Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 31, 1933 · Page 10
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1933
Page 10
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• niniini rmimmtmimni Style Chatter •. (being the second of a series of intimate talks with our customers) When you start out shopping for your new costume, do you think first of the price or the distinctiveness of the garment? Our prices this fall will include all of the ranges to which you are accustomed with the exception of the very low end. You will find no dresses here to sell at $5.00. But you will find dresses that reflect the new style tendencies. You will find the Abroad shoulders, the tight sleeves, the beautiful mould- ed skirts. The materials include both sheer, novelty wools and rough novelty crepe silks. You will like the courteous service you get in our ready-to-wear department. Our salesladies are trained to sell you only garments which look well on your figure, which flatter. Whether you buy a hat or an expensive coat, this same frankness goes into each and every sale. Come in as the new things arrive—or call 281 and instruct the saleslady to phone you when we get what you are looking for. A personal, individual service goes with every garment we sell. Remember, we are going back to the good, old days of QUALITY MERCHANDISE and you're right at home at Chrischilles & Herbst's when it comes to GOOD APPAREL i m m m m n n 11 - i • WEEK AT T WORLD'S GIVEN! IE AIR AILY The Newest in Boat* (Continued from rpage.l.); | i .. 'mi I--H. Pneumatic Tire Use Extends to Farm Machines Goodyear Announces Application to New Harvesting Units; Speeds Work and Lowers Cost added to the Friday evening program. , Three Automobile Races. The feature Friday afternoon will be three automobile races, one a 2%-mile stock-car -race, another for Model T Fords, and the third a comedy race for any make or age of car in which the drivers Will alternately drive, drink a bottle' of pop, eat a sandwich, and run a footrace. Entries for the automobile races are to be made by next week Thursday evening with any member of the committee in charge, which consists of F. E. Kent, Jos. •Harig, and Edw. Bartlett, all of Algona. Every evening at the grandstand some patron will be awarded a free week at Beacon City, attending the world's fair. This will include meals, lodging at either Beacon City or the. SheridanHPlaza hotel, transportation to and from the world's fair grounds, and daily admissions to the fair—every necessary expense except transportation to Chicago. This will be good any week till the world's fair closes. The George Bartlett broadcasting orchestra will play for dances every evening at the dance pavilion. Program In Detail. The complete dally program arranged by Secretary Vincent follows: Tuesday, September 5. OHILORIEN'S DAY 10:00 a. m.—Judging in all departments begins. 1:00 p. m—Concert by Algona Military band. :30 p. m.-4:30 p. m.—Race program and vaudeville acts. 2:30 p. jn.—Baseball, Burt vs. Algona. ' • . :30 p. m.—'Bloom's Little German band on Midway. :00 p. m.—Band concert. \JO MORE EXHAUSTING PORTAGES of heavy wood boats, according to the Del-tDutch Super-Service Station. The Goodyear company has put on the market this rubberized boat which can be deflated and carried in a traveling bag. 'Boats of this kind to carry from one to seven -men are made. To Take Years to Complete Dome of West Bend Church :45 p. m.—Vaudeville program and acts. Wednesday, September 6. MERCHANTS' DAY 0:00 a. m. — Judging in baby •health contest begins. p. m.—Concert 'by Algona Military band. :30 p. m.—Concert by Fenton Kid Clown band. :30-4:30 p. m.—Race program and free acts. 1:0 p. m.—'Baseball, , Renwick vs. 'Swea City Junior League teams. 3:0 p. m.—Baseball, Fenton vs. Whittemore. 7:00 p. m.—-Band concert. 7:45 p. m.—Vaudeville program and acts. Thursday, September 7. PIONEERS DAY 1:00 p. m.—Band concert. -•Race program and free 3:0 p. m.—Baseball, Buffalo Center vs. Ledyard. 3:30 p. in.—Grand display and par- 1:30 p. m.- acts. Ohms Hold Family Reunion— The Ohm family had a reunion Sunday at the Ambrose A. Call State park, 122 attending. A big i dinner was spread beneath trees. '^First members of the family Herman Ohm, 82, Letts Creek, am (Mrs. Helene Kresensky, 72, Algona were honor guests. With their brother Albert, Hankinson, N. D. who was not able to come, and sister, Mrs. Ulrika Behrens, now deceased, and .their father, the family settled in Kossuth in the fall of •1876. In attendance at the reunion were: Herman Ohm Sr., Lone Rock, and his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren—the Robert and Leo Schmidts, the William Buss family, the H. F. Mittags, the the Frank Arthur Riedels, the Ben Schmidts, the Otto, Edw., and Walter Ohms, and the Hugo Mittags, all of Fenton; the Martin and W. H. Meyers and Mrs. Rose Ohm, Algona; the Arthur Dreyere,. the Frank 'Schu- machers, and the William Leinin- gers, Whittemore, Mrs. J. C. Ohm-Kresensky, and her children and grandchildren — the L. R. Kresenskys, Mankato; the Walter Weisbrods, Fenton; the A. E. Kresenskys, Algona; and the Rev. Raymond Kresensky, Bellevue. The children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of Ulrika Ohm- Behrens, deceased—the- Carl and Arthur Zumachs, Whittemore; the Herman Luedtkes, Fenton; the A John Schallins, and Pompes, all of Lone North End Bride IS AtfRS. MARTIN DAH'L, Swea City, who before marriage was Fern Walker. She is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Walker, Swea City. The. marriage ceremony was read by-.-tJhe Rev. Raymond Swanson at the Swea ity Lutheran parsonage, and Beuah Hartshorn, Algona, was the bride's attendant. Mr. Dahl is a' son of Mrs. P. C. Dahl, Swea City. The picture appeared in (ihe Des Moines Register. [From the Bmmetsburg Detaocfat,J iLast week work wad commenced on the decorating of the Interior of Father DoWbersteln's fine'Church, Sta. Peter and Paul's, at Wdst Bend. Father Dobbersteln's brother from Carroll, whd is an expert in the line of frescoing, Is doing the work. The task will be a tre-, mendous one arid will take several years to complete. Father Dobberstein does not expect to do much more than the front of the church this year. The large dome over the main altar is to be covered with an Immense picture. The border section of the walls and ceilings will be done in gold leafing. The entire painting program will cost thousands of dollars. Hence it will be necessary for Father Dobtoersteln to do a little at a time. (Father Dobberstein has received Ills 14 small stations of the cross. The work on these stations was done in Venice, Italy, iby a German artist. They are made up of small stones in various colors. All of the work was done by. hand. Jt, was; necessary for the. artist to spend 1 an entire month on each station. Hliey should be seen to appreciate, their beauty as a work of art. The Grotto of the Nativity, built in the north wail of the church and completed a year or so ago, is really the finest work.,of art on the grounds. It would be classed as a super-masterpiece by any of the' great art critics of, the world. Father Dobberstein spent 100 days in construction of the Grotto of the Nativity. Me used over 100 sacks of stone in its construction. While working on this piece of art Father Dobberstein toad a narrow escape from death. He was placing sone stones in the celling and was standing on a scaffold. A visitor, who was viewing the church called to him and asked some information. (Father Dobberstein • turned quickly to answer .him, lost his (balance, and fell. His quick thinking and his ability to protect himself prevented him from striking his head on the cement floor below. This is just one of many instances when Father Dobberstein's life has been in danger while working at a high point and bothered with questions by spectators. (Father Dobberstein is at present working on the large section of wall just south of the Casino, and also on the Grotto of the Tomb, which is just north of the stations' of the cross section. The large cararra marble statues for the outside stations of the cross have not yet been shipped from Italy. Father Dobberstein is not ready for.them, and as 'he has no place to- store .hem fte felt it best to wait until some later date. . ONLY QUARTET LEFT IN z.*£ssrs£sss\x Lsr - <«»- w« Pneumatic tire efficiency provided for tractors last year has now been extended to farm machinery. For years farm machines have jolted slowly over rough fields, limited in speed 'by the steel wheels with which they were equipped; but introduction of a new combine harvester, which cuts and threshes grain in one operation and designed for use with Goodyear tires, forecasts a revolution in farm machinery design. i The low pressure tires on which the combine is mounted minimize shocks to such an extent that" the old speed for harvesting machinery is stepped up considerably and the capacity of the machine is increased, according to engineers o£ the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. In addition to increasing the speed of the machine, use of pneumatic tires played an important part in reducing its cost to a figure appreciably than previous large machines. Due to the speed made possible by the pneumatic tires, however, it can do as much work in a given length of time as larger combines. An innovation is increasing width of the threshing cylinder to equal that of the cutter bar. The stalks of grain go directly into the cylinder head first, and the width of the straw stream is always'the same as the width of the swath cut by the sickle—an ideal long sought ,by all designers of threshing machinery in use since the flail: The smaller size of the combine, coupled with the decreased amount of power required to operate the cutting, threshing and cleaning mechanism make it possbile for any two-plow power-take-off tractor to be used in its operation. "Air tired tractors, which have E™ «?° ,;° +a fi f Ure a PP reciabl y been m ^e for some months and 10 ^L^ a " 0 ^ a L 0 l^?. e , r . c ° m A ines - n ™ the *"- «red combine, set a , "There is no reason why the farm machinery industry-should sjt back and allow developments of present day engineering to pass Jt by. We feel that we should adopt new automotive ideas in farm machinery, especially when they not only reduce the cost but also increase the output." Designed for lightness and effi- goal in the new era of farm machinery design, the ultimate purpose of which is the lowering of crop production costs and a reduction of the farmer's investment in equipment," Merritt concluded. The combine, which will harvest soy beans as well as wheat, oats and other grains, has met with wide praise following load for a tractor to pull on pneumatic tires — and is smaller and more compact —( *•**£•*»* V4UW41I. \J± agriculture officials, university professors and farm machinery experts. See this equipment at the John Deere exhibit at THE KOSSUTH COUNTY FAIR DELDUTCH SUPER SERVICE 00 :p. m.—Band concert. 7:45 p. m.—Vaudeville program and acts. Friday, September 8. 4-iJ. Clu'b and Farm Bureau Day 1:00 p. m.—Baseball, Bancroft vs 'Burt Junior League teams;. 1:30 p. m.—Parade by 4-H club girls 1:45 p. m.—Grand parade of livestock. 2-4:30 p. m.—Automoble and' running races, free acts. 3:0 p. m.— 'Baseball, Swea City. Bancroft vs. 7:00 p. m. — (Band concert and' grey- . . hound races. 7:45 'p. m.— Vaudeville program. , 4-H club girls pageant and: folk dances. Algona Iowa NOT OWN A HOME OK FIX UP THE OLD ONE? The Algona Building and Loan Association has ample funds to advance at a very low rate of interest for the purpose of bui'ldine remodeling and refinancing desirable first mortgage loans on A?Rona property. We will be pleased to have you call at our office for further information. THE ALGONA BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Office located 1st door north of Iowa State Bank. Clean Cotton Rags Wanted $35 CASH AWAITS FAIR CHAMPS ATHORSESHOES Thirty-five dollars in cash prizes is offered to winners of a horseshoe-pitching contest at the' county fair next week. Twenty-five dollars will go to winners in a men's; contest, and $10 for a Junior 'contest next week Friday. Entrants in the men's contest will have to appear Tuesday morning before 10:30. The contests will begin every day at 10:30 a.m. On Tuesday and Wednesday the men will pitch for elimination, and on Thursday the winners will' <be decided. The prizes will be $10 for first place; $7.50 for second; |S for third; and $2.50 for fourth. The junior pitching contest will be for boys of high school age up to 18. This contest will also begin at 10:30 a. m. Ten dollars will be divided as follows: $&, first; $3, second, $2 third. The horseshoe pitching court will be Just west of the Catholic stand. Tuition Fees Cut by Fenton School Fenton, Aug. 29—Supt. M. E. Otterness arrived Sunday from his home in Wisconsin to resume his school work next Monday. The faculty remains the same, except one teacher, Miss Barton, Lu Verne, who will have the fifth and sixth grades. High school tuition has been lowered from $12 to $9 a month; grade tuition from $6 to $4. Fenton has one-of the highest-rated schools in the county. •Fairmont. Others > were Mr. and Mrs. William Boettcher and Gerhard 1 , Klatt 'Fenton; Caroline Peter, •Whittemore; and Allene Culbertson, Algona. Helses Wedded 59 Years- Mr, and Mrs. C. B. Heise c clc - 'brated their 59th wedding anniversary at a family reunion Sunday. The anniversary was a week ago Saturday,, but celebration of the> day- was postponed till this week Sunday in order not to conflict with a celebration of Mr. Heise's 84th! birthday that week. Mrs. Heise 78. . Mr. and Mrs. Heise were married at Charles City in 1884. Mr. Heise had come here in 1871. They have made Algona their home ever since marriage, and both are still in good health. Here for the event Sunday were: Mrs. Bertha Arent, Huinboldt, daughter 'Lillian; Dr. R. W. Heise, Emmets-burg, wife and son; Dr; and: Mrs. L. O. Potter, Storm Lake, three children; and Dr. F. W. ILo- gan, Blue Earth, whose wi&>, no longer living, was Emma Heise. Dinner Party at Clubhouse— Covers,were.laid.for 31 at a regular evening party at the clubhouse Tuesday'.night. Candles in pastel shades!and'mixed 'garden;bou'qiuets' furnished decorations. Dinner was served at three long tables-, and El wood Norton Is Graduated. Among 186 students graduated last Thursday at the state Teachers college was B. Elwood Norton, son of Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Norton, Algona. Elwod received the degree of bachelor of science in Manual arts. He came 'home Friday, but left next day for Lawton to resume teaching manual arts. Algrona Girl Graduated. 'Leona, eldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Neal Smith, at the east edge of Algona, was graduated 'last Thursday from the State Teachers college with a primary teaching diploma. She does not have a school. Jewel won consolation. Mrs. Moore received a guest gift, and Mrs. F. J. Mann, iLos Angeles, Calif., a travel prize. The Country club handicap tour' nament is now In the fifth bracket, with only four players Btlll In the running. Lee Reed will play Dr. Wt D. Andrews, and W. T. iDaughan will play Dr. L. C. Nugent. The. winners of these two 'matches will then play for the championship. The'consolation handicap tournament Is also In the fifth bracket. C. M. Frane will play R. J, Harrington, F. C. zender Will play Lelghton Misbafch, and' the winners will then play for the consolation championship. Lee iReed, who parred the course again last week, has the edge for the championship, but he has a low handicap, fl, while Doctor Andrews has 18,Daughan 20, and Doctor Nugent 13. This makes It anyone's game.'. , •-.', ; -- -.- :i -• ..• ..!••• In the- consolation flight the handicaps are: Frane, 30, B. J. Harrington, 11, Zender, 24, Mlsbach, 30. Land Excursions Recall Old Times Whlttemore, Aug. £9 —aimer Weaver, Just northeast of Whittemore, announces an excursion 'to Canada to investigate land fear- gains.- Two or three automobile loads of land seekers will travel together. Mr. Weaver's brother, of Buffalo Center, and the lattePs son will foe niemibers of the party, also Frank and Mike Koppen, Whittemore. They wlirbe gone ten days. Minnesota Grading Planned. Highway No. 5 In Minnesota, which is a continuation of No. 169 in Kossuth county, is to be graded from Blue Earth to the Iowa line, 9.1 miles, according to the Elmore .Eye, which says bids will be opened next Wednesday.' It is planned to oil the road after it has 'been graded and graveled. Win^l 'Lakota. SaSor^ar^p^ 1 ! 0 ^ nsr ta roimd w »»" ABOUT _ . Friday, lOWi ADDING MACHINE KOM.S AT THE ADVANCE Specials BASEBALL Error In Robinson Story— .In last week's Advance appeared 53rd-wedding anniversary pictures ot Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Robinson, east of Algona. The mention below the pictures was taken from the Do Moines Register of a week ago Sunday, but it turns out that the story erred in naming the children and "by way of correction they are here given: Mrs. T. R. Pickard Burt; Mrs. Bert Pickard, Littleton I1L; L. H. .Robinson and Mrs. W. A Altwegg, Algona. Haiel leona Casler Bride— A wedding took place Sunday at Trinity Lutheran church, when Hazel 'Leona Casler was married to Paul Schneider by the Rev. P J Braner. (Esther ward Schneider ...„.««.„. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Orant Casler, Algona, and the bridegroom the son of John Schneider. The couple will live with the bridegroom's father on a farm six miles northwest of Al- Casler and Ed- were attendants. gona. Old Friends In Get-Tojrether— Mrs. Mabel Kennedy-Tjaden en- ;ertained a group of old friends ast week .Wednesday:- Mesdames Jos. W. Wadsworth, 'A.'- Hutchison,-; H. E. iRist. Nellie ' G: ' Bowyer Charles Laage, Fenton, Frank Ran- ball game her^betVen" K SfMSv*"" won * •JS^S.^ 11 -* siTtSE «™f a^<sn£ras S^s^v^ra -•? ^^-SSSK 3r. and Mrs. P. V. Janse low. Mrs. F. E. Kent won a travel prize. Mrs A. K. Cliff, Ames, and Mrs W. L. Hagerhorst, Eagle Grove, were out of town guests. The committee sponsoring the ?arty was: Messrs, and Mesdames D. U Paxson, E. C. McMahon, and C. M. iFrane; Dr. and Mrs. John Kenefiek, and L. E. Unnan and Bertha Kuchenreuther. The committee for the next afternoon party September 12 will be Mesdames Albert Granzow C A Momyer, and K. J. Smith, Burt. Union 4-H Club Meets— The Union 4-H club met at Fern Gisch's last week "Wednesday, nine members attending, also three visitors: Joyce Mittag and Ruth and Marlta Bestenlehner, The Besten- lehner girls plan to join the club Roll call was on planning a fall garden, and Fern Gisch gave a talk on Little Linens of Color and Charm. A report on her Ames trip was given by Kathryn Deim, delegate. Kathryn was a member of a judging team, but she plans to attend a business college at Mankato, and Bernlce Dodds has been chosen to take her place. Plans were laid for an exhibit at the county fair. The next meeting will b2e heia at Kathryn's this week Saturday. Farewell for Mrs. Moore— Mrs. Al Falkenhainer and Mrs. M. ?. Haggard entertained at luncheon last week Wednesday In honor of Mrs. Harry Moore, San Antonio, Tex. Twenty-four guests were seated at three long tables centered with flowers which carried out the green and lavender color scheme. Mrs. H. B. Rlst won high score at bridge, and Mrs. W. C. art, also attended. Burt Woman »1 Years Old— Mrs. Aurilla Coffin, Burt, spent last week with her daughters, Mrs. W. E. McDonald and Mrs. H. E. McMurray, who entertained in honor of her 9ast birthday last week Wednesday. There were ten guests in the afternoon and IS at dinner that night. Mrs. Coffin returned to Burt Sunday. Shower for Mrs, Tyson— A surprise miscellaneous shower s given Friday evening in honor of Mrs. Laurence Tyson at her mother Mrs .George Willey's. Mrs Tyson received many gifts. Lunch was served at 11 to 25 guests. Frieda Roeder was assisting host- QSS, Entertain at Clubhouse- Mr. and Mrs. W. P. French and Mr and Mrs. F. E. Saunders entertained at dinner at the clubhouse Sunday evening. Bridge was f , ive table *. Mr. ana Mr** el winning the high score ( and Mrs. Joel Herbst second. ,. Other Society. HAVE US ADDRESSOGRAPH yo«7 . ,, meeting su the church tomorrow afternoon at 2 o'clock. Self-denial boxes are to be turned in. This is to Pertained at of «w i a o clock luncheon Saturday. Bridge was played at three tables, Mrs D D, Paxson and Mrs. D. p. Smith winning the high scores net Leglon Awlilary meet- Postponed till Sep . Irvlngton Defeats St. Joe. St. J-oe; Aug. 29—The St. Joe Cardinals played the Irvington ball team here.Sunday and were defeated', 6--3. The battery for Irvington was Watson and Ramus, and for the Cardinals Klein and thul Next Sunday the Cardinals will play Livermore at Uvermore ior Bode Tfelds to Sf. Joe. St. Joe, Aug. 29-The st. Joe Jun- , . - . oe un- ball team- .played Sunday against the Bode Juniors on the, Bode dia- m i° ndl f" d Bode was defeated, 5-2^ The b attery for Bode was Rood and l «| J5^ I 9C Cocoanut Chips, blocks, fudge, Ib. ___ Cocoanut Bar Cook- OC^ ies ; 2 Ibs. £DC Peaberry Coffee. .j iW4 jjuuu vvaa'jttooa Clave; for St. Joe. R. Marso, Frideres, and B. Devine. Webster City Defeated. M St ' Wins *r»m St. Jlenedlct. t> T AU f- 29 ~ BUrt a ,„ played bal1 a t Burt Sunday, and 1 Bart won, 10-1. lotts Creek Defeats Tltonka. 2 Ibs. Florida Grapefruit No. 2 can Pork and Beans, large No. 2 1-2 can.,_ Sweet Potatoes, large No. 2 1-2 can Stringless Green Beans, No. 2 can ___ Blue Rose Rice, Sib. bag ,__ Swansdown Cake Flour, pkg. Club Frankfurts, per Ib. Ring Bologna, per pound Quaker Puffed Wheat, per pkg. . Pearl Barley, 2 Ibs. 35c 12V2C 10c 12' 2 c lOc 14c 27c lOc lOc 8c 15c 25c 5c MILD AMERICAN Cheese . . HYDROX Beverages Beans. .2^1 SULTANA Red Beans . SULTANA RED KIDNEY Beans. . 2! ION A Lima Beans 2^?1 DEL MONTE, RED ALASKA Salmon 2"°^' RAJAH Salad Dressing' H PINT, t» f»«5IniOMy b.ck If you tut with thU rich, cranny "M -IPTON'S ORANGE PEKOE, I TEA * - 19c UPTON'S GREEN TEA . . MU 2*1 Stuffed Olives ENCORE Queen Olives Cleanser D °^ H Super Suds . Grape-Nuts. Wax Paper ;; HIRES ROOT BEER 'Extract . . GRANDMOTHER'S White Bread GRANDMOTHER'S •Twist Bread THEU)AF AUJUMCAN. MICK. PIMENTO OH LIUWMO . Kraft Cheese . 1£l W*JI§ OH Ot DEMOLISH I. Kraft Cheese . H £l Pen-Jel(sure|ell)2^1 Dally Egg Mash, 25 Ib.; •bag --''.', Daily Egg Mash, 100 ti\ 'bag Red Malaga Grapes, Celery Basket Peaches and 1 .market price. Cabbage, 5 Ibs. UP. 'nnn WIDOW* MM .Location same at usual. Skelgas Ranges and Water Heaters Hotentot Oil Burners l+w+i+w+i+lE Headquarter at Bjustrom'al Kossuth County Fai| See them on Furna ces —^^"••^•••i Maytag Washers and Ironers .Queen 3pir O Finnic Circulator, for Homes Without Furnaces Frigidaire .UM Uii Current ThiW an Ordinary Light Bujj^ Philco Balanced Unit Radio*

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