Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 12, 1933 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 12, 1933
Page 3
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More than four years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Riley a nd Mrs. Riley's mother, Mrs. Charles Sankey, all then;of Wesley, bought the J. M. -Watson store 'here, since then Arthur has been employed at the Kunz elevator, Lu Verne, and Mrs Riley and Mrs. Sankey have ma n i aged the store. The move is being Sweden, and Gilbert brought Mrs. Johnson news that all of her sisters in Sweden save one are dead, one having died the day before he reached there. Mrs. Johnson had not heard from t/he home folks in Sweden for some time. Mr. Lindgren says automobiles are not so common, in Scandinavia as here, there.being approximately only one car ,to every 40 persons. Mrs. Johnson's Children Come— Mrs. .Cornelius Larson, Mrs. Edward Larson, and William Johnson, all of Lake Park, Minn., plan to arrive at Mrs. August Johnson's this week. All are children of Mrs. Johnson,- who has been in poor health for some time. Mrs. C. Larson plans to stay with her mother Tor several weeks. Recently Mrs. Harry Winkie, Algona, and Mrs. Rome Robiaon, here, also daugh- (Mr , R , ters of Mrs. Johnson, have been al-. Millers' tejnately staying with their moth- I JCOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALQONA. IOWA Pc^te, Chur # Seeks MO ^_Mendance Next Sunday out ,i,, ,— Z" , Mr< Sctoaub was con—- ^ t ? r of a fan »ous 4-« club band o£ 39 which was .popular at the national Hope, 1"? fathering at Chicago this sum- all vPn^l,^ 8 ^ ^W«t. The ser' ,l™ ; Wt L Dodds fi P ent several days last, week at Claude Seeley's. n^'J?" U usband ' son James. Mr. r£ J*!2 P> A> MacArthur, and son i: !£^»£s£ tt>m guests of the The Rev. and Mrs. Allen Wood were at Emmetsburg and Whittemore Tuesday afternoon and even- <ng on personal and church busi- *1GSS« The Bdw. Broesders and iEdna w .. "««oucio aim iniana Walker were Saturday night and Sunday guests -at Mary hrandt's, at George. Hilde- made-now so Mr. uiTe'y" ZTZ ™ *'" ' t>C ° f "^ closer to his work, for ever since moving nere he has driven to and c -••"• «i «• series 01 birthday ' — —-«.&>a. T^Tniio W r k ^Sht.a^d morning, ^'"hl!? b r 6 Stage<1 throu Bh the „ Mr< and Mrs. Kenneth Rutledge The Ri eys have rented the Bigings „ by * 1C L - A ' S. was held at the are . mOT 'ng into- the Peter Martin house lust across frnn, t hc eley °, £°™ nun ' t J'.worn Wednesday after- house °PP°site Brwin Turner's. continud ,„„„„• r ,l°!S me mbers and guests , Mrs - Nancy Scott, -Boone, is here ***%*>•,.• •*' -jcnia « here he '.worked the store. Mr. ploye of the irvington " elector ! Z" 10 ™ att , Bame3 '" a treaVu"re several years ago. After leaving ^i' ttnd othcr recreations. Mes'.worked a .short time -"' mes Acnes Tnrna.- *i—;.; were present n »i ~'° * '• • f" -" • • '«oone, is here mounted 42-lb., 6-ft. 2 in. muskel- laftern^^'ir" 1 a ,J. I !£ dS,^"^"? £*& her 'I™* * hfc home which h."eSSt — ..jfwui, a nveiy .— **•» GALGIIUWI stay with ' games, a treasure (ia "gfoter, Mrs. A. M. Qustateon. . . me a EmmetsbUrg, thence went to the Kunz elevator at Wesley, where he , remained till transferred Verne, to Lu Mis. Watson Home Again— Mrs. R. M. Watson and her son Paul got home last week Wednesday, after two months at San Francisco, where they visited Mr. Watson,, the sons John and Bob, and the Merle Watsons. Mrs. Watson reports a wonderful time. Ray is employed on a San Francisco gulf links, and he enjoys his work as he considers it beneficial to his health. John is employed in San Francisco, and .Bob, youngest son, attends school. Merle Watson is chauffeur for «, wealthy family, and has had the same Job for years. He used to spend much of his time here with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Watson, and attended the Aleo( no high school. Hears of Swedish Relatives— The Gilbert Lindgrens, Laurel, Neb., recently visited Mrs, Lind- gren'B aunt, Mrs. August Johnson, also the Rome Robisons and other S^agr,3S »=r 7- ~ : A ice Duffy, Algona, spent the - .„„ ^,> roeser, Anna Dodds, Cora Reid, Burt as- sistetl with the games. First 1> T. ArMeetinff Held- The first P. T. A. meeting O f the Gardner>s evening. TO.. ay evenng. There was a 100 per cent attendance of patrons and pupils The ,,«,vi vti a <wiu pupua. The p P r* * •••-« *« ^ai/ii wto AII tiic wnu-wuuu, rc/ii call a group heard a program presented thV wSi,"™? 00 ^^' Minn>> spent institutions : Pa^r. description by the pupils. The next meetinj; i w , eek ' end Wlb} i his parents, Mr. Iowa state capitol. « will be held at Willi.im Po4i,' n n.: ana Mrs - H. W. Manus. The Union t.nwnq.'hi,, r»;«,f v -u K l ,' x me will be held at William Rath's day, November 3. Attend Waterloo Dairy Show- ; , -••M«»J U||^/fT_^ - - " — —-»i«J >T*V(1 UJ "Coonie" Heerdt Mrs ' ^onard Schmidt. n -*-i»l i___i_^ -.. t , ^^1*. flVirl lUvtO Tl .T T . and Arnola Da ' ry Cattle Hintz and Thursday, enthusiastic. last week Wednesday They came home Other Good Hope. Mrs. J. H. Graham, Burt, her sister Mrs. Roscoe Iliff, and Wesley Schaub, the two last named of Webster City,, were dinner guests at the Good Hope parsonage last er ailments, is also able to be around again. relatives here. The Lindgrens recently returned from a visit in ! * lt f nle rs Are Picking Corn- Practically all fanners here have started to pick corn. A few began a week ago. Most of the corn here is being picked by hand. Many have hired young men from other states who had come to Iowa for jobs Stomach Flu is Epidemic Many here have been suffering with stomach flu. Several of the school children have been sick. Elmer Dole has recently been suffering from an attack of appendicitis! Othcr Irving-ton. Mr. and Mrs. Forbus Stiltz and small daughter moved early this week to the Wayne Kieth farm, 6% miles northeast of Algona. Since returning from Taylorville, 111., several months ago, Mr. Stiltz had been doing farm work around here, and Mrs. Stiltz had been making her home with her parents, Mr. and Ktcand Johnson farm from Monday till' Thursday, when Mrs. Winkie arrived and remained through Sun-j day. I - I - I English to Attend Synod— I The Rev, A. English preached Sunday on "Where is the God of Elijah?" His text was taken from II Kings 2:18. Mr. English plans, to leave next Monday for Dubuque, j where he will spend a week attending, the 62nd annual meeting of the Synod of Iowa,and a pre-synodical conference of the Presbyterian church to which be is a delegate. He will be accompanied by his Rapids, where she attended college. Greenfield Children in Reunion— The children of Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Greenfield and their families recently spent a day with the parents. They were the George Gowins and the Earl Powells, of Mason Fenton, except Charles, eldest son, who is making a trip through Canada. Mr. Powell, who was in criti- , work again. He was bedfast in a hospital for a time. for several weeks at his home at Flint Mich., where he was employed in a printing office. Prom Flint he caught a ride to Chicago, and then hitchhiked from Chicago to Irvington. Everett makes his home with the Paul Hudsons. Mr. and Mrs. A. McLean were dinner guests Saturday at Glen Hain's, Algona. Mr. and Mrs. Hain, former Irvington people, have rented lots in the south part of Algona belonging to Mrs. J. R. Robison here, and have moved a house onto the ground, and plan to live there indefinitely. Mrs. Lew Schichtl, who had been week Wednesday. Mrs. Monroe Mc- Laurens and her infant son, who were at the Kossuth hospital, are with Mrs. McLaurens' parents, Mr, and Mrs. William iBoldridge.. Mr. and Mrs. Don Smith, Mrs. Hal Cowan, Mrs. Jos. Wadsworth, ma ana me uinri ruweua. ^ »««». and D. T. Smith, all of Algona, City; the William Runcheys, except.were Fnday evening guests at M. •Lyle, student at Morningside col- L. Honey's, where they visited es- •lere: and the John infers family,' pecially with Mrs. J. R. Robison. • ^ •' Mrs. Wadsworth and Mrs. Robison are old friends, . Hugh Raney, road supervisor for cal condition 'following severe Irvington township, spent this burns a year or two ago, is able to week Monday at Irvington, super- ui"•» * ™' — • .'..--I -•— intending men working out their poll taxes. Parts of the road in town were resurfaced, and rough _„ Bridge is Under Way— places taken care of. The small bridge Just west of | .Bernice Burlingame is employed Irvington has been torn out, and a a t the Harry Chambers home, Cornew one is to foe built. The bridge | w ith. Mrs. Lynn Mitchell, Corwith, had been in bad condition since the spe nt part of last week with her heavy floods last spring when the mother, Mrs. S. R. Merriam, and water rose to within a few inches her sisters, Ada Merriam and Mrs. Of the floor. While the new bridge Hattie Burlingame. -•-•-- '-'- Ruth Leigh returned to school Monday..after an absence of a tew weeks following an operation for appendicitis. Arthur Meir also returned, after several days' absence in which he recovered from a tonsil operation. •• Mr. and Mrs. John Simon Sr. and Mrs. Earl Miller, who had been at Chicago several days, got home Monday. The Charles Winandys, Chicago, arrived at the Simon home for a several days' visit Tuesday. Mrs. William Rutledge has been <nu«s w> Iowa, »»" ««=*» sick more than a week. Mrs. Rosa by the other young men, who were Spur geon, Tama City, who haa driving a car and were also headed ( , been w j t h her. parents, Mr. ana this way. Howard Shores to Britt— is being built a short, detour into the Butterfield farm has been provided." A new bridge has also been erected 'between the A. Butterfield and the O. Lemkee farms. Kansas Boys Husk Corn— Vern Christi and his younger brother, Kansas, and two other young men, of Missouri, arrived Saturday. Vern will pick corn at James Black's and the other young men will also pick corn here. Vern and bis brother had started to hitchhike to Iowa, and were overtaken re- Mrs. Rutledge, a few weeks, cently went home. . ovara snores w» »«»— Mn an d Mrs. Jack Devme left Mr. and Mrs. Howard Shore, who last week Monday f or Coffeeville, had been with Mr. and Mrs. Ray g _ to atten j the funeral of Mrs. Fitch for several weeks, are mov- jne . s father, a Mr. O'Connor, fng to Britt. where Mr. Shore will "^ died sudde nly following a be employed in the same garage gtroke wljere he worked several years ago. „ . . For some time 'he has been employed to oil stations, his last station toeing at Humboldt. Mrs. Shore is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Fitch. _; Mrs, S, B. Merriam Improved- Mrs. S. R. Merriam, who was ser- few Mr and Mrs. Vernon Robison are parents of a girl, Beverly Anne, born last week Wednesday night. The Robisons have one other child, small son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Powell, Mason City » visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. William Greenfield mer. CANOE TRIPS INTO . WILDS DESCRIBED Coach Kenneth Mercer told the Rotarians Monday of two -canoe Jatfnts he and two companions made in 1&28 and 1929 out of Ely, Minn., into the wilds of the Northern .border country and into Canada. Both lasted three months, and they saw few other human beings. Mr. Mercer circulated maps and snapshots to illustrate (his remarks. Prom Ely the party traveled entirely by canoe, but had to make portages from lake to lake and other waters. In some parts of the wilderness they thought they were the first white men ever to have been there. They had to travel by map and compass, and many times were lost, but tlhey always found their way. The country there was wholly wild. Moose were plentiful and almost as tame as cattle. The fishing was excellent. Mr. Mercer has a mounted 42-lb., 6-ft. 2 in. muskel- The James Knolls were over- there. No hunting was done, because no *• J ---•o 1 "««*( OII^lll, week-end with.,LeonaMcMahon. Burt Four Corner* The Mothers & Daughters club ' meets this week Thursday with r „...„. ,. , . 'Mrs. Ida Nickerson: song, Church George Manus, who ta with the in the Wildwood; roll call, state of parents, Mr. Iowa state capitol. * Mr= t, H J «' Manua / I** 16 Union township Dist. No. 7 Mrs. Paul Moore returned Sun- P. T. A. held its first meeting this day from Corwith, where she had fall one night last week at Fred spent two weeks with her daughter, Plumb's. Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Gross Mrs. Tjannntvl a;vlt*v.£jJ4- . . • , ' ^."»» be held at Edward Rich's in November. Mrs. Arch Walker spent last Robinsons. The event celebrated Mrs. Robinson's birthday. A '"""go number of farmers in week at the Kosauth hospital ;with' w^'ff^T 1 ?^ A J° m last SStTJft SSBTit-S 5-~-«5S west of Algona-a,weefe..ago Mon- Evelyn Nickerson worked at th« day. Grace Walker, who was badly Swift officb™gona several rf and 1S Mr's To ' fiU^ *!? M " f™™ in the ^^» ^SS. £ n^th l*\ i c - °- Bfrsfrom. Algona. took a business course at Des Both children are greatly improved Moines, some time ago A^nT" 1 ' MrS< Wil ^ urJ Hold T en ' The Lewi « Broesdew w«re at Bv- wlt V T n u S i ve i:, al dayg last erett Broesder's, Good Hope last week at Arch Walker's, helping Thursday evening to help surprise ^"HarJ^St'SfSi d M a r y S - E -ett Broesder on Cb?^ SflcSkten" maShCd finger in tihe I W W f ker - is **™e «"«»«same accident. | er able trouble with a crushed toe Mrs. Noble Mitchell took to her! °n which he dropped a <S-gal. can of bed last week Wednesday morning' gas two weeks ago. as a means of curing an open sore -— -• on one ankle which has caused her much pain during the past three years. Doctor Bourne is caring for her, and Elinor Thissen is doing MrTTT'r , I Bank of Lu. Verne depositors held nomLiirJ ?*j I £T ma 2' ^P^erja meeting at the town hall last acquehne, and Mildred Robinson ! week Monday night to discuss waVs were.Sunday eneata of the C. N. to get more money released brthl Bank's Depositors Choose Committee banki which was closed in the fall of 1931 and is now paying 6 90? cent, or a total of f 19,000, its firs* dividend. The appointment of positors' committee of three suggested and Receiver O. B chanan approved the idea. men were nominated, and Devitt, William Miller, and Horace' Schwank were elected. A resolution that the court be asked to reduce the receiver's salary from $2W a month to. .$150 was adopted. - ^ Mel ore Taking That i r Vacation Trip IfO.t Aetna Accident Tickets* Full coverage at low cost , We have them on hand at all times. H. N. KRCSE INSURANCE . AGENCY Telephone 185 A!««na, low* M»w?ty wmir«« "» » **y ** **•:• v,j ago, is now «We to feave her bed, vith. iwistance, and sit for a time - - - tier * toiiw ^* |ir A.aa. OCCH The Frank Kulows recently re- ,nud from Ames, where they had IK for several days- Mrs. U. B. Frank! is visiting — — -« were received as Mr. and Mrs. p. iL. Dremmel and The program was: reading, M rs. Mr. and Mrs. M.L.Vinaas left Pri- William Drayton; The Greatest day for Waterloo to attend Dairy CatMe Congress. members, reading, Mrs. — j—'-., The Greatest the Untruth, B. A. Oenrich; Funny An•«T" ~~j"-.—o.«~- - ecdotea of School-Teaching Days, Mr. and Mrs. P. O. Stow returned Mrs. Plumb. Games furnished en- last week : Wednesday from De- tertainment till a late hour, when corah, where they had been helping lunch was served. Present were: tn£tl* Rnn il f\ %«%.^.*n 4>\.« A«.AH_.._ f* *i their son O. G. move. the Arthur Cruikshanks, the Wil." .«w.c. me Aiiuuur •uiumsua.llKS, une Wll- The John Oldhams, who moved Jima Draytons, the Loyd Gross farri- into the Mrs. Ada Mann house a ily, the Rdward Riches, the E. A. lew weeks ago, have returned to Genriohes. The next meeting will Webster City. Rachel Clapsaddle entertained lone Moyer.'Norma Bettin, and Margot Morness at dinner Monday evening. Mrs. G. E. Brace will entertain her Sunday school class at a party' this week Thursday evening. j Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Larsen at- ' .... .-,, a_(uiT«h» «^(*t QC11 C*V~ tended the funeral of a relative at B*i'tt Friday. The Presbyterian church and Sunday school observed Rally day Sunday. Wai ter Hanna. went to '• Madrid l»t."H-y night for the -week-end. ; Ed Thaves attended an insurance school at Mason City"on Monday.,-, First Lutheran Church SUPPER LUTHER HALL Thursday, October 12 From 5 to 8 p. m. MENU Mashed Potatoes Creamed Chickens Sliced Tomatoes Rolls Coffee Applesauce Cake with Whipped Cream 25c STATEMENT OF THE IOWA STATE BANK . ALGONA, IOWA . SEPTEMBER 30, 1938 Resources Ciish or Its Equivalent— United States Bonds —$1,010,250.00 State and Municipal Bonds 41,700.00 Cash and due from Banks : 40o'516.88 First Mortgages on Improved. Real Estate __i_^_.__ >___ _. Loans to Customers ._„__ Overdrafts :_ __~ Poor Fund Warrants ___""" Banking House and Fixtures Stock Federal Reserve Bank ' $1,462,466.88 . 89,064.64 224,325.71 None 7,913.43 21,500.00 3,000.00 $ 1,798^59.66 Liabilities. Capital Stock „ * Siirplus '•_-- __:. . L_I~™I~III~I Undivided Profits ;__: __w__i "~IIII~~~I Reserve for Purchase of Stock in Federal Deposit Insurance"~Corporation 60,000.00 50,000.00 16,344:81 J AAA nA 1.WU.UU 7 . . — — ------- ——————«.————.„___....„_.. 1.WU.UU Drposits ... ---------------------------------------------- . ______ 1,«77,»I4.8S A' Sound and Liquid Bank. OFFICERS E. H. MILLER, President N, A. Smith, Viee President H. R. Cowan, Vice President H. L. Gilmore, Cashier F. L. McMahon, Asfft Cashier Buy Now-Buy with Confidence-Save by Buying! .Graham's Fall >**e A PLAIN STATEMENT—In keeping with our pel- icy of passing on to our customers savings made in buying, we are offering fall merchandise values far below today's market prices. Graham's are doing their part by keeping retail prices as low as current condition? permit. We are confident our country is on the road back to better times and higher prices, and that now is the time to buy those things so lo.ig desired and needed. Now is the time to buy. WIMMMMKT COTTON BATTS You'll find quality in this three pound stitched batt. Featured this sale House wares Featured in the Fall Sale. ..10c .We .20c .We 35e .69c 31 c 29 c S5e Cups and Saucers White plates, seven inch Cups only, 3 for Tumblers, three for Oilcloth, 50 in. wide ._ Dutch Oven, self basting House brooms, 4 sewed Galvanized paite, 12 qt. Cream cans, 14 quart :. All copper tea kettles — Dinner sets, 32 pieces Childs Coats CHINCHILLA COAT — Real dressy little outfit—well made little coat and a cute little trick hat to match. Sizes 2 to 6- years __-_ Polartex Coat with cap 4 to 6 $3.98 Misses' Polartex Coat 8 to 14 Misses' novelty wool or coats in sizes 8 to 14 —_.:___i.____ $4.69 chinchilla $6.49 WOMEN'S COTTON HOSE Fall shades * g _ priced special IOC Stockings Women's full-fashioned sheer chfifon service weight— . Select a good supply of either service weight or sheer chiffon to match your fall -outfits. Our sto k of fall shades is complete.. Mot^, satisfied customere are wearing GRACRBST silk 'hosiery -eaoh month! • .. ... ., ; Women's Mercerized Hose 25c Girls' School Hose 15c Boys' slip-over sweaters _98c Boys' suede blazers $1.39 Boys' school shirts 5»c Boys' blue work shirts —49c Boys' blanket-lined jackets $1.19 Men's heavy boot BOX 29c Men's blanket-lined jackets $1.49 Men's blue work shirts „69c Big G overalls for men .$1.19 Broadcloth dress shirts $1.00 Good Underwear For every member of the family. Women's Women's Silk stripe Fleeced Unions Unions 39c 89c Waffle Stitch Tests! Pants This snug fitting underwear is rapidly gaining in popularity Boys' Random Rib Unions 24 to 34 69c Herea a value that demands action. Double Blankets, 70x80 size „_ 2.39 Plaid patterns, weights full 3 1-2 pounds. Husking gloves and mitts, 1 doz...____; ^__ Fancy plaid double blankets, 72x84__ Outing flannels, ••••* fancy stripes, yard: __., Hope Muslin, standard quality, yard ~.—^,- $1.19 $3.69 12' 2 c ..lie Children's Waist Unions i to 12 years 69c Men's ribbed unions 78c Men's random unions 98c Part wool unions $1.19 Women's Outing Gowns Department Stores Our Policy for Years Every item of merchandise that enters our store has been carefully selected by experienced buyers. The style, quality tod price must be right. There must be an honest dollar's worth of service in erery dollar's worth of merchandife. We are all hu> §e«a»iouaUy ttisUkeft or errors slip by duif dose in. epection. If for pj reason are dissatisfied with my i you pureba«e, pLe§«e exchange £ or we wOl cheerfully refund the purchase price.

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