Harrisburg Daily Independent from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on July 17, 1913 · Page 9
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Harrisburg Daily Independent from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania · Page 9

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1913
Page 9
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MAKKISBUKG fcsTAE-iiN DEPiNDEN T, THUKciUAY EVENING, JULY 17, 1913. 9 : . . p ; .. I .. , , , 1 I- , 1 ; ' ' i " 1 . 1 OL larru Iain; Arrlptot Arcade Building Harrisburg, Pa. If rou want a Good Picture of your home, yourself, four family 'or friends, we will make it for you. TVTTTCC17D PHOTOGRAPHER . 1V1 U O O M2j IV, 16 North Third Street Frequently the Only Contention in a Home is the Question of Salary Let us know which member of your family should EARN MONET. We will train them in a business way, so that their earning power and salary will be sufficient to make your home truly beautiful. Catalogue free on request. HARBISBURG, PA. 15 SOUTH MARKET SQUARE There is an Air and Dignity that is domelike at the BUSY BEE RESTAURANT Cuisine and Service . . the Best COST MODERATE No. 9 N. Fourth St., Harrisburg, Pa. DON'T THINK OF BUYING A HOME Until You See These Extraordinary Real Estate Values . COUNTRY LIFE ON SHOW Great Exhibition to Be Held in the Grand Central Station. New York, July 17. To .help the back to the country movement, which has been rampant for several years and which is growing steadily every day, a permanent countryHife exposition is to be inaugurated -portly in the new Grand Central station. All the space over the great waiting room, said to be one of the largest in the country, has been leased for the purpose for the next teir-ears. This space of 18,500 square feet, extending along the Fortv-second street Iront ot the station from anderbilt avenue to Depew place, is now being prepared at great expense. The leasing company alone experts to spend Jzu,-000 on decorations, and probably $100,000 more will be' spent by the exhibitors who will take space iu the Dig ball. In the middle of the hall, and below ' where the big timepiece on the top i of the building is located, will be a gen-! eral exhibition and lounging room 50 feet long and 5 S 'foot wide. On either side of this" space will be exhibitors' booths. There will be thirty on each side. They will be 10 feet square. Then ; at each end of the halL will be lecture ! rooms 28 feet wide and 60 feet long, i Over these rooms will be libraries where will be found books and prints of every type of country house from the inexpensive up to the house costing hundreds of thousands to build. On the walls of the libraries architects will be invited to exhibit views of their work in the suburbs. The north wall of the hall, an unbroken space 14 feet wide and 210 feet long, will be covered with a panoramic painting of Westchester coantv. Tins painting will STAIR HALL AS CENTRAL FEATURE Its Decoration and Furnishing Should Be .Studied ' Hotel Victor 25 S. Fourth Street Harrisburg, Pa. . Stop at the Very Best. Furnished in Art Metal and Mahogany . ' JOSEPH 6IDSTI, Proprietor, .:vV;. ,v-:.;V v v ...xSv..- . ;i.-.v. iVv. - 'i I ATTENTION ! SHOPPERS yHEN shopping in Harrisburg or vicinity, don't burden yourself by carrying your purchases home, just call up West Shore Express and they will do it for you. Sellable merchants cheerfully pay for delivery. We will call for and deliver twice daily. Any drayage promptly attended to. Bell 1440 R West Shore Express DONALD HOTER, Proprietor. OFFICES 22 South Eiver Avenue, Harrisburg New Cumberland Office Building 7th St., New Cumberland One block from trolley. Finished complete. Cemented cellar ana walks. Substantial construction. LAWRENCE FETEOW, Builder, New Cumberland, Pa. I Or I. P. BOWMAN, Security Trust Bldg., Harrisburg. Pa, UNION PLANING MILLS GO. (Inc.) HARRISBURG, PA Everything in Mill Work Andrew Lang once asked Israel Zangwill to give his services for a char-ty baz.ai. Zangwill replied in a note: "If A. Lang will, I Zangwill."' THE STAR-INDEPENDENT is devoted to the welfare of yourjiome and community.. It is Harrisburg's Great Home Newspaper. It is growing daily in WORTH and APPRECIATION If you are not now one of our numerous daily patrons ORDER IT HON! or BY CARRIER It sometimes happens after spending a large amount of time and money in furnishing a home that the owner is uneasily aware of something lacking that his decorative scheme is not harmonious. After many hours of thought and study'it dawns upon him that the essential center of the whole design has been neglected. 4fn other words, instead of a general arrangement of furnishing and decoration radiating from the stair hall, as it naturally should, he has allowed himself to spend all his efforts on the other apartments of the house, while the hall has been the recipient of articles of furniture, pictures and rugs for Which no other place could be found. As the stranger enters the house his ideas of the good taste and character! oi nis uosts oiten rane lorm at once. A bright, comfortable, hospitable-looking entrance and stair hall will at once give a feeling of welcome, of restf ul-ness, and he looks forward with pleasant anticipation to his stay, however short, in a home the spirit of which is so well portrayed at its very portals. On the other hand, a dark, gloomy hall in which odds and ends of unsuitable furniture are scattered contain 1,400 square feet. Views of about without plan or reason, and which various towns and residential colonies of Westchester will also bo on exhibition. Everything needed for the country home will be found in the booths. In one row of booths will be shown the development of the country home from the building of the cellar to the completion of the building. The value and use of various building materials will be disclosed, so that anybody contemplating building can secure expert knowledge on points that :night save money and much annoyance later. Everything pertaining to the country will be found at the exhibition, which will be thrown open to the public shortlr. The Retort Courteous. ' ' Madam, " said a cross-tempered nhysieian to a patient, "if women were admitted to paradise, their tongues would make it a purgatory." "And some physicians, if allowed to practice there,'' replied the lady, "would soon make it a desert. " oners no inducement to linger any longer than may be necessary, gives an impression which, no matter how tastefully arranged the rest of the house may be, lingers during the entire visit. Stair halls should express a character and the view into the dining room all give evidences of the best of taste. The pictures are few and well selected, the quiet tones of the rugs lend a setting to the good-looking furniture and, all in all, this hall is to be commended. Rural For Sure. A party of Nashville motorists turned a sharp curve in the Cumberland mountains and paused for a look at the scenery. Just below them, on a jutting rock, a mountain boy of about 19 was looking dejectedly up and down the road, evidently in search of something. "Say, lady," he asked one of the party as the car started, "is you seen anything of a cow down the road named Crump!'1 LIMIT BUILDING HEIGHTS General Demand For Lover Structures Is Felt- New York, July 17. "While iiembers of the commission appointed recently to look into the matter of 'building heights and to make recommendations for limiting structures in this city nave reached no conclusions they have found a general demand that a legal limit be placed on future construction. Edward AI. Bassett, . chairman of the com mission -which was appointed by Borough President George McAneny, in a statement laid some special stress on this fact. "The commission has had weekly conferences with representatives of various societies and organizations," he said. "These conferences will continue until the middle of July, when they wilf be suspended until about the first of September. In the meantime the staff of the commission will be at work on systematizing the material already Obtained and preparing new maps and statistics. A large number of societies and boards already have special com mittees working on the subject of height, size and arrangement of build ings, with the purpose of assisting the Board or Estimate committee and its advisory commission. "The public interest shown at the meetings and br the submission of written opinions has been remarkable". Without any exception the organizations tjhat 'have been communicated with havesent representatives and in- almost every ease these representatives have said that in their opinion the time had come for the city to impose height limitations -on buildings for the benefit of all. The unanimity of this opinion has perhaps been the most striking feature of the conferences thus far. The methods proposed have, however, been various. Few have made an exact study of the subject. Already it has become apparent that the problem for Xew York is special and unique. . "This is on aecount of the peculiar topography aud growth of Greater Xew York. In other words, the problem is largely a local one. although the experience, of other eitios may assist in coming to right conclusions. Ten years ago the suggestion of height limitation raised protests from many quarters. Now the situation appears to be entirely different. High buildings have not been so successful as it was thought-they would be. Injury to semi-developed laud has in many cases resulted. Owners of buildings whether great of small, organiMtions whether charitable or financial, all appear to consider that the future development of the city requires a more strict, control of the height, size and arrangement of buildings. . "The commission is collecting the laws and ordinances of all the large cities of the world on the subject and is ascertaining the degree of. success obtained by various methods of control. PENNSYLVANIA SNAKE-KILLER. of Design l:;w:v.V;';';T:-:tl:':':'' ift. ":!" !': '!''!!! : : ,-:v.&-.l"v?'W pjytlm'fhk , . -i 1 ft? ill I : - mmammmmmmtmm wttt , , , r-rk-T WTCHHI .rMTHY SI I . rT" fir-tf u rxar Hi ' "1 JaS r iriit-. in jj I r-tr - -' U --Hi ii till miH . , " y ' - Honesdale Veteran Has a Record 7,000 Rattlers. Jack MacConnell, of Lord's Valley, Pike county, declares that he is Pennsylvania's rattlesnake king. He has spent his life hunting and trapping rattlers. Pike e-fHinty dwellers have long regarded MacConnell as a picturesque character, but thev have iust learned something of his blood-chilling record.. Since lsn, when . he . first . began to penetrate the swamps and thickets of the county, he has slain 7.000 rattle snakes and distributed gallons of oil extracted from the carcasses. 'Dhe Bkins he has tanned and sold to be used in the manufacture of purses and belts would extend for miles if placed end to end. "I've been bitten a dozen times." declared MacConnell, "but only once was i given np to die. I had neglected to suck the poison from my wound and I was a miehtv sickian for about ten days. There are a lot of things worse than snake bites. I'd rather take a chantfe with a rattler than with -an ugly dog. '1 do most of hit huntine in swamD places, because the snakes are larger than those in the mountains. Thev feed on birds, squirrels and chipmunks and .there's a better supply of these in the low, damp places. I have caught a few six-footers, but most rattlers are about three feet long." Thirty-six years in this hazardous calling hav6 dealt lightly with the veteran snake-killer and he still makes his living selling skins. He receives from $2.50 to 3 for these, but ho charges nothing for the oil. He distributes bottles of the fluid among his friends to be used as a household remedy in treating ear ache and stiff joints. A Cannibal's Dish. "My dear, listen to this, and tell me what you make of it!" exclaimed the elderly English lady to her husband, on "her first visit "to the States. She held the hotel menu almost at arms' length, and spoke in a tone of horror. ( " 'Baked Indian pudding!" Can it be possible in a civilized country?" Youth's Companion. Fwlarfin Stone Quarries GENERAL CONTRACTORS ' P. O. Box 200 Harrisburg, Pa. Dealers in CONTRACTORS' AND . BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Quarries: Lemoyne & West Fairview . , . W. F. MARTIN Residence Wormleysburg, ' Pa. ' .. United Phone 68R 1 I sal . o' ir '"-" TTf I LLilg fur I ir-fjit'v ' ;ut3T in ,ixly "" Perhaps no experience in your lifetime will be remembeied with as much pleasure as the day when you can say that you actually own a home. It means the beginning of a period of pleasure as you become active as one of the great number that collectively are responsible for the general beauty of your particular neighborhood. When you become interested in your garden, lawn and shade trees and watch their improvement and growth' the real pleasures of the home owners are appreciated. Present conditions make it possible for you to own a home at a very small initial outlay and on terms that approximate rent, this is especially true of suburban property, where the appreciation Is more noticeable and if at any time a sale is necessary, a profit is almost assured. ' I - . Get out and look up the desirable locations and become a home builder and a home owner. Sise 27 feet 6 inches by 34 feet. Height of stories 9 feet 0 inches and 8 feet. Cellar, 7 feet divided into two rooms. Outside weatherboarded over paper and matched sheathing. Tile roof. Main rooms finished in oak, balance in cypress. Hard wood floors and borders in principal rooms and half Plastering three coats, with enamel wainscoting in bathroom and kitchen. Oood plumbing and hardware. Outside painted three coats. Cost to build, $2,500. Harrisburg Carpet Co. Has removed to 231 N. Second St., and will continue Removal Sale, at prices advertised. HARRISBURG CARPET CO. 231 N. SECOND ST:- . CAMP HILL. HOMES BUILDING LOTS ACREAGE Graded streets, sidewalks, shade trees,, water, electricity, gas, beautiful surroundings, exceptional home sites. W. P. DALE ESTATE Robert L. Myers, Trustee LEMOYNE TRUST COMPANY For Durable and Sanitary Walls Use Capital Wall Cement. Capital Wall Cement Co., - - LEMOYNE, PA. BLACK'S ART STORE 117 Market Street ART PICTURES ARTISTIC FRAMING FINE ART CHINA CHINA FIRING COURT DAIRY LUNCH Court fnd Strawberry Ave. Excellent menu and quick lunch daily. Extra Special Sunday dinners. COURT DAIRY LUNCH J. E. CASHXER, Manager. J. J. Maglauchlin Wall Paper and Paper Hanging, House Painting, Varnishing and Interior Finishing. 400 N. Second Street THE WORDEN PAINT unit nuunnu uu. H. M. F. WORDEN, Proprietor. . Slag, Slate and Tile Roofs, Damp and Water Proofing, Paints and Roofers' Supplies Genuine Pen Argyl Inlaid . Slate for Flat Roofs. HARRISBURG, PA. FOR TRAVEL FROM HOME Trunks and Hand Satchels Best Style, Make, Finish and Price Weigel Bros. , R. B. Weigel B. S. Weigel Bell Phone Manufacturers and Dealers in HARNESS and STRAP WORK ALL KINDS OF HORSE AND STABLE FURNISHINGS 307 Broad Street, Harrisburg, Pa. Bogar Lumber Company LUMBER MILL WORK BUILDERS' SUPPLIES Wholesale and Retail OFFICE AND YARDS: North Sixth St., above Division St., Harrisburg, Pa, , Both Phones IN THAT NEW HOME ALWAYS HAVE A BOX OF f t ,-. J! Ci-i1' Af 5c CIGARS DN HAND U. II. BAKER Sanitary Plumbing STEAM & HOT WATER HEATING Repairing & Remodeling a Specialty 1411 DERRY STREET, Both Phones Harrisburg, Pa. SIMON N. CLUGK Mattresses Renovated General Upholsterer FurnUureepalrer 320 WOODBINE STREET . HARRISBURG. PA. All ordersTecelve prompt attention Bell 'Phone Make the Home Bright The Muss Manufacturing Company ELECTRO PLATERS IN ALL . METALS j Vie replate and, refinish all Tableware, Chandeliers and Art Metal Goods. . ' ELEVENTH and MULBERRY STS HARRISBURG, PA. Liability Insurance MARYLAND CASUALTY CO. Assets $6,000,000 Liberal contracts, prompt adjustments. COMMONWEALTH INSURANCE AGENCY GENERAL AGENTS 36 NORTH THIRD STREET

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