Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1933 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 9, 1933
Page 9
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. KbVffiMfcistt 9, KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA, IOWA PAGENINH ecialsF. B. WOMEN LEARN WAYS TO CLEAN HOUSE [•Ion Sliced (0.21-2 fgg &rown * 2 pounds [Lima Beans, NEW METHODS TO MAKE JOB EASIER TOLD * By. Muriel Leaverton. Eighteen Fenton-'Seneca women met at Mrs. Cotton's for a lesson On House Cleaning up-to-date last week Tuesday. The second lesson, Home Sanitation and Home Safety for Iowa will he studied Tuesday, November 21, at Mrs. A. J. Krause's, Fenton. A series of community meetings ^ .will be planned and organizations HallOWii 9Kf* completed. ISeneca women are es- 2 lb bag d9w pecially invited for this second peels, Citron, I^mon, ^^so^rganization there may Of* The following, persons attended W V I the first meeting: Mrs. W. J. Weis- lie as good 6th In State liter, „ cart. ---- - IROSS Angel Food lour, 24c 29c IQc ^ Q|% Ww "peanut But- Urt jar——-— I Beans, |No. 2 1-2 can- Ambers Syrup, 10 pound pail Brand Flakes, ackage — , Hard Water Toilet . 5c 1 Salt, fcan — Prize Flour, d»4 [bag -"-.* I • v . Loaf Flour, "our high- ttent flour, £•• £A [bag _____-.*••-TO ns, 95 C ndbag fcww |Meal, , 4 Q|* ndbag——- IOU brod, leader of the Fenton 4-H girl's club, and Mesdames Donald Weisbrod, Elsie Oreyer, G. C. 'Boettcher, W. H. Widdel, Martin Wilberg, Arthur J. Krause, Elmer Weisbrod, Herman Dreyer, Henry 'Looft, H. E. Luedtke, J. M. Blanchard, Alex Krueger, IN. L. Cotton IRoy H. Jensen, and Muriel Leaverton, H. D. A., also lLorena ant Ella Dreyer. Cresco Women Meet. 'Mrs. Loren Brown was hostess /for a Cresco township project les son last Thursday. , iCresco township has not .been or ganized lor some years, but it wa decided to organize for this year' course of study on home manage ment, music, good books, and com munity pro_grams. Lesson _No. ,1 o housecleaning was studied las CONTEST FOR TITONKA AND WODEN E,L,'S Titonka, Nov. 7—Ruth Miller was leader of the Methodist Epworth •League Sunday evening. Last Friday evening several members of the League, accompanied by the Rev. Fremont Faul, drove to Wo- W. J. Tayne, Editor. Clmrlcg Klnmp, Field Reporter. We note that Axel Paulson, who some days, and Mrs. Mueller s recently bought a 40-acre tract of i brother helped part of the time, land northeast of Swea City for- -They milk seven cows. Mrs. Muel den, where they visited several League members there and the minister, the Rev. Ralph Baker. The two leagues planned lessons for the next month together, and also planned a contest. Attending from here were Wilbur Schram, Helen Beed, Edith Reynolds, Ruth Miller, and the Rev. Mr. Faul. Seniors Have Photo Taken— The seniors, accompanied by their sponsor, Allene Johnson, drove to Mason City Monday, where E RNEST HEIiDiECKEiR, of La- they had their pictures taken, kota, district corn husking con- Members of the class are Wilbur est winner, placed sixth in the Schram, William Kennedy, _ 'Helen ,tate contest at Audubon Saturday. Beed, Loraine Peterson, Lois Heif- 'ner, Ardith Nauman, Alice Pannkuk, Donald Cosgrove, Hazel Miller, Herman Riggert, Stanley and |Bernice Larson, Pauline Blakley and Feme Krantz. iSupt. C. A Hoon also accompanied them. The clasjj remained for supper, later attending a show. lallU nurLILcaoL \IL <OYYC» •v/ifcjr i^*» I'* *.^j «.*-.»* ww.v.- -«,.— — merly owned 'by one of the Hag- ler is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. lunds is now building a house on it. W. C. Elbert, two miles west and There was already a barn on the three-fourths of a mile north of 1 Whittemore. It is good to see such ~ ^ ~ - . pluck and perseverance as Mrs. John E. Sleper, two miles north Mueller's in these times when so of Titonka, owns an 80-acre farm many men get discouraged and and rents an adjoining quarter sec- yield to fewer difficulties than she tion from his father-in-law, John has to face. Temporary CORN CRIBS Both Slat and Wire. Due to our LOW PRICES now 10 raise uu»u. tmnaya uois>t.u- i fore he has done well on hogs, but they are moving fast, and we this year he had to buy feed, and would advise getting OUT, he figured -that it did not pay. ' - - - - - - [bushels. Jokingly they said, the corn had "come down" again. They will have more than 5,000 bushels from 90 acres. They raise a deep yellow variety. Another product of the farm is fine Belgian horses. • * * * We had a 'Short visit Friday with Peter Origer, three miles south and a mile east of Whittemore. Peter doesn't think NRA has done farmers much good, but he did sell 104 hogs to the government, which helped some. He had more than | 300 hogs, and he certainly knows I how to raise them. Always hereto- Rpipentrop. The land is located In ",,/**-, f German township, and Mr. Sleper Mike Thill, 4% miles east has been in that neighborhood V 23 Whittemore, has been farming UttO u^v-n , _ • J \ nn ~ne, rluvimcr fha 1 a of f.Wfl VP PLAY IS GIVEN AT UNION M.-D, BY ALGONIANS ^ s. E. Merrill, a mile . . , Seneca, farms 160 acres, and has them. prices and placin g your or d««S north of a few days before you nee4 lived on this farm five years. He finished picking corn (November 1,1 , lu ^u.u^..» and his crop averaged 47% hushels b er this f ac t _ 11 _«» A mlm 'M'A*>*ti11a TQIQO t When selling gram remettH nas oeen in-mat iiei&uuumuuu. v *« " ™_._, «-- --—- - .... years, or ever since he was married acres during the last two years, to Etta Rippentrop. They have sev- but for next year has rented the * y and five Charles IRoupe farm, five miles en hildren two en cnnaren, iwo 'ouys aim J.IYC "••-•••— —-r_~v.7I •« v A girls. John, keeps a-mixed dairy northeast of Whittemore. He had herd and is now milking 16 cows, three more days of corn Pi<*™g to He has 115 hogs. He had 80 acres do when we called Saturday. Mr. of corn, and it was all picked be- and M ^ T . hl " ha ™ "T*. C ^ fore last week's cold snap arrived, dren: Melvin 12 DonaUi 8 .™t * * * * Mrs. Chas. Ostoorn, who lives in the first house west of Seneca, and __ F 7 _ _ and Arlene, 6. All are going to school. • • * • We were at W. C. Elbert's, near Halloween Party in Country— I Kathryn Schram and Edithmae Budlong were hostesses at a Halloween party at William Schram's, Union Twp., Nov. 7—A playlet, sou theast of town, last week Tues- The Midnight 'pihantasy, was , Attending: Roland Lar- We Pay More Buy flour, feed, salt, fence. «-,, . . the first house west of Seneca an Whitt6mo igatu rda y , and found her sister, Alma Madison, a regis- ^ ^ bQyg h&d had a piece rf tered nurse, were Algona visitors Lj luck The had {ined a WQVen one day last week-end. There are I ire com crib - ^ it had burg 120 acres in the farm the O*orns one gide ^ let out about 400 live on, and they have been there - • ten years, or ever since they were married. The place is owned by Mr. Osborn's father, William Os- Iborn. There is a daughter in the family, and she attends the Seneca Consolidated school. Tinus Madi- ;o the acre. The Merrills raise about half yellow corn and the other half white. The white was the < better of the two this year. Mr.. . . . Merrill has lived in the Seneca coal and tile, and De neighborhood all his life, having e( j that there is no SUbstitut0 jeen born a mile north of where he now lives. He and his wife have two boys, Sheldon Jr., 8, and a youngster of 2%. "We gave the baby the funny paper, and about the first thing that attracted him FARMERS' ELEVATOR ine Iirsi Liang tuai/ ui.uai.Mm u»»u O/«T-M was the cartoon of a tiger. He | Phone 3bD 1 pointed a finger at it and said, "Tiger!" We thought it rather remarkable that a child of only 2% ] should recognize such an animal; Hobarton it TYPEWRITER CARftOH BOTH WIDE AND NARROW [ere s the NEW December 7, when the women will meet at Mrs. Walter Barr's for an all-day lesson. The organization, set-up will he completed at that ;ime. Attending at Mrs. Brown's were Mesdames A. J. iBrown, Leota Barr, Jens E. Kirkgaard, Carl Brown, J. M. Cox, G. C. Stewart, Nels J. Mitchell, and Muriel Leaverton, H. D. A. All-Day Meeting'Held. Thirteen Irvington women met Mrs. A. J. Keen's, east of- Algona Friday for an all-day meeting to tudy the first lesson of the new >roject year, which is house-clean- ng lesson. Home sanitation and lome safety will be 'studied Friday, December 8, at Mrs. Charles Egel's, and organization .plans will toe competed then. Attending were Mesdames Marin iBecker, .Egel, Carl Hutchins, N. A. Smith, Hugh Raney, H. K. Skill- ng, Bert MoCorkle, Albert Grosen- >aoh, M. N. Phillips,' Muriel Leaverton, H. D. A., and Evelyn Becker and Effie Egel. The second lesson, which will he on home sanitation and home safety, will deal especially with caring ifor dairy utensils, the protection of ifamily • health, and community health and safety measures. The •safety measures will involve a •study of Iowa's motor laws. dames Ada Hofius and Marjorie Hurlene Craven, Anna Grace Blafc-Lairv'herd mostly He Dearchs entertained the Mothers ley) Bet t y Budlong, Wilbur Schram, truok haul ' s the i r cl and Daughters club. Other num- yern and iLewis Bacon, Merle Nau- Rited cre a m ery. foers included a piano solo by Mar/- man , Watson Hamstreet, (Donald £eed i ng 7,5 hogs, caret Blossom, and the reading of wood, and Donald and Walter Cal- *'*** (AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC IRON ill Size, 1000 Watts B bearing down, no heavy hing and pulling. The i heat does the work of __a weight. All you have »do is to guide the new uleman Easy-Glide and it vea you beautiful work, juickly done. Heat auto- latic and adjustable. I Saves up to 40% on cur- nt cost. . JROY, ACCURATE, LONG- LASTING THERMOSTAT Fenton The O. H. Grahams drove to Web sted City Saturday to attend the funeral of Mr. Graham's grandmoher. Mesdames R. "JV. Wolfe, Charles Weisbrod, R. C. Goetsch, Hattie Weisbrod. Wilbert Holldorf, C. G Humphrey. Frank McFaU, W. J Weisbrod J- P. Newel, Chris Ruske A. H. Meyers and J. T. Snyder.-witV garet Blossom, and the reading of a play with a phase of politics as the theme, by Mrs. D. D. Paxson, Algona. The next meeting next week Thursday will foe with Mrs. Ada Will, with Mrs. (Edna Cruikshank, assisting. The program is, Where I . spent my happiest Thanksgiving, as response to roll call; paper, Are We As Thankful as We Should Be? Mrs. Minnie iSarchett; song, Count Your Blessings, the ,Rev. Allen Wood. Schools Have Programs— (Friday evening was a popular date for rural school programs and socials. Union No. 2 and Burt No. 3, with Wilma Slaughter and Carmilla Fraser teachers, had a joint program and supper at the Union .school house. Union No. 4 pupils directed by Kathlyn Price, gave .an lopereta, Molly Be Jolly, that evening at the schoolhouse. The proceeds completed payment for a piano purchased recently. Edward Price, Lake Mills, and son Shirley, attended the operetta and visited their daughter and sister respec- ively. Other .programs were held at the Burt township school taught jy Letha Mann, a Riverdale school taught by Laura Hilbert, and a Plum Creek school taught by Ann Kain. Hicks Now in Ultnheapolis-r- Mr. and Mrs. Ardath Hicks have The C. C. Coopers, Seneca town- I ship, were unable to find a farm man, Watson Hamstreet, (Donam , H ; TC Wood, and Donald and Walter Cal- teeams lies. Surprise Party is Given- I^VentTast"spring; and so have dat i=on P ?n ty ho7or "ff fig- ^^SfSSS& sfr^n si±r£^p sft-rsg^j ^ don Hansens, the Earl Hansens, of P 8 "™ W ??U / Swea City, the Ray Hansens. the Coope who, is.a them. Mr. 0 _._ farmer, has George Hansens, 'and the Lyfel^en M&*- J* a fa ™ *» rffl g MannS ' £S£ tSint S^SSWr^^'^ for rent. Mr. ,,„ therefore decided to sell his stuff at auction, and his Pattj' Ball Party Hostess- , sale advertisement appears on this any Han rany Hostess— aaic au.o.^^...^.. ~rr Patty Ball was hostess at a party page. Mr. and Mrs. Cooper have six last week Tuesday evening. Guests children, four daughters and two were Verdene, Boyken, Stephen de sons. The hoys are still at home, Vries, Rosemary Bacon, -Robert but the girls are all married: Mrs. Budlong, Jacqueline Callies, Roger Root. Carney and Mrs. iRoy Lee Al- Larson, Betty Kokesh, Raymond gona; Mrs. psborn; and Mrs. Earl Ricklefs," Esther Fritz, Harris Sorensen, Minneapolis. There are Smith, Mary Jean JRachut, Robert | eight grandchildren.^ We found Jos. Besch, three miles east and three miles south of Whittemore, hauling ifertliizer Friday. The Besches always keep their yards clean. Mr. Besch bought this '200 acre farm 30 years ago, when most of it was raw prairie. He planted all of the trees and ibuilt a good set of buildings. A new barn Barbour, Schweppe., Faith Faul. Alice Budlong, Earl Russell French, and Four to Mission Celebration- Mrs. Fremont Faul, accompanied by Mrs. Ray Hansen, Mrs. Stone, of Lu Verne, and Mrs. Harding, of Graettinger, attended the 50th anniversary of the Home Missionary Proctor & Gamble Soaps Medium Camay Water Castile Oxydol, large Chipso, large Marjorie Bailey, attended a district omit missionary meeting at Armstrong all day last week Wednesday. Emmetsburg, Estherville, Dolliver, and Algona were also represented. Fenton gave a demonstration, Belle's Friend, in which 'the seven women first named took part. Mrs. Herman Luedtke got home last week Tuesday from Pasadena, Calif, where she had spent two and one-half months with her cousin recently moved to Minneapolis, ten d e d. where Mr. Hicks is manager of a Kresge store on Nicolett avenue. Mrs. Hicks is .Bernice, one of the twin daughters of Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Nelson, formerly of Union, hut now .custodian of the Grant consolidated school and matron at the teacherage respectively. The Hicks have one son Bobby, eight years old, and Minnesota is the fourth state in which he has attended school due to the rapid promotions of his father. Previous homes have been at Sioux City, Aherdeen, S. D., and Beloit, Wis. Algona Pastor Talks Thursday— The Rev. J. Rcibt. Hoerner, Al- IllVtilOCll j UX bite -JLA.*^*»»V« AMApju* «•••—•- .1 f^\j\j\* pav^u *j+. pj»»*-*-«»e3 —- — society at Le Mars. A banquet was wa s built in 1924 at a cost of $2500. held in honor of it being the first, Mr. Besch also rents 160 acres, and Home Missionary society in the j with 360 acres to look after he is United States. A large crowd at- never idle. address Dist. No. 4 P.- Calif., where sne nau &IJKI... i.« u «...- a ^- M address Dist. wo. 4 r.- one-half months with her cousin.^ A ' this Thurs day evening at the Mrs. Frea Behnke, other retotives • • ^^ other numl)ers wi n {DEPENDABLE, HEATING ELEMENT Graceful in design. Finin super chromium and friends, all •"""•- . scnO ol house. Fenton schom nou Weisbrod's. Mrs. Allen lives at enport; Mrs. Kresensky and Ray at days SEE THEM AT- IHLHAAS& SPILES. PN HARDWARE CO, Other Union Algona Alfred Jentz Colorado I teacher. Kathlyn _ tnd her daughter visited | teacher, juri James ^Cooney recently at the Fred Jentz They went back early last with Mrs. Jentz'a brother Harold Wille, and his wife, also of Colorado Springs, who had been visiting rela- lives at Igona. Mrs. Jentz, former Alta WHle, was once a clerk at S. To Observe School Week- Agnes Samuelson, of Des Moines, state superintendent of public instruction, and chairman of the educational department of the Legion auxiliary, designated Iowa school day for Thursday. Each member of the auxiliary is given privilege to attend any school in the state that day. Pictures Taken at School. J. A. James, of the James Photo Co., Fort Dodge, was here last week Tuesday and took pictures of the classes in both high school and the grades, a group picture of the entire high school, and pictures of the •baseball and basketball boys and the faculty.- • . Attend College Homecoming- Myrtle Ama, accompanied 'by If ma Campbell, Florence Bacon, an El-vina Danielsen, visited relative in Hampton en route to Cedar Falls Mrs. Clara Mueller, four miles ast and a mile south of Whitte nore, is farming 120 acres. Mr. /lueller died-four years ago. She ires some help in the summer eason, hut with the help of her hildren does the rest, 'herself. The on is 12, and Mary is 10. They manage to get along Veil. We were here Friday, and they were plan- ing to (finish picking corn Satur- ay. They expect to have a total of more than 2,000 bushels. .Eugene and his mother picked 80 bushels No. 4l where spent attended the homecom T; C., spending th 36HUI *"o ~" ~" — theTeek^nVarCedar Falls and week-end there; _ attended homecoming at I. S. T. O. [ Cla g 8 pi ay f^ B Week— • ~ ~i The junior class play, Girl Sh; n i I directed by Allene Johnson, will be ROCK I given in the high school auditorium ALGONA— W. A. White, Long's Fool Store, Basket Grocery, Moe ' & A. & P., Council Oak, White Cut-Bate, Thos. Akre, Sorensen & Co.? B -Kennedy Bros., Merrill Bros., Hood L G. A.; TITONKA-A. B. Pannkuk, Callies, Bonacker Bros.; SWEA CMY-Sanl,orn Cash Grocery, Blomster Site, Applequist Grocer^, E. L. Hansen; BUBT-W. H. ^ogel, Smiti, Bettln; LU VEBNE— I. H. Benedict, TIele's Grocery, Lichty & Boss; Sas. Kraus, Koulm Market, A. L. Kleinp 3 ter; ^ENTON-Fenton Mercantile, ley & Co., Jensen & Bolstad; LEDYABD-Tice Brack, H. S. _Dyer; ^KO Thaves Sisters; ST. BENEDICT— Mary Fasbender; WHITTEMOBE— H. B mach. . , . Cut- YES, WElCNOW THE WORD "Super" is overdone, but no other word describes Gamble's Super-Active batteries. No other battery equals it for sure, quick starting in cold weather. For all cars. 17- plate for Ford, Chev., Pontiac, etc. $6.79 ex. Ojthers, *3.49. 43-9 • ARMISTICE DANCE I.O.O.F.HALL Saturday Evening = Consolidated School, 5 1-2 miles north of Lone Rock, on Thursday, November 16 giycj*. *" v«^. *.«o»» —— Thursday and Friday evenings. The J. M. Blanchards spent Sun ay at o and The Otis n t of ill us for prompt delivery grade coals. we have the l^e believe '• coals ii otsford [lumber Company lome of Peerless Coal* "500" Sunday evening in honor of WU t Uam W Mmer g won n the" high score I er Mrs. —=- ; wnmen Mrs A H Hanna, low; and Oscar Riddle, , W jentf high' tor the 'men. Florence Householder Charles Newel low. sister, Mrs. " a rj a The George Wilsons, George Cter- drove to Cedar Falls onsin, Armstrong, Mrs. Fred Geron- ten d Homecoming at leapolls, and Mrs. Julia Teachers college tended Pf t Titonka News. r Tnim «*nnes Beveriyi 'Fred Reilbsamen, who was taken ssarewiaj^-^s^'s-s: During the time he has been in the he had his little toe ampu- Verne Verne. and . . , wis d a son> who had spent we eks with the former's mother. New Price on REMINGTON JUNIOR PORTABLE TYPEWRITERS Now $22.50 .75-a drop of $12.25 5 n The Remington typewriter ft,* mate I The Theodore JJunmires, accpmT me own. nied by A nene Johnson and Lela i A uc *w» = "~, na j us tfam at-B Stephens spent the week-end CO mpany has announced its ^™^?^™^°™ S ' "lintentionofdiscontoumgits Clark .——*•*• .. "V pne 256 JIM POOI Weisbrod. J. T.'snyder, R. C, Goetsch, and Don Weisbrod with the latt'er's daughter Anna ed a auilt show Saturday _ at Ringsted given by the Presbyter- la ^r m c n narle S Glaus, 'daughter Alice, Mrs. John Gramenz^and Mrs. Wilbert Holldrof spent Friday wit" Mrs. Donovan Brown, Estherville The F. P. Newels and Hazel Wets- and M-. as last week dinner guests Mr. and Mrs. vjecu i ""^y -^i"^ Boyken cGinnis, Algona. n/rarip "" ' ' Mrs. Frank Flaig and her coil- Marie. I. W. POST; Dray and Transfer POAGEOFALUINDS °ug Distance Hauling. Every load insured Against loss and <j an1 ' >ge of aU kinds. E^uip- Fd to do all kind^ of puling an4 arayiPS- AigQaa, Iowa In \he evening, Mrs. Newels Helen- being a member o£ the glass Mrs Helen Walters, Whittemore and hW daughter Geneva were visd tort last Thursday at Mrs. A. H Krause's. Fanner Severely Scolded , Lakota, NOV." 9-«erljert Trenary was seriously scalded on the shoul der ami right am one day WW week when lie removed the radiator cap off of bis Captor. Dr. WilUaws is caring tor the burns, and Mr. to lay on running ^ Beginning at 1 p. m. Head of Horses 31 One bay gelding, wt. 1600, 15 yrs. oil; one black mare, wt, 1200, age 15; bay mare, wt. 1200, age 14. 32 Head of Cattle 32 Eleven dairy cows of Shorthorn milk ng strain, all high grade cattle, onejjow fresh another to be fresh soon. This is a good lot of cows which will make mon- ^'s'e^SSS^ heifers ' y earling high grad6 Shorthorn bull, ten calves. < 28 Chester White Spring Pigs These pigs are vaccinated and immune. 28 to get these machines at |a~great savings. They have bargain i (Mrs. Frank Flaigana ner «u»- "^-^ ~ Aid in the chu dren were Sunday dinner and sup- £^ dwednesday . one of chines now. lyen WDJ.O ipwiiuwj *»*•••-»» — — ^ o, ^** ~|^«--=ffl-sfsa&sf TW.-»w» I- -j« Mr. andlMrs. H. J. Rice spent the ^dFr&v afternoon in the base- letter and lower case and IS week-end at Hampton guests OI t of the church. . standard in other ways ex- V^ 1 ^^ it lacks a margin release tended the funeral of William s « d ^.^ ^ . Bierstedt at Burt 'Friday. .Horace Schenck. The Andrew Thomsens -"""»' norace o Sunday guests at Seneca John Deere 8-ft. binder; Farmers Friend elevator, 40 ft; Independent 6-ft hay rake; Sattley 12-in. gang; Hummer 2-row cultivator; 2 John ^tlVato.Ti;28ii^oiiltivator8; 16-in. sulky; John Deere disc -ft & Hamilton endgate seeder; 4-section drag and drag cart; Winner S fannnte mill- bobsled; Great Western separator; narrow-tired wagon with box; 'and -Mrs. and back-spacer. It is a gain for those learning s, for corn " iSlU ° S The 'Fred KoHensdorfs, pf »», " sold out. 'Ask to try out the ;, G, DEWEL Advance Office. Farm Machinery, Etc. tractor plow; and other articles too numerous to TERMS—Cash, or see your banker. C. C. coi. c. o, . & COTDOK,

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