Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1933 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 2, 1933
Page 7
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27,0. up to Sun- had three wins -elr credit. The loss of E?on City Waves them [ na 3 ta»ding among Al- Hootball teams. rter there was no on City scored on che ttie.second j quarter. 'made around'end, on and the [touchdown came-wnen ,rom center caused L fumble, and it was Cl on Algona's 20-yd. , second iplay Mason "ound end again for a down, and again kick- tra point. The score half was 14-01 KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALGONA, IOWA .Helen Corey spent the week-end with friends at Marshalltown. The interior of the James drugstore was repaipered last week ' IB. J. Hough has had a concrete driveway laid at his home on north Thorington. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Streit spent Sunday with Mr. ami Mrs. E c Hertig, Buffalo Center. H. R. Cowan & Son are erecting a new corn crib on the Cowles farm on east McGregor street. Walter Fraser returned to Ames Sunday, after having spent the week-end with his parents. •M. P. Christiansen attended a State Brand Creameries board meeting at Mason City Saturday Mr. and Mrs. V, V. Naudain spent 'Sunday at Elmore with Mrs. Naudain's sister, Mrs. Clarence Maland The Rev. T. J Davern spent JFri- day j at Des Moines, where .he attended the funeral of Bishop T W Drumin. PAGE 8EV8H ) 'i VS; I'm' 3 ™ er tw ,° weeks wit h her Parents, Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Sherman. Dr. and Mrs. R. R.'Kennedy, Min- T,!: ap ^i ls ' spent the week-end with the Shermans. Mrs. Kennedy is Mrs. Sherman's sister. .. D> k- Driver, night engineer at the swift plant, has gone back to I work, after a five weeks layoff with a wrenched knee, suffered when he fell from a ladder while he was at work. He was thrown OLE his balance when a wrench he was using on a pipe slipped. Vern Pratt, West Union, was here all last week, helping his brother Dennis take care of a rush o£ electrical wiring, etc. Vern worked on the new high school building, and with his family lived here nine months. He now has an electrical shop at West Union, home town of the Pratts. Mrs. M. J. Quinn, who, with Jennie Cooney, had charge of the 18-acre patch on tjie B. L. Gilbert! farm northeast of town which they rented this season. Charles Duhigg, Emmetshurg, was here 'briefly last week Wednesday night, and was the guest of the E. C. McMahons at the •Congrega- HOERNER He represents in the defunct Iowa •n Y» A. i * "•**# j ^IMH Vjilttl lie \JL LllC iBugene Hutchins spent the week-'Country Club clubhouse during the end at Ames, visiting friends and ... - - touchdown tor Mason in the third fluarter, the kickoff, .when ...City, broke through Lr for a 71-yd. run 1 touchdown. This time Extra point failed. ;0 uchdown for the Ma| W as scored m the Lr, when a kick by Uas blocked, and Ma- jovered on Algona's 15- he Mason Cityans then he Algona right end for hdown shortly before led. , • , City victory over Al_> first in the live years |o schools have played ! other. Most men on ; team have played to- .ars and thus have had Jperience in tefltn play, 7ISITORIS !ED IN ACCIDENT > Wigans, 15, daughter igans, Eagle Grove, injured in an -auto- .nt a week ago Satur|she was returning froni . ort Dodge with Virgil |,0ol<ftield, who wen* to j-Jie was driving his fath- fcrd V-8 and traveling at hns suffered a deep gash bead which required six |close, and her legs were nd bruised. Her clothes Darland was no urt. The accident hap |:30 a. m. on the county nwick. ans was rushed, to Dr ler. The car was com fcolished. According t , the condition of Mis [serious at the home o •ents at Renwick. Slj i Algona. [MOTHER DIES INTESTINAL FLU attending the Ames-Missouri homecoming game. Mr. and Mrs. W. A. White, Justice and Mrs. H. B. White, and Donald White spent 'Sunday with relatives at Perry. 'Kathryn Misbach, Loretta Howie, nd Leona Lichter spent the week- nd at Ames, attending a State college homecoming. Harry Nicol, merchant at Gerald- le, Mont., was here over Sunday, he guest of his uncle, E. J. more. , Mrs. Leonore Peck, who uite ill for a few days suffering Lawrence MiSbach and Meredith various points near Pontiac III. He ? «F°2, s ? ent s . undav wift friends is closing his house on east State at St. (Peter, Minn., and Mankato i street, and will not return till ervices were held at th urch Saturday, for I Tripp, who died Gil- was rom heart trouble. icely. is improving season just closed, plans to go to Hull, her old home, soon for an extended visit at a brother's. Hull is a town of 1,000 inhabitants in Sioux county, second county north of Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Webster have gone to Estherville to spend the winter with their daughter, Mrs. Howard Heid'ke. Mr. Webster was for many years Methodist church Janitor, ibut he gave up the place when he had an automobile acci- tional supper. this territory Trust & Savings bank, Oes Moines, and looks after some 30 fawns. He had been at Northwood, where he hpd sold one of the farms. Mrs. MdMahon is his daughter. The fire department was called Monday afternoon to the H. N. Webster home in north A'lgona. A small fire in a shed near the house had been put out before the firemen arrived. No damage was done. It was the first fire in Algona in some weeks. The house is owned by the Rev. Geo. H. Wessell, Dows. The We/bsters are moving this week to a house in south Algona. V. B. Tripp was here to attend the funeral of his daughter-in-law, Mrs. Lawrence Tripp ;He and his wife have for the last few years been operating a rooming house at Beloit, Kans., a town of some 3000 inhabitants. Mr. Tripp was an auctioneer many years at Lakota. Later he ran the old Peck livery 'barn south of the K. C. State bank huild- ing and conducted auctions there. For a time he had a furniture store where the Sorensen drug store is now located. Esther Fellows, advertising manager of a Hollywood, Calif., cosmetics concern, was recently hon- T IS THE Rev. J. Robt. Hoer- the paving, ner, latest successor to Father ed their home here Saturday morning and drove to Des Moines to visit the L. Call Dickinsons and Mrs. L. J.'s sister, Mrs. F. E. V. Shore, till today. This morning the senator, his wife, and Natalie Pearson, one of Mr. Dickinson's clerks who has' been in charge of his Des Moines office, are leaving for Washington, where the Dickinsons have a year- around apartment in an apartment building. Mr. Dickinson plans to spend a good deal of his time before congress convenes in January in study of the money and NRA iproblems. O. L. Vohs, who has been Wallaces' Fanner representative in this county 15 years, is occasionally sent to outlying territory to coach other salesmen. Last Thursday he returned from a Week in Blue iEarth county, Minn. This is the county next south of Mankato, not the county in which the town of Blue Earth is situated. Mr. Vohs reported a fall there of damp snow, still visible in spots when he left, and he thought it accounted for our cool,.cloudy weather Friday, when there was a little fine snow in the i air here, but not enough to show on Taylor, founder of the Al'gona Con- •gregational church, which is this week-end celebrating its diamond jubilee. . »,, . . ored there by an invitation to speak i lm P r , ovin e • weeks was a patient at the Kossuth hospital, was taken home last week Monday, and has since been Hers was an un- luncheon at the Knickerbocker hotel. In her talk she told of the in- sd « ^^^^^^^^\^^^^ n ^£^ 3 the bladder, but when operation sde ^h^^SS^^,^ 1 ^^^^^!^ £* 't- EM'BURGERS EN ROUTE TO GAMEJRE DITCHED Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Herbst am Mr. and Mrs. E. C. McMahon spen the week-end with -friends at Min neapolis, and attended the Iowa Minnesota game Saturday. On the way a car ahead skiddec on an icj» road and headed into th business. fif.—t. f ,, oiue wurKines ana aUTnOrOUS 1T1C1- ,, . i , i . U|1 « 11 11 ->* iu*m aiiu ueaueu HI Johnson^nZTmto E r°: ^ <*"** dentS ln the mail order cosmeUcs | ^H^K?" ' ^"Sf 8 ,^* "<*- *&« * turned, over. John Wermersen plans to go to Winterset soon for several weeks with his daughter, Mrs. William Cont. After that he will visit at iw.. n.«<« „,.. -_ e 41. ' '""otic wuiuiL caused the lump. ^- ^l_° W ri o£ ., th , e More than a pint of clotted blood Only an empty space between two luildings now' remains where the Old Armory .building stood for so many years. Mrs. Anna 'Drone, who had been a.patient at the Lutheran hospital, iampton, was recently brought tome and is much improved. Mrs. Dennis Pratt, who had been at the Kossuth hospital ten days and for a time was critically sick, was taken home 'Sunday and is recovering. While -Dist. Supt. and Mrs.. W. G. Muhleman were at the world's fair recently the former took moving pictures which he is now exhibiting at church and other gatherings. D. Wayne iR. Collins, high school band instructor, who, as reported ,n the Titonka column, is organizing a high school 'band at Titonka, spends a half day there each week. 'E. J. Gilmore is again getting down to his office, and is his old Mankato i street, and will not return spring. Mr. Wermersen lost wife a few months ago. business, is a mem<ber of the club. Mr. and Mrs. G. C., Driver, Oak arbor, Ohio, arrived last week Wednesday for a week at the former's brother D. L. Driver's. Oak Harbor is on Lake Erie, near To- : ledo, and G. C. has for 23 years | been train operator on the New W. A. Lorenz received a card *°*_^?*5L tt ?™-_ 7?™^? Saturday saying that his mother, Mrs. 0. Lorenz, was somewhat improved and could sit up a little while daliy. A gall bladder operation was performed two years ago, and the wound has never healed. She is at her daughter Mrs. Jack Shearer's at Council Bluffs. Augustus Weber, who had been with his sister, Mrs. John .Urch, since last May, departed Friday second time in some 43 years that the brothers had seen each other. The G. C. Drivers visited here ten years ago. Among A'lgonians who attended eighth district 'Legion and Auxiliary meetings at Fort Dodge last Thurs- D. H. Stock, and W. P. French, and the Messrs, and Mesdames L. M. Mer- day were the Mesdames G. Brundage, W. E. Hawcott, A. O .i.^ lu ,ou lti aj, ucpancu jvuuay , . . morning by bus for his home at Al- rit V _Y' 7' Naudain, L._ E. Hovey, hambra, Calif., near Los Angeles, were he lives retired. He once lived 'here and worked for the late J. R. Jones at the latter's locally famed Wigwam, a farm implement shop. The Peterson Studio had a letter Saturday from A. .L. Peterson. He and Mrs. Peterson were then at and H. L. Gilmore, and Dr. A. D. Adams, M. J. Streit, John Momyer, L. (E. Linnan, A. E. Kresensky, and H. V. Hull. (Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gilmore, who had lived many years east of Algona, left Monday for*a new home at Glendale, Calif., where they will live with their daughter, Mrs. Ar- self, barring weakness. He re- had been visiting some of the coast sumed attendance at the Rotary club last week Monday and was greeted with a hearty round of applause. Tryouts Ifor the cast of a high school junior play to 'be given late this month 'began Tuesday. The play will be Applesauce, by "Barry Conners, and practice will begin immediately. Mrs. ;D. H. Goeders is directing. Charlotte Jane A^yison, Omaha, came Tuesday to visit Alice Rist ti'll tomorrow, visit friends •She is en route to at Rockford, 111., Long Beach, Calif., where their son thur Peterson. Mrs. Peterson and - - ' her brother Ralph came by car last week (16 take them to the Coast. They formerly lived at Tacoma. was removed. Town housewives may be interested to learn that Mrs. Willfred Cooney, near Britt, cans and sells cooked chicken. The chickens are from her own flock, and the cooking and canning are done according to the best sanitary methods. The cans sell at only 40c for 2% pounds net, and the contents are ready to serve after a few minutes' heating. Mrs. Copney's husband is • a- brother of Jennie Cooney, of the Christensen store, and of James Cooney, northwest of Hobarton. Dist. Supt. and Mrs.' W. G. Muhleman and the Rev. and Mrs. C. V. Hulse attended an Algona district conference of Methodist pastors and laymen at Garner Monday. More than 40 'pastors and as many laymen, with their wives, attended. No layman went from here. Later: Mrs. Hulse did not go. Mr. Hulse went on to Mingo, near D_es Moines VIonday night to see his mother who • is sick -and- has a nurse. An inmarried son lives with her. The Hulse' home farm lies between Mingo and Colfax: Senator and.iMrs. Dickinson clos- .1'gona party stopped to offer aic nd found that the occupants were hree Emmetsburg men, one of Doctor Theile, a dentist, vhose wife, the former Delia Dar- ng, is well known here. Behind the Herbst-McMahon car vas another Emmetsljurg car, in vhich was Dr. F. X. Cretzmeyer, irother of Algona's Dr. C. H: Cretzmeyer, who examined the men for njuries. None was seriously hurt. Mel resides Mr. Peterson said he photograph studios. He keeps up his local Rotary club attendance! The daughter, Mrs. Mildred Wright where she and Alice were roommates at Rockford college a few years ago. Marion McMahon got home Sunday night from Chicago, where she , 'Notre has been employed in the A. & P. ! game. record by attending club meetings there. . 'Eleanor Keen', freshman in the school of journalism at the university, has passed the first round in debate tryouts held recently. Only one other girl competed. Eleanor is a member of the student-faculty relations committee of the Y. W. C. A. This committee plans group parties for students at faculty members' homes. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Kelly and Mr. and Mrs. P. J. Kohlhaas got home Sunday evening from South Bend, Western Electric Wide Range Sound—here—gives you fully 25 per cent more of the music in pic- ipjo ire ui ?3j) UBD noX utsnj nnry sound system. THRE5E BIG DAYS THREE iBIG MATINEES Wednesday, Thursday and Friday November fcg-8 Souvenir Matinees each day at 2:30. An 8x10 tinselled photo of Bing Crosby to every lady free. BING CROSBY JUDITH ALL?]* JACK OAKIE LILYAN TASHMAN and 100 Beautiful Girls in "Too Much Harmony" It's a big musical! Also- Jfew News and "Husband's Reunion" Saturday Special, November 4 2:30 Matinee, 10-25c. Remember—seven days entertain ment for one admission every -Saturday. EXTRA BIG VALUE! Imagine a chap in 1933 who finds imself back with the folks o 910! His 1933 love-technique is si dvanced that the girls scream fo: elp. More laughs than your fam y has ever laughed — with Le 'racy at his tunniest! who had been with them here, will also liv« in California. •Box elders and giant cottonwoods which had for many years bordered the J. T. and T. H. Chrischilles, lawns on north Thorington street have been cut down by C. E. Walker and split for firewood. Some of the trees were more than 60 years old. It is believed that the older ones were planted ,by the late D. H Hutchins, father of the late C. B ri_uK«,»« c",,i«,i T~II -D~II~ Hutchins! and grandfather of H Cabbage Salad, Jell,_ Rolls CHICKEN PIE SUPPER Methodist Church Saturday, Nov. 4th at 5:30 35c a plate Children under 12, 25c MENU Chicken Pie, Mashed Potatoes Harvard Beets, Baked Squash D.. Lawrence, and Carl Hutchins. Plans for the sale of 1500 "Buddy" poppies here Armistice day inert son Junior and attended a Dame-<PittslJurgh football Junior is a freshman at M _ r 5* I model Kitchens at the world's fair.; Notre Dame. The 'group left here En route home she stopped at Friday, and made the trip to South last j ... ~. .. Hill ruuic nuuie sue siuppeu ai r uuay, aim iuo.uc lesaay at the : Kossuth Ames to at t en d the State college Bend in 12 hours. following a sickness of ] days with intestinal flu ications. Burial was made Jiore cemetery. PP, who was born May 2, |whose maiden name was Schreilber, was only 28. p were Mr. and Mrs. ireiber, Livermore, who Igona 1'5 years ago. Both now deceased. . Tripp were married L924 Besides the hus- .iLawrence Jr., 9, and a ptor, survive Also sur- two brothers, Walter Algona, and Howard I'Livermore, and a sister, nee Wolverson, Hayward, •Poisoning Death of -ad at Ledyard homecoming. ^ d :L W ^ reT ,i h fI ! S !, te ll h , e J 0r ;!have been laid by the local chapter of Veterans of Foreign Wars. The poppies were received from U. -S. Veterans Hospital No. 108, North- ,port,"ti. I., "where they were made .by Max Zummerman and J. Donovan. Four local store windows will be decorated to resemble Flanders Mrs. Nina Murray, Algona, en- Assorted Pies and Coffee .. The .. Chicken INN Formerly COOK'S ROADSIDE INN invites you to a free cup of Coffee, Saturday, November 4th. We specialize in Chicken Dinners Barb-Q Ribs and Tasty Sandwiches. Home Made Pies. ART W. PARKS, Mgr. iunday and Monday, NOT. 5 and f WHAT A PROGRAiM! Exceptional musical act! DONALD NORI8 DAWN O'DAl Eton Boys Vitaphone Beautietf —in— "Telephone Operators Opera" See this and insist on Manager Hancher giving Algona equal ser* rice. f 'New News—one day old. RUTH CIIATTERTON GEO. BRENT he wonderful women of the screen in "Female" A guaranteed attraction! Clean, fine, entertaining. She i* ;he general manager of a big ,ory. Duesdny-Wednesday, Nov. 7 and 8 It's a fine opportunity! DAVE RUBWOFF . i ( of the Eddie Cantor Hour) (His band and Jean Sargent, 4 class Torch Singer in "Black and White" Think • of it! Wide Range Sound for Rubinoff—three big violin solos. You'll toe thrilled! EV[R IN MY Something new and daring. : \ IN ADDITION ' GUS SHY and HELEN GOODHUE in "Turkey in the Raw* 20 minutes of Thanksgiving Turkey Thursday and Friday, Jfor. 9 and 10 BA'RON MUNOHASSEN! Vas you dere Scharlie? JACK PE>EL in feature picture!. —with— MAE CLARKE OTTO KRUGER in another high speed role., Before the depression he was able to tell just what was to happen to prices of 'grains, stocks, )onds. What a handicap he had! Also Our Gang Comedy. Cartoon Comedy—Fresh Ham Kit Carson Serial Silly Symphony," Babes in the Woods" Saturday, Armistice day, Nov. 11 It's big tor fun, EL BKENDEL WALTER COTTHELL in "Olsen's Big Moment" A surprise package! Money back on this one if you're not tickled stiff. It's a special for Armistice day. JACK. it«* rcMi DURAMTE iET THE (In Cuddle College) ; Some nifty feminine display! ' Look at the Comedians t • ZAZU PITTS, EDNA MAE OLIVE! Look at the music! TED HEALT . V and His Dancers and " the 3 Stooges that appeared • in "Nerstery Rhymes" They are as funny as Marx Bros* Also ETHEL MERMAN in "Song Shopping" Or. Howard Chapman Andrew* in Pictorial. New News—one day old. plll!lllllllllll!l!l!lllllllllllll!lll!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIH Dr. and Mrs. Hale Shirley, who tered the Kossuth hospital last j F j eld and a f i oat on the Bartholo- had spent a three weeks vacation Thursday and was operated on Sat- mew Bros, truck will parade State [Oct. ai-4john, 16-year- Mr. and Mrs. Ray Estle, • <«ed at the Bancroft londay morning at 1:20 was caused toy here, returned Saturday to Iowa City, where the doctor has been employed in the psychopathic hospital since January 1. His wife is a graduate dietician. Everett L. Harris, former deputy sheriff, writes that he has moved from Clear Lake to Mason City. He moved to Clear Lake last spring, when he became carrier on a iMa- son City-iAlgona star mail route which was recently discontinued. Mrs, Alma Nelson's daughter Anna is again teaching at Big Pin- •ey, Wyo., a town a little larger than Algona, where she is high school principal. This is her fourth year there. Stella Mae Breen, stenographer for J. 'L. Bonar, drove to Mason City Saturday afternoon to see her father, who was sick in a hospital there. The Breen home is at Titonka. , • .Mr. and Mrs. Henry Baier Jr., and Mr. and Mrs. David iR. O'Keefe, both couples of Des Moines, spent the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. Henry iBaier Sr. Mrs. O'Keefe was formerly Elizabeth Baier. K. D. James went to Omaha Sun- in-day for gallstones. James Brown, I'street. Algona, underwent a hernia operation Saturday, and Pauline Zanke, /Livermore, had a minor operation W. G. McCullough, accompanied by Geo. E. Johnson and iR. G. Richardson, drove his , Sunday. Fred Riebsamen, Titonka, I For t Dodge last entered the hospital Tuesday medical treatment. ambulance to- Thursday and for • brought home Mr. Johnson's wife, who had a major operation for re- PasserSby have of late taken note moyal of a tumor at a ' hospital of a ton, more or less, of handsome there two weeks ago Monday. Mrs. squash in the E. J. Hodges display Johnson, who is Mr. Richardson's window across the street from the ' sister, was still confined to_ bpd Kohl'haas garage. 'Mr, and Mrs. | last week-end, but her condition is Hodges have for three years been satisfactory and she will recover in raising garden stuff in quantity, and the squash were grown on an due time. Mrs. F. S. Norton, who for some ">S which resulted ;stered heel. Doctor Wil* him to the hospital evening, and an opera- ding driUing into the performed in an effort i<jt the poison, but it was "'• John was one of a 12 children, and was »Kota and lived here till 'f ago, when the family ^»h Here for ividend Check i for the Algona State aividencl have for two ready for distribution, hS « vely few depositors * Q lor their, checks, acv joel #• Hepbst. The e obtained at the Kos- State bank was building. per a total of 45.104 per to be dis- Sick Farmer than : 50 "'lends and neighbors, Patterson's, northeast day to meet and toring home his wife, who had spent a month in California. They were to spend' a few days with their daughter, Mrs. C. B. Nasby, who lives at Omaha. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Hargeaves, Algona, went to Mason City. Monday to attend a Standard Oil luncheon at which Mr. Hargreaves received a service button for having been with the company ten years. Mr. and Mrs. R. Straw, Deep Water, Mo., came last week Wednesday to visit the. latter's mother, Mrs. Mary Beard, till Saturday when ithey went home. Mrs. Beard and her son, Louis Jones, accompanied them lor an extended It 'was reported in the October 19 Advance that Howard Fines had gone to Hollandale, Minn., to see bis wife and daughter. This was incorrect, for Mr. Fines is not married and has no daughter. He operates a portable mill in this vicinity* The Congregational Aid had a big patronage for its 25c chicken supper last week Wednesday night Something like $120 was cleared Mrs. D. P. Smith is president of tne organization; Mrs. G. D. Stokes secretary; and Mrs. W. E. McDonald/ treasurer. , So far as known Tuesday, no . teacher planned to attend (Mr, yet schools will close the teachers attend. let New Mrs. CJiester W. Kinsley, New left last week Wednes- . York City, left last Special Food Values this Week Only _ im KONOMt KULtS 1 FBESH CREAMERY Butter lb; • C & H CANE Sugar C52c Beet Sugar lOIbs. Sic BROADCAST CORNED BEEF HASH QUICK OR REGULAR QUAKER OATS KIRK'S HARD WATER CASTILE SOAP QUAKER MAID BEANS DEL MONTE ROYAL ANN CHERRIES 20C 25c $5.03 1OO |b, lOOlbs. 4.87 Can Large Pkg«. Cake* 16 oz. Ca.ns Cans Seminole Tissue 3 rolls Post Toasties and Kel- logg'sCorn 91 C Flakes, 2 Ig. pkgs J» I V Del Monte Tom'atoes, 2 No. 2 29C cans : »ww 17 c 29c 19c 19c 29c 19C 5c Crystal White Soap chips> ..I Oc 21-oz. pkg. 2 No. 1 Cans lona Cocoa, 2 lb. can Olivilo.Soap, cake— Back from Market Stunning New ^Apparel Styles Our Buyers are Enthused About This Selection Dresses New Fabrics Include Sh'eer Woolens Barred Crepe Ribbed Crepe Angora Rabbits wool New Silks " Paile : Sand crepe Bengaline ; j Canton crepe Choice new fabrics in solid colors and mixtures. i*J All the Smartest Fashion News in Our Dresses. V $7.95 to $19.75 Luxurious Coats Fur Trimmings Include Caracul Badger Fox Skunk Jap Mink Wolf Maiich Wolf Squirrel Choice new fabrics in solid colors and mixtures. Coats With the Newest Colors and Sleeves. $19.75 to $49.50 'II • *f j

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