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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 1

Algona, Iowa
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Thursday, August 31, 1933
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PREPARED TO MEET SCHOOL NEEDS ALGONA, IOWA, AUGUST 31, 1933 16 Pages Number 51 OUNTY FAIR WILL OPEN TUESDAY IS ; SCHOOL :LLS RING Section This : Devoted to Needs. $30000 Federal Funds for Paving Here Idren, Is over for Kossuth The clanging- of call most !pf them jles next Monday morn- rural schools have al- and summer dust Iped from desks, books, The three "R's" are ""'61 • . . . i was a busy time at ^ lor harried mothers. ijSlster must be ready for mt first day. .There „ and new scnopl- JBYmothers feel that •first count highly in the rid. and Sister are being m store to store, till completely outfitted. the big day comes (be dragged from beds nibbed and polished till j shine. [ In getting the -children jgiia merchants have huri- rSchool reminders in this FAIR GROUNDS STREET TO BE HARD-SURFACED $16,000 Granted for Surfacing South From Wesley. A total of $46,000 in government funds will be spent on paving No. 169 in Algona and surfacing six miles of No. 60 from Wesley south. The project is a part of the unemployment relief program initiated by ttie federal government in Watermelon Snipers Routed and Brought to County Jail which -Iowa receives ten millions for public works. Half of the Four Algona boys ran afoul of the law Monday evening, heard the bang of a .410 shotgun echo through the hills, the whistle of shot in air, had the experience o£ marching in front of said shotgun and a .22 rifle, and heard the clang of hard steel jail doors closing behind them. And it was all because they couldn't resist the sight of a few watermelons in a patch on the Jos. Platt farm on Loyer's Lane, which leads east from the top of the hill beyond the Ambrose A. Call state park. Platt's dog gave the alarm with his barking, and Mr. Platt fired his shotgun in air to scare the boys out of the patch. The quartet surrendered in a big hurry, but, it is New Pastor state's quota will be spent in paving. , Supervisor W. E. McDonald and County Engineer H. M. Smith had an appointment with Governor C. L. Herring last Thursday to discuss paving No. 1€9 from Algona to the county line, also north from No. 9 to Minnesota. The governor said there was little prospect for paving ta present, 'but that develop- Dol reminders m TOIH , mentg m i g nt make it possible later. id edition of the Ad- T H- Aleona nrolect involves J30.- by the way, is the . ever issued in the ^Everything from rulers i up to the best in clo- ed. -,;-••'• ,_. j : are as low as they ev- je, much lower. than they , if predictions of infla- |"re»lized. The .wise moi: knows that Ahe ; govern- am for cotton taxes, laimtaatlott of >neap labor irttle,- industry; mean ralng—higher prices,'and' fo. .. • ., |this is. an opportunity to ?tor the entire winter on dren's needs, and it will I privilege at present pri- liOONDOVER THEFT CHARGE 'Cresco, Fairiri6nt,' : - was |o;Algona by Sheriff Dahl- day, and a charge 'of nywas filed 'against him White's court. Cresco •eliminary hearing f and d to the grand Jury on 1,000. been hejd in Mlnne- la time after 80 gallons of [as found on his premises, Innesota this is only a 1«, so the sheriff there n to Kossuth to answer [ot stealing tools from the Ar farm near Swea City. Sr., also near Swea i arrested Tuesday and i Algona, and a charge of of stolen property was him. The tools and of stolen potatoes- were .tVra.VHe .is thought ito ""•operating with higvi son Walter _ Lenz,, and ?Ix)be and Lena confessed Wticipation in the crime Un Minnesota and were sre. " . . • court yesterday Lobe to the ..grand jury The Algona project involves $30,000 and includes paving from the fair grounds corner to McGregor street and resurfacing, parts of Phillips, State, and Jones streets, over which No. 169 is routed. City Wants New Tank. The city also has an application on file for federal funds to pay part of' the cost of purchase and erection of a new water tower. Nothing definite, has been._learned concerning this "project,Tbut it is understood that, final action on, all such applications will be announced next week. If the project is. approved the city will receive 30 per cent of the total cost of the improvement. The tower and labor are estimated at $14,000, which means that Algona would receive more than $4,000 The remainder would be paid out of city funds on hand. Work Starts at Once. All federal aid projects are to be started immediately, and are to be completed this fall, if possible. 'It is understood that the stretcr of No. 169 which is to be surfacec will be treated with oil .after the manner employed on many roads in Minnesota. The estimated expense is $16,000. thought that another went through' a wire fence so fast that he lost part of his clothes on barbs and some mother might be able to 'find a telltale scratch on the young man's rear anatomy. With Lem Hendren's help, Mr. 'latt marched the four boys to the ear-lby Clem Goodman home, rhere he telephoned for Deputy Iheritf -Casey Loss. Mr. Loss went ut and brought in the boys, who ivere John Schultz, Russell Cook, )rville Schultz, and Victor Sampon. They were lodged in jail. Sheriff Dahlhauser was temporarily away from home. When he eturned he released the boys on heir promise to appear before County Attorney McMahon in the morning. "When morning came they urned up, and after Mr. Platt had decided to drop charges the county attorney read the, .law ; tq the boys arid gave them" a~ little lecture in which he pointed out. that they t vere getting off easy.' They were ,hen released. And they didn't even get a bite of watermelon. LEAGUE TOURNEY WILL BE HELD HERE SUNDAY A special round-robin playoff o teams in" the Algona kittenbal league will take place next Sunday Playing will begin at 10 a. m., wit* another game at 11. An admission charge of 5c will be made. at *l.OOO, In de- Cresco and In the afternoon four games for lOc. there will b Each of fou LUTHERAN PARISH SCHOOL TO OPEN •*$106,000 IN BANK ASSETS BRING S984 An audience which half filled the courtroom heard the remaining assets of the Algona State bank sold for $984 Tuesday afternoon. The face value of the assets was some f 106,000. The assets were first offered by The bids totaled $983. Then items. teams M the league will play in three 'games during the play-off, and the RCA were low for (bonds both I are in jail. Win«$l Prize Recipe 'Aug.:, 25—MW'*M. J. Ma,, has 'been awarded a BtKfl t recipe ln a ' 1Wh »* •^Salmon" contest con[,2 he 'Hostess," ,a raonth- oc homes and foods. » r "Salmon Superb" i^. one °t * h « best -in [received from aU wer tpe Thomas, food ex-r will the season, and so are 'eliminated from the play-off. •" ' Last week Wednesday Gambles defeated RCA 6-1; last Thursday, UDM lost to the Advertisers, 8-7; and the Advertisers won from •Skelly, 6-2, Friday. Monday's game between RCA and Phillips was won by Phillips, 11-3. Last night Skelly was to play UDM, and tomorrow evening the Advertisers will Play Gamble's. The standing of the teams before last night's game follows: Won Lost Phillips }« | Advertisers 13 » will be glad to recipe to tne Advance. Husband Divorce they were offered as a whole an< were knocked down to one O. E Anderson, Linn Grove, for a dol lar more, or $984. The bids by items were mostly from a dollar to fo, with occasiona $10 bids and two of $16. Five dol lars was offered for a $4366 note the same for an $8669 note; $6 fo a $4'579 'note; $3 for an $11,00 note; and so on. The sum of '$2943 was realize in settlements between the tim when the sale was advertised an the day. of sale. The bank has so far paid fou Ividends of 10 per cent each, an final dividend of 4 per cent is ex ec'ted. The bank / was closed 'Oc ober 29, 1927. ' 'Remaining assets of the Count avings bank, closed at the sam ime, will probably be offered fo ale at auction next winter. .Th ank has paid 45 per cent. Ther vill probably not be another Kos uth County State, .dividend till icxt spring. Truck Driver Is Fined; Cuts Rates Pet. .800 .684 UDM Skelly Gambles RCA 1 -, 7 9 16 .'17 ,631 .526 .210 .150 Algonians Fined for Drunkenness Jos. Faber, WWttemore, was fined f 10 and fo costs in Justice WhlWcourt Friday for operating - motor truck to haul gppds to Webster City »™ v , A**o- for Merrill Hawson, now of Anamosa; apd cutting rates established S 9 tVVtate Woad/commission State Agent L. T. Bowen made the •arrest, The hauling was done Apri . waived p; b^gr pleading, guilt: fine wae remitted. ,was paid. , and •$« of The other _ *5 8. P. GW Is Lotts Creek. Aug. »-**• Mrs. Walter Krause have fW» Barney, N. D-, to attend the fun eral of Leona Kressin, who wa drowned whjle bathing jn a Jake Liu* Band Concert Tonight. h b the Al tonight by the more than usual REV. J. ROBT. HOERNER, late of Whiting, who has come o Algona to serve the Congrega- onal church as pastor. ."' The Rev. and Mrs. P. J. Braner svill- l 'Open~'their~Lutheran parish chool next Monday at 9 a. in, .The chppl is located .In the rear of the .utheran church on north Minneota and Elm • streets. . A door rom the church leads directly into he school room, where seats for 8 children are provided. There is i blackboard and the usual schoolroom atmosphere. Eight grades are taught. Mrs. Braner specializes in the seventh and eighth grade teaching, and the Rev. Mr. Braner teaches the lower jrades. All subjects required by ,he state are taught, plus a class n religion, and everything is in English. , . . ,., . There Is no tuition charge, and others besides Lutheran pupils are welcome. The upkeep of the school Is., provided for by'the -church mem- EIGHT TOWNS ORGANIZE TO SUPPORT NRA All Towns in County But Four Ready to Cooperate. Eight Kossuth towns have reported complete N. R. A. organization .or their towns to the county organization, of which T. H. 'Chris- ahilles is chairman, and D. E. Dewel is secretary. Each town has a chairman and secretary, with a complaints committee o£ from ,,;hree to five members. , Swea City, Ledyard, Wesley, and •Lone Rock have'not .yet reported. The lists of the other towns follow;. Algona—Mr. Chrischilles, chairman, Mr. Dewel, secretary, and committee members F.'E. Kent, P. J. Christensen, M. G. Norton, Wm. Cummings, W. A. Poster. •Hurt—A.' N. Radeke, chairman, M. M. Chipman, secretary; committee, K. J. Smith, C. B. Chipman, Al Staehle; F. L. Pratt, J. G.;Thayes. •Lu Verne—Geo Tiede, chairman, J. L. Llchty,-secretary; committee, Max Patterson, H. B. Coleman, P. C. Lich'ty, E. H. Benedict, J. Johnson. Fenton—'F. H. Eigler, chairman,. A. E. Jensen, secretary; committee, W. E. Stoeber, C. H. Geronsin, G..R. Krause, John Dempsey, J. F. Newel.. . . . • Lakota-HDr. H. H. Murray, chair- Tourists in Accident Seek to Flee; Forced to Pay Damages Good Hope, Aug. 29—Vern Gross was in an automobile accident Sat-| urday afternoon. With Geiffert Kueck and Leonard Magee he was driving east on the Lone Rock- Burt road. Near the intersection with No. 169 west of iBurt, a car swung round the corner from the south at high speed and on the wrong side of the road and struck the Gross car on the right side, wrecking that side and damaging the frame-work and running gears, though the car was still in condition to be towed on all four wheels. No one was injured. Though the car which struck the Gross car was clearly at fault, the owner showed no willingness to settle damages, estimated by W. A. Ladendorff, Burt, at between $40 and $50. Mr. Gross therefore swore out an attachment, but by the time this was/secured, .the other -car had been' hauled away'by a" wrecker from Estherville. / Mr. Gross and Marshal Steward, Burt, set out in pursuit, caught up with the outfit near Lone Rock, and after some argument succeeded in getting a payment of $35 from the offending parties. The car'which Struck the Gross car carried a group of young men and-women .who; were returning from the world's • fair . They had already been'in a.collision in which they had to'pay; damages and in which one of the women was Injured. Two Kossuth Boys See World's Fair Fred Kent Jr., Algona, and 1'aul Krietjic Jr., Burt, arc expected home this morning, after four days at Chicago, attending the world's fair. The boys left Saturday night from Fort Dodge, having been taken that far by Mrs. Kent. They stayed at Beacon City and made conducted tours of the fairgrounds. WEEK AT THE WORLD'S FAIR GIVEN DAILY Program is the Best, Ever Offered for Pair Patrons. NEW LEGAL FIRM BEGINS PRACTICE Announcement is made of a new firms, Harrington & succeeds the firm of man, H. N. Warburton, secretary; no committee named. iBonackeiS chairman, A. M. Peterson, secretary; committee, W. H. Stott, Wm. Boyken, H. A. French: •Whittemore — Frank Bestenleh- ner, chairman, J. B. Geelan, secretary; committee, J. W. McCreery, H. R. Zumach, J. M. Fleming, C. L. Cavanaugh, O. A. Poirot. 'Bancroft— JR. E. Hutton, chairman, A. H. Fuchs, secretary; committee, W. A. Murray, A. A. Droessler, Paul Grames. bership. The school was established by the Rev. Herman Dubbe eight years ago. Mr. Braner accepted a call to Algona from Lu Verne two years ago last spring. Last year four students were graduated from the eighth grade: Paul Krug, Esther Geilenfeld, Rita Will, and Hulda Zimmerman. The first three are expected to attend the Algona high school this year. The school has been operating at capacity for several years. Other Lutheran, schools Jn. the county -re^opening 'are at Lu :Verne, /Whittemore, •'••'• Fenton,.; and. t/otts Creek. '!••' • ''/• "• •'' . J Julius and Edward Jucliem, of Algona, were "arrested at .Bancroft's celebration last Thursday for intoxication and were brought to Algona. They < were in a ear which was in a minor accident,-but neither was driving. 'In Justice White's court next day both were fined |10 and »5.16 costs, and were, given '30 days in which to pay, in default of which they wiU have to serve 20 days in jail. On a previous charge Juchem had already been leld to the grand jury for driving while intoxicated. SENTENCES OF TWO CUT IN COURT BY DAVIDSON Two sentences were reduced by Judge Davidson Who held court here Saturday. A sentence of a year in jail imposed July 15 on William Webb Stanley was modified by suspension of all 'but a month and 1'5 days, which he had already served, and he was released upon payment of costs. He is on parole for the rest" of the year, however. . A sentence against Sylvester REAL RAGE HORSES COMING FOR FAIR More than 50 horses will enter county fair races. Secretary Vincent is 'particularly pleased over the enty of;Kinney Direct, world's champion pacing gelding, by the Reynolds stables, Kansas City. This horse, which holds the record, l':59, will pace an exhibition mile. The Reynolds stables paid a cool $10,000 for this gelding when it was brought to the United States from Canada three years ago. The horse, Which is already here, will appear at the South Dakota state, fair. "Sam Woodfprd," '-owned -. and driven - by 'Doctor' Gorslirte,' retired Chicago dentist, will race here. This horse is a grand circuit winner with a 2:06 3-4 mark. The W. J. Conlon gtables has entered Velocity, also a' grand circuit winner, at 2:05%, and Algona'a Jerry Kir- b'y has entered A. 'L. B., a 2:07% horse which holds the Kossuth track record. Tox Axworthy, a 2:07% horse, has been entered by William Jackson, famous Topeka, Kans., colored owner and trainer. Jackson, who says he is at least 88, was born in slavery. He has been a harness horse figure many years and has some of the best horses tracks. ALGONA SWIMMERS BEATJSJERVIllE A group of Algona swimmers won swimming meet here Sunday afternoon in competition against Esther- villee. The same-, group lost in a meet ;at Estherville last Thursday evening. At Estherville the score was 43-36. Valeria Pickett represented Algona at Estherville as Miss Algona. The occasion there was part of the dedication of a "white way." At Es- terville the Algonians won tforee firsts and seven seconds. The score here Sunday was 42-36, and the events follow; ''" ' <50-yd. free style—EveJth (E), .first; MeAndrews (E), second; iBer- geson, third;',time, 29.3 seconds. •.60-yd. backjstroke—HDrehnen Ma- •thes, first; Fisher, (E), second; time 38 seconds. 50-yd. free style—Bob Post, first; Russell Picket, second; Junior Long, third; time, 34 seconds. 100-yd. tree style—Evelth, (E), first; Ferguson, second; McCullough, third; time, 69 seconds. •50-yd. backstroke—(Russell Picket first; Owen Mathes, second; Bob Post, third; time, 43 seconds. 440-yd, free style—Fisher (E), first; (Ferguson, 'second. Algona law Lowe. This Harrington & Dickinson, which had practiced in Algona since July 1, 1899, and had enjoyed liberal patronage. Senator Dickinson had not been active as member of the old firm since he became a memiber of congress in 1919. T. P. Harrington's death in May terminated the partnership. 'Robert J. Harrington, member o: the new firm and son of the late Mr. Harrington, was born and rear ed here. He is a graduate of the Algona high school, received a B A. degree from the university o Iowa in 1931, and was recently graduated from the college of law at Iowa City. J, D. Lowe was born in Wisconsin and lived there until manhood. Af tef graduating .from .the college o law at the university of Minnesota in 1918, he enlisted in the U. S. army. He came to Buffalo'Center following his discharge at the close of the war In 1919, and was associated with Burt V J. Thompson and Alan Loth, Forest City, having charge of the Buffalo Center office. On January 1,1929, this partnership was dissolved and Mr. Lowe, has since practiced alone. Mr. Lowe is not a stranger here or to the Kossuth bar, for he has practiced in this court during all the time he was located in Buffalo Center. He expects to make Algona his home after September 1. He is a" single man. The fair, grounds have of late t ome an increasingly busy pla'cev s dates for the 75th or diamond anniversary county fair, whlcbx ipens next Monday, have approach,- . td. Secretary Vincent and the otn>- ir officers are now. working day and night on the multitude oil hlngs which must be done betor* he opening day. Practically all Floral hall spac* vill be taken this year. A number of business 'establishments^ iwhlch. lave not taken space heretofore will have booths. ,' V , The livestock barns will . 1»» crowded, especially with cattle andt logs, extra space having becom%, necessary in both divisions. ' The 4-H girls and boys, the dairy and beef clubs, and the baby beet. show are all heading towards th*:' biggest displays. , Tuesday, Children's Day; •Nexf Tuesday will be Children'* day; Wednesday, Merchants" days Thursday, Pioneers day, and' neztt week Friday, 4-H club and Para* Bureau day. . On Pioneers day all who attended a county fair here 50 or mor* years ago will be admitted free ak .both gate and grandstand. A coax- Boys' diving—Jones, first; Eyelth (E), second; Langnip (<&), third. Alen's diving—McCollough, Jirst; Jonejii. second; '.ari<UHale' ; OE) ,,<J;%ird. '220-yd.'relay—won by Esthertyjlle, time '2:04 minutes. The Algona re- ay team was Post, MoCullough, Ferguson, and Mathes. R. J, .Harrington and Walter Fraser, life guard ..last year, were udges. The Corwith band played lefore the meet under, the direc- ;ion of J. F. Graniow. Johnsori'for driving , while intoxi-r bated, on which he was to serve 30 days of a three months sentence, was reduced to 17 days; ,'wliicli' he had served, and he also was re- on Woman i* Injured in Car CoHi»ion -" - ".£' r • ^ . ' St. Joe, Aug. '39—Mrs. Thor sen, wife of a Fort Dodge druggist, Saturday to Be Sauerkraut Day This week Saturday will be Sauerkraut day at Lakota. Free Sauerkraut and wieners will toe served The principal afternoon will toe a Blue^Earthjrs. City ball game. There will usual free attractions and oncessions, An autoglro is promised, also planes for aerial rides. * sv .'. ::,__. *iia»a -win toe a leased son was originally sentenced August 9. Judge Davidson ordered that 4V4 quarts of alcohol taken from liquor prisoners be given to the Kossuth hospital for medical use. The alcohol is not fit for internal consumption, but will be used in alcohol baths, etc. - • In the evening dance will 'be a Eighteen Writ* KxasUnattoiw. SBteen rural school u wrote eighth grade tto courtroom a we* under suervision of Mrs. SSey tendent. In "was seriously injured Monday "'when a'car in which she was riding with her husband and two sons collided with one driven by Edmond Weiss, Humlbpldt at an in* tersectton f ive jniles north of Bode An ambulance was called from Al gotti to take Mrs. Larsen to Fort Dodge. The other occupants of the Syo cars suffered minor cuts an< «We Do Our Part," Faris Miner began work in the Advance Shop last week. The Advance has a4<led two workers to its, payroll in cooperation with the NRA! Fails works in'the shop, and Donald P. Dewel is a new em- ploye on the reporting staff. Bran Finnell, whose place Paris takes, has been promoted to apprentice llnotypist. Wesley Plan* Celebration. The Wesley Region' posit aja- nounces. a celebration for Tuesday, September 19. Some 30 prices- vttl be offered, the leader an ejeotric washing machine. bruises. The" Larsen family were driving a fiuick and Weiss a Chevrolet sedan. Both were, badly wrecked. Paving Contract for 169 South of Humboldt !• Let MoLaughlin & Sons, Des Moines, have.been;awarded a contract for paving No. 69 from Humboldt south to the Webster county line; ?, and work has. already begun,'A stretch of five miles will-be laid. While th« road is being paved, traffic is being detoured' over the old road to Fort -Dodge leading east out of, Humboldt, This paving is toeing done on the initiative of the state highway commission, perhaps with funds recently made available by the federal government. Humboldt county has two or three times voted paving down, A Humboldt paper Quotes 'Governor Herring; as NEW PASTOR HERE FOR CONGRE6ATNAL CHURCH After a vacancy of six months following , the resignation of the Rev. F. J. Clark March 1, the Congregational pulpit will again be filled regularly, beginning next •Sunday. The new minister, the Rev. J. Robert Hoerner, and his family arrived Monday .night, and they are spending this week getting settled in the parsonage. Regular services will be held next Sunday. • . ' ' •The 'Rev. Mr, Hoerner was graduated from the University of Dubuque in 1923. He then attended the Chicago Theological Seminary three years, and there received the degree of bachelor of divinity in 1916. This is the Rev. Mr. Hoerner's third charge. His first was at Preston, where, he remained three and one-half years, and the second mlttee will have a booth' ; i the grounds where the pioneeri, will be met and registered. Every pioneer is to call at this booth ta register, ajad,every;pioneer whovmt- terided a fair Eere 50"6r more years; ago will receive a badge admitting him or her at all gates and in th« grandstand for that day. V The vaudeville free acts program has four big troupes: The Hodg- nis, in a circus horsemanship act. Raymond ' & Marcus, acrobatic clowns; Paul and Louise Etz, aer- al gymnasts; and the Libonati Trio. The latter is a new act, added since advertising for the fair was made,up. ; ' Baseball Schedule Changed. A change has .been made in tha baseball schedule.. The.'•; Renwiclt and Swea City Junior League teams- will play next Wednesday, and. Fenton and Whittemore will play the same day. Another 'Junior League game will be played Friday by Bancroft and Burt. A feature Thursday jwlH _foe, «j ; grand parade o£ farm machinery oni the race track, and Friday's feature will be a parade of livestock winners. Friday evening, in addition to free acts, the 4 J H girls-will give ft pageant, with folk-dancing. (Baclt .evening there will be a similar "home talent" attraction, in addt- to the regular tree-act program. Greyhound races have beett Fair. (Continued on page 8.), was at Whiting, where he has spent the last four years. Mrs. Hoerner, who Is a native of Ackley, was graduated from the University of iDubuque in 1926. They have one child, a girl, Mir- frpm Culver, Ind., where he attend- iam, four years old. Prices Are Good at Farm Auction The farm personal property of the late Maggie Simon was sold at public auction last week Wednesday. .Four cows, not fresh, brought $28, $30j50, »34.60, and $34.50 respectively. Calves ranged from f22 to $35$), spring calves bring- CARP CATCHERS DEFEAT THE TUBMSNATCHERS (Nineteen members of the local Dilg league went to the Raptdan dam, near Mankato, Sunday to fish. They were divided into two groups, the losing group in number of fish, caught to treat the winning group to dinner later. : • ' Harold Lampright was captain of the "Carp Catchers," who iiron th« dinner by .catching the most fish, and Lloyd Wellendorf was captain. of the losing "Turtle Snatchers.'* The fish were about 20 to 26 bassi four Northerns, two walleyes, eight catfish, and one carp. .Gene, Kep.- . ler, Estherville, and Torkeli Hill, ot Story City, formerly Algona, w,er% guests of the group. In the party were A. W. Arnun- son, Clifford Alts, D. H. Goedenr, H. L. Hoenk, H, V. Hull,' W, U. Hawcott, Harold Lampright, Cecil McGinnis, Glenn McMurray, G. H» Ogg, Carl Pearson,; Clyde Bmith. Lloyd Wellendorf, 6. W, Stillman, H. B, White, W. J. Becker, and Jo* Harig. . , • farm, Sale Announced. Mrs. Verla Lowman, -west of Algona, has reserved Tuesday, Sep, temb.er 12, f pr a igeneral ^ann sale. Her husband died recently, and Mrs. Lowman plans to sell all the farm personal property, having said this is the qnly paving tag $13.26. Five small calves sold u.i«iwxi.it /mvintv -nrfii trot in o inner <g£ J7.60 9nc}i. Twenty-nine feeding pigs, weighing 76 pounds sold at ^40 to 13.90, Two good two-year? old colts not belonging to the estate sold for |41 and $44 respectively. A binder brought'9100, and other machinery brpught good prices, being in.fcood shape though old. A large crowd attended the sale. This sale was advertised in the Advance. Humboldt county will get in a time, 'which }s disappointing news for Kossuth people who wish to see No. 169 paved all the way from the state line at Elmore to Des Moines. Pool Stand Closes Tonight, 'Mrs. Oscar Anderson Is closing her stand at the municipal ^wto- ming pool park today, but plans to .have a stand at the county fair next week, she expresses high appreciation of fine patronage at the pool. Jar Breaks; W<»»n 8c*We4. •LU Verne, Aug. 3»-Mre. Ww. , . Meier wft* hadly burned about the che,st and face Friday, when 9 hot jar on tomatoes she was cannteg Windows Attractive. Algona store windows &aY,e blossomed out in tall decorations and fall styles are being displayed. The windows make a ple*sant evening's State Road Atked by Fenton C. Club (Penton, Aug. 89— A special, meet* ing of the Commercial clu* waa held 'last week Monday evening tor appoint a committee to meet witbi the state highway commisalon at Ames and ask th,at state road No. 4»e extended north 16 m|le? ' No. 1«. This would connect Taxes Due in Taxes must be paid in September, or they will become delinquent October 1. The legislature provided for no extension of time, inch as was graced Jpr payment o| Puffy says the penalty -will be ap plied October 1. with paving north and all state highways are be^ng jpj|v Fenton would eventw§Uy t - h be payed road.

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