Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 28, 1933 · Page 5
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 28, 1933
Page 5
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28, 1S38. of Token t§ Kept by KOSSUTH COUNTY ADVANCE, ALGONA, IOWA PAGE nald F. »ewel. ; change so scarce the in vllage's ,p. Watson, had to is- ['tok'en money? ThUi is has come to light of cardboard coins NAZARENE, A. HT. and Hazel Ir- Win, Pastora—Next Sunday at 9:45- We will look for you at the Bible school. A special feature following the class period will be a short missionary program. In the morning sermon message a comparison of the thoughts of man with God's thoughts, will be of interest. Evening service, 7:80; theme. The World's Greatest Need. Prayer meeting 7:30 every Wednesday eveniWg. This week Thursday evening at 7:30 we will have with us Cleve Williams, field representative of Olivet college, Olivet, 111. Come and hear his message. The public is invited to all our services. IjOCALS Mrs. Oliver Moc left Sunday for •a week at the world's fair. The Max Basts motored to Welcome, Minn., Sunday to visit rela- the Des Ithat ve,ry t ' watson in the pos- Ferguson. The I been lay in FIRST LUTHERAN, M. A. Hjos- (rand, Pastor—The choir meets for rehearsal tomorrow evening, 7:30. Every member is urged to be present. The Aid will conduct a bake sale Saturday at Moe & QJogren's. Let's patronize our women. Sunday school and Bible class next Sunday, 10 a. m. It will be Rally day in the Sunday school. Let's have all the children present for promotion. Morning services next Sunday at 11. The children will re- lives. Mrs. Gladys South spent week-end with friends <at Moines. Attorney and Mrs. L. A. Winkel ire parents of a boy, born Satur- lay night. Mrs. F. S. Norton has been confined to her bed a week, but is now a little better. The Methodist Sunday school is aying plans lay, October Hoyt Kaney mounted and will the Advance win- this week. IP are of four denomina- KOC ,25c, and 50c, .and 11 '•• i is printed in sf ,inr on round cardboard. 1 face bears this insoni)- p Watson will pay the| ma j n f or t ^ e serv ices. • currency when dollar. | TRINITY LUTHERAN, of one ff •ntioned in Histories 1>. .T Brnner, Pastor— JNext Sunday : Sun day school and Bible class, 10 a ever, pleased to learn that A. H. Avery had been elected Clay county representative. Gertrude Fleming, Forest City, j brought Mrs. Hazel Olson, Chicago, here last week Wednesday for a week with Mrs. Marguerite Kenefick. Mrs. Olson had been visiting at Forest City, her former home. Miss Fleming, who is a former Algona girl, spent Wednesday here going back that night. Helen Lewis, Bancroft, was operated on Saturday for appendicitis and Elsie, 4-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Eiler, near Al- Mrs. George H. Free, who had spent the week-end with her sister, Mrs. W. H. Thompson, who was sick. •Rev. and Mrs. A. W. Irvin drove to Lohrville Tuesday, and took with them George Shaddick, who bought a new popcorn machine. The old one was badly damaged, in fire Ledyard Farmer Springs a Real Bad Luck Story returned to Ames Sunday for his senior year in veterinary studios. Dr. and Mrs. C. D. Schapp spent the week-end with Doctor Schapp's people at Sheldon. M. iB. White, .Carl Pearson, H. V. Hull fished at Spirit Lake Sunday, and had good luck, Mary J. Rice left Friday for Ann Arbor, Mich., vytiere she is a student in the Uuiversity it Michigan. Mrs. Oscar Anderson and her air». usuur Aiuieraon ann ner ... ... . daughter Adds spent .Sunday and "W ™ •** gona, was operated on Monday for hernia. Mrs. John Weydert, Al- gonn, underwent a major surgical operation yesterday. The operations took place at the Kossuth hospital. . 'Mrs. Donald Thorp, Seattle, Wash., and her daughter Diana went to Britt Sunday to visit the former's parents, the ;Rev. and Mrs. B. M. Southgate, this week, and thence they will go to Chicago to visit the world's fair, after which two weeks ago Saturday night. Mr. Shaddick has had his wagon painted and repaired, and he plans to have it in operation again in a few days. He operates across the street from the Goeders store. The machine he, bought at Lohrville is a unit he uses on band concert evenings, and this part fits into the wagon the rest of the week. The Burt Monitor says the truck which took to the ditch recently when the Rev. C. V. Hulse's car appeared suddenly from the east at an intersection on No. 169 at the Dau corner five miles south of Burt belonged to a packing company at Austin, Minn., and was driven by 'Hollis W. Trainer, Burt, who was accompanied by George Powers, also Burt. Neither Trainer Powers, : was much 'hurt, truck was considerably Monday City. with relatives at Sioux AlEona histories rn.; German services at 10:30. Con •"• o - ' Mr. and Mrs. Fred Schoby became parents of their third child at the hospital Monday. The newcomer is he existence of• these | firmation anyone been found instruction Saturday 10 o'clock. The Y. P. S. a girl. i, at of them meets next Tuesday evening at 8 at i currencies, however, Luther Hall. The Concordia Aid ' that during that period meets next week Thursday with t a omnium. Token Mrs. William Dau. Our quarterly 3 fi n ina wpre more business meeting will take place • small coma, were more Snml!lv aft l rnnnn of ,.,' n •when melted for the sil- Ltained than when used and Mrs. M. C. McMahon, visit Mrs. Thorp's brother, Robert Southgate. 'Leo and Charles Dahlhauser began operation of the Sinclair Oil nor but the damaged and was taken to Austin for use as a dumping truck -at the packing plant. John 'Faber, near Ottosen, -was in Algona Monday, and made arrangements to keep his Advance coming regularly. Mr. Faber, who is one of the pioneers of Kossuth, will soon reach the 60-year mark in the county. He is a son of the late A hard luck story which defies comparison has been recorded In the past year by events at thei E. A. Miller farm, five miles north of Ledyard, where a fire: Monday morning destroyed a barn, a hog house, corn crib, granary, Hammer mill, 1100 bushels of oats, 80 tons of alfalfa, and two piga. Previously, Mr. Miller had losti 75 spring pigs, and last month his silo was blown down. Mr. Miller is a director of the County Mutual and the fire Ions, which was covered by insurance, has been settled by D. D. Paxson, secretary. The fire was evidently the re- ttilt of spontaneous combustion. It was discovered after Mr. Miller had gone to Elmoro to the creamery. A strong wind from the south spread the flames rapidly. , The bam contained much. hay and sudan grass. Friday and Saturday Boston Store SPECIALS Sunday afternoon at 2:30. gT _ T ,, OMAS , EPISCOPAL, Louis l>ennin*hoff, M. Th., Rector-Six- Communion and sermon, 8 a, in.; I church school, 10 a. in. No archer {keeps his bow always bent. If he would .lose its spring and be- METHODIST, C. V. Hulse, Pastor — No services next .'Sunday; the pastor will be away at Conference Sunday school as usual. Case of Adultery Stirs Forest City Forest City, was agog last wee' over an adultery case in whic Mrs. Ole Olson filed infonnatioi against her husband and her 17 year-old sister, Myrtle Osheim. 01 son and the girl were trapped 01 the highway two miles south o tllC IllUHWaV LWU Ulll^a OUMVl. «» «- . . , |l. f v l;ull<.5l* w-i. V-UMV^«V.V.., Thompson by the women's brother The Rotary club, which has been. ministration department. John Osheim, and Guy Orstad, bus-j meeting at the Country club club-, Mrs B A gee _ ej/) Fort Benn5n g K,,,,,! « f anchor oishAr. Both were house all summer, vote_d Monday to _ d , daughter Nana left band of another sister. Both were house ianu or anouier sister. IOULU »cic ««-.,- .---. !.»,>„:„ ua., <»im uci vn»i4t,».vc» ^«..« —»- iom-mitted to Jail to await grand return to the Algona hotel, begin-; Monday> a f te r a visit since last _ _i.: v.,i i.v,n ~;,.i innanrad ninir next Monday. I Tlmi-crfo v uiiMi the former's nar- Jury action, but the girl a before Judge Kepler last Thursday morning 'i- nlr from cirula- teenth Sunday after Trinity: Holy disappear from ciruia | nmnmlinint , anH S( , rmon „ n • Coins Disappeared. financial history says _ ,^e act of 1834'"proved to CO me useless, iln the presence of devaluation of silver and Q O( J j s redemption from that ten- j withdrawal of silver dol-1 s ion which destroys usefulness, hat after 1840 this coin Come and worship. v seen in circulation, and [fractional coins tended to ' CONGREGATIONAL, J. Robt. Hoerner, Pastor—The L. O. A. nee Laughlin's History meets at Mrs. J. W. Little's this ^alism in the United States evening at 8. Services for next le absence of small silver Sunday: church school, 10 a. m.; linto existence tokens, tick- communion service, 11. Young Peo- |ks, and substitutes of ev- pie's society, 7 p. m. ription, issued by merch- FIR8T BApTWT ArUmr s> shopkeepers. Hueser, Pastor - Next Sunday: i About Mr. Watson. .Morning worship, 10; evening fitly, that is what "happened praise service, 7:30 p. in. Sunday (Algona. Mr. Watson came school, 10 a. m. Young People's so- as clerk for Majqr Wil- c iety, 7 p. m. lilliams, Fort Dodge, who he first store here in 1856. {the "Algona Bee," pioneer ritten newspaper, carried ; advertisement, following year Major Wil- jrithdrew from the Algona nt, but Watson remained ned his own store.' Harvey I's book, "The Algona Bee" Jhim; IWatson was first sheriff of nty, in 1857, and first treas- |id recorder; also 1857. He \ frame house on what was known as the Ingham the same day that Mr. built his office west of the use square. Later he built Ig-time home near Father fs. ken Currency of 1938. Watson was a descendant New York Livingstons, She, i active part in the early life sfttlement. In later years nd her home all-engrossing JBS little more than known by the community at large." PS Ferguson, who got these [coins from his father, Wm. |rguson, Washington, D. C., (rested in old coins and mon- He has now added to his col- Famples of the paper cur| printed by the Algona Corn- club last year at the time national bank holiday. The \ were reopened before this [money was issued. 9YEAR SALESMAN pENDS SALES MEET ID, Addington, Goodyear tire Tentative in this territory, got Mast week-end from Akron, here he attended a four-day 'coming" of the tire sales or- Total attendance was i En route to the meeting Mr. '"ton attended the ' World's Addington came to Algona "'ing when D. C. Mahan, then an, entered partnership with • Lorenz in the DelDutch ser- fctation. , ph points of the Akron meet- l«r. Addington reported, were lies by p. w. Litchfield, com[President, R. s, Wilson, vice "it, and Merle Thorpe, editor .Nation's Business. Among pinmeut features were the- parties, wrestling matches, "tdoor sports at Wingfoot base of the Hghter-than-air "i manufactured by the •War company. spent the week-end with friends at Cherokee. : Louiae Helland, and Inez Mork, both of Bricelyn, Minn., spent the •week-end with the former's sister, Mrs. L. E. Hovey. Coach and Mrs. Kenneth Mercer spent the week-end at 'Des Moines, where they attended a 'Drake- Simpson football game. Betty, little daughter of Mr. and station at the corner of State and George Faber, who died Jones streets Tuesday noon. Hhey have bad experience in oil sation . _ Algona; Edward 'Sanftner, former operator, s moving to Fort Dodge. Leo and Charles are sons ot Sheriff and Mrs. Carl Dahlhauser. The J. J. Andersons, iMrs. Hannah Anderson, and the A. B. Twee- tens, all of Swea City, were guests of the iD. L. Lefferts Sunday. J. J., a former hardware dealer now selling insurance, is Mrs. Leffert's six adjoining counties. The local Congregational Christian Endeavor was organized some weeks ago, and officers will be elected at a meeting next Sunday. Members who at- Itended the Rolfe convention were: I Betty Gunn, Joyce Christensen, Bob Mrs. Elmer Holtcamp, was operated on for rupture last week, and is Betting along well. Mrs, C. B. Nasby, Council Bluffs came last Thursday for a visit til ext Sunday with her parents, Mr nd Mrs. K. D. James. Mrs. J. W. Mangan Minneapolis i expected Sunday for a visit with er daughter, Mrs. M. C. McMahon, nd old friends here. Mr. and Mrs. 'Roy Koon, of Boson, are expected today for a visit Sunday with Mrs. Koon's bro- her, G. W. Stillman. Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Stillman and heir daughter Elizabeth Anne pent the week-end -with Mr Still- nan's parents at Dolliver. Dr. and Mrs. Day Potter, Storm _,ake, and Dr. and Mrs. R. W. Heise, Emmetsburg, spent Sunday with the parental C. E. Heises. Mrs. M. J. Quinn and Jennie _ooney, Who have had charge of the Country club clubhouse this year, plan to end the season October 18. Julia Schilmoeller, nurse at the hospital, was called to her home at Granville Sunday because of the illness of 'her mother, but returned brother, Mrs. 'Hannah Anderson is their mother, and Mrs. Tweeten is a daughter of J. J. Mrs. Hannah Anderson remained for a lengthy visit with her daughter. The Rev. and Mrs. B. M. Southgate, Britt, stopped here briefly yesterday morning. They were en route home after having taken their daughter, Mrs. Donald Thorp, Seattle, Wash., and • her. little daughter to West 'Bend to see Father Dobberstein's grotto. The local Southgate daughter, Mrs. T. T. HerT>st, and her young sons accompanied the party to West Bend. Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Reid, Des Moines, were here last week-end, guests eft Mr.. iReid's . sister , and brothers in this neighborhood. Mr. Reid is one of 145 city mail carriers at Des Moines, and he is now ars ago. The older Mr. Faber me here by ox team from Chicka- LW county, and lived in a sod juse at "Four Mile Creek," where )hn was born. John has five chil- •en, three girls and two sons. One rl is married, and the rest are at ome. Nine Algona members of the hristian Endeavor spent Saturday nd Sunday at a 14th district con- ention at the Presbyterian church, t olfe. Part of the business of the onvention was a redistricting .rhich placed Algona in the second istrict, which consists of this and La Barre, Marian vjorey, uwenuu- yn and Erma Lee Deal, Allan Buchanan, Bob Dewel, and Theodora Larson. -The Rev. J. Robert Hoerner, new Congregational pastor, and Allan Buchanan drove cars. Beauty Shop at Whittemore. Whittemore, Sept. 36— Mrs. Irene Rooney has opened a beauty shop in what was formerly Rusch Beauty Parlors. June Thomson, who formerly worked there, will open. a shop of her own at Swea City, where her parents, Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Thomson, once of Algona, live. BOSTON SPECIALS Handkerchiefs Mens and boys' plain white handkerchiefs, High grade 4c Monday. Mrs. B. P. Richardson and Eugene Kelly took Max iRichardson to Ames Sunday. This is Max's second year in electrical engineering at Ames. among the upper ten in point of length of service there, having served 22 years. (Before going to Des Moines he served four years here. He and his wife have two children. Ruth Bishop and Mrs. Eleanor Wanzel left Friday for Iowa City. Ruth, who received her M. A. degree from the university this summer, will help her aunt, Mrs. Maude MeBroom, who is supervisor of the university elementary schools. Miss MOBroom is working on some new textbooks. Mrs. Wanzel is doing post-graduate study in the uhivers ity college of education, in the ad Wide Range have best ning next Monday Mrs. M. J. Quinn and Jennie and pleaded guilty, where- Cooney.who have had charge of the houBe Aw *» IllVi iui)£ c»ii^A i/»*,*»«*•« a —" -•» F - , ., upon she was paroled to her par-1 Country ciuu ,„.„„»..»,„..=. ~-~~, : ents with the understanding thatj on. plan to ^«n the re tUl Octo ^ Ames, where he ^ Thursday with the former's par ents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Heise, and , other relatives here. They had I brought Mrs. Seeley's son, Alpheus, sentence would be passed Olson's case had been disposed of.! - *— - j Samuel Reaper, 68, | Irvington, Passes! Funeral services will be conducted this afternoon at 2:30 by the Rev. A. English at the Baptist church for Samuel Reaper, who died Monday night at the farm home near Irvington. He had been sick for several months with pernicious anemia and complications. Burial will be made in Rivervmw cemetery. Mr. Reaper was born November 8, 1864, at Lorame, 111., and was 68 at de^ath. Combination Sale Here on Saturday Col. C. O. Riddle, Burt, announces another combination sale for the coming Saturday after'! her 18 or thereabouts. at Iowa State college.. Nana was a Since talking pictures we given to our customers the sound in any theatre. We will do better starting Sunday-Monday, October 1-2, with. 'wide range", the best sound in the state! The Call Theatre First in State to Adopt Wide Range, New Miracle of Talking Picture Sound. The Call theater offers the tirst public presentation of Wide Range Sound, the most import •""' startling development of pictures in five years. Wide Range gives clarity of sound reproduction that is different from any talking pic- tur.e. sound quality you .have known to date. Sunday and Monday, October 1-2 Matinee Sunday, 1-3 o'clock Nights, 5-7-9. YOU'LL GET A OWRJII/L! WIDE RANGE reproduces the whole range of pitch to twice the extent of present equipment. 'Only Wide Range in Northern. owa. BOSTON SPECIALS Sweaters. Heavy shaker knit wool sweaters. Various colors in men's and boys' sizes. All sizes. Boys' $2.45 Men's $2.75 BOSTON SPECIALS Corduroys. A dandy hard - wearing pants for school boys. Any size in tan, blue, or wine. ; BOSTON SPECIALS Work Shirts. Men's full cut and roomy work shirts, double stitched, two pockets fancy patterns. 39C BOSTON SPECIALS Fall Hat*. The new style for smart young men. Here are hats of unusual quality and workmanship. BOSTON SPECIALS Men's all-wool '; Sport Coats and Jacket* 'Fancy, all sizes Mrs. T. H. 'Holmes left Friday ; stu{len t there last year. Doctor See- for two weeks at Chicago, where, ley> w __ o ig & ,ii eu tenant-colonel in she is visiting and attending the, fche regu i ar arm y t i s a brother of world's fair. Her son Wilfred Res- j- prank See i eyi Algona. siguie, lives at Evanston. , M> B Luchsinger, Whittemore, Marriage licenses have been is-; was an Algona visitor Saturday. jee m County fome Again From the Worlds Fair • Phillips, Cresco township, •and Mrs. M. J. TrunkhiU. township, got home Mona week at the world's Messrs. Phillips and Trunk- un thej r visits at the county North American at the Engine former building at the eaet end of State street. Among other goods, 200 chickens-belonging to Frank Gilmore, east of town, who is preparing to move to California, will be sold. There will also be horses, cattle, etc. Results at last Saturday's sale were satisfactory. _ iTi« 11 *nnv •- — i \v tin nil .n. i is "•»*«* »»u»v«« .«.»-—»—— v - -. •— •-— «- — • DL\- * 4-~w iw\ sued as follows: Elmer Johnson, Many years ago ne had a store at atre in Nowa—the fifth m tne en Amhov. Minn., Naomi Anderson,,. v Then for three years he tire world—to present this latas Madelia, Minn.; Harry Bartlet, • pan fl meftt market at Whittemore. Grimes, Marie Brandt, Titonka. , Later ne had a garage there. Now Betty Backus plans to leave to-j h(j writes insurance, looks after day via Fort Dodge and Dubuque, town prQpei . tyi an d takes it easy, for Chicago. At Dubuque her sis-, M _. and Mrg> Luc hsinger have two ter Eleanor will join her, and they, cn ; lrtreni one a married son with will attend the world's fair ull jf our children, is connected with a Sunday. . j produce concern at Graettinger, Mrs. George H. Free was callea . and the otneri 2 o, lives at home and to Fort Dodge ^riday because j workg .__ a whittemore CO nfection- the illness ot her sister, Mrs. w.| eryt H Thompson, who suffered a nearv i lMore than llg o persons took ad- attack. She is now much better at' alVtage of the opportunity for 0.1.!,. 4-it-n n ..!-],.!..nMni***\1ana QllTlfla V ftfi ride in an airplane Sunday afternoon, when the >Air Circus took jergeii»uii i^v~».— - , . place in a field on the B. R. Mawds- Chicago,. where they had attendee f near Irv i ngt on. Four the world's fair since Friday as -I * —- — this time. , . Stella Ward and dale and Harold •eturned Tuesday from Jergenson the world's fair since * Tum ' " a | p i a nes took up passengers. Most guests of their uncle, Joseph Hig- of the planne a stunts were aband- Chicago. C T Chubb and Roscoe Patch were Algona business visitors Mon- dav, Mr. Patch is manager of a Miller's Bay hotel at the Okoboji^, and Mr. Chubb has 'been staying there for a time. "Geslie Johnson," a stranger, was brought to the, Kossuth hosmtal Collegians oned because of strong winds. The four planes were a Waco, a Stearman, a two-seated plane, and the Stinson plane belonging to the Hauptmanns at Wesley. The rides carried passengers over the city for a dollar. Mr. and Mrs. George L. Free UIUU6 u - : . .... drove to Ames Sunday to meet and Monday, following an automobile jring home the .latter's mother, Thursday and Friday, Sept. 28-29 Ann $2.95 $2.65 It is the latest development the result of years of. laboratory research and experimenting " f the Western Electric tem ; • We are proud to be the first the Two wonderful stars! Elaborately mounted, finely acted feature. Also Hannah Williams and Phil Emerton Band in "Audition" Trip "toward North Pole. And Looney Tune Bosco Musketter. LILLIAN HARVEY clicks in a big way! '. Also a big time musical HAL LEltOY AND FR1TZE MAYFAIR They gave us "Way of All Freshmen", in "Use Your Imagination" Worth the price of admission in itself. "Wide Range" will give you a hrill with this one. [Held from Last Week.] .accident nearSt Joe in which he (suffered a deep gash over one eye 1 and also suffered bruises. A large number of Algonians attended the Clay county fair at • ih» ^ attended the world's |Jvf.Beacon Way, staying at Kj«n«an-Pia«a hotel, and Mr. Rs volunteered an enthusias- fommendation of the service. natm , ™ " sky ride '" * Ue ^auon tower, the Adler plane""• Ji steamboat ride on Lake and other attractions are ?>arty spent a day touring and besides passing ayMu^-'*i>w — _ m*** flnn Moines. Maurice, son of "Mr. anu Mrs. E. F. Ralim, who now live at Des Moines, is also attending. Dorothy Sellstrom left Sept. 18 for St. Peter, Minn., where she is a student at Gustavus Ado phus col- leee She had previously studied two years at the State Teachers Falls. West Bend, was one" "of 13 letter men in at the state university a recent Des Moines Register returning for fall ?' Walter Fraser Jr. AnTes recently to • as returned to re- avd. do search study in sll , bject reshman at Cornell college and Ugh - ft »egro Beer Cbuiato wn > where they . eo011 suppsjr Dee Long are a veterinary training at Towa ; state college, Anies, this year Joan Zimmerman left »?P\ t " for St. Louis to -begin studies ai Concordia seminary tnerc. Carl and Kenneth Medm wiu tend Iowa State college. Mary K>nei"»*»"i Wesley, was guest last week of her «ou«» Arlene, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Matern, who live °PP°f te J^ entrance to the Ambrose A. Call St The P Bev. and Mrs; P. J. Braner. John Lenz, of Van Meter, and Mr. and Mrs i, G. Lenz, Buffalo Center and two daughters were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Weg- JJle ^ r . »..» Mrs. M. A. Sjostrand went to St. iPeter, Minn, Monday and next day helped celebrate the 50th birthday aniversary of the uev Mr. SJostrand'B father C. B. Sjostrand, treasurer of Gusta- I ois Martin Raymond Spurgeon Nina Fiene, and 'Paul Hammill, all of Winterset, spent Sunday even- with Evelyn Nickerson west of Misses Martin and Nicker- Mrs, Laura iPaine, who was return- ng from Altadena, Calif., wheve she spent four months with her son Raymond. At Ames she visited her brotherrin-law, 'Prof. Frank Paine, electrical engineering' chief at Iowa State college. En route 'rom Ames Mrs. Paine and the Frees stopped at Fort Dodge for ing attended the same school at Des Moines. Geo. W. Patterson was busi- in morning. He asriftr*^** Green LANTERN NIGHT CLUB DINE AND DANCE Saturday & Sunday Night Sept 30 - Oct 1 SATURDAY — EXTRA SPECIAL September S3, » EPI5OOE N0.2 For Algona audiences. IT'S CLASS COMBDY- A hit road show in pictures. CLAUDETTE COLBERT RICHARD ARLEJJ < MARY BOLAND in «"Three Cornered Moon" The four Marx Bros, are paid to be funny- The 5 ORunplegars come by it naturally! Tuesday-Wednesday, October 3-4 An opportunity! It's great entertainment! EDW. G. ROBINSON of Little Giant KAY FRANCIS of M#ry Stevens M. D. in "I Loved a Woman" Be there when the screen's man of thunder wraps his arms around be screen's woman of fire. —'Also— Betty Boop's Crazy Inventions and Daddy Knows Best. Micky Mouse in ' Whoopee Party and a niusical act. HAL LEROY and MITZEE MAYIUIR ija *Use YQUI- Imagiwtion" Worth the price of admission in itself. They made "Way of Al" Freshmen". Do not miss it! BOSTON SPECIALS Fall Caps that look right. Made from Selected patterns of tweeds and cas- simeres. 85c&95c BOSTON SPECIALS Coveralls. Men's full cut and roomy striped coveralls. A good well made garment of first class heavy, material. Sizes 34 to 48. $1-39 BOSTON SPECIALS Men's Union Suit Ribbed, extra heavy cotton BOSTON SPECIALS ^ Heavy drab cloth, fancy, work shirts, all sizes. 99c BOSTON SPECIALS Dress Socks. Silks and rayon mixed, double sole, spliced heel, assorted novelty patterns in stripes and figures. BOSTON SPECIALS Men's Overalls Express stripe. High back, all sizes $1.25 I $1*15 Thursday and Friday, October 5-6 SPENCER TRACY and COLLEEN MOORE RALPH MORGAN and HELEN VINSON FLASH PROM NEW YOiRK! Critics Hail New Sensation. , These critics see hundreds of pictures a year—you've got to have something new and different to make them rave like this— "Narratage is a complete and utter departure from all picture precedent."—iN. Y. American. "Unusual in the fierce impact of its reality."—iN. Y. Mirror. "(Deserves to be placed among the most distinguished pictures of the year * * * * (TOUR STA'RS)." —N. Y. Daily News. "A distinct departure from the ordinary talking film."—N. Y. Times." They're talking about— «TUe Power and the Glory* —With— SPENCER TRACY COLLEEN MOORE BOSTON SPECIALS . * Men's heavy striped Moleskin Panto $1.25 and $1.85 BOSTON SPECIALS Pour dozen Men's all wool gray striped trousers $2.95 The Boston Store it" Algona, Headquarter! Iow»

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