The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 17, 1954 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 17, 1954
Page 7
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SATURDAY, JULY 17, 1954 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE SIV1M OUR BOARDING HOUSE - with Major HoopU OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams DAY WHEW I DO THE PISHES SO THEY CAW GO -ID THEY'RE <3CH*J<3"TO UP AN) IWPSAN V1LLA6E WITH AMP A YES, MA'AM./ FFIVE to 80RKE MA6TH& Ml^ER UP TKE FIRST H~~T00DLS 00, A4AKTHAI M0>7 ALL BET)/ MY \ 6UV TO WATCW OOVMN JELEPUOME POLES/ I MUST HAVC HENRY - ME OWE OF THESE TMIM65 / I WOMDEfc IF I COULD BORROW THAT STICK: FOR. A LITTLE WHILE HtA SMVKW. toe. T. M. JUg;. U. 8. fit. Off. IfJ T. M. R«C. U. S. Pat. OH""There—bang—you're dead! Now go to bed!" ?T Copr. 195* by h«* WviM. KM. '"'Did you notice a sudden improvement m her playing?* T«kvWoii - Tom-flit, Tomorrow - WMCT Channel S, t WH§Q Chann.l 13 WMCT Channel 5 6 :00 Bank oo tfce 6:30 Am»t«ur Hour 7:00 Saturday Night Revue 8:30 Private Secret&ir 9:00 Wrettilng 10:00 To b« announced. 10:30 New* 10:45 Adventure 11:00 Amateur Niffht ft* the Handy 11:45 Sign Ott WHBQ Channel M Saturday Night, July It $:OQ Stage Show 7:00 Two for the Money 7-30 JacX Parr Show 8:00 That's My Boy 8:30 Name's the Same 9:00 Wrestling 10:00 Big Playback 10:15 Weather 10:30 News 10:30 Late Show Sunday, July li 2:00 God's World 2:30 Press Conference 3:00 What in the World 3:30 Youth Takes A Btand 4:00 American Week 4:30 Man of Week 5:00 Earn Your Vacation 5:30 Your Playtime 6:00 Toast of the Town T.OO G. K. Theatre 7:30 Man Behind the Badge 8:00 Mr. and Mrs. North 8:30 What' My Line 9:00 News Special 9:15 Do You Know Why 9:20 Photogravure 1:30 9:30 Break the Bank , 1:45 10:00 Walter Wlnchell 2:00 10:15 Martha Wright 2:15 Monday. July It 2:30 6:00 Morning Show 3:00 7:55 News 3:l5 8:00 Garry Moore 4:30 8-30 Arthur Godfrey 5:00 9:30 Strike It Rich. 5:30 10:00 Valiant Lady 5:45 10:15 Love of Life 6:00 10:30 Search for 6:30 Tomorrow 7: °Q 10:45 Guiding Light 7:30 11:00 Kitchen Migic 8:00 11:25 News ,9:0° 11:30 Welcome Travelers 9:30 12:00 Joye Thompson 10:00 12:15 Robert Q. Lewis 10:05 12:30 House Party 10:10 1:00 Big Pay Off 10:20 Fashion Fair Bob Crosby Brighter Day Secret Storm On Your Account Portia races Llf* Karly Show Western Theatr* Mars Patrol News TV Top Tunee Burns and Allen Talent Scouts Public Defender Travel Time Summer Toeatr* Liberac* Encore Theatre Kefauver Political Weather News Late Show Announcement The Courier News Is authorized to announce the following candidate for tti» Preferential Primary July 27. For State RepresenUttr* Paint Closeout Many Types an« C»l»ra i Price Hubbard Hardware PAINTING And RE - MODELING Interior and Exterior AM kind* of floor work—Tile, Plastic Tite, Bathroom Tile Gen«rftl Contracting Rooms, Cw Pwi», wayi. For LANDRUM, GIBBS and REEVES Braggadocio, Mo. ALUMINUM Half - Full - Shadt SCREENS "Made in Blytheville" Aluminum Storm Windows §38 SE Parkway Phone 3-423S H. fl, (Buddy) Howard Post No. 4 C. (Gene) Fleeman AGENTS FOR BUTLER AND COLUMBIAN GRAIN BINS Byrum Implement Co. 118 E. Main—Phone 3-4404 WARNING ORDER IN THE CHANCERY COTJRT, CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, ARKANSAS Francis Hindmon, Pltf. vs. No | T. C. Hindmon, Dft. } The defendant, T. C. Hindmon, | is hereby warned to appear within j thirty days in the court named inj the caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Francis Hindmon. Dated this 1st day of July, 1964. SEAL GERALDINE LISTON. Clerk. By VIRGINIA WALTON, D. C. Claude F. Cooper, Atty. for Pltf. Ed B. Cook, Atty. Ad Litem. 7/3-10-17-24 prompt rompi DELIVERY SERVICE Phtnt 3-4507 Hoars: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. with Delivery to 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE Ml WMt Main 81 HEY!! Remember Eddie's When you go Fishing All Popular Brands of Liquor Canned Beer Cold Premium 1.25 Ctn. of 6 Hyde Park .... 3.23 case Eddies Liquor Store And Billiard Hall 122 East Main Phone 3-9713 Fre* mt * f, ** *C M« #»pont:»t. HeraaftM Glut*. m te»tck«r. »»* Hern««» to to ref- •ree tfce b<n»t lx:twe«» Fred an* Stomp**, * ««* eol!«ffi«te stler. (T INCHED along the mat with A Jake on top of m*. toward where Milo was sittiflg. M I cow?d get off the mat, Jake would have to give up the hold, but the pain was too terrific. I was hardly aware of the shouting crowd, of Herman Glutz's face over-us, while he waited to give the tap to Jake when I nodded that I had Ibad enough. Suddenly fcverytbing went dark .and I thought I had gone blind jfrom pain. Then Jake's grip iweakened and with superhuman effort I threw it off. If he had blinded me, I intended to have my revenge. Groping over me for his bead, I caught him around the neck, putted down and heaved upward with my body, and down he went, with a slam so terrific that it must have knocked him almost unconscious. Then I realized that I could see again, which renewed my courage. Quick as a flash, I threw myself on Jake's recumbent body and pinned his shoulders. 1 not only pinned his shoulders, I practically sewed his whole body to the mat. He was so groggy that Herman Giutz had to carry him to the toilet that we were using for a makeshift dressing room. Which soes to show that irj wrest 1! r>". like every other sport, it is grit that wins. : Pa and the other five Odd Fellows who had bet on me »lapp«] me on "the back and said what a wonderful wrestler I was, while .Milo kept repeating, "Fed good bov I? "ood." Jake Stumpfig andhis father with Ifaem, looking bewildered, and another character brought up the rear. Th* Stumpfigs proved to be very unsportsmanlike. It seems that I hadn't gone blind at all, but that there had been a short failure of the electric power. The Odd Fellow with the Stumpfigs, who had bet $10 on Jake, claimed that one of the Greeks had been Hanging around down where the switches were while we were wrestling, although he wasn't prepared to state that he definitely saw this Greek switch off the lights. My pa asked which Greek it was. there they were. The Odd Fellow had to admit it wasn't any one of them, which disposed of that Jake Stumpfig claimed that when the lights went out, somebody hit him on the jaw with a club or rock, knocking him owt, and he thought Milo did it, as we were working close to him. Milo said, "No got rock, me.' Besides, as several Odd Fellows pointed out, there was no scar or contusion or cut on Jake's chin only a red mark, which probably came from one of my head locks TTERMAN GLUTZ closed the AA matter by saying that durinj that moment of darkness he hac been closer to Jake than anybody but me, and much as he liked Jake and was his teacher, he couldn't honestly say that he had heard any noise such as a blow with a club or a stone might have caused. There was nothing for th stakeholder to do but hand ove the money to Pa, after which my father also showed an unsporting streak. In the first place, be had entirely forgotten to mention about taking up a collection, am then he refuser! to give me S50 I hfi ' won, or c\ en half of it. professional and he wanted me to stay strictly amateur. I was pretty mad, but Milo ersuaded me to forget it "No is important Fed," he said. Them few bucks no matwr." H« >ulled a rofi of bflle from hit »ocket that made my eye* stick jut ft seems that moet of th* Odd Fellows wer* so sure that Jake Stumpfig would win that hey had been going around of- ering two and three to one, and out of loyalty to me. Milo and his friends had covered. 1 was touched and shook hands with all of them, except Milo's special riend, Steve Skouras, whom he lad introduced me to before his jout. Milo explained that he had eft early. IT was a slow day at the super- A market, because everybody was waiting for the week-end sales ads. My thoughts were disturbed by th* produce manager calling back to me, "Hey, Tarzan, that egg-head friend of yours is blowing an auto horn outside. Go tell him to cut it out will you?" With a supermarket being built closer to where I lived, I didn't have to take anything from him." Besides, I was still feeling sore about being bawled out for eating a couple of the six-for-23-cent apples that nobody would have bought anyway, as they were bruised, but could be considered a part of my diet H I Ute enough of them. Not because the manager told me to, but because my curiosity was aroused, I went to the front of the store »nd Looked out. There is Milo, his hand pressed on the horn button of t brand- new Marmon roadster. They do not make Marmons any more, but then they spelled class. It was painted red. and if it had had a bell mounted over the radiator it could have been taken for th« flre chief's. Milo was wearing hi* turtle-neck iweater, but sitting behind the steering whe«l h« looked impressive. It was remarkable what a brnht red roadster con'') do for a fellow sitting in the c' . ?r ? seat. I) JOHNSON GRASS KILLER 99% Pure Sodium Chlorate 100 U>. *50 Drum Webb Culvert Tile Co. Highway 61 at State Line Phone OSborae 3-8414 FOR RADIO AND TV REPAIR Call 3-4596 Jimmy Gemn. repairman All work guaranteed Prompt serrice ROSE SALES CO. 521 S. 21st SERVICE More Than 20 Years Training and Experience. Factory Service Guarantee on All Makes. Blytheville Sales Co. Pelii Carney, Mgr. lit £. Main Ph. 3-3616 NEED PAINT? Wt can Sav§ Yoa Money Pittsburf Standard Outside White 3.49 Sunbrtte Outside White 1.95 AIM In Pftstel Shades ROSE SALES CO 501 S. 21 Si. NI6KT SPOTS WITH AND TO WHAT DO WE OWE TV-US UNEXPECTED WELL, WELL! HAVEN PL.EASURE W£ SHOOK 8LUECCW/LUCKV THNK& « TO TH$ JOI^ 7, HUM, CLVPBf Tf OP1N ALLB/TO PROP INTO, THAT'S A CIMCH/ THEXJlGO.TOCK TW DOSS IT! (SWIM 1 VOU MOTiCE WOW, WE'RE TWO WEEK5 FROM 11 GOOD 1 . THEMWOVS 1 . YOU ONLY TILL YOU FOUND A PlMIS, BUT YOU'VE HARDLY LOOKED! WS POMT LIKE A5 FOR A KTTITUDE SR6KT 5COTTI HOW DO YOU EXPECT U5 TO TH1MK WITH ML THW HIT OW * 5WEU. FOft TH 1 VJEW STORY VMEUS OWLY 5TART5D1 YWNT, EH? THEN DONT\ JU5T BACK UP KNOW HOVV \ AN' WATCH WE'LL EVER GET IN WARNT GEE'. MOWS \IT15 MADE WEVE CHARGED \OF IfWALL TH' CASTLE WAU, RISHTJCINBV WHAT DO WE DO NEXT? DONT WANT ANV'

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