Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 31, 1933 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1933
Page 9
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KOSSUtH COUNTY ADVANCE), At/>6tiA. IOWA to 'prepare for your fall cleaning. JUj * jj e v e f be any cheaper. When you t buy, get ttf PAINTS AND ENAMELS our booth at the fair. Elsf ord Lumber Go, JIM POOL, Manager W FARM NEWS W, ,T. Payne, Editor C. H. Klnmp, Field Reporter. LAKOTAN SAYS COUNTY BOOTH DRAWS CROWD Ily Mrs. J. ll. Warburton. DCS Motnes, Aug. 29—Mrs. Muriel Leaverton, H. D. A., and Mrs. J. H. Warburton left last Thursday morning for the state fair with the woman's project exhibit and the 4-1-1 girls display articles, Every- and the judging began Friday morning. The project booth is receiving many favorable comments 'and ano Mr . y _, anKe DOUgnt . lne lormer >those in charge are (busy displaying c . E. Longnecker farm just east of Patterson Buying Sheep in Montana The J. H. Xankes, east of Burt have been entertaining their daughter, Mrs. Edw. Callahan, Whlttler Calif., and her husband, who came recently by auto. Mr. Callahan is Mrs. Callahan's sister, Mrs. Helen Burt, Aug. 20-^Sen. Geo. W. Patterson, his brother, C. W. iPatter- son, and the former's sons, Wendell and Gardner, left Monday for Billings, Mont., to visit Howard Patterson, brother of the senator and C. W., and bring back 6,000 sheep. In the last two years the Pattersons here have fed out a large | number of Montana sheep. M, & D, CLUB HAS PROGRAM, PICNIC AT FOUR CORNERS j Spencer and Spirit Lake. Mrs. J. P. Nlckerson got home last week Tuesday from Illinois, where she visited relatives and attended the world's fair. Murl Potter suffered a painful finger wound one day last week Four Corners, Aug. 29—The Mothers & Daughters club had a family picnic at Mr. and Mra. Howard Witham's 90 present. Dinner served on the lawn, and a pro get Aetna Accident Full coverage at low coat. We have them on hand at all times, , »,. KRUSE IH8t»AHCE <i s'J sM finger wound one day last veek, Te | e pt, one and Doctor Bourne had to tane _ AGENCY .,... , Algon* f«w* four stitches to close it, Mrs. Jessie Dalziel, Algona, spent last week Wednesday with her daughter, Mrs. Pearl Potter, helping cook for silo-fillers. Mrs. Leslie Walker left Saturday but for next year they have rented lahans to California. spent a year or two In California, but they had lived too long In Iowa to stay away, so they came 'back, and Mr. Zanke bought, the former a farm tour miles weat and three *ThV Zankes' Rowell has to do her work sitting iWYYCii u«*.» vv* «« .. — - •• — in a wheel chair, and has done It that way 12 years. As often as we have called there she is always happy and cheerful In spite of ;her .--.-.-„ <j. B. L,ongnecKer rarm jusi easi OL 'crippled ^condition. The Dwells dresses, collars, etc., and cutting Burt on the south side of the road, have eight children, .but only iwo patterns for those interested. Miss - - . . i...- .1. ^ Neale Knowles and Mrs. May Lar i wan oci T w» v/»» »*.« —j - - — gram was given: America; reading, Mildred Elmore; songs, Doris and Marjorie Drayton; reading, Mrs. Jessie Mitchell ;talk on world's fair, Arthur Cruikshank; one-act play, Irene and Ralph Witham; songs Thelma Wltham and Harriet Fran- and the son are judging the exhibits, Mrs. Mary Gregg is judging demonstrations. We had occasion Friday to call and at R. F. and Geo. P. Hawcott's a the Mrs, Emll Larson, county chairman of 4-H clubs, with the demon- mile or two north of Burt paving. They live on an on are at home. • * • • Glaus Ubben, 3% miles east of Bancroft, Is-farming 240 acres, and he has lived on this lann six years, paving, mey irve on au ov-a^ic "^ "— -••— --- «___, nan* farm which R. F. -bought In 1926. but now he has rented a farm near c he-will farm ....... ^ , „ ^ u .,o, „ ,.» „„.,.«.. M had'!'however," fived'near BurtlAmhoy, Minn., which he will farm stration team, lone Godfredson and| man y years. R. F. can never be next season. The Ur Bernice Larson, Portland twp,, and | president, for he was born in Ox- children. We would health girl, Fern Gish, Union, and, fordshire, England, and came to them sti TVif t«O TT.o t«1 "Mnnl T .11 "\T ov««ft 4-wr» f\n lit. 1 ~ -—. .« 4_.. ««« «1.> At\ .,nn-net . nffn 1 JlTfi fl-l^V! „ _ like to see stay in this state, for they , , this country nearly 40 years ago. are always pleasant to meet He had the misfortune to lose his are hard workers.^ w i£ 6 in war time. There are only and for 'Illinois to visit relatives spend a couple of .days at world's fair. . The Union No. 7 school will begin next Monday. Mrs. E. A. Gen-1 rich, Algona, wlll_again be teacher. Lone Rockers In Accident. Lone Rock, Aug. 29—Oscar Baring and. Arthur , Priebe, en route home from Estherville Sunday, were hurt when a car from a side- road forced Oscar to drive into the ditch to avoid, an accident. Arthur had cuts on his shoulder and arm 9 'i*n mpt last Thursday requiring six stitches in the fore- with Mrs. Ste m Ah"48 T SSS «™- The car was slightly dam-| Roll call was on current events, and a musical program was given. piano, duet, Evelyn Cruikshank and Margaret Ditsworth; song, ttuth Robinson, accompanied by Evelyn POWDERED SILK.*. ces Vtning; reading, Pauline Setp; recitations, Delia Mae Wltham, Evlyn Elbert, and Marjorie Mitchell; ongj,Mary,Joyce and Phyllis Rich; accordtan music, Leo Sabin; mouth mrp, Louie Lowman; closing song, A ball game was played after the Quickly rtmomrt, palnt,|rMM,sUtai, printirs'lnk,croui+ tndlrt,etc,lrtmfi hinds. 'j, 4 SALE BY MOST arm. aged. to Dole if You Buy Coal No w Thrift is a virtue—when it is well expressed Ordetfyour BLUE STAR COAL from us now—and'b^a : nibdel of thrift and money- wisdom, v F. S. NORTON & SON LUMBER AND COAL Phone 229. Mrs. Earl Neal, Lu Verne twp., on the woman's demonstration team, came Sunday. The girls demon-i w i£ 6 in war time. There are oniyi , _ . strated rccaning Tuesday morn- two children, George and Lottie. We. always find tte_B.^_Angu ing, and the women gave a style George is married and has one son, family, near Lone show Tuesday afternoon. A num- Wallace, but George, his wife, and urday they were ---'_-• her of boys and girls came with the boy had all gone to the state of their silage pit, using _ County Agent Morrison and en- fair, where the son was showing a scraper, i They ha ^ J> u ; S ?P; B "T d tered calves in the beef class. Hereford calf he has been raising, wheels on the scraper, lor wie o.u The apple entries are large, but Three other boys .went with them, wheels were worn out,_ana wiese plums and grapes are not as good George has for many years special- wheels are jnucit str g; . as usual. The gladioli display is ize d in Poland China hogs and has had .most of their fall plowing uone, far inferior to the past years, but become a recognized breeder. The | and had taKen out i some splendid specimens are ex- Hawcotts also have a Guernsey, which is hard work. Mr. Angus, hlbited. Horses and. cattle are herd. R, F. has for many years marked that he had been to me still coming. | been Burt township assessor. The chief attraction as entertainment to many is the Walkathon , Crlukshank; song, Mary Joyce and ADDING MACHINE ROML8 AT THE ADVANCE - »*•• We had the pleasure Friday of Marathon going on in the west meeting Edw. Knoner, the.accom- half of the machinery hall, where modating and ef ficient young man 76 couples began a walkathon three who has for the last six years been weeks ago. Sunday night, after manager of the Farmers Elevator 552 hours, 19 couples were still on at Ledyard. 'He said corn was 38c the floor. They walk 45 minutes that day. Farmers were bringing and rest 15 out of each hour. in a good deal of shelled corn. Mr. Carl King and his band and the Knoner's wife, Bernice, is a daugh- -^H club band that attended the ter of Postmaster and Mrs. J. A. world's fair are among the bands Bargar, Lakota. Boss of the Knon- playing A rodeo and automobile er home for the last three months races entertain in front of the has been the first-born child, a son. grandstand. The crowds are some- 1 * • • • narKcu Liicbi* iic *"*« MX<«*» -— world's fair, and had greatly en- Joyed it, though he found cement hard to walk on, toeing accustomed Phyllis Rich, accompanied 'by Irene Rich; recitation, Mildred Elmore, piano solo, Evelyn Nickerson; song, Thelma Wltham, playing her own guitar accompaniment; recitation Helen Walker; song, Irene Witham accompanied toy Iva Witham; Visitors were Mrs. Quentin Bjustrom, Mrs. Harvey Johnson and Mrs. Everett Lee, Algona, Mrs.Koyce and Gertie Eisenbacker. The next meeting will be with Mrs. William Drayton, September!*.; Four Home From World's Fair— iRobert, Russell and Lloyd Walk- ilcll U i*" yv **»n. w«i ww—o to walking on dirt. The Anguses live three miles east of Lone Rock. Mr. Angus has for many years been deaf, but he bears it cheerfully and gets a lot of fun out of life anyway. * * » * H. W. Shaser, three miles north and 1% miles east of Lone (Rock was repairing hog fence las Thursday. He said he had been away for the day, and when he go what larger than last year. If the chance ever offers we are uour O* Droa Stare going to enter W. B. Leslie, >Led- Group Tours in Iowa- (yard, in a contest for champion Gertrude Wortman, the Jerry Iowa farm tenant in point of con- Ukenas and the I. E. Wortmans tlnued tenancy of the same farm, drove to McGregor a week ago We had a'talk with him i Friday Saturday on a sightseeing trip. The morning, and he told us he had i children especially enjoyed a trip been on the ILarrabee farm 37 across the river on a ferry. The years. It was onginally owned toy party also visited Fort Atkinson, Governor Larrabee, one of the most the Bily clocks, and the smallest celebrated governors Iowa has church in the world near Spill- had, and the present owner is the vllle, besides the Little Brown) governor's so.> Charles._ Landlord church near Nashua. 1 Schoolmates In Get-Together— Mr. and Mrs. Anderson, a son, gUVdllUi O QV»* v^i*t%» »ww. ——land tenant must both be good fellows, or they could never have stuck together so long. The place is a half section, and W. B. farms a\\ ay t,\JL vtj.\s ««v » « ••— , — , home the hogs were out. This i the way it too often goes when yo leave home for a little while. At Clarence Ackerman's, three miles north and a mile east of Lone Rock, the men were hauling fertilr izer Saturday, and Mrs. Ackerman was putting up apple hutter. We plan to call again when the apple butter is ready to serve. * * * * • Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Robinson, who live on their own 40-acre .farm, two miles east of Algona on McGregor street extended and a half mile r, Bernard Platt, Algona, got home rom the world's fair last Monday. They also visited relatives of Russell and -Robert In Illinois. Farmhand's.Daughter to Wed—- lEmil P. F. Aagaard, who had worked for the Carl Seips eight months, left Monday for Estherville for a few days with his daughter who is soon to be married. Other Four Corners. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Rickabaugh, INSURANCE - LOANS - INVESTMENTS Reliable insurance service at low cost. Surety bonds, antomoMle dwelling, and other torms of Insurance. M *,,«i Small loans made at once. Automobiles refinanced paymenta reduced etc. A courteous, confidential . anfalc P 1 ^ 8lnhEonS e I S ei C, H. LA BARRJ3. OHlce 8 locked 1st door north of Iowa State Baisk. GLASS Replacement Service Your broken door and windshield glass replacedwWle you wait. We also carry a complete line of window glass. ' ./ : to " JoeGreenberg PhoiiellS of Harris,, Mrs. Leo Demuth, of Milford, and her son 'Darrol, and Mrs. Verla Lowman and her daughter Jacqueline were Sunday dinner guests, of the Chester Robinsons, and Dewayne Demuth,' who had spent most of his summer vacation with the Robinsons, -went home. Mr. Rickabaugh and Mrs. Demuth are brother and sister o£ Mrs. Robinson. • . ' Mr. and Mrs. iLewis Broesder ana Edna Walker were guests at the wedding of George Broesder and f J. Woodbury's Facial Soap 25cBar.... .. Friday . t v.-ii*r Saturday SALE • MMtMJD ''••"•' , •: f.r.V;.^, DRUG SPECIALS _ 2Sc Mellaiiesiet»l«.....42c SfclHM Paste. ...... 37c jSePHd'$Cr«»w.....27c Kolynos Toothpaste SOeTube $fcwm|CrMai Alcohol thU «oother uid mor* -eaaw to hki tnd much won Ready JSeFrMtito............29e Pliikham Compound Aspirin Tablets Bug Pizon Cmtw *" 0 te «!>• Fact l»ow«lw ^ GOLF BALLS Mr. and. Mrs. Anueraun, a. ouu, IB "• "»" <"- ------ • — .V. „, Mrs. Anderson fir., and Mrs. Hea- in partnership with his son W cocks all of Clinton, Minn., were They have 140 acres in corn and lded all of Clnton, nn., guests of the Nick Koppens had 120 acres in oats which yielded »g . ome time ago, so they cleaned out he herd last spring and started anew. W. B. is now 70, and he says his wife has been spared to him. W J and his wife have three children. Mrs. W. J.'s parents live at Buffalo Center. They are Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Underkofler, and Mrs. Underkofler conducts a hospital there. * * ••* laa o KOC n. Monday. Mrs. Anderson 1400 Tr and Mrs Heacocks were school- and !>*,,*- «v ..- D — mates of Mrs Koppen, and they I fell subject to a barnyard..disease had not seen each other since they left school. The visitors were at P. L. Koppen's last week Monday afternoon. Aid Plans Sauerkraut Stand— Mrs C. Roelfsemd entertained the Methodist Aid at the church last week Wednesday, and final plans were laid for a Sauerkraut day stand and <;ommittees_ap.point- ed. Members were divided into 4- hour. shifts at the stand. The Aicl was invited to attend the Ledyard Aid's annual guest day this week Thursday. NBA Organization is Formed— 'A meeting was fold at the town hall last week Monday evening, and an NRA organization was set UD with Dr. H. H. Murray as chairman, and Harry N. Warburton as secretary. The board was to be completed late. north, have been married S3 years, and in spite of age are in good health, though Mr. Robinson's hearing is somewhat off. They live alone, but their son L. H. lives close by and farms their land, in addition to farming a quarter owned by Howard Wallace, California, son of the late D. ,A. Wallace, Algona. The Rohinsons have lived on their forty 18 years. They have four children, whose names appear in a society item elsewhere In to day's Advance. There are seven II COSTS YOU MONEY 'V t>UUlll£) ***• \J| v«* O" . — : Edith Bates at Good Hope last week Monday. George and Lewis are Drothers. Mr. and Mrs. Austin Witham Algona, Mrs. Myrtle Vining, daughter Harriet, and Howard and Elmer Witham visited the Roy Withams, Fort Dodge, last week Tuesday. Mrs. N. R. Robinson, who had been caring for Mrs. Verla Lowman and the latter's baby three weeks left last week Tuesday for k MORE PER MILE OH 'OTHER PAVEMENTS i MORE PER MILE ON TUNPAVED STREETS tm fmaat MMMHIWI Mm IK enor tana MM. OK Or: PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION Hubbcll Building, D«» MoinM, lowo Henry Gray, five miles northwest of Titonka, in Ramsey township, stopped at Algona briefly Saturday morning, en route to Lu Verne to see a man who had advertised a silo for sale. Henry owns a quarter section, and two unmarried sons, Elmer and Mervin, live on an grandchildren, , Last week's Advance reported' the theft of 600 chickens from the Mrs. Frank Pruismann farm, near Titonka, Thursday night, August 17. Mrs. Pruismann writes that both date and number of chickens were wrong. The date was Monday night, August 14, and the number of chickens was 150. The news was sent to the Advance by the Titonka correspondent, who prdbahly picked it up from someone in town We are Co-operating with Kossuth County Faiir, Sept 4th to 8th And will snow some of bur latest styles ot adjoining: rented quarter. Of course Dad and the 'boys exchange work a great deal, and the boys . are not bashful a'bout sticking their feet under Mother's table at every opportunity. The land the boys have is the former Henry Beenken farm. Together the Grays-have130 acre announcements that a Jean Ann, was born to daughter, Mr. and in corn Baraiboo, Wis. . Other Lakota News. ifluttermaker Nick Behrends and his il sent last week at Dav- • bllO VT4MV " *••" , ^ Their oats w.ent.about 15 DUS u B , a . They milk v Holsteins. Henry came to Kossuth from Ham- Uton county 20 years ago. Besses the boys there are two little daughters In the. family. Last week Claude gamsoir 'he exaggeration in this case shows low stories sometimes, grow when .hey get a few miles from home. '****' . .., • Agge Hansen and his helpers were getlng the Quarton & Hansen Guernseys ready for the Humboldt fair Monday forenoon ""-"- They were taking«11 head f or a show herd, and will return to show at the Kossuth fair next Monday. The Quarton & Hansen herd is the oldest purebred Guernsey herd in Iowa. Judge Quarton was preaching Guernseys when he was on the bench more than 30 years ago. At theS. X at. Smith came home Mr Mr. dar Rapids with her other relatives. :ir _ famliy ^ re- aunt, Mrs. •safVtrom. frost. I paired and repainted. Mr. and Mrs. grew 100 acres this jpento^plan to drive to Mtoeapo^ lair. Two sons,;•Verne .and Irvi'ngton, for ' the t jaroes^lve near •Raymond. Minn., \vill move to the on i y nine miles from Minneapolis, left last week ioth birthday last week Sunday, adapted to this territory. We are inviting you to our exhibit and ask you to make yourself at home. ? YOU may ask any i&enclant at our booth for iirformatibn o any machines Without obligation. The Behrends brothers, six miles the Mrs. I W est and one mile north of l|an- Lrnft live on a Travelers Insurance lefeld farm. .... .- ^"j 1 ^ A new- set of^uildta Judging from attendance records . b j ere cted; house, 36x3?, w;..- juqgmB _ _,_ _ , ar this ^"n,.. barn , 40x32; corn, crib, ""°- |Da wl th 10-ft. drive; hoghouse. chicken house, 24x12; and 12x10. George Johnson of six men are doing ug at other county fairs so far, fs'^^¥o.to-the-fair year." The Kos- «ith fair has an unusually good prograS and exhibits are , bein? e can great numbers, to We can at s • wr , Benren d 8 Fred Habeger, three miles north B s O n this farm. The boys ah and 1% miles east of , Bancroft, » dy have their fall plowing done, wfs hauling manure .last week I- - y ------- ^ ... ..«. - ; hasved on iReuben Greeni camp Saturday for , r60-acre"arm"two years. He .is ' nWg 12 Holstein cows andjas ^having plowed 180 acres, this ••«*•» a four !r and milkng , 90 T soring pigs. Fred remarked that he u,se P s a tractor for thresh, ing and plowing. Mr. and Mrs, Habeger have a girl, Frances May, 5, and a boy, Deane, 3. We had a shortVisit last Thursday with Henry Na^er, a haU mile e he past of Bancroft. Henry sas e ..... -- -- an ' "*._'_„ a,,niiav. «»"v^ f. .. -j-ajj. , having wan. «i«***'t T — i on tWs farm Moines res from the shock ' vear in the 30 years he lias The new McCormick-Deermg N r^« Rinder New FarmfcU Tracers, TWO (2) row Corn Binder New B 3 Intwn*tional Motor Truck Roughage. Mill .--^4 O f Jaiestmake •"'«„ ' on the 200-acre farm where Tppj Von Bank Hves, three miles .west and one mile north of Bancroft, the outbuildings were being repaired 1 Ht 'Thursday, 'This farm is owned by the StelpWug estate, the heirsl being six girls, and they, keep all. Sings .in first-class shape. They have recently built a new corn orih 38x27, with 8-ft. drive, also a new chicken house, 28 X ?4. Haglun4 & Peterson, Swea City. dW the work. Mr- and Mrs. Von Bank left Saturday night for Chicago to. At' von tend the world's fair. Mrs- died 1* years on s ago, and his daughters -WaW>er6 and • kept house for h|m and "hi» with the farm work. ' «*,*» T L. Rowell, £% mi}?s nop 5? roile^s west of Bancroft, Von teiiu i-uy n w* *•* ^ -TV " , ^ • /nl»«. 1 Bank has a:• sister In Chicago. T^ sisters Clara and Theresa attended the fair in July. Clara is now| teaching three miles north ot ton. , . is itt mes e , fatmtag a half sectiQn,. The IRoweUs lived itWs term fjye years R. C, BAUEHS, Wesley, Iowa CORWITH IMP. CO., CorwHh, Iowa (Stan. O, Qremer, FRED FLAIG, Une Rock, Iowa, W.T. F;iSH, Whittemore, Iowa DEERING STORE* Algon*, U.i * songs; sale . r«dio values * v .rt'-MfC vmmi»p »\^.i¥S^a»%!?>c-!?J*

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