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Harrisburg Daily Independent from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 9

Harrisburg Daily Independent from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania • Page 9

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:

HARRISBURG STAR-INDEPENDENT, TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 17, 1913. THE ilG PERDIX EVENT ABDOMINAL Real Estate Section Want Section Death and Obituary notices Lost and Found Elotices BELTS and Is Day After To-morroiv, THURSDAY, JUiME 19th I' EEAL ESTATE FOB BENT. HELP tVANTE MALE. DIED. rotrND. FOR RENT Frame- house at Four WORLEY On June 16, 1913, Jesse E. for WANTED Experienced grocery man FOUND Something that was never lost the good service of Eggert's teenth and Howard streets, near L'nion Square hall. Kent $10.00 per state experience and reference. Jia dress 3305, care Star-Independent. steam Dyeing drench Cleanln month. Works, 1245 Market St. We will cal Apply Harris nn deliver. Call either phone. tXR RENT Bake shop with large bake WANTED Carpenters, burg Silk Mill. oven and store room adjoining, wi" rent bath or separately. No competi FIVE PAINTERS wanted at once. H. WOLF, 507 Kalker St tion. Call or address 644 Broad St. woney, aged 39 years. Funeral on Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock, from the residence of his brother. Samuel A. Worley, No. 222 Cumberland street Body can be viewed Tuesday evening, after 8 o'clock. Funeral private. Interment private. HENRY On Sunday, June 15, J91S, Catherine Henry, aged 33 years. Funeral on Wednesday forenoon at 9 o'clock, from St. Francis church. Burial in Mt. Calvary cemetery. Relatives and friends are invited attend without FOR RENT A large store room and Wivruri imp tt 55 ibmt Able-bod led unmarried men between ages of 18 and 85. citizens of United States, of second noor on K. Sixth rem reasonable. Suitable for light manufacturing and show room. Apply South good character and temperate habits, if Business--, Opportunities fc Xyrf1 Navel Rupture After Operation Floating Kidney Backache and Prolapsed Stomach Buy yonr Belt right from the factory and save middleman's profit. W' have a competent woman in our fitting room who is qualified to make and fit a belt eorreetly, so you will have comfort in wearing Jjewoerry City. whn Mn finpak. read and write the ng llah lanerunffa. For information apply further notice. Philadelphia" papers to Recruiting Officer, Bergner Building, please copv. rnird and Market sts- narrisuurs, Don WAVTEIl Two lnhnrlmr men for Per- IN MEMOEIAM. dlx. AddIv to A. C. VOUNG, 26 N. Third St. Open evenings. GROCERY BUSINESS AND BUILD ING FOB SALE. Croak! FOR RENT 1319 Derry St, store room, 18x66. $35.00 Beautiful summer home, Paxtang, $3.00 il44 Derry 10 rooms, suitable for boarding house, SZo.OO 1844 Derry St, large lawn 122. B0 1822 Derry St, $22.00 115 Hanna 9 rooms $11.00 1011 N. Third St, dwelling and store 10 rooms, all improvements, steam heat, $40.00 1T1 S. Summit St 8-0 HARVEY T. SMITH. 20 S. 13th IN SAD BUT LOVING REMEMBRANCE of my mother. Elizabeth (vieseman) W1WFTI tar tn drivn oil tank Giede, who departed this life June 17, wagon: one who knows the city ana ISM. If vMfJomp A i- I to Oat end Make a Splosh surrounding country. Apply at once. The Indian Refininar Lemoyne, Fa. MOTHER, $8,800 WILL BUY the new building, No. 1838 N. Third street, including stock of groceries and fixtures. The property contains 8 rooms, bath, store room, summer kitchen and cemented cellar. CHAS. ADLER, 1002 N. Third street HAUAEMft'S Just a year ago, dear mother, Since God has called you home MACHINISTS, lathe, planer and boring mill hands, for medium and large size machines; also floor and bench, hands To the land of perfect sunshine 108 Market St. 1 Second Floor With splendor round you roam. FOR RENT Brick house. No. 2108 Derry three story, rooms and bath, all conveniences, with back and aide yard; shade trees; rent $18.00 per month. Call at 2102 Derry St. B. G. AUFFEK. iUC THE on heavy maffn inery; none out gooa. steady men need ppply at the Hotel Columbus and inquire for MR, K1N-t. Oh! How long it seems to me Since your smilitiar face I've, seen. Wednesday and Thursday, June 18 ana lfOET FOR SALARIED PJDOPLH and then, upon their own names. Cheap Jf'f ay payments, confidential, tt. And your sweet and loving voice IV, Are as still waters of the sea. WANTED Several careful chauffeurs; EEAL ESTATE FOB SAXE OK RENT. Through all your cares and trouble. also machinist to take charge oi gar Tears ana bitter strife, age. Address CARL. MASO.N, uen. vol. You were the kindest loving mother; City. HOUSES for rent or sale. Elder Real Estate Company. Twenty-fourth tad Derry Sts. And a true and patient wife. MARKET RSPORTS. Furnished by Wm. Ii. Bear Co, Members of the Philadelphia Stock Ex change; Chicago Board of Trade and N. T. Cotton Exchange; Local Branch, 17 N. Market Square. NEW YOB- STOCK EXCHANGE QUOTATIONS. New York, June 17. 2.30 Open P. M. First-class die and tool mak ers on lnterchangeapie pans, rsr- Whenever sorrow sought its way Into your troubled breast, You would speak your heart to none, manent position and flrst-class pay guaranteed. Address Wo. 8301, care of But smiles upon them pressed. Star-Independent. OB TTNTTTENISHED BOOMS FOB EENT. VOR RENT One large vacant room, une newly furnished room. Call at X. Sixth St. You were the sunshine, yes, the very WANTED Daster on Consolidated last 1 34 Lots and Plots 34 AT life. ing machine. Apply Harrisourg noe Of your mother, old and gray, Mfg. Vernon Harrisourg, ra. But in your prime God thought twas Amal Copper 65 Dsuphin County Farm For Sale 127-acre farm, near MeClellan; good buildings; 100 acres of A No. 1 farming land, orchard of 100 young apple trees; fruit of all kinds on the farm. Price, 14.000.00. For further particulars Inquire of John G. Orr 222 Market Street Phone 934, Harrisburg, Pa. TV 1 Dest For you to lead the way. lit Am Beet Sugar 21 SITUATIONS WANTED MALE. FABMS FOB SALE. mu i op ram 42 1 PL AN experienced chauffeur would like to But as the tide of the years roll by And the rain shall cease its falling, In that beautiful land of Paradise FARMS NEAR HARRISBURG for sale: 4 acres, 10 acres, $3,500: 10 iv 35 short Alll 4 0,2 Am Car and Foundry 41 Am Cotton Oil 35 Am Ice Securities 21 Amer Loco 29 Amer Smelting 61 acres. So.OuO. oc cartare and have lob; can rurnisn reiercuutsa. WATSON MILLER, 420 Ridge Avenue, Steelton, Pa, mw walk to anv of these. Good building desirable location. BEDL. RJnADTlf CO, lou now wait for your daughters calling. HELEN E. GIEDE, June 17, 1913. Bergner Building. Perdix Annex Every Lot will be sold to tfat Highest Bidder Srijeet I Protednt Bet So ublt JtotrictMM Anaconda AN experienced chauffeur would like to have a job; can give reference. Address THOMAS MILLER, 420 Ridge St, Steelton. 95 FOB EENT. -A bungalow, at Faxtonia, 938 85 26 '216 Atch, Top and Balto and Ohio Brooklyn Eap Tr Calif Petroleum Canadian Pacific Central Leather FOR RENT inquire at 25 S. Second St. WANTED A young man, 18 years old, wishes position of most any kind; Just came from the Loysville orphans school; is willing, bright and intelligent; will take most any kind of position. Apply or address all communications to R. 1427 James St 19 UNFURNISHED EOOMS FOB EENT. For Sale and Exchange Ches and Ohio 55 F.OR RENT Two unfurnished rooms, 22 29 62 33 95 93 -86 27 217 20 56 102 32 129 9 l5y, 24 37 121 29 112 15 56 26 third, noor. suitable tor nent house YOUNG married manL barber by trade, desires position on outside at light work. Address No. 2547gate St keeping; can be rented separately; rent reasonable. 1310 N. Sixth' tot. Apply Ifeja Third St. TOB SALE. WANTED A position to learn a good trade by a bov 18 years old. Address H. G. W. WINTERS, 1335 Susquehanna St, Harrisburg, Pa. COTTAGES FOB SALE. Chi, Mil and St 103 Chino Copper 33 Cons Cras 129 Corn Products 9 Den and Bio Grande 15 Erie 23 Erie 1st pfd 37 Great Nor pfd 121 Great Nor Ore Ctfs 28 Illinois Central 113 Interborough Met 14 Inter Met pfd 54 FOR SALE Three box-ball alleys, can Sale takes place on the property at Perdix Station, Thursday, June 19th, at 2.30 p. and continuing Friday oe run oy electricity: can De seen at Nineteenth and Derry Flatiron build- REAL ESTATE FOR SALE 6S6 S. Seventeenth corner trick house with improvements. 185 N. Fifteenth St, 3-story brick and frame, with -athr 1520 Reglna 2 -story frame, water in kitchen. 110 S. Fifteenth 2-story brick, with modern Improvements. 610 Schuylkill 3-stor- brick with all improvements. 1915 Derry St, 2Hstory frame with improvements. 1242 State 3-story brisk with all improvements. 1525 Regin St, 8-story frame, hot water heat, all improvements. 1204 "Walnut 3-story brick with all improvements. 1427-29 Berryhill S-story bricks with all improvements. ng. Cash price. 825. Apply J. M. A YOUNG MAN with a diploma from C. T. Ludwig's detective training school would like to take up a position in citv. Address G. H. 1109 Wallace and Saturday at the same hour. ENSMINGER, 1813 Derry St. FOR SALE Two cottages, situated along the Susquehanna river edge; one acre of lawn; hot and cold water; ranges and bath; electric light and tel-tpnone; garage; all night street car bcrvice. For information address Box Oiiice 646. City. FOR SALE Lumber mill work of all prompt service and lumber City. AUCTION PRICES EASY TERMS that lasts and pleases; always your money's worth; oldest yard in city, 1892-1913. F. H. HANTZMAN, 660 Briggs street HELP WANTED. BE It ESTATE FOB SALE. 58 Free round trip tickets by calling at our Third street 148 WiVTFin A conk, at the Pennsvlvan 130 Hotel. 313 Broad St, Harrisourg, Man or woman. Apply at once. 58 1ARTY breaking up housekeeping offers entire house full of fine furniture and carpets, in Urst class order, at a sacrifice. Call after 7 p. at 1315 Derry St. 20 office. Trains leave Pennsylvania Station at 1.52"p. m. Return ing leave Perdix at 5.42 p. m. FOR SALE Six 3-story brick mansard roof houses on Gtary street, just being finished; the finest and cheapest houses in the city; open for inspection; must be seen to convince any buyer; two are come- to see them; here is pure air to breathe; price an eye-opener; terms' right. F. H. HANTil-ilAN, 660 Briggs 29 HELP WANTED FEMALB. 99 Kansas City Sou 25 Kans City Sou pfd 58 Lehigh Valley 147 Louis and Nashville 129 Mex Petroleum 57 Mo Kan and Texas 20 Missouri Pacific 28 Central 99 0 27 Nev Con Copper 14 Norfolk and Western 102 Northern Pacific 106 Penna 109 Pressed S. Car 23 People's Gas 107 Bay: Con. Copper 17 27 WANTED Sewing machine operators itIt-Iq fi Isarn onerwtinsr and alsc Two 2-ctory brick houses on Reel 15 FOR SALE Reasonable to quick buyer on account of people leaving town, one White Leghorn rooster and 8 hens, also 4 Black Minorca hens, all yearlings; also one Philo coop, covers space 6x0. Apply at once to 1614 N. Third St trimmer; steady work; no lay-off; best to Those Who Attend Whether au improvements. All of these properties will mk Elegant and Useful Souvenirs in Silverware will be given FOR SALE Suburban residence, especially attractive; plot 5ux230 frame 102 106 BOod inveatiuents. no rraaonahl. pay. riarnsDurg Apparei uvor iw City Star Laundry, State St, rear en They Buy or Not house, conveniently arranged and moa trance. offers will be refused. Prices will be given upon Inquiry. 110 23 ernly equipped garage. No. 2134 Derry St. Get particulars. BELL REALTY FOR SALE One Regal, one Cadillac touring oar, full equipped; thoroughly repaired and in condition; cheap. Ap For Map and Particulars apply to Bergner Building, 107 17 J. E. GIPPLE 1251 Market St. YOUNG "WOMAN of neat appear ply at FERRY GARAGE. 125 to 131 S. Owner andS Developer of FOR SALE-t-Brlck No. 408 Cameron. 23 Cumberland street, 9 rooms, bath. ance, over 21 years of age, to furnace, gas, cemented cellar. Price FBEDIX HEIGHTS and HILL TOP PARK, PERDIX ANNEX 157 a. YOUNG 26 North Third Street FOR SALE Genuine English bull ter reasonable. CHAS. ADLER, Real Es make "Sanifold" Sanitary Drnuc rler pups; call at Peipher Line stable tate and Insurance, 10u2 Third St 18 75 or zzu iiriggs St Open Evenings Phone 038 ing Cups. Apply Public Service Company, 221 Market above 16 Harrisburg, Pa. EIGHT black Minorca yearling hens, 10 white Leghorns, yearliners nens and FOR SALE 1625 and 1627 Fulton St, 2-story frame dwellings, good investment; price $2,000 for both. CHAS ADLER, Real Estate and Insurance, Photoplay. one cocKerel, lit white Leghorn pullets, IMPORTANT Call or phone to Third St. Office, get Free Round Trip Tickets for Perdix. Select your lot Before the Auction. 6 montns old. call Sunday or evenings, xvu2 rs. xniru at. Bwy. Steel Spring 23 Beading 156 Bep. Iron and Steel 19 do pfd 75 Bock Island 15 do pfd 25 Southern Pacific 93 Southern Bwy 21 Union Pacific 143 U. S. Eubber 57 U. S. Steel 52 do pfd 104 Utah Copper 41 Va. Car Chem 27 Wabash 2 n. w. BUTCH, 4 uaim St, City. FOR SALE By a private party, ten WORTH $400 A good White touring WANTED Settled woman for general in small family. Address room house, S. Fourteenth St, with ail improvements; front and back car. a-passenerer. S-in UDholsterv: ex This Ticket is Good for a Free Round Trip' Fare 26 94 121 145 57 53 104 -42 27 2 62 cellent running order. Price $200. Ap Summer Bungalow For Sale Along the river, between Halifax and Millersburg, rooms and bath. Also has stable and Ice house on rear of lot. Thlj will re sold at a sacrlfioe. Price of Bunglow with ground and house i furnishings, 11,800. JOHN C. ORR 222 MARKET STREET 3308, care Star-Independent ply PAUL D. MESSNER, 1119 Mont -TO- porch; side entrance; small garden; suitable to keep automobile; ten minutes walk to either depot, $2850. Address 3242, care Star-Independent gomery St WANTED 'Piano player; must be good one. Apply at once. Hotel Rife, 325 BARGAINS-Double lawn swing, $2.50 Walnut street Suminerdale Heights. 10 acres, cot tage, spring, J700. easv terms West. Union Tel 62 WANTED A middle-aged woman for Minorca eggs. 6c; roof paint 3ac housekeeper in home with small chil dren; good wages. Address 3304, care rag carpet, 15c; ingrain, 20c; Body Brussels, 60c; 9x12 rugs, linoleum, 40c; inlaid, $1: lining, 3c. YINGST, Chicago Board of Trade Quotations Chicago, June 17, 1913. Star-Independent. FOR SALE 32H N. Second St, a JH-story pressed brick nouse, 11 rooms, bath, reception hall, vestibule and pantry; toilet on nrst floor; interior hard wood finish; front- side and back concrete porches; aabestos roof; hot water heat; hot and cold water in cellar; lot 82x150; plumbing according to new city laws; built for a home and of selected materials; inspection by at. pointment Phone 1782J4. i' ront-cuniDenana. Onen WANTED Girl for kitchen and dining room work. 113 S. rront St. Perdix Heights and Will Top Park mr AUCTiom lot sule-i Thursday, June 10th, at 2.30 P. and continuing FRIDAY and SATURDAY the same hour. Trains leave Pennsylvania Station for Perdix at 1.52 P. M. Leave Perdix for Harrisburg at 5.42 P. M. Do not hand this ticket to Gateman, but present it at our Third Street Office and receive in exchange a regular Round Trip Or meet our Salesmen wearing Yellow Badge. They will be at Pennsylvania Station near Gate Four, daily one hour before leaving time of train. Elegant and useful Souvenirs will be given away Free to those who attend, whether they buy or not. FOR SALE Cheap, to quick buyer, one complete set or cigar store nxtures. as good as new. Inquire. 29 3. Dew July 93 V4 September, 92 December, 95 Corn July 62 September, 63 7s December, 61 Oats WANTED Middle-aged Catholic white woman to assist with housework in private family; one who prefers coun Derry st Wm. L. Bear Co. High Low Close SZ 91 91 93V4 91 91 95 94 94 63 61 62 64 62 61 62 60 60 43 41 41 43 41 42 44 42 43 try lire. or auuress ju., EOOMS FOB BENT. FOR SALE 1913 Model Motorcycles care Star-independent and Motor Boats, at bargain rices: July, 43 of WANTED A bright girl to learn mark Chlearo Board Trade. all makes, brand new machines; on easy monthly payihent plan. Get our proposition before buying or you will regret Remember 43 FURNISHED or unfurnished rooms for rent; city steam heat and gas range. Inquire 923 N. Third St ing and assorting. Apply Troy iaun December, 44 dry, 1520-1526 Fulton St Ex. it. Also oargainB in used motorcycles. HEMBBRtl Write us to-day. Enclose stamp for PbW Stock Chang's K. T. Cottoa ehaag. APARTMENTS. LEARN DRESSMAKING reply. Address Lock Box 11. Trenton. New York Stock Market By AsBocialed Prest. New York. June 17. Wall Street Every one will admit that if a lady Ex- JJ.1CO. learns dressmaKing rignt tne art is FOR RENT Second and third floor sure to be of endless value as long as POPLAR BOARDS. 18 inches to 24 apartments for rent; all improve The stock market was under heavy "il "Miff she lives. one can learn dressmalc ments. Can have use of front porch inches wide: 2-inch oak plank: rub her tires, all sizes and lengths: one new and yaro. Appiy an n. second St, ing right, unless they first learn fitting by measurement Good fitting is pressure at the opening to-day. The Harriman stocks sold actively and both Union Pacific and Southern Pacific fell a point. Steel opened with The sale of and three second-hand wagons. Apply aouve oeneua. dressmaking. Works' Dressmaking TO Hiiii.K WAiiUiN rvutfi.s, a JN. Cam eron a i. 6.000 shares at 52 to 52 W. aeainat th Schools teacn perrect ntting oerore sewing. The pupil cuts, fits and finishes each garment making her own FOR RENT Apartment three rooms, kitchen, bath. Inquire Mehrlng Apartments, 1200 N. Sixth St, City. Bell 267L close yesterday of 52. Canadian Pacific dropped 2 on 'the sale of 2,000 shares. Woolworth declined 1. FOR SALE A National casn register, costing will sell for less than Independent lusx. dresses wnue learning. call or address W. A. Work, 22 N. Fourth We want housekeepers, worklngmen and salaried employes of Harrisburg and vicinity to know our NEW system of loaning money, and to become better acquainted with the "GOIjDEN RUL.K" policy of our Com Buying of Reading, which waji ef naiL Address 3257, care Star-independ ent St. pany. Orders promptly executed forth parchaae or sale of STOCKS BONDS GRAIN COTTON Ianlrlea welcomoC lMh and Chest- I nut Sts Phils. fectual in holding it up in face of the depression elsewhere, became more vigorous and when it rose 1 to 157 the rest of the market rallied hriivV WANTED By Hrst-class undertaker. BICYCLES, BICYCLES Several good reuuiii oicycies at a oargain lor auicit two laay assistants; reference re quired; good, permanent positions. Ad dress 3302, care Star-Independent. Losses were auickly made ud and Steel. sale. WANTED Bicycles, tires or parts oi wneeis lor casn. i p. I i aufm Union Pacificand Amalgamated mounted to fractionally over yesterday's clos- Legal I Advertising PLY 14 N. Third St Apply DINING ROOM GIRL WANTED, Hershey House. pressure from abroad and further FOR SALE AT GABLES, 113. 115 and 117 South Second St. 2.000 iallon bear selling were largely responsible for the early weakness of the market. new era reaay mixed Daint. Acme ROLLERS and bunchmakers wanted. Apply Central Cigar Co, 425 S. Cameron St American stocks were heavy in London where renewal of liquidation was quality. Also the full line of Acme make. No matter what rates other companies advertise, or what rates you are now paying or have paid any other company, we will make you a loan a lower -rate and pn easier terms. OUR StiOTTO A "SQUARE DEAL" to every person and the assurance of promptness, privacy, courtesy and consideration. CAIX AMD SEE US BEFORE YOU GO ELSEWHERE The Pennsylvania Investment Co. 132 Walnut Street, Harrisburg, Pa. i 17 N. Market LEGAL NOTICES. HarrWburc. When the offerings of the fail OFFICES! WANTED Experienced girls for fitting room. Apply Harrisburg Shoe Mfg. Oo, Vernon St, City. ed to shake out and considerable volume of long stock, they hastened to York, Lancaster, ottsvllie, Baston, Williamsport In the Court of Common Pleas of Dauphin County, o. 348, March Term, FOB EXCHANGE. cover, and the market advanoed ma terially. WEAVERS, WARPERS and learners wanted. Apply at Silk Mill, Second and North streets. WANTED To exchange city propertv some or yesterday's weak features for farm proDertv of 150 acres nn tn became strong, especially Union Pacific. 800 acres. Apply at once. J. M. ENS- Chesapeake and Ohio, Reading, Lehigh MINGER, 1813 Derry St. OFFICE HOIKS- 8 A. M. to 9 P. M. Sat. 8 P. M. SITUATIONS WANTED FEMALB. Bell Phone No. 2146J. Valley, Steel and Southern Pacific, New Haven made an exceptional gain of tnree points. JBonds were firm. WANTED Young girl wants position iHi.t -Tiary a. tvlstler vs. William J. Kldtler. NOTICE IN DIVORCE. To William J. Kistler: You are hereby notified that In the above divorce case of Mary A. Kistler vs. you, William J. Kistler, a hearing will be had before the Dauphin county court at the Court House in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, on Monday, June 23rd, 1913, at 10 o'clock at which time and place you may be present if you so desire. WM. H. EARNEST, Attorney for Mary A. Kistler, June 10. 1913. Libellant as cniia nurse; willing to xo to the country. Bell phone 1351R. Philadelphia Produce Market. Philadelphia. 'June 17. What 1c WANTED Middle-aged woman wants anv kind of work bv the riav Arf. lower; winter milling, $1.02 (g) 1.04 No. 1 northern, Dulutn, tl. 0301.04. miscellaneous llotices Corn steady, unchanged: No. 2 vellow. dress 1311 Cowden St, Harrisburg, Pa. natural local, 7O70. Oats steady, unchanged: No. 2 white. BY a colored woman, small washes to do at home. Call or address Nn 47S48. 1409 Marion St. For Rent 402 BRIGGS STREET 9 rooms and bath. This property is located one square from the Capitol, and is very convenient for a rooming house. For particulars sea John C. Orr 222 Market Street Harrisburg, Pa. MISCELLANEOUS WANTS. BTOEAQE. REAL ESTATE FOR WANTED To gef into communication Money to Loan There Is not a single good reason why you should not borrow money from ns if you expect to borrow it anywhere. Our rates are reasonable. Our service the best. No publicity enters into yonr transaction with us. We trust you even farther than you expect. Ladies can secure money on their own personal note. PENN LOAN COMPANY BoU Phone 2265 Second Floor Front 206 Market Street STORAGE in 8-story brtck building. Bran firmer; winter in bulk, $22.60 23.00; spring In Backs, 20.752I.25. Refined sugars firmer; powdered, 4.45; granulated, 4.354.40: Confectioners' 4.20; Keystone 4.10. Cutter steady; western creamery, extra, 2829; nearby prints, fancy, 32. Eggs lower; nearby firsts, free case, $6.00 per case; current receipts, free case, $5.55 per cae; western extra firsts free case, $6.00 per case; do. firsts, free case, $5.55 per case. Live poultry steady: fowls. 1S(3)1RU: rear 408 Market St. Household sraoda SALE 627 Boyd Ave. Three-gtory brick house with wun some person wno will board a bull dog for a few weeks. Preferably In clean, private rooms. Reasonable rates. Apply to P. D. DiENER, Jeweler, 408 Market St a. leuuiiy wmi uiuiuren. Appiy superintendent Bowman Co. eight rooms bath and furnace. Lot 15x100 ft. You'll get the benefit of 'a WANTED Yqu to make your own window screens and buy frame stock of J. W. LEIGHTON. Or, I will make and lit them In for you at a reasonable price. Furniture repaired. 1315 Zarker street. quick-sale figure if you do busi HARRISBURG STWliiAQB CO. Two large brick warehouses, built expressly for storage. Private rooms for household goods and unexcelled facilities for storing all kinds of merchandise. Low storage rates. South EL and Penna, R. R. ness promptly. Up until July 1st, we will irive spring chickens, 22 0 28; ducks, old, 13 14; spring, 15016: old roosters, 1112. Dressed poultry firm; fowls, western fancy, heavy, 1818; do. light weight, 16 17; old roosters, 13c. Potatoes weak; choice old, per bushel, 3545; southern new, per barrel, $2.25. Flour was steady; winter clear, 4.15(9 4.40; straight 4.604.65; patent 4.85 5.40; Kansas straight, sacks. 4.2nf4 fin- a special price on FUGITIVE CUTS THROAT. By Associated Press. Franklin, June 17. After hold ing Sheriff Charles Homan and a poss at bay all night, Edward Bartholomew WANTED To buy a light second-handed automobile for grocery busl- ness. Apply M. 844 S. Second St. CAED OF T2IA1J-3. 142 and 144 S. Court Avenue. Plot 81x52 ft. No. 144 is improved with a WANTED. was found dead in a shanty near her 2 -story frame houses No. 142 I WiSH to thank the Harrisburg Fire Department for Its good and careful work In saving goods 1 expected to find entirely rulnpr). PAUL A. BT.OPER, is a lot. spring first clear, 3.80ai4.15; straight, light 8.6008.76; mixed, 8.358.76; heavy, 8.158.70; rough, 8.168.30; pigs, 6.6048.15. Cattle Receipts market steady. Beeves, 7.60.20; Texas steers, 7.10 8.20; stockers and foedors, 6.408.30; cows and heifers, 6.00 8.60; calves, 7.25 10.25. Sheep Receipts, weak. Native, 4.755.80; yearlings, 5.60ii.60; lambs, native, 5.257.50; spring, o.607.90. WANTED Two carpenters. Apply to J. W. CONRAD. 171 Lincoln Steelton, Pa. with his throat cut this morning Bartholomew late yesterday shot and killed Samuel Crowther, superintended A splendid downtown business; patent, 4.6Uu'b.00. Hay steady: timothy No. 1 larsre hales. location. 16.5017.00; No. 1 -medium bales. 16.00 mile trip by aeroplane from Paris to St. Petersburg was completed at 11.25 o'clock this morning by the French aviator Marcel G. Brindejonc Des Moulinais, who" covered the last 300 mile lap of his journey in three and a half hours in the face of a strong head wind. Tilie Russian Aero Club presented the aeronaut with a silver vase. Brindejonc Des Moulinais -will return to Paria by aeroplane via Hel-J singfors, Stockholm and Copenhagen. PIANO xAND FOXITCTrjRE MO VINO. of a sand company after they had quap reled and fled to the shanty. He war No. 2, 14.0015.00; No. 3, 11 no 12.00. Clover mixed: light mixed IS. 50 814.00; No. 12.5013.00; No. 2. 10.50 i 11.50. MILLER BROS. BAKER RFAI, ESTATE IVSrRAXCE wounded during the night battle an The Harrisburg Polyclinic Hospital Dispensary will sie open daily, except Sunday, at 3 m. at its new location, No. 1307 Fulton street, for the free treatment of the worthy poor. as the posse closed in on him thii morning endeil his life. PIANO AND FURNITURE MOVING; general hauling; cabs and carriages; rubber tires. Bell phone. Prompt attention given to calls. C. C. KLINES Livery and Boarding Stable. 231-35 Blackberry St Federal Square Opp. I'ostofflce End 1,600 Mile Plight. By Associated Press. St. Petersburg, June 17. A Chicago Live Stock. Chicago, June 17. Hogs Receipts, slow. Bulk of sales, 8.608.70; 1,600 Artistic Printing at Star-Independcnl

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