Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1933 · Page 8
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1933
Page 8
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m >M *3 •'i! L O A N S $50 to $300 You can secure needed funds without delay, at low cost. Monthly payments can be arranged to «ult income. A personal loan service that you will like. H. N. KRUSE 1M State Street Phone 185 Algona Representing Federal Finance Co., Des Molnes 6-WEEK TESTS IDC TMCIl IT nHL I HIV EN A I lifllllTT'rBflAflt- WHII 1 1 rMIIKF fflllll I L If I Ull L CQtfNf f At»VAN(m ALQftMA, tfl*A . day and 'Friday. Ninth and tenth Former Jttd « e Farmer Judge P. c. Lovreln, spencer **<* Port Dodge, and his brother Ftank ot wumboidt, with whom the Judge for many years practiced law at Hum boldt are He- for $562 brought by a —„ —..« A ** u «.j , .niiibii tuiu btiiim i /IK/V*. t j. — -—^..w wj ,» and Friday. The ninth and tenth i h" e . rt>Kee «°unty woman who claims „-„,!„„ :_ —.•_..,. . . . tnat on a 60-60 basis they obtained a judjment for her in O'Orein county, collected the money, and have failed to pay,her .share. , BUSINESS DIRECTORY KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE .Weekly Newspaper Foundsd In I9fl Entered as Secona-uiass Matter December 31, 1908. at the Postofflc •t Algona, Iowa, Under the Act of March 2. 1S79. LAWYERS W. B. Cjuarton H . W. Mill* QUARTON * MILLER Law Offices. Office 427. residence II- Algona, Iowa. J. L. BONAR Attorney-at-Law Iowa State Bank Bldg .phone 460-W. Algona, low. 8U1LIVAN, McMAHON t J. W. Sullivan 9. B. McMaho- L,. B. Linnan Attorneys-at-Law. Phones: Office, 261; j w q »ni ft B. MoM., 403 . AlgVna 8 -^ » T HARRINGTON A LOWE B. J. Harrington J. D . !, OW€ Attorneys-at-Law Phone 287 R J H . Of»ce over Postofflce. «. JT. VAN NESS, 0. W. 8TILLMA? Lawyers grades in agriculture had made notebooks with pictures and' descriptions of legumes, grasses, and plants, and the four pupils who had the best ones were excused from examination: Irene Heller, 98 per cent; Leona Naas, 96; Wilma Airhart, 94; Matilda Wagner, 94. The three first-named are freshman; Wilma, a sophomore. Home from Wisconsin Trip— The Herman Riesners returned Thursday from a trip in Wisconsin, TV.Vt C»*n +.V» AW ..!,.! 4.. J »n i« ._ _ where they visited with the Will and Charles Re-isner families, There are two other "children, a boy and a girl. . .Leona Haag, R. N., will return to Sioux City this week Wednesday, after having cared for her sister Kathryn,' who -was laid up with rheumatism. Kathryn and her sister Augusta Haag will spend this week Tuesday at Spencer. Robert Braatz and daughter Al- FENTON HOST AT MEET OF COUNTY 'FED' Fenton, Oct. M—*ibe county fed- oration of Womans clubs met in Sunday, and Spent .fa d*y with, the! A. M. rred J«it«e*. Mrs. Detihatt ami Mr, NcUon Jehtz are cousins, and Mra. Thompson la a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Denhart. The William Fords, Fartbault, Minn., and Helen ahd Forrest mon, ^and . Mary Soreneon, ; all - of Oe.o L, and D. IB, . Miller rw 1.34 Waldorf,, came Friday for an Sunday visit with the latter'a daughter, Mrs. F. P. Newel. "Frances Bailey and Irene Newel, teachers at Britt and Belmohd, re- te local Methodist church last week fpeftively, spent the week-end at Tuesday, with more than 100 worn- l thcir Parental homes. They visited en in attendance. Following a the world's fair a week ago Friday morning session a covered-dish luncheon was served at noon. Ah orchestra consisting of Harold Newel and Hazel Weisbrod, first Violins, Ardis Voight, second violin, and Edmund Krause, clarinet, with their director,-Esther Smith, pianist, furnished music during the luncheon hour. The afternoon program follows: Community singing; pageant, Titonka, Burt, and Fenton clubs, cast of characters: to last week Monday. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Reider and Dr. and Mrs. 8. W. Meyer attended the Dairy Cattle Congress at Waterloo last week. The Holders are former residents of Waterloo. Karl Schwartz and iBdith Laage, Cedar Rapids, and T^eona Bor- cardt, Cedar Falls, spent Sunday at their parental homes. The young people are college students. The George (Boettehers spent several days Jast'week at Iowa City, I**** — Telephone Co., , Western Union, iervice _ Skeliy.oil Co., gas ahd oil ,1,94 ' 3,11 .46 Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Helberg and t&SfA** "=*"- ~ I~7" H '** H tS * v ' . Cletus Elbert, Marie Ohm, Nerd Gives Pinner for Birthday— M ^ r ' Irene He ller, 'Leona Naas Mrs. Richard Potratz entertained ~ fn *^ lul * ' Lida Potratz, and Wil at dinner Sunday evening in honor of her 47th birthday. Present were *„, U* -- -• —••-—« »««the Ernest Thiels, Max Basts and $L au Bhter Ineta, and Mr. and Mrs Edna Potratz, AlgoW* the Albert "-"«"»«•« *— Betakes, D. Cordes, Henry Schulz«?i °, e o. Schultzes, Edward Maahs, all of Whittemore; and the Arthur Geilenfelds, Lu Verne. The Albert TnrffK 2 £) d WJm ' Wetzel families, and the Edward Hackbartha of Union township. Surprise on 25th Wedding Date— The Arthur Dreyers were siir- evening by relatives came to celebrate _,, _ ling anniversary. l h ' ? r ? ye !f. were both born and' Spirit of motherhood, Mrs. W. J. where the son Don is being treated Weisbrod, Fenton; Indian mother, . diabet es at the university hos- Mrs. Kirby Smith, Burt; Pilgrim mtal> mother, Mrs. E. W. Ruske, Fenton; I The William Husk.amps : and the Quaker mother, Mrs. E. J. Frank i E> A< Huskamps visited the latter Fenton; Colonial mother, Mrs. H.:couple's daughter Bertha and other R'y ifixpres* Agency; express j Ralph filbert, mds«. __„ ^ Crescd-Unidn Electric Co., sign «.___....;___..; __ S. J. Backus, p, M., ad-' vance on envelopes 6.72 Continental Oil Co., mdse. 26.97 ErBstthiel, meter reading 20.67 J. F. Wilts** et aly refund deposit ...„: 82,60 Westinghouse Electric Supply Co., mdse. _„•_'__._ 74.93 C. M. St. OP. & p. R-y (J 0 ; ( ' frt. on gas, oil -JL_r_^.: 395.64 R. F; Donovan', adv. on compensation insurance • WATER FUND Salaries 360.00 Kwiuth County ffnp!«n««»t *"€!&•; nd84?4* if ii%ii^i- - .it (-11 ' - ,^iif 1%« OMder* Co,? tiufe*. '^ Norton A 86n cd.! I.M fh«*M»8 Wood *- Iron 41.17 Worts,. tnd*e. .. — u l_ w 12.00 Oeo. Hansen, mdse. Nelson Hdw., mdse. ._ fc _^. Mid-Continent Oil Co., gas .and '.oil •-i.-u^^wi.^i*;.' Shell Petroleum Corp., gas and oil ,—_-_t^^ ^ Pestotnik Oil Co., gas "and oil ,95 1,77 ' 2.91 standard Oil Co., gas and oil . „_ ___.;_ tt. B. McMurray, labor ___ SBWBR FUND i^M*? 11 *' Sft > ry - rr---- 26.00 B 0 County Auditor f ad. 12.66 10.60 __ Don Palmer et al, labor^_ 3rick Nelson et al, labor. Fort Dodge Steel & Foundry Co., mdse. „.„__._ Geo. Hansen, mdse. Sart^o^-^™::-- 3 ?Si° Thorpe W 00d&lron ^Sffitf^. ^teVo^Ti^o^s- 36.85 138.80 193.04 9.40 ,9.66 1«.00 373.«6 t h •Hi', All.' ""• " •Motion bv Tf..« by '" B8 68 D. Shumway E D Ke)1 , SHUMWAT * KELLY Attorneys-at-Law etfice in Quinby Block Algona, . .- A. WINKEL Atttorney-ot-Law in Quinby Building Phone 180 " HIBAH B. WHITE Attorney.at-Law Office over Iowa State Bank. 206 ' Algona, low. Everett Hedlund, Ames, were weekend visitors at Henry Kuecker's with the Erwin Kuecker's.' Mrs. E Kuecker was formerly Arlene Sunding. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kerker and daughter, and Mr. and Mrs. George Koley, of Peoria, III., visited Mr. Kerker's aunt, Mrs. Mike Fandel. and -other relatives and friends here and in Minnesota last week/ Esther Behnke, w.ho works at Algona, was at home last week on vacation. She and Bernke Balge. „.„ ailu . man . hitchhiked to MaSlard Friday reared in this community. They" tovislt ' Mrs< G - c -Johnson, former- were married by the Rev. Martin : y Meta Balgeman Fuerstenau. former pastor of the ,, H ' R ; Zum a*h and Nick Oengler ^£f r f* ? hu . rch - ^rs. Dreyer'e ,<^™ ? ? h '5_ a f ° , last *«* Toes- A. French, Titonka; Pioneer mother, Mrs. Lee Pratt, Burt. : Civil war mother, Mrs. Craven,' Titonka; Spanish war mother Mrs. W. T. Peters, Burt; .Norwegian mother, Mrs. J. T. Heaney, Burt; German mother, Mr* Homer Downs, Titonka; Italian mother, Mrs. A. H. Meyer, (Fenton; Modern mother, Mrs. Ray Budlong, Titonka. The prologue was read by Mrs. u. H. Graham, and accompaniments were.played by Mrs. Paul Kriethe. Burt, Mrs. C. L. Osborn, Fenton, Mrs. R. C. Ball, Titonka, and Mesdames W. P. Weisbrod, William Miller, and Elmer Weisbrod. Fenton gave voice selections during the pageant. , . .The pageant was followed by a group of three readings by Mrs. Jonald Weiss, Burt, and Lucia Wal-' • 'f -*-iv» uuvia f» at- ace, Algona, presented the closing number on the program, a trave- year spent in Alabama an relatives at Minneapolis Sunday Lawrence, son of Mra. Kate Hantelman, near Emmetstourg, had an operation for appendicitis at Emmetsburg hospital Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Henry Newel, Kanawha, an d their grandson, Jay Johnson, came Saturday to spend Sunday with Fenton relatives. Jens Nordahl returned last week , fr ? m wilm °nt, • Minn., had spent a few days . . , maiden name was Emma Ohm, , day daughter of Herman Ohm Sr ... . „ -- - ' Attpnd Funeral at Bancroft— Nkk Mrs. Cecelia PrieBter. Mrs. Eliz- a load <* Produce. They . were to attend tfhe world's fair be- for e returning. there -before. Both had 'been Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Schutte the former>s sisters, Francis and Wil- who died a week ago Sat * i P. A. DAJT80N Attorney. At-Law .Office over Iowa State Bank _Phones: Office, 460-J.; R es . 815 CARROL _AUorney.aUlaw" over Postofflce. Algona, la an r 65 A. Hutehison T. C. ITnt^hi^.^ trTriin-ni-cnx*.- „ Jiuiciuson HUTCHISON- & HUTCHISON Attorneys-at-Law Phone 251, Quinby Building Y. P. S. Begins a Contest— The Y. PS., met last Thursday """"* at the Lutheran The society was groups, in- i^ o G ° nricl1 ' Alexander, Minn., vis ed Sunday with his sister, Mrs William Wetzel . He had taken a truck load of household goods to Lu Verne, and stopped here on his way back. .^••J^ss, of Algona, visited at re- ilJ, nd Florida. Legion-Aiix Officers Installed— The Legion and the Auxiliary held a joint meeting at the Legion rooms last week Tuesday evening, and installation of officers place. Mrs. August Nelson program chairman, and her was Unit Activities. with friends. Mra. Kate Newel came last week Monday from Hartley to visit her daughter, Mrs. O. B. Johnson. The IL, M. Holldorfs and William Holldorf, Ceylon, were entertained at«. N. Kyle's Sunday. Gerhard Krause has been laid up with an injured leg a week, the result of a kick toy a horse. The Rev. J. T. Snyder has been returned as pastor of the local Methodist church. Mrs. F. L. Willrett, Algona, spent K. 7116 , . Pittsburgh Equitable' Meter So., mdse. _.i . • Skeliy.oil Co., gas and oil H. R. Sorensen Co., repairs' Oeo. Holtzbauer, mdse. •••• .95 11.81 40.93 . Laing & Muckey, mdse. Co.' Advance Publishing printing GENERAL FUND Salaries ---- .. ---- _._... 216-00 FIRE FUND C. C., Wright, salary .'.... 45.00 Oil'Co., gas___r__. SWIMMMTO POOL FUND .'. Steam Laundry, laundry 5jj Laing ft Muckey, mdse. _•_ 145 6.«0 Bob Williams et al, labor. 7JO Mrs. Oscar Anderson, mdse. __" ' 1.60 14.00 F. :W. Green, dogs Frank Schallin, special"^ lice u ._^_-_James Bums et al" special police _,!__ 3160 Lowe & McMurray, mdse._ Halph Elbert, mdse. Matt Selzer, gas'' _~" Tom Kain, 8 council F. S. Norton & Son/mdae. 6.'oo 'C.'F. SPECltT. Mayor Attest: ADAH CARLSON. City Clerk. ' ' .- LEHAI NOTICES treats. s^^tttsta.ai'aB-JSasgsg Schultzes and Albert Pot^es. Viola Heller, Algona, spent Sunday wo, h er mother, Mrs. Woman's Birthday Celebrated— eller> She Mar- for Mrs. BOCTORS JOHN N. KF.NEFICK Phyglclan and Snrjeon Office over Rexall Drug Store Office phone 300 Res. phone 328. C. H. CEETZMEYER, M. D. Surgeon and Physician. Office John Galbraith Block. Phones 444-310. low P. T. JAJfSE, JT. D. Physlclnn and Snrgeon m.^ " ce °",, South D °dse Street Pbonea: Office, 666; realdence, _ Algona, Iowa |«. WALTER FHASER, M. D. Physician and Burgeon tMflce In Quinby Bldg., Ro»m 14 Phone No. 12 MELVIN 0. BOURNE Physician and Surgeon . Office In Postofflce Block Pbonea: Office. 197; residence, tl W. B. ANDREWS, D. 0. totooyathlc Physician and Snrg«ot Located in General Hospital. Phonea; Office 187, Rea. 688. B, A. EVANS, M. B. Over Borchardt Drug Store Phones: Residence 312, office S04 Algona, Iowa. "• _ DENTISTS DB. H. H. OLSON Dentist. Gas or novocalne used for traction. Located over Chrlstensen Store. Phonea: Easiness 166, residence 471 ^ _ Algona, Iowa VETERINARIANS L. W. FOX J. B. WINKEL Veterinarians West State Street, Algona Phones: Office, 475- W.: res. 476-B INSURANCE Archie voignt, son HO,, M wj~~ J * rs- Henr y schuitz,. daughter .Edna. Carl Voight, and his daughter Ella were Sunday dinner guests at Herman Voight's W^ CCaSi ° n t>eing Mrs - Voight's birthday. Relatives gathered Sunday evening at her home to helo her celebrate. Aid Forms Birthday Club— % A birthday club has been organized in connection with the Metho- . •" -« c dist Aid and meetings will .be held I slsters °f Mrs. Meyer. Lunch 8 *• ThU ™ day ° f eVCry month '!nn^,t nd *!i r tv F . rank s P r °ng. Those having birthdays last month "-• Carl Ebert, Mrs. William Ralph Reimers. Birthday Party is Given— Eight girls were entertained Sun^L! Ve . n . in £ by Mrs - ^ Esser in and Imogene Wagner's 13th Present were Dorothy were ex- E088UTH COCTTY JfUTUAI IN8UEANCE ASSOCIATION Over $16,000,000 worth of insurance A home company. Safe D. D. Paxson. Secretary. in force, secure. MIMEOGRAPHING ADVANCE , Iowa honor of birthday. Airhardt Viola VoightTMary KeTso, Margaret Barber, Helen Keene and Marilyn Woodward. Games played and lunch served. Elda Baas Party Hostess— Elda Baas entertained young folks Sunday evening at a 600 party. Prizes were won by Linda Roeber, first .Eldora Dau, low, Leonard Meyer, high, and Herbert Zu- maeh. low. Banker's Birthday Celebrated— A group of business m«n gather- at Frank Bestenlehner'a last ed week Tuesday evening to help him celebrate a birthday. It was a surprise for Mr. Bestentehner. Herman Gade Has Birthday- Relatives and friends Thursday evening at gathered Herman Gade s to help Mr. Gade celebrate a birthday. Other Whittemore News Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Thul Mr . and Mrs. Edward Thul, and Peter Thiil, Clarion, were last Thursday dinner guests at Peter Schumach- ers. Peter is Mrs. Schumacher's father and Mike and Jacob her brothers. The visitors also called on the local Mike Thul, who has b»en in poor health during the last three weeks. Matilda and Imogene. daughters of Mrs. Fred Wagner, visited over Sunday at Fred Schadlin's, Algona. Mrs. Schallin, formerly Elsie Wagner, Ipft Friday for Chicago to visit her sister Esther and to attend the world's fair till this week Tuesday Her son Gene is with his grandmother, Mrs. Wagner. Mrs. Charles Jesson, Elmhurst, III., came Monday to vieit her son, Paul L. Jesson, now at the Mavo clinic at Rochester with his wife, who underwent an operation a cou- grocery and bake shop, md Mrs. J. E. Walker re- Monday from Delavan where they had spent a t the Harold Kuecker's and _ and Harold Walker's. A Miss Lichter, Fort.Dodge, and her sister and husband and daughter, of Humboldt. visited at Martin %?™r?™**. The Lichters are their daughter 'MTI Werner Braatz and children/ visited .last week Tuesday, with relatives at Webster City. • Patrick Murphy, Father Hyland and Eddie Cullen went to Chicago last week Wednesday. Eddie was vL?£ ° n ™ 0 Milwaukee to visit his brother Cleophas. Lester Quinn, attending college at Iowa Falls, visited over Sundfy with his father, Curtis Quinn. He wasAccompanied home by a friend, Le Roy .Lowry. .. Mr. and Mrs. William Walsh Du?,!i q l e ' vM8pitedv1 ? c , al .relatives last Mr. Walsh is well known took tomtl T OKHHNAI' NOTICE ,., -- ~. ^a,,» were'o^ the District Court of the laid for a Joint Legion Auxiliary of Iowa - in and for Kossuth county meeting here October 12 i %?"%• JNovemb «r term, A. D. 1933. The Federal Land Bank of Omaha a Corporation, Plaintiff, va. Andrew M. Jasperson and Frankie E. Jasperson, husband and wife; D. W. Bates, Superintendent of Banking of the State of Iowa, as Receiver of the County Savings Bank of Algona, Iowa; John ..Sheller and Mrs. John Shelter, _ husband and wife, Defendants. To the Above Named Defendants and to each-of them: You and each of you are hereby notified that there.is now on file ings Tom Akre, rent. _._JHIII J r esse Umbenhower, dump Advance Pub. Co., printing Sept. 20. ' Auditor's Offlci> Board of Sum.,'., • ' --"uwi JSSSSSf*' !>V Hclhen that - ark M cash allowance b ( . being..Ayes: AH. 7.20 12.60 18.10 434.60 16.66 16.60 Sept. 12, 1933 J2, 1933. Ross Coleman et al, gravel Wm Muckey et al, labor N ; W. Bell Telephone Co.7 service Botsford Lumber"~"co" mdse. C. M. St. P. & P."R"y Co.", frt. on sand '. ' 4706 K. D. James, mdse. _~~~ I'AC Kent Motor Co., mdse. by John BIstrlct 'Nos. 2-7 approved. AVBH:' All Motion by iif.ii../., BalBeman tl, at P Pointed temporary Heeeasary repaid Secondary Road 3.26 67.00 by HTeiken the one Funnernaric and seconded from General ground . fund. .^ -. , ; J and "seconded' that Indemnity bond of ~ for $16.80 .be approved. bJ*SS?«^ y F " nn «'"wk and aeconded oy Balgeman that the Irregular SuVZ _„„ ., confirming the approval-of j Benefits on Drain g (See Resolution'on'fliH 11 ' Motion by Fimnemnrk ami uJ by..Helken that widows' *" given Sarah Trcnary and ( AH a9 - rrec< ?. mme " de<i l*y c On motion Board adjournidi >'plnp.lc n m r* n ,~^ er 3 .™.» E. j, ' County Ai The Legion rooms have been repainted and re-papered by volunteers from the Legion and the Auxiliary members. Mrs. Banner on Way Home— 4 M D I>S O ( ?' J> Rann « y ' son Willard, A. P. Peterson, and Mrs. F. L. Ranney drove to Marshal.!, Minn., Saturday to vishfthe latter's daughter Mrs. Verne Tubbs..and from there the elder Mrs.«anney was.to <o.on to Huron, s. D., where her son Frank resides. She has spent a year with her children in the mid- at _.!,„ •: . ^ 7-; ~ .""'K »v JTltUIKB will, return to her home at Orange, Calif. First P. T. A. Meeting Held— <™1.. P; T : A . held fts tint meet- 1933 - Kossuth Tax Levy - 193! General State Revenue 22- Soldlpr'n n state Insane, .24: Oountv a^h^Ui n.»r.f. ."&••.•*• General Oountv mma i . /-.„..-. TT..._J ^ _ Fair Ground Fund, Construction or Ma ^"^t^MMte^^B^^iw: W.OO; 5 mill 'tax on Money B and Credits. m . the office of the Clerk of the District Court of Kossuth county Iowa, the petition and amendment thereto of the plaintiff asking personal judgment against Andrew M. . Jasperson and Frankie E. Jasper- 1 mill tax on Urn Hoad Conetructlon. ,5 mills leyled for Road and Kathryn Nick Gengler and H. R. Zumach trucked a load of produce to Ohi- Bd&y eren *ng. They at- Th w ? ,7° rld ' S fa , ir while there. The William Pandels drove to Litchfield, Minn., Friday, accom- pamed ,by Bernadette Riley. who has been visiting here two weeks The R. A. Behnkes, soutiheast of to\vn, drove to Van Meter one day last week to visit Mr. Behnke's sister, Mrs. Arnold Van Buren. The Nick Redings drove to Algona Monday afternoon, where Mr Reding was sponsor to a son of Mr and Mrs. Steve Define. Mr. and Mrs. Will Hillman, Ceylon, Minn,, visited Sunday at Richard Potratz's. Mrs. Hillman is a cousin of Mrs. Potratz. Zita Duffy, R. N., Los Angeles, has returned to the Coast, after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. M-mm Duffy Sr. Rosella Voight, attending Hamilton college, Mason City, and Lloyd Walker were Sunday guests at Ar- 'V>- Heidenwiths. Roy Leininger, of Anamosa, came to visit his parents. He has been employed at John Shelter's. Plum Creek. Aid will meet Friday afternoon at the usual time at the Lutheran school with Mrs. Alex Radig, hostess. George Winkle and Alfred Wittkopf gave a dance Thursday evening at Whittemore pavilion Silas Roth installed a loud speaker at the Diamond gas sta- l rt xvj 1 * »,uw- «4"-.-«.v^ c*v WIG ASlttlllUIlQ pie of weeks ago. The P. L. Jessona tion for the world's series. are expectfid home in the near future, and Mrs. Charles Jesson will assist at the house. Mr. and Mrs. George Meyer drove to Ln Verne last week Wednesday to bring up Mrs. Meyer's mother Mrs. W. Nissen, who had been vis- 'tmg her sister, Mrs. D. Voss. Mrs. Nissen spent the summer at Spencer, Des Moinea, Webster City, Mason City. Cedar Rapids, and Renwick. . Mrs. Ray Thompson, Scraotonj and her children spent part of last wfiek with the former's mother, Mrs. Amelia Kortum. A boy was born September 26 to the Thomp* sons, and was named Jwry AJI«B. The Louie Hintzes, Algona, and Edward Hacktoarths were Sunday guests at Herman Hintz's. Herman Voight took his daughter Kosella back to the Hamilton business college Monday, The Milford Bilyue family visited last week with relatives in Minnesota and the Dakotaa, Elsie Kohlwes spent the weekend with her sister, Mrs. Everett Dreyer at Fenton. Edna Potratz has been employed at the A. E. Kresensky home in Algona since Friday. Luella, daughter of the Martin Meyers, ba» been quite ill the past week. duet, Vernon" Ohm; The Three Bv.« la , Frank pUpils; violin solo » Shirley Former Neighbors Get Together— The Mike and William Downers. Hawley, Minn., came fast week Wednesday to visit the Robert Voettlers. They were all neighbors when the Voettlers lived on a farm "f ar £ n . t ° n : The <5«» Becks, also came last w»Hn Wednesday, for a week with Mrs. Beck's father, William Fischer, and other relatives. Methodist W. POST'S. Meots- The Woman's Foreign Missionary society met last Thursday afternoon at the Methodist church Mrs . . hostesses. Mrs. Philip Weisbrod had charge of devotion£l S l M r 8 ' J> T ' Snyder. of the textbook; Mrs. W. R. Wolfe, of getting new subscribers for the Missionary Pnend. • Mr* Scare's Birthday Observed- Mrs. Samuel Scare was taken by . Sunda . y - relatives .. and friends arrived to celebrate her birthday anniversary. Out of town guests were the Ole Sandstoes, Elmore, the Matt Sandstoes, Ringa Martin Hollands, Laurens.' Kanawha Farmer is Sick— Glen Ditsworth, who visited his r^ e r..?" nd ? y ' 's looking after the his Mrs. p a ,K . Ralph Stumbo's husband, at Kanawha. Mr. Stumbo haa been sick with malta fever most of the mer. sum- Other Fenton News wa i, iVt 7 sch< ?° 1 of instruction was held by Legion Auxiliary units at swea City last week Tuesday afternoon, and all units in the county except Bancroft and Wesley were represented. Attending from Fenton were Mrs. W. R. Wolfe. Mrs. August Nelson, and Mrs. Roy Jen"" ' V JJP were accompanied by Mrs. Waite. who spent the afternoon with Mrs. A. T. Whitlow. The Standard Bearers met last week Monday evening at the Methodist church. The program was taken from a new study book, the subject being "How Far to the Nearest Doctor." The lesson was n charge of Beatrice Kramer. Plans were laid for a play to be fiyen soon. Several new members oined the organization. The Herman Dreyers and A R. Willrett attended the Dairy Cattle Congress, Waterloo, Friday and Saturday, and were accompanied by Mrs. Fred Dau to ~ ' where she visited Dreyers called on relatives at w - dar Falls and Charles City en route home. The J. F. Newela were Sunday hosts to Mrs. Mary Sorenson, Helen and Forrest Harmon, Waldorf, Minn., the William Fords, Fari- foault, Minn., the C. L. Osborns, the P. J. Weiobrods, the F. P. Newels, and Mra. Emma Curry. i The Henry Denharts and the Carl Jeflerepio, 4rore B p Cedar Falls, friends. The estate mortgage securing the ing the following described real estate, to-wit: The Southwest Quarter (SWJ4) of Section Sixteen (16) in Township Ninety-Six (96) North of Range Twenty-eight (28), West of the 5th P. M Kossuth county, Iowa. ' 'Said petition, also asks for the appointment of a receiver and for a deficiency Judgment . For furthef.particulars, see said petition now on file. For further particulars, see said less you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the second day of November, 1933 term of said court, which will be begun and held at the court house in Algona Kossuth county, Iowa, on the 27th day of November, 1933 default will be entered against you and judgment and decree rendered as prayed in said petition. DWIGHT O. RIDER, *•" Attorney for Plaintiff. I- AlBona DlWrfct NpTT £ A&ona District No.-2 »• Algrona Incorp. Lands ' — •I. Bancroft Incorix rr 5. -Burt Incorp, 6. jPenton IneorpT 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. - Incorp. -————_ — -- rncoj> P. Lands — — rd Incorp. ----------------Ledyard Incorp. Lands ------ ~" Tr -----Lone r Rock Incorpf --- ' --- ' - ------- 6 Incr -" ......... " I 7 ncprp ' WstT-SfoTl Incorp .Dist No 5" IS. 19. 20. a. 22. ~~ Wesley Incorp, ---------------- - -----Wesley Incorn. fiSUST" ---------- • ----- - T' Ind,.Irvlngton~I3 !. Union „ "* 35. Council Minutes Algona, la., September 28, 1933— City council met In regular aesafen on this day at the city hall, and among other things allowed the following bills: ELECTRIC FUND Salaries .—_....__ i « 93900 Iowa Mach & Supply Co. mdse General Electric~¥upply Corp, mdse. W D Allen Mfg Co, jndse.I United Electric Corp, mdse Electric Supply Co, radse. Matt Parrott ft Sons Co" mdse *_ Malleable Iron Ran~g~e~~Co7 mdse. Security Petroleum""co~ gas, oil •' New Deal Products" Co" mdse. Crane Co., mdse.~~HI~~ Fulton Iron Works Co~~repairs ^ . Manzel Brothers Co., md"s"e". Line Material Co., mdse. Standard Oil Co., gas and oil Botsford Lumber "GO" mdse. Public OwnersWp'Te'ague 6.90 123.46 15.40 2.17 24.83 3.77 6.08 193.21 3,76 11.06 27.43 1.28 133.18 3.83 20.36 of America, membership g.OO Townshlj* _ -- Ind. Burt — ..— Burt Ind. •Purtfiiwf" — Eagle . 'Fenton -„.,,.„.„., J'enton Ind. p fn t^~ 17.46 17M 17.46 1146 18.3 BJ 1X1 19.1 19.1 8.6 8.6 9.44 16.24 16.24 10.8S 10.88 10.83 16.55 9.7 9.7 t£78 12.78 17.46 17.46 17.46 17.46 13.461 13.46 5,5 6. 8.5 W.56 6.72 1S.31 18.31 1S.36 K.36 4.85 C.74 6.13 at 1.48 1.48 .94 .94 .94 M 3 O S §3 JB'S 6.5 5.5, 6.5. S.9 «.» 5.3 5.3 5.3 5.3 2.62 3L«2 3.62 3.62 4. O.J7 6.97 6.53 5.53 5.53 5.53 .75 .75 4.33 4.33 no >U 1 L .02 .02 & ICemete .•• -" . • j jj 42 g3 ii 2. - .- 1. L i §1 9.69 8.69 -18.65 •7.65 3.48 ; '9.27 ' 13.47 G.22 Road and Brldjtc 8 • c a UaJntcn c ^ t) Tonstrui 0 5 m a General -.lunty . 7 j. i i. T. 7. 7. 7. 7, 7.fl 7.« 7.B 7.U i « a fl u 1 i 3 i '"' HJ ^ M 1.6 4.34 12.07 9.26 7.16 8.88 7.45 .2 .2 .0$ 1.9 1.9 1,9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1,8 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 .5 .5 .6 .5 .6 .5 .6 .6 .6 .5 .5 .5 .6 .5 .5 .5 .6 10 ID 7.1! 7.0 7.0 7.« 7.4! 7.« 7.W 7.43 7.« 7.43 7.43 7.43 7.43 7.43 7.43 7.43 7.4! 7.4! 7.4! 7.43 'o o • 1.48 1.48 .82 .84 i 4) School Hous Bonds L42 5.3 5.3 6.3 5.3 5.3 2.63 2.62 1.56 2.93 .4 3.8* «•« 17 iw Ubrary , and Supplies .02 .02 .02 * .W "emetery .06 .09 .12 .12 .<* .12 .08 .04 .06 .OS .06 .06 t .06 .12 .06 Road and Bridge Maintenance 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 19 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 1.9 Construction .5 .& .E .6 J> .6 .5 .6 .6 .6 .6 .5 .6 .6 .5 .6 .& .6 .5 ,5 .5 .6 .6 .6 .6 .6 .& .6 .5 .6 .5 .5 .6 .6 .6 .6 .6 .6 .E .5 S a 4 Is C3 •jip t-r \ 7.$ T.« 7.« 7« 7.«! 7.* 7.43 7.« 7.4) 7.« 7« 7.« 7.« 7.4' 7.43 7.43 743 743 7 it 7.43 7.4' la 7.4' 7.43 IT Jt 74.' 74' 74' 74' 7.43 7.4' 4 If 7 " (," 741 IT 1* /•(•* H It 7.41 ir i4 Tl-i — ^S _ BliRTS^npffl c.r , ""-"-work,, 1.05] ^fe^S^W^^^-' ». t -•mierworKB, !• Wnto« T> v¥> "•»'• Qrad ne e. T i *'£'• JMfbt,°l.S8i Cemetery, . Flr» Etaulpment .3: Plre Malntena8« • Comfort Station. .1. Total.

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