Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on October 5, 1933 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 5, 1933
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR •NTBRBD AS SECOND CLASS matter December 31, 1908, at th Postofflce at Algona, Iowa, under thi •ct Of March 2, 1879. TERMS OP SUBSCRIPTION t— To Kossuth county poatofflcea an bordering postofflces at Armstrong Bode, Brltt, Buffalo Center, Cor yith, Cylinder, ' Elmore, Hutchlns Uvermore, Ottosen, Rake, Ring rted. Rodman, Stilson, West Bend knd Woden, year ................ $2.( •-To all other U. S. Postoftlces, »2.K LIEUTENANT GOT. KRASCHEL AND SKNATOll DICKINSON While the farmer is losing hi »«nte to his creditors, NBA prices rolling up his shirt; We'll soo e a nudist colony of our own.— Senator Murphy. ***** While the reaction against Pre_ 4dent Hoover was still in full tid last winter it wouJd have been dil <icult to find a friendly word i Iowa newspapers for Senator Dick inson. On the contrary there wa much bitter comment. It was evident that the onl Teason was Mr. Dickinson's support «f Hoover. He had for years bee: * popular farm leader in th •House. He was elected senator on « popular wave. (Nothing had oc «urred since he took his seat in th -Senate to Justify a reaction; tha 5s, nothing except the fact that, a in duty bound, he supported Mr Hoover. When popular intolerance run wild there is usually a reaction. I Aaa been interesting of late to noti that there is again a good deal o: friendly Dickinson comment in thi papers. ***** It was Lieut. Oov. Kraschel who turned the tide. In speeches here *nd there Mr. Dickinson had said it •was the duty of good citizens to support the administration's campaign against the depression, particularly the Nira movement. He liad, however, ventured mild criticisms of some things that were be- ang done under color of Nira. _Mr. Kraschel, a small-bore politician if there ever was one, considered that the criticisms offered «n opportunity for an attack which •would enhance his own popularity and importance. In a speech September 13 at Moville, he therefore -called on Mr. -Dickinson to resign ^Violating the law of Iowa forbidding the circulation of political attacks without revealing the sponsors, Mr. Kraschel, or someone else, caused the speech to be sent out to «he newspapers in plain envelopes •and with nothing to show who was -responsible for its circulation. Mr. Kraschel must have been su jmsed at the result. Instead of a deluge of comment denunciatory of "Mr. Dickinson and laudatory of himself he found that he had provoked statewide defense of the Senator's right to speak his sentiments. * * * * * Many of the newspaper commentators dwelt on the asininity of the •JLdeutenant Thus the Governor's remarks. Winterset Madisonian *aUed the demand for resignation baby talk." The Perry Chief said at was "pure bunk." It was "silly" wid "simply rot," according to the "Creston Advertiser. That last winter's spirit of intolerance is fading is indicated by the wumber of newspapers which de- Tend Mr. Dickinson's right to speak Jus mind whether they agree with Aim or not. The Xorthwood Anchor sums up the views of many other newspapers when it says: "Is there any good resaon why any person who has a right to speak of public jiiatters at all should not voice doubt without being subjected to the charge of traitorism? These •are not war times. Coercion and stifling of free speech should not ne tolerated." ^. TheI MaS °» City Globe-Gazette, the MarshaUtown Times-Republic- and the Knoxville Journal and -many other papers call attention to the fact that Senator Murphy and Governor Herring have both uttered criticisms beside which Mr Dickinson's are mild. One of the JDubiMjue Senator's outbreaks is ^oted above, and he has been equally emphatic as regards delay in farm mortgage refinancing. Gov- -ernor Herring has expressed himself likewise. Hence, as several newspapers point out, if M r. JKraschel is so anxious to bring •bout the resignations of everybody *"" « < »f S .. n ? t - at a11 poijlts as 1 " 66 what s being done he had bet- ci begin with the ' " is own party. Many other in papers point out • i. * -- f ~- * " fv/Aii t. UU L wnat is now undoubtedly the gen- M among Iowa , that so far Nira has been a damage to them instead of a - . Thus Bd M " Smit b says in Winterset Madisonian: "men says that the NT!RA has • i, s so far hindered rather than helped to restore agriculture he voices a truth that every farmer in Iowa " And Knoxville ve Journal comments on the fact that v, teme u nt Iurphy agree - Dickin- - ._.- —- *->^--****^vyi has warned that unless the government can stop unreasonable Dnce increases, NRA will fail. > ***** What is important in the forego'- comment is not so much the ewed friendliness towards Si ? a ^ r KDic . kin . son as that we are "a last beginning to pass out of the psychosis of last spring in which it was considered little short o treason to question even mildl -whatever was being done by the present administration. No one who stops to reason can deny that such -a state of affairs was unhealthj and unAinerican. Our form of gov «rnment, if it is to continue to ex ist. demands the utmost freedom of criticism, and liberty becomes un safe whenever men are made to fee that the exercise of that privilege has become dangerous. •Farmers who don't like the idea «f the government sending agents around to tell them how much'land to devote to crops, how many pigs to raise, etc., ought to have a fellow feeling for business men compelled to operate under the new •eodes. Now that individualism in this country is 'being curbed, a lot of us are finding out for the first time what the word means and are mourning the loss of a great privi- 4e«e that we hardly knew we had. KQSStJTH COUNT? ADVANCE. ALOONA. THURSDAY Recent Bride former Pauline Phillips, -wose '''marriage a week ago Sunday to Monroe Mik kelson was reported last week. Pic ture by courtesy Des Moines Reg ister. At the Call By T. H. C. A FTER DUE consideration we » have" awarded first* 'prize in our Junior Movie contest to Dorothy Dailey for her review of Black Beauty, and second prize to Elizabeth Coffin. Only a few reviews were received, due no doubt to insufficient urging by fond parents. Learning to grasp the important basic arguments of a play, a sermon, or a written article is one of ihe important lessons in life and one which should be fostered in children at an early age. We .had hoped to receive a great number of contributions, -in order ;hat we might determine the reaction to various pictures on the adolescent mind. This would prove an interesting studyr in "child psy- ihology. Some children should never be permitted to attend moves, because movies seem to excite :hem; others seem unmoved. Lab- ratory tests show a wide divergence of reaction. We hope to continue this experiment at some future date. Thank •ou, kiddies, who entered this con;est. In the meantime, parents, vatch your children and try and get their reactions to movies. You owe it to yourself as well as to our children. Squirrel Stops Bancroft 'Juice' Half the electric lights at Bancroft went out suddenly last week Monday, all electric gadgets stop>ed functioning, and motors went put of action, all because a squir- el, extremely dead, contacted two lectric wires. An electrician work- ng at Titonka had to be called to ocate and remove the cause of the rouble. MARY MANTHEI, ST, JOE WEDS JOHN HAMMER St. Joe, Oct. 3—At 10 o'clock Friday morning took place the marriage ol Mary (Mantnei, second oldest daughter of the -late August Manthei, Swea City, to John, eldest son of Mrs. Edw. Hammer, St. Joe, the Rev. Father George Theobald officiating. The bride wore a pale blue silk flat crepe dress, white hat, and matching accessories. She was attended by her sister, Mrs. Agnes Thilges, who wore pink with matching accessories. The oridegroom was attended by Le Roy Thilges, Both bride and 'bridegroom are well known in this vicinity,-the latter having farmed for the last several years in this'or the~surrounding community. Algona's Pride in ff* S. Band Brings New Parade Drums Algonians were Justly-proud of their high school band's demonstration Friday afternoon. The! band paraded State street before and after the football game, and also played at intervals during the game. There are 67 instruments in the band. The members wear white, decorated with a red sash, and red and black caps. They march in "goose-step", fashion. The band was preceded in the parade by a color squad, and the school mascot "Pug," led by his master, Donald Akre. Melvin Shiltz is drum major, and D. Wane Collins, director. During' the past week business men have been solicited for donations for new drums for the band, and a .list, of .the contributors follows. Mr. Collins yesterday expressed- his., gratitude to the busi- „ „. ness, men for cooperation in mak- The newlyweds left immediately im s the band a credit to Algona. A for Swea City, where they spent a few days with the bride's relatives They will make their home on the Stewart estate farm. Post-Nuptial Shower Giren— A miscellaneous and grocery post-nuptial shower was given Sunday afternoon at the St. Joe hall in honor of Mrs. Adolph Fuhrman who before marriage a few weeks ago was Amanda Kupper, Gainesville, Tex. The afternoon was spent at cards, 19 tables of 500 and six tables of bridge. Mrs. Theodore Faber, West Bend, won the 500 prize; Stella Bormann, the bridge prize. A door prize was also awarded to Mrs. Faber. There were 150 in attendance. 'Lunch was served at the close, after which many gifts were inspected. Cardinals Play at Irrington— The St. Joe Cardinals played a return game against Irvington at [rvington Sunday. The game was slow and lacked sportsmanship. P. Becker, N. Frideres, and Orville Wagner have discontinued playing on account of injuries received dur- lig the-game. - : The .Irvington bat- :eries were Jas. Ramus and Dick Watson, and 'the Cardinal line-up vas A. Klein, A. Wagner, and E. Thul. Tom "Becker was one of the umpires. The score is given else- vhere. Janitor Has 1 Busy Week— George Becker Sr., Janitor of the 3t. Joe school and church, was a busy man .last week. In mid-week he water supply tank was jmp- ied, cleaned, and replenished with resh water, and in the latter part if the week he was raising the "ront cement sidewalk south of the ihurch. As a rule in the spring his part of the sidewalk has always been under mud and water. Two Birthdays Are Celebrated— •Relatives and friends were en- ertained Sunday at Matt Ziemet's n honor of Mrs. Henry Ziemet Sr.'s 4th birthday and Elizabeth Zie- met's 13th birthday. Attending: he John Kemnas, the John Thilges amily, and Dominic Ziemet, all of Vest Bend; Frank Ziemet, Liver- iiore; Simon Ziemet, Regina and total of |125 had been collected yesterday. The list of donors follows: H. W. Miller, Evelyn Fitch, Ollie Robinault, Daily Reminder, Anderson Meat Market, Dr. C. D. Schaap, Earl Mason, Donald White, Matt Lamuth, Walter Dale, James Moore, Marc Moore, R. O. BJustrom, T. H. Larson, M. H. Falkenhainer, Chubb Guderian, Stewart McFadden, Lawrence Gillespie. E. W. Lusby, Eugene Neville, W. A. White, Hawcott & Ogg, Boston Store, M. G. Norton, A. H. Bor- LUVERNE 4-H SEE PICTURES OF CLUB WORK LuVerne, Oct.3— There was a Farm Bureau meeting and meeting of the Loyal Workers 4-H club at ;he -John : Voss home Friday even- ng, with between 40 and 50 in at- ;endance. Fourteen members of the 4-H-club were-present-and' the fol- owmg program • was given: talk, Good .Dresser ment, Bertha. Drawer Arrange- Bowman; iProper ch.ardt.-Moe A SJogren, ;Wm. A. Barry, C. F. Specht, H. D. Clapaiid- dle, E. O. McMahon, H. (D. Hutcnids, Ethyl Morrison, H. M. Olson, L. A. Winkel. J. A. McDonald, iD. D. Paxson, E, H. Wray, C. H. Swanson, Nelson Hdw., Laing & Muckey, Kohlhaas & Spilles, L. W. Moore, McEnroe Bros., Smith Sandwich Shop, F. Mathes, Upper Des Moines, D. P. Smith, M. P. Haggard, Algona Hotel, ShiltH Barber Shop, Glen :Raney, H. W. Post, L. M. Merritt, C. Lehman, O. Johnson, Lee Hopkins, Ann iFechner, 'Diamond Service Boys, E. C. Hancher. O. A. Fiske, H. iR. Sorensen, W. A. Foster, Iowa State bank, C. A. Merrifield, Frank Esser, Christensen Bros.,.Leighton Mispach, R. G. ^Riehatxison,*K.' D.' James, ' R. E. Wehler, Brownell Shoe Co., H. M. Hauberg, 4 T. H. Chrischilles, Basket .Grocery; Council .Oak-Stores,<ooed- ers Co. A. 'E. Kresensky, J. W-Neville, S, J. Stehle, F. J. Behlmer, Long's Food Store, Taylor's Candy Factory, Zender & Caldwell, Modern Dry Cleaners, Dr. W. D. Andrews, Deldutch Super Service, Dr. F. C. Scanlan, Doctor Gibson, H. W. Harris, Tire Service Co., Kent Motor Co., Silver Grey Cafe. Alvin Briggs, Charles Clement, Gamble Stores, W. G. McCullough, Dr. P. V. Janse, W. J. Becker, James Pool, C. H. Cretzmeyer, Kossuth County Advance, C. R. LaBarre. been reappointed pastor of the local Methodist church for his third year. Spooner to World's Fair— .'Dr. A. L. Spooner accompanied his son. A. Lloyd Spooner, Fort Dodge, and the latter's wife to Chicago a "week ago to attend the world's fair. Charles Patterson also attended. sabelle Kruecher, Frideres. and Prosper *S—_ l^— 1 , New Son for McLaurens— _ . j Born to Mr. and Mrs. Morris Mc- Wise and Harvey Steven i.Lauren a boy at the Kossuth hos- peut last Thursday and Friday at ' lumboldt, as lay delegates to the Morthwest Iowa Methodist confer- nce. Mrs. Brasilia Noble and Mrs. Arhur Greenfield entertained at a en-ten party last week Wednes- ay evening at the Greenfield home. Nineteen attended and the evening vas spent at games, and after unch the guests had<-a taffy-pull, 'en cents was charged for lunch, le money going to the Aid. Mrs. G. .B. Wise, her family, the Harvey Stevens, Mrs. J. W. Harris, nd latter's daughters Mary and tfarie spent Sunday at Humboldt, ttending the last sessions of the lethodist conference. The George Gowins family, Maon City, and Mr. and Mrs. A. D. ichards, Algona, spent Sunday at he A. L. Greenfield home. M_arie Harris entertained the hoir at a party Friday night at er home, 16 attending. Games ere played, and at 11:30 lunch as served for lOc, the money gong to the Aid. Sexton played ball Sunday after- oon in the Tony Seiler pasture gainst Guy Harmon's team from rvington. Rex Taylor went to Waterloo unday to attend the Dairy Cattle ongress. He entered his yearling ersey heifer there. Rex is a 4-H lub member. The Edward Johnsons went to airmont Sunday. Mr. Johnson is ow employed there as carpenter. last week Wednesday night. The McLaurens have one other child, also a boy. ' Mrs. 'McLauren is 'Bernice, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. William Boldridge. Mrs. Jolm Weydert Patient— Mrs.' John Weydert was taken to the Kossuth hospital last week Tuesday night and underwent a major operation last week Wednesday morning. She is getting along as well as can be expected. Albert Schiltz, Bancroft, Dies- Word was received in this vicinity Saturday night -of the death of Albert Schiltz at his home near Bancroft. He was a brother-in-law of Mrs. Lucy Wagner, St. Joe. October Devotions at Church— October devotions at St. Joseph's church began Sunday evening and will continue every Sunday in October, unless otherwise announced. Boy's Tonsils Are Removed— .Ralph, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kohlhaas, was taken to Fort Dodge one day last week and had his tonsils removed. Other St. Joe. The Carl Saterns, Rodman, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Naeve, Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Naeve, and Harry Harrison, near Gilmore City, and Mr. and Mrs. Archie 'Lansing, of Humboldt, were recent dinner guests at George Schaller's. Emma 'Becker came home Friday, hey have rented furnished rooms, | after several months' employment nd their furniture is stored in the at Cherokee. Thomas OBecker and ouse they occupied here. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Taylor and leir son Dean spent Sunday and londay at Corydon with Mrs. Tayor's father, a Mr. Mitchell. Home Talent (Continued from page 1.) the air is a quartette which sings a famous railroad ditty, Casey Jones, and other lively songs. Men in the quartette are D. Wane R. Collins, Theodore Hutchison, Harold Cowan, and Dr. W. D. Andrews. In keeping with a jubilee celebration over Station WAR. Russell Walker gives a one-minute speech on Why the World's All Right. This is a humorous number. The best comedy number in the show is the Hill Billy Harmonizers. This is a group of mountaineers who sing old-fashioned songs. The lead speaker is Si Perkins, played by Donald Dewel, who tells the old Prankie and Johnnie story as Frankie, played by Bob Harrington, and Johnnie, taken by Wayne Bradfield, with Nelly Bly, the vamp, portrayed by Charles La Barre, and Phil Kohlhaas as Smoky Joe, act t out. This is a hilarious comedy 'eature, and not only the audience but the group itself gets lots of aughs out of it. This will be the biggest home alent show ever staged here. Herman Becker drove down to gel her, and she started work Tuesday at Mike Reding's. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Illg, Mr. and Mrs. Alfred iReding, and Mr. and Mrs. James Becker were Sunday dinner guests at George Wagner's. Mrs. Edw. Hammer went to Algona Monday night for several days with her daughter, Mrs. A. C. Holtzbauer. Clarence Kramer returned last week Wednesday from a few days at Owatonna, Claremont, and Waseca, Minn. Henry Ziemet Jr., his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ziemet Sr., and Susie Ziemet spent Monday at Fort Dodge. Herbert and Howard Weydert are spending a short time with their grandmother, Mrs. Mike Reding. Mrs. Henry Ziemet Sr. and Susie Ziemet spent Tuesday at Dominic Ziemet's, near West Bend. The Joseph Kramers spent Sunday at the Laurence Gisch home near Algona. Frank Reding got. home Sunday from a trip through the west. Summer flu has been going the rounds in this vicinity. Calls on Former President Senator Dickinson was among callers on Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hoover when they stopped at Des Moines last week. The Hoovers were returning to their California! a; home after a visit to the world's fair. Naming of Pictures and Good Ways to Keep Your Shoes Off the Floor, Eileen -Neal; talk, Cora Mae Masterson on Our Carrillon Mu- iic; the carrillon a t r the Bird Sanc- uary in Florida, Mrs, Aaron Steu- isy, who had been there. County Agent Morrison gave a program of >ictures of club work, and the H. D. A., Mrs. Leaverton, was also nre- ent. Tuesday Club Studies Home— A lesson on the home was stud- ed by the Tuesday club at a meet- ng held with Mrs. Herbert Smith ast week. Members gave quota- ions about the home at roll call, nd Mrs. Henry Peitzke read a pa- ier on the American home, Mrs. J. 0. Marty reading one on home extension work. Mrs. Aleen Thompson, former member, was reinstated, and five new members were received: Mesdames A. Evans, L. Jeffers, Carrie Coleman, William Miller, and IR. F. Snyder. J. J. Club Entertains Husbands The J. J. Club entertained husbands at picnic supper at the Ambrose A. CaU State park shelter house Friday evening. Twenty-six were present, and after supper games .were played, then the group formed a theater party and attended a show at the Call Theater. Mes- dtttnes Charles Wolf,'Harry Lich- Other Lu Verne.Jfews. . Mrs. W. iNissen, Wliittemore, has )een visiting hel** sister, Mrs. D. Voss. She spent the summer, visit- ng relatives „ at -" Spencer, Des Moines,' Ma^on City, Webster City, Cedar Rapids, and .Renwick, but expects to go home 'from here. lEmily Watson, Mrs. A. G. Hed- LUTHBIMN, M. A. SJos- tr»nd, PnsWr—Thei final session of the Woman's Missionary convention will be held this afternoon at Bancroft. Choir rehearsal tomorrow evening, 7:30, at church. Sunday school and Bible class next Sunday, 10 a. m. Vesper service 7:30. Please observe change oi time for evening services. Keep in mind the annual bazaar and supper (November 3 at Luther hall. METHODIST. C. V. Hulse, Pastor Next Sunday will be Rally day in the Sunday school. There will be special exercises to indicate the progress the youngsters have been making. You will be interested in these and in the promotions. If you are not in Sunday school it is a good nirae to -start. >• There • are classes for all ages. Plan to be present at .,9:46. There will be church services .morning and^eyen- ing. ' PRESBYTERIAN, Raymond Kresensky, Supply Pastor—Next Sun day:. Sunday school at ,10; preach ing at 11. At the close of the morning services there will be an important congregational meeting CONGREGATIONAL, J. Robt Hoerner, Pastor — Next Sunday Church school, 10 o'clock. Morning worship, 11; sermon topic, "The S R. A," Young people's meeting at 7 p. m. BASEBALL (Continued from page 1.) and Kuchenreuther constitute one of the finest batteries in the county, and Bockclman has a no-hit, no- run performance credited to him Titonka has yet to meet defeat this fall, and will be a hard team to beat Saturday. Hurt Strong on Offense. Hurt 'Uligh," with but three reg- ujars from last year's county and district champions, has shown a great offense in the first four ?ames played this fall. iFenton lianded the Burt/boys their, first defeat Friday, S18-3. Burt had previously beaten Fenton, 12-2, however. Riddle, first-string Burt hurler, has already rung up two j- t A 'i i --- nv»i i<jj. f Jii»£> MAI bMUJ' 1 IU1£ l*L» '!*»¥« die, and the latter's daughter Nan- w j ns this fall, having allowed the cy, all of Thompson, came last Thursday to visit friends. The iRev. Mr. Heddle, .-former pastor here, was attending the Methodist conference at iHuaii'boldt. The Rev. A. J. Koon.ce and S. F. Phillips attended a fall meeting of the Fort 'Dodge presbytery at Burt a week ago. Mrs. H. Von Draska and Mrs. Irvin Chapman attended last week Wednesday. Mildred Donnelson, of Goldfield, visited her cousin, Phyllis Lichty, last week. The (Donnelsons formerly lived northeast of Lu Verne. Mrs. Wilma Mosher, Helen Jean, and Mrs. Wm. Miller were guests at Fred Blatti's and 'George iRhi- ner's at Goldfield Sunday. The Rev. W. >F. Caldwell, former Presbyterian minister here, now of Maynard, called on local friends last week Wednesday. The 'R. H. Mastersons and Mr. Bancroft Parochial but six hits and having given only four to Fenton in two games in .which he has worked. The business men are holding the tourney as a sporting event, and nominal fees of lOc, .ISc, and 25c will be charged. A beautiful trophy of a baseball figure on a pedestal will be presented to the winning team. ye .n. n. iviasiersons anu Mr.: t h rd victory this fall havine won and Mrs. DeRae Godfrey attended i f rom Ledvarf iLt week WedneT- ia Becker family, reunion at Web-;,lav m-n weanes ster City Sunday. Mrs. Emma Hauck and Mr. and j Mrs. William Hauck, of Jefferson, were at Henry J. Blumer's last week. W. B. Mason returned last week Wednesday from two" weeks at Charles City and Rochester, Minn. 'Charles' Kona'rskn contimies to Bancroft Wins from Seneca •Bancroft, Oct. 3 — The Bancroft high school ball team beat Seneca here Friday afternoon, 9-1. The batteries were Caylor and McGuire for Bancroft, and (Neilson and Godden for Seneca. Caylor struck out ten men and allowed four hits, while Neilson struck out six and allowed four hits. Bancroft high will play Burt high Wednesday afternoon. This was Bancroft high's fi,;,.,i v i ctory this falli hav j ng L"?d day, 10-G. _i, ., ) ty, Edw. Dehnert, and L. Eustace i be critically sick at his daughter were the committee in charge. Reunion at Algona Park— The Harry Lichtys and their Kurt Yields to Fenton Fenton, Oct. 3—The Burt and Fenton high school ball teams battled for supremacy on the local diamond Friday. Fenton collected 17 hits and ;8 runs to Burl's four hits and three runs. Marian' Kramer was 7jest batter in the game, with four hits in four times at bat. „. , ,, teuton's battery was Luedtke and •Wesley Baddeley spent the week-i Kramer; Burt's, Carter and Sigs- end at home. He is attending bee. Wilson Legler's. Morningside college. guests, Mrs. Ada Robinson and Mr. The W. C. Donaldson family and Mrs. Edw. Robinson. North I Goldfield, were Sunday guests at Platte, Neb., and Mr. and Mrs. " " Aaron Steussy attended a Weiland-Robinson family reunion and picinc at the Ambrose A. state park Sunday. Y. P. S. Meets at Chuheh— J. L. iLichty's. Godfrey Clive arrived one day last week from Wilbur, Wash., to Call j visit relatives. i The U. S. Grant family has moved into Elsie Haskell's house. Frank Moeding Jr. was host to the Lutheran Y. P. S. in the church pasement last week Tuesday evening. After the usual business meeting and an exposition by the Rev. Mr. Wittenbuy, the rest of the evening was spent at games. Six at the World's Fair- Mr, and Mrs. 'Ray Stone, W. B. Mason, Lottie ; and Jennie Mason, and Irvin Chapman are in. Chicago visiting relatives and 1 attending the Century of Progress exposition. Ray and Irvin are also "attending a national Legion convention. Another Operation for I)aggy_ Floyd Daggy, Portland, was taken to Mercy hospital, Fort Dodge, Saturday for his third operation this summer. The Daggys have lived near LuVerne the last few years. Pastor is Welcomed Back— Friends of the Rev. Wm. iBadde- ley are glad to hear that he haa B. & L. Here Joins Ledyard vs. Grant Center Ledyard. Oct. 3 — The Ledyard high ball team won its first game Friday, when it defeated Grant MRS, F, L, TRIBON M . ! will sell furniture and house- Wational League hold goods at her home, 332 Chicago, Oct. 3 — The Algona Building & Loan association, assets 1137,521.74 at time of application, has become a member of the United States Building & Loan League. The application gave A. L. Peterson as .president, H. R. Cowan as vice president, ;C. R. La'Barre as secretary-treasurer, ! and M. G. Norton, E. J. McEvoy, G. W. Stillman, W. B. Quarton, and M. P. Weaver as directors. Fifth Son for Ortons. Former iDistriot Court Clerk and Mrs. Clark Orton became parents Saturday of their fifth son at their larm home across the road from the Ambrose A. Call state park. They now have five boys and a North Thorlngton street Saturday, October 7 Commencing at 10 o'clock One complete dining room set in fine condition, one leather bed davenport like new, 4- gallon churn, lamps, some dishes, bed spreads, one good coat size 38, many other articles. These goods came from Geo. Godfrey's home Kellogg s Special Cereal Sale 1 pkgr. Kellpgg's Corn Flakes 1 pkfr Kellogg's Rice Krispies 1 pkfe' Kcllogg's Whole Wheat Biscuit. 1 pkg Kellogg's Whole Wheat Flakes Free All For 3Zc THINK OF IT! AVERAGE PRICE 8c I'ERPKG. Center, 9-2. The tmitery WM Motif* ton *nd flSchttlt*. Other positions were: 1st, Lloyd; 2nd, Halrorson; 3rd, Warner; shortstop, Thompson; jfielders, R., Schllltr, Smith, and Long. 8 L. R. Games Scheduled Lone Rock, Oct. 3 — The Fenton ball team will play here this week Friday, and next Tuesday Lone Rock will play at Seneca. Next week Friday the locals will play at Burt. f AM LOCAL oalea agent for th« Remington line of typewriters. There arn an even dozen styles, of which four are portables. Prices for brand new portables range from 134.75 up.—I. G. Dewel, Algona. SINCU OIL STA' and Joneg -t'-aiCUtlOW DAHLHAUSEIU We will Ar^.. . AT ""IB While You Wait When your watch crystal breaks this is the place to have a new one fitted. We specialize I ting crystals to wrist watches. Here you will find a crystal (either glass or unb; able) to fit any style or shaped watch at a mo price. * Now is the time to have your watch cleaned andi justed. All work guaranteed. Wehler Phone 240 Diamonds Remounted Fine Jewelry CALL Wide Range Western Electric Sound. « Installation of new equipment makes a more effective modal ture! More convincing ment! Reproduction, of soialij life-like accuracy! Saturday, October 7 .~*>-fT1 **> Matinee at 2:30, 10-25c. No advance in prices. Vaudeville and pictures! Rand's Dog Circus —Also— JEO HOFT OLIVE BROOK ALLISON SKIPWOIITH in E. Phillips Oppenheim's 'Midnight Club" Mystery Story C olorcd Sillr Symphony. Kit Cat-son Serial. - Sunday and Monday, October 8-fr Matinees, .1-3, nights 5-7-9. Vaudeville and pictures. No advance in price Hand's Trained Do? Circus. Appearing at every show. Also CORN I S FLAKES = Buy These Famous Kellogg's Cereals at this Low Price and save 16c | For R^al Juicy Meats at Low Prices Phone or Call I Long's Food Shop I Phone* 214 an^i on- V S Phones 214 and 215 THEATRi „ ? tt «»n»<>Mnt well-balanced 2-hpuj- program, Thursday mid Friday, Matinee each dayatMVf A four-star picture! Colleen Moore is baclUI A Jtsic L. lai*»f»o**|| New news one day old! Comedy of a model W* Stuck, stuck, stucco!. Tuesday- Wednesday, ' Tuesday matinee !:» MADGE EVANS •'PHILLIPS HOMO UNA 3TERKEI •Play girls by mgn • w | Ultra modern beaut) v»$ background. ,., Jl When is a "permanent .,| "permanent?" ., ,„ i Which type of B' rl marry? , i Me -i Sensible - reckless Thursday and • Matinee good mother! oel ! 6 We mothers aie o* & Our love makes *»

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