Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1933 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 26, 1933
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT WESLEYANS TO HEAR TALK BY ALGONAWOMAN Wesley Oct. 24—The Methodist •Aid meets this week Tuesday after- ttjtfa Atamr* noon with Mrs. Robert Welter: her | >s 'Held Here Friday- sister Mrs. Dolan assisting. Bib'.cl Delegates to study will be held in the League I meeting at the room this week Tuesday evening; i building Friday Luke 4 is the subject. An official i than 175 from 1 board meeting will be held at 7::30 ' district Mrs O this week Thursday evening. The j amnct ' - - Mrs ' ° JJastor e.-irnestly desires all members! to be present. District P .T. A. Contention HtmiRs"! KOSSUTH FAIR TO END YEAR $788 BEHIND (Continued from page 1.) minutes. Then his load will be weighed, and deductions will be made for ears missed in the field and for too many husks. Gleaners Follow Huskers. at two tables, Mrs. John Kenefick and Mrs. D. E. Dewel winning thej Every husker will be followed by , . '£• T> Al 'high scores. Lunch was served at a'two gleaners who will pick corn he high school • single long table centered with a has missed and see that he does not 1R ™!n? • in ° re , birthday cake. . ^ slip over into rows he is not sup- ;jdistrict..M r , 0 ^^^ IpSedSha^Sn^ ... ' ]?ie Legion Auxiliary will hold a and driver. , to be present. A unit meeting of the| _,;,"''""'''* Porvegl * tra * 10 " f* f ««>"> sewing party at Mrs. C. A. Wagons in each division will be, The annual county fair financial >~. F ci^!r,^.V^rd^^^^ ^ ir^^;; t ^rs^s^^ ^^^^M*^^^^'^^.'? votions, and Mrs. A. A. Bishop, were held in the music room on the i OMipi- Snnlntv Algona, di.stKct president, will pre- second floor. The county teachers ,, ,," . (3Ui ' ltJl J' side. Persons attending are expected i institute was being .held in the^ u ? rs> . Mlnnle Long, Mrs. H. *" bring: sandwiches for them-j same building the same day | Hutchins. and Mrs. George to bring; sandwiches for 'thenv j same building the same day " j Hutc hins, and ^^^ Ol .. selves and each a covered dish.) The Rev. A. H. Hueser played a ;John went to Des Moines Tuesday The local auxiliary will serve hot ! violin solo and Mrs. F. P Schwarck to attend an Eastern Star grand coffee during: the noon hour, and read the-district by-laws Presi-' ; cna P ter meeting. They are expect- wiii contribute special music to, dent's reports were then read and ^ home today - Mrs - Long is wor- vV,./r! 8 i:^L/!l. ar ?.. c , ordli> ".v. 'n-; a school of instruction was con- i ' hy , matron of «« local .lodge; Mrs. vitp/i »,-. ot*o«^ »u. „, • i 0 :>t " uul "i instruction was con-i 1—. ,.—""*•»"= »»~«»i luuge, airs. vited to attend thl s all-day session., ducted by Mrs. C. C. Collister, of Hutch ms, secretary; and Mrs. St. : 0«««..__ -TVlntl S) CO/\Jtl O+ *1 .^»n**iA« Pound party for Pastoi Tbe Rev. and Mrs. I. C. McNulty were touched and pleased by the party ten- reception and dered them "pound' at the During the noon hour luncheon conferences were held, and in the afternoon the delegates met with Methodist' tne teacners in the auditorium to „,,. m^. ulULHUUlSt I . _ , . church parlors la-st week Tuesday' hear Doc . tor Sterner. evening. All brought contributions and lunch was also served at the evening's close. The following program was excellently rendered- Introductory Talk Supt. R. K . Following a concert by the high school band, the delegates adjourned again to the music room, where Mrs. Roy Budlong, county presi- . —- —•-- "• «v. .n.uw dent, gave a welcome address. A th « '«, Erickson and .Mar- play was then given by the Titonka tn a Hayes; Trio, .Ilmmie Mender- BOH, Helen and Enar iFranzen; cornet solo Enar Pranzen; piano Gerdes and Lavonne; unit, and the 'Rev. Mr. Hueser gave duet, Mrs. piano solo. Maurine Hatisen; Violin Solo, Miss Packard;; Reading Enar Franzen;; Resjjcn.se ad Be:ie- elivHion the Rev. I. C. McNulty. Former Wcsleyan's Father Dies— It was learned that Herman Linv berg, ji, die<l at his home near Wo- week Monday, following suffered the day before. den last a stroke He had been in Poor health two or three months. Mr. Limbers was the father of Mrs. Minnie Oster- comp, widow of George Ostercamp. Both were known in Wesley. Sur- vlces for Mr. Limbers were held at German Reformed church near Woden last Thursday afternoon. The pastor, the Rev. Mr. Myer officiated assisted by the Lutheran pastor from Buffalo Center and burial was made i n the German Re- lormed cemetery. Hear Stoi ner at . institute— •Marion Paulson began the Tjarks school teaching again Monday. The school had had a week's corn- husking vacation. Mr. and Mrs Paulson attended the teachers institute at Algona. Friday and were much interested in th e address by Professor Steiner, Grinnell who in nis talk regarding a brighter and a report of a recent Iowa City con[ ference. Party for Sunday School Clnss— The Methodist Home Builders S. S. class met at £he church Friday evening, with 103 adults and 27 children in attendance. Dinner was served at 6:30. The eight tables were decorated with brown paper, streamers of orange and black crepe paper, orange candles, autumn leaves, and lighted jack-o-lanterns. The feature of the evening was a treasure hunt which sent guests to the old college 'building, to the rear of the Cummings store, Night Policeman Van Alstine, to the county jail, to Greenberg ! s, to Lover's bridge north of the Bryant building, to the old Galbraith home on State street, to the old .pony associate matron. Mrs. S. E. McMahon entertained 20 women at dinner and bridge Saturday night. A two-course dinner was served at 7 o'clock. The high bridge scores were won by Mrs. M. J. Pool and Mrs. D. P. Smith. Mrs. R. P. Norton won a travel prize. The Presbyterian Helping Hand society meets next week Thursday with Mrs. 'L. IE. Fairbanks; assisting hostesses, Mrs. H. J. Bacon, Mrs. H. N. Mathes, and Mary Low- TITONKHEA6UERS HOSTSJ02 TOWNS Titonka, Oct; ,24--JThe Itnmanuel League and the Titonka Good Hope League entertained the iLakota League at a program and social at the" local Lutheran chtifch Sunday evening, 150 persons attending. A one-act play, If I Were President, was given by the Good Hope League; cast: Edward Sleeker, Emma Fritz, Edward Sanfchoff, Jennie Meyer, Josephine Stecker, and Alice Pannkuk. Following the play a reading. The Last Hymn, was given by Elida Stecker; a talk, Our Luther League, by Marie Bartlett; and a song, Blessed Be the Tie That Binds, by a chorus. The Immanuel League gave the other half of the program, including another one-act play, Going to the Poor House; cast: William Rode, Dick Mayland, D ' clt Harringa, 'Louise 57,idd.is. included in receipts arej piaisier, Ben Buss, Helena Senne. field Judges M G Vorfoa will be i the following ite ms: gate, $3,-i Following the play a reading, in charge of scales to weigh loads 379 -<°: **y grandstand, $488.92 j Lincoln', Stinging Tj _RebUke J was and Lucille Schmidt sang, and Home, a reading, was given. by Lucille Schmidt, "with accompaniment by Lawrence and Melvin Wirtjes on Association Pays 80 Per Cent on Bills for This Year. ^"riSKv^pS^^* ° n an ciaims ° n ^ ««• is in charge of the arrangements j ™ ere no contracts preventing par- for the Algona Community club in l ' al payments. There was an overdraft balance cooperation -with the Farm Bureau. Three Judge in Field. Supervisor W. E. McDonald, J. A. Raney, ' field to start the year in the sum of d«mlal Insurance Company of America, ft dofpdraUoft, as p ]aj n . titf, affcl against ttfeftmt JBttnen and Etta Ennett, as defendants for the sum of twelve Thousand Five Hundred Twenty-set efl and »5/iOO ($12 627.06) Dollar* and odsts, .taxed at One Hundred Eighty-eight and .83/100 y ($188.83) Dollars and accruing costs, T have levied Upon the foltbwlng described real property as the property of the said Heemt Ennen, Etta Ennen, Kossuth county, Iowa, 'Henry Ennen, Alice Ennen, George Ennen, to satsify said execution, to-wlt; The Northeast Quarter (NEM 'of. -the Northeast Quarter (<NE%) of Section fourteen (14> except west of dredge ditch eighty (80), 'the Northeast Quarter (NEV4) of the Northwest Quarter 1 (NWU), the Northwest Quarter (NW%). of the, Northeast Quarter (NEM), the west half of the Northwest Quarter (W& of NW&) of of the. Range Twent the Fifth taininj (189) nient '8 One acres, sell said thereof survey; accruing Section thirteen (13), except par* of the Southwest Quarter attendance undersigned. •Dated this 1933. and empty wagons, I,. J. Nelson (association's share); night grand- will weigh corn picked by the stand, $265.50. This makes total gleaners to be charged back against the pickers. W. H. Cummings will have charge of a smill scale on whic husks left on the com, which gate receipts of $4133.82. Entry fees in the speed department brought in $245, and concessions, Emma Rode, Alice rie. Mrs. J. F. Overmyer entertained 14 women at luncheon Monday noon. That night Mr. and Mrs. Overmyer entertained four couples at dinner. Mrs. F. E. Sawyer entertained 12 women at bridge Friday night. The higih scores were won by Mrs. W D. Howie and Mrs. W. E. Mo aid. St.. Cecelia's Guild will give Halttoween party at the Academy next Tuesday night. ., ...„ UUW»U A^LV X/JL1 HIC U\J1 11, WillVII 1 . j which to weigh husks left on the! etc :', pald . f corn, which will also count against! Advertl s|ng m the premium nook "---«•• 6 contributed $200, and stall and pen rent, $226.70. Other entry fees totaled $172.50, and $600.56 was re- golf course, and back to the church, where the treasure was found where the first clue had been obtained. The committee in charge of the event consisted of Messrs, and Mesdames Melvin Roupe, Edw. Carney, Raymond Reid, Hubert Schoby, and Russell Maxwell. Hulses Are Welcomed Back- More than 100 persons attended a reception for the Rev. and Mrs. C. V. Hulse last Thursday night -at FOOTBALL ('Continued from page 1.) more hopeful future, recommended Meth °dist church. Mrs. J. F. Over- , , "I* *-'-«-'* II IJiCJtU that teachers strive to Inculcate spirit of friendliness among lions and discourage the war na- spi- C. I). A. Grand Parley Here The grand parley O 'f the C D of A. lodge or this district was held at the h«ll last week W ed ne,day! myer was in charge of the program. iBurdette Agard spoke, welcoming the Rev. Mr. Hulse back for another year, after which Grace Miller, high school music instructor, sang two songs. der a lighting system on Roosevelt field. The Mason City coach, Sutherland, was Algona coach a few years ago. Mason City scored two touchdowns in the first quarter. The first was made after the ball had been carried to the 6-yd. line in a series of long gains by the Mohawks, and the second was made by Burns, Mason City, in a 77-yd. the pickers. The official weigher will be R. H. Miller, who will tabulate the nut total for each huslcer according to the three weights. Hugh Rancy, Irvington farmer, will be in charge of the gleaners, some of whom will be named today, the rest to be picked from the crowd in attendance at the contest. Husks Counted Off. Husks left on the corn will coun heavily. A 100-pound ear sampl will be taker, from each load whe t is weighed. The husks will b stripped from the samples an< weighed. ,Ea«h contestant will b allowed six ounces of husks. For'each ounce over six and-up to nine the 'husker will lose one pe : cent of the load; at 10 ounces thii penalty will increase to 2 per cent for 11 ounces, to 3 per cent, etc. I. will ,be possible for a husker to lose credit for half the corn he .picks because his corn has too many husks run. M. c. Line-Ups. An entirely new line-up for Mason City greeted the Algonians in the second quarter. A fumWe by Algona on her own 26-yd. line resulted in a touchdown for Mason Barr s town, ona. and was Mr. H»l» Wo™ Us ran 68 for a fnnrth M "° n centily elected grand regent 'presid-' Mrs - Fran * Seeley spoke in ed. Luncheon was served *''" '" • j *, me ttLvcrjlOOIl wa a uucu** — — —-— »u*i uuit^. ^^ iMciy Pied ^ with bridge and "500". Next The Neve r Gossip Club," written m "° — - - CUy by Mrs. J. F. Overmyer, was given, with Mesdames Overmyer, Muokey McCullough, Agaard, F. 'L. Thorpe' m, n i, — and . Dutton taking par( .' the end of the half and made " I sains through Algona's y^?*«^~£^^'»T&.^&^& First Team Returns. was meeting will be held at Mason In the spring. Former pasfor~ Preaches appointments at Wesley Britt and the Upper Flat, Sunday. The pastor has b« en absent the last two Sundays. He attended a church conference at Racine, W ls., and has since b« en helping with a series of eeln *» a Milwaukee church. He is expected home week. this >.ew Bridjfo club Organizeil— A new evening bridge club has been organized. wlth the following members. The Me ssrs . an d Me £ dames Leo Bleich, R. C . OBaubr. Victor I.ceblg, George Aldrich, Arlo pawson, and Alfred Erdman. Meetings will b e held Friday evening. Community dub I>aiice Given— The first Community club dance will b e held in the Kleinpeter hall this week Wednesday evening. Good music will b e furnished. All lovers cor a'ally invited to every alternate °oin were Flirty is Planned- Mrs. McNulty, pastor's wife give a Halloween party for' Methodist y The will the . , - People's Sunday school class next week Tuesday evening, October 31. Entertains Business Men- local American Legion en- pertained Wesley business men at the Legion rooms last week Tuesdav evening. * ." "' Other Wesley News. Mr. and Mrs. Gu y M. Butts returned Sunday, having attended the Grand Lodge of the I. O. o P at Council J:::uff s i ast week. Mr! Butts is a past grand master of the 1 O O. P.; Mrs. Butts is president of the Rebekah assembly. A joint session of the grand lodges of Iowa and Nebraska, was held one day at Omaha and ih e Butts heard Grand, world head of the Odd! Amesbury Car- John Amesbury Sire Davis Fellows. Mrs. Elizabeth roll, visited Mrs. from last week Tuesday "to" Saturday. At the same time Mrs| \Vm Amesbury, u l.so of Carroll, and hei baby, visited her parents, Mr. Mrs. John Pink, at Titonka. The Phoebe Priscillas Congregational Aid, will meet with Mrs. Albert Monson this week Wednesday afternoon. Mrs. j. skow will have charge of Bible lesson, and Gala- tions will be studied. The hostess will serve refreshments. An Algona district conference of the Methodist church meets in the church at Garner Monday, October SO. It is an all-day meeting, and everyone is welcome to attend. Regular meeting of the Methodist W. F. M. S. will be held at Mrs. Raymond Hansen's next week Friday afternoon. Plum Creek Club Meets— The Plum Creek Social & Literary club met last week Wednesday with Ella Hutchins; Grace Phillips assisting hostess. Seventeen members and 14 visitors attended. A report on the county federation meeting at Fenton was given by Mae Fitzgerald, and Nellie McWhorter and Florence Calhoun gave reports of a recent Fort Dodge federation meeting. A talk on fire prevention was given by «. J. Bode. 'After the program lunch was served The next meeting will be on November 8 with Mrs. Kate McCorkle, Laura Keen assisting. Party Honors Merle Bailey- Mrs. H. B. White and Mrs. Ker mit Setchell entertained at five ta Wes of bridge Tuesday evening ir honor of Merle Bailey. A pink and • fv. C ° J r scheme was carried ou in the decoratinos. iMiss Bailey received a guest prize, and Mrs. Cid- M Wk ori e inal team came fifth ha]f - and P y ran 53 yards for « touchdown, making the score 33-0 Algona got the kick-off, b *t Mason City intercepted a pass and got another touchdown on a 26-yd. run on un to touchdow n he Mason ran the made second P,t con team then returned to the field, but a run for 60 yards was called back Prizes to be Awarded. Prizes will be awarded to tne two hustkers who pick the most corn same to be furnished by the Algona Community club, which will also assist in other expense in connection with the contest. The winners will be entitled to enter a district husking contest to >e held Monday at the Charles Goll farm, a mile east and a mile south of Garner, beginning at 10:30 a. m. Winners of the district contest will be entered in a state'contest, and the state champion will then pick against champions of other states m a national contest in Illinois next month. A large crowd is expected for the contest. Cars will be parked systematically by a iLegion detail. A lunch wagon will be on the grounds under auspices of the local 'Legion Auxiliary. alized from dances. State aid is estimated at $1482.07, but may run a little .higher, depending on tax receipts and the demands of county fairs on the state fund for that purpose. County aid of f 1489 is estimated from a .01 mill levy for next year. Total Receipts, $18,050.10. A' money borrowed item in the receipts represents notes given to offset the overdraft of the 1932 season. The (Fourth of July celebration this year brought in $2,872.06, and compromised account settlements amounted to $896.67. All this makes grand total receipts for the fair this year in the sum of $13,050,10. A total of $2452.75 is being .paid on the open premium list, including livestock exhibits, agricultural products, fruits, school, and dairy exhibits, and the .baby health con- etnt. In the 4-H club classes a total of ?340'.75 was paid, of which S108.75 was for exhibits other than ivestock. Deficit Nearly $800. Speed premiums totaled $1343, and music and attractions $2069. In miscellaneous expense are listed idvertising, $645,51; printing :319.99; postage, $7.44; salaries, miscel- mandolin and guitar. •After the program games were played and lunch was served. ' Sexton Woman Loses Mother. Sexton, Oct. 25—Mrs. Floyd Pasley received a telegram Tuesday announcing that her mother, Mrs. Hamilton, Pontiac, IH., had died. Mrs. Pasley had Just come home from Pontiac, and her mother seemed much better when she left. She left immediately to attend the funeral. The Hamiltons formerly lived at Sexton. School Program Announced. The annual program of the Plum Creek iNo. 6 school will be given at the Sexton hall tomorrow. Lunch will be sold and the attendance of the public is invited. Ann Kain is teacher. LEGAL NOTICES A few a run of 45 yards n. 1 " " won the high scores. Table .prizes were won by Mrs. Gladys South Mrs Geo. L. Free, Audra Benton Birthday Club is Entertained— h* £'• ^i®' MeMah °n entertained her Birthday club last Thursday night at 7 o'clock dinner. Twelve guests were seated at one large table centered with a bouquet of marigolds, and the after-dinner hours were spent at bridge. Guests ot the club were Mesdames F W Dmgley, W. B. Quarton, E. J. Murtagh, and Lou Quinlan, the latter of Los Angeles. Mrs. H. I). Clansaddle Entertains— Mrs. H. D. Clapsaddle entertained at dinner and bridge Friay night A two-course inner was served at 6-00 to 24 guests seated at '6 small tables. The high scores were won by Mrs. Anton Didriksen and Mrs. L M. Merritt, and Mrs. John Kohlhaas won a cut prize. The table accessories and decorations were in keeping with Halloween. Woman's Club Meets Tomorrow— The Woman's club meets at the city library tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock. Music will be furnished by high school talent under the direction of Grace Miller. Mrs. Clayton Phillips, Livermore, district director of the Iowa Federation of Woman's clubs, will speak on "The Development of a Successful Club." Mrs. W. W. Sullivan Honored- Mrs. J. W. Sullivan entertained in honor of Mrs. W. W. Sullivan's Birthday anniversary Satuday af- tenoon. Contract bridge was played resulted in a touchdown. In the fourth quarter passed to Medin. who ran 59 yaras for AlRona's only counter, but the kick failed. Two other touchdowns for Mason City made the score 59-6 before the game ended. Barber & Beauty Shops Will Move Whittemore, Oct. 24—J. M But ler announces sale of the Hom< Cafe, ovmed and operated by >Eu gene Schoonhoven to Irene Roon'ey of the Rusch beauty shop, who wil move her equipment to the build ing. William Rusch will also move his barber shop there. Extensive changes are being made by Mrs Rooney and, Mr. Rusoh. Arthu Heidenwith doing the work. Mrs Rooney will also operate the res aurant and has a refreshments par lor for beer and meals. 914.50; and a dance and anqous of $1601.41. This makes'a otal fair expense of $9694.35.. Added to this is a wrecking ac- ount from a previous year of 89.62; insurance and interest payments of $759.92; permanent im- rovements, $105.20; maintenance, 559.95; and Fourth of July ex- ense, $2629.71. The grand total disbursements is thus $13.838.75. leaving an over- NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA. KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of Special Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a Judgment rendered in said Court on the 27th day of September, 1933, in favor of The Pru- LONG'S FOR SNAPS Beef boil, per Ib. ______ 8c Liver, pork, per Ib ________ 8c Lard, best open kettle, per Ib. Two Children Baptized. Donald Clifton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Monroe McLaurin, and La Vonne Kay, daughter of Mr. - — u ----- «.. ^T*i. >ajn. Mrs. John Hanselmann, were bap Trinit 5 r Lutheran ,. ^ church Sunday. Meta Gade, Mrs Henry Wegener, and Mr. and Mrs George Hanselmann were sponsors FOR SALE — HAMPSHIRE BOAR 1 year old.— r. r. TI^IO,, mi ' year old. 2P23. C. L. Bailey, (P.hone , 10p7 — 1930 CHEVROLET 20,000 actual mileage. L. 0. Hopkins. Phone 40-W FOR SALE—'WELL BRED YEAR- Hing Guernsey bull, p.hone 519. McEnroe Brothers. 1'luT LOST —ONE YEAJRUIiNG HAMP- shire boar. Call 519. Reward. MoEnroe Brothers. 10u7 WHAT L>om YOUR LAUNDRY bundle weigh? Call us for prices. —Kirsch Laundry, phone 267. 4(f 'OR SALE—HOLSTEIN SPB.1NG~- mg cows and heifers, good breeding; fresh soon.—Victor Johnson. 13p6-7 LOST —NORTH OF ALGONA, „ ibull dog called "Skippy." Children's playmate.—R. A. Harvey Rt 2 15u7 FOR SAL® — BLACK POLAND China male hogs, cholera immune.—Mrs. JuWa Reynolds Ti- tonka - 13p4-6-7 POR SALE — AT A BARGAIN— year old hens from a Hook that better. 18 P 7 produced 200 eggs and ?hone 167. FOR SALiE-^AMiPSeiRE PURE- bred spring boars. Two-year-old and I year boars.—€. C. Baas, West 15p6-8 choice Leghorn pullets cuWed ready for winter •la.- Leghorns and WAlNTKD- MAN OR solicit in Kossuth Co. .LiberVl commission, if interested write !^HLJEH£k?lL_«are^!a:_ ™* FOR ^AI;E—WHI-m LEGHORN yearling hens, 50c eachTHamD- •'« boars, Shetland pony. _ H am- Hatchery. Bancroft. i5 U tf ...__ __ — . FOR SALE — 1927 "CHEVROLET v C ° aC H\ eX , CeIlent motor - new rvH HUNDRED NEBR. CHOICE Hereford calves weighting 450 Ibs. for sale. 3 miles east of Livermore, Ia.-<Juy R. Smith, phone _ -- '- - - __ 19p6-7 FOR SA'LE - PU>RBBRE5~SPOT~- ted Poland China (Boars. The large type. Located three miles northwest of Whittemore along the pavement.-Mike " S m aALE-40 Si D Chin ^ ma ; le . hogs, good ones; also heifers th, n « f f ? J1 -r Anton Vammen, 3 miles east, 1 mile south of Rinsted. Bend. iVANTED—RBJUABLE MAN WITH . car to work Kossuth county. Write today: S. F. Baker & Co. Keokuk. 'URBBRED CHESTER WHITE boars, cholera immune. — Aaron and 1^6 miles east. of 17p6-7 SPARE A !PEW EXTRA Ringsted. __ __ _ 28(2 ) 6-9 CANNED PRIED CHICKEN — No. 3 cans. 2 Ibs. net ready to eat after few minutes heating. Farm fed chickens. Clean, safe canning. Satisfaction guaranteed. Only 40c can. Phone 254, Algpna. 29(2)7 LAST UHANOE TO TAKE advan£ age of Gamble's taige Tire and Tube sale. Ends October 31. Prices within few cents of our aM-time low 30x3, f3.25; 4.40-31. f 3 .39; 4.75-19. 14.49. Tubes, 69c up, 32-7 25 pound tins __I $2.24 Buy your winter supplies now before the new deal on all . -. 0 „, „„.,._ k 'nds of pork products go on. draft of $788.65 when all bills have We Want your eggs, and the oeen pam. m>1 . . 20,000 Attend Fair. The association report this year is considered excellent under .present conditions. Expense was held to the minimum, yet the fair pleased the crowds. The much appreciated lower gate charge, with the privilege of readmission of afternoon patrons in the evening, cut receipts, however 9 nl L* S estimated that a total of 20,000 people attended the fair with paid admissions of 9,689. ^, --------- Thfire were 1200 exhibitors The financial condition of the - sociation is considered good. The estimated value of grounds and as- im$75,000, =f 0 «j ^-*- are only the grandstand certificates of $15,300 and somei $6,500 in notes. Half of the grandstand receipts each year is pledged to the retirement of the certificates. There were 3476 day grandstand patrons and 2124 nieht admissions. "rr^WRiriiT , AT THE ADYAtfCE Before Taking That Vacation Trip iret Aetna Accident Tickets. Full coverage at low cost. We have them on hand at all times. Telephone 195 Algona, Iowa SWEET APPLE CIDER 25c PER GAUL0JT Bring your jug. Just the thing for mince meat, and nothing better to drink. Long's FoodShop DANCE at I. 0. O. F. Hall, Algona WEDNESDAY, NOV. 1 Music, Tiny Toe Teasers ™r Pr( J. minent orc aestra from Worthmgton, Minn. This is the opening of a series of Wednesday night dances to be held in this hall Such orchestras as Al Menke Geo. Bartlett, Bobby Griggs,' and others, have been engaged. Algona for Better Dances. THSfte'S A RI-ASON Do not fail to let us figure on your Lumber requirements Steel gates, posts, wire and steel posts We had a very fine showing on Storm Sash l ast week -and Saturday, the last day, we ordered 43 Sash and 1 Combination Storm Door. Storm Beinomber we sell Iowa's Best Coal and Dana Coal fcga£jgjte&^_&3g3-i6!pj Extraordinary] CHRISCHILLES & HER! FORWARD wiloNFIDEil We have just completed the purchase ' l shipped into Algona. We bought tire main-floor • equipment of he a John's store of Fort Dodge which, when in our own down stairs, will make Chri & Herbst the most beautiful, most store in Northern Iowa. up-tfl. FORWARD WITH CONFIDENCE isthewal word of this progressive institution Last« we purchased a new carpet for our ready* department and our sales this Fall show customers appreciate our desire to give thai clean, modern, up-to-the-minute salesroom These new, modern store fixtures aggregate o 300 feet of counters, electric lighted show c. shelvmg and wall units and will replace a ! every men of our present main store equip. You just won't "know" your favorite store This new equipment will be installed immedi ly and our store will be closed October 30th wil stock is being rearranged. Following this a remodelmg sale will * e held, announcement! wnich will appear in a few weeks. Watch fori greatest sale. PUBLIC SAL to be held on the W. H. Godden farm 4 1-2 „«. or Bancroft, 6 miles south and 3-4 mile westof ^«y 5 1-2 miles north and 1-4 mile east of Rock, on Saturday, Oct. Sale to Commence at 1 o'clock i>. m. sh«P 6—HEAD OF HOBSES-6 ?? y _ team 12 years old, wt. about 1500 each; 1 -.old, wt. about 1350; bay mare 12 ynott'l 1200; bay team 7 and 8 yrs. old,wt.abouta each. 12— -HEAD OF CATTIE— 12 Nine head of milch cows, one fresh in September,! iresh n November, two fresh in December iresn in January; 3 heifer calves. 84— HEAD OF HOGS— 24 Consisting of 6 sows and 18 spring and sununerj 9— HEAD OF LAMBS-9 g^— g^r*— . i . ,»i. .i,— „ j ____ — FARM MACHINERY Einerson 12-in. gang plow; Flying Dutchman Planter with 80 rods of wire; Emerson grass mo Dane hay rake; 2 wide-tire wagons, 1 triple W ^single box; hay rack;. Case cultivator; 16* woosier seeder; 2-wheel cart; Melotte cream * tor No, 7; 3 hog feeders; hog brooder house; brooder house; Let? feed grinder; Lawson S *• ol ne engine; tank heater; brooder stove; 2 °J1 few; 2 rolls woven wire; 25 steel posts; 6 tw»«a jn barn; 2 sets of harness; 4 -horse collarB; me 8 tuf St ° Ve ' M * ny ptftei> 8rtlcles t£ _ Terms: Cash, or see your banker- No be removed until settled for. ALFRED WOtm Fred Fl»lg, Auctioneer i Traders Savlugs

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