Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1933 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1933
Page 7
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28, 1938. KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA* IOWA EAT MORE Bancroft Man Sends 21 Boys To Opening Ames Grid Game * j _ _ , the rule here, as ' thg in the last wa s born Friday "**" _ .. ___ nnrl gomi, and Callista Elsbecker R. N cared for him. • Other Bancroft News. Joe nnd U> 0 Blocker and Frank MHlman returned Wednesday from ClncaKo after five days at the fair, riie Blocker boys also visited relatives in Hubuque, and Mr. Hell- it 'sponsors. She °? o n « B . Mr. and B« *»*» • —~ other child, 1° daughter of Mr. y 6ecorah was also nd Mrs. Simon she was named «e one [and girl Jesday to Mr. and lwh o have one oth- « rg Volk and the) Bother's at West W as liorn Sat- P other child, a rrVcrnc Pennant— , here attended a nament and rally fce. The local, eliminated in Jim Lichliter, Lawrence Becker, iFVank Baker, Francis Menke and Homer Wolf. Harold Pohlman," high school coach, and Glen Gage, coach of the Legion baseball team, and his daughter Catherine, accompanied them. Mr. Murray owns the Murray elevator here. Returns to Los Nora Behrman, K. N., loft Sunday for Los Angeles after two weeks with her parents Mr. and Mrs. Chris Behrman here. She is visiting nurse for the Metropolitan Insurance Co. in Los Angeles. She visited her sister Mrs. Tostenson, at Toledo, before she came to Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Nelson and tolnily and Mrs. H. L. iHulterstrum, of Litchfield, Minn., visite'd at the Behrman homo while she was here. Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Hulterstrum are her sisters. C. 0. F. Officers Are Named— The C. O. F. elected officers at 1 their meeting last Tuesday even- Bancroft, Sept. 26— W. A.Mur- ray entertained the following boys Saturday by sending them to Ames to see the Ames-Central College football game, which Ames won 14-0: Joe Murray, John and Edward Kennedy, Hummel Murphy, Ijawrence Deitering, Kenneth Devine, John, Joe, and Oilly Welp. Maynard Bolster, Kermit Jenks, I man visited in Dyersville Joe Hatten, Joe Saunders, Leo The WXI.O.F. held its' regular •Blocker, John Menke Jr, Clarnce monthly meeting Thursday at the «.«..«.„ tir,, T.iM,i; ( o,. T .„„ .'orester ball. After the 'business cards were played and Mrs. L. J. \nmmers won high score, and Mrs. \1 Ilahe drew cut prize. Mrs. Joe Recker Sr., son John md sister, Mrs. Henry Recker, of Buffalo Center, attended the funeral of Mrs. Mary Abeln at Bellevue, last week. Mrs. Abeln sister of Mrs. Heeker. Mr and Mrs. H. J. Guide, Mr. and Mrs J. H. Sheridan and Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Fuchs spent Sunday in LeMars with Msgr. J. D. Fisch. Msgr. Finch is a former pastor of St. John's at Bancroft. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Becker and daughter and Mr. and Mrs. Marion Johnson and daughter of Mason City spent Sunday here with Mrs. Josphinc Becker and at the A. H. Foth home. Kmmit Devine left Thursday for Ames, where he is a student in the department of industrial science. He is the eldest son of Dr. and Mrs. J. A. Devine. Mrs. Jessie Stebritz and daugh-l s a lLonergalli chie£ rang or; , iTame WOn "'B. *• •"•• -"""clean, tinci lane"!, L U verne . w ^g Charles Baker, financial secretary; ,,as served . ^ j_ gohemmel, recording secre- Lutheran churcn, . society furnished | tary^, M> Saunders, treasurer; > i speaker . N . j. Se hiltz, and Joe Droessler ore « paul Grames and Joe Vaske trus . Clc i sh went to DCS!,, AW \ L -- _ rM,« «r,tn..«n;n;nn> ,,n,,-,,,,Ufnr. """ " !v«i a I tees. The entertaining committee ,tion receivea » \ fm the yeaf . g Alber( . Konash) E j Schemmel, Frank Droessler, Peter Kramer, P. J. Schiltz, Charles Bak- rice Oil company, er, P. A. Lonergan and Al Meyers. Tit week 8 Tuesday St. John's Seniors Elect— WS' " C .. PIWY mt,- „«„!„,. /.loco at. at ter Catherine spent Sunday in Mason City with Gladys Stebritz, stu-| dent at Hamilton business college. Ernie Hutchinson, Frank, John and Glen Mc- Lake. Minn., Wednesday for a week's fishing. Albert Schiltz was operated on I Sunday afternoon at his home for a ruptured appendix. Callista Bls-| becker R. N. is caring for him. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilhelmi and I j son Leo went to Wayzata, Minn., | "more than 6001 The senior class at St. John's Friday to visit Mr. Wilhelmi's sis- EJLnnity toy the met Wednesday, and the following I Sty in the officers were elected; Kenneth De- V "- Ward, 'Who vine, president; 'Betty Sheridan, 10 ke and a vice-ipresident; (Lawrence Becker, ITe'nlntroduced as secretary, and Lawrence Deiter- nanaeer Following ing, treasurer. The seniors ordered Ihere was a dance at their class rings last week. Marriage Banns Called— Banns of matrimony were pub.__ for the first time Sunday at John's for Raymond Kollasch Geneva Delperdang. He is the llllu ~, Officers— t Aid had a covered- at Mrs. Bay Car- L Tuesday, and om- _ id: Mrs. Carl Ebert, aon o f'Charles Kollasch and she is Elmo Barber, vice; , the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. hwanson, secretary; falker, treasurer, .. • i to Illinois— Delperdang. | Ambrose Vaske Appendix Out— Ambrose Vaske was operated on „ J. H. Wolfe have rgd at his home for a p pen dine here and will re-i - - — • •- .,,... __.1 m— He is the son of Mr. and Mrs • i. „ -IT i— Paske. Dr. J. A. Devine was as |. They came here « isted iby Dr . |R . M . -Wallace, of Al Ibe near their daugn- llfe is past 90. — teed- . TURFE IRVIHGTON Bel Jr. walks again. | IIIIIUU III 11IIU I w 11 ) he and other chil- er for several days. Leo and Leone Lampe left Fri-1 .ay for Council Bluffs to visit their sister, Mrs. Hennan Won-| lerlick. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Ditsworth I and daughter Catherine spent Sun- | day in Fertile with her aunt. Mr. and Mrs. Florian Hellman, 1 ioe Hellman. and son Arnold spent j Tuesday at the Spencer fair. The Tom Garry family has moved I into the Russell Saunders house] just south of main street. Lucille Dyer went to Milwaukee! last week to visit her sister Mrs. I Al Tollefson. The "William Sandt family, of Fairmont, spent Sunday here with] relatives. Loretta Merrill is at Blue Earth I this week visiting at Elmer Merr-1 ill's. I a picnic. In an at- jove a skillet from a ;.-laU and hot grease | 1 his feet. BOYS HOME AFTER JAUNT TO COAST NOW IS THE TIME TO BUY tires for winter driving. You get the full benefit of the wonderful nonskid tread on slippery winter roads. Pharis 29x4.40, $3.98; 30x 4.50, $4.69.—Gamble Stores. 31-3 ' | Children- were en- ; by Nevin & Marilyn I Mrs. Alice 'K. Cairy, and Mrs. Hansen LEGAL NOTICES IFishing _ jaach and Clarence, Herman Elbert left one t for a week or teu ling in northern Wis- -J Has Operation— , lessen was operated \ at Rochester. hittemore News jghter of Mr. and Mrs. Ik, Seneca, spent last }er uncle and aunt, Mr, :hur Heidenwith. Mrs. I Mr. Heidenwith are pother. Mrs. Charles I Lotts Creek, spent lys last week with her [thy O'Briens have mov- 1 Bertha Bowers-Skow I above Kate's Cafe. The had the Dailey jof this vicinity, and Russell and Glen Householder, Lone Rock who left August 6 tor North Dakota, got home Sunday, after an extended trip in the far west. The boys were accompanied by Vern Christi, who had been em- | nloyed at the James Blacks, but he left them in Wyoming and planned to hitchhike back after visiting his mother and other relatives in Kan- pVom here the group went to the Fetch farm in North Dakota, where they were employed till after the vuey wcic cnn*' v ' *-"* — ,v _ wheat harvest. They were then Joined by Tony Fetch and drove to «««««• ^^SSTafficISS Karl boys. there they Monta na and Idaho, and NOTICE TO LANDOWNERS IN DRAINAGE DIST. NO. 84 OF KOSSUTH COUNTY, IOWA. To All Persons and Corporations owning lands or other real estate assessed for benefits within 'Drainage District No. 84, in Kossuth county, Iowa: You are hereby notified that the Board of Supervisors, Kossuth county, Iowa, has confirmed and levied a second assessment upon the lands, railways, and highways within Drainage District No. 84 in the aggregate amount of $7,325.44 That said Board has determmec that said amount is greater than should be levied and collected ma single year upon the lands, railways and highways within said t Montana and Idaho> ana w ^-^"^ bonds should be ^Tacoma, where they vis ^ ^ said Drainag hOVS ° COma, Wiicic v»*^j • — uncle of the Crouch seeing the better parts of Gridley, Calif., where they week. Le Roy and his Algona, o the Meyer estate iy the C-'Briens. _ --, who attends an •college,- spent the-week- Is father, Curtis Quinn. i the college football ff evening at Fort Dodge, 5U " ^ll^ncisco the boys called ion Mr. a\id Mrs. R. M. Watson and r sons Paul and Bob. Mrs. Wat- and Paul plan to return to Irva * Tony Fetch returned District covering the total of al assessments in excess of $20.uu That the Board of Supervisors en tered an order that all assessment in excess of $20.00 may be paid in cash before or on the 7th day of November, 1933, at which time the Board will proceed to issue bonds covering all unpaid assessments unless otherwise provided tor, in excess of $20.00. Dated at Algona, Iowa, this 25th dav of September, 1933. v o , . By Order of Board of Supervis- rs. i 'Friday from Black well, .an over-Sunday visit, Nited the Kollasch.es. [Mrs. George Kase, Cin- wt a few days last week ilCr's Tin won *rt *«•« n « J JtUVkA'A »»v* w find work. - - parents, Mr. and Behnke. Mrs. Kase ••Y Elsie Behnke. |Mrs. Dennis Capesius, a PQ Mrs. Capesius's fath- ILaubeuthal, of Ottosen, »ay with the latter's sis- •oaeph Meurer. TMrs. Christ Bonnstetter, P. spent last week with P«r Mrs. Joseph Pab'er. Better recently returned 3 Clubs Unite to Welcome Teachers at Lu Verne Party l_An outstand- Verne NOTICE In the District Court of the State rf Iowa, m and for Kossuth county. n the Matter of the Algona State Bank, Algona, Iowa. To the Depositors, Creditors, Stockholders .and All Persons of you are hereby night, wnen mo " , , t u. T j With Mrs. Albert t lmkluans . Lu Verne, t two days last week an's parents, Mr. Behnke. . : • WJl0 rec en« 'tetter recentl/returned ed. - Mrs." William ™^ B »' "EV- eeter. »«!«««4»w» ^^ address of welcome, bupi. ^« Mrs.' Fred Behnke, H*. a" 8 responding. M'^JJjjS gave I^'IBS, MO., visited over l'P s , 81 ^* ^J 1 , 8 ' -J>av Stone, a voca I™ 1 * with the former's readings; Mrs< ™5* tte jiesdame I*- and Mrs. Albert ^[^Ui. S' sione, L ) . Bus ^e, Lutheran te.cher JS^J^ gSX^ S L?^JM. ^ y 6 eTeit£s enC Mi?s Hof ledj B. J. BUTLER, County Auditor. 1 KSpOX t ux *-*• *» • — '' Receiver of the Algona State Bank, Aleona, Iowa, showing all receipts and disbursements and final dispo- "1™ made o£ the remaining as- You are further notified that the Receiver herein asks in said Re- R that he be authorized to pay Final Dividend, deposit with Clerk ^ the Oour^al funds of y had MoCreery hos- to her hpme at , who,ha4 been ^^swith is about her, f Mr - <««* M W, t, is at home for a va, .works at Algona; '-* AD5 ? ^'-Wlwd entered colle^ at thereabouts ar^unknown and the nrder will be made and entered ^prayed by the applicant ATBS( (SlSn teceiver Algona State Bank, Algona, Iowa. Glad to Co-operate" Here's the Way to Get Your O K Sticker Stop at a local garage or service station displaying the "Authorized H S C Inspection Station" poster. Your car will be inspected free of charge. A card provided for the" purpose by the State of Iowa will be filled in showing the results of the inspection. Points to be checked include: Brakes, wheel alignment, steering gear, windshield wiper, lights, horn and rear vision mirror. If all of these parts are properly adjusted, a report will be made to the local Vepresenta- tive of the State Motor Vehicle Department who will supply you with an official OK sticker for your windshield. If adjustments are necessary, the OK sticker will be supplied when these adjustments have been made and certified to by any authorized H S C Inspection Station. The OK sticker on the windshield is a badge of honor and marks the driver as one who is careful, both for his own protection and for the safety of others. Look for an H S C Inspection Station today and arrange for a FREE inspection. Highway Safety Week, September 24-30 Every automobile driver displaying the official sticker of the State Motor Tehldc I«- pfcrtment is co-operating with the traffic officers of Iowa. Obviously officer* *™*£ where appreciate this sincere willingness on the part of motorists to help them la thtff drive against the rapidly mounting number of highway accidents. i ... t The activities of officers in connection with the Highway Safety Campaign ta principally at two angles—safe automobiles and careful driving. One, witnomt UMI other, is not sufficient, - To assure safe automobiles for Iowa's highways ,a number of local garages are co-op crating by offering FREE Inspection of all safety factors on a car. These firms maj be located through the "Authorized H S C Inspection Station" poster which they «• displaying. Do your part by patronizing one of these firms today. If adjustments am necessary you are urged, in the name of highway safety, to have them made at onee. If none are needed, you will receive your OK sticker and will have pledged yourself to drive carefully. ». This message in the Interest of Highway Safety is Made Possible by the Following Concerns ^ Deldutch Super Service Kohlhaas Bros. Garage Helberg Garage Clapp's Master Seivice Tire Service Co. Kent Motor Co. Algona Motor Sales & 4

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