Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 31, 1933 · Page 3
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1933
Page 3
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KOBStTTH CDPNTT ADVANCE. Htx^ONA. PAGE I5ES , JAKE "BANCROFT £pA harvest lei- ^y'St. John's Cath_$ Week Tuesday and Ills a huge success, on the .program is Good Hope S. S. Class of 20 Years Ago Meets game • Leans. between t This year the 1 a Burt and Bancroft f began, and, half of E of Bancroft were on from nearby , folks ' for jannai Proves To Be Big Success . ;_; , ^ '__ . _ : . ^M^^. ..' • '•. . __ - _.__ . . .._..'__. .. .... • Burt were Becker and .a. i inning the score was B ln the last two in- ran in four more llie ending 8-4 In Ban- Two hits by Baker, e In four runs. I county championship 'lit Bancroft has now nut of five games. The • at the county Good Hope, Aug. 2!l—-An affair of unusual interest was a gathering of the Loyal Sons in honor of Mr. and Mrs. .Ralph Moorn, Old Hickory, Tenn., at W. J. Bourne's Friday evening. The Loyal Sons was a Good Hope Sunday school class taught by Mrs. Bourne 20 years ago. The reading ot old class minutes Was one of the stirring periods of the evening. ' Members of the original organ- izrftion present, with wives or lady friends, were Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Moore, Mr. ami Mrs. iLewls Broesder, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Beck, Mr. and Ms; Lawrence Dtttmer, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Dittmer, Mr. and Mrs. James Moore, Mr. and Mrs. EJrwln Turner, "William Broesder and Edna Walker, Mr. and Mrs. GIVES HOME TALENT PLAY Fcnton, Aug. 29—The St. John's 'Lutheran young pjeopJe's society Ringsted, Sunday evening. Mrs. W. R. Wolfe was hostess at three tables of bridge Friday afternoon. Mrs. C. H. Geronsin won the high score, Mrs. IH. H. Widdel the travel prhe. The event celebrated Mrs. Wolfe's brithday anniversary. Mrs. Jos. Stokes, Chicago, ,her children, and the John Drews, of Graettinger, visited last week at Ernest Voettler's. Mrs. Stokes'is a sister of Mrs. Voettler, and Mr. and Mrs. .Drew are their parents. The Oliver Stoebers were overnight visitors at the parental W. E. Stoeber's Friday. They were en route home from Cedar Falls, where Mr,.Stoeber attended 'sum- i mer school. The August Lohses, Raymond, St. Benedict Lakes; the Fred Almys and the'Rev. Mr. Clarence Smiths, Kanawh'a; the IN. C. Harness, of Rosehill, A large number of neighbors and other frlends'ftttehded a lawn party at William Dunlap's last week Tuesday evening in celebration ol several birthdays. Andrew Kueck and Esther Stahlman, Williamsburg, were vjsltors last week Tuesday over night at William Arndorfer's. Mrs. Mary Jetty, Webster City,- Clinton Deckers, Garner; the Isaac Gordons, Forest City; the William Worths and James.. Yeoptes, <Jor- wltVi --. . • ••;;'""•''" Meyers, Milwaukee, is spending a week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Isadore Meyers. presented the play, "High House", Minn., went home last'week Mon- Sunclay evening at the Fenton opera (Ia >'. af ter a few days with relatives Charles Barrickman, G. Bourne. and Dr. M. house. It was a comedy ot Ameri- hero aml at Durt - They are former can life In throe acts, and was'well' P< ^;° n / esl(lents patronized ami well given. The ! rne A> cast included Alice Dreyer, Hans Laiase !B Krause, Adella Mlttag, Frank Drey- Saturda y to visit till Sunday at C. er, Leland Hantelman, August. °' Laa se's and J. A. Schwartz's. Krause, Marie Miller, Ella Dreyer,! Lola Lindsey ami a Miss Yackey, Clara Grainenz and Arthur Ruecker Iowa City, came recently to visit with, Alvlna Other guests were Mr. and Mrs. J, M. Moore, Mrs. 'D. C. Gardner, and the Rev. and Mrs. Allen Wood. Mrs. Turner read the extracts from the minutes. the hall games a n dinner was served i p£ the parish to 621 , ; crowd of the year j a .ball game Wednes- jn, and got its money's „, when the Bancroft [the Swea City Cardinals This was a real ittle, In which Lichllter tallowed five hits, with while Deim, for •'allowed 11 hits, with The catchers were [^"Bancroft and Schuler ty. The game was tied i last half of the ninth i D. Lichliter reached Menke hit one just in- jht field foul.line, Lich- Murphy, for Swea jl tautiful catch in cen- s ball 'game more than i dinners were served shall. l wrestling match foe- i Bauer, Swea City, and in, Fairmont, took place. i falls out of three. i Olson In the first fall l|eswlth a reverse .wrist- iXHsori; downed Bauer in tin six minutes.with a rtlock, and Bauer downed "s third In four minutes "body-slam. dred and eighty • cou- . a Legion •' dance at pavilion, Al Menke and [falrmont, furnishing the F. Scholtes is pastor j$i~chureh,.andvthe Rev. ris assistant. ' • son Attends Mason (Jltj- Fair- Bates Stott was at the North Iowa fair, Mason City, last week, helping show Percheron horses for Charles G. Ames & Soil. He ro- Four-IE Club Plans for Fair— I the former's parents, Mr. afld Mrs. |H. C. Lindsey, and other relatives. M,i ^Jv, eek "' *?*™J?™?*?™ fCf1Ul) i IR ™ ntl Stoeber was a business y auor- . visitor at Minneapolis last week 14 mem- Monday., He was accompanied by „„,, „ „,„, . a" o n«ed Gladys Stoeber and Irene Krause. Roll call was on, "What I have prepared for the county fair." Ella daughter 'Ann, Mrs. Austin Burtis, Lu Verne,'-and the latter's daughter Betty were visitors at William Arndorfer's .Sunday. . ; The Bernard Erdmans came Saturday from Rockwell to visit relatives. They formerly lived hore. The Edward Pfeffers, Des Moines, spent the week-end with the Mrs. Pfeffer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. „ . ,M. Witte. and , M "-?-^-1 Albert Simons left last week Minnesota, came | Wednegday for Chicago to s,t?end the world's fair. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Elscheid and the Edwurd Hildmans, Wesley, returned late last week from a week at the Jair. The Elscheids spent Sunday at Blue Earth, visiting Mrs. Eischeid's The William Arndorfers, Ben Capesius, the Juliart Arndorfers, and Charles Casparl motored to West Bend Sunday for a picnic dinner and 'visited the grotto. Isadore Eisenbarth, August Fehr, and Mrs. j Rosa Arndorfer and her family] were also there. ' Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Downs spent Sunday with Mrs. Catherine Downs, Wesley. The William Eichs and Mrs. j. 0. Downs drove to Mason City last Thursday. Mrs. Fred Mulert left last week Wednesday for her home at Claremont, Minn., after five weeks or more here during the last illness and death of her father, Joseph Rahm. ' The William Parsons, Belmond, came Sunday and brought 'home Mrs. Morris Parsons, who had been with them for several days. In the afternoon both families visited In Algona. Mrs. Charles Egel knows the Reymann girl, of Stockton, who was awarded prizes for being the ten millionth visitor at the world's fair. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Seeley re- cently left to .visit Mrs. mother. T. E. Wlckwire Is carinft tor the Seeley farm. /• Mr. and Mrs. Walter Wood parents of a girl, born morning. A LIMITED NUMBER: OF TH1* 110 mile an hour A. A. A- Oft-* clal World's Record stock tires. Going at close-out prices.—<lam'bl«. Stores. 81-5* ports a great fair, with a $2200 grandstand the first day . and a $10,000 grandstand for 1 the entire fair. This is a free fair, but a fee of 50c entitles one to a seat in the ' grandstand, take it or leave it. The plan attracts great crowds who spend money freely, doubtless because they have been given something for nothing to start with. It is good psychology and might work well for our own county fair. Church Spirit Is Good— The vacation period during which the Good Hope church was closed seems not to have dulled the regard in which Good .Hope folks hold their church. A fine spirit has been manifest, and audiences nearly filled the 'house both Sundays since services were resumed. Next Sunday the sermon subject will be, "What Shall We Say?", based on Isaiah 40:2: "Speak ye comfortably to Jerusalem ; and cry unto her that her warfare is accomplished," and Jeremiah 6:14: "They have healed the hurt of my people Engstroins Home from Tisits— Dreyer and Marjorle Bailey were appointed judging team at the county fair. Poems were read by Ruth Glaus, Irene Krause, and Viola Mueller. A special meeting will be held at Ruth's this week Friday to assemble entries for the fair. Teachers Begin Tear's Work- Irene Newel and Florence Weisbrod got home Friday from a five week visit with Texas relatives. They stopped enroute with the J. P. Howes, Kansas City. Mr. Howe once ran a store here. Miss Weisbrod left early this week for Des Moines to resume teaching. Miss Newel will leave late this week for Belmond, where she teaches. Attend State and World's Fairs— Among persons attending state fair last week and this week have been the Dr. iE. W. Ruskes, Mariorie Bailey, the W. V. Yagers, the In Arrests— iDahlhauser and his Ihere early last Thursday IJEH and Julius Juchem to li-jall. At 3:30 that morn- iys drove off the pave- [h of the F. J. Welp s«Jr- Ion and broke off eight Its in the C. P. Hanson |ence. Then they' ndrove 1 when Emil .Schemel f a hill three and'a half jth'of town on the pave- Twere parked on the left [of the road where he.ran The front wheel was I the Juchem car, and the Jchemel's car was sprung 'es were blown out./ JWorid-B Fair— illtz, two daughters, and ler left Saturday for 1 William and Ronert, fr. and Mrs. N. J. Schiltz, "it home with them. visited here since j Robert 'a.month,- tail loses Appendix— [wilhelmi underwent an. for appendicitis at his '?• Dr. j. A. .Devine was ' Dr. R. M, Wallace, Al'" Merrill, R. N...is car- The Henry Engstroms returned Saturday from a week's vacation among Minnesota relatives. A sister. of Mr. Engstrom and two brothers of Mrs. Engstrom were visitors at Minneapolis and a with a sister of Mr, Engstrom at Grantsburg, Wis. They also called on the Walter Dodds family, near Grantsburg. They accompanied Mr. Eng- strom's' parents, Mr. and Mrs, August Engstrom, .Wesley. ' Mrs. Uodds Has Operation- Mrs. W. I. Dodds is recovering from a major operation at the Kossuth hospital last week Tuesday. She sent the rest of the family off Mrs. Walter Widdel returned last A.. P. Petersons, the Harry Haases, (day. veek Monday from the (Fairmont lospltal, where she underwent a major operation two weeks ago. Mrs. W. R. Wolfe was hostess at three tables of bridge Friday. Mrs. H. Geronsin won high score; Mrs H. H. Widdel, travel prize. The 'Hvitdeds, Fort .Dodge, left ast week Monday, after a short visit with Mrs. Hvitded's sister, Mrs. Charles Glaus. • The Harry Haases were state fair visitors last' week. The Otto Wittes had charge of the farm during their absence. 'Floyd Reading, Brook, Ind., has gone home, after a rfew days with' his aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. George Goetsch. Phyllis. Jean Snyder is spending two weeks with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Losse, of Lake City.- Virginia Frank, Margaret Stephenson, and Ardis Voight visited Esther Smith, Swea City, last Thurs- sister, Mrs. John Schemel. Mr. and Mrs. Otto Beckman, Mrs. Mary Simons, and the latter's two younger children went to Carroll Saturday to visit relatives. : Leo Ludwig, Ackley, Ella Simons Arndorfer left,early last week for a vacation in northern Minnesota. There will foe a card party at the hall this week Thursday evening, Irvington The Jos. Wadleighs recently returned from Illinois, where they visited relatives in Pontiac and at, tended the world's fair. The Roy William Hanig, of j Wadleighs, Indiana, are visiting at mons, and Ldrruine Jos. Wadleigh's. Recent guests at the Charles Egel home were the Roy Drumms, Davenport, and the William Scheelhasses, Stockton, They had been visiting relatives at Storm 'Lake. After spending Friday night with the Egels, they returned home. Arthur Maass visit- given by the "Rosary society. The public is Invited. There wwa'g. a show at the hall Sunday evening, given by a magi-|ed at Grand Meadow,^ Mlnn.^ Sun" ""' *"" " clan, a Mr. Cop. A fairly good- sized audience attended. A number of families took their dinner and drove to William Dunlap's Sunday for a picnic. Attending: the (Fred Thornburgs, Twin day. (Ernest, Elsie and iEffie Ege] and Oran Hudson spent Sunday'at Mankato. .Recent visitors at Frank Ditsworth's were the Frank Harness 'family, Walworth, Wis., and the White's Grocery Week End Specials SOAP, 10 bars 21c SWANSDOWN CAKE FLOUR 23c CRACKERS, 2 Ib. box 23c PEANUT BUTTER, quart 21c COFFEE, 2' Ibs. - 3&C MATCHES, 6 boxe 22c SUGAR, 10 Ibs. —-58c BUTTER NUT JELL, 6 pkgs. 26c 2 LB. JAR PRESERVES _____ --We NAVY BEANS, 5 Ibs. __ 25c GRAHAM CRACKERS, 2 Ib;, box _ 25c OATMEAL, small pkg. Sc TOILET PAPER, 6 rolls -r-- 25c VINEGAR, large bottle 12c SARDINES, 5c size,.? for 2Sc LARD, WAHKONSA, 3 Ibs. Wilton and Lucille Weisbrod, and Willard 'Menz. The Amos >Finne- stads and the Lloyd Finnestads left Sunday for fair. a week at the world's NRA Organization Effected— A permanent N. R. A. organization has been perfected by the Commercial club with F. H; Eigler as chairman, A. E. Jensen • as secretary, and C. H. Geronsin, W. E. Stoeber, G. R. Krause, John Dempsey, and J. F. Newel as committeemen. Mrs. John (Boevers has returned to her home at El Reno, Okla., after a month with relatives here. A boy was born to Mr. and Mrs. William Alight Saturday, August 19. Frank Bailey has gone to visit his sons C. O. at Rock Rapids and William at Marshall, Minn. Florence Newel left Monday for Blunt, S. D., after a' two weeks' visit with relatives here. Milton and Lucille Weisbrod and Willard Menz visited the state fair last week. Derwood Elgler to Spencer— iDerwood Eigler has accepted a position in the Cummins drug store at Spencer. He began his work last week Tuesday, and Harold Geronsin is now clerking at the Fenton drug store, owned by Derwood's father, F. H. Eigler. Enlists in the Q. 3L Corps- Private >R. H. Borchardt has en- tor a day at the state fair last listed in the army quartermaster L\Jl t*. -tt*j **v , ,. , t 1 ' -^ -™ *• •*-* «!.« TJrt to n Pi"\v_ week Monday. The holiday had been planned prior to her operation, and she refused to have it interrupted. Visitors from-Tennessee Honored- Mrs. D. C. Gardner attended a social gathering of relatives ot the Don Moores, Bode, last Thursday in honor of Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Moore and Mrs. Ralph Moores sister, Vera Johnson, Old Hickory, Tenn., and Representative Robert G, Moore, Dunlap. S. S. Class Dinner Planned— A covered-dish dinner is being planned for Fred Plum's Sunday school class of Young Married Folks following services next Sunday. It is to ibe on the W. Bourne lawn. All members all eligibles are urged to go. Annlses Return to Montana— and 'Mrs. Al Rahe ,hs»ve/a »om Saturday. They now | daughters. .Mr, and Mra. "els have a son, Tuesday, their born first ' Bancroft News* « arrived Thursday • « the Mrs. John Nem£ / A - Devine homes, .Gretzlnger left (Friday iX at Omab -a. She was |B«iei sickness and death Mrs. Hubert Delper- l L 'Sehiit_andherdaugh- dr pve to Cedar Rapids a m Vlslt the attlmer is a daughter r a " d M^saret^U at the Farmers • and lrnif S0n City, s sl ian j U the and to the tele- Mason City, an, 4he Wilt, drove to St. r.M. Annette, there. Sr, M sister A. Mrs. Kate Annis and Beth have left for Miles City, Mont., where Miss Annis is about to begin her sixth year as English teacher in Junior high school. Other Good Hope. "Misses Warner and Whitney, of Burt, were guests last week Wednesday and Thursday at W. J. Bourne's. The Rev. A. H. Woods were guests also at waffle supper there Wednesday. The Annises were guests at the Good Hope parsonage Sunday. , ,, Mr and Mrs, Robert Sarchett were at Fort Dodge last week Wednesday to consult an occulist aDout their daughter Jean Marie. They were accompanied by Mrs,. Olaf Romstad. . , •Mrs. Kate Annis,'daughter Beth, Mrs. Presley Sarchett, Don Moore, and the latter's sons Jimmle Don and Merrill were at SpUlville Friday to see the clocks. . Velma Hall, who -has been « William Treptow's several Monday for St. Paul and Minneapolis', where she has rela- UVeS ' Morgan returns to Shel- corps at Fort Omaha. He is a former Fenton resident. Other Fenton. Mrs. George Fink, Waterloo, arrived recently for an extended, visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Chris Widdel. She was accompanied by her sons Walter and Edward, members of the- Verne Winters orchestra, Waterloo, ibut after a short visit here they left for Clear Lake, where they had an engagement to play for a dance. The R. N. Bruers and Glen Bruer, Osakis, Minn., and Mrs. Clara Smith, Minneapolis, visited last week at the E. C. Weisbrod and H E. Reimers homes. Mrs. Bruer is a sister of Mrs. Weisbrod and Mr Reimers. : 'Lola Lindsey, educational instruc tor at the university hospital, Iowa | City, and a Miss Yackey, of the same place, came last week tc spend a short vacation with the for -- - H. C mer's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lindsey. The E. C. Weisbrods, the H. E Reimers family, the Geo. (Boettch ers, Dorothy Gerhard, and the chil dren attended a family reunio" dinner at Charles Schemmel'i GUI Park your LABOR DAY TIRE TROUBLES here Quality Means as Much as Price Only clean coal gives you maximum value. But buy now and save an additional percentage before prices go up! Anderson Grain and Coal Co. Phone 308,- r A."HOME OR FIX UP THE OID ONEI START ON NEW GOODYEARS -the next best thing to a brand new car You'll be 77* safer from Bkidding on wet pavement* with a new Goodyear All-Weather tread than you are on old, smooth-worn tires! But now—have a _afe Lahor Day trip—protect your car from tire troubles all fall and winter. Drive around—try our service before you start! . ,„„ IOAN Office located 1st door north of lo^a STATE BASIC don this week Friday to resume teaching, after several weeks at O. <»«*«. Mrs. R f«,_*^ ( * *W ten daw at Taylors, the Curtis HoWtawT and James Holding were Sorid'8 fair visitors Jast week, slightly, saying, Peace, peace, when there is no peace." Biirt Vwitar Hurt In FallOff Porch Burt Aug. 29—The 'Rev. and Mrs. Frank Barslou, Maauoketa, and their daughter Viva arrived Friday to visit with Burt and Bancroft relatives and Mrs. Barslou mes With Hataiul accident Saturday evening at Fred Bingsdorrs: She to USED CAR BARGAINS This Week's Special 1931 FORD TUDOR FOR $250 1930 Ford Tudor 1931 Ford Coupe 1932 Ford Coupe 1932 Ford L.W. Truck —TERMS- KENT MOTOR CQ, Alf*»», I lerrlce— A^/ ^S»le§ Here's real TRACTIC -SAFETY-MILEAGE and ECONOMY! If you want to MV« money on tire* and still get pro- teetion from skidding- protection from blowouts •nd honest wear there's the tire fpr you. 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