Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1933 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1933
Page 9
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1933. bjrJurj; in atd ettensre Shborhood, but.of f HVed »t Fairmont, KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA where he has latterly been an auto mobile salesman, was accused of advising two Minnesotang to burn th«ir cars that he might sell them new ones to be paid for out of the insurance. Recently he was brought to trial, but the jury returned a verdict of not guilty. A typical cottage at the V.P.W. National Home, Eaton Rapids, Michigan, where the Veterans of Foreign War* of the U. S. are caring for more than 100 chil. dren of deceased or totally diiV •bled world war veterans, Below are five of the youngster* who live at the V.P.W. National Home. Baddy" Poppy Bay Sale will be held in Algona November 11, sponsored by the Kossuth County 541 V. F. W. F. B, WOMEN ARE STARTING YEAH WORK By Muriel Leaverton. Lincoln and Led yard township women met with Mrs. 3. H. Holcomb of Ledyard township Tuesday, October 10, for the first training school of the new year, and house cleaning problems were studied. Homemade cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions were included, ind there were mops for wet scrub- )ing and dusting. The meeting was in all day affair, and at noon a ovcly covered dish luncheon was served. 'Leaders who attended were: Mrs. T. E. Telkemp, cooperator and local leader; Mrs. L. A. Nitz, secretary and one of the publicity chairmen, also a local leader; Emma Gutknecht, girl's 4-M leader and cooperator; Mrs. Julia Wortman cooperator; Mrs. J. E. Ukena, local leader; Mrs. Jerry Heetland, township chainnan; Mrs. Arthur E. Anderson, cooperator and local leader; and 'Mrs. Frank Lewis, publicity cooperator and local dealer, all of Ledyard township. Mrs. J. H. Warburton, <Lakota, county chairman, also chairman in 'Lincoln township, attended. Lincoln township completed organization at a monthly meeting recently. Mrs. Warburton's mother, Mrs. N. E. Noble, and Mrs. Walter Hans were guests. The H. D, A. gave the les- PAGE N1NH FARM NEWS >V. J. Payne, Editor C. H. Klnmp, Field Reporter. [PUBLIC SALE ddle Sale Farilion in Algona, cast of Northwestern tracks IDAY, NOVEMBER 4, AT 1:30 O'CLOCK • made arrangements with the following truck men over [ty to list property for us. . iSee -them for terms. Wm. Titonka; Ted Johnson, Algona; Otto Wiley, Lu an Elliott, ISwea City; Geo. G. G-oetsch, Fenton; Paul j Ringsted. iave listed a number of Holstein springing heifers, to fin 30 to 60 days. II you are looking for good stuff be A number of cows and good young stuff. ,> are a few of the many pieces of furniture: Yellow and |and spring, single toed, complete; Mag, bed, complete, minster rug, dressing table, chair, and mirror, sewing ; telephone stand and chair, and other articles not listed, tf is on the floor and can be seen at any time. I feet of windmill rope % to 1 inch. day, November. 11, we will hold a boar sale of all kinds L list your hogs early. All must be vaccinated. us are cash. No property removed until settled for. 0. Riddle, Auctioneer Phone 7t. son. Fortland-Burt Women Meet. On Wednesday, October 11, Mrs. C. E. Sigsbee was hostess for the first training school for Portland and Burt twps., and, again, housecleaning was studied. Community meetings were discussed and plans made for the completion of the township organizations. . The 'following leaders attended this meeting: Beulah Larson, Mrs. Tony Jandl, Mrs. Wyot Stott, Mrs. S. M. Petersen, Mrs. Hans Koestler, Mrs. E. B. Dittmer, and (Mrs. C. E. iigsbee, all of Portland township and Mrs. Frank 'Ryerson, Mrs. M. 0. (Richards, Mrs. €. E. Bahling, Mrs Clifford Holding, and Mrs. George Gray, of Burt township. Three visitors were also present, besides the H. D. A. Leaders Meet at Lu Verne. Ten leaders met with Mrs. Ear Neal, of LuVerne township, Thurs J day, October 12, for an all day meeting for the$irst lesson in the home managment course and for community program planning. With the cooperation of;the 4-H club, it , is the aim of this group to encourage the development of a series of worthwhile community programs for LuVerne ships. Present at This is a good time to keep a close watch against poultry thieves. The Fenton Reporter says Ello Rahn has now been robbed two years in succession. Recently more than 70 Plymouth Rocks were stolen from his farm, and later 25 more were taken. Last year the same thing happened. In driving] about the county we see Jargel flocks in farm yards, and they present a big temptation to thieves. * * * * The Bancroft Register reports that Florian Hunt recently received 110 head of white-iface calves from North Dakota which he will ' feed for the market. * * * * Jos. Tapper, near Titonka, is building a new barn, 46x64. * * * * The Advance knows of a reliable, experienced ,young married couple without children who want work on a farm. If any reader of this column is interested, let him inquire of Editor W. C. Dewel. * • * • John H. Schueler, five miles north and 1% miles west ot Bancroft, farms IfiO acres which he bought 17 years ago. For the coming year two of his boys have rented a place a half mile west, where T. L. Rowell now lives. The boys vere picking corn'when we called ast Thursday. They had picked heir seed corn e_arly and had it on >pikes overhead in the corn crib. In 30 days they will take it down and iut it into a room upstairs in the louse. John said he had never had) any trouble with his corn not grow- ng. The Schuelers feed cattle every winter, but have not put any on Butter Brings Only 7cin Saskatchewan, and-Eggs 5c Recent visitors in Kossuth have been Mr. and Mrs. William Garman, Frontier, Sask., and their two daughters. Frontier is four miles north of the central Montana line. The Garmans have lived there 20 years. They came by car, a distance of 1200 miles. The family lives on a 1280- acre ranch which. Mr. Garman. owns. A son was left at home to take care of the property, Half of the land lies fallow every year, that being a dry country. The principal crops are wlfeat, oats, 'barley, and flax. 'When the Garmans left home wheat there was bringing 45c Mr. Garman found that in this country it was bringing 60c, the result of our inflationary policies. He was somewhat supris' ed to hear farmers here com plain bitterly of butter and egg prices. At Frontier butter was bringing a high of only 7c and ggs 5c. The money of both the U. S. and Canada is now depreciated. Mr. Garman brought traveler's checks before he left home, but he carried a little Canadian money, and he found it dis- iounted 10 per cent in this country. iSome time ago Mr. Garman sent down three Canadian dollar bills to pay his Advance subscription. The subscription price in Canada is $2.50, and the three Canadian bills brought exactly $'2.49% in American money. That was after the American dollar had become depreciated too. In the section of Saskatchewan where the Garmans live, land is not sold in terms of money, but in terms of wheat. For instance a oman.will buy a quarter-section and agree to deliver 4,000 bushels of wheat for it. Then he delivers one-foui'th of his annual crop til! the debt is paid. (No interest is charged. 6% ON PAID-UP SHARES ^ 7% ON INSTALLMENT SHARES ^ You can star.t a building and loan account any time with' any amount. »u.ta* Interest paid on savings twice each year. THE ALOONA BUILDING & LOAN ASSOCIATION Inc. 1&17 AUTHORIZED CAPITAL STOCK, $1,000,000.00 7 North Dodge St. 1 j '( i who goes by the nickname of "Chuck," helps on the farm, «but lives at Bancroft. "Chuck" said: 'We have a little boy at our house, and we call him Dennis." He also remarked that the hired man on the farm has worked there 11 years. * * * * Henry Naber, at .the northeast edge of Bancroft, just across a dredge ditch, and two daughters, were picking corn Friday, and were doing the best job we saw that day. We counted only three "white ribbons" on their load, and there were no silks. The corn was being picked the cleanest of any we have seen so far this fall. * * * * A. C. Carlisle has lived 55 years, FOR SERVICE Suits and Overcoats Get them Cleaned, Pressed and Repaired for Winter Wearing How About Your Furs? Bring them in nowjfor needed repairs Modern Dry Cleaners PHONE 687 feed yet this season. Two years or all his life, on his 95-acre farm ago, when we called on Mr. Schuel- three-fourths of a mile east of er, someone had shot his fine black Wbittemore on the old Pike. The police dog, which was limping place was owned by his father be- about the yard and seemed in pain, fore him. He married a Chicago but in due time he recovered and is girl, and they have five children AL60NA BUTTERMAKERS WIN IN STATE CONTEST Irvin L. Seeman, of the Algona creamery, and Mrs. Seeinan attended the annual state buttermakers convention at Cedar Kapids last week Tuesday and Wednesday. Mr. Seeman entered a butter contest in the senior class and won a score of 94, which was within one per cent of the top. Three buttermakers from this ection,'which is No. 6, took part in , butter scoring contest and won 'irst place and a trophy cup. Sec. 6 vill have to win again next year and the year following to keep the cup. Mr. Seeman, R. A. Bartlett, Whittemore, and Palmer Frettem, Smmetsburg, were the contestants. The cup is in the possession of Mr. Bartlett. The latter's wife won second place in a scoring contest I now in good condition again.. Mr. one son and four girls. The son is Schueler showed us where light- running his own grovery and meat ning had struck the house and set market at Ute, not far from Sioux it afire while he was at home City. Of the girls three were grad- a.lone. He managed to put the fire uated from the public high schoo out, but if it had not been raining at Whittemore at the head of their heavily at the time the house would classes respectively. Buelah now have been destroyed. The radio teaches in the Seneca consolidatec wire was fastened to a steel wind- school, and Ruth has a rural schoo mill tower, and it was melted three near Fenton. Grace, who was grad feet from the tower. It seemed uated this year, attended the Stat strange the lightning did'not fol- Teachers college last summer an< ow the tower. 1 plans to teach. Mildred is the home • • * * girl. Mr. Carlisle is well known The Ray Halls, two miles north for his Duroc Jersey hogs and his of the Brant schoolhouse, were corn strains. At present he has a ipicking com with a two-row picker few spring hoars to sell. He im- \ird & McCullough \ FUNERAL DIRECTORS We are in the service of 'others ALGONA, IOWA DNB 521 >»»»••*»•» for women. Mr. Bartlett won first place in in- | dividual scoring contest and received a medal. The Algona creamery was represented by three butter entries besides Mr. Seeman's. These were in the Junior class and won first place for Sec. >6. James Cooney won second .place on his sample, score 93%, and Kenneth 'Seeley and Bruce Eckhart tied for third place, > score 93.16. —WELL.OOCTAH PRESCRIBED A TON OR. TWO OP COAL WHAT DVA MEAN W6IS FILUN' A . P'SCRIPTION FO' OE 8MIFF FAMBLY? E&NORIDNfrSON TO B6 TOOK AT REGULAR. INTERVALS AS DE BEST CORE FO' THEIR COLDS J AND GRIPPE.' "*f and Sherman town- this meeting were Mesdames S. Phillips, Henry Kubly George Ehler, iR. Davidson, R. Masterson, William Baddeley, and Cora Mae Masterson, Benona Neal, and the H. D. A. . Lesson '2, on home salutation and home safety for Iowa, will be studied with Mrs. Geo. Ehlers, Thurs- when we were there one day last proved what is known as the Kos- week. They had made a short suth Reliance strain of corn, and •portable elevator which was doing he was the originator oif Carlisle's a good job at emptying corn into Golden Dent. round cribs. They told us about a trip to Louisiana, where they look- How's This for Husking? ed at land not far from Tallulah. RMch Point| O ct. 31—Though Rich This is near Mound, La. They saw p 0 i nt aid not have a representative good corn and cotton there, and j | n found that the natives raise crops of potatoes a year. The; ited the Dahlhauser families Godfrey Named to Corn-Hog Control -Geo. W. Godfrey, now of Ames I college, has been picked as one of five men who will administer Secretary Wallace's corn-hog plan in Iowa. Others are R. M. Evans, of Laurens; Lieut.-Gov. Kraschel, of Harlan; and 'Ralph Smith, Newton. The fifth man had not yet ORDER YOUR COAL TODAY J Blue Star, Great Heart or Great Eagle Coal. We also have a good grade.of Iowa Coal Our terms on coal are cash. '*!' F. S. Norton & Son Fkone'229 went there a year ago and them.well and happy. The Dahl- hausers formerly lived near Whit- day, November 16. Meeting in Grant Township. Eight Grant township leaders met with Mrs. Leonard Mino, Friday, j ,.,. October 13, for an all day meeting. ' Mrg> Jolm Tnjff( The annual organization meeting | arf ed f Ledyardi was held, and the first lesson on, farms & ha]f gection house cleaning was studied. picking porn ! " In the husking 1 contest last week, the neighborhood feels that It has a winner in Paul Black Jr., who husked 1130 bushels one day last week. been named when this mention was written. They will constitute a state board, and advisory subordinate boards will be named in each county. at the owns and Her last Twenty Years Ago , Rewrites from the Advance of September 24, 1913 Wednesday. The TroKs have lived on this ta ™ K ye FJ^ ™* Te aTe IREASON WE SELL IOWA'S BEST COAL Mrs. E. A. Junkermeier was reelected township chainnan; Mrs. cal leader's appointed were Mrs. TJ - ^ tWQ ^ and one glrl •tne\~" 1 ™ Mino, Mrs. W. O. finggs, Mrs. Al- mj l arriedp Mr . T^ff died ten years, 13 ™ ' fred Zielske, (Mrs. Roy Mino, Mrs. agQ Ae ; lti one O f the -married Effie Curtis, and Mrs. Delbert b 1}yes 3ust aCTOSS ^e Taa a Hunt. Completion of organization | ^j' helpg witll tlie WOT .- b m fl i B will be made at a second training motner . g ,j arm vhen necessary, school Nov. 3. at Mrs. Zielsnes. The day we were ^ there he was Attending this meeting were Mrs. repairing the ceme rit .floor in the Hunt, Mrs. Roy Mino, .Mrs. Bnggs,, Le( jy ar( j creamery. - He drives , . . Mrs. Zielske, Mrs. Florence -Kelly, , Le{ j yar£ i .school bus, ami 1 toe and Iris -AND Naomi Junkermeier and the H. D. A. Swea-Harrison Meeting Held. „ ----- ^ . iL-fJUYcirU .foCUUUl UU*3* -W-Wta. lu-w utm.%* *— «• - --------- -- , J.T,rt Mrs. Curtis, .. * haye two ^y^ Barrel, 3, and -and 'Bertha IHenry, organist at the - u -pound it was worth bee busi- id he ad- other elderly men to enter it "because 'it did not take much work. • * * * Theodore "Herbst had left for New "York City to study mu^ic in the Damrosch School of Useful arts, we called and the family was eele- Mrs. J. E. Harner was hostess to forating his .adversary- last Swea-Harrison project women week, and Lesson 1 on houset.™..-, twQ ine was presented by the H. u. A. ***D * ._ ,. _4- un -nrr Tl We visited the John "Wesselmans, miles west and ZOUT nine* i , -, north of Bancroft, last Thursday, >t fail to let us figure on your ling material We can save you money. N. Taylor, Inc. e 357-W On the Diagonal e Quality and Price Meet" Iowa, born October 7, There arei four boys and one girl in the j The WesselmanB lave', Mrs. F. E. Treat, Armstrong, was and . found ^em happy orer a new elected township chairman fo r | lbo y l Swea, and Eunice Jensen, Swea[ City publicity chairman. Harrison township women will meet later to complete organization. The second lesson, Home Sanitation and Home Safety for will be studied at the new chairman's Tuesday, November 7, at an all-day meeting. _ Among persons attending at Mrs. Harnerl were: Mrs MertonRoal- son, Eunice Jensen, Mrs. J. H. Lar son, Mrs. E. S, Bergeson Mr S F. lived on this farm seven years. It is one of the Kennedy farms, and is a half section.' The farm TraildnvEB - .are 80 rods from the highway, but Swea there is a «ood driveway, recently A total of 5,200 pounds of honey feated Spencer, 40-0, in a game on had been harvested by William j the local field. The line-up for Algona included: Centers, Howard Gillespie, Russell Peterson; right guard, Paul Rist; left guard,(Elmer Christensen; right tackle, A. Kresensky; left'tackle, John Donahoo; right ends, Robert Danson and Merlin Williamson; leift ends, William Hawcott and John 'McFarland; quarter back, Glair Laird; half backs, Claude Nugent and Harold Turner; fullback, Earl Wilson. " • * * * Justice Dye; Swea City, was being taken to task by the C.R.I. & 'P.. railroad, which claimed that the had acted as attorney in a case against the railroad in his own court. • * • • The state board of railroad commissioners was expected to come to Algona' to investigate a ^petition against dropping two trains on this: branch of the Northwestern. Before the trains were dropped Algonians could go to Des Moines, hare four hours for business, and return the Lick Old Man Winter Before HelGetsJHere! aye wo , , , Wendel who was a year old when Methodist .-church, had gone to study - - - -- -------- •<- r is music in Chicago. The latter is now Mrs. C. H. Cretzmeyer. • • • * S. S. Rist, Irvington pioneer, was , He was well known in the -county, "having served three terms DA. made. The Wesselmans milk 2» cows Ihe year round. At present they have, 80 sheep.and more <Bian 100 spring ipigs. • • * • When we called on F. M. Jacobs, miles north of the Grant Now is the time to get your battery, anti freeze solution, water heaters and car repairs. Here are a few of our special offers to car owners. ALCOHOL SPECIAL Per gallon, only Prestone, gallon, reduced from $4.50 SUM, IVAio* *•••»"- --- — • nr-p AiTE imico »»"*• *•** «•- - --- — , E Treat, Mrs. John Jongberg, Mrs. scUoo j house> last week Tuesday h Dettmar Thompson, Mrs. C. P. M ^-| was doing chores. F. M. says he i Gregor, Mrs. H. W. Linde, Mrs. E. C Isaacson, Mrs. Geo. Harner, and |He milks n- . doesn>t look or act like it. , . | s ^m cows every night Mn.<*o.<Doocy,all of Swea .town- and rnin «!. son D B Jac- S and Mr", T. F. Johnson Mrs. 0 af Pearson, Mrs. Harold Rota, and Mrs. J. H. Warner, of Ham- Community meetings were discussed and plans made. The first pro^L, for Swea township was set grTuesda S y November 21 at the Community hall. This will be a fall rally. First School at Bancroft, obs, lives with him, and they farm a half section. They have haq extra help to pick corn, so F. M. is at ipresent doing all the chores. There are 200 hogs on the place. The farm buildings have toeen put into good shape, and a new corn crib 60 leet long, also a new chicken house, have been built. Nick Scholtes, two miles east of Bancroft, is an oldtimer in that A Plum Creek girl, Louise Miller, had gone to India as a German Lutheran -missionary. * * * * Mrs. Edith Bowyer Whiffen was planning on a concert tour with a Chicago "woman along the northern Pacific coast and probab'ly to Honolulu. .*•* * * * Tire district Methodist conference had "been "held, and the Rev. F. C. "aylor had been returned to Alona for -another year. ***** A former Algona girl, Jean Paterson. had "been married to Frank Griffith, Milford. * * * * * A Federal income tax was to take ffect Mar. 1, 1914. The rates were ight. Unmarried-men were exempt up to $3.000; married men up to Mimeographing Advance Co. Due to season, women l^vj*w» —- — •— \OfUna i/i-t( *«* •*«». "- — '- ---- m , the busy corn-husking sect ion. He showed us a rigging only a small number . of Friday whi ch is like the outside ^ of ,' attended the first training a i arge water tank. In this the attendatn nd the bull meS-as held in An toinder is set and the SST..SSS3S room at the school hnuse for organization and study of the first lesson on a house clean- county drama festival ing. plans for a home us- These-d to,g, sanitation and home-safety, Thursday, Thos. wet has et TaylorMr, Miss Adolphus, and the H. D. A- Kiverdale Women Meet. M .= nhester R. Schoby was- host« or a "iSverdale township proj- ? vm™ Friday, when the house the | wheel runs in it. The outfit keeps the binder from sinking in — ground, yet the bull wheel traction to run the binder. Mr. Scholtes can tell a great deal about early days, when the binder had to be floated on empty beer kegs. Now he has his farm well drained and raises good crops. He has more than 5000 bushels of old corn on the place and will have that much more this year. No corn was being picked the day we called, for a picker is used, and the corn was so dry that too many leaves would. be left. Nick likes to have his corn picked clean. His son Charles probably John Frideres will be hostess for second lesson, when sanitation and home safety will be studied. > Attending were Mrs. Ray Jfttcto Mrs John Frideres, Mrs. Jpveret Gangwer, Mrs. Jack Devine, Mr J, B? McNeill, Kathryn Scfeohy, as the H. D. A. same night. * • * • Ralph Raney, had broken a bone in his right forearm at football on the school grounds. The annual convention of the tenth district of the Iowa Federation of the Woman's clubs was to be held here, and Mrs. J. B. McHose Boone, wife of the father of the Larrabee county bill, was to toe one of the speakers. • * • • Algona was chosen as division point for the CJM. & St. P. railway mail service, and it was .expected that many railway mail clerks ToOO *The rate wa" s only one per would move to Algona. ert .UP to <f 20,000, tot graduated up o five per cent on $250,000 to a $500000. Over the half million mark there was a seven per cent *' * * • * A son had just been born tp the Hugh Raneys, who live east of Al- ;ona. The Emmetsburg football team had come for a game, but ram interfered and the team had to go home by train. It had come here by automobile, but (the roads then were impassable for cars in wet weather. « * * * A former Algona couple, Mr. and Mrs D. S. Ford had celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in New York They had lived in Algona for 30 years. * * » * George Boyle, of Whittemore, who had been in poor health, was again at-his desk at the Whittemore State bank. • •' City Supt. Kelly had taken friends by surprise, when he was married to Mamie Carey at Milwaukee. They caine at once to 'Algona The Algona football team had d* A beef production special train was to come to Algona, and speakers were to give talks on beef raising during a 45-minute stop. The train was also to stop at LuVerne, Burt and Fenton. • * • • A newly formed county ministerial association was planning a program for the coming year. One minister was to discuss some important subject at each meeting. • * * * A drunk farmer at Germania (Lakota) had interfered with the law, when the mayor of the city was putting other drunks into the city jail. He attacked the mayor with a knife and inflicted serious wounds about the mayor's throat and head. The sheriff was called and a charge of an attempt to commit murder was filed against him. The man, in a preliminary hearing, was bound over to the grand jury under bond of $1.500. The other drunks were each fined $25. * * * • Delbert Potter was a freshman at Coe college, and was, playing center on the freshman football team. Arnold Kresensky was also on tae BATTERIES Ford 15-plate batteries, 10 to 15 per cent greater life than old 13-plate batteries. Meets requirements of 75 per cent of cars at . $6.95 Exchange A 15-plate battery will accommodate all special electrical equipment such as radios and water heaters, HEATERS $12.50 DP _ . .$6.00 ro Arvin Hot Water Heaters from __. Hot Air Heaters from USED CARS 1930 Ford Tudor, motor completely overhauled, Special price for this week, JJ65.00 2—1931 Chevrolet Coupes, very good. 1—1929 Chevrolet Coupe, a bargain. 1—1932 Ford V-8 Tudor, like new. . ' . * 1__1930 Ford Tudor, veij good. 1—1929 Pontiac Coach, clean. Kent Moter team, playing end.

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