Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 19, 1933 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 19, 1933
Page 5
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1ft. 1988. to $300 A personal :to N. KRUSE Representing i finance Co, DM Moinw IUSINESS IRECTORY SETH PARKER SKIT PUT ON AT Ul VERNE 'Lu Verne, Oct. 17~A large crowd 'as in attendance at a Seth Par- 1 ? 01 " 10 ' Blowing'the' er program at the Methodist ^' hurch Sunday evening. aix t Gcn Ihr a eraons took part, all members of made threo successful he local Epworth League except a "~ 6 mu to take the Set h Parker m,, i i-i prog ™ m was conducted much like a radio program, with roup singing, solos, ducta, quar tH COOMT1 ADVANCK ew^I** Founded In 1»0 as Second-«JiaM Matter 81. 1908. at the ..Poitofflc u na, Towa, Under-the Act of March 2. 1H7». LAWYERS arton H. W. Mill* IVABTOH * MILLER Law Ottlcea. Office 427, residence II- Algona, Iowa. J. L. B01TAR Attorney-at-Law Iowa State Bank BMg. [phone 460-W. Algona, low. FAN, KeMAHOIf A LINKA1* ulllvan 8. E. McMabo L. E. Unnan Attorneys-at-'Law. Office, 2«1; J. W. 8., I0» 403. Algona, low* 4RRINGTOX * LOWE tatington - J. D. Low* Attomeys-at-Law J287 R. J. H. 446 lOlfice over Postofflce. NE88, G.»W. 8TILLM.it Lawyer* i over Iowa r Btate Bank | I1S-W. Algona, low humway E. D. Kel) tSHPMWAT ft KELLT Attorney«-at-Law |«flce In Qulnby Block I 68 Algona, lorn L. A. WINKBL Atttorney-at>Law tn Qulnby Building Phone 180 HIBAM B. WHITB Altoraey-at-Law over Iowa State bank. 120S. Algona, low* P. A. DAK SON Attorney.At-Law over Iowa State Bank Office. 460-J.; Re*. 116 i CARBOL A. WAIT DEB Attomey.f4.law' [ Office over Poatoffice. ' Algona, la T. C. Hutchison CBISON & HUTCHISON Attomcys-at-Law Quinby Building Algona = DOCTORS TOHN N. [Pbjrilelan and Sarg«on ' i over Rexall Drug Store Office phone 100 Res. phone 12*. > H. CEETZMBYEB, M. D. eon and Fayaieian. ee John Galbralth Block. Phones .444-310.. » low IP. V. JANAB, M.r»; yilclaa and 8«rg««a on South Dodge.Street Office, 666; reaidenoe, IB Algona, Iowa » » . • jPhyslclan and Surgeon In Qjilnby Bldg.. Roera |4. Phone No. IS O. BOVBNE Poatottlce Block 0«ice. l»7j realdence, II D. ANDBBWB, 9. O. ble Ph,.lelaa aa« «• ated in General HoapitaL " Office ,187, BM. Ml. A. EVAH8, M. D, » Borchardt Drug Store •• Residence •'li£"""ti"> • Algona, Iowa, 104 »B. H. M. OLSOIf Beatht. novocalne uMd for e« over ChriatenMn Store. Buameai 166, realdenc« 47 _Algona. Iowa , L, W, FOX f I B, WINKKL 4T6-W.; rea. 47»-I« INSURANCE HUTUAL worth oflngunmc A home company. Saf "• Secretary ADVANCE •Wi K088PTH COUNTY ADVANCE. ALQONA. IOWA Twenty Years Ago write the Advance of September 24, 1913 «"lc the quarter tretch started to ware Is the old but didn't rise and n Ora <r ttln Ber, Lake Park, Ruth* 1 ™V and had Served a " bookkeeper ? mm ^burg bank. He also * ° n the Emmets - the av the , - — —• -"*t «MV,^«)| 'lUcll™ ets, a story by Seth, a collection iken up by "Cephas", nnd n reci- ation by Lizzie. The part of Mrs ' arkcr was taken by Mrs. Ray tone; Cephas, by Richard Nivcr, nd Lizzie by Dorothy Mae Linde- ak, 'uesday Club Has Meeting— \Fifteen were present at the regu- ar meeting of the Tuesday club t the country home ot Mrs. Albert iennch last week. Mrs. John Voss nd Mrs. J. 0, Marty gave their ini- ressions of the Century o£ Prog- ess, and Mrs. Peter Thompson read tie president's message tor lub women. Refreshments erved by the hostess. and . had flights at ^the week before. The Wig county fair set a new at- 5, ft™ 0 .I 600 " 1 ' Total ^missions on Thursdlay was 8,208, an- 1 "•- t - tal for the week was more any preceding year. * ** * Ministers had formed a county association, and plan- the county's ten towns. • * • • Despite automobile traffic at the fair that year many railroad tickets were sold. At .Lu Verne 300 sold and at Renwick 160. towns of the county proba- Iowa were T. A. for Lu Verne Discussed— The J. J. club met Friday with rtrs. Charles Wolf, Ten members ttended, and Mrs. Lloyd Zentner gave a paper on school problems, vhile Mrs. J. E. Lindebak outlined he work of a P. T. A. A discussion ollowed, then Mrs. J. R. Farrell onducted a social hour and reshments were served. Surprise for C. H. Lichty, 7ft— The J. L., P. C., L. H., and H. H. Lichtys and the Rev. and Mrs. Wiliam Baddeley surprised C. H. re- --- — j 85 tickets, were so cl, The Advance that week! BURT WOMAN'S CLUB MEETS AT FARM HOME Hurt, Oct. 17—The Woman's club met Monday evening at Mrs. P. L. Ryerson's farm home, with Mrs. R. M. Thompson as assistant hostess. The program consisted of roll call; reading, "Miss Humphrey Comes to Tea," and other poems by Grace Noll Crowell, Mrs. 3. W. Dorrancej review, Practical Book of Chinaware," Mrs. A. H. iMeinzer. A novelty of this year's club programs is the roll call. Each member has The first killing frost that year recordcd 22 - reported Co. Prize winning babies that year at the county fair were; Astrel Gus- The Mountford Ford Auto were completed the present Ford garage building, and had moved into it that week. Cliff, all Algona and Those cond hcc wwe Rnt Newman G-eorge sen t to the state insane hospital at -e- rhorokee following a hearing heft- fore the state supreme court. -,He to return to the pastorage here for another year at a quarterly conference meeting. • • * • C. B. Hutchins sent a five column letter to the Advance about his trip west from Algona to South Dakota, thence south to Missouri and north to McGregor and home. Letters of tmv"! were valuable contributions then. « • * • Three autoists were fined during fair week for three the Avance that v f **•"« > Kylers in the columng by & i etter from C. B. Hutchins about their trip into South Dakota, Missouri Illinois and back to Algona. • » « • ix new signboards were Corn Picker Tumbling Rod Rips Trousers Off Farmer , t_ --- --— • - T wu «^ «*lVi «V cident, he returned to his co*n picking after securing fresh clothes. Aid Outlook Looks Prosperous— . . , .... . , . J * tne spirit and enthusiasm of the been assigned a different topic and first regular meeting of the Aid in Good Hope, Oct. J7—William Dodds had an exciting few seconds last Thursday, when a leg of his trousers became entangled in the tumbling rod of a cornpicker which he was operating. He was' able to brace himself in such a way that he was not drawn into the machinery _» - • but the entangled clothing was torn j ' J, Eagle Grove, and Martha from his body in a hurry. Though ?. , .^ her> Oood HoDe ' also Jo*" 1 considerably unnerved by the ac- ^ 0 ±. ff '. Ba 5'! ' '""" Potter, who was working with him, rus-hed him to Algona, where a surgeon sawed the; severed parts together. Barring complications the chances are good that the parts will heal, avoiding an amputation. Carl Madson, Eagle Grove, and his children, Erna, John, and Al- Mrs - , . u, Dittmer a last Thursday is prophetical of the work of the society during the next 12 months; success is certainly assured. Forty guests and members were present to spend on the topic to which she .has been assigned. Seniors Hare Pictures Taken— The high school seniors went to Algona last Thursday and had their pictures taken. They had a picnic dinner and attended the matinee while waiting for their proofs i stella to be developed. It was thought best to have the pictures taken Rally Day Well Attended— now in order that the graduating, ~ dinner guests at Jens Sorenson's Sunday, and Mr. Madson remained to pick corn for Mr. Sorenson. "Coonie" Heerdt returned from PAGE mm Thomasboro, 111., Saturday, whence he had driven previous Sunday tor attend the funeral of an uncle. II*. was accompanied by hla bfotket Loydi of Titonka. Ferris "Ward, formerly owner of and resident on the present H< Dodds farm, was buried at Bfawt Falls, Saturday. He is a congia of Harry Ward and W. I. Dodds. Mr. William Turner, who kad been visiting at Erwin Turner's «*r- eral weeks, has goiw to Haifa for a stay with the Albert Reids during corn-picking. Mrs. Nathan Parr of Austin, Minn, and her daughter Marliyn Joyce were visitors at the Steinman home last week Monday to' Saturday. ; '_.' , her daugh- MaXI " e a " d expenses might be through the year. Curtis Holding Has Birthday- Friday was Curtis Holding's reel out of town traffic through the city. • * • • A phtograph printed in a Des «« +w «u5 Moines paper resulted in the return '""" •**•*• v»w»\* j *?ui jyi AQUU v>« .Lit "•"•• »^> ik J.V/L r«if <--*-» HIK; Oil trlG 01 Vy ; 4. *_ ^ e s* i\ •»» j * • * .icbty last Thuralay evening in, streets. The Advance did not state ^J}™ *2**l I±ffi£S lonor of his 76th birthday. A dec- tn e spoed they wpre traveling. Two >rated birthday cake made by Mrs, j. H. Lichty was served by Grace jichty, who keeps house for her ather. Twelve at Women's Meeting— Mesdames J. 0. Marty, Dick Wer- merson, Austin Burtis, P. C. Lich;y, F. I. Chapman, Lloyd Smith, I. I. Benedict, Harold Phillips, A. L. Jpooner, I. H. Chapman, and Miss fJerence Hof attended the Eighth district Federation meeting held at Tort Dodge last Thursday and Frilay. few Station Agent Moves— The H. H. Meyers, of Corwith, moved into the Lutheran teaoher- paid $5 and one $1. • * • • Another letter from Dr. W; E. H. Morse was printed. They were then as far south as Kentucky and had visited Lincoln's birthplace. * * * * An Algona advocate of the division of the county had been ad- who had'left home a month before. • « * • M. A. Webb, who worked in the James Patterson grocery store, had obtained a patent on a collapsible fruit display case. Judge Quarten was instrumental in getting the patent. Mrs. Wm. K. Ferguson and her father, Louis H. Smith, had Just re- birthday and several friends gathered at his home that evening to help him celebrate the occasion. They were Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Sigsbee, Mr. and Mrs. Wyot Stott, Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Ringsdorf, Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Schenck, and Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Elvidge. Former Teachers in Get-Together— Margaret Moore, Cedar Rapids, and Frances Kloss, of Sioux City, spent the week-end with 'Lura Sewick. (Saturday they spent the day visiting in Bstherville and attended a six o'clock dinner party at Lauretta Starry's home. These ;irls all taught with Miss Sewick ast year at Harris. The church members Rally day scattered services Sunday brought out crowds which filled the church at Good Hope and provided a good sized audience at Wh'ittemore. Stihday school rally day will be observed , j .. t i * , * i, lanicx, JUUUJB ja. IDJUII.II, umi JUBL i c- fei! 1 ™: ?.1 Kl$ h ! < a ! C turned from a trip to. the west and•'that week had obtained a supr rpme court order preventing the sheriff taking him to Cherokee. He was William H. Ketcham. queer but progressive real estate dealer. The case was becoming known over the state. * * * * A few weks before E. J. McEvoy age last week. Mr. Meyer is M. & 'had come to Algona from Emmets- coast. Ravmond Wehler was then a mail carrier and had fallen from an ap- nle tre° narrowly escaping getting his back broken. • « * • Typhoid fever had attacked many npoplf at T'tpnkst. The water from the. city well "had been analyst. L. depot agent. The Arthur tourg to begin work at the Kosuth z ed at Iowa City and found full of Rileys, Irvington, are now living in the Wm. Bigings residence. Party for Mona Mason— Mona Mason was nine last week Monday and Jennie Mason, enter- .ained at dinner in honor of-the occasion. Out of town guests were Mrs. James Zweifel, Cecil and Beverly, Corwith. Jeannette Henderson 13; Party- Last week Monday was Jeannette Henderson's 13th birthday, and 18 friends gathered at J. R. Farrell's that evening in h.onor of .the occasion. Jeannette received many gifts. Elevator Bruises Boy's Arm— Earl, young son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Gronbach, got an arm caught in a corn elevator one day last week. No bones were broken, but the arm was badly bruised. Other Lu Verne News. Mr. and Mrs. Macintosh, of San Francisco, have been visiting the Peter Thompsons. Mrs. Macintosh was formerly Rilla White, a resident here. They are on a trip which began September 27 and includes visits, at many interesting points in the U. S. The Ralph Robinsons arrived from North Platte, Neb., Friday to visit the H. H. Lichty's here and »t the E. L. Perkins home at Corwith. Mrs. Ada Robinson, who had been here two months, went home with them Monday. Mrs. Lloyd King and Mrs. Will Moore left last Thursday for their home in Omaha after having been here the past few weeks on account of their father's illness and death. . The A. Lloyd Spooners, of Fort Dodge, the George Martys, Mason City, and Dr. Dwight Spooner, of Rochester, we.re Sunday guests at Dr. A. L. Spooner's. . Florence .Godfrey and Vera Wegner went, to Chicago Friday night to visit the Cpntury of Progress. They reutrned Monday morning. ; Kenneth Sorenson was brought home from Iowa City Friday. He is in a cast from his armpits to bis feet. Mrs. J. J. Vargason, Akron, returned Sunday to make an extended visit at her son E. L. Eustace's. The Cemetery association held its October meeting last Thursday at Mrs. William Miller's. Dorothy Helmick, Esthemlle, spent the wfpk-^d with her sister, Mrs. H. H. Phillips. Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Eustace ana children spent several days last week at Akron. Mrs. Marie Brummond >s re improving, been sick. - . Mrs. Henry Pergande is visiting her mother, Mrs. Minnie Lottman, Chicago. BWie> „, The Kay Stones returned last Tnurs( j a y. week Sunday from two weeks la County State bank, and that week he was married to Catherine O'Brien, of Emmetsburg. He is now district court clerk. Before coming s°rms. Many people were sick and nnening of the M»t)iodist church following its remodplinc; had been postponed because of the sickness. LONE ROCKERS ATTEND RALLY AT LJM/ERNE Lone Rock, Oct. 17—A Christian Verne Friday night was attended by. Pastor Gladstone, daughter Margaret and son Robert, Cleo and William Hobson, Beryl Sanders, Verne and Dorothy Dacken, Ronald Christenson, James Hall, Coila Jane and Vernon Hollister, Sara and Lois Whitehill, and Lillian and Harold Angus. John Arbogast, Fenton. Mrs. C. E. Householder spent Sunday at Charles i City with .-Mrs. Mite Society in Meeting— The Mite society met last Thursday afternoon with Mrs. Frank Flaig, Mrs. W. G. Flaig assisting, with 29 present. Mrs. Arthur Priebe read' The White Old Maid, taken from one of Hawthorne's Twice Told Tales. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Glenn Sharp. William Hobson is Surprised— A group of friends greatly surprised William Hobson on his birthday last week Tuesday evening. Attending were Lois and Sara Whitehill, Lillian and Harold Angus, James Hall. Verne and Dorothy Dacken, and Oleo Hobson. Surprise for W. i. Cottons-Mr, and Mrs. A. A. Krueger, Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Jensen and Mr. and Mrs. Roy Jensen surprised Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton a week ago Monday evening in honor of their wedding anniversary. Bridge was played. Three to Presbyterian Synod— P. M. Christenson accompanied the Rev. and Mrs. Bailey, iEsther- at both points next Sunday, with appropriate numbers by the Sunday school as part of the order of worship. Other Good Hope. While he was coupling his cornpicker and tractor last week Wf-dneesday, Tom suffered a , a painful accident in which the little finger on his left hand was almost severed at the first Joint. Meri Eugenia Mae, Mrs. Al wl were Moines. o .f nd Saturday Sadie visitors at Des •Mrs. Geo. t. Carroll and Mrs. Maude Hanna attended the annual w .°?? an 'f. club convention of the Eigthh district at Fort Dodge Fri- Ride in Comfort This Winter— Hot water and hot air heaters for all care. Prestone and Alcohol for anti-freeze in radiators. Radiator Cleaning and Flushing. Starter, Generator, and Ignition overhauling for easy. starting. Valve grinding for better pickup. Hy-vis Winter Motor Oil for real lubrication. Come in and see me. Wm. C. DAU, Garage GENERAL EEPAIBING Fender and Body Work, Painting Algona, Iowa Phone 165 U. & I. Circle Officers Named— The U. and I. Circle met last Friday afternoon at Mrs. G. C. Allen's, with Mrs. W. R. Chafee as assistant hostess. Officers . were elected as follows: Mrs. G. E. Brace, president; and Mrs. Harry Putz, secretary and treasurer. Reception for -New Pastor— A' reception will be given at the Methodist church this week Tuesday evening for the Rev. and Mrs. C. B. Mitchell, who recently moved to Burt from Armstrong. Burt Woman's Mother Stricken— Mrs. R. J. Hammerstrom was called to Petersburg, 111., a week pastoral conference," ago by the serious illness of her| Estel Rentz went to Cedar mother, Mrs. Lounsberry, who had :j - '--••--• had a stroke. C. Allen, Mrs. folding and son, Kay Edited at the Elmer Kienitz home m Lakota Saturday. Mrs. Annie Hawcott, daughter Lulu, and Selina Clifton were supper guests'Friday evening at the WiH Hawcott's,-Algona. • The-J.>G. .Sewicks, F. O. Stows and Mrs; C. H. Reynolds wereX day dinner guests ^t the J. T. Graham home near Algona. ... Rev. L. Richmann will leave this week Tuesday for HumboWt, wall attend a Lutheran team Margaret Winters, Mr. Householder, his father, J. W., and ~,v,.~.v_ . Householder, continuing to Oelwein " unl °r to visit at C. E.'s brother John's. Mrs. Chris Knutsen, daughter II. S. Loses to Lone Rock— The high school baseball closed its fall season with a here with -Lone Rock. The was 9 to 1 in'favor of Lone Rock. .j . . •• w4n. w vcuttr -XWID- ids last week to do a Job ot pajn£ ? gnf % Wl ?! Main - fatner of Mrs. J. G. Clapsaddle. Mrs. C. C. Smith went to Eldora Saturday to visit Mrs. Doris Mo'r- This Week— The Junior class will present a play, Miss Adventure, a three-act Margaret, Algona, and Ebba Jensen, Ogden, were last week Wednesday afternoon callers at I. W. Nelson's. The latter remained for an extended visit. The Legion Auxiliary met Friday with Mrs. N. L. Cotton. Mrs. Roy J ensen gave a report of a recent school of instruction at Swea City. The next meeting will be with Mrs. Roy Jensen. Mrs. Jessie Stebritz, daughter Kathryn, and Mrs. E. M. Hawks drove to Mason City Sunday, to visit another daughter Gladys, student at Hamilton business college. Mrs. Emma Skelton, Los 'Angeles, Calif., and the Edward - Gen- riches, Algona, were Friday afternoon and evening visitors at 'Fred Genrich's. ' .' Guests at the Eugene 'Hof ius home Sunday were the Lloyd Els- tons and Mrs. Mamie Hofms, Burt, and the H. Bacons, Algona. Mrs. R. L. Padgett and children and William Krause drove to Corwith last Thursday afternoon to visit at Clifford Meyer's. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Radig left Saturday evening for an extended visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. William Radig, Los Angeles. W. A. Gladstone has returned to his home at Grant City, Mo., after several weeks with his brother, the iRev. S. M. Gladstone. .. • . P.--.IM. Christenson spent last Thursday and Friday attending 'to business and visiting 'his daughter Marietta, Des Moines. Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Cotton were Sunday guests of the E. W. Cooks, Fort Dodge. The Cooks formerly v..~ * — ---- ------ -- ... . ville, to Dwbuque Monday to attend Jived at Hobart on. a prpsbvterian synod. Mr. Chris- ( Albert Wal . ters , who has farmed tenson was a delegate from -Lone north of towjl( ig Rock. Ov«r; Basketball Begins — The baseball seasdh for the high school is over, and basketball is now being practiced. The first game is scheduled in November. Entertain School- nti e . Grant Henderson haa^ 11001 ihigh school and faculty to a party norted 1a pt Fridav evning in the high JJU __ 1.^,0 oiiilitni^lini IB. B. Players Are Examined— Dr> peters, Burt, examined the D "i>ils in the local school who are going out for basketball, last Chicago. Mrs. Ed Allen, Mason City, visited Lu Verne relatives last Thursday. Former Whittemore Girl W^s. Whittemore, Oct. 17—Announcement was recpntly made of the marriage of Ruth B"al, R. N.. oi Waterloo, former Whittemore girl to Dr. 8. M. Trenouth at that place. They were married last J"ne. She * Juniors Catalog H. 8. Library— The Juniors, under the supervision of Mrs. Viola Bishop, are cataloging the high school library. Gordon Blanchard Has Operation- Gordon Blanchard underwent an operation for appendicitis at the A'lgona hospital Saturday. Other lone Rock, - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Morris and - Esther Godden spent Saturday at pita), Rochester, and a niece Mrs. C. L. Cavanough. iTJ UA J *0 \»«**»O*'"-- T-"—»the state college, and Marietta Christenson, nurse at Des Moines. Mr. Morris also attended a Mobilization of Human Needs Conference at the Hotel Savory. I Lone Rock J Flails. Cotuinbui was w<w observed in o'clock dinner a week ago Monday VMW« _. _:_ out in the near future and has bought a cafe in Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Will Leeper spent Saturday evening at Burt, visiting her sister, Mrs. Charles Olson. Members of the local church have been fixing and redecorating the church basement the past week. Mr. and Mrs. Otis Sanders and son Glen spent Sunday at the Arnold Sanders home, Lu Verne. W ft. Flaik made a business trip to Mason City .last week Monday, and Fort Dodge Saturday. F. M. Whitney, Eagle Grove, spont Friday and Saturday at his sister, Mrs. H. E. Micka'a. Elizabeth Jensen and Dorothy Henningsen, Graettinger, spent Sunday at E. M. Jensen's. The Andrew Thomsons' wd Jay Goddens were guests ot Joe Mok- rey, Titonka, Sunday, Cleo Hobson attended a 4-H club meeting at the home ot their leader. Myrtle Hanna. The Rev. 8. M. Gladstone conducted Bible Study at Jay Godden's last week Tuesday. The Frank Flaigs drove to Kan- awba Friday to visit an aunt, Mrs. R. E. Trainer. Fred Genrich left Saturday evening for Chicago to attend the world's fair. There will be no school this week Friday because of a county teachers institute. The Edward Dehnerts, of Lu Verne, were Sunday guests at R. L. Padgett's. Helen Madsen, Ringsted, ig spending % few *£<*» if R. I, Mickft'8. comedy, at the Belltone theater Friday afternoon and evening. Juniors Picnick at Algona— The high school Juniors had a picnic at Call park last week Tuesday evening and attended a movie afterwards. Father and Son Banquet— There will be a Father and Son banquet at'the Presbyterian church Friday evening, October 27. Other Burt News. Ms. Libbie Treptow returned Monday from a several days visit with relatives at West Union and Sumner. She made the trip with her brother, Charles Madden, and wife, of Marshall, M^inn., who spent Monday night at her home^before returning to their'home-at,-Marsh- all. •••"•• The, Rev. S. H. .Aten, daughter Irene, and son Frank, Elinor Elston, Elizabeth Rash, Pearl and Ella Woltz attended a young people's rally of the north half, of the Fort Dodge Presbytery Friday evening and Saturday at 'Lu Verne. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Weiske accompanied Mr..and Mrs.. Munson and daughter of Livermore to Nicolett, Minn., last week Monday, where they attended the funeral of Mr. Weiske's stepmother. ' Mr. and Mrs. E. H. Staley, Mrs. L. O. Bush and sons, Bid on and Lviin, and daughter -Be.tty returned Sunday evening from a two'.Jveeks visit with relatives at "Aurora, 111,, and in Wisconsin. • •'Mrs. Will Ringsdorf and Mrs. Bernard Phelps attended a poultry meeting at the Swea City hatchery last Friday. A banquet was served at noon, and various poultry talks were given. The Lutheran Aid met in the church basement last Thursday afternoon. Mrs, Walter Sorenson was hostess. In the evening the Walther League had their monthly meeting. The Woman's Home Missionary society will meet Saturday afternoon at Mrs. G, J. F. Vogel's, with Mrs. George Carroll as assistant hostess. Mrs. P. F. Kriethe and daughter Mr. and Mrs. Quenton Carey of Ames, spent the week-end with P^E ParentS> Mn Bnd Mr8 ' .Alien Graham came up from Des Moines to spend the week-end wit,h his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. "H. Graham: •• Alfred Matson, Armstrong, was li°' S^S"' 8 ««"•?!. days last BARGAINS In Used Watches C1AS8 """" ••— •— B12JM> 18 size, ai-jl. Hamilton G. F. Case _ . 18 size, 17-Jl. Hamilton G. F. Case "'_ 16 size, 17-Jl. Hamilton G. F. case _____ 16 size, 17-Jl. Washington G. F. Case __""" T 16 size, 15-J1. Waltham G. C. case . ~~ 12 size, 7-J1. Standard G. F. Case 18 size, 15-J1. Elgin Nickel Case .. " 18 size, 17-Jl. Elgin Nickel Case „ " " 18 size, 7-J1. Hampden Nickel Case ........ """ «aj-n 0 size, 1B-J1. Ladies' Elgin ..... . ~~ SK "ort 7-J1. Stratford Strap Watch — "" "~" 16-J1. Swiss Strap Watch ____ HII~~I~~I~~~ S^w VI *°2J° f"*, 111 aBd look , theM ' Vatche8""or«.M yote old Watch needs cleaning or repairing let us grre yoa an estimate on it. Our prices are as low as good woit can be done. WEHLER'S Diamonds Beset Phone 240 Jewelry Bepaired Kenneth Graham returned Sunday from Rothsay, Minn., where he had been helping harvest the potato crop. Mrs. F. L. Pratt, Mrs. W. A. McArthur, and Mrs. W. T. Peters were business visitors in Des Moines Friday. On last Tuesday the Rev. Mr Erbe and Eric Lippert. of Boone, visited.at the (Rev. L. Richmann's. J. E. Reichert, Prescott, Wis., spent the, week-end -at the :home of hi?i daughter, Mrs. J. T. Heaney.' There will be no school Friday of this week on account of the Teachers institute at Algona. Will Toebben, Chicago, arrived Sunday for a few days with his mother, Mrs. Anna Toebben. The Portland Farm Bureau will meet this week Thursday at S. M. Peterson's. The Birthday Circle met at Mrs. W. R< Carney's last Thursday afternoon. GLASS You better have your storm windows repaired now, before cold weather comes. Gall us for service. T|H^ BH^Pflw ^^ ^ff ^^^^ ^^^^^R iffi^^HF COMPARE — BLACKSTONE electric washers part for part with other makes as we did. Your choice will be a Black&tone. Model "D," |49.60. Liberal allowance,for your old washer.—Gamble Stores. ; 30-6 Let m Prepare Your Car for WINTER DRIVING For the radiator we have Chevrolet anti-freeze. .Alcohol, Prestone, and Zero or winter oils for the crank case. Easy shift for, the transmission and differential case. Radiator'shutters for 1928 to 1932 Chevrolet. USED CABS 1931 Chevrolet Coupe; 1 grain box and stock rack. ; Prices reasonable. We are equipped to do A-No. 1 Fender and Body Work Parts and Accessories. Batteries $5.50 and $5.95 Exchange. Kohlhaas Bros. Garage Phone 200. Algona, Iowa. We Have Added More Equipment -TO- Serve You Better We have installed a DeVelbiss Paint Spray Gun; also a full line of Duco oar paints. We are now able to match any color with our color matching equipment. This Is very important in repairing fenders and bodies, to finish and match col' ors so as not to show any marks or blemishes from wrecks or scratches. We take out the humps and won't leave any dents. Let us prepare your car for winter driving. Helberg Garage At your §er?lce dj$y If?

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