Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 31, 1933 · Page 4
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1933
Page 4
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FOUR •• •nth (ftountg AS SECOND CLASS natter December 31, 1908, at the Twrtofflce at AlRona, Iowa, under the •fct of March 2, 1879. TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION •*^-To Kossuth county postofflces and bordering postofflces at .Armstrong, 'Bode, Brltt, Buffalo Center, Corinth, Cylinder, Elmore, Hutchlns. tivermore, Ottosen, Rake. £ lng eted. Rodman, Stllson, West Bend Woden, year W^ all other U. S. Poatofflces. year -•• »-•*" "AXJ* subscriptions for papers going lo points within the county and out- •f-the-county points named under No. •» above are considered continuing Subscriptions to be discontinued only en notice from subscribers or at pub- ^taher-s discretion. Subscriptions going to non-county points not "*™d under *»o 1 above wilt be discontinued Without notice one month after explr- Son of time paid for. if not renewed, •%St time for payment will be extended U requested In writing. AS WE FACE THE PROBLEMS OF INFLATION Tip to this time we have had, •Since President Roosevelt took o£- 5tee, a mixture of psychological inflation and auasi-inflation. Some part of the domestic rise in prices, ^10 one Knows how much, has been iflue to the president's gold policy and the expectation that he wsuld deflate the dollar; the- rest has been due to natural oaus- stopped Inflation. Though whether it might have been better never to have resorted to them Is at least disputable,' there can be no question that in some ways, particularly in serving the war ne'eds of. the government and in making private debt-paying easier in a time not unlike ours as regards the burden of debt, they served a useful purpose. ***** Our own view of monetary infla- las slowly changed somewhat in ecent months. "We remain frankly fraid of it, but we have come to elieve that it must be tried in a degree, if we are to escape from our )resent situation. The- real estate ebt burden must be eased or we are all ruined. This western coun- ry stands between the devil and he deep sea and, willy nilly, must, or a time, make friends with the devil. We are therefore prepared o welcome inflation as the lesser of two evils, trusting to the admin- stration to restrain us before in- lulgence becomes an unbreakable habit, and to enforce the cure when he time comes. The letfs Not be too D—4 Serioni •JBS in accordance with the law of Supply and demand. Abroad there has been depreciation of the dollar, and this has also .•worked on the domestic price situation; it would be difficult to say how much. There is a saying that works in mysterious ways his .wonders to perform, and the same Js true of money. It looks now, if Washington dispatches are to be relied upon, as if Teal inflation is near. The psychological inflation and the quasi- Jnflatibn have seemingly spent their force, and a further stimulant is needed. This refers particularly to agricultural prices. Industry is Tiow boosting prices, but that is principally due to Nira, not to mon- «tary considerations. The historic trouble with inflations is that after a time they -cease to work and an increase< •dose is required. Dope addicts inow whSat that means; as time •elapses it takes more and more •elope to turn the trick. In cases of sarcoma the rule is to give morphine enough to kil pain, and to increase the dose a last as the patient becomes im mune to what he has been getting 3)ut there this analogy between the human body and the body politic must end. The human body afflicted with sarcoma must soon die, and that the patient becomes an addict makes no difference. But we cannot concede that the body politic will ever die. Therefore we have to be careful not to make the body politic an addict. The addiction is usually 'harder to cure than the disease. ***** To get back to inflation, the case Timely Topics That this country cannot expand ts naval program without provok- ng rivalry on the part of other at powers is well enough understood. Yet it may be suspected hat most red-Wooded Americans secretly, if not openly, welcome the Roosevelt administration's expansion program. It will feed our pride to feel that no other country outranks us on the seas. In the New Outlook for July Alfred B. Smith expressed decided ack of faith in Nira, but now he is a leader in the cause. That, however, is not proof of inconsistency. Apparently the governor feels that since we are in for it anyway the best thing for all of us is to get behind it,, push, and do our best to make it work. There's some sense to that. Kossuth farmers are far from prosperous, but they are in luck this fall as regards the corn crop at least, if what returning travelers say about prospects elsewhere THE MINISTERS, THE PUDDING, AND TttE WINE SAUCE. [Paris, Mo., Appeal.] The mincemeat episode in "State Fair" at the opera ihouse in Paris last week, wherein a double dose of apple brandy was administered to a batch that ma intended to be free from such ungodly stuff, reminded the Appeal editor of 'the time his mother entertained the pastor and a visiting evangelist Both of them were militant drys. In those days the coming of preachers was an event of the utmost importance. Nothing was too good for them. This occasion was no exception. Our ..mother prepared a meal 'tit, for the gods. To one of her^diughters she delegated the taskj$f''m'aking-a",'prize,pudding for dessert. Great was •her-ih'orror.and indignation when, too late for correction, she discovered that the daughter had made .wine sauce Worse still, wine with a raal wallop had been administered in copious quantity. With fear and trembling, filled with visions of ministerial wrath and ex-communication from the Baptist church, our mother waited her doom. In due time the pudding was served, each piece swimming in that wine sauce. Both preachers asked for a second helping, and a good time was had by all. IF YOU HAVE cacoethes scrib- endi, buy a Remington.—Hurt Monitor page ad. Which is latin or something for "the itch to write," according to W. A. MacArthur, erudite Monitor scribender. IN THE SATEVEPOST recently appeared this parody, which is now KOSBtJTH nntmrif AttVAMM. Al/JOKA. IOWA THURSDAY New Act for Kossuth Fair 'pHJB-t/l'BONATr TRIO offer xylophone music by three artists, com- Thls act was added to • J. bined with, tap dancing and acrobatics, fair's free''attractibn program last week. At The A Review of the Recent Talkies by T. H. C rounds of the newspa- w® 1 VV ] is true. Even in Iowa there are sections where the crop will be poor. Here the crop is bountiful, and it will mature practically 100 per cent before frost. Even if you feel too hard up, support the county fair by your presence. event After all, it is the one county of the year when everyone meats on a level with the other fellow. Through thick and thin it has served us -75 years, -and it is worth handing down intact to the oncoming generation. A money crank in the who admits is, as regards agricultural prices and prices of stocks, that the markets collapsed a few weeks ago and have remained more or less Register [Lakota please note] going the pers— Blessings on thee, bareleg maid, In your linen shorts arrayed, With your merry whistled tunes And your sawed-off pantaloons! Never, I will bet, did Whittier • Gaze on any Vision "prettier; ^ You're a sight that-'TSifil enjoy Better than a barefoot boy. How the good gray 'tifcrd would like Seeing you upon yourHjHfe!-> r f ... Well, it's equally as true* We are quite enchanted too. And Whittier would gaze long and ardently, according to a biography by a debunker Just out. He was a Quaker all right, but he did like the maids. Oh, quite platonically, o%jourse; they were Victorian then, yo'CL know—very; only sometimes HAD THE PLEASURE of pre-viewlng Paddy, Janet Gaynor's newest vehicle, the other night, and since it is to be on the fair week program at the Call we wish to urge all Gaynor fans to see it. It is one of the most beautifully photographed pictures we have ever seen, it is clean (something for the whole family, if you have difficulty in finding pictures of this class), and the presentation at the Call is well nigh faultless. This applies especially to sound effects, 'which are technically perfect in this newest talkie. Manager Rice assures us that the presentation of >Paddy in fair week will be first in this part of the country. '"THIS IS THE TIME of year when •1 'smarting eyes and running loses proclaim the sad fact that he hay-fever* season is upon us. Way we remind you again that the all theatre, with its perfect' cool- air ventilating system, is an ideal ilace -to - escape -*the discomforts -of his malady? Patrons have been known to sit through two shows in order to avoid the pollen-laden >reezes which, make'life miserable 6h''"t'he outside. -It's just a t>t oiks, but 35c means two hours bl contentment regardless of the plc- ,ure. that monetary circulation has gone down, not up, under Roosevelt has discovered the reason: the Federal Reserve banks did it! And while he was writing his diatribe an unfeeling Washington Associated Press writer was revealing that the Federal Reserve had for months been pumping money into circulation at the rate of ten millions a week up! If Uncle Sam ever feels guilty he must be feeling it every time he so very. THE FAMILY wants m« to thank you for a copy of the paper with the tribute to your mother; and I want to thank you too for its symbolic tribute to all mothers, including MY mother. — •>& K. The Colyum is particularly proud to have the tribute applied to E K.'s mother. We knew that sainted mother, and she was the gentlest of mothers. If we were paint- picks up a country paper these days. Democratic and republican alike, they are all pointing the fin- rm nave rem* IIIC u illu r c UL .«™ f t w demand for falr collapsed. Perhaps prices would be ^ tt . remarking: « 0 h, much lower now in the gram mar- £ t cheapskate kets if they had not been pegged. Thus the inflation we have had is government-printed returns on envelopes?" That has for a genera- i tion been a sore spot for printers. Opinions of Editors Federal Sales Tax Looms. Northwood Anchor-^It will not be surprising if the next congress passes a sales tax. Sentiment is changing and leaning strongly toward it. Since the consumer pays all taxes anyway a better purpose might be served to place it directly upon him and quit trying to fool him into belief that someone else foots the bill. There's Something In This. Estherville News — The administration must realize that for the present NRA has hurt rather than created TIG longer working, and an •of stimulant is needed. The Washington dopesters figure that President Roosevelt will take action soon and suddenly. What he will do is not yet plain. He has authority either to issue up to ?3,000,000,000 in greenbacks or to reduce the gold content of the dollar up to 50 per cent, or both. The best guess, we think, is that •the president will begin with the greenbacks, reserving the gold cut till the next increase of stimulant Is needed, if any. The greenbacks -will probably be used first to buy government bonds; then, if necessary, to pay running expenses. This -will be real inflation. If gold were •circulating it would immediately go to a premium in paper. In fact, it would, if circulating, be at a prem- .ium now in foreign exchange transactions, if not in domestic transactions. How will inflation work? This 4s what the man in the street is curious about. He reads in the papers that cheap money will let him pay his debts easier. He gets the vague impression that if the president issues more money or cuts the gold content, say, 40 per cent, he can, for example, pay a $2,000 debt -with only $1200. Is that tr»e? That is not the way inflation works. The debt remains $2000 and must be paid with 2000 dollars. The way inflation works is to stimulate monetary turnover (business) and raise prices. Then increased income due to inflation lets the •debtor pay his debts easier. It is paying a $2000 debt with $1200 all right, but via increased prices of goods, not via actual decrease of the debt in terms of dollars. If the inflation does not run wild, most people will never realize that there lias been any. All they will see is an upturn in prices. Why would not that be. a good thing? The answer is that it will •be a good thing, a godsend, in fact, to our western country now bowed down by a burden of debt that can never be lifted—if! If it can be stopped when and -where it ought to be stopped; if it -can be stopped at a point that will 1>e fair to both debtors and creditors; if it can be stopped before money has depreciated four-fifths as it did in France; if it can be .stopped before it results in a Ger- , man debacle; if it can be stopped : before it brings on the kind of j boom we had in Florida; if it can. 1 be stopped ahead of a crash like' that of 1929; if it can be stopped! 'before it works as it did in war-[ ,„ _, time, when mid-western banks and heard suggestion "ofYunning" Sena- farmers, misled by inflated prices, : tor Patterson for lieutenant gov- blithely laid the foundations for ernor on the republican ticket in. the troubles that later worked j 1934. And before it has developed the ing a picture of a would be the type. ' mother, she It is many a i year since she went away, but boy's memory of her as the fine* of gentlewomen remains vivid. REFERRING TO General John son's threat of a "sock in the nose' for NIRA recalcitrants, F. A. Mos crip, of the Marshalltown T.-R. opportunely recalls Mark Twain's amusing lines when street-car con ductors were first required to punch passenger's tickets. As,Mark might have put it— Sock, Johnson, sock! Sock with care! .;' Sock in the presence of the pas'sen 'jaire; A left-hand jab-for the grocery kike*' And a svvift right cross for the soft coal -strike. helped business. It has uncertainty and anxiety. Justice for Governor Turner. Des Moines Plain Talk—It is pertinent that history be kept straight in Iowa just now on the matter of savings in governmental..expenses, and it is pertinent to keep the facts in the minds of the people, that the savings were inaugurated under the administration of a republican governor. Here's the Test in Nira. Iowa Falls Sentinel—The test of whether a business or industry helps the NRA is whether it pays out more for wages than it did before. All display of plumes and feathers and flags avail but little if more wages are not paid out. Are We Consistent?—Nay! Swea City Herald—We are a funny people. We squawked about the 18th amendment, which took away only one personal privilege, yet with the fire of zealots we krteel at the altar of NIRA, which takes away numerous rigihts, even to the right of doing business should the president's power of issuing licenses ever be invoked. It's Team Work That Counts. Spencer Reporter—Anyone who is looking for a chance to find fault with the administration of the NRA code or codes will be sure to find it. The whole thing calls for a lot of charity common sense. and much good Patterson for Lieut.-Govemor Emmetsburg Reporter — Already there is the not-too-distinctly- their ruin. These "Ifs" are not insurmount- into even a remote prospect, anti-income tax newspapers are •able, though monetary history is shouting "Down with Patterson." full of instances when they were The roar, as usual, is headed by not surmounted. Our own history, the Marshalltown Times-Repuiblic- Jn the case of the original green- an and the Council Bluffs Non- Sock, Johnson, care ! sock! Sock wit: Sock in the presence of the com missaire. A. M.'s term; new word in "Webster: 1. Peeper or spy • rival who obtains manufactur- IT'S STHJL A LONG way away • but Manager Rice informs us ;hat for Saturday, v Se-Btember 23 ie has scheduled' one of the greatest combination shows in the his :ory of the Call. The program -in. eludes Black Beauty, a Buck Jones first of the serial Fighting With Kit Carson, and a colored Wai' Disney cartoon comedy. To en courage the younger literati we of fer a prize each to the boy or gir under 12 who writes the best anc second best reviews of any of these four pictures. Keep this offer in mind; we will remind you again through this column the Saturday before the show. The first prize will be five free tickets; secon< prize, 3 free tickets. T HE KID FROM SPAIN, notwith standing the fact that it is ove a year old, still more than hold its own with the later musica comedies. It has songs, dances pretty girls, a good plot, and Eddi Cantor, and the mixture is deftl and expertly served, with Just pinch of sophistication which ren ders it the more appetizing to th somewhat jaded palate: The Ki From Spain is everything whic 42nd Street and the Gold Diggers of 1933 'tried to b.e:but-weren't. It v is what'folks pay their money to see and hear. Funny that so-called "alert" producers have failed to awaken to" this all-important fact. •We find Eddie first in a girls' dormitory, which gives the extremely beautiful chorus girls an opportunity to disport themselves in brief attire, which they do be- wltchingly, even including a plunge among their morning exercises. Of course Eddie is expelled, and we In last week's, announcement of high school football schedule it was said that the Livermore gaine would !be played there. Instead it will be played here, and makes four home games, unless more are scheduled in open dates. LEDYARDERS ARE HURT IN AUTO CRASH HERE Ledyard, Aug. shocked last Thursday to learn that Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Olson and their daughter Patricia Ann were alt patients at the Kossuth hospital, Algona, as the result of an lutomoblle accident. Mr. Olson had attended the world's fair with his father, who lives at Ellsworth, and his wife lad driven to Humboldt to bring lim home. At the Junction of Nos. 189' and 18, just north bf Algona, the Olson car was rammed by a Hastings, Neb., car coming from the east. The back end of the Olson car was struck, and the car was hurled Into the ditch and upset. Mr. and Mrs. Olson were both Injured on the head and badly bruised, "Paddy" 'suffered severe head and face cuts, some of which required several stitches to close. T,he i patients i were i able to • come home Monday. ._, northwest of more. iL*8t Thursday they got the outfit ready* and were all set to go i?rld,»y,,.nioifn|ng. ^Tliey^wete • delayed 'till''almost noon, however, and got only 48 far a* the Blbert t»tm»v north • of ..wnlnepiore by night. Next day they reached the Loss farm, two wiles south of Algona. They had to go a short distance south from Hobarton to avoid hills south of Atgona. The outfit travels at less than four miles an hour, and moving it 22 miles was 'a real task. City and County •ould deem it a favor if he or she would drop us a postal card. O UR CONTENTION that Edward •G. Robinson has never made a oor picture stands. While the ,ittle Giant is not in the "big- ime" class, it is a thoroughly en- oyable and intensely human hough highly improbable, yarn ibout a beer king who saw the government chiseling in on his racket and sold out for a cool million" while the "getting out" was good. He moves to California, secures a $45 a day room at the 3iltinore,.,and'set&to work.to meet the "best" people. 'The Casses seem to fill the bill. Before he is through he has rented a mansion':at-$1450 a month and nought a tottering bond house for ^600,000. When he finds out that ie-'has been fleeced, he phones -his Old gang of racketeers in Chicago, who come west loaded with machine guns and "gats" and literally clean house" with the directors of the^-crooked investment, business. Then, of course;-Robinson ''jnarrjes the private secretary who has beer his friend and pal right along. And eyed Mary Astor is the" secretary and what a help she is, when we mention that the lovely, dark- things get too hot for our hero! Edward G. Robinson has a terrific handicap in being a most unattractive hero, but his .intense sincerity, his quick change of pace and his ability to play up a mediocre part, all help -make us overlook his shortcomings. His efforts to achieve so-called '.'culture" supply The Little Giant with plenty of laughs. Besides being an interesting and exciting plot, the subject is timely and well handled And applying "iron hand" method! to faltering business is now thi policy of the day. The pie-throwing short set a new "low" for this already ebbing "fill in" feature of our programs. Bu perhaps it was some excellen short subjects which Manager Rice had been securing of late which makes-this one, by.-contrast,-seem, so revolting. Thumbs down on pie-a-la-inode, a Vitagraph musicale! • : The Rev. 'Raymond Kresensky who .has been preaching three years at Bellevue and is spending some time with his mother here, will preach next Sunday at 11 o'clock at the Presbyterian church. There will be regular Sunday morning services in that church from now on, and excepting on Sundays when the congregation may be hearing supplies Mr. Kresensky will occupy the pulpit. There have not been regular preaching services in this church for eight months but it is hoped that all who have worshipping there will come to these services. Deputy Sheriff Casey Loss took two and a half days off last week o help his father, Mike Loss, and rother Robert bring home a steam engine and threshing outfit from BODY ODOR Everybody I* (flitted with ' body odor oecaiioMHy, but than the nedicMealameii of I • to-called prevenutives. .)§ Pyni«ep(ie toap cleamet, , : :V-:'. refresher and positive* Ijr parget the body of i anpleaiaht odor*. Ami- teptic—deodorliing— , with Pine Wood* :?:. scent.^iJfjrourfrocer. Pastor^ Th at Luther Ha hostesses. Choir evening, 7 :30 Bible class next ' a- m.; morning W oK Typewriter Ribbon* ADDING MACHINE ROLLS AT THE ADVAJft'i; HOlTZBl Plumbing Heating Sheet Me We merchandise ana I HOT-AIR FURNACl STEAM AMD WAT] BOlLERi Plumbing fixtures and accessories, pipe, Ta ives,| tings. 'Pumps, cylinders, and 1 Stove and furnace pip. troughs and con. Phone 11!) So. Dodgtf smile over this we did crack a one — "I s'ee where U. S. Congressman Hamilton Pish (who made a mighty fine record with the 'Rough Riders in Cuba) has offered our president the ;s,wpport of the entire republican party in. case of invasion of Cuba. That's' great, Hamilton Pish is a mighty fine patriotic citizen, but I would sure hate to go into Cuba '(or even the littlest country on earth) with nothing behind me but the republican party. Suppose shot 'em both!" POME A LA JttKA. (Plain Talk, D. M.) The object of Nira We think is to hire a 'Lot of good men, And never to fire a Darned one again. We are all for Nira But, pause to inquire a Way to restore Our cash and inspire a Way to get more. For, helping with Nira, Unless we acquire a iLct. of new money, , We'll; just have to-retire a Bust, Ih'di'tha^ wouldn't, under ' • the circumstances, be the least bit funny. IN HIS THEATER column'T. II C. remarks that the shots in Tugboat Annie in which Wallace Beery laps up hair tonic flowing down from his dome scene, expertly made a •handled. clever Well, maybe, but to us it is one unreal thing in the play that the director ought to have a wrist slap for. Whenever we attempt that act (our own "Annie" being conveniently absent), the stuff trickles into the eyes and upsets the performance. But Wallace never blinked. Which gives rise to a suspicion that the hair tonic was just coffee or something. CONCENSUS of.editorial opinion is that Texas wijil vote for repeal. -F. A. Moscrip in Marshalltown T.-«. (Editorial. Attention F. A. M. and Managing Ed. Advance: You and Noah ought to f et together on that word. Dorwellvr is Collector. West Bend, Aug. 29—(Philip Dorweiler has been appointed one of se^n deputy internal revenue collectors in Iowa whose duty it is to collect processing taxes levied under tho new federal agricultural relief act. His headquarters are at Fort Dodge, and Algona is included in his territory. , .. .„...,. «•— in a bank robbery, as a re- AS A RULE we read the WiU, su!t of whlch| he is shanghaied to Rogers witticisms in the papers, Mexico, where he meets with many with a funereal countenance, tout and sundry experiences. Chief among these is a bull fight, in which our hero imagines he is combatting a tamed and trained animal, only to learn his error in the bull-ring when a ferocious beast ; charges bin'). .But of course he comes out >.of -th'e. ring•;» hero and wins the loyeiy;.bl()nde who^has been waiting for Mri all ithe.-.time. As usual, Mr. Cantor's humor is of the broad, sophisticated variety, which depends chiefly on the way he rolls those big, black eyes for its suggestlyeness. And Eddie -. puts plenty of suggestion into his remarks too, some of it only a little above the gutter. But the Kid From Spain ia lavishly produced after the pattern of Broadway revues and conies closer to being the kind of light musical entertainment that the customers are calling for than most of the late ventures. Notwithstanding the fact that this is not a new release, the Call was crowded for every performance. Perhaps this was due, in part, to Mr. Cantor's immense popularity. Maybe we ought to "age" our talkies like wine. A FTER HAVING EXHAUSTED all the masculine "doctor- plot" pictures,, the smart (?)'producers give us a feminine M. D., and hand the unattractive role to the beautiful, alluring, thoroughly feminine Kay Francis. The result is one of the most useless pictures th§t has ever appeared on the silver screen. If there is one solitary reason for Mary\ Stevens, M. D., we failed to observe it. It is one unbroken succession of babies, legitimate and otherwise. ^Everyone in the picture has at least one baby— and we didn't feel so well when we left the theatre ourself! Glenda Parrel? steals the show, if that is any credit. At least, she supplies the few human-touch moments. ,Lyle Talbot shares honors, and doubtful ones, with Kay Frances in turning in a thoroughly stupid performance. Theltna (legs) Todd proves that she ought to be tack in slap-stick comedy. The rest of the cast is scarcely worth even | Sale Dates [ 'Sept. 12—General farm sale at Mrs. Verla Lowman's, west of Algona. ' GOOD MOBNiNG. MADAM. OlDVOOTIW WATSAMPtE PACKAGE OF6RAPE-WJS I LEFT HERE YESTERDAY'?.* THAT.'S FINE.6U1 WAS SURE YOU' LIKE IT, EVERYBODY DOES, I CERTAINLY DID. AND WE ALL tHJOYCD ITS CRISPHEK AND FLAVOR. IT'S BETTER THAN ANY OTtiER CEREAL WEVE TniED. IT'S ANYTHING BUT EXPENSIVE. AND I'LL TELL YOU WHY. A SMALL SERVING OF GRAPE-HUTS IS SATISfYWG YET RICH IN NOURISHMENT. OF COURSE, I'VE KNOWN ABOUT GRAPE-NUTS FOR YEARS. HOW NOURISHING IT IS. BUT ISN'T IT RATHER EXPENSIVE TO SERVE REGULARLY ? I'M CLAP TO KNOW T«AT BECAUSE THE WHOLE FAMILY LIKEDX GRAPE-NUTS SO M AND'NOW'WE'LL HAVE IT EVERY MOnNINO Want Ads FILMS DEVELOPED I at Dusby's; •' . : 40r51 *FOR'SAiLE — BLUE BNAMBfSa5 range.—Call 411-J. . 7u51 FOB SALE—GOOD YOUNG Guerh- sey_bull.—'McEnroe Bros. 8uol 'FOR' iRfENT—'PARTLY MODERN house, close in.—Phone 161.10p5l •If tbere is one customer who enjoyed Mary Stevens, jj. 0,, we FOR RENT — SIX IMPROVED farms, Winnebago county.—iken- neth Erickson, Thompson, la. lluol FOR RENT AFTER SEPT." 15—ALL modern downstairs apartment, furnished or unfurnished. — Mrs Charles Lathrop, phone 210. l«p61 WANTED—COMPETENT GIRL for general housework in Emrnets- burg. Family of five. References. —Write K, care Kossuth County Advance. g^\ WANTED-MAN FOR TEA AND coffee route through Algona and KqssHtlT coun'ty., Apply by letter immediately—Bl, ^ Kennedy Cpffee poi. Kokomo, Ind. 22p61 ... , RANGE One Universal cooking range'all enamel; burns woqd or coal; good as new at about "6ne,-f our th of pur- chasejtrice.—525 MjnnejsgtaSt. p&'l FOR SALE—TWO 1% to7T~Ford •panel trucks. Suitable for delivery or long haul. Motors overhauled, in excellent condition. Factory_paneled.—Algona Bakery. p51 STEADY WORK—GOOD PAY—RE- liable man wanted to call on farmers. 'No experience or capital needed. Write today. — McNESS CO.. Dept. B, Freeport. 111. 24p51 FINAL NOTICE—YOU ARE hereby notified that the final hour is close at band in which you can get genuine Roadgripper Tires at close-out prices.—Oaiuble Stores. — 27-51 *700 PLAYER PIANO WITH rolls , for unpaid balance $48.67: terms HO monthly; or $40 cash RiA X£** *° N,.,*>lankington aye. mm Fair Week Specials—September 1st to the 9 Laundry Soap 23c 10 BARS Beet. Cane SUGAR 100 Ibs. 9U9 Toilet 3 BARS MUSTARD, large jar JAR LIDS, Mason, dozen _aic AMMONIA, quart size OXYDOL, large pkg. _____""" STARCH, corn or gloss, 1 lb; 2 LBS. SLICED BACON 25C SARDINES, oval .mustard or mato „_.—-. ------SALMON, 1 U>. can -------- CORN, med. can ---- — -""" PORK AND BEANS, No. 2 1-2 to- TEA SIl TINGS 1 Ld3.. COFFEE, OW •2 " . 1 LBS. FLOUR! FLOUR! FLO Rose Sunny Boy $1,58 * • Mifs Minneapolis 0niar r SODA, Arm & Hammer PRESERVES, 2-lb. jar. TEA, bulk 1-2 lb. pkg. CAKE FLOUR _ * COCOA, Our Mothers f CATSUP,, 8 pz. —r 1 for] PEAS, No. 2 ___-,- - 3 * lbs ,j) —- ** *i RAISJNS,,seeaiee8 HONEY, 2 cakes _15c BED CHEBEIES Pitted 53C BLACK RASPBEBEIES DIgH "BUSIEST UVNJt

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