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Greensboro, North Carolina
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I II' 1 Al fSIeaa Bweta Pwataiaater Reea Chare4 Ith Hteallaf; a Caeek Postmaster J. If. Itees, 8andy Creek office, Ilandolph couiity, was arraigned before U. 8. Commission It tha nam of tho finest, rieht flaroroi rtTK cs Ciqas sold la Graeaabora.

TryiU aoc27 MlaMvml Water awa DraavgjBt. Vichy ami Dep Rock on dnwvtit at Glenn 4d (tor. CoocTfaa Water oa armasiit and by tha Shrfirrrnsboro 0atriot xjcT pkftembcr io. Fir Id Turner adrer- jiinent in another column. 4-S-tf er Payne Saturday on a charge of 5 t.

Jam IItL, KleaaMaMl. Va. Board at tho St Janea Hotel. Richmond. Va I a(wATi Ir.

Hti ghl Ki'lh Matesvillc, 17 reasonable. 3-21 daw tf irjr it. mi. Irlaaa. tliel l4t wefk.

Ilr i re of MiHin rou thy. A TN(k Pmllr4 lcmmoUie. Jim Jouea a colored urchin, gen erally seen hanging about the de-Iot, has been laid up several days with a tooth. This morning he appeared with a swollen jaw, and a loug string tied to his tooth. Just before the Danville train left ht tied the other end of the string to the rear car.

When the train started he ran along behind it until it had gathered headway, when he dropinrd on his knees. The train curried the tooth off. FrlleIlle A IVIaMM Kallro4. Vice President A. II.

Famum, who was in town to day, Mys he is frogessing finely with his road, le reports the grading done as far Handleman, and that the iron has Knt Sumt.iv night In north- If If i i CClaiaCaagJ Death of Iter. O. J. Brent. Bev.

O. J. Brent died at the Methodist parsonage in Wadesboro Monday evening, of Bright's disease. The! deceased bad but re cently returned from a vacation tour to the springs in western North Carolina, and though ill for sometime, death was unexpected. He was in his 50th year, and was a native of Rockingham county.

The intelligence of his sadden death was received here by telegram yesterday evening, by John W. Payne, a sister of the da ceased. Mrs. Payne and Miss Sal lie Brent left on the night train for Wadesboro. The deceased was a prominent! minister in the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, and was universally esteemed.

flaperlor Court. Daily Patriot-UUi) The court was occupied yesterday evening in rnnning over the civil issne docket. Judge Dillard's hvrrM irgmM. -0 ami rtHirted. BICSFOItD nOFFIIAIJ, linage to ti A SPE0IFI0 FOB Cnlpii boarding The school begin tlW sei-oml week of NEW YOll 3IACEl)OX, fall session will' wvemj mu-j dents.

jt. mi rji-E, leen purchased. Capt. Famum is ttnrnet tv Watson, John II. and F.

Klutz. of Salisbury, are ulN-nding court this week. Unexcelled in Finish, Superior hi; Manufacture an energetic business man and cau accomplish as much with the same breakiugopen a letter and abstracting therefrom a check for $123.00. The check was drawn by D. J.

Sta-ley in favor of O. 8. Bradshaw, ot Asheborb, but through inadvert-ancewas not endorsetl by Staley. Bradshaw mailed the check to SU ley about the 1st of July at Saudy Creek postoffice for endorsement. It never reached him and conse-ouently was never returned to Bradshaw.

Sometime in July the check was presented to W. D. Mc-Adoo at the McAdoo house in this place with the request to cash it. Tho man who presented it said that he was driving one of the Handle-man factory teams and wauted to eave Own before the bank opened, and recognizing the names to the check as being good, McAdoo did not hesitate to cash it. D.

J. Staley 's name was written across the back of the check, and he says the signature is a forgery. When con frouted by Staley, McAdoo said he was not the man who presented the check, but minutely described J. MV Bees, the Sandy Creek postmaster. Ujon this statement Bees was arrested.

The hearing was had before Commission Payne today and resulted in binding Bees over to tho October term of Feder Solicitor! Strudwick lost ouly FIRST IN QUALITY, ukx iu zw COT CISEJLSES. CnFEFSU, dOTISIl, tEETZ-l CEIHESJ, Cw.Ti7Eimj i rnnr titles iriciinTEi i per bottle at Til Cr. J. 1 PrcR. illness caused the continuance of jury case Iat week, ne w.i in tine trim; and prosecuted hi thm krt with exceptional vigor.

-rCarbonatad lemonade iced a most elegant drin. Ouwer Ale and Leo Cold Soda oa draagfat at Glenn drag store. aiencilptieaav. Hare proscriptions compounded at Glenn's. A3 ntrAmJUlu kfo.wfalijr and promptly done, at all bocr day and night.

Flr laaaraae. Inrare yoai Property with R. O. Glenn. hc represents tho beet fcngiisa and Aaieriean companies.

llU.aFer. Thoojands are using the Seren Springs Km, (mnnoiactnred by Landntmjk Litchfield. Abingdon. for chills and fevers. They say emphatically, that it is superior to Qainino, in every respect, or any other remedy they have ever umxL It has effect of eradicating malarial poison from the system.

For sore-throat, and Ecxemie affections, it a al-pxiat a spedae. All akin dinoatea, canaedby impar-itiee in the blood, disappear rapidly after aging the Mam a short time, showa that it arts through the blood directly. If your Druggist do not keep it, order it from the "Seven Springs Company." Ab-infdoa. Va. Price.

II a buUle, or 6 for fa, postage t. KcLEAX Are imw carrying a good stock of Sugars. Coffee. Candies. Tobacco, Lard.

Floor. Bacon. Syrup, Molasses. Tin. Wooden and Crockery Ware, and a Urge lot of Leather, which are being-offered at bottom price.

They are baring Produce of ail kinds, allowing the higheet nwketpricea. and pay-of eash or barter for the same. The patronage of the people is solicited jniw ly Advice neler. Are yoa disturbed at night and broken of roar rest by a sick child suffering and crying with pain of cutting teeth? If so. send at once and ret a bottle of Mis.

Winalow's Soothing Syrup for children teething. Iu value is incalculable. It will relieve the poor little sufferer immediately. Depend upon it, mothers, there is no mistake about it. It cures dysentery and diarrhoea, regulates the ttomach and bowefa.

cures wind colic, softens the gums, reduces inflammation, and gives tone and energy to the whole system. Mrs. Winalow's Soothing Syrup for children teething is pleasant to the taote. and is the prescription of one of the oldest and beet female phyaicians and nurses in the United States, and is for sale by all druggists throughout the world. Price 25 cents a bottle.

Each joint in Frame made with mortise ami teiiou. using ooatiBtimu i i i i facilities as any one. High Point is justly proud of the prospect of the earl completion of this road, which will certaiuly add greatly to the preseut prosperity of our thriving neighbor. lUrrlraae at PeaTerrible trai at VrtltalM. 1 Sunday night at 12 o'clock a terrific hurricane centered along the coast near Wilmiugton and a storm amounting to almost a cy clone preyailcd at Wilmington unceasingly un to a late hour last Solid Steel Axles.

Doable Reversible Steel, Points, Donlilc; Force Feed Distributors, ami a practical Ferguson, tin man who shot ui Park in Danville, the hail a preliminary hearing xestrrd.iyjand was denied luiil. dip itt li from Ilen- wjnd torni Suu d.i tl tobacco seriously I I I I 1 rm 'Mi 4 CoRespondcace freely answered by physicians. Tor tssftnvalils and circulari send atamp. I. CKimSTOI.

Afeat, lew Terk. may22 I FORCE-FEED GRASS SEEDER 'f-i! several cases, which caused a wicked layman to remark; that in the multitude of counsel there was delay. The end of -the! docket was reached, when the motion docket was taken up. The case of Geo. Albright ys.

James W. Albright, trustee, was argued at leugth by Messrs. Ball, Scott Caldwell for plaintiff, and Col. Staples for de fendant. Plaintiff oxked for the removal of the defendant as trustee, the appointment of a receiver and for an injunction to prevent him from selling trust property.

Affidavits and counter affidavits were read, and after the court took tho papers for further examination. III III Ull eaves. Perfectly Adjustable to Quantity, no Drizzling 4r Wastiug ol. tlforcre Ii-dtonl lias iu hi nos- a x-wuig needle that has a PnsitirA in Distribntion. OiWratinp- in front or ripiir at will.

Eacfi Drill' al court. Beese strongly denies his guilt. A Creenaboro Merchant Mlaalng. Saturday's New York H'ord con 7 p. -f '( furnished with Doable jRegistering Surveyor, Da vis' Tube and Xeck-Yoke.

The' GRAIN FERTILIZER and GRASS, night. No damage was reported as having been done in the city, but it is feared there have bceu wrecks at sea. The sea, came entirely over Wrightsville sound, and the roar of the breakers was distinctly heard at Wilmicgton, a distance of eight miles. The hurricane started off the coast of Florida and moved northward. NEW OHIiAENS, Auust X.

1883. TO THE PUBLIC! InvestlsTate for Younelres. i i 1 Postmaster-General Greeham having published a wilful and malicious falsehood in regard to the character of the Louisiana State Lottery Company, the following facts are given to the public to prove his statement, that we engaged in a fraudulent business, to be CiXm and untrue Amount of prises paid by the Louisiana State Lot- SEED DISTRIBUTORS, each the desideratum- of FORCK FKKDK, rt-f well developed molars. It was in a haj stark on Ileiibow's iirv f.irtn. line pawnbroker in New York that in a he received 00,.

i tvcfttf atil pantaloons, of iiumbe he sold and Iimmmi were redeemed. Qietaikere Preface) market. OUR FEIITIUZER ATTACHIIEI1T3 my vompuTi irom mnuary ut, uit, iw iium BUYING PRICES. RamivlwuF mnnd. Paul RnnlKorn PtnrMl Cn New Orleans.

Weaeoat, manager, $166,300 ARE TIME AND TRIAlJpROVEN. and there is not a sintrli-j i Paid to Louisiana National Bank, Jos 11 1 fertilizer attachment possessing aiiv degree of popularity in the United It is reported that. Judge rd i purchase! the Heildetdri mi will remove to lii.t niUiro again, making his 00th tn.vf since hi marriage. Paid to Umhuana Bute National Bank. II Kennedy, president, Paid to New Orleans Rational Bank, A Baldwin, president, Paid to Union National Bank, Charla- I The Penjrta rtosi ftaiU The sait of Forsyth coanty rt.

W. A. Lemly, administrator of Israel Lash, was tried at Davie court last week, occupying four days of the court. Two issues were in vol v-ed. First, was there a demand Ihj fore suit.

On this a special verdict was rendered, which the presiding States, that we have not proven anu rejected or can supply on our aruu Force-Feed (ri The uia HtandarM favorite, tue rcmpire or 463.900 125.100 88,550 64.450 57.000 i 30,000 37.000 13.130 I 8.200 called), We keep iu stock, blit I Porr.i Beeswax, Butter, Beef. I Chicken. Flaxseed. Tallow. Woel washed, unwashed, Feathers, i Flour-Family.

Super. Cora Meal. Wheat. Oata.j Rags cotton. Potatoes Irish.

Sweet. I Onmns. I Apples green. Dried Fruit Blackberries, Si HI judge construed to be demand 1 Paid to Citiiens' Bank. Carriere, president.

-i-s -Paid to Germania. National Bank, Jales Caasard, president, i -Paid to Hi hernia National Bank, Charles cashier, 1 -Paid to Canal Bank. Ed Tobey, cashier. Paid to Mutual National Bank. Joseph Mitchell, cashier, Total paid as above, -Paid in sums of under $1,000 at the various offices of the company throughout the United States, "The New Departure" 2.6Z7.410 IS 10 UR PRIDE STEPS PAR IN FRONT pF THEM ALL, witJi Total paid by all.

W.88L0S0 10 9ltf 25 6A10 1254W20 8 35 25 40 15.000 70 75 9041.00 40 5060 Wt 60675 12 40(450 40ri50 7 17 5 7 3 4 612' 10il2 10 15 12iai5 20 zvaao 10 15 40 0 W10 20 90( SI .50 10 12 11 12'4 2325 Second, was the action uarreo by the statute of limitation. This issue was found for defendant. Decree for account was made. Defendant appealed to the Supreme court. The suit involves about $100,000, and grows out of the sale of the bonds of the North Western railroad by I.

O. Lash, as financial agent of Forsyth county. lloatlf Me ta Daavllle. Policeman Parks was shot and memos, Apples. I'npaxed Peaches.

i I'npared Peactaee. Pared Peaches. RETAIL PRICES. For the truth of the above facts we refer too puo-lic to the officers of th above named corporations, and for our legality and standing to the mayor and officers of the city of New Orleans, to the tote authorities of Louisiana, and alao to the officials of Louisiana. We claim to be legal, honest and cor- -Q a mil An a Iranaanfinni a mtik art aim aLfiV TsllKl- Nictel-PIatetl, sectional JMetal bottom Ietacuaole JJi tributor, readily adjusted to amounts, easily kept fclean, simple.

dnraldn' and alwavs in order for lousiness. I 1 H. CAPABLE OF PLANTING, with unparalleled continuity and ejtj actiiess. each and ei ei-yjrariety of FIELD with nil the cei taihty of operation, and: ready atljnstmeiit to qaanity, its most favort comtietitor can show in thadistribution of a siuirle vaiietv. II Bacon titles, aaa es vui as ujri.

nem in the country. Our standing ii conceded by bams. shoulders, killed in Danville Friday byJno. all who will investigate, and our stocK naa ior years been sold at our Board of Brokers, and owned -by many of our best known and respected citizens, M. A.

BAUPHIN. President. i I I sj-rAPITAL jPRIZE. ii. PLANTS FIELD COHN OR BEANS in drills nsl perfectly as tlifl AJ Ferguson.

Parks went to Fer 4- tains the following: "Oscar C. Dudley, a chemist of No. G2 East One and Twenty-fifth street, reported to Superintendent Walling by letter this inorniug, the mysterious disappearance of Henry J. Williams, a resident of Greensboro, N. C.

Mr. Williams came to this city on business about three mouths ago, and while here stopped with Mr. Dudley to whom he is related. On the morning of July 10 he left Mr. Dudley's house intending to start that day for home.

That was the last seen or heard of him. He did hot arrive in Greensboro at the time agreed to, but his friends there thought he was detained iu this city on business. They waited some time and not hearing from him they wrote to Mr. Dudley asking if Mr. Williams was still here.

That was the first intimation Mr. Dudley had of his disappearance. He immediately informed Mr. Williams' family that he had left here to go home. Inquiry has been made in Greensboro, N.

but no trace of tho missing man was discovered. It is not known whether Mr Williams left this city or not. He was 45 years of age, and at the time of his disappearance wore a light brown mixed suit and a dark brown derby hat. He is about 5 feet 4 inches in height, and has a reddish beard and mustache. He is somewhat round-shouldered, and the first joint of his two middle fingers of his left hand are cut off." Williams was last heard from by his friends here the latter part of July about seven weeks ago.

He was then iu New York. It is not believed here that anything has happened to him, ot that there is any significance about his unex- 1)hiined absence. Those who kuow dm say that he is an eccentric man, and they believe that he will tarn up all right. Williams removed to this place about seven years ago from Nor folk, Va. He has lived in New Jersey, and has traveled extensively in the northwestern States.

He is a member of the Guilford Lodge Knights of Honor. guson a house to arrest him, ana as be- approached the door Ferguson TIcaeUi mmly 3. Haarea la Praportlaa Tin- Department gives notice if tt new MMtoflUes TryoShop, i.iitlo4ii oMiuty. II. B.

Thompson Htmat aird Delphi, Alleghany rounty, James A. Fowlke postmaster. The tax levied for tb stock law, in what is! known as the east-rrti section, has been fixed at SO if -jits on the $100 valuation of real rsonjd property and poll Ai-inptcd. fapt. a brother of Xi il Kllingtnt.j altera half dozen wars of thrilling adventures and hair breadth ecajes as a cow-boy, is Utting relajivc and friend in rjuinty.

new postofllces have leeu mt.iblisl.vd iu the State Orton, in 1'olnmbns county, with Hanes Len-nun. Htmaster, and Wharton, in lle.mfort rouuty, vitu Francis P. I lodges, posttha-ster. Special attention is directed to the valaable lands and the Albright mill offered in this paper. Parties desiring mill property or farming land near town seldom have such rare opportunities of-cred.

I The village of Deep Creek, on the Dismal Swamp canal and about five miles fropi Norfolk, was almost entirely destroyed by fire Sunday. It is thought! to nave been an in Cheese. Candle. Coffee Rio. Iiguyara.

Java. Soda. Lard; Molasses Syrup, Rice, i Kerosene Oil. Salt. fine.

Sugar yellow. i crushed, -i white, Leather sole. shot him. The pistol shot took ef The case of Sloan, trustee of Wilson Shober, rf McMahone was set for trial this morning, but was made to give wayj to trifling State case, which occupied the en tire forenoon. Sloan rt.

McMahone will be called this evening and, after argumeut on a motion to strike out the plaintiff's replication, the case will be taken up regularly, and the issues submitted to the jury. The suit involves about and grows out oft transactions between Wilson Shober's bank and McMahone, proprietor of the N. C. Spoke and Works. Solicitor General Phillips, and Messrs.

Ball and Watson, of Tor svth, appear for the plaintiff, and Messrs. Dillard Morehead, Scott Caldwell and Maji Graham, of Orange, appear for the defendant. The hearing of the case was deferred yesterday on account of Judge Dillard's illness, bat the court intimated that that objection would not be allowed to operate as a further continuance, as there were several other counselJ Judge Dillard prepared the brief on the legal branch of the case, and the associate counsel were uu willing to proceed without him. The case has been to tho Supremo court on a question of pleading and has been on the Guilford docket for "three years. I The case was called this evening at 3 it was ahuounced that it had been compromised by the defendant paying $4,500 and costs.

I I An extraordinary Divorce Proceeding. Mrs. S. W.H. Smith has brought suit for divorce frotri her husband on the ground of cruelty.

Pending the suit application jwas made to Judge MacBae for an injunction to prevent Smith from1 disposing ot his proerty and ifor alimony. Messrs. Scott Caldwell and Staples appeared for tho complainant and Messrs. Morehead and Keid, of Bockingham, for the defendant Smith. The pleadings were voluminous aud some ofi the developments astounding.

The plaintiff alleged acta of cruelty at various times and places, which were rebutted by the counter allegations of the defeudaut, corroborated by Col. II. P. UndkrhiLL, I Baltimore, Md. I purchased oiio of yonjj Grain DrilU, sowed 190 aeres with it last fall, and wa.i plcastsl with it4" fect inst below the ribs on the left feooHjc C.

BENBOW. sido passed into or through the operations. 1 Hoffman and am well pleased with it bowels. hen inns struct rarts continued to attempt tho arrest of I 'too bought the Bickfort work. Li j.

BENBOW. 'ri TV w. Louisiana State Lottery Company. ITEADQUARTERS FOR Ilollinan I Graru IP Itiolrftirfl i X' I ergnsou aim got the pistol away from him, but soon became weak from bis wound and sank upon the Me. W.

O. SiB'ATFoitD J1A Ve IVJ aua M. A Uv ev- a FatWII iioaI tli n.jof u'zfti in a iitiri fsisittsriitinri. a Alii ML. UOV it a.

litiu ay wvia'" a Jat" I calr ful lyMf ioii. jit hn 1V ha Iwsut ilrill 1 ej am catitf AM iavtltflif ground. He was shortly after- Groceries, Boots, Shoes, mi iin-im it US inni Mini mnv vi vm a "Wi do hereby certify that we supervise the arrangements for all tha Monthly and Semi-Annual Drawings of The Louisiana State Lottery Company, and in person manage and control the Drawings themselves, and that the same are conducted with honesty, fitirness, and in good faith towards all parties, and ve authorize the company to usothiscer-tiflrt ith foe-similes of onr siKnatnifw attached. warns conveyed to his house, ana rtpn inurira uirn nrnor iirniw irxi. iiiii ii ii rrii ii iiiti iiiaVi.iiT died about one o'clock.

Ferguson expressly lor the sowing of bats and other 'coarsj'Urain. Second, yiU AT- attempted to escape, but was ar i I i 1iolesaIe and ReUil. and Dealers ui nave rue isieei opriiigr, wiuvu i muie imiHuiiiiiiiiuiiuri. "rkj three difiereut fertilized Baker's, Star Brand and Pacific Gnaiio in iu auvonwcuicuip. rested.

It is alleged that improper rela Tin. Wooden and Glaun Ware, tions existed between Ferguson's ifeand Parks, and that tergnson bushels per acre, so wet that -water! was through the SiieUj when carried to the with but little troubH i Greenslxiro, N. Sept. 1SS3. It.

TI CKEU. TOBACCO, CIGARS. Ac. ordered Parks not to come in the it We gUAnintee Mtifction to all. i Rb" Distribntinir House 122 So.

Eutawf street Baltimore Md. II. P. IINDEnjllLli, Apenf. FIELDS THRXERv South Elm street, Ureeneboro.

the house. He had no warrant for Ferguson's arrest, bat was going to his house in response to a message from Ferguson's wife. Pub-lie Mvmnathv in Danville is said to Seventeen buildings 3m CenatMiasiesirra. cendiary fire, wen? burned. 4 jAgiMit, Grvensborj), O.

STRATFORD, r.r.nwir.11 in 1 WA for 25 rears by the Legislature -t for Educational and ChariUblo purposespwith a Attention is called to the ad be strongly in Ferguson's favor. II 1C i i Rata at laut. Fw rears have been more dis Life Insurance Company I Ii i i i IT- astrous to the crops than the pres ent- We were visited with storms llss Immmi )esttl pvfr 17 and floods in the early part of tho yean in thesaramtr tho crops were parched for want of rain. Since capital of l.OUO.UUO to wnicn a reserve iuu wn too0.000 has since beed added. I By an overwhelming popular vote its franchise was made a part of the present State Constitution, adopted December gd A.

1879. I The only Lottery eter voted on and endorsed by the people of any State. IT NKVEK jsCaLEil OB rOSTFOSES. Its Grand Singl dumber Drawings take place monthly. It i A SPLENDIT OPPOHTUNITY TO WIN A FORTUNE.

Tinth Gband Da--IXO. K. AT Osliaks. i 1 Tuesday, October th. I llt Monthly Drawing.

CAPITAL l-RIZE, $T5fOOO. lOO.OOO Five Illsir Enb. rractionsi in Iftha lm lrportle)Bi. IVortli Carollntt hikI Vliiglnln A CARD Reply to TV. .4.

Slowe. MR. Xt. A. STOWE publishes a card in the daily Patbiot in which he says that we are using a copy of Wheeler's Analysis of the Bible, for which he is agent, as a foil to enable us to sell "Hitchcock's This is positively false.

We are selling "Hitchcock's Analysis" on its own merits, as the testimonials copied below from two of the most eminent clergymen la the State, will" show. Furthermore, Mr Stowe makes a false statement in regard to his own book. He says it contains 900 pages, when the book itself showa only 800 pages. Again be imposes on the public in making it appear that his book is published ia "Greensboro, N. when in truth and fact it is not.

The original title page has been torn from the book and another pasted in its place. The statement that he can buy Uitchoock at half price anywhere it has been sold is either true or false. We will guarantee to take 500 copies of the book at his figures. We are not afraid of honorable competition, and "Uitchoock Analysis" needs do vindication. It speaks for itself.

Read the appended testimonials. I HUGHES 4c OLASSG0W, Greensboro. Sept. 5th. 1883.

-v Managers. From Rev 0 Gregory, pastor Baptist church, Charlotte, It affords me pleasure to say that I have been familiar for many years with 'Hitchcock's Analysis of tho Bible, and have found it useful in my study of the Word. I have commended it to my Sunday school teachers, and most of k.n. it ant urn It is. in short, invaluable A SSOtSCEMES l-T-1 CJ Ei -L.

i or I Sunday a com, violent wmu as blown from the northeast, ana veg etation withered like it had been and hdsi'paiil in 'drain losses; over I i i' I i 111 'I'lml 'I'lmc bitten by front. Last night and this morning the gale was rery the affidavits of thirty or more witnesses. A furtherj defense was made that complainant's mind had been affected by the pernicious heresies of her brother, Moses Stafford, who claims to jbo an apostle of Spiritualism. The recital of how these baneful Influences were exerted and how her mind had been distemnered bv reason thereof, ex severe. The huge pues oi fiusi in 6- cirAnr-oTTEj thm trrLM hare been blown away i- III i -Sk Miifiiiui'd suciesV; L.fih and in many places the hard ground List or rsizas.

1 CAPITAL PRtZE. 1 i PRI7.KS OF rtsOOO adding to iU. aiid strengthening i jf Antf seems to have been swept with a Mitiin. m1 sml srailaMe assets ovet eof 000.000 an I $0,000,000 or it and above li- bilities. 1 phirteritU are Rigid Ixonoui) iXV 5 broom.

At 7 o'clock this morning it berau to sprinkle rain and the $75,000 25.UU) 10.UU 12.I0 10.W 10.000 10.OO ao.ouo 30,000 25.000 25.000 liisO j50 indicatrrL5 are that we are on the Absolute Prompt Payment or Haira nl ir. wj I as an aid to the study tsf the Scriptures, not only to cited profound interest. That the damnable heresy, of Spiritualism Fair Healing vrit'i a (I. lOrt WHOLE- 31 10!) aw 500 inno inform the eve iMItct siteM which usually We, herein I has made it a oO 1 25 i i the time of ths au- ministers the gospel: out to ail wno wouia reverently ''compare spintaal things with spiritual. From Rev Bagwell.

D. pastor TryonStreet Church. South. Charlotte. After a pretty fair examination of "Hitchcock's Analysis of the Bible." I am prepared to give it a nxt hearty en- iA imatiok rBir.K!.

Arrioii NTREiCSTII. i 0 IF iiy tumtJM1101 ainox. Should a good fall of tfi come some corn would be bcnehcd, but the bulk of the SABE TRADE thatouil'-VAEiors (5.750 I.VI0 2.250 Approximation yrixes of 9 Approximation Prizes of 9 Approximation iPrwes of dwsemcnt. and do most cordially oomnwna thnee who desire help ia the systematic study ot the Scriptures. Combining as it does the helps of Con- 1 TwVV it i.

innl- II ran 1h-thoruiighly trusted by all who denre tyty i emn i either maue or mineu. take Life or HndWWment 1967 Prizes, amounting to had an open and avowed champion in Gail ford county, and that through his agency its pernicious dogmas" were disseminated here, was a startling revelation. To what extent Mrs. Smith has been subjected to such influences is a matter for the jury to determine in the forthcoming trial for divorce, and of course, no opinion is ex pressed on that point. It was incidentally i by the defen a.

i. I i.f.i Turnips nd sweet iotatoes will be wholesale UNKs" comprising thjj 11 1.1 1 M.JAnlv "nrin trrtl-t irivs the bt IwHfible resullr a under tnciu. issujs ryisw itrit" buusnally l'w rile, liranche of onr l)iiineK are now plans in gener.d csjh dirltlnq vertisement of II. 31. Smith Richmond, in this issue of the Patriot.

They are extensive manufacturer and dealers in all kinds of agricultural implements, machinery, The crowd was i mm en so at Mnir's Chapel camp meeting San-day, but the) wind and dust de-tried much if the pleasure of the mtv ices. Able sermons were preached by Hev. C. Dodson and T. II.

PcgTani. Thrc car loads ofTexas ponies passed down the North Carolina Kailroad Saturday. About twenty were purchased by Ed. Fields, of High Point- Thev are not attractive or in good order, but look like they were built for hard service, Oh, if perfectly easy to make a newspaper interesting. If news is scarce; iust 'go for some fellow and call him a wretched whelp and your readers will be satisfied.

Nothing suitif folks so well as to some fellofr made miserable, Wittkowsky liarurh, Charlotte, advertise in nearly all the newspapers in ceutral and western North Carolina. They are now reaping the benefits. Their salesmen report the largest and most satisfactory trade they have ever had. The defendants in the conspiracy cae were called Saturday at three o'clock for judgment. Squire Shelton and Purwell Mendenhall failed to appear, having fled beyond the reach of a capias, The other two Wash Morehead and Martin Ilistt were! sentenced to three months imprisonment in the county jail.

An appeal was noted. Conspirators IJurwell hall and Squire Shelton, who fled the court ou the day of their conviction, were turned over to jailer Wheeler Mouday morning by, Miss Judith Mendenhall, to whom they voluntarily surrendered themselves. They were driven to jail in a close carriage. Upon their appearance in court, inucA, uable to ministers and Sunday school teachers in particular, and to all Bible readers in general. It the Scripture classified and tnade eiy of apprehension.

Agricultural LTachinery IaMPIiESrENTS. Application for rates to ciuossnouii to the office of the company in ew Orleans. I For further information write dearly, ginng full a-ldress. Make P. O.

Money Orders payable and address Rrfe Bfcl i Slew Orleansj. t. Onlinary letter, I tJ. wr Orlenim. or n.

a. nArpwix. benenteti; uui, great ier u-tertaineu, in this section, for the tobacco crop. Much of the weed may take the second growth as it did in 1SSI, when the worst crop of tobacco ever housed in this State was gathered. But a rain will be All Policies nuw5isruei by the are uuiu ili forfeiting by their terms notliing ralua ble in "Life lnurne which the does n.j our cum- mvi coiii(letef ami we dant, in proof of the furtherallega furnish.

I VTTIfjCKOW. Manager Mn '1 Agent. Raleigh. X. A Kare Aaerdotal Talent Daily Patriot Stk.

Four of the best story tellers in the State were in town yesterday. Gen. Leach was here and held forth in front of the Central. Col. Ike Youug had been to the Buffalo Lithia and was in good trim.

Pat Winston rented the front of Por ters drug store, and Col. Frank Shober, looking for all tho world like an Episcopal bishop, made up the quartett. Winston held his crowd well until the "grouping" of Leach, Shober and Young was discovered. Theu followed a stamede for the corner of South Elm aud West Market. Each vied with the other in telling the best story.

Leach would occasionally interject a side remark about the Bourbon tendencies of the Democratic 'party, and more thau once said he would take the second place ou the national ticket with "old man Til-den." As the crowd thinucdand the story tellers began to drop out. Ike Youag recalled a few political rem-iniseiices. He told a good story about the brick house old Alfred Dockery built and how he made the brick "with these yallerhands," and how, many years afterwards, at the first Badical convention held iu the State, the old man, when he saw the predominance of the colored brother in the convention, expressed himself as feeling very "squeamish" about the Bepublican party. With a twinkle in his fine gray eyes, the festive Isaac said there were others there who felt the same way. He quit off with a good one on District Attorney Boyd, but its repitition was enjoined.

He saya it is not in his heart to abuse Holden for his recent political sommersault. That he was the founder of both political parties, and in his old age he ought to be permitted to exercise his preference without question. He met Bill Smith at Bafialo anrtnrro illi.l thlV "made UD." generally welcomed by an, never juWLtf I I theless. 1 11 tomer.s to give it due consideration. septll Land for Sale.

1 iTifn'rirminrt f-i! it 1 Irtir nniiAi H. M. SMITH IIII I VIIIIVLIMLV I i Mm niLL fj a rprti; UJlISfJICTIBUS 119 CULEH5. riniE following vptgy" I Hundred and Fifty Acres, on head waters To those wishing to engage in otisi- I I B- i 1 i i 1 siA LEM Jl'XCTjONj. (near Green-boro.

X.iir fj WE Keep the most improved uur i OBAIN and GUANO DRILLS unexcelled; sow. perfectly Wheat, Oats Peas and Com. and all. other small grain pats fertilisers lil-h is no house wo nay that then i si nesst iust wber it is waniea. ow i ofNorth Buffalo, adjoining the lands or tien r' Walter Benbow miles from the sTren Acre! within two miles of house, adjoining the lands of vsikiid others; and the above deeenbed tract.

NAlbrigbl wTSS-irist milU with thirty-two acres of land. 2XA miles from the court house. .1 Title perfect and iannediat- po-session giren apply f.r further ALBRjanT ALBRIGHT. -ill. crass seeds perfectly, jnoney mm oytheWof a good Drill: send yourordcrs ear and get the het.

NORTH l.lth i 4W Sonchuiu MIIU Evaporators. The genuine Blyiier make CookJ pattern. Vou will sare syrup and time hr gating our Mills and KporaroTS. and will make more molasses than with any others. ureens'srw, ti The MiUf theRila.

The following lines were "written for tho Patriot" some months ago in anticipation of a wet August. Iu sheer despair our poet suicided, siid our heart filled with melancholy whilo listening to 'tbesofUy falliug raindrops" as they chant a requiem for his departed soul. It is sad to associate these touching and beautiful lines with so melancholy an event as the death of our summer poet. But should it prove a warning to others not to pin too much faith to VennorV weather predictions, the lesson will not be lost: i Tallin. bl'an.

lH Wm-tof. nk mm-c guul mad rmr. Om tifeat mMaicfet air. Iir lh tfrtot atrU fklliDC Ibejr w-pp with tat who wtp. (r UlUby of BMHtx-r lliry rwk Ihrtr hb to lT.

jli the Southern trfc .11 it T.V Kndless variety. that has letter iicilitiis thaii ours, IJOVE'S 1 11 ih. rm Knutf and border MAtw. a J. Fruit Evaporators.

rinn Fruit can be presen TURF OIL. TRUE -onsisting of Awle.i Peach, ear. rium. amrn Orapes. A pricoti XtK-tarine.

Quince risiw illb ries. StrawbernW r.sjseberries. rrants. i-. berries.

Asparagus Ii llant.Ule freas. K.y green. Shruberyj Kes. Aa DesrripUre Ulogu free to all VTill gie sped rates that we can and! do duplicate and 111V tXl7wiaiw ed with it better than by any other. Agricultural Engines, Wm uiUbc tOiiiUiniurni'.

elr- Curresnoni onU.mceiSoiiciiea. nuinwn V-tion gusr2r 7 i -I A Si 1.1 lll.Kl anteed. bill of goods, no matter whore I i Proii i any apr21 EnsAnea" and Sawi MiUa. Before purchaoing write us for illustrated catalogue. Postoffice Box 8.

BICHMOND. VA. I sep'tl3 3m tion, that the proceeding loraivorcc was not the work of the complain ant, but that it was inspired by her brothers, Moses Stafford and B. M. Stafford.

Mrs. Smith was at the Piedmont Springs, having beeu sent there for her health, when the complaint was written, and it was alleged that she had never seen it until it was submitted to her for verification before the clerk of Stokes county. Letters to her children and one also to her husband, written a day or two before the complaint was signed, stated that her health was improving and that she expected to return homo in a few days. Tho complaint was taken to Danbury by B. M.

Stafford and nnder his influence and through his misrepresentations, as the defendant alleges, she signed it. The truth or falsity of these issues will be determined by the jury when the divorce proceeding is heard. The injunction restraining Smith from disposing of his property was continued until the regular hear ing of the case at the next term of the court. Tho application for alimony pending the suit was denied, because, in the opinion of the court, under recent legislation, the complainant had noc madeoutsucha case as would entitle her to a decree for divorce. Hopeless Epilepsy Cared.

"The doctors pronounced my case to be one of hopeless epilepsy" says our correspondent, W. C. Browning, Attorney at Law.Jud. sonia, "and declared death to be my only relief. Samaritan Kcr-tine has cured me." Get at druggists.

$1.50. I Trinity College. bonbt. tyOlVK UH A RE-SALE OF TIIE snii 'PH wo jf iVM opto tb 5th uf re tus nil tWiPTaSl of comuetant instructors. cation very healthy-anl pleasant, and the mral( it HOUSTON PLACE! LiV oh Jrow iMo( pnfpi.

With iu rL MH-haatia powif, CVmbibc I lh wrr Unteocr till tlw to lorn drotfxog Bamtc. Lika cim alc to tho who aaffar. Yritlkovsky Baruch, fluences et the coiamiioity the rery best. moderate. or caUlguS send to W.

H. Pesram.iiyin ty College. X.C. 15 OOOri 1 1 1 Krt, tflrry siWe a u-m Pky.iclaaie. i S4S Yonug run Joe Turner for Congress several years ago, and that made Smith road with him.

For years he bed not spoken to him, sbrml worm of toraa tmr arhio bmuou torm. augltf Dr. J. GRIrTITII; tmgsa daw- 1 -h i 13 Virtue of an order 1" 13 fiuilford county, we will sell for partition that uabe Pro.situated near the mtnn l.mjts if tireensboro. and known as the Houston PUce.

whkhontains about 333 acres, more or less. I nkss pn becomes the purchaser otth. there "7. 1 itnri stno of 40 feet wwe. ndi Faiauillew.

ISfaTla PEACE INSTITUTE, uutil a few weeks ago they met at the spriugs and "buried the hatchet." Col. Young is the most companionable of men, barring his pol-ith and rattlesnake breeches. He wears eyebrows and a Ftrsncrlr KNi bewitfclna mar-, AU ralhrBllti my mm Im, A I w.u-h m.r tar iOi ttv h.kwT PaM by. Whitealaiaa4 holrW Htorl am mj hwl aa4 brain. Thm 1 fell aaive.

Mill liUia To th atmrmar of tho raia. So, majraan. aoi tirno beraafter I Uy Anwm to rwt. OrrwaMT. al hall l4a For Iho mmmc 1 Vod hrt: iu rratlo fdnr falliajr UALEIOH X.

C. i eo. sena "'JT-T Tio pay. It cures before any JtlerrembS; (sfJsai at three clock, tue juuge sentenced each to four mouths imprisonment in the county jail, remarking that the extra month was for running Shelton would have only gotten days had he not fled. Dl4.

In Washington towuship, on Saturday, Sept. 8tb, Annie Flack, wife of Elisha Flack, in the 86th year of her age. In this county, on Thursday night September Ctb, 1KS3. Mrs. Uansom Phipps, aged about 50 years.

The deceased health at 4 ti. in- when stricken with luralysis, and only lived until 11 that night. She leaves large relationship to mouni ber sadden death. Owaia MoptMMber a. is bnninTaboVt 'the mWdl.

of th boundjry -3 Mt to about the middle of the eastern brThf be Md ing from about 18 acres. 15 po tW 39 acres. 12 poles, ercral this will be made at the court house in Greensboro, on If BHlay, th lat erote)br, 183. Terms of sale-One-third in eashone-thiHon a rditof risH months aad one-third oa a "dif UretrehTthe deferred payments ito bar intent eured by note, with "econty. The 1 Thmw a tho MxlBKht nirwrm in.

Ir? aatr tmohiinl MMitl. oTaTySmg thnV on the all that ncces i' It arrets at once the rsrress oi rJT suila mT ren the inflammation left in the bsltTClendrngstore.Green Askfof thf-Tuff Oil Spelling Book and tl it lull IBM tiorfw HAS permanently located, ami is doiasj all kindjr Iental work fr less money, than ever before known In this city. Satisfaction alays guaranteed. white imperial, which gives him the appearance of a martinet. He is the most successful of all the He-publican K)liticians and one of the best pokei players in the govern roent service.

He is popular with all factions, and his official bead sets square on his shoulders. UvlTeTuking a snial mm Whoa at mr mm kaa Uln IaUt twootot. laJ refooo. That oarth onhioo worhoJm iect to tne spproTa ui iu. ieSrred t.ll P-rf base money g1; dthe office on Jioutb street, 'opposne .1 Cn'm I i ful j) d4w in witheertincatmjwcurx- r.AIir.

A CO- Raleigh. X. 1 nit dsw store ot rt r5frtV oa ana nvs-st 0 Rif-hmona. Iko tho roico of wattiaw anvl. I wmm h4U IS lolL Jiorebeed.

septfi Or i tho aofUy Ulhnt raiadrova i Kim a miNa wi 7 w-..

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