id! | machinery was lack of money t Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Walker receiv- buy gas to ope rate the tractor; an ed word one day last week that a | ot ), er tnat mem bers of the famil Saturday Super-Special, NOT. 18 DOUBLE FEATURE lere. We went on and found Aug-1 Bigger and better Saturday shows, st Schram, Mrs. Reynolds' father, Seven day entertainment for one here also, and he and Mrs. Rey- admission. olds were happy over the way the! Faster by far than anything he ind neighbors and other friends ad come to her aid. Rufus had has ever done. Imagine Doug. Fairbanks living The greatest Doug of all. rought a busload of men from Ti- inj.he time of Robinson^Crusoe. onka. They called him "Kingfish," nd they also had a iMutt and Jeff, ut we did not learn who they ere. Some of the other men were erry Schutjer, G. J. Schutjer Jr., Clarence Schutjer, Raymond Schuter, William Schutjer, Frank Meyr, Rudy Meyer, Harm Wibben, Joe Wibben, Frank Rakow, William Fritz, Ben Pannkuk, Henry Alke, rnest Jones, Tony Wibben, Al foung, Henry Gerdes, (Dean Gerdes, rohn Cosgrove, • John Alke, Andrew Krominga, John Kuchenreuther, Jeorge Klink, Harley Larson, Wiliam Hagen, Irvin iEden, George Eden Jr., Druggist W. J. Denton, and William Batt. The men did a 'ine jab, picking more than 25 acres in little over a half day. The women also did their share. Mrs. llarence Schutjer and Mrs. William Schutjer had roasted plenty of chickens and pork, and some of the other women had brought other good things to eat. Women who helped serve, were Mrs. August Schram, Mrs. George Klink. Mrs. Frank Meyer, Mrs. Henry Gerdes, Mrs. Ray Oesterreicher, Mrs. Ben Rieken, and Hannabelle Giddings. It is good to see such an example of true neighborliness. • * * * iFred Sonius, six miles north and —and— BICAEDO CORTEZ in "Big: Executive" Up to his neck in the market. Head over heels in love. and Kit Carson Serial. day er, •win KuecKers Lose imwii- eu woiu ™» u-j .«.uw.»«.».«. ., other that memDers or tne lamii two miles east of Wesley, was A boy was born last week Tues- boy had been born to Mr. and Mrs. collld husk corn and thereby pro-|.threshing corn fodder last week ly to Mr. and Mrs. Erwm Kueck- Harold Walker, DelavaivMinn., No- vlde employment for themselves.; Wedd ° y Thi is good -f e ed for Sunday Only, November 19. 1-3 matniees. Night shows, 5-7-9. A comedy sensation- New comedy team. JOAN BLONDELL GLENDA FAKBELL Assisted by ALLEN JENKINS GUY KIBBEE FRANK McHOUGH in "Havanna Widows" . One of the comedy hits of 1933! The answer to—Call for entertainment and relaxation. All you do is laugh! Zazu Pitts and Thelma Todd in "Beauty and the Bus" New News—one day old. but he lived only a short time, vember 8,-the first child.. He was christened Gale Allen, and this was the first ctiild.VMrs. Kuecker was formerly Arlene Sundmg. Funeral services were held last week Wednesday at the house, and burial was made in St. Paul's Lutheran cemetery, .the Rev. W. H. Edw., John, and Carl 'Lottman, Elmer and Clarence Johnson, and William Davis xwere visitors at Maurice Mallory's for the pheasant season. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Putz, son Martin, and Orman Grain, all of Min- Discher "officiating. Charles Hel-' nesota Lake, Minn., were Sunday burg, Mrs. Hedlund, and Mr. and dinner gueets at the Robert Braatz Mrs. Harry Sunding, Ames, were home. , t • j here for the funeral, all going back, Relatives here have received the same day except Mrs. Sunding.' word that Mr. and Mrs. Al Richs have a new sont born October 28. Mrs. Rechs was formerly Elsie Far- , . , Wednesday. This is good ---- _„ In other cases the corn was not in his ca t t i e . We made some remarks thresher beU he was cost $120, and condition for the use of .a picker, j about a Many farm families bought power , using ^ , machinery some years ago to re- that he had used it 22 seasonSi yet place the help of the young folks it ig stm in fine snape _ This may who had gone to the city to find more profitable employment, but now tlie young folks are out of Nelson Hardware ALGONA IOWA Peter Dahlhausers Sr. Here— Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dahlhauser rell. Sr. and tlieir grandchild, Edward, son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dahl- The forestation detail at Lake Andes, iS. D., has been moved to NOTICE TO AUTOMOBILE DRIVERS A day and night tlaim reporting, service on automobile claims is now being maintained through our automobile insurance department. Through our Universal Motor Road Service certificate which is issued with your automobile liability insurance, we provide you with personal accident insurance m case you are hurt; also reimbursement for tow-in expense, appearance bond and claim report expense. . If you are looking for the very best service in automobile msur- wufe W ItocSSn *t the very, lowest, cost, consult our agency for further particulars. ' We Maintain an Extraordinary Automobile Insurance Service. THE ALGONA INSURANCE AGENCY C. «, LA BABBE . * hone 56 Insurance — Loans — Surety Bonds - Investments. SUll \JL iVl*. « ****** **•».» w> » — -— _ -- , — , t hauser Jr all of Tallulah, La., ar- i Lake View, Iowa, for the winter, riv'ed bv auto last week for ah ex-;Lucian Meurer is in this camp, rneu uy *U L _ _ . _ . „...._! Tne , B _ A Qoetsch family, Vincent Ennis, and Jean Devine, all of work in the oity and have back to the farm to replace tlie be a tip to farmers not to paint " ut 'belts. John, says paint will crack any belt. He has never painted co . 1 ? e this one, and there is not a crack GRANT remount Picture New News and Football Reel. machinery. expensive housed in a good dry place where depreciation cannot take more than or a break in it anywhere, for all At least, however, such of the hard use he , has give ' n it . machinery should be Geo. W. Brezee, who had one of e E. J. Gilmore farms west of Al- Monday and Tuesday, NOT. 20-21 School matinee (Monday, 4:15. Tuesday at 2:30. FUN FOR THE FAMltLY! Here we are again! The Three Little Pigs. Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf! (Technicolor) tended visit. Jr., Al, and The Peter .Sr'.,-Peter Jos. Dahlhausers all or moved to Tallulah last spring from here. Mr. and Mrs. Peter. Dahlhauser Sr. are with their son Carl at Algona, at present, and Edward is visiting local friends three four weeks. Luther's Birthday Observed- Friday evening at St. Paul's Lutheran church a special service was held to commemorate the 4'60th an- Iniversary of the birth of Martin Luther. Pupils of the Lutheran school Humboldt, w.ere Sunday dinner guests at C. L. Cavanaugh's. Conrad Allig has a finger infection which started with a scratch. Bloodpoisoning set in, and he had to have the finger lanced. Edwin Greinert and Alfred, Lydia, and 'Lawrence Meyer were Sunday evening visitors at Charles Lauritzen's, Graettinger. Mr. Kaschmitter, Verena, and Joseph went to Alton Saturday, and Mrs. Anna iSchreier accompanied the usual toll. • g0 na, has rented an 80-acre farm a * * * * • ™ -A I mile south and a mile west of the When we called recently on C. A. Sou t n Cresco church, owned 'by W. Geilenfeldt, northwest of Algona, , L Mar ti n> Algona. B. <F. Sparks, we found him in bed with abscess who had th j s farm> recently bought on the body. He said he had had ft house at Hobarton, and has mov- an operation at a hospital at Al- €d tnere . Mr. Brezee is already in gona and stayed there a week, but possess i on O f the Martin place. His had then come home. However, he w j fe was f ormer i y Mary Steil and had just made a trip to the hospital ig a daug h ter of (Mr. and Mrs. again for a minor operation, re- Gedrge .gteil, farmers near Algona. turning the same day. He said his They haye two children, a ,boy and 'health otherwise was o. k. and that j j Mr> Brezee was one O f 30 B«* 1 ITT— 11* A « V* ntir ."O" 1 _._, .1 FROLIC of^ hymns and them here for the winter, to-th. occasion. DR, F, & SAWYER, Opt, Algqna, Iowa jffrs. J, F. McCreery Breaks Hip- Carrol McCreery and Doctor J. P Drozda, Omaha, came Saturday to visit Valeria, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J. F. McCreery, Fonda, patient at the Dr. J. ' W. McCreery hospital. Her parents, of Fonda, came Sunday and while they were here Mrs. J.'F. McCreery fell and broke a hip. Four Hear Secretary Wallace— . Walter Vaudt, George Balgeman, Charley tBorman, and Ralph Bartlett drove to Des Moines Saturday to hear Secretary Wallace, speak. Community Club Meets— The monthly meeting of Whittemore 'Community club the was held at the city hall Thursday evening There'was still a number of important things to discuss in relation to the corn show, etc. A good crowd attended. Laird &McCullough We are in the service pf others PSQfcE53l ALGONA, IQWA Boy for James Geelan's— A 6 3-4 pound boy was last Tuesday morning to Mr. Mrs. James Geelan. This is after a few weeks with her son, Dr. H. E. Woodward. A home talent play, Miss Prosperity on OPariade, was presented by the Rosary society at the Academy Sunday evening. The Wm. Longstreets, of Decorah, are visitors of the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lehmann. Ruth Balgeman, Sheffield teacher, was at home over Sunday. Tillie and Imogene Wagner were week-end visitors at Algona. Mike Koppen has purchased a new portable hammer mill for all kinds of feed grinding. Druggist Cavanaugh went to Fort Dodge Monday to attend a druggists district meeting. Mrs. George Schroeder, Burt, visited last week at her sister-in-law Mrs. R. A. Bartlett's. iEsther Wagner, R. N., left Mon dya night for Chicago to take state board examinations. Edw. Hahn, Elkader, brother he was feeling good. He was, however, concerned a bit to know how much the doctor was to get out of the transaction. 4 • • * • At the Fred Plumb farm, 'formerly the old Pat 'Leonard farm, northwest of Algona, we recently learned one of the reasons why farmers go around with torn clothes. -We got ur own torn in climbing up to the op of a big corn crib through a nanhole. Fred was up there, where IB could cast his eye over 5,900 jushels of corn, and he was schem- ng ways to get-a few more bushels nto the crib, for he had one more lay to husk. At the Hobarton elevator last week Monday, W. H. Reidel, of the Good Hope neighborhood, was haul- ng out a load of drain tile for the farm. We should like to see farm conditions get back where more of this kind of improving activity could be seen. born and the homeless New York children, who were brought here 17 years ago, more or less, and allotted to foster- parents at a big meeting at the opera house. At the time this event made a big impression on Algona people, and it is noteworthy that Here he is! The chief of the fun department! Ed Wynn, radio's greatest star .. . the stage's supreme comedian America's perfect fool ... in George Kohl, northwest of Algona, had Just brought home some Kentucky lump coal when we called the other day, and in the other end of the wagon box he also brought several hundred pounds of slack coal at 20c cwt. which was to be fed to the hogs as a conditioner. Have any other farmers tried that? all of the children who found a dazzling frolic of howls! homes here have made good. There He runs f or alderman — he be- were two sisters of George in the comes the town hero—he falls for a party, and both are now married, re d_hot mamma- one being Mrs. Thos. Langus, Dubuque, the other Mrs. Otto Opper-| man, near Cylinder. • * * We called last Thursday on Bernard Thompson, who lives on one] of the Julius Kunz farms just off the main graveled" road two miles south of Titonka. He must be a satisfactory tenant, for he has had this farm six years and will stay another year; and he says that Julius is a satisfactory landlord. Bernard is the son of Bert Thompson, who now lives at Iowa Falls, where he works for the state highway commission, but formerly farmed near Lu Verne and later ran a grocery stpre in town. (Peter Thompson, a well known oldtimer at Lu erne, is Bernard's grandfather, ernard's mother is a daughter of W. J. Patton, now of Alexandria, Minn., who once farmed west of Lu /eme and later near Bancroft. Ber- See It for the [Laugh of \he Year I —With— DOROTHY MAC KAIL CHIC SALE —Also— WALTER DONALDSON, Song Composer and His Artists. Dancers—Singers • And a Musical World Journey Samoan Memories, ' of first child in the family. Mrs. Gee- Ian was formerly *Mary D. Sciulz, of Fort Dodge, and was a.local high school teacher.. First B. B. dames Bated— The high school boys' and girls basketball teams will play their first games here next Tuesday. The Ruthven girls will come, and the boys will play a local alumni team. Contest Prices Are Awarded— , Charley Seymour won $5 >n a recent tMrifet «°M&**g£Sfc. yyicjpBPmr^^w- «^ V^ f f \ ^ , ,,; . v ••p., M$J$&&&£:izi^]bs*& Ti **:**•_^-vV, A.&JJL'A . i '•\- F. O. Hahn, was down for the pheasant hunting. % Florence B.'Lynch,, high school principal, visited over the week-end at Mason City. iRosella Higgins went to Sioux City last week Wednesday to visit friends. , August Miller has been sick; also Mrs. M. W. Fandel and Mrs. James Butler. ' ' - .-.•'."" Pickets Turn Laiotan Back. Lakota, Nov. 14-r-Jerry Ukena was held up by pickets last week •Wednesday night when he was taking a truckle-ad of hogs to Austin, Minju He had to go back to Al bert Lea. - " ' 'V.^'^'J^ John Waldron, a mile north of Whittemore, operates a Standard Oil filling station. He came there from Ayrshire, where he farmed one year. He worked for the John Deere Plow Co. out of Waterloo four years, and was in every state west of the Mississippi, also in Canada. He liked the work, but the times changed, so he got out of it. He said that he had had & good filling station corner in view near Sioux City where he planned to operate a station if the company hac to let him out, but that when the time came the corner was gone someone having built a. station there, He had, hpwever, also been keeping tab-on the Whittemore cor lard is married, and his wife is a ormer school teacher at' or near Thor in Humboldt county. They have no children . They have been 'arming 200 acres, but will have only 120 next season, and they may have to have a sale this winter t( dispose of surplus stuff. Bernan is a great-nephew, of the wife o: the Advance editor. '***.* Guy Aldrich, two miles west and three miles north of Wesley, was trying to get his horses hitched to a plow when we called Saturday. They had been frightened by shooting by pheasant hunters, Guy saidj he had to take refuge in his pump house, for he could hear shot striking trees. He showed us a fjne| CLEAN COAL Only select high grade coal passes from us to owr customers. When you want the best coal ^^^W^W^F ^tF^f^ff ' * ANDERSON GRAIN & COAL CO, At M, £ St. L, Tracks, ,<i>v-*v

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