Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1933 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 16, 1933
Page 7
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KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA CARS CRASH IN IU VERNE CREEK , ikor." 14— A double au- accident-occur red at 6:30 W^ «* the first bridge town on the road to S.ex- F William Moeding and Her- I'Hlnt* Jr-t traveling south, hit f bridge railing on the west side, their car dropped to'the creek if Mr. Hinsr was rendered un- Mous, and hunters returning to took him to Doctor Corbin's HORTON (Continued from page 1.) at- at- nttfflfcef of cars Had stopped . the scene of the accident. Two g men from Fort Dodge and a nan from Manson, .coming at [h speed from the north, - L noted to stop, and m the lint drove otf the east side of the nroach to the bridge, also land- in the creek, with the car over- ystanders broke the windows of i car and rescued the occupants, of 'whom'suffered cuts and- after receiving medical s: came as a stranger, not knowing our particular problems or diffi- c.ulties, and then he brought us a message of hope and peace that lay on all of us like a benediction. 1 still continue to think of that sermon as the' best I have ever heard and 'would'give a good deal to have a copy of it if it has been preserved. After Mr. Suckow came as our regular pastor he delivered sermons that il have never heard equalled in any pulpit. I notice you call for recollections. >0ne of my favorite recollections of the church is in connection with my Mother's liberal 'bent that I have spoken at. She believed that children should be in church on Sunday and we were there, but her sympathy led her to make some concessions to our tender years. Head Book During Sermons. At that time there was a Sunday IjOCALS , they called friends by tele- school library and some benefactor ine who came and took them to of the race had slipped in a corn- Dodge that evening. _ plete set of Cooper. I was al^owec to ibring in a book unobtrusively and after the sermon had commenced I could start to read, provided ,.'. Hintz, Who af first seemed to niost injured, recovered con- -iousness and was able to help It the Moeding- car out of the leek' Sunday morning. Both cars L re almost totally wrecked. Damage Suit Brought Here.by Webster Countyanj 1 Tomorrow is the last day for fil- fcg new cases for the November Inn of court, which will open No- jmber 27, with Judge Geo. A. Jeald, Spencer, on the bench. Pros- jects are for a comparatively light ferm, unless many new suits are Bed today and tomorrow. 1 A damage suit was filed Monday • Harry L. Meader, Webster coun- against Lester Paulson, Kos- ,uth, asking $375 as personal and! m damages, the result of a collision August 17. According to the etition, the accident occurred near ayton, Webster county, the Paul truck and the Meader car Crashing. Meader claims '$300 for a broken fchoulder blade, wrenched back, and bruises, and $75 for damages to his Ear, alleging that Paulson was negligent. Mrs. E. J. Rawson is visiting Anamosa relatives. R. W. Horigan, Spencer, spent Sunday with Mrs. Horigan here. 'E. A. Aman, Milwaukee, spent the week-end with his sister, Mrs. Charles Gilbride. The Ralph Hofers, Goodell, spent .Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. ilmer Jasperson. Frank Klum, Ottumwa, was a week-end guest at Mr. and Mrs. Roy Christensen's. Edmund Norton, attending Iowa State college, Ames, spent the week-end at home. -iRoy Christensen left last Thursday for 'Cornell, 111., where he is conducting a store sale. Mrs. C. T. Chubb arid Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Herbst spent Sunda; with relatives at Hartley. K. D. James and Mrs. H. ,B White attended a district iRexal meeting at Fort Dodge Monday. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Nieman, Man Chester, spent the week-end witti the latter's sister, Mrs. D. T. Nu gent. the book was kept well below the top of the pew. 180 while the sermon was proceeding from thirdly to fourthly there was one child at least that was out on the war path with the iDeerslayer or the Mo- •E. J. Murtagh was called to De (Moines last Thursday as witness i an Equitable Life vs. Collins Farm Co. suit. Veronica and Ann Hatch, of S Paul, spent Saturday and Sunda at their aunt, Mrs. Matt Holtz- and Margaret Habegar, students at the Iowa State Teachers college, Cedar Falls, and bring them home. Because of illness, Margaret remained for the rest of the week, the others returning to school Sunday. employ of Thompson Yards, nc., which moved its headquarters ffice from Algona to Mankato ome years ago. J. S. Auner, Des Moines, spent he week-end with Mr. and Mrs. G. V. Stillman and other local friends nd hunted pheasants Friday and aturday. Mrs. Stillman's brother, Jharles Holland, Maxwell, also pent Friday here. Mary Fraser, teacher of the Unon No. 1 school, will direct a program at the schoolhouse tomorrow evening at 8 o'clock. Women at- ending are asked to take sack unches, which will be sold. Coffee will be served free. Tyrrell Ingersoll and Fred Frederickson, both of Cedar 'Rapids, spent the week-end with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Ingersoll. They took back with ;hem a number of pheasants, having had good luck at hunting. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Ohm, Fenton, were Algona shoppers Monday afternoon. -Mr. Ohm, who drives a truck for the Home Oil Co., Fen- school. I am not going to perjure myself at this late date toy asserting that it is an unmixed blessing for a boy to have his mother superintendent of the Sunday school. Far from it. It meant 100 per cent attendance and exemplary conduct. It was very hard. Circus Ruined One Sunday. ~l remember one beautiful Sun- ay when II received a special dis- ensation allowing .me to get up early to see the circus come in own, with the strict proviso that should .be in 'Sunday school on ;ime. I can still sense the slinking' feeling with which I sneaked into a rear seat Just as they were starting the closing hymn. My shining morn- ng face and Sunday clothes were daubed with red' paint from the box cars. (Fortunately mother was possessed with a good sense of humor [Joint Legion-Aux Meeting Planned at Wesley Nov. 23 Wesley, Nov. ,14-^-iA Joint meeting lof the county Legion-Auxiliary or- Iganizations .will toe held at Wesley Inext week Thursday night at 8 lo'clock, with L. M. Merritt, Algona land Mrs. Ida Larson, Swea City [presiding. The program will in hicans. /1 still think it was a great ?„„„";; • j UdUcl S. Samuel Oudekerk, Woden, was operated on at the General hospital last'week Wednesday for ruptured appendix. . Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Menzel, of Ames, spent the week-end with the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. MP. Weaver. M. P. Christiansen, H. J. Bode, and Frank McEnroe spent Saturday at Des Moines, where they heard Henry Wallace speak. 'E. J. Murtagh, R. S. Blossom, and C. H. (Blossom, the latter of Burt, attended the funeral of a brother of ;he latter at Waverly Sunday. Jeanette Goeders spent the weekend at Des Moines. 'Donald A Trauger drove her car for her and and this time the humor got the better of her sense of duty and there were no serious consequences. My' strongest recollection of the church, though, remains in the sense of peace that came on Sunday morning as the" sunlight streamed through, .the. colored windows on the south, the grand old hymns and the literature of the Bi- ible, which if the hoy has heard it, will never leave the man; and FORMER FENTON GIRL . PASSES IN ILLINOIS dude talks by Glenn Gray, vice I above all my Mother's abiding faith Istate commander; James I. Dolli- and courage. Iver, 8th district commander; Vic- Itor Stuehland, vice district com- Imander; Mrs. J. C. Underkofler, 8th [district committeewoman; and per- l-haps others. 'The .Rusty Hinge [Quartet, Mason City, of which W. I Earl Hall, past state commander, is la member, will sing, and the Al- Jgona German band will play. If [there is time following program [and lunch there will be a dance. | At least 150 Legionnaires and Aux[ iliary members are expected. Burt Girls "Win" Honor at School ;Edna and Joseph,'daughter and I son of Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Jordan, l.Burt. were graduated from the Hamilton school of commerce, Matson City, last week'Monday even- ling, and both already have jobs, [Edna, who received an honor de- Fenton, Nov. 14—Mrs. Fred Hamilton died at her home at Reddick 111., October 23, after an illness of a month. She was Lulu Belle Alderson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs spent the week-end with friends at Ames. Mrs. S. J. Backus and her daughter Beth spent the week-end a Dubuque, whe_re the other daugh ter, Eleanor, is attending Dubuque university. Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Leslie, Wa verly, and Peter Humphrey, Mon ona, are visiting Mrs. Kat Vaughan, sister of Mrs. Leslie ant Mr. Humphrey. Marriage licenses- were issue'd ast week to Cecil Bjustrom, Grace Walker, both of Whittemore, and George Hobbs, Alta, Mona Dunn, Algona, Monday* T. H. Holmes and his son T. H. Jr. spent Saturday and Sunday at Oskaloosa, visiting relatives and looking after a farm Mr. Holmes owns there. Mr. and Mrs. Milford Green attended the wedding of Mrs. Green's sister at Mason City yesterday afternoon. Mr. Green is employed at the Wilson bakery. The A. A. Sterlings, Dr. and Mrs. F. L. Tribon, the latter's parents, Mr. and Mrs. (F. A. M. Frost, and the latter couple's son Fred visited ton, is an oldtimer in that'part of the county, his father having formerly farmed southeast of Fenton. Ruth Messenger, high school English teacher, and Gladys 'Ri'sing spent the week-end at Mt. Vernon, attending Cornell college homecoming festivities. Gladys visited Mary Elizabeth Foster, freshman there. Miss Messenger is a Cornell graduate. Vera Koufoa, who has been in the mploy of the Home Owners Loan ssociation at Fort Dodge since eptember, stopped here for her ister Grace Saturday, and the ,wo spent Sunday with their par- nts, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Kouba Sr., Wesley. > A basket social will be given at he Union township No. 6 school near the Good Hope church tomor- •ow evening at 8:30. The pupils will present a play from Longfel- ow's Hiawatha. Florence Blaclt is teacher, Hugh Raney will serve as auctioneer. Mrs. L. D. Dickinson, mother of Senator L. J. Dickinson, has been confined to bed since November 1, having injured her back in a fall.' She is at the home of her grandson, Doyle Dickinson, Eldora, where she lost her balance and fell from her chair as she reached down to help a great-grandchild. Mrs. Dickinson is now 87 years old. Floyd E. Saunders and R. H. Foutz, Sioux City, spent last week at Minneapolis on business. Both are connected with the local Kennedy & Parsons company. Mrs. Foutz spent last week with Mrs. Saunders, and Mr. and Mrs. Foutz went home Sunday. Mr. and Mrs A. P. Sondegaard, Mason City, were also week-end guests at the 'Saunders home. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Herbst, Mr and Mrs. T. T. Herbst, and Mrs. C T. Chubb were guests Sunday o: the Tennants at Hartley, where a farewell dinner was given for Veda Herbst, who left Hartley Tuesday for her home in California. Sh planned to spend Thanksgiving with her sister, the former Adel Herbst, now Mrs. Victor Metzler Indio, Calif. Mr. and Mrs. L. V. Stebbins, son James, and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Nolte, son Le Roy, and daughter Geraldine were dinner guests of the James Elders, Rockwell City, Sunday. Mr. Elder, who used to manage the Hobarton elevator, opened a Gamble store at 'Rockwell ity recently. Mrs. J. Wm. Dearchs, Denver, nd her daughter Lois are spend- ng the week with local relatives, 'hey arrived Sunday to attend fun- ral services that day, of Mrs. Dearch's sister, Mrs. Oscar Cedar- .olm, iRuthven. Mrs. Dearchs and ler daughter are guests of another ister, Mrs. August Strom, and her Ister-in-law, Mrs. L. J. DeGraw. Algonians who attended _ the funeral were: 'Mr. and Mrs. August Strom, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Schultz, Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Dearchs, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Taylor, Mrs. L. J. DeGraw. Mrs. J. (D. Graham, Burt, was also a sister of the deceased. Mrs. Cedarholm, Who was 62, had suffered from heart trouble during the last few years. The P. T. A. study class dealing Mary? Well, she is a girl living in I or near Algona who Will be selected in a popularity contest described more in detail elsewhere in this or other issues of the Kossuth County Advance. Real, Live Fairies, Too. Also with Santa'will be six of his real, live fairies. These fairies are the ones with sleazy, myriad-colored wings such as every child has read about in story books. Santa is giving them a place of prominence in his parade, too, as he likes them very much. They will appear in his parade as his escorts along side of his log cabin home. Three of them will hover about each side of his cabin as it moves through the streets. Their wings fluttering in the breeze, they present a truly alluring spectacle, Santa declares in his radiogram As this is the first year Santa has brought any living fairies with him on a pre-Christmas tour of a few selected American cities, it no doubt will be the first time those eems great, .Santa intimates tfcftt le is bringing many more thrilling eatures with him to participate Itt his parade and that he will h»t* omething to reveal about them Itt next week's paper. Be sure to look or the Santa Claus story in it. Ministers Guests ; of Lu Verne Pastor with adolescent life will have-its first lesson next Monday at 7:30 p. in. under the leadership of the Rev. A. S. Hueser. ents have enrolled. Some 40 par- Mr. Hueser Work on the new water tower i scheduled to start next week. Tool and other equipment for erecting the steel were shipped yesterday, Supt. Jos. W. Kelly is advised. announces : "If you wish to join, be at the music room in the high school building. Everyone is eligible for this class. You need not be parents with children 12 years and over. In fact, it would be wise for parents with younger children to coming to Algona to witness the Santa Claus parade pageant shal have 'had an opportunity of seeing them. Although this array of attraction. Lu Verne, Nov. 15 — The Rev. and Mrs. A. J. Koonce entertained thai Presbyterian ministers of Kossu'th. county and their wives last Tuesday. This was the regular mooc thly meeting of the group. Thai guests arrived for a noon dinner, and the afternoon was spent discussing the affairs of the church. The Rev. S. M. Gladstone, Iione Rock, the Rev. and Mrs. S. H. Aten, Burt, the Rev. and Mrs. C. P. Carlson,, Algona, the Rev. and Mrs. A.- Condee, West Berid, and the Rev. Alex English, and daughter, Mrs. Casey Loss, of the Irvlngton church, attended. Hunter Shot in Leg. ,., Lu Verne, Nov. 14— A hunter from Des Moines was shot through the leg Saturday afternoon whilel pheasant hunting here. come and familiarize with the problems of Mr. and Mrs. D. D. Paxson, and Mrs.. Ralph Horigan-went to Des Moines Tuesday. Mr. Paxson looked after business affairs, and the Paxsons were guests of the E. D. MclDades, while Mrs. "Horigan visited her mother. They are expected home tomorrow. Mrs. A. L. Long and Mrs. T. P. grpunds, and the rest is expected this week-end. The huge tank will be shipped in sections and :be riveted on the job, as will also the six legs of the tower. Mrs. Don Allen, Davenport, went home Friday, after ten days with her mother, Mrs. J. C. Kresensky. Terence Cullen, Charles City, who had spent several days with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. John S. Cullen, Whittemore, and his local grandparent, A. Streit, accompanied her to his home. Mrs. Allen spent Friday with Terence's mother, Mrs. Maurice Cullen, and spent Saturday an^ Sunday with friends. t Waterloo. The report last week that the J , Blossoms, Burt, had rented Mrs J. Skinner's house, furnished, vas in error. The J. ;R. iBlossoms ave been in •California with their on Donald since a month or so ago. It was the R. S. Blossoms who rented the house, but the men- ion was handed in with the wrong themselves this group they have to face them. The subject for the first study will be Jnderstanding Our Children. Other subjects in later lessons, will include The Child's Need of Recog- lition, The Feeling of Inferiority etc. : Harrington will spend the weekend at Grinnell, where their daughters, Arba Dee Long and Bernice Harririgton, are students. They Will stop at Nora Springs for Doris Long, teacher there, who will accompany them. Claude Haynes, .Sexton, who two weeks ago yesterday was .blasting rocks, north of Sexton, when a chip of rock hit him in one eye will be able to leave the Genera hospital'in a few days. The sight o: the left eye was lost, but the ey& ball is now almost healed. R. J. Harrington and Mary Mitchell spent Tuesday at Mason City, on legal business. Sanfon Stoddard, Mason City, came her with them for several days wit! Eagle Grove relatives Sunday. Mrs. W. B. Quarton and Mrs. E. J. Murtagh entertained 12 women at 6 o'clock dinner Monday evening. Mr. Harrington, ated from the Both were gradu State Universit onononon non no n nnq aaiaa SANTA (Continued from page 1.) Y" declares: "Shuglovs have revolutionized rain shoes and cut inches from! rainy day feet!" (IU»M*ud tmm Nov««b« 1M, 1911 VOGUE by pwrnMon ol lh« MM**) mas, one of Santa's best loved helpers. Miss Mary will have her automobile filled with countless gas- filled toy animal balloons. There will be elephants, tigers, lions, bears, dogs, and, in fact every kind of animal imaginable. Miss Mary will release one of these animals each second as she rides through the streets of Algona in Santa's parade. Astounding as it may seem, Miss Mary will release 300 of the balloons in five minutes' time. They will soar into the air over the festive crowd before coming to earth. Miss Mary, of course, is very young, yet old enough to know the pains and joys of life. She.has a bright face which smiles out from beneath a brow kissed with lovely locks. She instantly wins the liearts of all who see her, for she has found the appeal of eternal youth through thinking only of the happiness of others. Who is Miss ' - j . iMi^uvrV'i.v'i'fv *J**i»»v*<. n*v/»»»*t*>j ^* » %,»»i*»o« William Alderson, and was born Ml .. g< , D H Goeders and Mrs . M< P . |near Essex, 111., September 24,' Haggard won the higih gcores- 11884. Later she moved with her parents to Iowa. She was married to Fred Hamilton March 9, 1905, at Fenton, and ten children were born, one of whom is dead. ,She is survived by her husband and nine children: Mrs. Verha King, Mrs. Wilma Dacken, and Lyle Hamilton, Burt; Mrs. Arlene Pasley. Sexton; iLouis Virginia,-Donald, .Robert, and Shirley, at home; also M. M. Morrow, now of Audubon, and his son Charles spent the week-end here. Bernice Dearchs went to Audubon with them for several days with Gertrude Morrow. gree, as stenographer -for the dis- j, y jj el .' parents, and two brothers, trict superintendent .of the North- Myron and Burdette, all of Fenton, " ' [.western Bell Telephone company at j The funeral was held at |:,Mason City,' and Joseph as mail Evangelical church, Reddick, clerk in the main office of the I Standard oil company at the same i place. The rest of the A. L, Jor- the W. C. Dewel spent Saturday and Sunday with his wife and son, Dr. B. F. <Dewel, at Evanston, til. Mrs. college of law last spring. iMr. and Mrs. A. F. Eckberg, o Boone, and their sons .Philip anc Richard went home Sunday night, after a visit sine" Friday with the R. P. Nortons. The 'Eckbergs are former Algonians, and Mr. Eckberg travels for the Chas. Hewitt & 'Sons grocery house, D_es Moines., Mrs. R. H. Miller visited from last Thursday till Saturday at the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Thompson, Estherville. Mrs. H. H. Lorenz, Estherville, and Mrs. Vern Smith, Winner, S. D., accom- nitials. Many years ago the nickname "Josh" was conferred on R. S., and some people combine the "J" from "Josh" with his own first nitial to give him his father's in- tials. A son was born yesterday morning at the Kossuth hospital to Mr. and Mrs. (Everett White, Fenton. Mr. White is the Fenton H. S. coach. The Whites have two girls. A boy was born last Thursday to the Carlyle Beckers, Algona. Mrs. Becker was Oryille Gilbertson, of Bancroft. Monica_ Studer, Corwith, had her appendix removed last week. Mrs. Fred 'Brethorst, Sexton, underwent the same operation yesterday, and Mary, 7-year-old daughter of the Nick Krieps, lost her appendix Monday. Cedric Thomas, iRingsted, began work at the Merritt funeral home Friday. He is a licensed assistant. Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Lehman, son lharles, Mr. and Mrs. Kobt. .Runchey, granddaughter Wanda Lee, Mr. | and Mrs. Hubert .Sohoby, Hobarton, I daughters Harriett and lola Mae,;the Kossuth county fair. You h«v« only to look one* •» the perfect reproduction* of fin* l«t- thtn appearing In thej new Shuslovt to reillM that her* i* «n cnthery new end imirter kind of rainy day footwear! Though they look entj fctl exactly Ilk* loath* they fit with ell the tuff pie imobthntn of IlilrV tltxlbl. rubber. Vet* Mm and ilenderislnfl LfsardKldSfiufllov. Invisible Zlpeof. Washable. Dewel is doing well and expects to come home shortly after Thanks- 1 giving. Mrs. Susie former county • •. , -AI visit here^with Mr. Miller. Dr. and Mrs. L. R. Potter, Schal- dan family and Mrs. Alvin L. Weber attended the graduation 1 cises. , p • . Peter Kayaer Son, St. Joe, Dies Here . Howard .Kayser, two and a half year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Peter Kayser, St. Joe, died at the Kos- 1V1IS. OUSie l£ill£iei, IUIIIICL ^uuiivj r . , i_-,j W_ -,„,! -- recorder, has had her household ler, their four children, Mr. and -„...„-- l""'Jood2, teuotad to Arnolds Park, Mrs Ohas Perry, Des.Homes, their and attending from here were Mr.^ she is kee pi ng house for her daughter Betty and niece Eda Per....... .,_._ „ ^o^M-^fo^ Mrs Sla Donnell left ,lor San'tbe doctor-smother, Mrs. L^E Pot- Antonio, Tex., Tuesday to . spend ter. Mr. Perry is a nephew of the and Mrs. William Alderson, Myron, and Burdette* Alderson, Mrs. Verna King. Mrs. Wilma Dacken, Lyle exer- . Hamilton, Arlene 'Rasley, Mr. Dacken, and his daughter Irene. Armistice Day is Observed Saturday Armistice day was observed Saturday morning in Algona by both the ,V. F. W. and the Legion posts. DANCE at the I. 0. 0. F. Hall Wednesday, November 22 to GEO. BARTLETT AND HIS ORCHESTRA They played here during ,/iii HJIH»J( Jl bA*) *• V»V.UV***J *f\f , «£»»*••— .- , the winter at her brother I. G. Vin- elder Mrs. cent's. Mrs. Donnell rented her house furnished to Mr,, and Mrs. Victor Parsons. Edna (Roland, Clinton, is new op. , , _ erator at the Morrison beauty ffinnecta* ^ suth hospital Monday morning at 6 Th ' e y. F. W. organization had. a o'clock. He was operated on lastjfi oat) fo u iit on a Bartholomew truck I 'Week Tuesday for gangrened ap- an( j. depicting an Aroercian war nortrli v « f*A £*.1\ „ J 4 n niiwriim • ^Pll a i . . • •*•*_.._ _— «>l*i A!» . lira C pendix, and failed to survive. The child was .born April 2, 1931. Funeral services were conducted yes- Iterday morning at 9 o'clock at the Catholic church, St. Joe. Leases in Car Accident. ' The Emmetsbprg Democrat ports' a recent automobile accident re- cemetery in France, which- was driven about the streets, and also decorated four display windows in the business section. The fire siren was sounded at 11" a. m,, and Algonians faced east while taps were sounded by a bugler on the courthouse square and answered by another bugler a block away. The shop, succeeding Pylida Sonner- lolm, who suffered a heart attack i few weeks ago and is now at her lome at Lake Mills. Lola (Moser, Mankato, spent the veek-end at her home north of the tood (Hope church". She is still in «?!;_;*• ?.' _ L T_ e ' Legion post held the customary Lake Methodist pastor, former Algona district superintendent, _ and his wife figured. They were coming home from Chicago, and I near Independence collided with a truck. Their car took fire and was destroyed. They were only slightly hurt. ' - '.j .. i .» Rifle Bullet Pierces Le?. 'Norman Harr, of-Armstrong, the Journal reports, was accidentally wounded by a, shot from a .22 rifle a. week ago Monday.* The bullet Passed through the. small bone of "is left leg just below the knee,.and lodged in the center of the large bone. How the accident occurred is not reported, evening stag party for all ex-service men at the Legion hall. had Neighbors Husk Corn, 'Swea <3jtyi Nov. 14—'Earl Preston a leg broken some few weeks ago, and last week 30 neighbors *nd friends gathered at his home ^d husked nearly all of his corn. Huntep Shoots Finger Of'.' Whittemore, Nov. 14 — Ely Schmidt, Ottosen, shot off a finger While he was hunting near Whitte- aore iSaturday. Dr. J. W. McCreery took care of the wound. r*- Fonuer W«sl«ytm Killed Wesley, Nov. 14—Homer Finn, engineer on an Ohio railrpad, lor- njer Wesley boy. was recently e « W an accident, J'^I.HM-AnUIIHI I Pattersojis >v«*-Pud at Howxe. Burt, W. Mrs- G FIRE (Continued from page 1.) Jos. Leinnecker, 'Dallas, Texas, spent the week-end with the W. P. Frenches, and W. P. and Mr. Lein- necker hunted pheasants. Mr. lumber mill at Dallas, and he spent a'few 1 days with W. <P. on the latter's territory. Mr. French travels for Cowan & Cowan, Waterloo. Mr. and-Mrs. W. A. Vigars drove to Britt Friday to meet their daughter Margaret, Ella Zumach, V LOW OVERHEAD EXPENSE NO HIGH BENT CUT RATE GROCERY SPECIALS FOR FRIDAY AND SATURDAY still too toot to permit search of the ashes. It is rumored that-a safe bad .been brpken into, but* no definite information could be secured, and search will have to wait till the embers cool. All records and papers belonging to the elevator were destroyed. The elevator was closed a week ago by the Britt bank, which started foreclosure proceedings when negotiations with the farmers fel through. William Escher was manager when it was closed. Loss is Placed at $10,000, The loss is estimated at $10,000, which includes the grain and the coal sheds and contents, which were attached to the elevator and were also burned. 'It is understood that there was $6,000 insurance on the building. , The elevator was one of the oi<J type of wooden buildings, and it burned rapidly. There is one other elevator at Corwith. owned bp the Nprtb, Iowa Grain Co. "Way the fire was started, if it was of incendiary origin, is a question, for the stockholders had nosh- to'gain fey its destruction, wag payaWe to tfce CORN FLAKES 2 FOR 17c •O A 1? 171? "I? Ilk 1 ftf* iJUJb j fjfff iw» -i — . — * Oi/ TOILET SOAP 8 FO*R 13c LARD, H>. 9c 4M Jell Powder, all flavors 6 for 25c OXYWOL, large .21c CATSUP, 14 oz .,10c TEA 8IFTINGS, 1 lb 13c SALT, 10 »). I»g 21c MUSTARD, qt. We CHOCOLATE, pkg. 15c .CRYSTAL WHlTJi SYKUP 5 Ibs S7c 10 Ibs « c YEAST FOAM, 8 for ... .15c SODA, 2 for * c SARDINES, oil, 2 for 9c SARDINES, oval, 2 for .. .l»c AL1L SPICES, 2 oz., 2 for 15c CORN, 2 cans 15c GRAPEFRUIT, 6 for ... .25c ORANGES, 2 doz. .... ...35c 7 SWEET POTATOES P. andG. Soap, giant bars, 5 for 19c ONIONS 10 Starch, corn or gloss, 2 pkgs. . 15c "Busiest Little Store in Town" •MM WHAT ALGQNA HAS BEEN WAITING FOR A SMART MEN'S SHOP Is Opening Its Doors FRIDAY , NOVEMBER 17th With the Latest In MEN'S WEAR Featuring Quality Style Reasonable Prices *<*.. New location— Opposite Iowa State Bank ITATE AT DQD«E ALOONA, IA* Sri

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