Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on September 14, 1933 · Page 7
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 14, 1933
Page 7
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«BVV 14,1933. KOSBTJTH CQPNTT AbVAMCJi, JARM§ W. J. Taync, Editor. ChnrlCH Klnmp, Field Reporter. Champ Baby Beef Exhibitors showing of hog, c, at the county fair only a We note that Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Jain, of Portland township, had the help of 60 relatives and friends in the celebration of their 17th wedding anniversary last week Sunday. The callers, who took the couple by surprise, brought ice cream and cake, and a mock wedding was performed. If we are not mistaken Ellis is the son of that rugged pioneer, Rod Jain, now deceased, who was for many years a Portland farmer and one of the county's :sr^.«» C. C. Baas & fine and There were for his « leading republican , Taylor, five miles north of Algona on 169 and 1% miles east, lives on a 140-acre Plum Creek farm owned-'by G. 'L. 'Carroll, Burt, who also owns a 187-acre Union township farm across the road occupied toy Frank Bennett. Aaron is the son of big mules. The Elys farm 320 acres and do all their work with horse power. They have a Shorthorn milking strain of cows, and are milking 14 at present. There are 17 head of calves nine months to a year old. Everett has a pure•bred Shorthorn bull a year old which is as large as most two-year- olds. The Elys used to farm east of Algona. • • * * We called Saturday at William Martinek's, three miles west and three miles north of Wesley. Mrs. kaffa- looked t „„- City, .stronger Hampshire herd tWs year than ever be- irtlUS U head'took s three championship on . asked an onlooker about this pig, and . cmail said, "Why, every- IS'about him." Boar Champion. Emmetsburg of Elmer Taylor, former well known Algona farmer who now works at a Spencer filling station. Elmer specialized in purebred Chester White hogs and held sales in wartime. Aaron was thus brought up on Chester Whites, and since he has farmed for himself he has built up a drove of even better quality than his father's. At present he has a few senior and junior boars which he will let go at prices suited to the times. This is Aaron's first year on the Carroll Carm, and * * • * Edmund Otis, east Martinek is a good Deutscher and she had baked a lot ot kuechen" which certainly Rood. The Martineks plan to go to the world's fair soon. They have lived on their farm 14 years, this beiiiR part of the Martinek estate. They farm 160 acres. was at Algona Saturday morning. His mother, Mrs. Joseph Otis, lost her husband a year ago, and Edmund is operating the home quarter, owned by the estate, and is also farming a rented eighty. Mrs. Otis is fortunate to have two adult sons. The elder son, Raynond, farms a rented lialf section across the road. The Otis place is Lhe second farmhouse east of Wes- (Register & Tribune Picture. ery truck calls for his cream. We found the Alvin Dillons, five miles north and'a mile east of Whittemore, happy, when we called recently, over the arrival of a 9-lb. girl, born August 24. They named her Dorothy Janet. There are now two girls and two boys in the family The Dillons will move next year to the farm where George Carr now lives, northwest of Bancroft, and Mr. Carr will move to the farm where the Dillons live Mr. Carr is doing Mr. Dillon's fal plowing, and Mr. Dillon is doing Mr. Carr's fall plowing. * * * * When we called recently on the Wesley Auto Co., we found everyone more than busy. Extra help has been hired, but when we asked whether Nira was the cause we were told that it was extra business. Seven new cars and seven used cars had been sold in two weeks. * * * * John and Frances Hauptman, who are associated with their father champion female, 14 firsts, and six seconds. At the Kossuth. fair they . received junior, senior, receve , , champion bull; Junior and senior grand champion female; 14 firsts, grand for work accomplished 1933-33. For the half hour program nisfaed by Kossuth Tuesday IL ing, August p, a short revue 01 th« g r d five a ^conds Jack T bbets ounty sTyle r lhoW was given by ^L£, V \if Trst D ri7e CX Hereford Mrs. Earl Weal, Lu VerneJ..M*. J. %tt&&*^\**tt!SEf££ ohammon His twodub heifers D.' A. In this style show dre»* IrC'firftfceUi of their coats, and suits which were tnato- UiictiiipAuu* *.**« -,. - cl 1 |Lr\t%KeSon" i fa™lsrove-rs we're featured. just south of Lone Rock, and it has for 16 years and more been the home of an outstanding herd of Pollel Herefords. Rich Point [ OSSUTH PROJECT BOOTH IS AGAIN FIRST IN STATE1 —ijtegisier « H-IUUIIG in-uu.^. are associated wim *"•-" -— TVHIS POLLED HEREFORD calf, shown at the county fair by its U ou H aaptman, in the conduct o 1 nroud owner Jack Tibbets, Lone Rock, in'the baby beef class, n automo bi.le garage at Wesley won the championship Friday. Jack, who is, the son of Mrs. Agnes L, ew their plane at Lakota Septem T?bbette of Algona Fves with his great-uncle, P. M. Christensen, who ber 2 on Sauerkraut day Last wee ha^manv years' maintained one of the leading Polled Hereford Sunday they were at Charles City e o fmanyyeas' maintained one of the leading herds of the United States. OUiiuaj u*n-j .,-.._—. -and last week Monday at Newton John, George, and Frances are a pilots, as good as can b Geo. W. Godfrey, who recently 1 moved to Ames, and his son Richard were at Algona Saturday. Hugh Kaney spent last weefc helping with the county fair. He is the superintendent of swine. iRachel Becker and Eleanor Jenkins were enrolled as freshment in , the Algona high school last week By Muriel LeaTerton. Monday. Evelyn Capesius is^-* The woman's project booth from fres hman at St. Cecelia's academy. Koisuth again brought home the T he Henry Webers, former .;»• Roscoe had an experience that oth-1 west of the Doan church, five miles I goo^ ^ ^^ -•--' • •- •- • - - — J - half mile | » * » * While we were at Wesley IWOUOt! Dcl« "*** ^At/^A-m"^** «•-—« . .. er farmers have reported: one field north of Sexton and Muscatine county, second last year which placed the world's fair. again placed Rchel Becker, Eleanor lentaM, -- a S Robert Bonnett, Bert Seeley, and "The fifth year clothing economy George Becker won, pmes on «-A'St£. l S35 ta^«:M on junior cham,.--- grand championship on i r They showed 14 head, n two firsts, two champion- "nSone grand, champion- Lerdes, Lakota, came down l£ng herd of Spotted Po- 1 won championship on a 900-lb. hog, also six two other cnam- , he says Mr. Carroll is a .fine landlord. Besides the hogs, Aaron keeps eight dairy cows, and he and three neighbors take turns at delivering cream to the Algona creamery. Aaron's wife was formerly Nina Doege, and her mother, Mrs. Kate Doege, lives in Algona. The Taylors have one child, a boy 2% years old Lid. fcuuu IA/J. v«*o n* fUir/1 vear is owned V»o/1 an allT.n flCCiaent4 ills Car aim gioui. TYV-I^ wSfli Altrnrta 1 XfcOHCOc IB 1 a.lit; j.uv-a.\*i^ AW*AM. «•- •• - •*•• ~ outstanding tenant for the third year is owned had an auto accident. :O W— — The Gerdes head. herd in- ley on the south side of the paving after you make the first turn north of Wesley. The boys are both single, and both live at home, Raymond having a married hired man on the half section. There are three daughters in the family. Margaret, the eldest, is keekkeeper for a canning factory at Vinton, and the other two are schoolgirls. Miller,'Alexander, showed S won one first on Spot, ja in R Lair, Terrill, Sheaf oi^potted Poiands '^firsts, two. champion- Frank Grandgenett, whose 240- \mong the many who came for acre farm lies across the street tlie coun t y fair last Thursday were from the St. (Benedict church, has Mr an a Mrs. William Koestler. lived in that neighborhood 24 years Tney OW n and live on the eighty a and on this farm 14 years. Me came m ; le straight west of Burt where, to this county from St. James, as you pa ss, you admire an ideal Minn. Mr. and Mrs. Grandgenett set ot tam buildings, on the south have 11 children; of whom nine are side o£ th e road. They bought tbe at home. Their son Tony is mar- f arm and erected the buildings in •• , f«rn Tr'and champion- ried, his wife being Martha, daugh- 1919i and they are among the few 1 an j i ^ ^nt^n aeed boar ter of Mr. and Mrs. George Cink. in that era of fild inflation who .The . c ^ mm °^ e than '800 Tony farms in the St. Benedict did not go in so deep that , weighed more tnan » neighborhood, as does also his sis- could not dig -' "-—" 'f c « ™ XT- «?on the son, ter, Mrs. Frank Werner, who was b0 ught their e ~"™s opnT1 Al HC ^tplsbure show- Katie Grandgenett. Tony and Mrs. Roestlers, who came from Wiscon- 1 Henry, ™^ dgw a h ° 12 Werner each have three children. sin , had for some years lived m the kruck a soft spot, ana•« 1 ™ " . « . . Burt neighborhood, and they are Chinas won 14 firsts,_wur Gienn Mme ^ fmr ^ one-half ldtis there no w. They have jnships, and two gr<*uu . _.. , , om - - |pionships. Yearling Boar "Wins. Estherville, show- ten firsts, three S'.HfSrt -Trf ™S"S! ™ '£,Syr'B»SV"^7 E ; rwrS^maed. .«-««£ HHC^Krs^^^^^ ™SA^O^ tor. There is one sister, Mrs. Earl immerfaU There are three young ^ m. ^ ^ ya Crouch. Their father was the late boys in the Grem family. George won my ^ Hereford J. R. Mawdsley, who in his day was was born a. St Benediet,but when lairs wi^i ^ ^^ c[iy known as a leading Burt farmer, he wasi a baby e ^ rv P« 1 7 mo ^ ^Tthf our herds they received Jun- The elder Mrs. Mawdsley has for Kossuth. George servea 11 mi3iun» champion female, three ftrsts lived at Algona. Roscoe m the army in wartime being sta ior cna p ^ fmf T3HH "were useu. J/AIWIW ww~ *=>.*' i •* — ^ y ^^°S' al L^ro^ nTlra Bonnett's father i* cri- Touches of red and black on na. Mrs. ira DUIUI&V.. - *„...-- -- -all tically sick at the Kossuth Hospi- helped add snap. , tal. He recently suffered a broken. (For the special feature a rack of| hip._ ^.^ ^ ^^^ Arndor , some years said he had just „_. of clover seed, and would some to sell. * * * * George Grein, who Jtie Keeyo a 5«v~ u>-*n — a i,,,ii. lives Just Guernseys, and an Algona-cream-1bull, lr Or W»« -aycv/**** u.^«-v*»»— — .«•!. colorful house dresses was exniDit-. ^«.» ^--^ -- -. .. a-SSSSS =rH-S#'S fair I uorui,ujr ovu—", -"r-.-.V".^ \ '4.1^ OrSWion, pubMcity, and total ^^%%+ZfS*-*?. Hgh john"'schur z home last week ; end. who they they the and one -grand Ipionships, iffros', Sheldon, showing14 Whites, furnished stiff lion. , Their aged boar, U*U1.*. *— T - I OIUL1111C1 O V.l»V^J. w «-'»»• " 1 »,i.'t miles south of Titonka, farms so twQ gons< Leon ard, who has a iiuie acres owned by the county. There daugh t e r, is a high school teacher is a county gravel pit on the land. at clinton> n0 w in his fourth year, Mr. "Miller has been working for the d he and his 1)rot her Arnold, who county during the last few weeks. L singl6| are just opening their A crew of men working out .poll Gam We store at Tipton, of taxes has been doing good work. which Arno i d is manager. Every- The Millers have a new girl, born tm 'ng is modern about the Koest- July 19, named Clover Annette. lace< Mr . Koestler has a pure- They also have two other children,L red Ho i s tein herd, -"- 1 1Mrs Ray, 5, and Audrey, 3. l - "— : ^«noWii a nd Mrs. Ko7stler"is"pardonably proud of . ., li 000 White Leghorn chickens. O. F. Liesener, who lives a mile i,«"« present 85 hogs on the west of the Lotts Creek store, V^y 5 * farms 80 acres on which he was place. born and reared. He_ and_his^fe| George y.^^ of Burt^attend- born an r. oeser, , have two girls and one boy. Anoth- CQ fair last Thursday. er boy, 4, died five years ago. This eu . ^^ but owns 4W farm is the old home that Robert He ^ ^ fa portlaud t blp Liesener Sr. bought in 1881. After ^ . two famSi on e of 240 m' ijieseiiBi '01. uu«e>"- — i,nirtivuieu IHLU i.«« *——• —-- ., _ he had lived there a few years he \™^ m which Hans Koestler, bought a half section east of the , s cou sin, is tenant, the oth- honfe place, and Mrs. Liesener and Gre ° argqeuarter sec tion which George ^e°r n 28?^ ^^^^^^^^^ S^ffiSK^SSl* 1 action to theseJarm^George to Ray' N. D., 25 years ago. The elder Liesener died eight years ago. When we called last week Mon- daWa tCarlStarquist's,4% mile north and two miles east of Wes ley he had just come in from the corn field, where he had snapped a ?oad. This corn is showing up well ion. iire*» t»o^— -- „. animal, took first and .hampionship. The firm won j,er firsts and five other tpionships.. • |A.Taylor, Burt, showed ^a • herd of Chester Whites, and first on yearling boar. Mr. lor got more than his share ot IriWmns. In the Sheep Bam. bhibitors in the sheep barn in- Claude Seeley, of Algona, eight Hampshires, on en he won two firsts; North B., Vernon Center, who showed Hampshire and Shropshires, on h they won eight firsts and championships; and Ben Stu; wesley, showing ZZ Shrop- _'es, Hampshires, and Oxfords, f?*ich he won eight or more and two or more champion- Ben was not at the barn ... we called, but other exhibi- i thought he had more ribbons i we counted. Horse Showing Ewela. i the horse barn Claude Seeley, ona, showing Clydesdale horses, i six firsts and two champion- Elmer Willey, ot Vincent, ..jg eight Belgians, won nine nd and one championship. toy Zunkel, Lone Rock, with p low iu& »»«= -—--.„,_ gians, won grand championship owned by Peter Seaberg,,..--stallion and produce of dam, 2 % miles north and a nail m r o more than a fair share of oth- e £ t O f Wesley. Mr Starqawt prizes, but we did not get the worke d for Mr Seaberg for some VoJ winnings. years. Carson Simpson is now ". H. Hargreaves, Algona, won W0r king for Mr^seaDerg. t and grand championship on w d farnli 5% 12,180-lb. shire stallion, also At the John c. • £ e&st of t on yearling stallion. , mlle f L« silo 32x14, has been aul Palmer, Algona, won first Wesley, anew go ,32x14^ , ^ ^ * championship on a 2-year-old built of hollow^tue j . „ .rcheron stallion, also first on 6- acres an 3 . 1166 ^' br-old stallipn. Woodrow John- good repair. ,^" ia r ,lrvington.-won-first on grade Mrs. Ward while .±~ ^ ft colt, also first and grand and silo builders were pnpionship on grade mare and 1 - -• ~ !1 — on produce of dam, W. C. r -er, Lone ^Rockj s showed ' E „ [ Ws mules and wo,n first with roua an at the southwest Pdce of Burt, and he aflso has a 'mall farm not far from Mission Tex Mr Koestler, who is one of the Imar" of the Burt Lutheran Sol has lived ^ in the Burt c, ...— --neighborhood since 1893. William Schadendprf and wife we« among many 'callers at his ing, with rows which is 10 rows to the acre • . Carl •_ i^ , hi farm s plow ing was better. ThiBla rm ^ eaberg,, v*o lives a glad o o our part ;oi<a. *"~ .1 graduated from the Ledyard son, repair. Anna Melicek helped Z'd while the carpenters . recently east twins, a boy and m*»»™, , Kany Dairy Cattle. |Mre . aiaf , •4 the cattle barn Aaron Steussy, were g0 od babies, i Verne, showing milking Short- pec ially welcom" 'fits, won four championships and on iy girl in the Is cow-test association herd, in years in „ ' the butterfat average was Uoved to this 160-acre Jfrom 35^ pounds herd aver- next spr ing ^W.* 1 ",,' r ,J W30 to 386 in 19»2, and 387 160 -acre farm, six miles 1 1932, then to 400 pounds this Iowa palls. Mrs. 1 - it she is the There are three isttA^^r.^sns added mTscbadenaorte came to mm in the German army. w« had the'pleasure last Thurs W night of sifting next to Mr. an4 i W F. McFarland in the grandstand They live on their own ^ o , Chevrolet announced a blanket , Godfredson, at Algona's m , west edge, now, has a Holstein now> 8i «h around a ton to replace a S3. G. Ely, r v eral times grand champion he miles nortn N before, and the new bull took fine Belgian M in the 2-year class. JA. A. Dreyer, Lotts *, —. °"' w the game, and he showed , and •111 lie «»•»»*• " Mr- Slagle is there bis fall plowing. west 'has three and two largest buflder of motor cars, officially begins operations in accordance with the administration's recovery program. Although the official code was signed only a few days ago, it will be of interest to Chevrolet's many friends to learn that the Chevrolet Motor Company started to carry out the spirit of today'* recovery program over three years ago/ At that time, we put into operation a "share-the-work" plan whereby our workmen cooperated in spreading the work to give more men jobs. By means of this plan, as well as by regulating hours of work per week to meet retail demand, and by building up parts stocks in fean seasons it wage increase was the second in the last 4 months, rolet having been among the first to put a blanket wage increase into effect. We feel that the President's recovery program deserves the whole-hearted support of evary citizen and manufacturer j tt ob jectiT« .re «dmirable. And the direct, fom/flA ^^ &, President and his associate are taking to ft ^ auxeKt ^^ stir the pride and admiration of American. , do onr par,. And we are deeply depression. ' f tt .Wn 8 ,o.n ti «ip.,.pre«n. recovery program^ * welfare departments. CHEVROLET MOTOR COMPAQ, DETROIT, MICHIGAN, Dm*M of General Mao,, JhampionBhip. The Dreyer go«».ur'T^" Marlc Shaw. oaa w* s disnersed -'JB, few years five iirs • show ring, Quarn A. A. wentto Calif ornia, ^rnseyBin^tM ^^ Ouern . ir or so ago he retorned to t° ^JJ took two firsts. psts. K>a •won --v- Cop Eight «• H. Miller, ot AI T _ * ""•" Holstems and ..„„-- .. A Holstein herd from Ma , -y. with Robert ]' f rge, had 11 Holsteins "ne ftrstg, three cham,,^. w one, grand championship. " Heiter, ' The Guernsejr eonaition, o and ^ a lark. pionshipS' 1 .The P. cham- Christensen Po»ed rd, Lbne Bflek, f^S championships, w 1 * 1 w-.O. Heiter, tone Rocfe show-U'^ford'herd, Lbne Bock, ww *j 8 wgnt Jecseys, took'eigW ftfsts,Iv-^ rtJee championships. *" 'o thampionshipg a n4'b»e sr^lprl'rftnd championship^- Be "-£1 Wouship. w. H. WP/W9rth, \tm C"J*Rowing ^, asco ^d ?^J'WB^4J6w- from ft' J BW'feBiP' l f^P'l'^ took H wrsvs. •»"* , E oscoe Mawdsley was down from

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