Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 31, 1933 · Page 2
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 31, 1933
Page 2
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TWO KOHfltTTH COUNT? ADVAKrJl ALQONA. tOWA "Morninf Alttr « »M km ton * «iwltt in Mtbtt M drinking, <•*« N* E»le«r« b*f«*i Ttttrln*. to nYprUri. It Mti *itlM arat Mtrnlitf h««dtth«. Qiltk MM** ffO» ill (tOBlch dllttMI. •Ml •ffttlrt heeian of triple «Corrett* teldltr. toothes k tinoH. promote* bowel • complete treatment. 12 He or S for • dim*. At «11 • EPICURE ^^^ffj^ffjfgjf^fjjjgjfj^f^f^ffj^^fi^ff^f^f^Hfgg^mmi^mmffi^i^^fmm^^^^^^^^^^^^^^' • " •-" -• .. •_ -- -- • - - - } ^^^^^^^ ^^ West Bend Farm MatronDte& MRS, DOMINIC ZIEMET DIES AUGUST 24TH St. Joe, Aug. 29—rThis community was shocked last Thursday when news arrived of the death ol Mrs. I>ominlc Ziemet, near Wes Bend. She had been sick only a short time. Mrs. Zieraet, . formerly Mary Qreenwald, was born at Byron, Germany, and was 36 at death. She came to the United States 10 years ago, and was married July 24, 1928, at St. Joseph's church. Only her husband and two brothers in Qer- Swea Cityan Hurt in Accident Recovering many survive. Funeral services were held at Dry Cleaning "Here are the drapes, John, as clean as new! I'm glad you told me to send them to our cleaner—the low cost was well worth it!" • MODERN? DRY CLEANERS Phone 537. Sts. Peter and Paul's chudch, West Bend, Monday, and burial was made in the St. Joseph cemetery. Pall bearers were Arthur Thilges, Simon Ziemet, Albert Thilges, Clarence Thilges, and Joseph Berte. Tony Weydert, (Relatives from out of the parish were: Nick Ziemet, Melstone, Mont.; Mr. and Mrs. George Kruecher, Currie, Minn.; Mr. and Mrs. Nick Schmidt, Dell 'Rapids, S. D.; Dominic Ehleringer, St. Paul; Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Funk, and Mary Hart, St. Paul; Mr. and Mrs. Theo Besch, Mr. and Mrs. William EHbert, and Mrs. Emma Hilbert, Whittemore.; Mr. and Mrs. John Kellner, St. Benedict; Mr. and Mrs. Mike Wagner, Algona; Frank Ziemet, iLivermore. Hogan Doing Custom Grinding— J. C. Hogan, of the West Bend vicinity, was in this neighborhood Saturday, and reported that he had a custom grinder to grind anything and everything for farmers. He invites customers to call him, and will compete with anyone on prices. His telephone number is 52 on 17, West Bend farm line, and all calls will be paid by Mr. Hogan. BLOW-OUT Daughter for the LoerwaldSr— Mr. and Mrs. Henry Loerwald became parents of their first child, a girl, last week Wednesday at the Kossuth hospital, Algona. The infant was baptized Mary Anne at the St. Joseph church Sunday, and sponsors were Mr. and Mrs. Chris Gales, maternal grandparents. This is the first -granddaughter for Mr. and Mrs. Gales. Swea City, Aug. 29—Mrs. Victor Eckholm, who was injured in the. accident in which her daughter Minnie Ecfcholm Frakes was killed two weeks ago, is much improved and will be able to be brought home this week-end. Mrs. Eckholm suffered many cuts and bruises, besides a deep scalp wound. Bf- fle Eckholm has stayed at the hospital in New Ulm, Minn., where her mother is confined. Two Called to Old Jobs- Earl Huffman returned Saturday to Sycamore, ,Hi., w'here he will woi'k for the Anaconda Wire and Cable company. Earl and his wife have been living with his wife's parents, the J. L. Campbells, since his work there was closed. He is a trained flat wire machine operator. Guy Campbell returned last week to his old job as brakeman on the Rock Island railroad at Blue Island near Chicago. Last Concert Draws Crowd— A large crowd greeted the school band at their final concert 'Friday evening. At the close of the concert the mothers of>the band members, headed by Mrs. Kulander served hamburgers and coffee to finish the payments on the sousaphone purchased by the band lasl winter. Tuesday the band held picnic at Interiaken park. Only members of good standing could at' tend. Group Ficnlcks at Fairmont— A week ago Sunday a group of people, all in the building trades and allied lines, held a picnic at Sylvania park, Fairmont. The following families enjoyed the affair: the Henry Myers, Keith Albertsons, H." E. Jensons, Art Pearsons, Geo. K. Nelsons, Harry Berggrens.Alfred Andersons, Ole Seylor, Albert Ekberg, Fred Petesorisl John Hag- lunds, and Oscar Petersons. store. They also visited the 'Larry Beckers at Freedom, Neb. They ound the best corn In Kossuth. In parts of Nebraska the corn is dead vith no ears on the stalks. Will Open Dry Goods Store— Swea 'City is to have a dry goods store in the near future. Oscar ?earson, who formerly operated a srocery and dry goods store In the juildlng now occupied by- Applequist, has announced.he will open a store here. Swea city.has needed a 'store of this kind. Pattersons Bur Old Landmark— The Chubb pasture, :;Umg a land mark In north Kossuth ; was bought last week by 'Senator George W Patterson and his brother, Howard Patterson. Plans for the use of the land are not yet known. Howard Patterson is a sheep rancher from Billings, Mont. SHOWER AT LEDYARDFOR MRS, ZIELSKE l^edyard, Alig. 29 — Last week Swea Cltyans' Mother Dl«»— •Mrs.'Hilda Anderson, mother of Ed P. Anderson and Mrs. Paul Larson, died in Fairmont after a long illness caused by heart trouble. Mrs. Anderson is known here from visits. Is under the care otj)o(itor Devlne. Other LedTMfl K«wl» The Bdw. koofts went to Hubbard Saturday to visit Mrs. Loott'd sister, Mra. Brahd. Beulah ftnd Cleo Looft stayed with their aunt, Mrs. Edward Knoner. Mr. and Mrs. August Knoner went with the iLoofts, and all -returned Tuesday. Mrs. V. A. Barrett; Mrs. D. &. ^«,». Uj ™ B . - —- , Mayer and Marjorle, the Leon Wor- Wednesday a miscellaneous shower dens, and_the George Hagges called was given at Mrs. Richard Zielske's for Mrs. Irene WHcox. A mock wedding was part of the pro- wlth Bertha Nitz as bridegroom, Esther Logemann as .bride, Margaret Zlelske as ring bearer, and Lois Zielske,as ; minister. Edith Logan gave a reading. The bride received many gifts. Fifty women attended. . Picnic Dinner at Interiaken— Mrs. Blanche Jenks, Clifford, and Mrs. iLaura Niester entertained at a picnic dinner at Interiaken Sunday. Guests were Marjorie, Gordon, Betty, and John Matzener; Mrs. Hazel Jenks and Kermit, Bancroft; Mr. and Mrs. Paul Niester, Whittier, Calif.; Earl Jenks, Blue Earth; and the O\ M. Shipleys, of [>ayton, O. The Other Sweii City. S. Warburtons and Harry •Warburtons Home.From Mr. and Mrs. S. Warbyrton returned Friday from a trip through Iowa and Nebraska. They visited their son William at Hastings, Neb. He is manager of a Kresge Wartourton, of Lakota, spent Sun?, day at N. S. Bruhsvold's in Hanlon? twon. Norma Brunsvold taugHt here some few years ago, but Is at present teaching in Seattle, Wash.; She will return to her school Sat-: urday. • ': J. E. Harner last week had a large amount of tools and the battery from his car stolen. Since the arresting of Henry Cresco in Fairmont for other thefts it is thought that he also was implicated in this theft. r Mrs. H. T. Winter and sons, and Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Poole spent the week-end at Hawkeye. They went to see an aunt and uncle from California,'who were visiting other relatives there. . „ Mr. and Mrs. Frank Thomson and June, with Mr. and Mrs. Gus Ditz, of Fairmont/spent the week end at Aurora and Waterloo, visiting. Plathes Home from Chicago— The Herman Plathes and Mr. and Mrs. Charles Plathe got home Saturday night from Chicago, where they had spent several days attending the world's fair. They also visited relatives at Janesville, W4s, .Doctor Hartman, formerly of Algona, now lives at Janesville. Farewell for Fulinuan Girls— A farewell party was given Friday night in honor of Celia and Anna Fuhrman, at Adolph Fuhr..* man's. A large number of, relatives and friends attended. Cards, music, and dancing were the diversions. Four Attend World's Fair- John, Alphonse, Nicholas, and Joseph Berte got home last Thursday from Chicago, where they attended the Century of Progress exposition. They also visited their brother Matt, Techny, 111. Harold Frideres Has Operation— Harold Frideres was taken to Fort >D6<lge last week Wednesday for an operation on his hose. He returned Thursday. Arthur Illg and Norbert Frideres went to Fort Dodge to get him. Texas "Visitors Go Home— Anna and Celia Fuhrman left Saturday by car for their home at Gainesville, Tex,, after a week here. They planned to stop at Kansas City and in Oklahoma to visit relatives. Picnic for Livermore Couple— Mr. and Mrs. Ted Wagner attended a picnic dinner at Livermore Sunday in honor of the Harry Smiths, who will soon leave for Colorado. Simon Sale Big' Success— A large crowd attended the Mrs. Margaret Simon estate farm sale NEW KIND OF MELON GROWN AT HtUINGTON ilrvington, Aug. 29—A queer vegetable is displayed in a show window at the Sankey & Riley store. Mrs. Sankey recently obtained it from her brother, Edward Hewitt, of Fort Dodge. It is 5 inches long and 6% inches around the largest part. It is said to be a "bitter melon," a native of China. Lester, son of the Hewitts, answered an advertisement in which $50 was offered to anyone who would get a certain package of seeds, plant them and later send in the correct name of the product. Lester raised a number of the melons. They grow on a vine, and are covered with blisters. When ripe they are an orange shade.' A Chinaman called in to look at them said they were "bitter melons,'?, and that they, are a valuable food', in China. ' Lester has sent the'^hame in to the company, hut has not yet heard, from his letter. also considered taking over a shop at Denhart. Other Irvin'gton. Mr. and Mrs. William Curtis, of Sioux Falls, recently visited Mrs. Curtis's sister, Mrs. Chas. Sankey Sunday the Curtises and Mrs. Sankey drove to Fort Dodge to visit at Edward Hewitt's. They and the Percy Schichtls were Sunday dinner guests at Bert Sankey's. •Edward Heilierger and father, of Streeter, 111-, recently visited at building. Henry Seheppman's. They were en Old Resident Her* Returns- Mr, and Mrs. O. M. Shipley, Dayton, Ohio, sons Harry, John, and Charles arrived Sunday to visit Mr. Shipley's aunt, .Mrs. Laura Niester, and cousin, Mrs. Blanche Jenks. Mr. Shipley Hyed here ; 33 years ago, and this was: hls v first return visit, here ; , In IgeVeiv' years, j. ^ Picnic Hoiiors' Three Birthdays— r At Wood's Lake'Friday a surprise par'ty^as -given 1 in honor.' of the birthdays of Anita Gelhaus, ;L. A. Nitz, and Mrs. Michael Hendrlck- sons. ' Sixty-eight couples attended,'and the evening was spent at dancing. , : •'•;., ; ';.' ,. Methodist Aid .to Entertain— The Methodist Aid; laid plans last Iveek Wednesday'for a Guest day this week Thursday. Other local Aids and the Methodist Aids in Grant; Swea City, Lakota, and Buffalo Center were invited. Led yard Horseshoe Artists Win- Last week Monday an Elmore horseshoe team catne/here 'to play the locals, and Ledyard won, 404376. Last week^Wedriesday night a Grant team played here, and again the locals won.. Fishermen Catch Muskellunges— A. iE. Lauritzen and Geo. D. Moulton returned from a fishing vacation Friday. They >had good luck and brought four muskellunges, besides other fish. New Ceiling for Store- Charles Baschara had a new ceiling put in his store last week Tuesday. Leon Worden did the work, and Glen Yahnke rewired the on the Ralph Olsons Friday at the Kossuth hospital, Mr. and Mrs. John (Drew called on them last Thursday. The Roy Links Went to Clear Lake Sunday, and were there met by Mrs. Link's sister from Relnbeck and her family. Mrs. Link and the children accompanied'her sister home for a few days, Mrs. L. W. Wlemer,: ,8111, Mrs Mary Tillmoney, and Janice left Friday to spend the week-end a Ames and Des Moines. En route they took Fred Anderson to his home at Radcliffe. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Nitz were a Des Moines last week Monday. The Leon Wordens and the CHf ton Engelbys spent Sunday a Edward Campbell's, near Seneca. Mrs. Irene Neubauer and he family returned to their home a Hubbard last week Monday, after visit here with the former's sister Mrs. Max Nitz. There were no services at th German Reformed church Sunday The Rev. Mr. Depping was at Mar engo, helping -with a mission fes tival. . Gertie Gangee and Muns Manson, Milwaukee, called at Gus Anderson's, Geo. D. Moulton's, and the L. A. Nitz home Friday. . Mr. and Mrs. Paul Niester, Whittier, Calif., arrived last week Wednesday to visit Paul's mother, Mrs. Laura Niester. JPfttJRSDAY AUGUST FALL SHOE Which Will Make the * Most of Fall Clothes The fashions you have carefully selected demand the complement of equally carefully selected shoes. 'You will fthd a complete variety here for every daytime and evening occasion. The L. C. Strands and Mrs. Strand's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hargreaves, Algona, spent Sunday at the state fair. $3.1 Suede and | CHRISTENSEN BROS. Shoe Department piHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii route home after visiting at Lakefield. .The Ben Schmidts, Fenton, have also been recent visitors at Seheppman's. Several from here attended a dancing party at the Legion hall, Algona, Friday night. Hostesses Son for the Harold Loges—= A 9%-lb. son waa born last Thursday to Mr. and Mrs. Harold iLoge, near Rake. Mrs. Loge Is better known here as Nelda Worden. i Party for S. S. Class- An amazing Goodrich invention— tfce Life-Saver Golden Ply—makes the new Sitvertown 3 times safer from blow-outs at high speeds. And you can have this marvelous life-saving tire without paying a penny more than you would for any •tandard tire. Don't trust to luck any longer. Let us put this tire on YOUR car today. Former Resident in Visit— Mrs. E. Keith, son 'Ronald and wore Buena Raney, Claire Hansen, | vlolet .pi nge l entertained her Marge and LeRoy Johnson, with 40 I Sunday schoo i c i as s in the church basement Friday afternoon. Twelve sirls attended. James Mayne Reported Low— James Mayne Sr. is critically sick at the home of his son Joseph. He present. The Rev. A. English spoke Sunday on, "The Apparently Insignificant Thing." He used as. his text, "Moses, what -have you in thine hand?" Exodus 4:2. INSURANCE — LOANS — INVESTMENTS Reliable insurance service at low cost. Surety bonds, automobile, dwelling, and al'l other forms of insurance. Small loans made at once. Automobiles refinanced, payments reduced, etc. A courteous, confidential, and pleasing service. Call at our office or phone 55. C. It. LA BA11RE. Office located 1st door north of Iowa State Bank. ....... $ 7.60 ....... 7.90 ....... 8.40 ....... 9.00 ....... 10.00 5.50-19 ......................... 11.50 4.50-20 4.40/4.50-21.. 4.75-19 5.00-19 5.25-18 Goodrich Silvertown WITH LIfE-SAVCa GOLDEN PUT CLAPP'S MASTER SERVICE West of Courthouse last week Wednesday, and everything sold unusually well. SHo Is Being Rebuilt— Matt Zeimet is reconstructing a silo that was blown down in a wind storm July 1. Other St. Joe. Mr. and Mrs. Matt Kirsch, Bobby, and Kathryn spent Sunday with Sister Mary Phyllis at Remsen. They were accompanied "by Alida and Florence Thilges and Pearl Reding. Sr. Phyllis was 'Helen Reding. This is her fifth year of teaching in a Remsen parochial school. The St. Joe group also stopped at Cherokee to visit Emma Becker, employed at the Soda Grill there. 'Henry Zeimet Jr., accompanied by his parents, Mr. and Mrs, Henry Zeimet Sr., Frank Weydert, arid Mrs. George Thul left last week Tuesday for Bellevue to visit relatives. Mrs. Thul stopped at Gilbertville to visit. Due to the death of Mrs. Dominic Zeimet, they were called home Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Reding and Mrs. Fred Illg were Fort Dodge shoppers last week Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Zeimet and their daughter Gertrude were shoppers at Fort Dodge Friday. Mrs. Jos. Stattleman took care of the Zeimet children. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Gales and Mrs. Frank Hilbert came home last week Monday from Watkins, Minn., after a few days at 'N. J. Klein's, and Bernadine Hilbert came with them. Mrs. .Edw. Hammer spent last week Saturday night and Sunday at Algona, visiting her brother, Joseph Steil, and his daughters Vera and Veda, who are at home during vacation. Orville Wagner, accompanied by his mother, Mrs. Lucy Wagner, and Rosalia Frideres visited at Henry Wolfe's, West Bend, last Thursday wife, Cambria, Wisl, visited friends here* Saturday and Sunday. They continued on to Amboy to visit before returning to Wisconsin. Ronald was married to Mand Jered, June 20 at Dalton, Wis. Naomi, eldest daughter, is a senior in high school, and Doris will enter high school this fall. The Keiths are. on the same farm near Cambria that they took when they left the VJ J. ,Q.,-Mawdsleys here several years' gao. Crops are goo'dUn spots, but farmers are troubled by grub worms in corn fields. The Keiths had' 40 acres practically ruined by the worms. Men Go to Fal^ in Truck— Kenneth Roney drove his truck to the state fair at Des Moines Friday, and was accompanied by a number of men and boys: O. L. Miller, Ray Wickwire, Dlok Watson, Ben and Howard Butterfield, James and Ira Hudson, Calvin and Wesley iLee, 'Louis Scheppman, Ralph Lemke, Vaughn and Percy Schichtl, Wendell Blythe and Forbus Stiltz. They drove home late that night. Others at the state fair were Milton Burlingame and Wayne Wickwire. Aid Sends Out Aprons- There was a large attendance al Aid at the church Thursday. Host- essess were Mrs, Charles Egel and Martin Becker. 'Miniature a- | September 4-5-6-7- I DIAMOND JUBILEE YEAR cS\> ALGON i DAILY FREE ATTRACTIONS !v"". r ship act; Paul and Louise Etz, daring trapeze performers J Raymond A Marcus, slapstick! S gymnastic clowns—three troupes presenting seven big acts. Tuesday, children under = Wednesday, merchant's day; Thursday, pioneer day, 50-year-attendants admitted free) 1 5 H and F. B. day. Algona ba.id music daily. Bloom's German band on Tuesday. Automobllt| | Friday Horseshoe pitching, contest dally. • '. .. _. _ M ^MMIB^HHHMIHHHMHHBHl^^^^^^^^^^^BBBMMMii^^^^^^^^^^HM^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^M^H^M^^M^^^^B M ' •"•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ I New attraction—LIBONATI TRIO—xylophonists, tap dancers, and acrobatk = 1932 shite fair act. prons^are being made, and, acconv panied by an appropriate verse/are to be sent to friends to put in the pocket as many pennies as they are inches'around the waist, and thei return the apron. The pockets will be emptied at the next Aid meeting, which will be in September. P.. T. A. to Be Organized— Some schools near here opened Monday but most, including Irvington, will open next Monday. Teachers at Irvington will be Pauline Black and Norma Raney. Mothers are asked to come to the school, at 2:30 on the opening day, and a P.-T. A. will be discussed. Irvington Woman Is Low— Mrs. John Heiderscheldt has been critically ill for the last few days suffering from intestinal* flu and complications. She has had internal hemorrhages. Relatives have been 'called. Loren Rutledges Leaving— Loren Rutledge, blacksmith here for some time, plans to move his family to Goldfield this week. He i Grayhound Races Friday Night, Sept. ""—-— . ' . ' ,. .',.. ,"..' '.."...:. . -—— I Auto Races Friday Afternoon | 2-inile race for Model T Fords; 21-2 mile free-for-all; mile and a half TWO SIC PARADES Thursday—Hugs parade of modern farm'machinery. Friday—Grand parade of livestock'winners. I 4-H Girls Pageant Friday Nil j^^5 * "-'..:* ^^^? •.' i .! ", ~ "',''.,.-"-'•. • _ — Yes sirec ... it will be a cold day when cold cash buys as much in men 1 ? wear! Down in your heart, you KNOW that prices are advancing and that the longer you wait . . . the longer price you'll have to pay. Why then, wouldn't it be good business to take an inventory of what you need and are going to need, and save money . . now and for the future? A Zewler & Caldwell suit can be purchased today for $20. When that suit is gone and we have to re-order another to take its place ... it will be another story. Now is the time for all Algona to become "clothes niinded". Zeiider & Caldwell CLOTHING AUD Surprise Features Each Home folks in stunts, munic, and feature numbers Big Full Program Every Day Of The ^^•••••••^^^•^^^^^^^^^^^^^ Ball Games Best teams In northern TDE8UAY Algona vs. Hurt Iowa. i Fenton m Whitteraore : Swea City Jr. vs. Renwlck Jr. _ THURSDAY E= Ledyard vs. Buffalo Center j FRIDAY • Hurt Jr. L. vs. Bancroft Jr. [ Bancroft vs. Swea City Horse Races The best horses on the totest truck in nerth Iowa. TUESDAX-S US trot, B :84 Shetland pony race pony mile race, five hetland rlong run for starting horses not win ners, ' .' -'V ; ' •'••..';•• ;.-.A Added money to these *a«M» has attracted some o| the best horg- e,8jn will crowded chKn/Shetlan* P^j The giro will visit and ternoon IN atB.«i»«o»Citjr ^IIIIIIHIHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIJIUIII

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