Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa on August 24, 1933 · Page 9
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Kossuth County Advance from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 24, 1933
Page 9
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KOSSUTH COtJNtt ADVANCE. ALGONA, IdWA Kossuth F. B. Has State Fair It's /now but win- here too »k HOME PROJECT WORK HERE IS DEMONSTRATED .Union Girl to Enter Health Contest at Des Moines. your furnace, boiler. Be be ready r we jive you grief and by doing jrepairs low ing & ckey Heating 1 Oil Burners By Muriel LeaYcrtoii. •Kossuth will again be represented at the state fair with a home project booth and demonstration. Last year the Kossuth home project booth placed first in the state and won a coveted blue ribbon. This year the booth will feature fifth-year clothing. Lessons stud- led have been Christmas gifts, clothing clinic, trimmings, accas- aorles, and print dresses. For a special feature clever print dresses from Swea township will be used, each day a new dress. For the booth demonstration Collars for Your Type will be used A clever collar pattern to add that "chic something" will be distributed to Interested callers at the booth. Posters and bits of publl city will add to booth effective ness- Bancroft Woman to Speak. On Tuesday, August 29, the dem onstratlon will be given. Mrs. Kay Miller, Bancroft, project leader and county 4-H committee member, will give the principal part of a 30- mlnute program allotted to Kossuth. A short revue from the county style show ot Achievement day will be used. Mrs. J. H. Warburton, county chairman, and the writer, H. D. A., will help. Made- overs will be modeled and explained. The county 4-H girls will exhibit In second-year home furnishing class. (Exhibits were chosen at the county Achievement day program j August 11. lona Godfredsen and Bernlce Larson, Portland town- shop, will represent Kossuth in a state contest In which 100 demonstration teams, all county winners, will compete. The Kossuth girls will demonstrate chair caning- Union Girl Health Contestant. Fern Glsch, Union township, will represent the county in a state 4-H health contest in which 100 .county health champions will take " part. This contest is scheduled for Patterson Bros. Buy Chubb Section In Grant Township [From the Swea City Herald.] More than passing Interest Is shown In northwest Kossuth over the purchase ot the former Chubb section In Grant township by Sen. Geo. W. Patterson, fiurt, and his brother Howard, sheep rancher at Billings, Mont. The vendor was the Stockholders Investment company, Des Moines National bank. The sell- iing price has not been given out, but It is generally understood the Pattersons got a bargain, it previous tentative offers are a guide. Local interest In the transaction lies In the fact that this piece of land has been a landmark more than a generation- For many years it was owned by the Chubbs, Algona, banking and land-owning family whose fortunes fell during the crash of the last decade. The Chubb name is held In high regard in northwest Kossuth by reason of the honorable course members ot the family pursued during the liquidation of the former State bank, Swea City, and as their fortunes otherwise became dissipated In the economic breakdown. Accordingly some local sentiment attaches to the Chubb section, and there is a feeling of satisfaction because title again rests in Kossuth hands, especially of one of its leading citizens, Senator Patterson. Asked Tuesday morning what he was going to do with it, Senator Patterson replied over the telephone that the plans of himself and his brother were not yet matured. At the moment the Pattersons plan to do tiling on the north half in the spring and make some necessary fence repairs. located five miles north of Swea City on road K, this section is without Improvements except fencing. For many years Herman Kluger has operated a public pasture on a quarter section and more, and during the last two years George Butter- Held and his sons have cropped the remainder of the section with flax, corn, and oats, using a combine and other powetr equipment. Senator Patterson said it was possible he and his brother would continue to crop a portion ot the land. His own 480 acres near Hurt is seeded down, except 65 acres, and for that reason he feels a need for more grain-raising. The senator has been engaged heavily in stock-raising in recent years, particularly sheep. : FAREWELL FOR ELSIE HASKELL AT LU VERNE Britt Farmer Has Unique Scheme to Tame Unruly Bull FARM NEWS W. J. Payne, Editor C. H. Klamp, Yield Reporter. the Methodist Mr- who The O. M. Stewarts and John Trunkhilis, well known Portland township farmers, have been visiting Eden, N. Y., relatives and at tending the world's fair. * * * * The old Iowa Grain Co. elevator at Titonka was being torn down last week to make way for a new one. The old one was built about 1898, when the town was started . August 28-29. of Swea City, Mrs. Emil Larson, county 4-H club of fore you take that please let us [check your fefflgESIS! [TIRES for low'Outs Bruises Cuts Ity Brakes ler Inflation \ [heels out of lignment PAY THE BILL chairman, will accompany all the Kossuth 4-H delegates. It'is hoped that the club girls and leaders may visit downtown and residential Des Moines by bus. Mrs. J. H. Warburton and the writer will leave today for Des Moines to set up the exhibits. The Judging, will commence at 9 tomorrow morning. Mrs. Larson and Misses' Godfredsen, Larsen, and Glsch will leave for Des Moines next Sunday morning. PECULIAR GRAIN SUIT FILED IN COURT HERE F C. Lovrein, formed district court Judge who now practices law at Spencer and Fort Dodge, has brought suit here for $810 against the North Iowa Grain Co. for conversion of 1700 bushels of corn at 30c and 1500 bushels of oats at 20c. Judge Lovrein says that he is the owner of a quarter section in Sec. 19, Wesley township, north ot Sexton, and that the tenant, one William Neuroth, sold the corn and oats to the North Iowa Go's Sexton elevator without his knowledge. Apparently the elevator manager did not know that there was a landlord's Hen against the crops. The Judge also brought a landlord's lien suit against Neuroth, who, he says, owes $900 in unpaid rent. The petition claims a lien against Neuroth's farm Personal Jfoperty. A peculiarity of the suit fs that Judge Lovrein says Neuroth did not rent the farm from him but from one John Wright who had no authority to lease the' land. Visitor Honored at Gathering of Burt Farm Folks Burt Aug. 22—A large family gatherinfwas held at Edward fe^<Sl^^ ** ^d^ocMS Under the weight of this year's oats It cracked one night recently, an< It was found that repairs could no be made. No grain was lost- S. J DeVrles, manager, will in a few weeks be doing business in new quarters. In the meantime no grain is being bought. iD. L. McDonald, Algona and Burt reports the sale of an 80-acre farm a mile south and a mile and a hal west of Burt, owned by Merle Wei lendorf, Algona, to John D. Lon Jr. at $107.50 an acre. The farm is improved. The purchaser grew ,some years been pastor there. * * * * In western Iowa last week Payne met Manager Haas, layed a Junior Legion ball team gainst the Burt Legion team to a e in a recent state tournament. At Remsen Mr. Payne met a Jolly juxembourger who inquired after ohn Goeders and Doctor Cretzmeyer, for whom he had done in- .erlor decorating. He showed us a andscape painting he had made for a long wall in a cafe. Mr. Payne meets Algonians or persons interested in Algona or Kossuth county wherever he goes. At Le Mars he met Wade Sullivan last Thursday evening, and Wade was having a jurned-out bearing on his official scale-inspection truck replaced. Crops In western Iowa are the best In years, and there is a prospect of improved farm conditions. However, money is not yet in the farmers' hands, which means that stores in the small towns are still waiting for business. Lu Verne, Aug- 22—Twenty-five eighbors and other friends of El le Haskell, former postmlstres here, attended a farewell party In her honor at Anna Wolto's las week Wednesday evening. Afte games lunch was served. Miss Hastell was presented with a year's subscription to the Kossuth County Advance as a ^remembrance when she goes to Chattanooga, Tenn., to make her home with a brother. She will have a sale of household goods at her home this week Saturday. Miss Haskell's father, deceased, was once a minister here, and he also once served at Burt. Twelve Attend C. E. Rally— .Leona, Vera, and Aloisimae Ramus, Virginia and Evan Lichty Bobby Bigings, Louise Zweifel, H M. Colwell, Willis Colwell, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Lichty and Phyllis attended a Presbyterian Christian Endeavor rally at Burt Sunday af ternoon and evening. Phyllis play ed a violin solo on the afternooi program, and Leona Ramus led prayer-meeting In the evening, Former Pastor "Visits Here— The Rev. and Mrs. William Webb, Nemaha, and their daugh ter Kathryn were over-Sunda guests at H. E. Peitzke's. M Webb was formerly pastor of th Methodist church here. Camp Out at State Fair— W. B. Mason and his daughte Jennie acompanied the Georg Thompsons, Ledyard, to Des Moines Sunday to camp at the state fair and attend the national rural mail carriers convention. Mr. Mason is a retired carrier. Dornblers to New Hoin'e—' .Mrs. Wayne Dornbier spent several days last week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dick Wermersen. Mr. Dornbier came for her Sunday and they left for their new home at Albert Lea. Langs Are Attending Assembly— The Rev. and Mrs. David (Lang [Brttt Kews-Tribunc.] It fell to the lot of Brick Christensen, Britt township farmer, to put a Tlclous bull under control. He has a fine dairy herd, but the head of the herd—like In many other herds —became somewhat bossy and was dangerous to have about the farm, especially where children have to help with the .chores and be In the fields often where the bull grazes. So Mr. Christensen decided that be would tame the animal. He took a horse collar and placed It on the bull, attached some names and tugs, hitched him to a stone boat and led him about to giro him exercise. The bull soon began to show fatigue and would He down to rest, but Erick urged him on to more work. When the animal was subdued to the extent that his nature softened he was turned loose. The next day his lesson In the harness was repeated. Mr. Christensen Is rigging up a harness so he can hitch him on the plow with _a .team of horses and make him carry his share of the burden. He reasons out that this exercise will do the bull good, will make him more gentle, and will teach him to come under the mastery of man. Girl Who Had Her Horse Shod Here Sends Card Back (L. A. Markla, blacksmith at the [Thorpe Wood ft iron Works, has received a picture post card from June Barnes, Mlssoula, Mont., cowgirl who rode a horse from Montana to the -world's fair carrying messages to the Chicago mayor and the Century of progress manage- jment. She stopped at the Thorpe .shop here two months ago to get her horse shoed- She said on the I card that Markla's Job was one of | the best she got on the trip. She made the return trip to Montana by plane In 12 hours, and the card pictured her standing beside the plane. LAST CALL—AT CLOSE-OUT I prices. Balance of 200,000 Pharls Roadgripper tires all sizes In 4 ply. Broken sizes in 6 ply. — Gamble Stores. 23-60 Farmers/ Now is the time to get you* Portable Silos. We ar<$ s«tt-« ing quite a few this year. 4 Out hog mineral is a big seller. There must be a reaiH on for these sales. ^ A Botsford _Lwnber Company] ^ . JIM POOL, Mgr. Phone 256 New Fall Suits City, were guests at Albert Genrich's home from last week Wednesday till Saturday. .Doris Genrich, who had been at Sioux City, came home with them, Mr. and Mrs. August Lohse, son Harold; grandson, Arlo Sweeter, Raymond, Minn., were guests Friday and Saturday at Edw. Dehnert's. Mr. and Mrs. P. C. Lichty and -Phil and Phyllis left Sunday to visit the Geo. Watkinsons, Cedar, Falls, and the Don Lichtys, Chicago. J. L. and C. H. Lichty, I. H. Ben- edclt, George Tiede, and F. I. Chapman attended an NRA meeting at Algona last Thursday afternoon. The Rev. and Mrs. L. Wlttenburg lite xvcv. cum iriia. j-/a,**\* u_*t*.» 0 -— -- — are attending the annual Evangel- atended a conference of Lutheran ical assembly at Riverview Park, pastors and wives at Whlttemore Cedar Falls. Wayne Lang and El-'j.Iast^ week Wednesday, mer Merkle spent last week ' "' L Chicago. ^ Evelyn Busch Appendix Out- • * • • C. A. Hoon is the superintendent of the Titonka schools. We called on him last week Wednesday, but he said be was in a hurry, so we called back next day, and he was all smiles then, saying that a new boy had been born to him and Mrs. Hoon only an hour after we called the day before. The Hoons had not in the Burt neighborhood and i the day before. The Hoons had not lv, fenced farmer. I named the baby yet. They have two experienced farmer. * * * * R Waterbury, two miles north and 'a half mile east o£ the Grant schoolhouse ,is potato king in that neighborhood. O. <D. Goodwin, Des IlCl&ilUwl iiuwi< «• .—. •*- . Moines, his landlord, furnished seed three years ago, and Mr. Waterbury has raised a crop ever since. This year's crop is better than either of the others. He has early Ohios and Irish Cobblers, and has 18 acres planted to potatoes. Mr Waterbury farms 120 acres, and he came to that neighborhood 15 years ago. He and Mrs- Waterbury have two children, Louise Loraine, 3, and Beverly Jean, 18 months- •Davld Farrow, five miles north and 3% miles west of Ledyard, was hauling gravel for a driveway Friday. He farms a section, and he and Mrs. Farrow have eight chil the saw other children, Jack, 5, and Mary, 3. This is the third year for Mr. Hoon at Titonka. • • * « We called at the Grant school Monday and found Supt. C." W. Hammond getting ready for opening of school. We also W. C. Nelson, former Union farmer, new Janitor. He showed us the schoolhouse boiler, on which repairs had been made. He was clean- Ing the motor for the electric light plant when we were there. We no- tcled that W. C. had the grass well mowed on both the schoolhouse lawn and the ball diamond. Mr. at 1 The Grant Jennings family returned Sunday from a week with relatives at Wheaton, 111., and at WKj ** JL»*»CT^-«» J».JF £«>••«—.». -v — — I tti6 ^fforio. s iflir. Evelyn Busch, who lives with her Walter Tiede arrived Saturday grandmother, Mrs. William Wies- from Detroit for a short vacation at enburg, was operated on for ap- ,home beforee resuming work as pendlcitls at the Lutheran hos- teacher there, pital. Fort Dodge laet Thursday Mr. and Mrs. F. I. Chapman left night. Friday to visit the F. G. Hagists, ——r ... Chicago, and attend the world's Attend €edar Falls Jubilee— fair 6 The Mesdames William Miller, M ' r and Mrg cllr { s Anderson and Arthur Hot, and Wilma Mosner, F]orence God{rey arrived from Sil- wlth Milo Miller, attended the 80th | vfir Creek Nel)r ^ riAay , anniversary of the founding of Ce dar Falls last week. Mrs Sanford Loses Brother— tSSfSSffy^^^ Ith^wee-ks-at John White's, Cor- brother, Alvin Kallim, Ellsworth, |witn. who died last week Tuesday, after ver Creek, Nebr. Friday. Mary and Marvin Farrell are spending two weeks at Gregg Johnston's at Ruthven. (Dicky Smith has returned from and Mrs. Nelson like their new work. Kossuth people who accasionally drive east on No. 18 through Brltl know the sharp corners at the east edge of that town where the pay- Ing turns north half a block. Last spring Britt citizens petitioned the State Highway Commission to eliminate these turns. T. A. Way chairman, of the commission, has now advised the petitioners that a .Keeps J.W "cau v... »,..•.>.••* -- project for the improvement ha milking 25 cows. There are more| been accep t e d by federal authorl ,™ i „„ fu» niaon 'David -. —j reconstruction will b anu air a, .ranu" ..-•- ~ "JV t i. dren. Two are married; the others at home. Mrs. Farrow had not been well for some time, but at present is feeling much better. David has 265 acres in corn. He 140 bead ot cattle and is . than 400 hogs on the place. David said some of his oats went 35 bushels to the acre. * * * * Mrs Fred Busch, four miles west of Ledyard, owns 200 acres, bought 32 years ago at *32 an acre. Then 5 no buildings between es and made. Jesse Marlow famlHes, ^ and Mrs there were «u »»»-•"<=- the farm and Ledyard at that time. A lot of hard work was done in improving the .farm. Mr- Busch died i<* vears ago. Before the family came to Kossuth they lived in Sin county. There were seven boys and four girls, but one of the boys died two years ago last AprU. Only two of the children are at home, Alfred andi Nora. There we 50 hogs ready for market, and eight cows are being milked. C.H. Blair, V half mile _east of and Fred Yopp, Coleen Winjum, the Herman Neitzels. __ Fenton Group in Aroe. Visit; Bus Stagesui Up«et Htltlflfl WDERED i [»Tw7a St <™ I*' f» *• "£, L^«^"»r«v? Lxr-Ksfirtft Sa-SSSWtt.'SKS has 140 spring^ P^lgs.^ when we called on Carl Berg Tseven.miles vest of (Ledyard Thursday he was doing m i a ur a long illness. Young Matron Seriously 111— Mrs. Herman Hinz Jr. was operated on at the 'Lutheran hospital, Fort Dodge, Saturday night. She s reported in critical condition. Mrs. Corbin to Class Reunion— •Dr. and Mrs. R. L. Corbin spent he first part of the week at Iowa City, where Mrs. Corbin attended a. class reunion. Abscess Patient in Hospital Kenneth Sorensen is in a hospital at Iowa City with an abscess on one of his legs. Other Lu Verne Hews. The George Lothringers, Davenport, Esther Lothringer, Eldridge, were guests of relatives here Saturday and Sunday, and Jimmy Lothrlnger stayed.for a week while his parents attend the world's fair. Mrs. William Wlesenburg accom- ] panied the E. Wlltgens, Bode, to Fort Dodge, Sunday, to visit Evelyn Busch, hospital patient. Agnes) Wiltgen is spending the week with her grandmother, Mrs. Wiesenburg. The L. G. Shoemakers, Sioux Hlldegarde Lothrlnger, Moorland spent Sunday at Charles Wolf's. The John Voss family left Sunday for a vacation at Chicago. For College, (High School and the Grades NOW ON DISPLAY!! Only a small part made under the new wage scale. NRA regards early buying as patriotic and "wejjj> our part". The price starts at tbe old low, but will advance from time to time. If you expect to buy a suit this year DO IT NOW. Misbach Clothing Co. WHY NOT OWN A HOME OB FIX UP THE OLD ONE I The Algona Building and Loan Association has ample funds. _to advance at a very low rate of interest for,the purpose of bunding/re- modeling and refinancing desirable first mortgage loans on Algona pToperty. We will be pleased to have you call at our o«lce tor further Information. • • • THE ALGONA BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Office located 1st door north of Iowa State Bank. REMAINING ASSETS of 4** ' twins he slmosVforsot the pain. T ' T ™ • At Hawarden last week Mr. tL melwilma Brown, daughter a, W. Brown, who served as a 1Q27 ' Mr? BKWS» is agent a^ Ha- A Sound Suggestion to Business Men— Tfce smaller bills are, the easier it is to pay them. You caft't get along without coal this winter— so order it now while its cheapest- F. S. NORTON & SON ALGONA STATE BANK Algona — Iowa ug Sale to be held at the Court House, Algous, ipwa, ajid to start promptly at o'clock p. m. Pursuant to an order of the Btetrict Court of Kossuth county, Iowa, signed AllfM* 11 19M, the undersigned will sell, subject to any minor errors or omissions, tfee remaining assets of the AJgQna State »*nk of Algona, Iowa, at «M» Court ffffVfe in Algona, ?owa, on August 89,1988, at 8 o'clock p, m. The right fc settle W«t ft By debtor and withdraw any item before the sale Js hereby reserred. All of tfe assets are to be sold without recourse of any guaranty p» m fill i|; , the Beceirer. -„ ,. LUMBER ASP Phone 229. . *,. V,

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