Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1933 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1933
Page 8
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M5E EIGHT KOflfltttlt nflttNTY ADVANCE. ALdOMA/IOWA JUNIOR PLAY CAST PICKED ATJITONKA Tltonka, Oct. 17—A cast has recently been picked for the junior flay, Girl Shy. The parts are: Tom Arsdale, girl shy, Vern Bacon; Oke Stimson, who isn't. Donald Callies; Caroline, Tom's aunt, I Ijjona Brandt; Anthony Arsdale, p father, Earl Zweifel; Sylvia fsbster, his pet aversion, Ruth t; Dean • Marlow, dean, Rien-i Fritz; Peaches Carter, Oke's weakness, Barbara Ball; Asma, colored, Eleanor Intermill; Birdie Layerne, movie aspirant, Adis Kelly; Barbara Sanford, herself, Jjeota Oesterreicher; Alfred Tennyson Murgatoyd, poet, Herbert Hachow; and Chuck Mayo, Birdies affinity, Harold Krantz. The play will be given next month, the date i not yet set. It will be directed by! Allene Johnson, coach and English ' teacher. .Library Installs New Books— New books at the library, recently ordered by the board are- Bred in The Bone, by Eden Philpotts; The Irish Beauties, by Barrington; The Drift Fence, by Zane Greg; Chance of n, Lifetime, by Grace L. Hill; Cair, by Phyllis JJentley; Bright Skin, by Julia Pet- ertan; Flowering Wilderness, by Galsworthy; Stranger's Return, by Phil Stong; Head Tide, -by Joseph Lincoln; The Bobbsey Twins at Cedar Camp, The Bobbsey Twins and Baby May, Tom Swift and his A Notional Broadcast m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. ' Dated this 4th day of October, 1933. ' CAUL BAMUHAUSER, Sheriff of Kosuth County, Iowa. By Casey Loss, Deputy. J. L. Bonar, Plaintiff's Attorney. 6^ WH1BAT PRODUCTION AiND ACREAGE STATEMENTS OF MEMBERS OP THE WHEAT PRODUCTION CONTROL ASSOCIATION IN KOSSUTH COUNTY, STATE OP IOWA. The following is a statement of the production and p]anted acre- ages of wheat in the 1930-32 and planted acreage for 1933 of producers of Kossutli county Who have (submitted applications for farm allotments. This publication is made in compliance with regulations of the Agricultural Adjust- 'ment Administration. It is made so that a check may be made to the District Wheat Production Control association on any inaccuracies which may appear in the state| ments. Any person may make a confidential report if he finds any statement here which he believes to b inaccurate. Such reports should b made to the District Allotmeri Committee, either in writing or ver District CouH of KoB«uth county Iowa, on ft judgment rendered In said Court on the 27th day of Sep tetftbct, 1938, in favor of the PfU dential Insurance Company o America, a Corporation, as plain tiff, and against .the NE»4 of <thi Nfi% of Section 14 except 'west o: dredge. ditch 80, the NE«4 of th( the NWCof the 'Man, thi of the NWy 4 of Section 13, ex cept part of the SW«4 of the NW& West of -dredge ditch 80,. all in township 99 North, Range 28, West of the 6fch P. M., containing 189 acres, according to Government survey, as defendant, for the sura of Twelve thousand Five Hundred Twenty-seven and 65/100 (?12,527.05) Dollars and costs,-, taxed at One Hundred 'Eighty-ei'ght 'and 83/100 ($188.83) Dollar's and accruing costs, I have levied upon the following described real property as the property of the said JReemt Ennen, Etta Ennen, Kossuth county, Iowa, Henry Ennen, Alice Ennen, George Ennen, to salsify' said execution, to-wit: The Northoast Quarter of the Northeast bally. The reports will be strictl Former Union Township Boy Loses Kidney in Operation j will need to prove his production figures. Complaints or correction will be received up to October 26 1933. sS E: ,j«^ » a«>Ts 'A" represents acres planted and ' Bu." represents bushels harvested Carl B. Albright—Sec. 15. T. 96 10 A,, 160 bu.; Odd Find, The Comer House 6 r s & ^ ^? ret . t ' who was crit ' 071 a Tour,. The Corner House G r Is run !u«J vffi * rem ° Val ° f a i Growing Up. ruptured kidney some weeks ago, I week Tuesday bu.; 3 yr. av.—10.3 A., 146 bu.; evening a t the Center schoolhouse 1933, 12 A. to plan the annual affair at Good C. B. Albright-Sec. 34, T. 96 R D '" , has rapidly recovered. Mrs! Jones, was Myrtle Dau before mar- J*. f. A. Program is Given— . -~~^ „,«,,At a P. T. A. meeting a t the H na f e> ? nd her daughter and Ev- S. auditorium a week ago Mon- erett vlslte<J last summer at the day evening. At a business meet- P arental Herman Dau's. Everett fell ang Mrs. Pave .Call'es was named on some rocka while he was at play 'Jelegate to the state P. T. A. con- near th . e ' :far 'n- was cared >for by ventfon at Marshalltown next week ? physician ' and was later taken and Mrs. Andrew Peterson was' home ' where he grew gradually chosen alernate. The program fol- worse - ? n d finally was taken to a lows: talk on fire prevention Mrs s Moin es hospital, where the op- Andrew Peterson; paper, The'child ^ ratlon was performed. His life was and the Home, Loretta Larson- des Paired of for several days. The summary of the history of educa- J 9 n€S fatni 'y lived 5 « the township tion, by Supt. C. A. Hoon. The pro- when Ever ett was born. gram was closed with a group of ,...„ .. three numbers by the P. T. A. worn- "" !ro " s Home from Chicago Hope. No. 4 School Buy* Piano— The Dist. No. 4 school now has 1930 ' 1933, 19 A. P. M. Christensen—Sec. 14, T - . — c. a piano, purchased, with the stand- W. «• 30, 400 A.; 1930, 20 A.', 400 he _ , ^ VM* « ^ 11^ 0V1I1/U1 plans to pay a balance from proceeds of a program in the near future. The school had had the use of the former teacher Gertrude Sage Ackermaa's piano two years. or more en's chorus. Former Pastor in Visit— Mrs. .L. G. Gartner, who recently oved to Internationad Falls, for- „._ _ JJU ., Jllull allu wu . n rel atives SinfZ ™ S°™i ^1.^ ^ <^ " h ° ^ Previo^'^i^ Mr. and Mrs. Herman Willrett returned last week "Wednesday from Chicago and De Kalb, 111., after ten days at the century of Pro- f- past week friends in Titonka. 1931, M A, 324 bu.; 15 mu- To Give Musical Program— Kathlyn Price announces a musical program at the Dist. No 4 schoolhouse Friday evening October 27. An operetta, Molly, Be Jol- Visitin e in Kossuth her mmois The Rev. Mr. horn* with them. The Willrett sons Gartner came Saturday for his Frederick and , , ly, will be the main feature. Other Union Mr and Mrs. Clarence' Riebhoff, and daughter, Mrs. Riebhoff's mo- them, Mrs. Doege, and Floyd Riebhoff attended the Dairy Cattle congress at Waterloo. SZj-f ,?v, m \^ tUrday for W3 Fr ^ e "ck and R^chTrd -who attend , Mrs - ^ma Harvey, assisted by wfe ant the children Dorothy and the Dist. 4 school, stayed with their I f mo . ther ' Mrs. Anna Zanke, will Paul. AllPA annthai- /4a»«l.i«_ — i . _ ' ••"'=" ««<-" LUCir | « n fp r fo< n »u- »/r_i.i . _' _ daughter, ex- grandparents Mr. a^d Mrs Fred pects to work m Rowan and remain Willrett, and the small daught been attending college in lowai Oty. Reception Honors Pastor A reception was given in honor er ' Rural Schools Day Planned- Mrs. Robert Harvey, 1934 rural schools day chairman, will , entertain the Mothers and Daughters club this week Thursday. Mrs Alfred Jergenson and Mr. •arid-Mrs. B. P. Grose, Algona. spent last week Tuesday and Wednesday night at the church basement. ber bringing something and also something canned, fruit or vegetables, to he given as a gift to the Fastffi. They received many things to pnt on the shelf. About 50 church members and families tended. Games were played, entertainment. Entertains at Weiner Boost— Wilma Slaughter, Maria- at Minneapolis. Mrs. W. J. Bourne sils removed last at Burt. _ ^ *""•' D* ' *"" •**» UUllUi »wl*\, 4-V, A ». • i » -Mwwir c*U JJUI t. of the Rev. Fremont Fauls Friday ^ h * ^5^™ $ teachers . Mary Kathryn Price Dist nte-ht €>t »Iio «t,,,_»u i . iFraser. Wllmn Rlnnn-Vifot. u«. nn _ rrite, 171st. „ _- w»uiv^l UaCTClIlelll.. _ rt l. T-. jj , ' . , " ' «..v*» a ^- Luneh was furnished by each mem- Donds, Kathlytn Price, Mary her ton- Wednesday . 4 teacher, Sunday at Lake Mills, her at- for M. 4 D. CLUB MEETS AT FOUR^ CORNERS Four Corners, Oct. 17—The Mothers and Daughters club met last! LEGAL NOTICES | Earl Schweppe j Thursday at Mrs. Ida Nickerson's virtue of Special .] of with 35 present. Roll call her west of town. Attending"were Patty Ball, Roger Larson, Rose-, mary Bacon, Robert Budlong, Alice s ? lc)l Bndlong, Junior de Vries, Betty CJ " e — • •-— Kokasb, Jacqueline Callies, Ray- Ev ^ 1 . vn Cruiksh'ank; mond and Arnold Rickletfs Ver- ^°hinson; piano so dene and Billy Boyken, and Bever- r ? ad »n?. Alice Ditsworth; Clerk o he District Court of Kossuth county ' !?]?•„«L ******* . rendered"Tn nln-nn'ooij — j»«i»«ran, renoerec xr . Piano i said court on the 29th day of Nickerson; song, Lu- ! tenrber, 1933, in favor AS-SJK LE-.« SfiftS^SSS: ly Ann Schweppe. | Iowa - elvn song, EV- ' , and i and at Convention m;* ^ R ' c - Ball > dele sate from the 1 Verla Lowman October 26 Irene : T^tonka Woman's club, attended Holdren assisting. the district meeting of Woman's n clubs in Fort Dodge Thursday and i Othe r F O«T Corners. Friday. Other members attending I About 125 Four Corners folks at- as defendants, for the earn of Hundred Twelve ORIGINAL NOTICE In the District Court of the State of Iowa, in and for Kossuth county. November term, A. D. 1933. The Federal Land Bank of Omaha a Corporation, Plaintiff, vs. Andrew M. Jasperson and Prankie E. Jasperson, husband and wife; D. W. Bates, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the County Savings Ban , k of Algona, Iowa; John Sheller and Mrs. John Sheller, nusband and wife. Defendants. To the Above Named Defendants, and to each of them: You and each of you are hereby notified that there is now on file m the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county Iowa the petition and amendment thereto of the plaintiff asking personal Judgment against AndrevrM. Jasperson and Frankie E. Jaaper- aon for the sum of $12,763.40, with interest at 8 per cent from and after July l, 1933, together with costs; and asking the establishment and foreclosure of a certain real estate mortgage securing the payment of said amount and cover- ?ng the following described real estate, to-wit: The Southwest Quarter (SW%) of Section Sixteen (16). in Township Ninety-Six (9«), North of Range Twenty-eight (28), West of the 5th P. M. Kossuth county, Iowa. ' Said petition also asks for the appointment of a receiver and for a deficiency Judgment. For furthef particulars, see said petition now on file. Quarter (NE&) of Section fourteen (14) except west of dredge ditch eighty (80), the Northeast Quarter of the Northwest Quarter the .Northwest Quarter of the Northeast. Quarter (NE%), the west half of the Northwest Quarter Product* Co., Matt LftU*, Iftbof- .4.. 4i . , lti- Bancroft Register, pub. proc.* Advance Pub. CO., PUb. proc,.^ Lu Verne News, pub, notlc*,.. iFentdn Reporter, pub. notice**' IR Cevlne, unclaimed fee ^ ,„ B. w. Devlne, unclnlmed fee*.. F. O, r>alton, unclaimed fee.. Mrs. B. Devlne, unelalrned fee F. H. Htodmeyer ( unclaimed fee J. M.. Fleming:,, unclaimed fee. wiiNuvafi' FttiNiD Dr.,4- • • . iBImorc Cement & Tile . Co., sup. i'_. „ Ai J. Lawlcr, labor 1 . ... „. J. .B. Cunningham, labor ... Dr. 7-i A. J. Lawler, labor . J. B. Cunningham, labor Hubert fleverlen», labor .... Goo. Onken, labor ... .. Dr, 9- A. B. Michel, engineer'... ._ Fullerton Lumber Co., sup, .•» nft' • "i > ffi *MI &«:£ W &&• ^ *& £62,64 £3.10 fl.68 4.70 2.60 19.2 If w%^«^ wi ft^Wki^ttr--^" ROAD . gravel tel. 9.10 8.50 it* »y^°^co":^ p ."-- iOM Noble JRoyer, sup. .JVJL" i ""- m f° h ^^* dhe r^ m >'n^ PMJ: n. «V A'iSRr»rjAi?. ; "'Ki'^s-'.'^**-ii *-. Moil . of NWV4) of D £ a £_ L DK _. A. .J, Lawler, labor .__. J. B. Cunningham, labor. .Dr. 39- . Rudo Fischer, labor ... .... Henry Fischer, labor' .... . „ Dr. 63- . Rude .Fischer, labor Henry Fischer, labor • Dr. 68— M. V. Stephenaon, asst; cngr. F. H. Lathrop, rodman _;.._ A. EX Michel, engr. Wilson Concrete Co., sup, _. Theodore Keehe, labor r'llson Concrete Co., sup.: •_. >r. 69— Henry Fischer, labor '. ' Rude Fischer, labor . ""_ Dr. 77- • •• . < . ftude Fischer, .labor •Henry Fischer, labor „ Earl Laurltson, labor ^ a&a; <?'""$ AndTftom 9.85 6.2,1 60.20. 337.60 i 8.10 i fotorso, t^p? : $ ll'sS^S Stebrltz S * C !i° n Othi r teen (13), except part j. A. R. Michel, engr....'L.. , 61.00 >J. H. R83 H.^Ua^°faboF ^«» «.« 4.38 J;,. L. IntermHI, dragging""";"''""' 1100 47'00 jPred J, Coon, patrol ° '"""•-- £Hj? 60.8» Torn^Weir, patrol " 2M5 49.00 Ed *Mchsen, patrol .22 "" TO no 28.80 »•. D - McDonald, patrol man Clem Opodirtan,- patrol ..22'" 7145 S.JO Peter Movlck, patrol _ is'Jn 4.60 Wm. P. Gronbach, patrol""" <«'« T ."'r," Wm. O. LudWIgr, patrol .22212.2 7l!ss o s'.S ClIfford-'lHolmes, patrol - . S'as Gcor| 5la~A7" 2.50 Goodman Hiihdsriess, patrol trim », ttr(I fa wllv ! GUS Richter, patrol — 8 *'°° " ^MunaKh.-^-.O oriha M."Mr,;r;:.-:-J « ., B S Tp 'f m • Nnltzel V ' R " 1'i'M of the Southwest Quarter (SW%) of the Northwest Quarter (NW%), We»t of dredge ditch Eighty (80), all in Township Ninety-nine North, Range Twenty-eight (28) West of the Fifth Principal Meridian containing One Hundred Eighty-nine (189) acres, according to Government survey; and I will proceed to sell said property; or so much 'hereof as may be necessary to sat- sfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to he highest bidder, for cash, in land, on the 10th day of November, 933, at the east door of the Court iouse in Algona, in Kossuth coun- y, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock . m., of said day, when and where due attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this llth .day of October 933, CARL DAHLHAUSER, Sheriff of Kossuth County, Iowa. By Casey Loss, Deputy. Van Ness & Stillman, Plaintiff's Attorneys. 6-7 M. V. Stephenson, aast. engr. ' 6.26 ,'Elmer Ewlng, ,'piatrol'' •- "• afm B. F. .Rhodes, labor a 15.00 Ed Baker, patrol, " w Rny A. Marquis, labor 1.75 John S. Nelson,.patrol"! - « r B L n V, Cllc Sl: '«'«'. rlf8! — O. Stenstrom, labor _ 22.76 Clyde Sanders, patrol Northern Lumbpr.- Co., .sup- ~ ~ ' piles Jack \> Dr: 81— A. E. Michel, engr.• ________ E. J. Palmer, labor * A. Crulkshank, labor J - - .-.,m,\ rjj J'ft..| \* •«•, ohn Wllllnm. n-nVv^J fc'yue Banners. Patrol _ 61.25 wtoj ?, A -. " %| p..es __:^;::—:;::_ ,«, w.&rT'&.K, •--•' K > ^ to "'"^^l Jack We.ch.^abor. 1.25 E^e^aTro'l"a"' 1 "-"" |« ^rJSV^E?™ 17.00 Cheater Alme.'patrol '"•' T """~ 3.00 Emll Kraft, labor "" " 10.40, Will Leeper, labor '. — 1 Kennedy Brothers' Co", '— g 75» fiS'oO mnn W.W • 9 oo 675 Board October Auditor's Office, October 3, 1933. Board of Supervisors of Koasuth •Bounty met pursuant to adjournment wua ail memoers present. Motion by McDonald and seconded ?[..™'""" et ? rial ' J f. l " ut 1Jau) Loomia b Dr. 82- Ray A. Marquis, labor Jack Welch, labor „ "" Theo Dorenbush, labor Dr. 83— """." A. E. Michel, engr. Dr. 84— "" " A. E. Michel, engr. Dr. 86<Jeo. Onkeri, labor Dr. 90- . : A. E. Michel, engr. •_,_. M. V. Stephenson, asst. engr. Joe H. Tapper, labor J. B. Cunningham, labor ' A. J. Lawler, labor Theo Dorenbush, labor " Henry MelndCrs, labor Dr. 91— Matt Laux, labor Guy Ash, labor " Dr.'99-; Hllhert Severlens, labor Dr. 102— Ray A. Marquis, labor Jack Welch, labor Dr. 106— Lawrence J, Clnk, labor Z_ ».EO Jay uodden, drag Chas. Emmanuel, labor 12.34 Albert Kresstn. drag- Wllbert W. Richmond, drag":— 63.00 A. J. Peterson, drag.. ' 4.38 John Kohlwes, drag, " 7.00 Peter N. Thllpres. drag .„,„ 7.54 0. W. Gu.ndcr. drag" Tw 13.64 Harm Bneokholt. drag. •tA en /"3iiaf 1tT.Al«.n« .•__ •—•.•.» — • Dr. 116-r . A, E. Mlchei; engr. S H. 'Eathrop, rodman".;" M. V. Stephenson, aast engr. Keuffel & Bsser Co., sup Chas. Emanuel, labor J ' Clnkl "" 10.60 Arnold Delperdang.' labor 7.50 J. P. Qulnn, patrol 7-.00 Kennedy Bros. Co., assign*. Leo Delperdang, labor • 6.00 Hans W. Nielsen, labor Everett Caster, labor 40.00 Robert Bowman, labor Eugene Myers, labor 12.00 Carl Froehllch, drag? """" i Edward Hagge. labor "" 89.00 A.^M. Gustafaon, drag. ~"~~ li78 SSfi ma S iRwnksmeler, drag" 30.00 Willie Sohn, drag. 2.60 August Melx, drag." 3.60 Fred Butterfleld, dii*r"~ 14.70 E. H. Kesler, drag. • 8,00 Donald 'Jacobs, drag. ~" IM. J. Koestler, drag. "• 18.60 Ubbe Winter, drag. . . „„, 12.60' Jacob Hofbaucr, drag." ~" S'BO j 8. A. Butcher.', drag. • "•'-— ig so 6.00 Loren Byers.'l'drag.v ".—--- gM i Albert Wlttkopf, drag. " "" l2 - 26 it.60 Leander Vaske. drag. ~ 925 2.60 Rich Potratz, drag.' — 7% iPoter N Hanncn, dra"rT"I 2re 9.EO Jay Qodden, drag. ... "" 6 26 4.'SO 13.60 10.20 0 ™* .. • Tnh n.«nn."VonTn-<;-;- h Pos '. font A ' n A 'l«m T u John n - Mrs. 23.60 1»!60 Mvrftp Pf j Vnl »*• " Pfl * fi.f nTn^uAi. S H ,'. Ijfthrop. rodman . . 10.50 Oust Nelson, drag. BOO Dr. 127— asst. M> K- Stephenson, asat ._.. rodman .63 H. E. Hnndertmark., d~ra"g. ... 4.30 M. A. Adams, drap. ..:~- KM Henry Dontje. drasr. _ "" 3.38 Raymond E Pet^rsen" 1.26 A. O. Vnlenttne. drag.'. Hppoiiuea uy Jioara of Super visors t make audit of me Hancock-Kossut Joint drains and Hancock-Humboldt 8 ' f>- 8ltn ' rl - Ayes; AJl. t - . . MoUon by Punnemai-K and se"c6nde by McDonald that quarterly reports o n' t.,1, Butier - Bounty Auaitoi', ^a.r Dahlhausei-, iihentf Kossuth Coumy J. J. Dooley, County Recorder. E J Mci^voy, Uerk of District Court «-««" approved. Ayes: by All. i H and secondec by Weiken that contractor's bond approved to met pur tor further particulars, see said less you appear thereto and defend on o r before noon of the second day of November, 1933 term- of said court, which will be begun and held at the court house in Algona «•"•»>""- county, Iowa, on the 27th Hatten on Dr. 116 All. On -motion tBoard o'clock p. m. One o'clock p suant ' bers 1 i Motion by Fimneraark and seconded y Balgeman that following open ditch rieht-of-way exemptlonT be al owed for 1928, 1929, 1930, 1931, an( j ^ Dr. 26-, No. ac Hudolph c.. Glawe— and acc 8 ru- ment and Irene Witham. Fred Adt Leo. spent the Edward : may be necessary to satisfy smM » Sunday guests at John Sabin's. Thieves Break Into Two Placet at Burt •Bi-rt Oct. 17 — Sometime last Were Mrs. w. F. Hamstreet, Mrs. > tended a private card and dancing Freeh M. S. Craven, Mrs. Homer Downs P arty at the Green Lantern, Hobar- countv and_Mrs. Howard French. An ex-! ton> Music wa « furnished by Clif- tion t, ceptional talk by John Mitchell, of f ? rd Teeter at piano and Leo Sabin Fort Dodgfi. on lowering taxes in plano acc °rdion. Lunch was served Iowa, was given. .»_,_.-, _. W«»an's Club Entertained— Jlrs. Fred Wentz was hostess to the Woman's club Thursday evening, the leaders being Mrs. Theodore Dunmire and Mrs. Harry B«ed. The lesson was, The Independence of Spanish South Ameri«a. and the roll call was a mineral or South America. The next meeting will be held with Mrs. Carrie Torgersen. Surprise for Pauline Blakley— A surprise party was given Saturday night at Earl Blakley's home in honor of Pauline, who was 17 Attending were Loraine Peterson Kathryn and Wilbur Schram, Helen Beed, Anna Grace Blakley, Donald Callies, Vern and Lewis Bacon, and J-ernr-, Harold, and Mildred Krantz Lunch was served. ing costs, folowing described'~Re~al "property as the property of Bohannon, ~ ~~ said Anna Dore J. t * execu- Block you d decree rendered as pray- y ed in said petition. <-7 DWIOHT O. RIDER, Attorney for Plaintiff. KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. Dr. 114- Louis Schmidt— ' SW 1-* 23-96-28 Robert B. Harrls5n-~~ SB l-l 22-96-28 H. G. Schlck— SE l-» 21-96-28 Dr. 9- G. Vf. Pontt- ooo l! ' 89 , 2.78 ..4.58 Motion by Helken and seconded by MaDonald that 'widows Nellta Murt! that 'widows penslona much ^ direct•the Clerk 01 Court of Kossuth County on a Judgment rendered county, , Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a m., of said day, when and where due attpndance will be given bv the undersigned. Dated this 4th day of October, 1933 CAUL DAHLHAUSER, Following Mrs. Francps Budlons's operation for gall bladder trouble her daughters Hazel and Edith, of Hampton, came home last week Tuesday afternoon to spend the week. Mrs. Budlonct is improving •• ••' "-i "<->.• ii —raumeume last' 01, «_.-^» . -, —-—-—.-«»w^^«», Thursday night thieves broke into Sherlff °' Kosuth County, Iowa. the office of the Farmers' Ex- T w ^ asey Loss , Deputy. change. They knocked the lock mlsnVlJJi 61 '*^ from the safe, rummaged through' plaintlffs Attorney. 5-6 the contents and stole about $40 in ~~ " cash. They also enered the McDonald Lumber Co. office. Here the safe was not locked, and the thieves secured only a dollar or two of change. and Hazel Monday. and Edith returned NOTICE OF SHERIFF'S SALE STATE OF IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. Notice is hereby given that by virtue of Special Execution directed to me from the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, on a Judgment rendered In said court on the 29th day of September, 1933, in favor of John S. Mr. and Mrs. Julian Arndorfer, Cr °well, as plaintiff, and against St Benedict Chicajro World's Pair- Mr, and Mrs. Ben Capesius, and Deane and Lenore Arndorfer recently visited the world's fair, and Deane and Lenore remained at Chi- C. A. Bakkie and Guy R. Mantor, as defendants, for the sum of Seventeen Hundred Eighty-nine and 74/100 ($1789.74) Dollars and costs, William Schram, who shipped ! cago to look for work. Philip and ! taxed a * Qeventy-five and 84/101 several carloads of cattle to Chi- CIar ence Arndorfer also attended (f" 6 -84) Dollars and accruing against the Southwest Quarter of n^T ^ ev « nteen (17), Township aLSSiS* ( ™>> N"!*. R*ng£ M. V. Henry M. Esser, labor Su ?w s ' e nstrom, labor f3c j rn Lumber Co., sup"" 8 - 75 5.25 .65 Crulkshank, Scott. ' 126« 9.7B B. G. Brink, labor H-K Jt. No. 2-36— 17 ' . Matt Laux, labor ' Guy Ash, labor A' A " derso "n." labor Ward Cralp,. labor _ .37 ; L. B. Work, labor ~" .26 i John Barh; labor _~I_ ! Lawrence Ounderson,~laDor 3.85 B. G. Stenstrom, labor 6 30 32. J. Palmer, labor - -1.07 Anthonv Hlldman, labor 2,00 °l« GerdJs, labor .2.56 N. A. Plnnle, labor" 1.10 i; lo yd Craig, labor ~222 Craig, 6925 23.80 29.40 >orenbu'sh. p^^jfS:^^::: ft SS-WK S.43 Hugo Gage,' labor ^ 2.72 Raleigh iRlke, 7.60 No. 7.75 p. Burch, 17.60 " iRift* «»«*.» » -._. Walter Wa^ SS^r*] Green Herman Thaves er Jennlncs""Broii"" Walker ?, s r'°? rt B ro"."" ^Walker Prov. J. Evert" Evert - . Bros., prov. Tobln ... — ! ICathryn Tj-| e f JI| M K, C ?f h st °re.~provV Mable Doss Tas Edna Johnson .......... ti Pete Peterson I ........ u| Cnsh Mo P dl?* BoTl8 ' " ------- *«-• n n n m all (27) West of the Meridi *n, containing acres, according to Government survey, as defendant, for the sum of Twelve Thousand Sev- cruing costs, I have levied upon the following described real property ° f the *<»« Andrew Loge - L - T - ^a-np- Thom P son . and Kossuth pm n r . County, Iowa, to satisfy said cution. to-wit: the Southwest exe- M ' Ope Hwdred (100) Twenty-seven (27) . caero Sattirday night, went in on the ! t * ie fal ' r recently, stock train to spend a week at the - — -. -^ uj*v-.ii<j (j TTCCK CtL LIlP T-I 11 i fair. His wife left Sunday evening '• mae Budlon s drove to Mason City -tfvLStvn T •!»,« „__! . O i last T 1 hlll»ef1a« in irinf4> Hff^ .. «J._ from where her to visit Marguerite A<wu> xv*»<rimuru, wnere ner son •«—**j v« »jon, jnAaiguvrin; Wilbur took her to meet the train Panrlkuk ' o^X dauRhter of Mrs. "•* kl *wu. A nt/vv),, TJ»>««1,».1_ •»* «A _ * Birthday is Observed— _ ^ Mr. and Mrs. S. J. de Vries, ac- i Mercy hospital for nearly eornpanied by Mrs. Bprch Pierce, of! years. costs, I have levied upon the following described Real property as the property of the said Guy R Mantor and Mrs. Guy R. Mantor . . - ...... his wife. H. E. Riet and Mrs. H E Antone Pannkuk. Marguerite has. Rist, his wife, C. A. Bakkie et al bfen takintr niiroo'a ffoim'nn «* il.*. ! f i\ aofto*,, ««:j ..•__ '. .. ^^taking nurse's^ training at the j to satisfy said execution, to-' de Prrnie^ar. spent Sunday at the S. I A e> rl was born to Mr. and Mrs. J. de Vries boine j n honor of Junior ' Clarence Schutjer last week Tues- 'day. This is the first child in the family. Mrs. Marie Saathoff recently had her house painted cream color, Tom Loats doing the work. Myrtle Ama, who teaches southeast of town, recently purchased a two-door Pord sedan. Herman Rachut has recently been employed at Kanawha as a bank receiver. had ' nth birthday. n Farmer Dies Monday— Harm Linber K , near Woden, who a stroke of paralysis Sunday, died Monday at 10 a, m. Tltonlrn News. Mrs. Antone Pannkuk, acoompan- « by Mrs. Ray Hansen, Helen Loraine Peterson and Edith- Eleven (11) of Auditor's Half <N%) of Lot in Block One (1) Plat of Reservation Number One (1) of Algona, Iowa; and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, in hand, on the 4th day of November, 1933, at the east door of the Court House in AJgona, in Kogsutb. county, Iowa at the hour of JO o'clock a. w * - - . West of the Fifth Principal Meridian, conatining J n all Ono Hundred Sixty (160> acJes. ^? n^H ? g «M° Govern n»i-nt survey; and I will proceed to sell said property, or so much thereof as may be necessary to satisfy said execution, with costs and accruing costs at public auction. *. thl for In ' day of November, 1933 at the east door of the Court House r«. AI ' < ?^. ? Kossuth county, Iowa, at the hour of 10 o'clock a m., of said day, when and where due_ attendance will be given by the undersigned. Dated this Uth day of October, Chas; Fischer, labor City Iowa, Ayes; Alt " elkan DISC. No. a?• - "^ 3hfl fitrtV*.*»*—— _ii."T.~~~*~^~'— (DJst written- SCHEDULE OP CLAIMS FIJ'ND F:. B.. Caraon, aup. . Arthur fl. Wlrtjfi8,~bty: -- ~* K. D. James u ----- N. A. Roberta, A. Roberts 68.14 grav- ZZZZ:~"-T-. — • 121,07 ~pn^V.r*"r—--.T-T— 108,61 1.03 ' Bacl 'us, postage ' — " " Standard Oil Ca.Bup.. 1 .! 11 . 1 ':;; Chaa. Morns, com. and'YewIoS " a "" com ' W __ John Sohumncher" Dist. No. 53S ' John Schumacher! DiBt. No. 241 John Helen BeckeK labor'" Mary K. Sands labor" ~_~~ _ J J nS ' mllea *» "" |chunjaoherr"B55:--*Sf Franklin RlbbVn" &~Cal-bbir Co' gup ——•••»•«« vv., Morrlll IRTOi::co:,"pwv""~l ™"e Poterson "~S''I Edna Johnson " Kj'l Mrs. G. Tyler u I Mrs. R. Hunt uf Paul Gramca, prov" i J. Tobln jjj-L Hilma ErlcksJn 1| I Pete Peterson •- " Mrs. I>attlmcr V. A. Murray, fuel ,_ L. conway S;l Theo Nemincrs «f Mary Kramer i Eliza Odell ___;• Edna Johnson " i Mrs. Cayler A. Koppen .1 u,. A. BerRiniin M'-M »: Hunt...:::::;:;::: w|l «. snoopmon u;l [ro. Mary Fi-oeK'-""-""-''" ver Tyler , Oliver Moe. rent" "•:•. °- rt. West, med. aid .7*1 Ole ROOD |i| Ed P. Ancleraon W|j J. A. Devlne, med."ald""..;..ii Mrs. Kuifcne Cayler Kil John Tobln _. ~~ Mw Mrs. Joe Kramer tUM ^pte Poterson _ K»« Mrs. er n»s MninesYa'tfey H» : ;ij nifnl AsH'n. liosp. care.....i| Miss Poon ft'ti Mrs. Clara Anderson"" !(|>'| <r*. Augusta Klnney, care._JJ Da.rre! Hplst _ v « A - H. iFiichs. fun.'Vxp. AraK'ffl D. .._ Moore' ' «| Van Dorston „ WM "•nhlnm A. Anrtfrson, «#& lance service Bd Awfenw,,-;^ .3UtPBRi\lSOTl OTST, Nftl John.N. .Keneflck, raei ' Mrs. \V. Lloyd «. Harry Warburton, pw. Bmij] Mitchell , ...., i,| Sanborn's Cash Store, P«ii| Mrs. H. O. Hansen .-4 Thaves Sisters, prov. Mn. A. | WerrlnFa C. T. Edward* pror. J Peterson . ; —^« Harrv Fish, cobs, Mrs, mi Hanson .„..—-rt;] Art Lester, rent • J. Faullfner . *. mf Prank AOtler J*l O. F. BerBgrren, afft, r«t "*:. F. Norrls „ — '. L. W/niams. med. w« ^-,,j« •H«mrv Mitchell ........ S v3f O. H. Cretzmeyer, med. e» mat. No aiz ' Dec ' «"• Fraser to r ' med - »«"-"?"» J DUt ^ um l°" h ' e " r ""8^:"Rd: 8U8 "Phensoh^h'-Mortu--;—^ CARL DAHLHAUSER Sheriff of Kossuth County. Iowa. By Casey oore CorporitloS; "^i^^nM,^^VodlSfn' '" l £& *^ I 3£ZS*> ^ZZZ: 1.00 eup -•"vo >-uryoraiion, ijnnun iwc.i.-arjri enj rodm^ — ei I Oundeir fumii * "' - - 4-W . Notice IB bw0by glTen that by virtue ol Special Br ? - w * f ed to me from the Kossuth Hos"Drtal."lToBP. *ti| Mrs. Wm. Lloyd —----.--; 1 .T. Helken. cure StwWwjffl Ktrt •--.-*sl Mri). Marv Webster. Entwlstle COUNTY Haegard & Waller, Mllo Rentz, painting ....• ThoB. Akre, Prov.-—---—5| MlBbach clothing Co., SUP Harvev D. Oraham, la^f John Hennlng, labor — John Heirarty, repairs ... M. C. Prands«n, la"" — _ Fred Park.- expense -g^^ V. L. Btebblns, grave aiw" I. M. Kennedy John Obanon r"taa lAM * McCullough. "«• pens* I. M. Kennea^-j-^l L. M. Merrltt, fun. John , Obanon ...-—'- *% C. W. Bchryver, law —• -J rr. A. Heard, sup. •' Matt Murtha. sup. -r—- p , • Olapo's Master ServW. ^.ij Bofpford Lumber V.D., "„,„,&& Thorpft'8 Wood & I«

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